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> Terry Terry, I will never forget you, My sleeping fic awaken...Rated M for mature
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Terry Terry

Chapter 60
“After the separation…”

Candy was in her mother’s apartment looking out the window. The view was only of sky scrapers, but all she could see was Terry and Esther leaving and her baby crying to her to come with them. This forced separation; she was the one who orchestrated it. She felt like she had a duty towards Marlowe who had saved her life, and lost his head because of it, because of her. She had to take care of him. But that meant separating herself from Esther and Terry. The first time, when she had to give Terry up, the surprise of having Esther on the way had given her back the joy of life. Because of the baby, on whom she had focused all her love, the separation from Terry was almost viable. Marrying another man was the most horrible torture ever. Having Esther with her was a relief for her pain. She was deaf to her father’s protest, she kept Esther with her. Her mother would take her from time to time just for the form and also to spend time with her granddaughter who looked so much like Candy, but the majority of the time, she also left Esther with her mommy, because they needed each other. Seeing Terry and Esther leaving was atrocious; he had left without turning back. Tears were coming down her cheeks, tears she couldn’t stop.

She had to get a hold of herself. She had play coming up. She wiped her tears. She had turned off her phone. She had to go visit Marlowe.

- Well well well, you finally found the time to come to visit me. Where are Esther and the good doctor?

- They left, said Candy coldly

- Ah…

- He had his laptop on his lap

- When you say “they”, they left together?

- That’s none of you beeswax…

- If your little sister is with your boyfriend, it means you’ll see him every time you’ll see Esther… will you mother get her back?

- Marlowe, this story doesn’t concern you. I’m here to take care of you. You forced me to separate from those I love

- But Esther…

- Esther is none of your business Marlowe. Concentrate on your healing. We’re going to show you different kind of prosthesis available… You have to get back on your feet…

Marlowe looked at her. She didn’t want to speak about Esther, probably because she terribly missed her… He listened to her and she took care of him and read to him, that’s all that counted.


Terry arrived in Chicago with Esther and they were at the apartment. Jones was alone when they arrived.

- Dude you’re back! And you brought back our little Esther!

- Hi uncle Jones, said Esther smiling

Jones took her in his arms and turned with her laughing.

- Our favourite little girl! Said Jones, how long are you staying?

- I’m staying forever…

- Forever?

- Yes, I’m going to live with daddy…

Jones looked at his friend.

- Daddy? Congratulations dude! He said smiling,

He gave Esther a big kiss.

- You’re our daughter!

And he turned with her again laughing out loud.

- Daddy and I are looking for a house to live in, with a garden, said Esther

- Really? Said Jones, well I hope it’s not going to be too far from my place…

- Your place?

- Yes, I’m going to marry Ashley and we’re looking for a house too…

- Oh, said Esther a little sadly, you’re going to marry Aunty Ashley?

- Yes…

- Because daddy was supposed to get marry with mummy but, Marlowe had an accident and now mummy has to stay with him because he lost his leg…

Jones looked at Terry who wasn’t saying anything, he was overwhelmed with despair… he decided to continue talking to Esther.

- By the way, you want to be the little flower girl? I talk to Ashley about it but I suppose she’s going to say yes

- Really? I’m going to have a beautiful white dress?

- Yes and a little basket with flower petals to put on the aisle

- It seems easy

- There’s going to be a lot of people, you’re not going to be afraid?

- My mummy is an actress and lots of people look at her, but she’s not afraid, I won’t be afraid either, people are going to be looking at me and think a I’m cute

- They’ll even think you’re very beautiful! Said Terry laughing

- I can pick my dress and my shoes?

- Of course, anything you want

- Great! Can I do it daddy?

Terry was touched to see her ask for his permission first. He smiled.

- Of course, if Ashley agrees of course…

- Yay!!!

They all started laughing. They had a light snack and then Esther took a nap. Terry talked with Jones and he told him what happened…

- Come on Terry, said Jones, how could you let something like that happen?

- That’s what she wanted

- You could’ve fought for your happiness…

- She’s got a duty towards him

- You don’t want her to marry her, don’t you?

- Of course not!

- You left her with him… they already manipulated her to stay with him, without Esther, what’s going to prevent them to force her to marry him?

- Bite your tongue

- Terry, you’re here with your daughter, instead of being with Candy. You threw her to the wolves!

- Jones…

- I see that he also managed to manipulate you! You saved his life! You should’ve used that to pay Candy’s debt!!! You should’ve taken a page from him!

- You don’t return evil for evil…

- TERRY!!! Oh well for the moment you’re still guilt-ridden… I hope it won’t be too late…

- Jones, I’m not the one who’s going to go after her, she’s got to come back to us… Can we talk about something else?

- All right buddy…

- Thanks Jones.

Esther woke up from her nap and she helped her daddy and Jones in the kitchen and she asked a lot of questions. The two men answered all of her questions patiently. The girls were glad to find Esther who ran to hug them.

- Esther? Said Ashley, you’re here! That’s just perfect! I need a flower girl!

- Uncle Jones told me about it, and he was waiting for your permission, said Esther

Ashley smiled and kissed her. Eliza took her in her arms.

- Hello there! She said smiling, are you here for long?

- I’m here forever! Said Esther

- Really? Said Allyson, why forever?

- Because Terry is my daddy! She said smiling

- WHAT???!!! Said the three girls

- Looks like Esther spilled the beans, said Jones

- My friends, let me introduce you to Esther, my daughter

- Congratulations, said the girls, welcome to the family, Esther!


Every Sundays, Terry and his cousins would go and spend the day at the manor until dinner time. That Sunday, they all arrived at the manor together. The great aunt was glad. She was waiting for Sunday every week. She wished her grandnephew and nieces lived in the same house as them, but she wanted to let them free. She was glad to meet little Esther.

- Esther, said Terry, let me introduce you to my great aunt Elroy! She’s your great great aunt!

- Hello great great aunt Elroy

- Hello, said the great aunt, call me auntie Elroy

- All right auntie Elroy, how are you?

- I’m fine, what about you my pretty one?

- I’m fine, I’m going to live with Terry now for good, because he’s my daddy!

- Oh, said the great aunt looking at Terry, that wonderful! You must be very happy!

- Yes, but I wanted him to marry my mummy, so that we could be a family…

She told her and the great aunt was sorry for Terry…

Sarah Reagan had to take one of her friends to St. Joan’s Hospital one day of an emergency and Terry was the attending doctor who took care of her friend. Ever since that day, she had seen him on another eye. He was very handsome, very competent and a very good catch. He would’ve been perfect for her in her time. But since she was out of the market, she told herself that she had a daughter… so an idea started growing in her mind…

She had a big smile when Esther approached her with Eliza.

- Esther, this is my mom, said Eliza, mom, this is our little Esther

- Hello, aid Mrs. Reagan smiling, so you’re the little Esther Eliza talks about so much?

- Yes, said the little one

- She’s right, you pretty as a heart!

- Thank you madam, said Esther

- Come with me Esther, said Eliza, I’m going to show you my old bedroom with my dolls.

- All right, said Esther, can I go daddy?

Terry looked at her.

- Of course my angel

- Than you…

Mrs. Reagan looked at Terry.

- Terrence, she said, I’d like to thank you for taking good care of my friend the other day

- Your friend?

- Yes, Mrs. Jordan. I took her to the emergency room. You took care of her

Terry saw who she was talking about but… In the end he said it wasn’t serving any purpose to be with dry with her, after all it wasn’t her fault what happened to him and Candy.

- Oh, that was nothing, I only did my job, said Terry

- She was glad to have a doctor so young and competent. I was proud to tell him you were my nephew

Everybody looked at Sara oddly. Since when did she acknowledge she was from the same family as Terry?

- Euh thank you, said Terry

A maid arrived to announce that breakfast was served. Everybody stood up to go to the big dining room.

Mr. Reagan held his wife back to speak to her.

- What are you plotting?

- What?

- You’re nice with Terry, since when are you nice with Terry?

- What? You always complain that I’m not nice enough with him and now that I am, you’re not happy?

- You plotting something. I won’t allow you to hurt Terry!

- You’re always defending him? You’d think he’s your son!

- Where is your son? He’s always late for the Sunday brunches or he doesn’t show up.

- He’s busy…

- Yes, going from girl to another…

- Let’s go eat Todd!

The day went on fine and dinner later too. The great aunt went to bed and Mrs. Reagan when with her.

- Sarah, said the great aunt, out with it. What do you want? Money?
- Aunt Elroy! Come on…

- Sarah…

- All right. I was thinking… don’t you think that it would be nice if Terry and … Eliza got married?

- I beg your pardon? Said the great aunt with a strangled voice

- Yes, aunt Elroy, think about it… She loved his little girl who loves her too

- The little one wants he mommy and Terry to get married, it’s not going to work. Terry doesn’t love her. He loves Candy…

- The princess? Where is she? Shouldn’t she be with them?

- Sarah, your idea is ridiculous!

- Eliza loves him, I know she’s going to be happy

- But terry loves another woman!

- If it had been Antonia, you would’ve said yes!

- Terry loved Antonia Sarah…

- This marriage could be good for both families… come on Aunt Elroy

- I’m tired Sarah, I want to sleep

- All right. Good night aunt Elroy. But think about it

- You have my answer Sarah…

Sarah got out of the room disappointed. But she hadn’t said her last word yet.


Candy and Marlowe were at his place. She had made arrangement so he was taken care of. He had looked at different prosthesis and he had chosen the best one. A nurse was taking care of him and was doing exercise with him. A maid was bringing him food and would cook everything he wanted. Candy was only visiting him briefly. Marlowe was complaining.

- What do you want from me? Asked Candy

- I want you to be more active with me…

- More active how? I pay people to take care of you so you have everything you need…

- I wanted you…

- Sorry Marlowe, if you wanted a maid, you’re at the wrong address. I’m sorry if I’m being snobbish: but my father called me “princess” before he made me marry a prince… which meant that I was literally a princess with my father… I’m not a housewife of a maid… I’ve always had people around me, first my father could afford it, and my husband the prince… then my mother and now myself…

- All right Princess, can you compensate in nature at least?

- In nature? I can read to you

- I’m talking about more than that

- More than that?

- Getting it on…

- Getting it on? I’m sorry Marlowe. I don’t think that’s part of our deal

- I’ve saved your life!

- It doesn’t mean that I have to spread m legs for you!

- Candy…

- You separated me form the man I love and my daughter… what makes you think that I would be in the mood to get it on with you? Now, do you want me to read to you? Or do you want me to go?

- You can read to me, said Marlowe against his will, bring me a glass of Champagne

- Not as long as you’re on medication. I may not be a nurse, but I’m not an idiot!

- Don’t you drowning your grief in alcohol…?

- Have you seen me drink? You’re lying. I want to have my head clear. .. I don’t want to wake up in your arms without knowing how I got there

- Candy, you’re hurting me… I thought you stayed with me to take care of me…

- I can make arrangements…

- You can’t be serious! I’m going to tell my parents!

So Marlowe’s parents talked to Candy in their living room.

- You should take care of Marlowe fully. You did break up you engagement, didn’t you? Said Mr. Susann

- It doesn’t mean that I’m going to jump into your son’s bed…

- You can please him in another way

- Oh my God! Are you kidding me?

- It’s your duty!

- Sorry, I broke up with the man I love and I got separated from my darling little sister, but that ends there! I take care of your son!

- Not personally

- Giving the fact that I have no culinary talent and I’m not a nurse… You’ll have to content yourself with that… After “Romeo and Juliet” I’m going to go to Hollywood

- What? You’re going to abandon our son?

- I’ll make arrangement so that he walks first…, said Candy

- You’re ungrateful!

- Giving up the man I love and my little sister, is enough as a price. Now excuse me, I’m going to go see your son…

She arrived in Marlowe’s room.

- So?

- Marlowe, stop behaving like a child! Your parents are not controlling me! I’m not going to please you sexually! Ok, I have to go to the theatre!

Candy left and Marlowe was angry. She had paid people to take care of him, but she wasn’t taking care of him personally. He couldn’t complain… She was doing her duty, only , not the way he wanted to.


A few days later in Chicago, there was a headline news. Jones who was up early saw the headline and was speechless…

Terry was taking a shower. He got out to get ready. When he was done, he woke up Esther bathed her and got her ready. He ended up going to the kitchen to make food for Esther and him. Jones had left the paper on the table… Terry looked at it while pouring milk into Esther’s cereal bowl, he almost overflowed!

He was going to see what the “devil”, but he muffled.

- What’s going on daddy?

- Nothing sweetie. Eat your cereal. Don’t worry about it.

He took the paper and started reading it… Eliza arrived ready to leave.

- Good morning Esther

- Good morning auntie Eliza

- How are you Terry?

- If you can explain this to me, may be I’ll feel better, said Terry giving him the paper

Eliza took the paper, surprised, she started reading:

“A wedding among rich people… Terrence Andrew, a young doctor full of potential at St. Joan’s hospital, got engaged to Eliza Reagan, a young lawyer. They are both part of the Andrew family. Terrence was adopted by Whilemina Andrew and Eliza Reagan is the daughter of Ms. Andrew’s sister Sarah. So she has no blood relation with Terrence. It’s practical to get married among them, that way the money stays in the family…”

- Oh MY GOD! Said Eliza, I had no idea! I swear to you! Who could’ve done this?

Terry looked at her; they started whispering so that Esther wouldn’t hear them.

- Terry, you believe me, don’t you? I wouldn’t do something like that, you believe me don’t you?

- I believe you Eliza, we’ve become friends, you wouldn’t ruin our friendship like that…

- I don’t deny that it wouldn’t displease me…

- Eliza…

- But I know you love another woman… It had to be an idea from my mother… OK, I have to be in court in 30 minutes, we’ll talk about it when I come back… we’ll go see mother together! Bye!

- You didn’t eat, said Esther.

- I’m going to grab a coffee on my way to court. Bye sweetie!

- Bye aunty Eliza

Terry looked at his daughter.

- Are you done honey? We have to go.

- Ok…

While he was helping her put her coat on, Jones arrived.

- Did you see the paper?

- Yes, another craziness

- You think Eliza is in on it?

- She said she wasn’t and she seemed sincere…

- It’s Eliza…

- I have to do, said Terry, taking the little one

- Bye Uncle Jones…

- Bye angel, said Jones.


Candy received the article by her agent in her email. Her heart was broken. Terry and Eliza? What should she do? She couldn’t call Terry to ask him. She had promised to sever every tie with him. It couldn’t be true. Terry and Eliza? No, it was impossible. Terry loved her. What about the spinach? No, Terry only loved her spinach!!!! She had to believe that. There was an interview that evening with Marlowe; he was going to tell what happened to him since the accident. Candy didn’t have any other choice than to be by his side, she had to play her role… And it will be her turn to hurt Terry!

Life was really unfair sometimes! Just ask Princess Candice!!!!


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Terry Terry

Chapter 61
“Headline News”

Eliza was getting out of the courthouse, when her boyfriend of the moment, Ryan Prescott, approached her.

- Eliza?

- Hi sweetheart, she said smiling

- What’s with the article in the paper?

- It’s nothing, I’ll take care of it… well, I think…

- Can you imagine my face when my father told me that my girlfriend was engaged to her cousin…?

- It’s just a misunderstanding, I promise, I’ll take care of it

- Eliza, I thought we were happy, I thought of going further with you… Your cousin, you always talk about him with so much fondness

- He’s my cousin

- Yes, looks like you like him a lot

- He’s part of my family, and yes I love him, like you love your family

- He’s adopted…

- Even blood cousins can get married, you know…

- Even more so… would you marry your adopted cousin?

- Ryan please… I just came out from a trial, I haven’t eaten anything since this morning and I have to meet with another client…

- Eliza…

- I have to go

- And I wanted to make plans with you…

- Plans? What kind of plans?

- For the future…

- Ah…the news in the paper gave you the will to make plans with me?

- No, but I’ve been thinking about it…

- So why didn’t you say anything?

- I…

- The news in the paper just untied you tongue, all of a sudden?

- Eliza…

- I have to go, said Eliza leaving

- Eliza, wait!

But Eliza left without turning back. She bought a sandwich before going back to her office to see her next client… Ryan called her all day long and she ignored her phone calls. She called her mother when she had a free moment.

- Hello darling…

- Mom! You’re the one responsible for the article in the paper?

- I don’t see what you’re taking about honey

- The article that says I’m going to marry Terry…

- You’re going to marry Terry? That’s great news!

- Mom! How could you do that without consulting me?!

- You would’ve said “no”

- And for a good reason! Terry loves another woman!!!

- We can arrange a marriage between you two… his daughter loves you…

- Yes and she spends her time talking about her mommy, she wants her mommy to marry her daddy!

- Eliza…

- Mom! I don’t have time to discuss, I have to go back to work

- Honey, why don’t you come for dinner tonight, bring your fiancé…

- Ryan? Said Eliza to mock her

- No, Terrence, come on!

- Bye mom!


Terry on his end at the hospital was getting congratulations from everybody. The nurses were jealous and glad at the same time that he was no longer with Princess Candice.

- Dr. Andrew? Said one, it looks like congratulations are in order; it’s not the princess anymore? But your cousin now?

- Don’t believe everything you read in the papers, said Terry, you have the results of the patient from room 200?

- Yes doctor, said the nurse, concentrating on her work

She certainly didn’t want to appear negligent in front of the handsome doctor. Later, Terry met the chief of staff.

- Dr. Andrew, you’re engaged to be married?

- Don’t believe everything you read in the paper, said Terry

- It’s not true?

- I haven’t proposed to anybody…

- Oh…

- And when I do it, it will be my choice and I would avoid putting the news in the papers. Now if you’d excuse me, I have to go see Esther

Terry arrived at the daycare and he found Esther a little sad.

- Honey? What’s wrong?

The little girl ran into his arms.

- Daddy!

The little one was frightened.

- What’s wrong angel?

- I heard people talking… they say you’re getting married soon…

- Angel, don’t believe what people are saying in the papers

- I know that papers tell lies on grandmamma and mummy and her prince…

- The papers also say nonsense on me too… I’m not getting married… otherwise I would’ve told you

- Why do papers tell lies daddy?

- Because my adoptive family is very rich

- As rich as the prince’s family?

- I don’t know, said Terry smiling, a prince is a prince, right?

- That’s true! Said Esther laughing

- Let’s go eat, said Terry walking to the hospital cafeteria after making a sign to the daycare workers.

- You promise me that you’ll marry nobody else than mummy?

- I promise you, said Terry

The good mood of the little one was back, she started talking like she used to during the whole time their lunch lasted.


When they went back to the apartment that evening, everybody was there talking about the newspaper article. Terry put Esther down after taking her coat off and she went to wash her hands and face in the bathroom which had a little stool, allowing her to reach the sink and the taps.

Eliza was in the living room talking with the others.

- I’m going to have dinner with mom

- She did this? Asked Terry

- Yes, she’s gone nuts!

- Nuts because she wants you to marry a good catch in the family? Asked Ashely

- It’s actually the first time she’s considering Terry as a member of the family! Said Allyson

- What about your boyfriend? Asked Jones to Eliza, how did he take things?

- Ryan? Said Eliza, well he’s always been jealous of my affection for Terry, so he was kind of shaken up…

- Maybe he’s going to decide to propose to you! Said Patrick

- We’ll see, said Eliza, for the moment, I have to go and have dinner with my mother…

Then she turned to Terry.

- You’re also invited, she said a little ashamed

- I don’t really feel like seeing your mother right now, said Terry

- Me neither, said Eliza

- But she’s your mother, said Terry; you have to stand her…

Esther arrived and she looked at the paper where there was a picture of Terry and Eliza. She opened her eyes wide. If she had heard that her daddy was getting married, she didn’t know it was with Eliza.

- Auntie Eliza, it’s you? The paper says you’re getting married with daddy?

Eliza looked at the little one.

- Esther…

- That’s a lie right? Because daddy is going to get married with my mummy, said Esther

- It’s a lie, said Eliza, don’t worry.

- It’s not that I don’t like you, but I want my mummy

The others couldn’t help laughing.

- I’m going to tell you the truth, said Eliza, it wouldn’t bother me to marry your daddy, because I love you both, but I know you daddy loves you mommy…

- So you’re not upset?

- I’m not upset… I’m going to go see my mother and tell her what I think!

She kissed Esther on the cheek.

- Are you coming Terry?

- No, I’ve never had a good relationship with your mother and I don’t want to disrespect her… , said Terry

- All right, said Eliza, see you later

And Eliza left.

- Let’s have dinner, said Terry

They went to the dining room to arrange the table for dinner which was ready in the kitchen; the housekeeper had left the food in the oven. There was a maid for cleaning and the laundry every day. But for the dinner they would cook it each on their turn, but ever since Esther was home for good, Terry wanted for her to have a hot meal when they came back from the hospital, so that his little girl wouldn’t have to wait to ear. The housekeeper was now cooking for everybody.


Eliza went to Reagan manor for dinner and discuss the article. They were all in the living room where Daniel and her father were too.

- Mom, said Eliza, you’re the one responsible for the article in the paper?

- Well, you know that, said Mrs. Reagan ashamed, I was talking to the women at the country club, I didn’t know they were reporters present.

- Mom, come on, not with me! Said Eliza, you knew very well what you were doing!

- Mom, said Daniel, you want Eliza to marry Oliver Twist? Have you lost your mind?

- Shut up Daniel, said Eliza angry, Terry is a good catch!

- You really want to get married with him?

- Don’t put words in my mouth. Mom is the one who put that idea in her mind

- But you wouldn’t mind marrying him?

- That’s not the point! Terry is my friend and he will never be anything else

- But if it depended on you…

- That’s enough Daniel! Said Mr. Reagan

- But dad…

- Eliza! Is there a possibility that this story is true?

- If I had greeted him well, if we had treated him better, maybe I would’ve conquered his heart. Daniel made sure the hates me and I managed to gain his friendship when we came back from England. But Terry is in love with his princess, he doesn’t love me! I wished he loved me, but he’s a friend, that’s all! Terry would never marry me! Even if you force him, mom!

- I could talk to my sister, tried Sara

- No! Said her husband, that’s enough! You’re going to abandon that absurd idea!

- It’s a good idea…, said Sarah

- I’m sure Whilemina would be against it, said her husband.

- If it were Rosemary’s daughter…

- Mom! Terry loved Antonia! Said Eliza

- Don’t you have a boyfriend? Asked her father

- Yes. Ryan Prescott, said Elia

- A good catch! Said Daniel laughing, only he’s going to drop you like a hot potato when he’ll get tired of you, those pretend engagement could be the perfect reason for him to dump you!

- You know what Daniel, you’ve ruined my appetite! Said Eliza walking to the door. Mom, dad, have a nice evening. There will not be a marriage between me and Terry mom! That’s final!

Eliza left and she was glad she lived at the apartment with the others where the atmosphere was always serene. Her cell phone rang. She finally answered.

- Ryan?

- Eliza, finally! You really want to drive me crazy

- What do you want Ryan?

- You have to have dinner with me? If you’re free of course…

- I had plans, but they fell through

- Perfect, where are you?

- I just came out from my parents’ manor…

- Let’s meet at your favourite restaurant?

- In 20 minutes…

- See you later honey…

They met at the restaurant and they had dinner and when the time for dessert came, Eliza found a ring inside her chocolate mousse…

- Ryan! She said smiling, I could’ve strangled myself!

- Eliza Reagan, will you marry me?

- That article gave you ideas?

- Well I’m not going to lie to you. I’ve always been jealous of your relationship with Terry… and that article showed me that someone else could steal you just from under my nose… I don’t want to lose you Eliza… I love you.

Eliza smiled.

- I love you Ryan… yes, I want to be your wife!

He smiled and took the ring to white it with a napkin and put it on Eliza’s finger. Then he stood up and took her in his arms and kissed her. The other customers clapped their hands.

The next day, another newspaper was telling the story about Eliza Reagan getting engaged to Ryan Prescott, the heir of Prescott enterprises… the other paper was forced to publish a retraction…


In New York, there was an interview on Marlowe Susann, the poor actor who lost his leg saving the princess. The princess had given up her plans, to be with her savior. The reporters where asking for more details on their relationship, but Candy was vague. The reporters were speculating that the princess will surely marry her savior by gratitude… they were talking to Marlowe’s parents…

Candy didn’t like the turn the interview was taking with Marlowe’s parents. She was outraged to hear what Marlowe’s parents were saying.

- I haven’t agreed to this! She told Marlowe when they were sitting in the other living room.

- But Candy, you’re with me, we’re eventually get married

- Don’t you think you should’ve talked to me about it first?

- Candy, I saved your life…

- I’m taking care of you Marlowe, that’s all you’re going to get…

- For the moment, he said, I want more…

- You won’t get more… I’m not going to prostitute myself

- Didn’t you do it with your prince?

- You don’t know anything about my relationship with the prince! Said Candy angry, and he married me!

- I want to marry you then…

- NO!

- You owe me that…I’ve saved your life; I could at least say that we’re going to get engaged soon…

Candy felt trapped. Say they were going to get married? Terry and Esther are going to be hurt… It’s going to be only on paper…

- All right…, but not pressure for the date

- Thank you Candy! Said Marlowe smiling

Candy had to pretend to smile on the pictures… When the article on their story come out, it was transformed into the most beautiful love story in the world….


Eleonor Baker arrived in New York and she found her apartment empty. She found a note from Candy saying she was now living at Marlowe’s. She didn’t understand a thing. She had read the article about her daughter’s engagement, the princess with her colleague Marlowe Susann, who had lost his leg… but what was that all about? Why hasn’t Candy told her anything?

She changed and she went at the Susann’s. The limousine stopped in front to the Susann’s manor. Eleonor Baker got out of the car. She went to the living room. Her daughter arrived running.

- Mum!!!

She jumped to her neck.

- My princess!

- I missed you!

- I missed you too!

The Susann’s had heard the screams and they arrived to look at them.

- Princess, what are you doing here? Where’s Esther?

- Mum, you heard about the accident at the theatre?

- Yes…

- Marlowe lost his leg, so his parents wanted me to take care of him, because he was on the verge of suicide and the thought that he had saved my life…

Eleonor looked at the Susann’s with mean eyes.

- That’s emotional blackmail! She told them

- Your daughter agreed, said Mr. Susann

- You played on her guilt…

And she turned to Candy.

- Where’s my baby?

- Esther is with Terry, said Candy

- Why?

- Well, said, Mr. Susann, our son needed all of your daughter’s attention, we told her that Esther was not welcome here…

Eleonor looked at Mr. Susann

- Are you done with your little speech? She said angry, you refused that my baby come here with Candy?

- Well…

- My daughter will not stay here anymore, she’s coming back at my apartment

- But, said Marlowe

- There is no way my daughter will live here if my daughter is not welcome here!

- Miss Baker, said Mr. Susann, we’ve made arrangements with your daughter for Marlowe. Your daughter is an adult…

- Call me old fashioned, but I find it inappropriate for a young woman to live under the same roof as a man without being married… Candy, did you talk to your father about this arrangement?

- No mum, I’m a big girl

- Princess, Esther is not invited, you had to separate from her, and you had to separate from your little darling sister!!!

- It was very painful mum, but…

- You’re not going to live under the same roof with a man without being married; you’re coming back with me!

- Mum, I have to take care of Marlowe

- Didn’t you hire an army of employees for that?

- Yes, but…

- You’ll come to see him during the day before you go to the theatre! You never should’ve agreed to come here without Esther! How dared they separate you from Esther!!!???

- Miss Baker, said Mrs. Susann, Esther is only her little sister after all…

- She’s been raising her since she was a baby! Said Eleonor, she’s her daughter!

- You gave birth to your daughter to give her to your daughter to raise? It’s your job to raise her…

- I don’t need any lesson from you! Said Eleonor angry

Candy turned to Marlowe.

- I’m going to go with mum…

- But Candy…

- She’s right, we’re not married…

- My son saved your life, said Mr. Susann

- I’ll come to see him…

- You are not going to pressure my daughter in my presence! Said Eleonor upset, come princess, let’s go!

- But Miss Baker, said Marlowe sorry

The fact that the Susann had separated Esther from Candy had made her very angry. Candy went back with her mother.

- Candy! How could you let them separate you from Esther?

- Mum, Marlowe almost killed himself… Terry saved him

- They had no right to pressure you like that! Separate you from your daughter!

- They don’t know she’s my daughter!

- She’s a baby!! They shouldn’t separate you from your little sister!

- Mum, calm down, please…

- What about you! They took advantage of your vulnerability to force you to do what they wanted…

- Mum, I owe him my life

- Candy, you’re taking care of him

- He wants to marry me

- Marry you? You want to marry him? You love him?

- No, I don’t love him, I love Terry, you know that

- Terry is with Esther…

- I told them the truth… Esther was ecstatic…

- What about Terry?

- He was happy…

- He didn’t get angry?

- In fact, he said that his two mummies were telling him that Esther looked like him not only physically, but also with the mimes and habits, like the fact that she called me “mummy Candy”, Terry called his two mummies “mummy Pony” and “Mummy Maria” ever since he was little and none of the other orphans did like him…

- Aside from Esther, who was doing it automatically

- Then his friend Jones did the math from the summer in Scotland to Esther’s birth and the movie we’ve made… so he wasn’t too surprised, but he was happy and Esther was screaming of joy…

Candy wiped a tear.

- Oh mum, I missed her so much! I miss Terry too

- Which is proof that all is not well! Esther needs you!

- Mum, I will never thank you enough for what you did for Esther and I…

- You’re my baby; I could only help you…

- Yes and I could’ve used it to ruin dad’s plans… but I could risk him going after Terry’s family…

- Your father could help you here, he owes you that

- Help me with the Susann’s? I don’t want to owe him anything

- He’s the one who owes you something, Candy…

- I don’t want his help!

- Candy…

- I said no!

- All right. For now, I’ll leave you alone, but…

- Mum, please… you managed to get me out of that house, that’s wonderful

- They’re playing on your feelings… the Bible says: “Don’t let your right hand know what your left hand did…”

- What does it mean?

- That when you do a good deed, you don’t go and yell it on all the roofs, you already have your reward…

- Go tell that to the Marlowe’s’

- I’ll do it with pleasure

- Mum, I was kidding

- Candy…

- He saved my l life mum… without him I might have been dead…

- All right, but it’s difficult to be sympathetic after what they did… separate you for Esther!!!!!

- You still can’t over that, right mum?

Eleonor hugged her and cried with her daughter. Candy calmed down and she realized how stressed she had been when she lived at the Susann’s. She was at peace ever since she was back in her mother’s apartment. She took her laptop and she saw the article about Eliza’s engagement with Ryan Prescott. She smiled… Eleonor ended up calming down too… but she wanted to see her little Esther…


Terry was looking at the article on the Susann’s and Candy that was saying they were eventually get engaged…it hurt him so much.

“Why is she living with him? Please God make that they don’t live together anymore… he wants to get engaged with her… oh my God, that hurts so much!! Candy is my wife… I have to let her do that… I trust you Lord, you’re going to reunite my family.”

He went to see Esther and he hugged her and he felt better.


"You should be kissed, and often, and by someone who knows how." Rhett Butler, Gone with the wind

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Terry Terry

Chapter 62
“The pages turn…”

Candy had slept the whole night without waking up, she had slept without dreams and she woke up rested and not tired. She didn’t have a headache. She got out of bed to go to the bathroom and brush her teeth…

Eleonor was in the dining room eating, she was wearing a robe. The table was ready for breakfast… She was reading the paper while drinking her coffee.

Candy arrived, wearing robe also with her laptop.

- Good morning mum, she said sitting down

- Good morning my princess, said Eleonor looking up to see her daughter, how are you?

- I’m fine…

- Your eyes are red

- Really? Said Candy

A maid approached the table.

- I’ll have a grapefruit, please

- All right princess, said the maid.

Her mother looked at her. Candy was typing something on her laptop

- What?! You should get up to date mum, we get all the news on the internet…

- I like my paper, I like the smell of my paper, I like touching my paper, and I’m old fashioned…

- You can have more information on the internet mum

The maid brought her a big grapefruit, the top cut into an opening where there was sugar…

- Grapefruit? Said her mother

- I’m just craving it like crazy, said Candy eating it with appetite using a little spoon

Eleonor was looking at her daughter closely.

- I’d like to take you to the doctor’s

- What for?

- So you can get examined?

- I’m not sick

- You’re stressed

- As a matter of fact… no pressure, I have to take care of the man who saved my life, I’m going to get engaged…

- Candy, calm down. You’ve lost weight

- Mum…

- Even during your arranged marriage, you weren’t that stressed…

- I had Esther… she was the reason I was waking up in the morning

- Exactly, I don’t understand how you agreed to separate from her!

- She’s with Terry… Thinking about them is keeping me sane… otherwise I probably would’ve started drinking

- That’s the only reason?

- I don’t want Esther to find a drunken mum. And I can continue with my career, I better have my mind clear… drugs, it’s crap, it makes you high for a moment then you feel really bad… I never wanted to touch it when I was a teen; I’m not going to do it now that I’m a mum…

- You spent your time partying back then…

- Until I met Terry… He was so frustrating, well thinking, moralist… he caught me smoking and he told me that smokers had bad breath… and they lose their breath faster…

- You must’ve been furious

- That’s the least we could say… one day I arrived in his room drunk…

- What?

- Yes, I climbed the wall to go party, I came back drunk and hurt… I told him I had too much “sex on the beach” and he thought I had too much sex!!!

Eleonor burst out laughing.

- He was so hard on my! He yelled at me… he was frustrating! But because of him, I stopped smoking and drinking, I wanted to be the kind of girl he wanted…

- I’m sure he wasn’t the first one to tell you that… you listened to him…

- I love Terry mum. I love him so much… without Esther it’s so hard…

- I’m happy you stopped drinking, you were still a minor

- I had a fake ID card...

- Candy… well, that’s in the past. I should thank Terry…

- You should mum, without him and Esther, I would’ve gotten myself drunk during my marriage to the prince to forget Terry

- Go get ready, we’re going to the doctor’s

- All right…

They both got out of the dining room to go and get ready. Mother and daughter went to Eleanor’s doctor in a private clinic. They did a general exam on Candy. For the results, she was in DR. Ananias’ office. He was quite handsome.

- I’ve got your results…

- Can I call my mother?

- If you want. You’re an adult…

- I want her to be there, I have no secret for her…

- Very well. Call Miss Baker, he told the nurse.

- Fine doctor.

A few seconds later, Eleonor Baker came into the room and she sat down.

- Is everything all right doctor?

- Well, Princess Candice, you blood pressure is a little high…

- All right, said Candy

There was nothing new there.

- You’ll have to calm yourself down; stress is not good at all. You’re working every night?

- “Romeo and Juliet” is over, said Candy

- That’s good; you should take advantage to rest before going back on stage.

- Why? Asked Eleonor, is something wrong?

- No, everything is fine…

- What’s going on doctor?

- Princess, you’re a little pregnant…, said the doctor

Candy had the impression the room was spinning around her. She stood up and grabbed the chair

- Are you sure doctor?

- Blood test don’t lie, said the doctor

- Oh my God! Again! Said Candy collapsing

- Candy! Said Eleonor running

The doctor carried Candy and put her on the exam table. She came to a little while later…

- Candy? Said her mother, are you all right?

- I’m fine mum.

- You’re pregnant…

- I thought it was a mistake…

- You slept with Marlowe? Said Eleonor outraged

- Mum…

- I thought you loved Terry!

- Mum, can we talk about this at home?

- All right, said Eleonor sulking.

They got out of the office after putting back their hats and sunglasses. They left the clinic. Eleonor had called the driver, who wasn’t there yet.

- I’m going to buy a hot dog, said Candy, do you want one?

- My stomach is in knots

- Very well, said Candy walking to the corner of the street where there was a hot dog stand.

She bought one with mustard and sauerkraut and ate it on the spot. She bought another one and can of orange juice. Then she went back in front of the clinic where the limousine had arrived, he mom was inside. The driver opened the door for her, she got in.

- We do have drinks in here, you know that?

- It’s not what I’m craving for…

The atmosphere was tense during the whole ride. Then they finally got to the apartment, Eleonor couldn’t take it anymore.

- You slept with Marlowe?

- Mum, you think I’m capable of that?

- I didn’t think you could separate from Esther… you’re not in your right mind

- He saved me…

- So you spread your legs for him!

- Mum!

- You did tell me that Terry didn’t want to be with you without being married, right?

Candy understood why her mum was upset.

- Mum, if Marlowe was the father of my baby, you’re still going to love him right?

- Of course I will, it’s your child… so he’s really the father? Since Terry was keeping you for the wedding …

- Mum…

- How could you sleep with him?! They pressured you too! I thought you were stronger than that!

- He saved my life mum…

- So you spread your legs for him?

- Mum, can you stop saying that?

- What?! Esther is not here!

- But I’m here, I’m your daughter, you’re my mother, watch your language!

- All right princess… but you know I’m right, right? They pressured you so that you could sleep with Marlowe

- Mum, I was a virgin before Terry and you know what happened with the prince… I don’t spread my legs under pressure and I can assure you the pressure was big when you’re a teen with biyotch reputation!

- You made everybody believe you were a slut…

- I was trying to get dad’s attention… since he was keeping me for one of his princes; I wanted to be a slut so I wouldn’t be good for his princes…

- You should’ve really have been a slut… maybe it would’ve worked

- I was pretending mum and look at the result… he still managed to sell me!

- Oh Candy! You’re pregnant with Marlowe’s baby now? What are you going to do? Marry him?

- Mum… I’m not pregnant with Marlowe’s baby…

- What? Who’s the father then?

- I had a quickie in my dressing room with an actor…

- Candy!

- I’m kidding mum!

- Who’s the father?

- When I told Terry that I couldn’t be with him because of Marlowe’s accident…

- Oh… what are you going to do?

- I don’t know. For the moment, nothing… I’m going to go see Marlowe as usual…

- Candy…

- Mum, please, without him, I might have been dead and I wouldn’t be carrying this baby…

- You’re not going to be grateful to him for this baby too!

- Yes mum…

- Are you out of your mind?

- Mum please, without Marlowe, I would be dead! You wouldn’t have seen me anymore!

- When you say it like that… without you, I would’ve gone crazy… What do you want to do? You want me to take the fall this time around again?

Candy burst out laughing and she started thinking about the first time…

They were living in the castle the duke had put into Eleonor and Candy’s disposition. Candy was inconsolable. She was barely getting used to the idea not to be with Terry anymore… One day, she woke up and went to brush her teeth, only to throw up some yellow liquid that was bitter… She was surprised. When she arrived in the dining room a short while later… Her mother was drinking her coffee…

- Are you all right my doll?

- No, said Candy sulking, I threw up…

- Threw up?

- Yes…

- Yet you hadn’t had anything to eat and you barely ate last night and you’ve digested it…

- No kidding! My stomach was empty; it was some sort of yellow bitter liquid…

- Yellow and bitter? Are you sure?

- Yes, I still have the taste in my mouth! Can I have a grapefruit please? She asked the maid

- Right away Lady Candy.

Eleonor looked at her.

- Candy, have you had sex with a boy?

- Mum! What kind of question is that?

- Can you answer me please?

- You haven’t heard? I change guys like I change shirts…

- Candy I'm serious!

- But that’s none of your business mum…

- That would be a “yes”

- Mum…

- Was it in Scotland? Because at school you got stopped before it happened, right?

- But why are you thinking about all that?

- You threw up, Candy, you threw up!

- So what?

- Yellow bitter liquid? It’s the bile…

- In English mum…

- You’re pregnant!

- What? No I'm not!

- Candy, you threw up… when was your last period?

Candy’s head was spinning. No, it was not possible! Not now! NO!!! And she fainted! She woke up in her bed and she went to throw up in the bathroom, the yellow bitter liquid once again! She came back to her room and she found her mother.

- Did you call dad?

- No, I wanted to speak to you first.

- Thank you mum… oh my God! This is a disaster!

- No, you don’t have to marry the prince anymore…

- Mum, dad is going to destroy the Andrew family

- You don’t know that…

- Yes, I do. I’m pregnant with Terry’s baby. He’s going to want revenge and destroy the Andrew family…

- The one responsible in ruining his plans for you with the prince…

- I can’t let him discover that…what if he hires a hitman to kill Terry and destroy his family?

- You think he’s got that kind of power?

- I don’t want to risk discovering it, mum

- But you can be with Terry… you love him…

- Exactly, because I love him, I can’t do that to him…mum we can’t let dad discover that I’m going to have a baby…

- You’re not going to get rid of it are you?

- Of course not! I’m already crazy about the little life inside me…

- You reassure me…

- How am I going to hide a baby?

- In your belly, we could manage…

- But after that, how am I going to explain that I have a baby?

- You’ll just have to say it’s mine…

Candy looked at her mother, surprised.

- Mum?

- I’m going to announce to the world that I’m expecting a baby… I’m going to wear a fake pregnancy suit… and when you’ll have the baby, everybody is going to think it’s mine. Your father and your fiancé won’t know any better…

- But my belly, I’m going to gain weigh…

- When you gain weight, we’ll make sure you’re out of sight… I’m going to do a movie with Grace Kelly; I could give you a role…

- Oh mum! Said Candy crying, you’re the best

She ran to jump to her neck.

- I love you my pretty one and I’d do anything for you!

- Even make the world believe you’re going to have a child without a father?

- Nothing out of the ordinary there…

That’s how she had Esther and her mother passed her off as her daughter… and her father never found out and she was able to marry the prince, the way he wanted her to and Terry’s family was spared…

Candy came back to reality.

- With the Susanns glued to me? It won’t work… for the moment my condition won’t be showing before a few weeks… We’ll cross that bridge when we get there…

- All right, I could do it again, pretend to be pregnant at the same time as you…

- And then what?

- Then one of the babies will be stillborn…

- What? There is no way, I’m doing that!

- Candy, the Susanns would want you to get engaged…

- I’m going to go get some rest mum, before I go see Marlowe

- I’m going to call Esther. She must be back now. It was too late to call her last night…

She took the phone and dialed Esther’s cell phone number…


Esther was at Terry’s playing in her room. Her cellphone rang. She recognized the ringing of her mother’s number. Her heart jumped in her chest.

- Mum?

- It’s grandma…

- Grandma!!!!!

- Hello my darling, how are you? Are you happy with Terry?

- Yes, but I miss mummy…

- I know my dolly

Candy didn’t want to break her daughter’s heart by calling her. She would call her when it’s going to be to tell her that she was coming to stay with her and Terry. Esther understood, because if had her mummy on the phone, she was going to ask her when she was coming. She knew her mummy was only going to call if she was coming to join them.

- But I’m happy to speak to you!

Candy looked at her mother talking to Esther with tears in her eyes and she left the room. Eleonor continued talking to Esther.


At the Susanns’, nothing was working out for Marlowe, he was refusing to do his exercises for his muscles and his stump, which meant that all the progress he had made was practically worthless.

- Marlowe, said the physiotherapist, you need your exercises, otherwise you’ll never walk again…

- I don’t care! I want Candy or I’m won’t be doing anything! Get out of here! Leave me alone! I want Candy or I won’t be doing anything! Leave me alone!!!

His parents were looking at the scene sorry. Mrs. Susann called Candy’s cellphone and left another message.

- Candy! Where are you? My son needs you! He doesn’t want to do anything and his recent progress and getting worthless! You have to come and make him change his mind! You hear me? He saved your life!!!

We she hung up, she saw Candy coming into their house.

- You’re finally here! Where the heck were you? My son needs you!

- Well hello to you too, Mrs. Susann, said Candy calmly

She was climbing the stairs to the bedroom. She found him arguing with the physiotherapist… his face lit up when she was Candy coming in.

- Candy! My love! You’re here!

- Marlowe? What are you doing? I thought getting better was part of your priorities…

- But you’re not here! You abandoned me!

- I left with my mother, Marlowe. Stop behaving like a baby!

- Esther is not there, you can stay with me…

- In fact, I’m stressed by staying here with you, you pressuring me too much

- Candy, I saved your life!

- Marlowe, I’m here to take care of you. If you’re over doing it, I’m going to stop coming here…

- You can’t do that

- Yes I can, if you keep pressuring me like that…

- Come on Candy…

- Marlowe, you separated me from my darling little sister… I will never forgive you for that. I miss her so much! Said Candy in tears, so I’m going to live with my mother whether you want it or not!

- Because you miss Esther? Why don’t you ask Terry to bring her back?

- Oh, now you want me to contact Terry? The man I love with all my heart? Because if I do that, I won’t be coming back Marlowe…is that what you want?

- Of course not, you owe me your life! I want to marry you…

- I love Terry Marlowe, and I love Esther, they’re my family

- Candy, you’re with me now

- I don’t need you to remind me that, so now you’re going to do your exercises, mandatory if you want to wear a prosthesis

- All right Candy, said Marlowe obeying

The parents were looking at the scene. Candy was not as compliant, they had to find a way to make her obey them again…


Back in Chicago, Terry and Esther had moved to their new house in the suburbs. The others were also moving, since they were getting married, one by one. There was Ashley and Jones’ wedding, then Eliza and Ryan’s, and finally Allyson and Patrick’s’. Esther was the flower girl for all those weddings. She was ecstatic.

- You were wonderful, said Terry

- When you’re going to marry mummy, ca I be the flower girl too?

- I think your mommy will give you a bigger role…

- Like what?

- Like the matron of honor…

- Really? You think so?

- Yes, I think so

- I hope you and mummy get marry very soon. Grandma called…

Terry looked at her sadly; Candy was avoiding talking to her daughter. It was probably better that way, but it still hurt her. He hugged his daughter.

- She said that mummy was living with her now…

Terry’s heart jumped in his chest. His prayers were heard!

“Thank you Lord!” Said Terry to himself.

There was a light at the end of the tunnel. He was going to continue praying.


The family reunion on Sundays continued. The Great aunt was glad to see her grandnieces who would come with their spouses and her grandnephews who were not married yet. That Sunday, Daniel brought a girl with wavy blond hair with green eyes and freckles on her nose. Everybody was looking at her funny. The girl, named Kelli was wondering why everybody was looking at her like that. Daniel was smiling, all proud. Esther was the one who gave the answer to her question. She approached Kelli.

- Hello, she said.

- Hello, said Kelli smiling, what’s your name?

- My name is Esther.

- You’re beautiful.

- Thank you. You’re beautiful too. You look like my mummy…

- Your mommy? Said Kelli.

- Yes, Princess Candice.

- That’s nice of you to say that. Princess Candice is so much more beautiful than me…

- Can I stay with you?

- Of course…

Esther spent her Sunday with Kelli. Terry could see that she missed Candy. This situation was getting difficult for his daughter. Kelli asked Esther to be her flower girl.

- Yes! Thank you! Can I choose my dress?

- Of course, said Kelli smiling

- Daddy! I’m going to have another white dress!

- That’s wonderful! Said Terry smiling

He looked at Daniel and was wondering what he was thinking. Daniel smiled to Esther. He probably wanted to gain point with Candy, who wasn’t even there…
Daniel’s wedding was a big wedding. His fiancée had the exact replica of Candy’s dress she wore for her marriage with the prince… Esther was ecstatic… she got attached to Kelli because of her resemblance with Candy…

Another page was just turned for Terry’s cousins and friends, everybody had a home and creating a family, yes, except for Terry, his family was incomplete…


"You should be kissed, and often, and by someone who knows how." Rhett Butler, Gone with the wind

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Terry Terry

Chapter 63
“A father has on our wishes all powers…”

Candy continued to go see Marlowe every day. She had stop working at the theatre to Hathaway’s dismay, he was begging her to come back.

- If it’s the money, I can pay you more, princess

- It’s not about the money Mr. Hathaway, I have to rest and spend time with my family

- But Esther is no longer here…

- Exactly! I didn’t know I was going to miss her so much…. I love her so much. Even when I was married to the prince, Esther’s presence was making my life better…

- Princess, you’ve got to get a hold of yourself, looks like you’ve gain some weight. Are you eating because you’re in pain?

- Mr. Hathaway…

- I beg your pardon, it’s none of my business. But I can’t make you change your mind? You still want to go to Hollywood?

- Not at the moment, it’s not like I need the money… I ‘m going to get some rest…

- What about Marlowe?

- I’ve hired people to take care of him…

- The insurance had paid him well after the accident

- I know, but, looks like it’s not enough…

- He wants you, Princess…

- I gave up the man I love and my darling little sister… I can’t do anything more for him… I’m depressed… I miss Terry and Esther…

- You do look less cheerful, than before when they were with you… So you have to do what you have to to be happy and some sacrifices are worth it and others are not.

- Thank you, Mr. Hathaway, said Candy standing up

- No, thank you, your presence made my theatre very successful…

Candy left the theatre, she had her stuff delivered to her mother’s apartment. She was rubbing her belly with her hand.

- Are you ok my angel? Mummy just gave up the theatre, mummy wants to go see daddy and Esther… and mummy had to find a way to get free from Marlowe, who has saved her life… and yours too, without Marlowe, you wouldn’t be here, you wouldn’t exist. I should dump everything, in normal times, I would’ve done that, but apparently I have a bigger heart I didn’t know I had… I can’t dump Marlowe like that, I owe him my life… Oh my God! Help me!

She was crying. She missed Terry and Esther. But she had to get a hold of herself for the new baby…


Esther was waiting for the Sunday reunions impatiently, to see Kelli, Daniel’s wife, who also loved spending time with her.

Everybody was in the family way, the group was hit by a baby boom… Terry was with Esther, dressing her up.

- Daddy?

- Yes my little doll?

- Everybody is going to have a baby… what about us? When is mummy coming so that we could have a little brother or a little sister?

- Honey, you know why she has to take care of Marlowe, right?

- Yes, but until when? I need her and you too!

- Honey, please

Terry saw that Esther was starting to get mad… mad at Candy! My God this situation was getting bad to worse…

“My God, help us, You gave her me back to me with my daughter as a bonus… Please, help me!” Said Terry to himself.

- Esther, listen to me. God is going to help us, it’s going to take the time needed, but he’s going to help us…

- All right, said Esther on the verge of tears.

- We’re going to have our family and a baby too…

- You promise me?

- I promise you…

- All right, Thank you daddy! I hate Marlowe!

- You can’t hate people, Esther. He saved your mommy’s life, without him, mommy wouldn’t be with us anymore.

- But because of him, mummy is not with us!!!!

That’s what’s making this story ironic, they had to thank Marlowe for saving Candy’s life and damn him for taking Candy away from them!

- My dear Esther, you’re going to learn that life is not always fair…

- I already learn it, mummy should be with us and she’s not here

Terry took her softly in his arms.

- Let’s go to the Sunday family reunion! I want to see Kelli…

- You know that she’s not your mummy, right?

- I know daddy, but I still like seeing her. Uncle Daniel loved mummy so much that he married a woman who looked like her! She even had the same wedding dress as mummy!

- As a matter of fact, we can see how obsessed he was with your mummy…

They went to the Sunday family reunion…


The Susanns were investigating Candy and they hit pay dirt… They had found a new way to get Candy to stay with their son.
Candy arrives as usual to take care of Marlowe. She had morning sickness and it was bothering her. He was now walking with a prosthesis.

- That’s wonderful…, said Candy smiling

- Yes, but…

- Marlowe, please. Don’t be difficult

- If I walk, you’ll take less care of me

- You’ve got all these people I hired to take care of you…

- Yes princess… but

- I told you I wasn’t a domestic dive…

- I’d like to hug you and make love to you

- Well, too bad for you, I;m not going to make love to you

- You could at least give me that… I’ve saved your life

- It doesn’t mean that I have to sleep with you…

- Yes it does… I want to make love to you, to make a baby with you…

- You really want to remain linked to me for ever, don’t you?

- I want a baby and the old fashion way, but we could do the in-vitro…

- Marlowe, find yourself a woman to marry

- With one leg?

- Yes…

- I want you.

- My heart is taken…

Marlowe’s parents chose that moment to get into the living room.

- But you married the prince, didn’t you? Said Mr. Susann

- And according to what we’ve found out, you didn’t love him, said Mrs Susann

- Yes, you lied to him from the start…

- Dad, said Marlowe, what are you two talking about?

- Oh, she didn’t tell you? Your beloved married the prince, but she also hid a big secret from him…

- A secret? Said Marlowe

- Yes… she had had a baby…

Candy couldn’t believe her ears.

- A baby? Said Marlowe crushed

- Yes, her little sister is in fact her daughter!!! Said Mr. Susann

- She lied to her prince and the whole world!

- Esther is your daughter???!!! Said Marlowe stunned

- And that’s not all! We’ve discovered that she’s having another baby… another little bastard!

Marlowe turned to Candy.

- Candy? Is that true? You’re pregnant with your doctor’s baby? Now I understand everything! I understand why you gave her Esther! She’s his daughter!!! And you’re going to have another baby with him!!! Say something!

Candy looked at Marlowe and his parents. What a nightmare!

- I don’t know how you’ve discovered all this, but that’s my private life and it’s none of your concern!

- Oh! We can talk to the press and your prince is going to find out you were a little slut… you hid the fact that you had a child… and being with Marlowe, you’re pregnant with another man’s child…

- What’s the catch? Asked Candy

- You come back to live here with Marlowe… you have to marry him…

- I can come back and live with you, only because I don’t want you to hurt the prince with that news which is absolutely none of your business… I don’t want you to ruin my reputation!

- You should’ve kept your legs closed! Said Mrs. Susann

Candy had to restrain herself so she wouldn’t jump on her to strangle her.

- Without the emotional blackmail you’re using on me, I would be married to Terry and we would be having this baby an rejoicing together…

- Candy… I saved your life…, started Marlowe

- You know that Terry didn’t want to touch me during our reunion, he wanted to wait our wedding… but your blackmail changed our plans…

- So you’re going to stay with Marlowe, said Mr. Susann.

- And after the birth of your brat,you’ll give him to his father and you’ll marry Marlowe

- And you’re going to have a baby with me! Said Marlowe.

- Why not keep this one? Said his mother.

- What? Said Candy, no way! I will not give you my baby!

- We can ruin your reputation… and your prince is going to learn the truth…

- Oh for God’s sake! Said Candy in tears, you’re horrible! It’s Terry’s baby… not Marlowe’s

- Come back to live here, said M. Susann.

- All right, said Marlowe who wanted to calm Candy down, we wont take your baby.

- But Marlowe, said his mother.

- She doesn’t need stress, she’s pregnant! Said Marlowe, we’ll talk about it later…

- Do I really have to come and live here? Said Candy, I don’t need all this stress because of the baby…

- We’re going to make sure you have no stress here, aren’t we mom

- Of course, said Mrs. Susann sulking.

- All right, said Candy, at the first sign of stress, I’ll leave and I don’t care about the consequences, I won’t put my baby’s life in danger!


Eleonor was very angry.

- You’re not going back there!

- Mum, I don’t have the choice, I don’t want Andrea to learn that I had Terry’s child, he’s a prince. Thank about his reputation!

- But Candy… there must be another solution…

- No…

- You can’t go back there…

- I have to go back there, mum. I don’t have the choice.

- You worry too much about your prince.

- He didn’t ask to be dragged into my drama… I don’t want him to be the laughing stock of the royal world…

- Didn’t Diana cheat on her prince?”

- I’m not Diana and there is no way I’m going to humiliate my prince like she did hers…

- You didn’t cheat on him…

- I just had a child with the love of my life, while he couldn’t make me one… I can’t do that to him mum…

- All right honey. At the first sign of stress, I’m coming to get you… I’ll go with you.

- Thanks mum.

Eleonor was sulking the whole time she was at the Susann’s. She made sure Candy’s room was out of danger.

- Mum, please, everything is fine, said Candy

- Allow me to call your father…

- I don’t trust him…

- Let me try, you can blow him off if you wish… think about your baby…

- Mum…

- Let me try.

- All right, she said against her will.

- Thanks honey.

She hugged her daughter and she left after coldly saying goodbye to the Susanns.

She got to her place and she got on the phone to call the duke. She had his direct line.

- Richard?

- Eleonor… is everything all right?

- No…

- What’s going on? You know about the time change, right?

- I hope I didn’t interrupt you in the middle of a love scene…

- Eleonor…

- Candy is in trouble?

She told him everything.

- You mean to tell me that Esther is Candy’s daughter???!!! You both lied to me?

- We made sure Candy married the prince like you wanted to… You wanted her to dump everything and run to Terry?

- Of course not…

- She could’ve ruined everything and she chose to obey you… Richard, please… help her…

- I’m going to free myself and come to see her as soon as possible

When the duke of Grandchester arrived at the Susann’s to speak to Candy, he was precede by a whole team of bodyguards, one more bigger than the next one.

Candy and Marlowe were in the living room with Marlowe’s parents. They were surprise and they were wondering what was going on.

- Daddy?! Said Candy surprised.

- Good evening my little princess, said the duke.

Candy didn’t know if it was the fact that she was living at the Marlowe’s,but she was happy to see her father. She stood up and she ran into his arms. He hugged her back. His little girl hadn’t greet her that way for so long… She must be very unhappy in that house.

- How are you princess?

Candy put her hand on her belly.

- I’m fine daddy… let me introduce you to the Susann’s…This is my father.

- Your grace, said the Susanns still a little stunned.

- Good evening, said the duke.

He turned to Candy.

- Can we go and talk somewhere, princess?

- Of course daddy

They got out of the living room and they went in the bedroom Candy occupied.

- This is where you sleep? When I think you left a palace for this…

- Daddy, don’t start. Money doesn’t buy happiness…

- But it can fix a lot of things…

- You’ve become the most powerful man in the business world; are you happy?

- Yes and it’s mostly thanks to you my princess. Thank you…

- I would say “you’re welcome”, but I’m afraid “I deserve it” would be more appropriate, said Candy ironically.

- Your mother told me about Esther… You could’ve told me the truth. I would’ve kept it a secret, since I wanted that wedding at all cost…

- I didn’t trust you for one second dad… You could’ve force me to have an abortion.

- You really take me for a monster, said the duke a little hurt.

- Daddy, you forced me to marry a man I didn’t love…

- What do you want me to do this time?

- Nothing, Marlowe saved my life…

- So you’re having a baby with him?

- No daddy, it’s Terry’s baby…

- Again? You could’ve had one with the prince…

- No, I couldn’t have had, even if I wanted to…

- What do you mean? He couldn’t have any children?

- If it was only that…

- Oh… OH! Said the duke, I’ve heard the rumours, so it was true?

- In the end it allowed me to separate from him without searching for an excuse…

- And now? You want to come with me?

- I’m taking care of him…

- Until when, princess?

- He saved my life…

- And he wants you to marry him? Are you going to do it?

- I love Terry and Esther… but I can’t abandon Marlowe like that

- Princess, tell me the truth… they’re blackmailing you?

Candy told her father the Susann’s last manoeuvres…

- I’m going to make sure they can’t use the information they have…, said the duke

- All right, thank you daddy.

- You can leave…

- No, they might find something else to keep me here… I’ll find a solution…

- Princess… just one word from you…

- No, he saved my life, said Candy, you have to be grateful to them. Without Marlowe, I’d be dead…

- Very well princess. As you wish. You want to come and have dinner with my at your mother’s

- All right, said Candy smiling

They went back to the living room where the Susann family had stayed. The duke walked to Marlowe.

- Young man, you have my eternal gratitude for saving my princess’s life. Take good care of her, otherwise, you’ll have to answer to me. As opposed to what people are saying, I love my daughter very much. She’s loyal to you, I could’ve taken her with me, but she refused. She knows she owes you her life. I’m taking her with me for dinner…

- Can I come? Asked Marlowe with a little voice

- I want to spend some time in private with my daughter and her mother

- We would like to invite you for dinner, your grace…

- Unfortunately, I don’t have the time, I came only to see my princess. But I promise to respond to your invitation in a near future.

Candy looked at her father. She knew it was because of the blackmail the Susanns were doing on her and despite the fact that Marlowe had saved her life, the duke was angry with them for what they were making her do…

- Come on princess, let’s go.

They followed the bodyguards out of the Susann’s residence and they went to Eleonor’s apartment. In the black limousine, Candy took some lemon juice.

- I wish I could’ve seen my granddaughter, said the duke.

- Really?

- Yes, really. Now that I know she’s your daughter and not Eleonor’s… I’ve already gave instruction to have a trust fund open for her and for the new baby too…

Candy looked at him smiling. It was his way to show his love for his grandchildren.

- So I’m going to go to Chicago to go and see her, you want to come with me?

- No…

- Why?

- If I see them, I won’t want to come back here…

- And that will be a good thing.

- Marlowe saved my life daddy.

- Princess… oh well, you do what you want.

He gave her his card.

- One phone call and I’m going to fix everything…

- You’re probably going to live a bodyguard her to look after me…

- What are you talking about? Said the duke faking indignation, you really think I’d do something like that?

- Yes, said Candy.

- Without your permission?

- Yes, said Candy.

- I’m shocked that you think that of me…

- Oh daddy, said Candy, curling up against him

They arrived at Eleonor’s who was smiling.

- So? She asked.

- She’s staying with Marlowe.

- Richard!

- I’m not going to force her Eleonor.

- And why not? You’ve done it before! Said Eleonor disappointed.

- Mum, said Candy, let me do this.

- And what if something happens to you?

- Mum, Marlowe saved my life, he’s not going to hurt me…

- Not intentionally…

- Can we eat? Asked the duke, I’m starving! You’ve order from my regular caterer?

- I don’t know your regular caterer, My cook made the meal

The duke walked to the dining room. Eleonor looked at her daughter.

- Candy?

- He said that if I need any help, to call him. He took measures so that the Susann won’t be able to use the information they have against me… and I won’t tell them anything so that they won’t look for something else to use against me and keep me near their son…

- Well, Richard’s visit was not in vain…

- Mum, you haven’t done anything so that he could come here, right?

- Like what?

- Mum, you know what I’m talking about…

- Candice Eleonor Grandchester! I’m your mother and we’re y our parents!

- All right. I don’t want to think about that anyway, it’s too disgusting!

- And your father is married!

- I get it mum… but you still know where to contact him… one of the most powerful man in the world…

- Because of you! That’s all! You’re our baby!

- Of course mum, said Candy smiling

They arrived in the living room . The duke was waiting to them to sit down…

“How gallant of him!" Said Eleonor in her head .

- Ellie! Said Richard when dinner was served, you had my favourite meal! Thank you sweetie!

Dinner was fine. Candy saw a face of her father she had never seen before, he was very likeable! He got along better with Eleonor now that he knew that Esther was Candy’s daughter…


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Terry Terry

Chapter 64
“My bag”

The Susanns were dumbfunded by Candy and the duke’s departure.

- What a pretentious man! Said Mr. Susann.

- He’s a duke, said his wife, it’s nobility title.

- He’s not a king…

- He’s very powerful, said Marlowe, Candy would’ve left with him for good…

- But we’re blackmailing her, said the mother .

- Mom, Candy is staying with me because I saved her life… she put all these people at my service…

- But she’s not giving herself to you…

- She’s faithful to her love… and now she’s going to have a baby…

- A second baby, she’s not going to let go of her love… unless you manage to convince her to give us her baby… to get her to say it’s yours.

- But it’s not mine! Said Marlowe angry, she’s going to give it to the father…

- You know damn well she’s never going to abandon her baby…

- She abandoned Esther…

- Esther is big, we’re talking about a newborn baby, who will need it’s mommy

- Mom, leave me alone…

Mr. Susann was looking at them shaking his head.

- We forgot a very important element…

- Which one? Asked his wife

- The duke of Granchester…

- You’re right dad, with him, Candy can do whatever she wants

- But she stayed with you, said his mother

- By loyalty only, said Marlowe, mom, dad, leave Candy alone!

- But, if something would happen to her baby, said Mrs. Susann

- Shut up mom!


The duke of Grandchester was in Chicago a few days later, in the suburb where there was beautiful houses where rich families lived. That’s where Whilemina Andrew’s adoptive son lived. He regretted the Monaco castle, one more time… His car stopped in front of Terry’s house and his bodyguards got out of the car.
Terry and Esther had just had dinner. They were cleaning up, Esther wanted to help. She has a little table with plastic chairs, with plates and accessories made in plastic. The took her little chair to step on it so she could reach the sink in the kitchen.

They finished the dishes and they were about to go upstairs, when they heard the doorbell.

- Who could that be? Said Terry.

- Maybe it’s mummy coming back? Said Esther.

Terry’s heart got tight, but he was happy to see that Esther was still waiting for her mommy…

- Wait for me in the living room, I’ll go see who it is…

He walked to the front door and he opened it and he was surprised to find very big men coming into the house, checking up everything, making sure that everything was clear. Then the duke arrived at the door.

- Good evening, Master Andrew?

- Good evening your grace…

- I came to see my granddaughter, Esther

- Come in, please…

- I’m sorry to come unannounced, but for security reasons…

- I understand, said Terry, it cost to be one of the most important man in the world…

The duke looked at him. This young man had never been intimidate by him, even when he was teenager. Now he’s a reputable doctor…

They arrived in the living room where Esther was waiting for them playing with one of her dolls. She stood up.

- Esther? Said the duke

- Your grace? She said

The duke smiled, it was so cute to ear her call him like that, “your grace”…

- Yes, I came to see you…, he said

- Oh yeah! You’re mummy’s daddy… you’re my grandpa!

The duke approached her and took her in his arms and kissed her on the cheek.

- I’m happy you’re my granddaughter.

- I’m happy to have a grandfather. Since daddy is an orphan, he’s got three mummies, but no daddy…

The duke sat down with the little one in his arms… Then she told him how much she missed her mummy and how she wanted to have a family like everybody else with a little brother and a little sister. The duke felt bad for Esther… Candy could’ve taken care of her daughter! Especially since she could have everything she wanted with his daughter pregnant ! But knowing his daughter, she didn’t want to come, otherwise she wouldn’t have been able to go back to her duty… The Susanns didn’t know , they were being watched and if they tried to hurt his daughter, they were going to pay dearly…

The duke watched at Terry gave his daughter her bath and he tucked her in with Terry. Esther was ecstatic; having her mummy’s daddy, gave her the impression that her mummy was a little bit there with them.

Before he left, the duke gave Terry some papers.

- This is a trust fund for Esther… it’s a family tradition, I’m sure you have one too…

- Yes, I understand. Thank you. But I already opened a trust fund for her…

- Plenty is no plague. I’m sure Candy also opened an trust fund for her and Eleonor too…

- Thank you Your Grace

- Don’t lose hope…

- When I think about our first meeting, you wanted me to give up on your daughter.

- I had plans for my daughter.

- Oh yeah, to sell her to prince eurotrash!

- I didn’t sell her… I wanted he to be well in life…

- She would’ve been happy with me, if it was about money, you know my adoptive mother is rich and that I’m a doctor… but you wanted the title, the highest in the nobility…

- You’re the one she wanted from the start. I thought it would pas her, but no, after all these years, you’re still the one she wants… if she hadn’t met you, everything would’ve been perfect…

- With or without me, the prince would’ve still been worthless…

- Yes, I could’ve found her someone else, but after making sure he wasn’t worthless… But there’s you, there’s Esther, and…

He wanted to talk about the baby, but he didn’t say anything. Terry was presumptuous; if he learned that Candy was pregnant… No, he wasn’t going to give him that pleasure… Because of him, he wasn’t able to manipulate Candy…

- And…? Asked Terry.

- And she loves you… I’m going to let her be…

- You’re way too nice, said Terry ironically

The duke looked at Terry and he saw he was wearing a gold chain with a medallion on which were engrave a coat of arm; two swords with a knight mask…

- The chain you have around your neck, where does it come from? He asked

- It was on me when I was found in front of the Pony House, my orphanage…

- You’ve never tried to find out what those coat of arm meant? From which family they’re from?

- Why would I be looking for them? My mother didn’t want me… why would I look for her? She knows where she left me, if she wanted me…

- I understand your anger. But I’m not the one who’s going to tell you the you have to forgive… I’m going to leave, said the duke standing up to walk towards the front door. His bodyguards were preceding him and they made sure everything was fine before walking him to his car.

- Good bye young man, take good care of my granddaughter.

- Good bye Your grace, thank you for coming to see us…

The duke left. Terry look in the folder the duke had given him. There was a trust fund for Esther. He also saw that there was a deposit made on his account of a very large sum of money…

- How did he get my banking information? I don’t even want to know, said Terry out loud.

There was a note saying that it was no use trying, the deposit was permanent, even if he changed bank account. Terry burst out laughing. He had given up arguing with the riches… There were nice little old ladies at the hospital giving him large amount of money to thank him, for a thing or another and he had learned just to say “thank you” instead of arguing. He put his hand on his medallion. He hadn’t worn that for years and he didn’t know why he put it on today. It was the only thing he had left from his mother. Maybe because Esther didn’t have her mommy and he was also thinking about his mommy who had abandoned him… the duke had just brought up a subject he had never thought about; what did those coat of arm mean on his medallion? Should he do some research? He wasn;’t really interested, for the moment he was only thinking about Candy and he was wondering how long he was going to be able to take their separation… He needed his family to be complete…


The duke who had observed Terry’s medallion with attention, started searching the internet. He had a laptop he used in his limousine… he had some powerful software which allowed to have information usually unaccessible to a normal computer. What he found out was very interesting… he needed proof of what he discovered…


Terry was at the hospital a few days later doing his round in the paediatric section. There was a little boy who had fallen from a tree and who had broke his leg. He was lying on the bed.

- Hello there! Said Terry smiling, what’s going on?

- I hurt my leg, he said.

Terry took his chart…

- Ethan…

- Yes…

- You’re alone?

- No, with my sister…

- Where is she?

- She went to get me something to drink… will I have a cast?

- According to your x-ray, yes, you’ll need a cast for 6 weeks at least…

- 6 weeks! He said sulking, I won’t be able to do any sport!

- Ethan, stop arguing… if you had paid attention…, said a woman’s voice arriving

Terry turned around…

- Nina?

- Terry? She said smiling

She jumped to her neck and he hugged her back, then he let go of her.

- What are you doing here? Asked Terry.

- I’m on vacation! Said Nina, with my little brother.

- Hey! What’s with the Australian accent? You forgot where you came from?

- It’s just a force of habit.

- Are you married?

- No, but I’m getting married soon… what about you?

- I have a daughter…

- Oh.

- You want to have dinner with me tonight, so you’ll meet Esther?

- All right, said Nina smiling.

- Who is it Nina? Asked Ethan, your ex boyfriend?

- Yes, said Nina, that’s Terry… I told you about him

- That’s the famous Terry? A doctor? Great! Too bad you’re engaged…

- Ethan! Said Nina laughing

Ethan got of the hospital just in time for going with Nina at Terry’s for dinner. He was on crutches…

Esther was happy to have some guests for dinner. The housekeeper was with her in the kitchen. As soon a she heard the doorbell, she ran to the door where her father was already standing. He opened the door to Nina and he smiled.

- Good evening! Said Terry, Ethan, are you handling the crutches?

- I’m getting used to it…

- Let me introduce you to Esther, said Terry.

- Good evening, said Esther smiling.

- Come in please, said Terry smiling.

- Thank you said Nina.

Dinner went on fine, Esther couldn’t stop talking about her mummy, princess Candice.

- Princess Candice is you mummy? Said Ethan, wow! She very beautiful your mummy

- I know, said Esther, she’s the most beautiful woman in the world!

Nina had noticed that Esther kept talking about her mommy so that she wouldn’t get any ideas on Terry. She smiled, the little one was keeping an eye on her mummy’s territory… a smart little girl, that little Esther. Nina also knew that Terry was the faithful kind. When they were going out, she knew he felt attracted to Antonia, but he didn’t do anything, as long as it wasn’t over with her… He was the kind of men she wanted to marry. She still loved him, but it was over between them for years now. She thought she would love another, but it wasn’t the same thing. Her fiancé loved her and she loved him too… She had continued living without Terry… She knew his adoptive family had given her father a job in Australia so that Terry would be free for Antonia… Her parents have a good life now and her too, all it cost her was Terry…

The others came to say hello to Nina and her brother and everybody spent a nice evening together. Jones took Terry aside and said:

- So, you’re not tempted to get back together with Nina?

- Not even for a second…

- Even if you were tempted, you’ve got your “bag” to bring you back to reason

- My what?

- Your “bag”…

- Esther? Said Terry smiling, she’s my angel… I have to say that I understand how Candy got through her marriage with her prince eurotrash…

They burst out laughing warm heartily. Nina was talking to the girls, she was telling them about her life in Australia.

- You know that your father got that promotion in Australia so that Terry would be free for Antonia, right? Said Ashley

- She must’ve been the favourite for your family to do something so generous for my family…

- Generous? Said Eliza

- Yes, now I’m rich, maybe not as rich as you guys, but in Australia, it was private school and all that…

- All it cost you is Terry! Said Ashley ironically.

Nina looked at Ashley sadly. Would she rather have Terry than be rich? The answer was… yes.
They spent a good evening together talking about the past…


Meanwhile in London, the Duke of Grandchester was giving a reception at his castle. The whole upper class of London was there, with some royal family members. There was also an old duke, an old friend he saw very rarely.

- Henry! What a nice surprise

- Richard!

- Thank you for coming…how’s your family?

- My wife is somewhere talking to the royal family members

- And your son?

- My heir you mean? I don’t know if he’s going to come…

- Is he married?

- No, he’s refusing all the women I choose for him

- He must be in love with another woman or he doesn’t like women…

- How did you do to convince your daughter to marry her prince?

- Because you think I forced her?

- I know that you would’ve done anything to become all powerful…even sacrifice your daughter

- “Sacrifice” is a very big word… she became a princess

- Maybe I should ask you for the hand of your daughter for my son…

- Sorry my friend, I’m letting her live her life like she wants now…

- That’s pitty, uniting our two families would’ve been beneficial…

The duke smiled. Ever since Candy’s marriage was over, a lot of people wanted her hand in marriage, for themselves or their son… But Candy had fulfilled her mission and he was going to leave his princess alone.

- It’s a pity indeed…, said the duke.


Henry T. Cumberland the second, was in his library writing something on his computer. He stopped, because his heart was not in it. He was thinking about his teen years, it was really the only time in hi s live where he was truly happy, when he was with her… She was part of the help in his father’s castle. She had big plans, she wanted to become a doctor and save the world….and he was going to help her accomplish her dream, because he was rich, but he knew that it was their own little bubble, that in real life, his father was never let something like that happen… For that, he had to believe in fairy tales… And he believed in it for a moment, how did he called her again? Oh yeah, “Cinderella”… and he was the prince of course, the boss’s son… She had stolen his heart… They would see each other in a cava, far from the eyes of the world, still on his father overly huge property. It was the perfect hiding place.

He remembered their first meeting alone, it was by chance. She was in the library reading a medical book. She was startle when he caught her.

- Master Henry, she said smiling

- What are you doing?

- I…I was just looking at the encyclopedia , sir. I finished my shift. I’m going to go…

- Wait! I didn’t mean to chase you away… what book were you looking at?

- A medical book, Grey’s Anatomy…

- You’re studying to be a doctor?

- No, but I’m going to do it, as soon as I have the money… I’m saving up to pay for school

- Have you tried the grants and government loans?

- I’ve tried everything I know, and I’ve applied for everything

- I wish you good luck then…

- Thank you…and what are you studying, now that you finished college?

- How do you know?

- Every body is talking about you in the staff room, I hope I don’t bother you…

- Of course not… that normal right for me to be the subject of the help’s gossip in the castle…

- Aren’t you the modest one!

Then she put her hand on her mouth, outraged by her audacity.

- I beg your pardon Master, she said looking down

Henry Junior burst out laughing.

- What is your name?

- Melissandre, Master. They call me Lissa…

- Melissandre… I like it, he said, I’d l like to study Economy in Oxford…

- You are very lucky! Oxford and you have no money worries to pay for it! Economy… it was part of my choices…

They started talking about the university and different subjects.

- Oh my God! I really have to go, or I’m going to get yelled at!

- I hope to see you again to talk…

- It wouldn’t be appropriate Master, she said leaving.

After that, she did everything to avoid him. He would be looking at her from afar. And one day, he was in his room, he had seen her go towards the little wood on their property and he followed her in hiding…he saw her arguing with a young man…

- You don’t need to work, I can take care of you…

- I want to become a doctor.

- You’re dreaming in colour Lissa… that kind of thing doesn’t happen to people like us…

- Well, things will have to change… and I’m making the sermon to become a doctor!

- Stop dreaming! Marry me!

- No! I want to go to school…

- You know where to find me when you come back on earth…

- What? That’s all? It’s over?

- You know where to find me Lissa! He repeated leaving

She looked at him leave sadly.

- Are you all right?

The deep voice of the young Master startled her, once again.

- Master! What are you doing here?

- I was just walking around, I saw you from afar…

- You heard everything?

- It wasn’t intentional…

- You think that I was unreasonable? That I’m wrong to dream?

- I think you’re right to have a goal in your life…

- I won’t be a maid in the castle forever, or a homemaker who is waiting for her husband to bring back the bacon… I want to be a doctor…

- You like dreaming in colour, Cinderella…

- I’d need a fairy godmother…

She had started walking, he had followed her and they ended up in a cave… and they the next day, they started meeting there, and again, and again, it became their meeting place. When he left for Oxford, he would come back every weekend exclusively to see her… his dear Cinderella.

Everything was fine, until the day they were discovered and it was the stampede… The duke was furious and brought a doctor to examine the maid… the verdict fell, the maid was pregnant!

- This is inadmissible! Said the duke, she has to get rid of it!

- Father no! Said his son, I love her! She’s going to have my baby, I want to marry her…

- There is no way you’re marrying a maid!

- She’s going to have my baby, your grandchild…

- I have other plans for you, unfortunately, it doesn’t include sleeping with the maid!!!! Let alone making a baby with her!!!

- I’ll take care of it, said the mother, everything is going to be fine

- No! Leave her alone! Lissa!!!

Lissa was taken by the duchess and they left together. He never saw Lissa again.

He blamed himself really badly. All her dreams, he had ruined them… Pregnant and they were going to force her to have an abortion!!! That’s horrible! His father had brought a lot of young riche girls from good families but he never chosen any of them. He was angry against his father for what he had done to Lissa. She had disappeared from the surface of the earth. Whatever happened to her?


Terry was participating to a medical conference in Berlin, in Germany. He had brought his little Esther with him, his “bag” like Jones called her. There was also the nanny to stay with Esther while he was at the conference. He didn’t want to leave her in the United States, she already missed her mummy. Most doctors were staying in the same hotel. They would find themselves in the same restaurant.

There was a table full of women doctors, even if they didn’t like being labelled that way in this world full of men. Terry liked being with the women doctors, especially with Esther. He went to sit a their table with Esther and her nanny.

- Hello you! Said a doctor with blond hair, what’s your name?

- My name is Esther, she said smiling

- Hello Esther, my name is Michelle…

- You’re a doctor too, like my daddy?

- Yes, said Michelle, and you want to become a doctor too, like your daddy?

- No, I want to be a princess like my mummy

- And do princesses do? Said another woman doctor

- They go see the orphans and bring them clothes and toys, they go see sick children at the hospital…

- You know a lot of things for your age…

- I’m a big girl! I’m 4 years old!

- Oh the big lady! Said Michelle smiling.

Terry burst out laughing with the others. After dinner, Terry stood up to go back to his room with Esther and the nanny.

- You’re not staying Terry? Asked Michelle

- I’m going to go tuck my little princess in… We’ll see each other at the conference tomorrow Michelle.

- All right, said Michelle, see you tomorrow then.

Terry took his “bag” in his arms and walked towards the elevators followed by the nanny. They met a woman talking to a few men. His eyes met the woman’s and something strange happened he couldn’t explain. They continued walking and they got in the elevator and they went back to their room…


"You should be kissed, and often, and by someone who knows how." Rhett Butler, Gone with the wind

Countdown until the birth of my grandbaby!

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Terry Terry

Chapter 65
“Hope makes you live”

They say when you meet an angel, you have no idea of their identity, you feel good in their presence and they live, they give us their blessing. When you meet the love of your life, or if you meet someone special, you know it at first sight; you feel it in your heart and in your body. With just one look…

Sandra Wainwright was sitting at the restaurant with her colleagues and she couldn’t stop thinking about the young man she met coming out of the elevator a few moments ago, had troubled her a lot, she didn’t know why… She was talking to her friends, but she couldn’t stop thinking about that young man… he was carrying a little girl in his arms… what a beautiful sight… a family, she missed that. She had a family of course, but she wanted her own children… But that dream… has passed… It was too late…

“It’s never too late in life, they say, as long as we’re alive”


Terry was with Esther and the nanny who was getting her ready for bed. Terry went to her room to read her stories of the bible. There was among the present the duke had brought her, a book of illustrated bible stories for children. Terry knew that Candy had sent that for Esther…

- What story do you want?

- The story of Noah!

- All right, said Terry smiling, a very long time ago on earth, people were very mean…

Esther fell asleep almost immediately. He will finish the story the next day. He want to his room to change and he thought about that woman he had seen, she wasn;t alone, but he didn’t remember the others. Why was he trouble by her like that? He love Candy,b ut he didn’t know why this woman marked him like that.

“What is going on? Why am I thinking about that woman like that?”

The attraction wasn’t sexual, at least he thought so, because he loved only one woman and it was Candy… So he started thinking about Candy. He prayed and went to bed. There was a conference the next day… he dreamt about Candy, whom he missed a lot.

“How are you my princess? When are you coming back to us? I love you, I need you, Esther needs you…”

The next morning, he woke up because Esther had come in his room to get snuggled.

- Are you ok, my darling?

- I miss mummy, daddy…

- I miss her too…

- Are you still going to get married with her?

- Yes, my darling…

- You’re not going to change your mind?

- No…

- All right…

- I have to get up to go to the conference…

- All right, I’m going to see nanny so she can get me ready…

They both got out of bed to get ready. Then they went downstairs to the restaurant to have breakfast. There were adults everywhere. Terry was the only one who came with his darling little girl. The others were looking at them curiously. He had a nanny, so why did he bring his little girl and his wife, because they looked like a little family.

The doctors at Sandra Wainwright table that morning were talking about Terry.

- Look at that young doctor, traveling with his wife and kid, he couldn’t have left then home? Said one of the men

- Maybe he loves being with his family, said a woman

Sandra looked at whom they were talking about and she saw the young man from the day before… he had a wife and a little girl? She had crossed his eyes the day before and she hadn’t seen the wife and the daughter. Curiously, she was not jealous, which surprised her since she thought about him so much… She admired him even more, he was a family man, he looked so loving with his little girl. He must love her a lot.

- Well, I wish I had my family here, said Sandra, if I had one

- Yes, Sandra, it’s time for you to get married and have children…

- I still have time…

- Your biological clock is ticking…

- Enough, said Sandra, we’re going to be late, the conference is going to start

They all stood up to go the conference room.

Terry had finished eating.

- Ihave to go my princess

- All right daddy, when you’re done, can we go to orphanage like in the Pony Home?

- You miss the Pony Home, don’t you?

- Yes, but I’m happy to be here with you…

- Me too princess… Nanny and you could go look for orphanage in the area on the internet and when I’m done, we could go see them.

- Thank you daddy…

He hugged her and he went to the conference rooms.


Henry T. Cumberland was at his manor, discussing with his parents. It was always the same discussion.

- Come on henry, you have to get married and have children so you can inherit my title when the time comes…

- Father, I don’t want to marry the women you’re introducing me to

- You have to chose one, because I don’t trust your taste…

- You don’t trust my taste? Because I fell in love of a young woman who uses work to earn a living? That’s more than the flaky women you’re chosing for me, all they can think about is going to receptions! I would’ve had a family without your intervention…

The mother decided to intervene…

- That’s enough both of you! You’ve been having the same argument for 2o years now and it hasn’t solved anything! Henry, what do you want?

- I want him to give me my family back or he can just leave me alone…

- Your family? Said his father, that’s impossible

- As a matter of fact! You got rid of my child!!! So let me live my life…

- Honey, said his mother, you’d forgive us if we give you your family back?

- That’s impossible…

- Maybe not…

- Mother?

Her husband looked at her. She went to sit on the couch of the living room where they were. The two men followed her and sat down as well…

- You know that you beloved became a doctor, right?

- Yes…,she’s always travelling… according to the articles I read about her…

- Why haven’t you contacted her?

- To tell her what? That you’ve killed our child?

- Siobhan don’t encourage him, please, said her husband

- I looked at the both of you argue for 20 years and you’re still on the same spot. It’s time for me to intervene! Henry, if I could give you your family back… you’ll agree to become the heir?

- What do you mean by “give me my family back?”

- Well, I was in charge of getting rid of lissa and her child…

- God all Mighty Siobhan, what have you done? Said her husband, you didn’t get rid of the child?

- Yes, but not in the senses you think… I couldn’t do that to that poor child…

- What have you done???!!! Asked her husband

- I took the baby after his birth and…

- You let her keep the baby?

- I couldn’t kill it? He was a little angel, so beautiful…

- Oh my God! What have you done???!!! Asked her husband

- It was a boy? Said Henry moved

- Yes, and he was so beautiful…

- What have you done with him? asked her husband again

- I made arrangements for the child to leave England…

- Where is my son?!

- Somewhere in America, I don’t know…

- Do you know how many people live in America? Said her son

- I didn’t want to kill him, like your father wanted…

- I wanted you to make her have an abortion! Not kill a newborn!

- Same difference! You wanted to kill the little angel…

- Siobhan, that changes everything… the baby is alive! We have to find him! Do you know how?

- I put a gold chain and a medallion with our coat of arms and I made him a little car with the name “Terry” on it…

- For “Terrence”? Asked her son

- Yes, your middle name

- Oh my God! I have a son! I have a son! my little boy!

- He’s a man now…

- Do you know where he is?

- No, in fact, I don’t know where he is, she said

- What? You’ve told us all that and you don’t know where he is?

- I didn’t want your father to know about it, so everything happened very fast… I took Lissa’s child, who begged me no to do it…

- You are very cruel, mother, but giving the orders my father had given you, to make her have an abortion… I suppose that I should be grateful to you for not have killed my son…

- Go find the woman you love and go look for your son…

- It’s a way of giving me back my family…

- The impossible, said his father

- You’re going to let him mary the woman he loves and make a family…, said his mother

- Ok, whatever… You’ve given him the impossible, because you disobeyed me…

- I wasn’t going to commit a murder by killing my own grandson! You should thank me, I saved your relationship with your son!

- Leave mother alone, father, she’s right, she gave me my family back and it’s the only reason I’m still speaking to you… I’m going to go get Lissa… mother…

He turned to her.

- Would you by any chance happen to know where she lives?

- What’s making you say that?

- She’s the mother of your grandson, I’m sure you were keeping tabs on her…

Her husband looked at her too.

- Why yes, I was taking news from time to time…

- Can you find out where she is, please? Since your detective knows where she is…

- All right Henry, I’m going to call you as soon as I get the information

Henry looked at his parents go. There was some light at the end of the tunnel after all these yeard?

When his mother called him with Lissa’s information, he called her as soon as he hung up withhis mother… to learn that she was abroad…


During the conference, Terry was sitting near a group of women when they made a funny joke on a colleague’s speech, who was opening the conference that day, he saw that the woman from the day before, the one he had met when he was going to his room. He smiled at her, to make her understand he agreed with her. He felt a connection to her, he didn’t know how to explain what was going on with him. She was young and very beautiful… He thought about Candy. It wasn’t the same kind of feelings he had for Candy, it was unique…

During the break, they were having refreshment and a snack and talking about different methods to operate and to diagnosticate a patient. The woman had travelled worldwide, she had work for “Doctors without borders”.

- Where are my manners, my name is Sandra Wainwright, she said giving him her hand.

- Pleased to meet you. Terrence Andrew…, he replied shaking his hand

- Pleased to meet you… Terrence, she said smiling.

- You look like you don’t want to stay put…

- I’m taking care of my family, I reached my goal by becoming a doctor…

- So why don’t you stay near your family?

- When I finished school, I was hired in a hospital, and sometimes I worked in the emergency room… as patients, I had, drunk teenagers, on drugs, with overdose…I felt like I was wasting my time…

- What do you mean?

- To see there people from rich countries spending their time wasting their lives… I had the impression I wasn’t doing anything good to help them… I had the impression I wasn’t making any difference… they were spoiled rich kids… who were not listening to our advice… so I chose to go to third world countries where a doctor can really make a difference between life and death… and you can see how grateful they are in their eyes and their voices… it’s such a good feeling…

- I understand… But I have a family

- Yes, I saw you with your wife and your daughter at the restaurant…

Terry smiled.

- That’s not my wife, that’s the nanny….

- Oh I’m sorry…

- It’s ok, but the little girl is my daughter and I don’t want leave her to go to third world countries…

- She’s very beautiful

- Thank you…

- I understand. I don’t have my own family, I’m not married…

- You don’t have any children?

- I’m not married…

- You know that you don’t need to be married to have a baby… even the kings and queens in the old days, had lots of kids with their mistresses and lovers… which they hid from the world.

- Of course, I also know there were lots of incest cases back in those days and since nothing was registered, like today

- What a depressing subject… we were talking about your family

- If I find my soul mate one day… But I’d have to give me my travelling around the world… because going away for months and leaving your husband behind…

- You could start a family and have children…

She thought about something for a moment.

- Yeah, we’ll see one day…

- You’re still young…

The break was over, they went back to their place and the conference continued.

At the end of the day, everybody was talking to everybody. Young women doctors were smiling at Terry… but he pretended like he didn’t notice.

- Come on Terry, we’re free in the evening…

- I’m not, I have my little girl…

- But you said that the young woman is her nanny, so you can come to my room, said one

- No, I have to read a story to my little girl and she doesn’t fall asleep if I’m not there, said Terry smiling

- Ladies, said Sandra, that would be a “no”, he’s not interested!

- Of course, you’ve got all his attention…, said one dryly and leaving.

The others followed her seeing that they would get nowhere with Terry, they went to look elsewhere…

- I’m sorry, said Sandra, I didn’t want to ruin your plans

- It’s ok, I wanted to spend the evening with my little princess anyway

- I’d like to meet her…

- Of course. She talks a lot, let me warn you…

Some older doctors approached them.

- Sandra, you’re robbing the cradle now?

- That’s none of your business, said Sandra walking away with Terry.

Terry smiled. Everybody thought they were sleeping together. Everybody was thinking wrong! He looked at Sandra and smiled at her, They got to Terry’s suite. Esther ran to greet her daddy.

- DADDY!!!

- Hi my darling!

- Are you all right?

- Yes, I’m fine… I’m not alone, let me introduce you to Sandra, she’s a doctor… Sandra, this is my little princess, Esther.

- Hi Sandra

- Hi Esther…, how are you?

- I’m fine not that daddy is here! Daddy we found the orphanage addresses… we can go visit them…

- Did you buy toys?

- And clothes, we asked how many children there were…

- Very good princess, get ready, and let’s go.

He put her on the floor. Esther left with her nanny…

- Orphanages? Said Sandra, she’s a real princess! Princess Diana got nothing on her!

Terry smiled. His little Esther was so generous! She came back and they went to visit orphanages, all four of them… Sandra spent some good time with Terry and Esther. The nanny was always discreet, you barely noticed her. Esther spent her time talking about her mummy as usual, but she was nice with Sandra, which surprised Terry a little, because she usually was dry with women around him. But she let Sandra carry her and talk to her.

They were eating at the hotel’s restaurant when Sandra’s cellphone rang.

- Excuse me, she told the others, Hello?

- Sandra? Said her assistant’s voice

- Kate? Is there a problem?

- No, I have a message for you…

- It couldn’t wait until I got back?

- No… someone called you…

- It could’ve waited…

- Maybe he’s going to finance you African clinic. You have to call him back…

- What’s his name?

- Henry Cumberland Junior…

Sandra was speechless…

- Sandra? Are you still there? Do you want his number?

- No, it can wait until I come back, bye Kate.

- But…

Sandra closed her cellphone. Terry looked at her.

- Is everything fine?

- Yes, I’m trying to raise funds to build a clinic in Africa… my assistant thought she had found our Moses…

- A clinic in Africa? Where?
- Where they need it the most… inside the country, far away from big cities

- Tell me about your clinic

- All right, but I didn’t approached you for that…

- Why did you then?

- Because you were likeable and I liked you…

- Well, I’m looking for something to do with my money, said Terry smiling, if your clinic is going to help a lot of people, then…

Sandra looked at him.

- You’re one of those rich kids who is not spoiled-rotten! She said smiling

Terry smiled.

- But , I can’t accept your money…

- Why not?

- Because I’m raising funds for that…

- Count me among the donator, said Terry

- I like you Sandra, said Esther

- Really?

- Yes. You talk like my mummy…

- The British accent? Said Terry and you don’t like me because I don’t have the British accent?

- Oh daddy! I love you a lot, you ,know that! Even if you talk like Americans!
Everybody burst out laughing at the table.

- Esther likes you, so I trust you! Said Terry smiling, my little angel is never wrong…

Sandra smiled.

The nanny had met a young doctor who invited her to spend the evening with him. So she left the table.

- Your nanny is not causing you any trouble…

- She knows what to expect, said Terry

- I knew some who would take advantage of the situation…

- Maybe when I was a teenager, but not anymore…

At the end of the meal, they went to the suite together to put Esther to bed. Sandra read the story of Jonas for Esther who wanted to hear the British accent…

- He stayed in the fish belly for 3 days? Said Esther

- Like Pinocchio, said Sandra

- Pinocchio is a made up story, Jonas is real! It’s in the Bible! Said Esther smiling.

For the rest of the conference, Terry and Sandra were inseparable. Everybody thought theywere lovers, but they were just good friends. Esther was also happy to hear a lady with a British accent like her mummy. Terry, looked at her smiling, Esther was always looking for something of her mother everywhere…

Terry and Sandra separated at the airport in Berlin.

- We stay in touch? Said Terry

- Yes, but I still don’t need your money…

- You never have too much money, said Terry who felt like hearing the duke

She hugged him hard with lots of love. Terry hugged her back. She carried Esther and hugged her too.

- Good bye Esther.

- Good bye Sandra, said Esther a little sadly

- Be good honey…

Esther was crying. Sandra had tears in her eyes when she got in the place. Esther was still sad, she was thinking about her mummy. Terry didn’t like seeing his little girl sad, he prayed for Candy to come back to him. He hugged his little girl, they got in the place with the nanny and they went back to Chicago.


Sandra , on the plane was thinking about Terry and Esther, she missed them already! She didn’t know how she got attached to Terry and Esther so fast. And Kate’s message about Henry looking for her… What the heck was going on for Henry to look for her like that after all these years? Her meeting with Terry and Esther had made her very happy. Henry wanted to finance her clinic, filled her with joy and was allowing her to dream… Two big joy in her life, that had given her some hope in her life, which aside from work, was pretty empty. She took her laptop to communicate with Terry and Esther.



"You should be kissed, and often, and by someone who knows how." Rhett Butler, Gone with the wind

Countdown until the birth of my grandbaby!

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