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January 28, 2018

Fanart by Madi

Aloha Candy fans and friends!

The handsome and eternally youthful actor turns 121 years old today and to celebrate the occasion, I've made a major update to the site! For his birthday, I'm pleased to present some "nouveautés" about Terry that may not have been revealed in the past! Discover some new personal biographical data and rare images of Terry and Candy illustrated by Yumiko Igarashi at his personal website!

Super Boom (超ブーム) News!

If you haven't browsed my site within the last year, you can also check out the unannounced updates in the following sections:

 CC Media: Updated with new and revised information in the CC Manga, CC Videos, and CC Trials and Merchandise sections.

CC Gallery: Created a new tab dedicated to Yumiko Igarashi's Candy Candy Illustration books! Also updated and added new versions of the Ardlay Family Tree in the Candy & Terry Gallery and updated Candy White Ardlay's Profile and Biography with references from the CC Final Story!

CC Music: Updated and revised the music section with new information on CC CDs, CC Music Albums, and CC Fan Music!

CC Poems: Added new translations of poems written by Keiko Nagita.

CC Links: Added new links of websites dedicated to Candy Candy!

Candy Candy News in the Net

Check out these beautiful fanarts by our CT forum members Patty72 (Nuria Marquez), Eleanor Baker (Rina Mercury) and Noan28 (Noanio) at their deviant art sites and FB page!

Nuria's CC Deviant Fan Arts

MercuryZ's CC Deviant Fan Arts

Noanio's CC Deviant Fan Arts

Noanio's Candy Candy Fan Manga "Summer Holiday" (on FB)

On Twitter you can find amazing Candy Candy fanarts from a Japanese fan, "Vocuwa"!
Since our dear forum member Alexa Kang first published Volume 1 of Rose of Anzio in 2016, the author had written 3 more books, thus completing the captivating WWII saga and romance of Tessa and Anthony!

After the last volume of Rose of Anzio was complete, this prolific author went on to write and publish a new romantic "time travel" novel called "Eternal Flame"!

As a huge fan of her writing and her wonderful stories, I highly encourage and recommend that you read her novels!

And before you leave, you're invited to join the Candy fans at the CANDY & TERRY FORUM in celebrating Terry Granchester's birthday! New registrations to the forum will be open at this time, so please register as a new member if you'd like to post and join the discussions!  

Thank you for visiting Candy & Terry's Romantic Paradise!
Long Live Candy and Terry!

Me Ke Aloha, 愛と感謝をこめて, with love and gratitude,

(webmistress and CT Forum Admin)

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January 28, 2016

Illustrated by Madi (CLICK on the image for a larger version)

Aloha Candy fans and friends!

Our favorite actor turns 119 years old today and he is still as young and handsome as ever! Of course it helps if you're an anime and manga character. Thanks to Keiko Nagita's novel  "Candy Candy Final Story" , Terry and Candy's love story will continue to live on... not only in our dreams, but in our fanfictions, our fanarts and fan creations! Luckily, one of our devoted fans and fellow forum member Alexa Kang (Gretzy), has realised her dream! Her superbly written fanfiction "Rose of Anzio" has been completely revised and is currently published as an original novel! Rose of Anzio Book One: Moonlight is now available for purchase as a paperback or Kindle!

Having read the Advanced Review Copy, I can honestly say that I was very impressed, not only at the quality of her writing but at the richness and depth of the story as told through the lens of the main characters Anthony and Tessa in the 1940s. You don't have to be a Candy fan to enjoy and appreciate their unique and budding love story! They are a young couple that you will root for, cry with and grow to care about.

To learn more about the research and back story of her novel, please visit the author's website:


Enjoy! And happy RoA reading!

And if you can't get enough of reading CC fanfictions, there are numerous stories posted at the FANFICTIONS page and the Candy & Terry Forum! We're very fortunate to have such talented writers from all over the world who were willing to share their stories with us! Please feel free to comment on any of their wonderful fanfictions at the Candy & Terry Forum! Your comments and feedback on the stories that they've worked so hard to write for our entertainment, are important and highly appreciated! Let's encourage our fellow CC writers to follow their own dreams as well, especially since they've given us readers so much to dream about!

Me Ke Aloha, 愛と感謝をこめて, with love and gratitude,

(webmistress and CT Forum Admin)

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December 31, 2015


To commemorate Candy and Terry's first ship encounter on New Year's Eve, 1911, it is my honor and privilege to present this gorgeous and breathtaking animation clip from Alexa Kang's fanfic "The One I Love Belongs to Somebody Else"! This story is a definite MUST-READ for all Candy-Terry fans, especially if you're already familiar with the Candy Candy Final Story by Keiko Nagita.

So if you ever wondered how Terry would sound with his sexy British voice, hurry and click on the screenshot to view this AMAZING TERRYLICIOUS video! It is to SAVOR and ENJOY! And most of all, MAHALO & THANK YOU dear Alexa, for this wonderful and exciting gift that you've given to all the Candy fans! It is the FIRST EVER Candy & Terry animation created and dubbed in ENGLISH and this site and Candy & Terry Forum are privileged and deeply grateful for the opportunity to share it to the Candy fans worldwide!

The One I Love...

Terry: “Look, Candy! This is like the night when we first met.”
Terry: "¡Mira Candy! Esto es muy similar a la noche en que nos encontramos por primera vez."
Terry: "Regarde, Candy! C'est comme cette nuit où nous nous sommes rencontrés."

Terry: “Let’s get married here, tomorrow.”
Terry: "Casémonos aquí, mañana".
Terry: "Marions-nous demain, ici, sur ce bateau."

Candy: “Get married here? Tomorrow? Can we do that?”
Candy: "¿Casarnos aquí? ¿Mañana? ¿Podemos hacerlo?"
Candy: "Nous marier, ici? Demain? Est-ce possible?"

Terry: “The ship’s Captain. He has the authority to officiate a wedding while at sea.”
Terry: "El Capitán del barco tiene la autoridad para oficiar una boda mientras estamos en el océano."
Terry: "Le commandant du bateau. Il a l'autorité pour officier un mariage en mer."

Terry: “What do you say? Let’s do it?”
Terry: "¿Qué dices? ¿Lo hacemos?"
Terry: "Qu'en dis-tu? Es-tu partante?"

Candy: “Are you sure?”
Candy: "¿Estás seguro?"
Candy: "En es-tu sûr?"

Terry: “I don’t want anything or anyone to ever come between us again.”
Terry: "Yo no quiero que nada ni nadie se interponga entre nosotros de nuevo."
Terry: "Je ne veux plus jamais que l'on s'interpose entre nous deux."

Terry: “I love you.”
Terry: "Te amo."
Terry: "Je t'aime." 

MUCHAS GRACIAS to Anneth for the Spanish translation!
MERCI BEAUCOUP to Grout for the French translation!
to you both!

And that's not all!

Alexa also wrote a fanfiction called "The Rose of Anzio" (available online until January 22, 2016) as a spin-off sequel to "The One I Love Belongs to Somebody Else". Set against the backdrop of WWII, the main characters Tessa and Anthony formed a captivating pair that won the heart of her readers. This couple truly deserved to have their own unique love story told beyond the Candy Candy universe. More than an epic romance, this highly-researched story also draws you in with the realistic war scenes and dramatic lives of her strong supporting characters, one of whom is Jesse, a handsome and charismatic medic who is secretly vying for Tessa's heart. You're welcome to read the backstory from her two fanfictions at her personal site: www.alexakang.com. Feel free to email or PM Alexa if you want to read the original fanfiction.

Fanart by

To the sheer delight of her readers, the author decided to publish this story as an original novel inspired by the characters of Candy Candy. As announced on her site www.alexakang.com, the first volume of the four-part series "Rose of Anzio Book One: Moonlight" will be available for purchase on Amazon.com on January 22, 2016! However, Alexa is generously giving away FREE Advanced Review Copies to Candy fans between now and the release date! If you're interested in obtaining your own copy, send her a request via Facebook at her Official Rose of Anzio FB page or Terry Grandchester (陶斯-狄理斯)FB page. Please note your email and indicate if you would like the Kindle ebook version or a PDF version!

This published novel has been vastly revised from the original fanfiction, with story elements and references to Candy Candy removed. Those who are faithfully following the fanfiction will definitely find this publication an exciting and refreshing new read! I highly recommend it! CT THUMBS UP! 

On behalf of Candy & Terry and myself, we'd like to wish you and your loved ones a very

Me Ke Aloha, 愛と感謝をこめて, with love and gratitude,

(webmistress and CT Forum Admin)

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August 9, 2015
Great news, Candy fans!

Just when we thought we would never see any new Candy Candy merchandise, this wonderful news arrives from Japan! Nippon Columbia, Ltd. is releasing the COMPLETE Candy Candy SONG & BGM Collection as part of their "Columbia Sound Treasure Series" on September 30, 2015! It is a 3-disc CD album filled with songs from the 1992 Candy Candy movie, BGM tracks composed by Takeo Watanabe taken from the LP "TV Original Candy Candy BGM Collection" (1981), along with never before recorded and published BGMs from the anime series!


There are 112 tracks in all and the song titles (in japanese) can be found here at their website:

You can now preorder the CD from various online stores (¥ 4,200 and up):

I've updated this information at this page discussing the CC trials and merchandise.

 And that's not all...
There's more great news for Spanish Candy fans!

Thanks to a hard-working group of devoted fans, the Candy Candy Final Story is being translated into Spanish from the Italian edition of the novel! This is an unofficial FAN translation that is strictly non-profit and is provided purely to promote and share the wonderful story written by Keiko Nagita. It's their hope that the official Spanish edition will soon be authorized and published for enjoyment of all Candy fans!

Follow this LINK to read the spanish fan translation of Candy Candy Final Story (Italian edition).

Me Ke Aloha, 愛と感謝をこめてwith love and gratitude,

(webmistress and CT Forum Admin)

P.S.   (no doubt about it)

July 30, 2015

Aloha Candy fans and friends,

I have the pleasure of announcing that the spanish translation of "The Season of the Daffodils" written by Josephine Hymes called "La Temporada de Narcisos" is finally online for all Spanish Candy fans!  

You can read it HERE at Josephine's site!

If you still haven’t read the “Season of the Daffodils” (english version) we encourage you to do so immediately! It’s a beautiful story that masterfully weaves the “anohito-clues” in the Candy Candy Final Story and easily convinces the reader why Terry is “anohito”- that person whom Candy eventually married in the Final Story.

So if you’re still looking for “closure” after reading the Candy Candy Final Story, the manga, and the anime, we invite you to read this brilliant romantic tale of love and reunion.

It’s already been translated for Japanese Candy fans at this blog site!

I've also made some minor updates to the CC MEDIA (new and updated information on the Japanese, Spanish, and Italian CC mangas) and the LINKS (new CC websites and blogs) sections of my site.

Follow TG at his Tumblr Site. You never know what he's going to say or how he'll answer you.
Finally, recent updates have been made to our
Candy Candy Final Story Wordpress Blog!

The Anohito Truth is Out there!

Me Ke Aloha, 愛と感謝をこめてwith love and gratitude,

(webmistress and CT Forum Admin)

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May 7, 2015

Hear Ye! Hear Ye!

Candy White Ardlay, the adopted daughter of William Albert Ardlay, turns 117 years old today!
All are invited to celebrate this special occasion at the
Candy & Terry Forum!

Aloha Candy fans and friends,

This major update has been long overdue. And it was now or never.

I wanted to highlight the milestones and achievements in Candy Candy's history that have occurred in recent years. This past April, 2015 marked the 40th Anniversary of the first release of the Candy Candy manga in Japan! Even after 40 years, devoted fans continue to discuss, debate, share their fanfictions, fanarts, and other creative works with one another. This timeless story continues to inspire and make us dream as never before! Isn't that amazing?

And so, without further ado, here are the updates:

A great majority of the fanfictions posted in the Candy & Terry Forum have now been transferred to the FANFICTIONS section of this site! If you've enjoyed their stories, please show your support by posting your comments at the Candy & Terry Forum!  Happy CC reading!

The chronological history and information of all the Candy Candy mangas and novels ever published, are updated in more detail in the CC MEDIA. Of great note is the announcement of the italian edition of the Final Story on November, 2014 and May, 2015! As the first foreign edition of the Candy Candy novels for non-Asian fans, its publication marks an important milestone in the history of Candy Candy.

November 2014
Volume 1

May 2015
Volume 2

What's in a name... that which we call Terence. Although it's more of a "correction" than an update, Terry's "official" name and surname is now acknowledged on his dedicated website and his profile has been updated. While working on the italian translation with the editor Kappalab, the author Keiko Nagita (Kyoko Mizuki) clarified the correct spelling of Terry's first and last name to be: Terence G. Granchester.
Since Terry's surname is more widely known as "Grandchester" in the CC fandom, and also for internet search-related purposes, his domain name will remain

And while I was at it, I updated Candy's profile as well, to reflect some new information in the Final Story.

Finally, and most importantly, I want to express a huge ARIGATO GOZAIMASU, GRAZIE MOLTE, MUCHAS GRACIAS, XIE XIE, DOH JE, GOMAPSEUMNIDA, MERCI BEAUCOUP, EFXARISTO, SAG OLUN, BALSHOYE SPASIBA, THANK YOU and MAHALO NUI LOA to all the international fan translators (you know who you are ) for generously contributing your time, talent, and energy to give us the best and most accurate fan translations possible. You deserve nothing less than PRAISE and GRATITUDE for your work, dear friends!

Me Ke Aloha, 愛と感謝をこめてwith love and gratitude,

(webmistress and CT Forum Admin)

P.S.   (of course he is)

January 28, 2013

Dear Candyfans and friends,

Terry Grandchester turns 116 years old today and the man ages like fine wine that only gets better with time!  In honor of his special day, I've made some mini updates on my site, notably in his personal site dedicated to him!  

TG Media: It's no surprise that TG was voted People's "Sexiest Man Alive" and chosen as TIME's "Person of the Year"! His irresistable handsome face graces the covers of these and other popular News mags!

TG Profile: Updated TG's profile with new information from the CC: Final Story.

Fanfictions: Added new fanfictions originally posted in the Candy & Terry Forum! Current CC fanfiction containing erotic love scenes is only available at the CandyErotica forum for adult registered members who request to see them.

Links: New sites related to Candy and Terry are added!

Please join us at the Candy & Terry Forum to celebrate our favorite actor's birthday and if you'd like to share a new fanart, fanfiction, or anything you've created related to Candy Candy, you are most welcome to do so!

Mahalo Nui Loa and Thank you for continuing to visit

Candy & Terry's Romantic Paradise!  

All my CandyAlohas,
MsCandyTerry (webmistress)

December 31, 2012

Dear Candyfans and friends,

Our favorite couple, Candy and Terry are back aboard the cruise ship Mauretania to celebrate their first meeting 100 years ago!  If it was not for this chance encounter on New Year's Eve, 1912, they wouldn't be living happily ever after today!  

I hope you all have a very VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR and may 2013 bring you and your family all the happiness, peace, love, and good health!

To kick off the New Year, Terry has a special surprise for his fans!

Terry dances the crazy popular Gangnam Style! Oh my!

 You're welcome to join us at the Candy & Terry Forum for some New Year Fun and Festivities!

All my CandyAlohas and Best Wishes,
MsCandyTerry (webmistress)

December 25, 2012

Dear Candyfans and friends,

Candy, Terry, and I would like to wish all of you a very MERRY CANDY and TERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY NEW YEAR!  May you all have a warm and safe holiday season!  



You are welcome to drop by the Candy & Terry Forum and share your greetings and the spirit of Christmas with other Candy fans!

Mahalo Nui Loa and Thank you for continuing to visit

Candy & Terry's Romantic Paradise!  

All my CandyAlohas and Best Wishes,
MsCandyTerry (webmistress)


May 7, 2012 

Dear Candyfans and friends,

Today, our favorite anime and manga heroine Candy White turns 114 years old! You're all welcome to come and celebrate her special day at the CandyTerry Forum!

In honor of this special occasion, I've transfered a great majority of the fanfictions posted in the CandyTerry Forum to the FANFICTIONS section of this site! For those fans who haven't had the opportunity to read all the fanfictions in the forum, you may now read them in this site at your leisure! Happy CC reading!

Also updated the LINKS section and added new sites, forums, and blogs dedicated to Candy Candy and Terry Grandchester! Happy CC surfing!

Finally, if you're curious about the Candy Candy: Final Story and the mysterious "Anohito", discover for yourself his true identity in the CandyTerry Forum and read the CC SPOILERS section for new and old translations of the novel kindly contributed by fans!

But if you ask us, "Who is Anohito?", our sure and definite answer is Terry Grandchester!

Mahalo Nui Loa and Thank you for continuing to visit

Candy & Terry's Romantic Paradise!  

All my CandyAlohas and Best Wishes,
MsCandyTerry (webmistress)

January 28, 2012

Illustration by Rosemary

Dear Candyfans and friends,

It's Terry Grandchester's birthday! Our gorgeous rebel actor and King of the CT Forum turns 115 years old today and he's got a new, handsome and mature look  thanks to Rosemary''s skillful artwork based on the fanfiction "Season of the Daffodils" by Josephine Hymes. As one of many of the wonderful fanfictions posted in the CT Forum, Josephine's story stands out as a brilliant weaving and tapestry of the facts and hints pointing to the identity of "Anohito" (that person whom Candy eventually marries in Kyoko Mizuki's final Candy Candy novel). And it's not hard to guess who "he" is. It's a definite "must-read" for any CC fan, whether you're a diehard CT/TG fan or not.

Eventually, I would like to update my site with the latest fanfictions and fanarts generously shared by our forum members. But in the meantime, you are welcome to browse through, read, and enjoy viewing the recent contributions posted at the CandyTerry Forum.

Mahalo Nui Loa and Thank you for continuing to visit

Candy & Terry's Romantic Paradise!  

May 7, 2011

Artwork by Carlo Lai

Dear Candyfans and friends,

Our dear Candy White Ardlay turns 113 years old today and she doesn't look a day over 18! It must be Terry's love that's keeping her looking so young!

You're welcome to join us in celebrating this special occasion at the
CandyTerry Forum !    There are wonderful new fanfictions to delight your CC imagination and a special surprise for CT lovers in the CC Spolers Section!  Just make sure you register and introduce yourself so you can read the special spoilers!

Mahalo Nui Loa and Thank you for continuing to visit

Candy & Terry's Romantic Paradise!  

All my CandyAlohas and Best Wishes,
MsCandyTerry (webmistress)



January 28, 2011

Dear Candyfans and friends,

Hurray! It's time to celebrate Terry Grandchester's birthday! Our favorite man for Candy turns 114 years old and he's still looking as hot as ever.

If you want to party with the rebel king, come and join us at the Candy & Terry Forum where you can also read the latest spoilers from the revised novel "Candy Candy: The Final Story" by Kyoko Mizuki!

The author deliberately kept the ending ambiguous, leaving us all to imagine who "that person" was that ended up with Candy! But for us Terry fans, the answer is crystal clear!

All my CandyAlohas and Best Wishes,
MsCandyTerry (webmistress)

December 31, 2010

Dear Candyfans and friends,

Another year has passed and Candy's story continues to remain strong in our hearts!  As we turn a page towards the New Year, we can only hope that our collective voices will be heard by Shodensha publishers and our dream for a international translation of Candy's Final Story will be realized.

But on this foggy New Year's Eve, in the year 1912, CT fans will forever remember the first meeting between our beloved couple, Candy and Terry aboard the cruise ship Mauretania!    

Have a very VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR dear friends!  May 2011 bring you and your family all the happiness, peace, love, and good health!

You're welcome to join us at the Candy & Terry Forum for some New Year Fun and Festivities!  


December 23, 2010

Dear Candyfans and friends,

I was hoping to do a major Christmas update, but instead, I decided to hold off until the New Year as news continue to trickle in! The biggest news to date has been the release of Mizuki's revised novel (scroll below to previous announcement on November 1)! The excitement, curiosity and enthusiasm over this new novel spread like wildfire throughout all the international CC fan groups! Everyone was eager to know what happened to Candy at the end of the story and who she finally end up with! Was it Terry or Albert or some unknown character yet to be revealed? In a desire to read the complete story in their own language, major CC fan groups from different countries issued their own petition to Shodensha, the publisher of Mizuki's revised novel. Please support the following petitions so you can read "Candy Candy: The Final Story" in your preferred language.

French/English petition

Greek petition

Italian petition

In the meantime, Candy, Terry, and I would like to wish you all a very MERRY CANDY and TERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY NEW YEAR!  May you all have a warm and safe holiday season!  



You are welcome to drop by the Candy & Terry Forum and share your greetings and the spirit of Christmas with other Candy fans!

小説キャンディ・キャンディ FINALSTORY

by Kyoko Mizuki

November 1, 2010

After waiting over 30 long years, Kyoko Mizuki (Keiko Nagita) has finally written the conclusion of Candy Candy, her final story, in a new, revised edition of her original novel! This new edition contains over 300 more pages from her original manuscript and is said to include an epilogue that describes Candy in her 30's, reminiscing about the past and those that she loved. The author expressed that this is NOT a sequel, but an enlarged revision of her original novel.

For now, the two-part novel is only published in Japanese and can be purchased online at www.amazon,jp or www.shodensha.jp.

First Volume: Candy Candy: The Final Story

Second Volume: Candy Candy: The Final Story

Because international Candy fans are eager to discover the events of Candy's life and what had become of her, Sophie, the webmistress of www.candyneige.com has launched a petition to Shodensha, the publishers who own the complete publishing rights, to approve a translation of the novel in French and English! Please sign the petition so that we can finally read the complete story of Candy Candy in our language!

If you're dying to know some spoilers of the Candy Candy novel, you are welcome to register as a member and read  them at the Candy & Terry Forum! Don't forget to introduce yourself in the INTRODUCTIONS section first so that you can read and post in the forum!


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