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  February 8, 2019
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   Aloha, Candyfans!  E Komo Mai!   

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In the late 1970's, the japanese T.V. animated series Candy Candy was broadcasted in Hawaii over a period of  3 to 4 years on KIKU, the local japanese channel. Around this time, VCRs weren't exactly a home commodity and so fans like myself had to settle with watching re-runs of the series shown twice a week! Aside from the first couple of episodes dubbed in english and released in VHS in the 1980's, this anime was also subtitled in english and only televised in Hawaii. Now, more than 40 years later, this captivating animation is still remembered and cherished by many fans around the globe!

This website is dedicated to all the fans who remember and love Candy Candy written by Kyoko Mizuki, illustrated by Yumiko Igarashi and animated by TOEI Animation. This endearing and heartwarming story about a cheerful orphan girl who struggled and survived the adversities in life with a smile and courageous spirit, still remains in the hearts of international fans after many years. These webpages are proudly filled with the time, talent and hearts of devoted Candyfans from diverse countries, who wish to keep the memory and spirit of Candy alive and burning! My sincerest gratitude and warmest MAHALO to everyone who contributed to this website! Please make yourself at home and enjoy a stroll through this special paradise filled with fond remembrance of Candy and Terry's love story and heartbreaking romance!

Me ke Aloha... With love and gratitude!
Aloha Oe! Until we meet again... 

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