January 28, 2010

Dear Candyfans and friends,

It's Terry Grandchester's birthday! Our favorite noble, rebel white knight, and King of the CT forum turns 113 years old today and he just looks better every year.

While I have no major updates prepared for this special day, I would like to report that Kyoko Mizuki has "semi-officially" announced that she is currently working on revising her Candy Candy Novel which may be published this year. About 1400 pages of her original manuscript had been revised and edited with the first publication and Mizuki hopes to incorporate and edit in her original ideas of Candy Candy into this new, revised edition. She also plans to include a short epilogue with Candy in her late 30's or 40's. The novel will be published in Japan, in Japanese text, so if you would like to have this novel translated in your own language, I encourage you to solicit your own country's publisher to negotiate translation and publication rights with Kyoko Mizuki.

You're all welcome to come and celebrate Terry's birthday with his fans at the
Candy & Terry Forum!

December 31, 2009

Dear Candyfans and friends,

It's that time of year again where we remember the first meeting between Candy and Terry aboard the cruise ship Mauretania!    It was this chance encounter on New Year's Eve, 1912, that sparked their interest and love for each other throughout the series!

Have a very VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR dear friends!  May 2010 bring you and your family all the happiness, peace, love, and good health!

You're welcome to join us at the Candy & Terry Forum for some New Year Fun and Festivities!  




December 23, 2009

Dear Candyfans and friends,

Candy, Terry, and I would like to wish all of you a very MERRY CANDY and TERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY NEW YEAR!  May you all have a warm and safe holiday season!  



You are welcome to drop by the Candy & Terry Forum and share your greetings and the spirit of Christmas with other Candy fans!

November 28, 2009 

Dear Candyfans and friends,

To celebrate Kyoko Mizuki's birthday, I've included a biography of her life and works in my site! Mizuki is well-known in Japan for writing juvenille love stories and mangas, but has yet to reach international recognition for her cumulative work. As Candy fans, we know her best as the author of the Candy Candy manga and novel. Let's hope her novels and other stories will be translated and published one day in our own respective languages for fans to enjoy!

New CC Media! Added a biographical page of Kyoko Mizuki and her works.

New CC Links! Updated the links page by removing dead links and added new CC sites and forums to visit! Sadly many old CC websites have gone offline and have been discontinued.

 "Terruce, anata ga suki desu, hoka no dare yorimo"
(Translation: Terry, I love you more than anyone else)--
Quote from the Candy Candy Novel, Volume 2 by Kyoko Mizuki

Mahalo Nui Loa and Thank you for continuing to visit

Candy & Terry's Romantic Paradise!

September 17, 2009

Dear Candyfans and friends,

Let's support the continuation of Candy Candy by signing this petition from Itomaru online!

I've also decided to RE-OPEN the CandyTerry Forum on a temporary basis, for all fans who are interested in continuing CC discussions.  Please join us there!


June 3. 2009

Dear Candyfans and friends,

This month marks the 10th year anniversary of my site "Candy & Terry's Paradise" and my involvement online with Candy Candy and the fandom surrounding this beloved anime/manga. Like Candy's story, the experience has been a bittersweet journey filled with its ups and downs, but at the same time, it's been a labor of love for me as a devoted Candy fan. This milestone has caused me to reflect hard on the future of this forum and my site.

Earlier this year when I was faced with the decision to keep the forum or not, I had decided to keep it going temporarily at the wish of many members, while evaluating the board's activity for the next 6 months. Unfortunately during these last months and even before last year, I've noticed a steady decline in active discussions in most of the forums and a general lack of Candy spirit. I think it's safe to say that we've said almost all we've had to say about Candy Candy and her story, especially when the most popular thread is the OFF TOPIC section. In any case, I sense that the interest in keeping this forum is fading, along with my movitation to continue as administrator and webmistress. Financially, I don't know how long I would be able to continue as well.

And so it's with deep regret that I've decided to officially close the Candy & Terry Forum this Saturday, June 6. New fans will not be allowed to register and members will no longer be able to post in the forums. It will remain an ARCHIVE so everyone will still be able to read the threads if they wish. If you are posting your fanfictions and following other members' fanfictions in the French section, you are invited to join Gentillefille's Candy & Georgie forum or CC Fanfic forum (links to be provided later) and post there. As for my Candy & Terry's Paradise website, it will still remain online, but updates will be rare and few, if any.

Finally, before I head into CC Retreat, I'd like to thank all of you, cherished members and friends, my dear Moderators, and guests of the forum for visiting my site and supporting me and forum throughout all these years. I couldn't have done this without your participation and priceless contribution. You've enriched my site and the forum with your fanarts, fanfictions, fan creations, and lively discussions. I'll always be eternally grateful for this and the warm friendships you've given me. Mahalo Nui Loa with all my heart.

All my CandyAlohas and Best Wishes,
MsCandyTerry (webmistress)

May 7, 2009

Dear Candyfans and friends,

What a surprise! It's Candy's birthday again and she just turned 111 years old! Unfortunately I have no updates to celebrate this event , but you're welcome to join us in the CandyTerry Forum and express your wishes to our birthday gal!

Mahalo Nui Loa and Thank you for continuing to visit

Candy & Terry's Romantic Paradise!

January 28, 2009

Dear Candyfans and friends,

It's time to party!  Today is Terry Grandchester's 112th birthday and thanks to his anime genes, he doesn't look a day over 17. To celebrate this annual event is another site update with more TG news and goodies to share!

For diehard TG fans, Terry finally got his own domain name: www.terry-grandchester.com for quicker access to his private kingdom!

New TGG Films! Terry was still busy at work last year and even released three new Action/Adventure films! Check out his latest posters as James Bond in Quantum Solace, the enslaved Jewish prince in Ben Hur, and the skillful archeologist in The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Chipie Empress!

New Terry Icons & Avatars! Created by your webmistress for you to use at your pleasure!

New Terry's (International) Voice Actors! Featuring the talented voice actor Thierry Bourdon, the french dubber who voiced Terry Grandchester in the Candy anime series!

New Candy and Terry "Fanipulations"! What's that, you say? It's what your webmistress enjoys doing in her spare time!

New Candy & Terry Gif Animations! More CT animated kisses & hugs for you!

New Fanfictions! Adding to December's growing list of CC fanfictions are new chapters and stories as well as a new CC writer (Wiltshire_Lady) to our community!

New Fanarts! Wonderful new illustrations by Euphoriane, Julia59, Vasaki, and Vicky!

New Fancreations! Enjoy these new colorized images of Albert by Mrscage, Terry and Candy images by Minnie, and Vicky's special music video for Terry's birthday!

Finally, if you're interested in having the CC author and illustrator reconcile and hopefully legalize Candy in the future, you are welcome to sign this petition!

That's all for now, Candyfans! You're all invited to celebrate with the honored birthday boy and his Candy love, at the CandyTerry Forum!

January 1, 2009

Dear Candyfans and friends,

This is not a new update, but a heartfelt message filled with best wishes to all of you for the new year! Thank you so much for visiting my site and helping to keep the spirit of Candy Candy alive for ourselves and the next generation of fans!  

As a Candy fan (and especially a Terry fan ) New Year's Eve marks a very special moment for our beloved couple Candy and Terry! It is well known that Candy and Terry first met on this night on the cruise ship "Mauretania" heading towards England, where they eventually crossed paths again and fell in love.

Have a safe and wonderful New Year and don't forget to join us at the Candy & Terry Forum for some New Year Fun and Festivities!  


December 21, 2008

Dear Candyfans and friends,

It's the end of the year and it's time to celebrate the winter holidays with another update! Here's wishing you all a safe and wonderful holiday season!

New Message from Mizuki and a New Letter from the CC Novels! Announcing the latest personal message from Mizuki (kindly translated by Tarzan Freckles) posted on her new website on July 31, 2008! Also added a revealing new letter that Candy wrote to Eleonor Baker (Terry's mother) from Volume 2 of Mizuki's CC Novel. Mahalo Tarzan Freckles for the translation!

New Italian CC Interview with Mizuki & Igarashi! Grazie Molte to Kiara for translating this old interview of Mizuki and Igarashi in Italy when they visited Milan in the 1980's! In this article, you will see a photo of Mizuki and Igarashi when they were still young and working together!

New Candy Illustrations from Carlo Lai! It's an honor to display these beautiful new Candy illustrations by Carlo Lai, an Italian artist who once worked as Yumiko Igarashi's premier assistant!

New Italian Manga Images: The second CT kiss! Efharisto to Akaliakoukou for the additional manga scans and to Eleonor for translating the greek text, we now have the complete scene of Candy and Terry's reunion filled with kisses and romantic words!

 New Shojou Manga by Kyoko Mizuki: Loreley! Introducing a brand new manga written by Kyoko Mizuki and illustrated by Kaya Tachibana! Preview scans of the first volume are available for viewing!

New Fanfictions! Presenting 31 new fanfictions (some with new chapters, others are brand new fics) written by our dedicated Candy & Terry Forum members! Enjoy them all and Happy CC reading!  

New CT Avatars & Icons! Created a wide collection of new Candy and Terry avatars and icons for your personal use!

New Fanarts! Gorgeous new drawings by Anna, Euphoriane, Julia59, Loreley, Korean Friends, Tarzan Freckles, Vicky, and Whitechapel!

New Fan Creations! Enjoy browsing through the new Fan Mangas illustrated by Whitechapel and Julia, CC Love Bars created by Céline, and a new assortment of AMVs by Anna, Cahaaz, Dadocorpus, Juanita, Lenka, and PCR de Andrew!

New CC Links! Added a new link to a special petition to "Save Our Freckled Girl" by Itomaru, a Japanese Candyfan who wants to bring back Candy! You can read the revised petition here.

And if you haven't visited the Candy & Terry Forum yet, I invite you to register and join me and the international Candy fans for some holiday fun and festivities! All are welcome!

Have a very MERRY CANDY and TERRY CHRISTMAS to you all!  
And all my BEST WISHES for the NEW YEAR!  



July 17, 2007

Dear Candyfans and friends,
Candy & Terry's Paradise and forum have moved to a new host!  Please bookmark the new address and join us at the new Candy & Terry Forum and have some fun! Many THANKS and EFHARISTO to "NickTheGreek", our new host, for making this transition as smooth as possible. To show your support, please visit his websites and ads located in our new forum and site! Much MAHALO to you all dear fans for continuing to visit Candy &Terry's Paradise!

May 7, 2008

Dear Candyfans and friends,

Our beloved Candy White turns 110 years old today! And she doesn't look a day older than 17. It must be in her anime/manga genes. To start off the celebration, our King and host Terry Grandchester would like to invite all the fans to party with him and his birthday Queen at the CandyTerry Forum!  

And before you go crazy with the spiked koolquila punch and birthday cake, here are the updates!

New Fanfictions! Twenty-four exciting new fanfictions and chapters of ongoing fics are ready for your reading pleasure! Some are new to the site, but many of them can also be read at the "Fanfictions" section of the CandyTerry Forum. Comments and reviews are welcome by the authors!  Happy CC reading!

New Fanarts! Proudly presenting lovely new drawings by Carry, Coqueluche, Julia, Rianna, and our Korean friends! Enjoy these beautiful images!

New Fancreations! Wonderful new fanvideos, fanmangas, CC icons, and funny CC southpark images can be found here! Much mahalo and thanks to Cahaaz, Death2Eliza, Fatalzmarion, Mariadelmar for their AMVs, Terryjoa for her CC fanmanga, Céline for her CC icons, and Lady Gato for her CC Southpark characters!

New Candy & Terry Kissing Animations! What is Candy's birthday without Terry's kisses? Our king just can't give enough love to his beloved queen!

New Candy's Profile and Ardlay Family Tree! Terry has his own profile, so why not our dear Candy?You can review a timeline of her lifestory here!  Since Candy was adopted by William Albert Ardlay, where does she stand among her new relatives? Take a look at the conflicting family trees that both Mizuki and Igarashi have unwittingly approved to confuse the fans!

New Candy's Funny Image Gallery! We all love Candy for her cheerful spirit and lively personality! She not only makes us cry, but laugh as well with some of her famous facial expressions in this new gallery!  

New Terry Action/Adventure Films! Summer is starting early with blockbuster hits! In this parallel Candy universe, our favorite actor movie star Terry Grandchester takes on the role of Tony "Terry" Starks in Iron Man, the chipiezombie killer in I am Legend, and the  heroic prince Caspian in the Chronicles of Narnia. Buy your tickets! 

New Terry's (International) Voice Actors! Featuring Andres Turnes as the Argentinian voice of Terry! Listen to the personal interview (in spanish only) of this versatile spanish actor who gave life to Terry and Anthony's voice in the anime!  

New CC Links! Visit these great new sites dedicated to Candy! Her fandom just keeps growing and expanding, even into the blogworld! Sneak a peek into the webmistress's online blog as I secretly write about my work with Terry Grandchester at TGG Enterprise! It's an ongoing blog-fic for mature readers (strong adult language and situations). I recommend starting at the first post "And so it begins" to follow the storyline. Revealing surprises and shocking tabloids inside! 

Thank you for visiting Candy & Terry's Romantic Paradise!

Long Live Candy and Terry!



Mr. Argiris Pavlides, the Greek Voice of Terry

February 21, 2008

Dear Candyfans and friends,
Announcing a very special CT PARADISE TREAT!  As promised from the last update, the eagerly awaited video interview of Mr. Argiris Pavlides, the Greek voice of Terry is finally viewable online!
This was made possible thanks to our dear Candyfriends and devoted Greek Candyfans from the CandyTerry Forum: Chrys (Death2Eliza), Patty (Queen of Hearts), Mariadelmar, and Elizabeth for the superb translations. There aren't enough EFHARISTOS to hand out to these ladies and to Mr. Pavlides for giving us this opportunity to understand the unique work that voice actors (dubbers) do and to hear how the actor himself personally felt about dubbing Terry's voice! All Candyfans have got to see this!

And so without further ado, you can watch and listen to the Greek Terry himself... in his own words here: Terry's International Voice Actors

Happy Terry Pavlides Viewing!


January 28, 2008

Dear Candyfans and friends,

It's Terry Grandchester's birthday!  

The "king" of this site and the Candy & Terry Forum turns 111 years old today and to celebrate this special event, we have the following TG-CC goodies  :

New CC Illustration Poems! Thanks to our Korean Candyfriends, we now have the translations of 15 additional poems written by Kyoko Mizuki found in the two artbooks illustrated by Yumiko Igarashi! Much KAMSAMSAHAMNIDA to our  translators for making this possible!

New Terry's (International) Voice Actors! Added a new section in Terry's Gallery that displays all the international actors who lent their unforgettable voices to Terry in the anime! Featuring in this site with great pride, is "Argiris Pavlidis", the Greek voice of Terry, who honors the fans with an exclusive interview! Coming soon!

New Terry manga images! Selected manga drawings of Terry by Igarashi were colorized and modified by yours truly!

New Terry anime images! Captured anime images of Terry through Candy's eyes!

New Terry "travelling images"! Multiple panned shots of Terry put together for your viewing pleasure!

New Terry Film! Our favorite actor started the new year with this award winning film: "Atonement" co-starring with his only leading lady, Candy White. If you haven't seen it yet, buy your ticket and bring a box of tissues!

New Fanfictions! The fanfiction feast continues with new stories and ongoing chapters by Candylyna, Death2Eliza, Eleanna, Eleonor, Gentillefille (Mallory Quinn), Lady Gato, and MissNostalgia! Don't miss out and happy CT reading!

New Candy & Terry Gif Animations! If you haven't yet seen all  the Candy and Terry kissing in the CT Forum through the banners and signatures personally made for some of our members, now's your chance! Enjoy! 


Until the next update... Mahalo Nui Loa and Thank You
for continuing to visit Candy & Terry's Romantic Paradise!



January 1, 2008

Dear Candyfans and friends,

I would just like to send a heartfelt message filled with my best wishes to all of you for the coming year! Thank you so much for visiting my site and helping to keep the spirit of Candy Candy alive!  And may Terry's flame continue to burn as well!

Here at Candy & Terry's Paradise, New Year's Eve marks a very special moment for our beloved couple Candy and Terry!  It is well known that Candy and Terry met for the first time on the cruise ship "Mauretania" heading towards England, where they eventually crossed paths again and fell in love.

If you need a refresher on how their first humorous encounter went, you can watch the music video I created a couple years again!

Candy and Terry's New Year's Encounter (manga version)

Have a safe and wonderful New Year and don't forget to join us at the Candy & Terry forum for some New Year Fun and Festivities!  



December 23, 2007

Dear Candyfans and friends,

This past May, I had announced that I would no longer be updating my website and was ready for retirement from Candyworld. Well, as fate would have it, there's still much Candy work to do, especially when your boss is the slavedriver King  
Terry Grandchester!  Apparently his Highness still needs a publicity agent he can hassle!

And so with renewed motivation and heartwarming support from the loyal members of the
Candy&Terry Forum, I've decided to continue my work on this site starting with a huge Christmas update!  

New Fanfictions! A wealth of fanfictions await you for your leisure holiday reading! This impressive collection of stories is proof that Candy continues to inspire the writer in all of us! Introducing their fanfictions for the first time are: Arexu-chan, Ayen, Carra, Cahaaz, Death2Eliza, Eleanna, Kim Hae Sung, Ko Kyoung Hee, Mariadelmar, and Seo Jung Young! Returning with exciting new chapters and new fanfictions are veteran CC authors Candylyna, Céline, Eleonor, Hélène, Lady Gato, Leia, Liberty, Mallory Quinn (Gentillefille), Mercurio, MissNostalgia, Priss, Seraphine, and Tuba (Mrscage)! Enjoy reading the new adventures and love stories for Candy, Terry, Anthony, Albert and other CC characters! You won't be disappointed at the depth and quality of these fics! 

New Fanarts! Proudly displaying lovely new drawings and sketches from Korean Candy fans, Loreley, Priss, and Queen of Hearts! A veritable feast for the eyes!

New CC International Translations! A side-by-side list of all the 115 episodes in Japanese, English, Greek, French, Spanish, Italian, and Russian is now available! Efharisto to Candicted for contributing the list of Greek episodes and Anonyme for the English ones! Also updated the translations for "Candy & Terry's First Meeting" with a Greek to English translation by Eleonor and a Spanish (Castillian) to English translation by Lady Gato! You can find more English translations of key anime CT scenes at the Candy&Terry Forum. And finally, enjoy reading the english transcript of the Italian CC Ending from the film "Candy Candy e Terrence" contributed by Whitechapel! At last you can watch a happy CT ending!  Much Mahalo, Efharisto, Gracias, and Grazie to all our dear translators!

New CC Media! This section has been reorganized to include more subjects on a variety of CC media: 1) CC Videos, 2) CC Audio Files, 3) CC Novels and Mizuki's Letters, 4) CC Trials and Merchandise, 5) CC Mangas, and 6) CC Curiosities!

Under CC Audio Files, you can hear the recorded voices of Candy and Terry spoken in different languages. Newly added are the CT voices in Greek, Korean, and Turkish. Happy CT listening! Updated are the CC Videos (included info on Italian and French videos), Mizuki's letters (her last announcement on January 6, 2006) and clarification on CC merchandise. A new section, CC Mangas, displays newly scanned images of CC mangas translated in different languages from all over the world! Also added CC Curiosities, where you can read about odd and interesting products and sequels that arose from the Candy franchise such as "Oyajii, Oyajii" (The Candy Eyeball) series
 and the Korean CC Sequel "Mrs. Candy"! Enjoy these new CC creations!

New Fan Creations! View these amazing fan-made CC AMVs (music videos) that will make you laugh and cry, dance and dream! These fans and forum members have put their hearts and souls into making these videos and the results are both moving and powerful! Also presenting beautifully colored manga images by Arexu-chan and Candy_in_love! Both artists demonstrate their unique photoshop skills and talent in colorizing and bringing these selected manga images to life!  Next is a wonderful Candy & Terry animation with excerpts from Volume 2 of Mizuki's Candy Candy Novel created by the Korean CC fans! A true CT delight!

New CC Links ! Candyworld is ever evolving! Updated some old links and added new ones to new Candy sites and forums! And since I've changed hosts, I've replaced the old CT banners with some animated ones just for fun. Make sure to visit some CC sites for their own Christmas updates! Sophie, the CC webmistress for "Au Pays de Candy" is celebrating with a special Christmas update of her own at www.candyneige.com!

And if you haven't visited the Candy&Terry Forum yet, I invite you to register and join me and the international Candy fans for some holiday fun and festivities! All are welcome!

Have a very MERRY CANDY and TERRY CHRISTMAS to you all!  
And all my BEST WISHES for the NEW YEAR!  

Mahalo Nui Loa and Thank you for continuing to visit Candy & Terry's Romantic Paradise!

Welcome to

July 17, 2007

Dear Candyfans and friends,
Welcome to our new home provided by our new host "NickTheGreek"!
 Please bookmark this new address and join us at the brand new Candy & Terry Forum for some CC fun! Many THANKS and EFHARISTO to "NickTheGreek" for making this transition as smooth as possible. To show your support, please visit his websites and ads located at the bottom of the site and the forum. Much MAHALO to you dear fans for continuing to visit Candy & Terry's Paradise!

May 7, 2007

Dear Candyfans and friends,

It's been exactly two years now since I've updated this site with a new look, a new server and frequent new updates! During the past eight years as a webmistress and forum administrator, I can say that the experience has been extremely rewarding and often times challenging  ! 

Before creating this website in 1999, I had surfed through a handful of semi-active and non-active CC websites and discovered that there were many enthusiastic fans who still remembered and loved "Candy Candy"! I couldn't believe it! I was happy and amazed to see that this 70's anime/ manga continued to live in our hearts and that the passion for this childhood story had not faded with time. A wave of nostalgia hit me and the desire to connect with other fans who loved Candy prompted me to create my own website. I was truly inspired, but most of all, I wanted to reach out to fans who were also traumatised and unhappy with Candy and Terry's seperation.

And so my first website "Candy & Terry's Page" was born. It started off as a simple page dedicated to Candy & Terry with a single image and a guestbook. Through this guestbook, I've met many fans from all over the world whose lives were profoundly touched by "Candy Candy". Thanks to one these early fans, I discovered Kyoko Mizuki's website and was able to 'meet' her through her own guestbook. I still have her first message to me:

Welcome! Kyoko Mizuki 1999-07-17 (Sat) 11:48:56

Welcome Nila! Thank you so much for writing in my guest book! Do you understand how much I am grateful to know that there is a fan of my "Candy * Candy" in my favorite place Hawaii! I feel sorry for not writing well in English, but, I try to write more next time. Today, just a greeting from me to you "ALOHA!"

Kyoko Mizuki 

Sadly, her last messages to her fans were filled with sorrow and regret due to the personal trauma she endured during her legal battles with her former friend and business parter, Yumiko Igarashi. As a result of that, Candyfans have no hope of ever seeing an official sequel to Candy's story.

As my website slowly evolved, I noticed that the fanbase was scattered and the only fan interactions possible were limited to posting in guestbooks and private emails. There was a strong desire to chat and bond with other fans and discover how Candy entered their lives. And so, in collaboration with other CC webmistresses (english, french, and spanish), an invitation was sent to the international community of Candyfans to unite and share our common love for "Candy Candy". International yahoo groups and bravenet forums dedicated to Candy were formed and in some cases, divided as groups of fans banded together to passionately support their favorite characters. Thus, Candyworld was born and out of it came an explosion of creativity reflecting all the suppressed dreams, personal conceptions, and unsatisfied yearnings of individual fans. From parts of Asia, Europe, to North and South America, fans came together to humbly share their CC fanarts, fanfictions, and personal creations. Long and thorough discussions and analyses about the storyline and characters animated the international Candy forums. Language and cultural barriers were broken as fans shared their opinions and personal experiences surrounding the trials and triumphs of Candy's story. Through the CC groups and forums, I was fortunate to have formed longlasting friendships with Candyfans that not only endured the test of time, but long absences from the internet. This is the surprising legacy that Candy's story left us. I wonder if the authors realise what a significant impact their story has made on the fans on both a personal and international level? We may never know, but they've left behind an unforgettable story with an ambiguous ending that left us longing for more.

During the past eight years, this website had undergone many changes and grown beyond the simple page that it started from. My site is not only a result of the work I've invested in these past years. It has become a place filled with the unwavering love and devotion to "Candy Candy",  as reflected by all the fans who have generously contributed their work. I'm truly proud and honored to have hosted my site to their wonderful "chef-d'oeuvres". This is why, it is with deep regret that I announce that I will no longer be making any future updates to "Candy & Terry's Paradise". I have other preoccupations that demand my attention and unfortunately I won't be able to invest my time in Candyworld as I had before. Creating and updating this website, providing a forum for fans to meet and discuss, and most of all, meeting and getting to know some of you as cherished friends online and offline have enriched a part of my life. We've shared a lot of fun moments filled with laughter and celebration. And even though there were some uneasy times, we've managed to pull through together and keep the spirit of "Candy Candy" alive among us. Overall, it's been a gratifying experience that I'll always hold dear to my heart.

And so, it is with confidence and assurance that I pass on the torch to you dear Candyfans, who continue to remain active in Candyworld with your presence, your lively discussions, and your creative works! I trust you all to keep the 'spirit' of "Candy Candy" alive and burning long enough to inspire the next generation of Candyfans! Since there won't be any new updates, I encourage you to use the CandyTerry Forum to post your new fanfictions, fanarts, and other fan creations that you would like to share with other fans! The advantage to that is the immediate feedback/comments/reviews you could receive on your work!  I would also like to invite our passive readers to actively participate and join in the fun as you will be warmly received. Even though it's a "Candy & Terry" forum, ALL Candyfans are welcome despite your preference for one character over another.  

Finally dear Candyfans and friends, I leave you with an excerpt from a simple song that's part of my childhood. For those who might remember the actress/comedian "Carol Burnett", you'll recognize this song that she sang to her audience after each performance. It was her closing theme song!  

I'm so glad we had this time together,
Just to have a laugh, or sing a song.
Seems we just got started and before you know it
Comes the time we have to say, 'So long.'

There's a time you put aside for dreamin',
And a time for things you have to do.
The time I love the best is in the evening -
I can spend a moment here with you.

When the time comes that I'm feelin lonely,
And I'm feelin' ohooooo - so blue,
I just sit back and think of you, only,
And the Happiness still comes through.

That's why I'm glad we had this time together,
'Cause it makes me feel like I belong.
Seems we just got started and before you know it
Comes the time we have to say, 'So long.'

Long Live Candy and Terry!

And before you leave, I invite you to join the rest of Candyfans at the CANDYTERRY FORUM in celebrating Candy and Annie's birthday today!   

Thank you for visiting Candy & Terry's Romantic Paradise!


January 28, 2007: Updates

Dear Candyfans and friends,

It's partytime again!  The birthday "king" Terry Grandchester turns 110 years old today and we're here to honor him with this very special update! Join the rest of the Candyfans in the celebration at the CandyTerry Forum for some virtual food   and fun !!!

And for the updates:

New Terrence Grandchester Family Album! Let's take a trip down memory lane with Terry as we peek into his family album filled with photographs of his family and loved ones. Follow the snapshots of his life from his childhood to his career as a Broadway actor in these revealing images!

New Fanfictions! Terry is the muse for many of us fanfiction writers and the abundance of new fanfictions are evidence to that! Presenting nineteen new fanfictions, some with continuing new chapters written by his devoted fans! Indulge yourselves in this feast of fanfictions that will definitely satisfy your CC reading appetites! Happy CT reading!

New Fanarts!  CC fanartist Loreley returns to treat us with beautiful new fanarts in the gallery!

New CandyTerry Film posters in Terry's Gallery! CandyTerry Productions is back at work promoting Terry's latest action films! This time, he's taken on the role of the worldly and charming Agent 007, "Terry Bond"! Careful with his shots!

New Terry Gif Animations! So what are Terry's famous gestures, expressions, and favorite pastimes? Check out these little clip animations and discover what makes Terry... oh so "Terry"!

New Fan Creations! Terry's birthday has truly sparked the creativity of his fans! These inspiring new music videos by Mrscage (Tuba), MissNostalgia, Liberty, and Lady Gato are fondly dedicated to him and his love for Candy. And don't forget to read the continuation of Lenachan's and Nive's wonderful CC fanmangas!

New CC Video scans! View the scans of these rare VHS covers of the Greek Candy Candy videos! Much mahalo and efharisto to our CT Magazine editor, Liberty and our great community of Greek CC fans for contributing these images!!

But wait! The celebration doesn't stop here, Candyfans! Head over to these great CandyCandy websites and see their special updates for Terry's birthday!

Au Pays de Candy (Sophie's French CC website)

Revista Suenos (Liliflor's Spanish CC website)

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January 1, 2007: Updates

Dear Candyfans and friends,

No major updates today! Just a little note from the CT webmistress to wish you all a very HAPPY NEW YEAR with my very best CandyTerry wishes!

And so what else is special about New Year's day, or rather, New Year's eve? Well, it's the first time that Candy and Terry met aboard the ship, Mauretania, headed for England!  To relive their unforgettable and humorous first encounter, visit  Candy & Terry's New Year's Page to view the music videomanga that I had made for 2006! If you hadn't seen it before, I hope you'll enjoy it!

In the meantime, stay tuned for more updates coming up this month from Candy & Terry's Paradise!

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