These rare Italian colored CandyCandy mangas were first published in September 1980 until December 1986 by Gruppo Editoriale Fabbri S.p.A., Milano, following the popularity of the CandyCandy TV series televised in Italy at that time. During this period, 326 "manga-like" magazines were published and drawn in Yumiko Igarashi's manga style. The first 77 magazines followed the original drawings and scenes of the Japanese manga until the end of Candy's story. After that, the Italian editors continued with their own "sequel" by adding new adventures for Candy, Terry as well as the old and new characters.

EFHARISTO and HEARTFELT THANKS to "Eleonor" for generously translating the Greek translated scenes in english and to "Akaliakoukou" for the new manga images!
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Italian Images of Candy & Terry found on some of their merchandise!
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    Follow the romantic reunion of Candy and Terry through these captured Italian 
    manga images ....  

Another CandyCandy memorabilia produced by Fabbri during this period was the Italian Candy & Terry Diary! I am fortunate to own one, thanks to a dear Italian Candyfan and friend "Alexandra (da woman)". Her precious gift has allowed me to share some of these adoreable images of Candy and Terry!

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