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Candy Candy and Special Interests Links:

Sophie's Candy site (french)

Sweet Candy--Trico's CC Blog (japanese)

Ana Luisa & Cristina's Candy site
(to be renewed)

Sakura's Candy Candy Site (japanese)

Sylvia's Art site (italian)

Lena's Candy Site (english/russian)

Anti-Susanna Marlowe Site (DSD)

Susanna Marlowe Site (french)

We love Candy Candy site (japanese/english)

Misaki's Candy Site (japanese)

Keiko Nagita's (aka Kyoko Mizuki) website (japanese)

Yumiko Igarashi's website (japanese)

 Lili Flor's Candy Site (spanish)

Esther's Candy site (italian)

Candy Elsy's Home (spanish)

Sunshine/Mrscage's Candy site (turkish)

El Mundo Magico De Candy (spanish)

Korean Candy Candy Cafe (korean)

Aime's Candy site (russian)

Anthony's Magazine Revista Suenos (spanish)

My Emma Victorian Romance site (english/french)

Bulma's Kingdom of Cels

Beautiful graphics for websites (japanese/english)

Rosemary's CC Fanfics Deviant Fan Arts

Loreley's CC Deviant Fan Arts

Daikikun75 CC Deviant Fan Arts

Nuria's CC Deviant Fan Arts

Papirous's CC Deviant Fan Arts

AtsuSeiko's CC Deviant Fan Arts

MercuryZ's CC Deviant Fan Arts

Coqueluche-04 CC Deviant Fan Arts

Catsacha CC Deviant Fan Arts

Noanio's CC Deviant Fan Arts 

Candy Candy: El Gran Final Story (spanish)

Lady Gato's Candy Candy Nation FB page (english/spanish)

Alexa's Terry Grancdhester FB page

Jo's La Temporada de Narcisos
Season of the Daffodils fanfic (spanish)

Alexa Kang's Rose of Anzio Website

Alexa Kang's Rose of Anzio FB page


Candy Candy related Blogs and Journals

CandyTerry's Live Journal

Candy Candy Final Story Wordpress

Terry G. Granchester Tumblr Blog 

 Terry Grandchester Blogspot (spanish) 

Grandchester's Journal

Sandybale's Journal

Candice's Journal 

Candy_in Love's Ben Barnes Journal

Archie Cornwell's Journal

Fatalzmarion's Candy Blog (french)

The Candy In Greek Project Blog

Callie's CC Fanfiction Blog (french)

Dave Merril's Anime Blog

Takeo Watanabe Unofficial Blog (Piano Arrangements)

Light Blue Ribbon: blog about CC Final Story (japanese)

Candy Candy Final Story Blog

Candy Candy Historia Final: Vol. 1 (spanish)

Freckled Tarzan and Shakespearean Fool

Candy Candy Historia Final Vol. 2 (spanish)

Anne Elliot's CCFS fansite


International Candy Candy Board-style Forums

French Candy Candy Forum

created by Sophie

Italian Terry Grandcester Forum

Greek Terry Grandchester Forum

Spanish Terry Grandchester Forum

English Candy and Terry Forum
created by Gentillefille

Candy Candy Online Forum

French Candy Candy and Georgie Forum
created by Gentillefille

Russian Candy Candy Forum
created by

Elaine's Candy Candy Forum

Candy Candy & Terrence Forum (italian)

Italian Candy Candy Forum
created by Esther 

Italian Candy Candy e Klin Forum