The French Edition of Candy Candy Final Story

Following in the footsteps of the Italian edition of CCFS comes the French publication of the Final Story by Pika Édition! Quelle belle surprise ! This is the first official novel of Candy's story since the French CC manga was marketed in 1993! A great victory for the French Candy fans!

Candy --
Candice White l'orpheline
March 2019
Volume 1 © Keiko Nagita 

Candy --
Le prince sur la colline
June 2019
Volume 2 © Keiko Nagita 


Background of the French Edition

Very little was known about this French edition when it was first introduced in online stores on June, 2018. The first volume "Candice White l'orpheline" became available as a "pre-order" at and FNAC, with an expected delivery in September. At that time, there was neither a summary nor a book cover illustration posted by Pika on their website or FB page. Fans grew frustrated when the delivery date of the novel was postponed to November and then further delayed to March, 2019 without explanation. To add to the confusion, the first volume's subtitle, "Candice White l'orpheline" (Candice White, the orphan), did not adhere to the commonly known francized name for Candy in the 1980s, which is "Candy Neige." Would the French Candy fans be able to recognize that it's the same character by the title? How would they market this novel without the well-known manga illustrations by Yumiko Igarashi? When there was still no official summary of the novel provided by Pika by the end of the year, fans began to speculate if this was indeed the French version of the CCFS, a novelized version of the manga, or another story entirely.

On January 11, 2019, Pika finally broke their silence and formally announced the publication of the two volumes subtitled: "Candice White l'orpheline" and "Le prince sur la colline" (the prince on the hill) on their website and FB page. This news confirmed that the novels were indeed the french translations of Keiko Nagita's Candy Candy Final Story.

Along with the announcement, Pika revealed the exciting news that Keiko Nagita will be attending the Salon du Livre in Paris (March 15-18, 2019), for the presentation of the french novels! What a coup! Fans worldwide had almost given up hope at meeting one of Candy's "mothers." Now the dream will turn into reality for those fans fortunate enough to meet her during this rare public appearance! As far as we know, the author had never been invited to a comic or book presention for her works in France. The last known public account of her visit to this country was in the late 1970s, when she stayed at the Chateau de Beauvois to write the final chapters of the CC manga. Her last known visit to a European country was in the early 1980s, when she traveled to Italy with Yumiko Igarashi. This italian article describes their visit during an interview.

Controversy Over the Subtitles

Since the subtitle of the second volume was revealed as "Le prince sur la colline," the reaction was predictably polarized between the factions of international fans: Team Terry and Team Albert. While fans of Albert Ardlay were manifestly thrilled at the subtitle, Terry Granchester fans were dissatisfied and perplexed with the editor's choice (which was approved by the author). They objected that the subtitle was misleading and appeared to favor one hero over the other, suggesting a lack of neutrality. It also seemed to contradict Nagita's expressed desire to keep the identity of Candy's assumed husband ambiguous. A subtitle promoting the "prince on the hill" (Albert), implies a greater role and importance of this character in the second novel and Candy's life, a belief that Albert fans continue to assert. The result is that new readers or "casual" fans of Candy Candy may inadvertently believe that the "prince of the hill" is also Candy's current love (anohito) in her 30's. Moreover, it could also deprive the readers of the mystery and delight of imagining for themselves, who Candy's man might be at the end of the novel.

Would Nagita decide to forgo ambiguity and rewrite a different afterword for the French edition? Will she finally reveal who is anohito and perhaps end the long-standing debate between the pro-Terry and pro-Albert fans?

These questions and more, may or may not be answered with the release of the 2nd volume in June, 2019. If the fans can't wait until then, they could pose their burning questions to the author herself at the book's presentation in March, 2019.

Until then, fans are left to speculate on the contents of the novel, spawning further debate and dispute among the factions. Did Pika expect to receive such divisive and controversial reactions over the subtitle? If this was a marketing strategy, they certainly succeeded in attracting the global fans' attention for the French edition! Oui, c'est ça

February 8, 2019 

Why did Pika Édition subtitle the second volume "Le Prince sur la colline"
(The Prince on the hill)?

In response to the uproar and appeals for answers to this question from global Candy fans, Pika provided a formal reply on their Facebook page and website on January 31, 2019.

Bonjour à tous les fans de Candy,

Vous avez été nombreux à vous interroger sur la raison de la présence de sous-titres sur les deux tomes de l’adaptation française de Candy – Final Story et sur la pertinence de notre choix. Cet ajout par rapport à la version japonaise répond à notre volonté première de conférer aux romans une identité claire et plus parlante qu’une simple tomaison, comme il est d’usage de le faire en roman en France. De ce fait, chaque sous-titre a été mûrement réfléchi pour refléter au mieux les enjeux des deux tomes.

Ainsi, le premier, « Candice White, l’orpheline », s’intéresse à la jeunesse de Candy et à sa quête d’un foyer aimant tandis que le second, « Le Prince sur la colline » se focalise davantage sur le mystère qui entoure ce personnage énigmatique, à propos duquel Candy n’a de cesse de se questionner tout au long de sa vie ; tout comme le lecteur, au fil des pages. Il ne s’agit donc pas ici d’influencer la lecture qui peut être faite de la fin de cette œuvre culte qu’est Candy, mais plutôt d’entretenir un suspense autour du fil-rouge clef de cette merveilleuse histoire. De plus, l’espoir de trouver une famille et la figure idéalisée du prince sont deux leitmotivs récurrents chez Candy, qu’il nous est apparu intéressant de mettre en avant au travers de ces sous-titres.

Dans un souci de respect de l’œuvre originale et de la volonté de l’auteure, ces deux sous-titres ont par ailleurs été approuvés par Keiko Nagita. Il n’appartient donc toujours qu’à vous, lecteurs, de décider, conformément au souhait de Keiko Nagita, du dénouement de cette fabuleuse histoire !

Nous espérons que vous serez au rendez-vous en mars pour découvrir les aventures de votre héroïne favorite en librairie, et attendons avec impatience vos retours.

Merci encore pour votre fidélité et votre implication dans nos titres !

Hello to all Candy fans,

Many of you have wondered about the reason for the subtitles on the two volumes of the French adaptation of Candy - Final Story and the relevance of our choice. This addition to the Japanese version meets our primary desire to give the novels a clear and more meaningful identity than a simple tome (volume), as it is customary to do in the novel in France. As a result, each subtitle has been carefully considered to best reflect the issues of the two volumes.

Thus, the first, "Candice White, the orphan", is interested in Candy's youth and her quest for a loving home while the second, "The Prince on the Hill" focuses more on the mystery that surround this enigmatic character, about whom Candy is constantly questioning herself throughout her life; just like the reader, over the pages. So this is not about influencing the reading at the end of this cult work that is Candy, but rather to maintain a suspense around the key common thread of this wonderful story. In addition, the hope of finding a family and the idealized figure of the prince are two recurring leitmotif (themes) in Candy, which we found interesting to put forward through these subtitles.

In order to respect the original work and the author's will, these two subtitles have been approved by Keiko Nagita. It is therefore up to you, readers, to decide, in accordance with Keiko Nagita's wish, the outcome of this fabulous story!

We hope you'll be there in March to discover the adventures of your favorite heroine in bookstores, and we look forward to your feedback.

Thank you again for your loyalty and your involvement in our titles!