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> Terry Terry, I will never forget you, My sleeping fic awaken...Rated M for mature
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Terry Terry

Chapter 73
“Forgiving time”

Candy got out of the hospital the next day like planed. She was glad to be back home with Esther and Terry. They were living in the New York appartment with her mother. They would spend the days with Terry’s parents. The duke had gone back to England, because he had business to deal with.

Candy was discussing with her mother about the project with Hathaway for them to do Hamlet together. There were a lot of coming and going in Eleonor’s apartment and Terry didn’t care about it, except one time it was a group of men dressed in black came to see Candy and they discussed for a long time. When they left, Terry went to see her.

- Are you all right princess? He asked seeing her sitting in the living room

- I’m fine…

- You were able to make a deal with the… men in black?

- Men in black? Oh… no

- Why?

- The conditions were too hard.

- Too hard? They wanted your signature in blood or something? He joked

Candy didn’t reply. He looked at her.

- You’re kidding right?

- No… I won’t sacrifice my time far away from you and my family.

- Just because of that?

- That’s not important enough? Don’t you travel with Esther in your medical conferences?

- Yes, but she was little, and she still is

- And your conferences were for a few days. Shooting a movie takes months…

- Those conditions seemed harder than usual

He knew her too well. She looked at him smiling.

- Honey, all you need to know is that I said no to their offer. My priority for the moment is baby Billy…

- All right. You promise to talk to me before you sign a pact with the devil.

- You want Esther to have my head? Said Candy laughing

- Without us, would you have done it?

- I agreed to the deal with my father, to marry the prince and save your mother’s company and stay with Marlowe because he saved my life, I think I’ve sacrificed myself enough for a life time! I don’t need money or glory, I only need you and our children.

- You’re ready to come to Chicago with us…

- And be a domestic diva? I don’t know if I can do that…

- I have housekeeper and a maid and even a nanny for Esther, princess. My house is not a castle, that’s all. But if you want, I think that my family can give us a castle, I can talk to my mother…

- Oh Terry! Said Candy laughing, if you told me we were going to live in a cabin in the woods, with not electiricty and running water and I would follow you…

- Without protesting?

- I’ll be protesting from dusk til’ dawn of course, she admitted, but I would follow you…

They burst out laughing heartily. He liked her honesty.

The papers talked about Candy’s hospitalization and her wedding to Terry. They also talked about the fact that they were going to renew their vows after the birth of the baby. They talked about Terry’s newly found family.

Candy didn’t press charges against Marlowe’s mom. With a good lawyer, she was able no avoid prison and do community service. Marlowe was grateful. All those articles allowed Marlowe to become popular. He was first hired as a special guest star on a popular television show and another and finally he was going to be shooting a movie.


Prince Andrea had read the article on Candy, because he wanted to know what his ex-wife was up to. For the Marlowe problem, he didn’t want to meddle because he told himself she knew what she was doing. But this time around… He took the plane and went to New York to see her… He called Candy one he was in the royal suite at the Waldorf-Astoria.

Candy was resting in the afternoon when she got the phone call from the prince.

- Hello Andrea…

- Hello Candy, can I see you?

- Where are you?

- I’m in New York…

- Oh… you saw the articles on Terry and I…

- In an hour? I’m waiting for you.

The prince, used to giving orders, was expecting everybody to be at his beck and call. Candy had a sigh. She owed him that much… It was the moment of truth.

- All right, give me your room number.

- I’m in the royal suite.

- Of course, said Candy, see you later.

Terry who had just arrived in the living room, was looking at her.

- What’s going on?

- Andrea wants to see me…

- Prince euro trash?

- He saw the articles on our wedding…

- You want me to come with me?

- Yes, I’d like that. Would you be able to keep your calm?

- Don’t worry about that. What about you?

- What about me?

- You’re going to tell him the truth?

- The truth?

- That Esther is your daughter and that your mother never had an affair with me, but it was you?

- Terry? You want me to tell him the truth, really?

- Yes, really… and…

- And…? What else?

- You have to forgive him…

- Forgive him?

- Yes…

- But I’m not angry with him…

- Really? Your father forced you to marry him for his own interest…

- I know…

- You’re really not a little angry with him?

Candy thought about it for a moment.

- A little bit, but it wasn’t his fault

- I know, he was part of your father’s pawns… you have to forgive him and ask him to forgive you.

- Ask him to forgive me?

- For have been angry at him, for lying to him about Esther…

- You’re talking seriously?

She was looking at him, he wasn’t joking at all.

- I forgave you, he said softly, I’m not angry with you anymore. I know it wasn’t your fault. But on your wedding day, I didn’t sleep all night, you were my wife and you were marrying another man, a prince! And the fact that everybody felt sorry for me, aside from Daniel, was making me even more angry! Life went on, I was dating girls, whom thought I was more attractive when they learned that I dated a girl who married a prince… B ut I wasn’t happy Candy, I was bitter… Learning that your marriage was over made me crazed of joy, I said to myself that we might have a little hope…I met Esther, a real ray of sunshine that little angel… When Mommy Pony and Mommy Maria were saying that she might be my daughter… I was refusing to see it, I was refusing to believe that you had the opportunity to stop everything and you didn’t do it and you married your prince… I didn’t know that you were sacrificing yourself to save my mother’s company… You asked me to forgive you when you were still married to your prince and I couldn’t reply to you… I could’ve, maybe I should’ve, but it wasn’t appropriate… But I forgave you when we got back together for everything and I’m asking you to forgive me for being angry with you, my love…And forgive me for all the girls I’ve kissed…

- You were free my darling…

- But I was doing it because I was angry with you… You were my wife in my heart…

- Oh Terry… I forgive you and I understand better when you mean by forgiveness…

- I’m going to tell the nanny to get Esther ready. He probably would like to see her again…

- All right, I’m going to get ready too.

In the end, Eleonor went with them too, because she was part of the cover up. Esther was curiosly happy she was going to see the prince again, he liked him. They arrive at the royal suite at the Waldolf. A man opened the door to let them in. The suite was very big and luxurious. Terry was carrying Esther and he put her on the floor.

- Andrea? She said running to him.

He had stood up and crouched to greet the little one in his arms.

- Oh my little Esther! I’m so happy to see you!

- Me too! How are you?

- I’m fine. What about you?

- I’m fine too! I live with mummy and daddy and we’re going to leave for Chicago and wait for Billy to come and then, mummy and daddy are going to get married again so that I’m there!

Esther, the little talker. Candy was happy that Terry had convinced her to reveal the truth to Andrea. They arrived in the living room and they greeted the prince with his assistant.

- Please have a seat, he told them…

- Thank you, said Candy

He turned to Esther.

- You want to go with Laurence in the bedroom? She has a lot of pictures and coloring pencils for you…

- Images from the Bible?

- Yes, I know how much you like the Bible, said the prince

- Can I mummy, daddy? Asked Esther.

- Of course honey, said Candy.

Esther left the room with the said Laurence to go to the bedroom, the adults were alone. The prince was looking at Terry. Everything was clear now!

- Thank you for coming Candice. I see that you brought reinforcement…

- I’m going to start by asking you to forgive me, said Candy.

- Forgive you? For what? Oh because I made a mistake in my suppositions? The good doctor was indeed Esther’s father, but I had it wrong on the mother…

- Andrea, please, said Candy, I’m sorry.

- Andrea, can I say something? Asked Eleonor

- Of course Eleonor, he said a little dryly.

His grandmother was an actress and he had always treated Eleonor with a lot of respect. Eleonor started talking:

- Royal wedding are always arranged, you know it, don’t you? Even if they encourage you to “fall in love” with your future spouse…

- You’re not telling me anything new, said the prince

- I’ve always knew that I was destined to have an arranged marriage by my father, continued Candy, what I didn’t know was with whom, a prince, a king, a sheikh? It didn’t bother me to play the girl promised to a prince one day, I was raised for that. There was no way I was going to date anybody in my school. It wasn’t forbidden, but I preferred avoiding trouble, until I met Terry and I was with your… brother, on the boat and then at school. I didn’t want to introduce him to my father, because I knew he was going to ruin everything between us, by reminding me of my duty… In Scotland, he had promised me to leave me the castle if I go with you to that brunch at the queen’s and that’s where you were witnessed of the scene of the little dispute between me and princess Eugenie… Forgive for that too…

- I have to admit that I felt kind of ridiculous that day…

- Terry didn’t know who Eugenie was, she had told him her name was Victoria and since he had just seen me with you from afar and my father had told him that we were going to get married, he was talking his about princes, so Eugenie didn’t want to tell him she was a princess. He found out when he came to that famous brunch and when she introduced him to her grandmother, the queen… We dated in Scotland and in school… Then when we were back to school, there was that incident and my father took advantage of the situation to blackmail me… I had to break up with Terry and to what myfather wanted… My mother came to support me, only, I found myself pregnant with Terry’s baby… My mother helped me and she pretended to be pregnant to cover for me…

- Why didn’t you just cancel everything? Asked the prince.

- Because my father’s threat was still there…

- He was in the cover up?

- He never knew about it, until recently … I know that all those articled on my marriage with Terry…

- Learning that you had married the one I thought was your mother’s lover… Esther looked like him…

- I came to ask you to forgive me, said Candy, my father arranged , per my request that all the articles which would talk about my maternity don’t get published. I didn’t want you to learn the news that way…

- Would you have told me the truth if I hadn’t called you?

- Honestly, I don’t know. But I want to believe that Terry would’ve managed to convince me to do it, eventually to tell the truth…

He looked at her, he looked at her belly.

- You could’ve told me, I would’ve been happy to play along and be Esther’s father… it wouldn’t have been a problem, giving the circumstances.

- It would’ve have been fair, to you… You’re part of the royal family…

- Do you know how many king and emperors were the products of their wives lovers?

- It wouldn’t have been fair to Terry…

- Of course… You are so beautiful pregnant, he said all of a sudden.

Candy looked at him with tenderness. She smiled.

- Thank you….

- Is it a boy or a girl? Or you want to be surprised?

- According to Esther, it’s a boy, said Candy

- Just give me one world and I’ll take you back on the spot, he said

Very audacious, that prince who wasn’t ashamed to hit on his ex-wife in front of her new husband!

- Stop it please, I love my husband…

- If ever he throws you out…

- I wouldn’t hold my breath if I were you, you highness, said Terry approaching Candy.

- A one time, you would’ve provoke a fight in a duel Andrea, said Eleonor

- I know, he said. I forgive you, Candy. And I forgive you too Eleonor.

The doorbell rang and foot steps were heard. Andrea’s mother arrived.

- What’s going on here? Andrea, you have visitors? I didn’t know!

- Mum, it’s none of your concern, started the prince.

She was very elegant with her blue designer suit with her perfect hair and makeup.

- Candice, Eleonor and your new husband! What are you doing here, make fun of my son some more?

When she saw that Candy was pregnant, she seemed even more upset by her presence.

- Your royal highness, hello, said Candy.

- Hello, Your Royal Highness, said Terry.

- You Royal Highness, said Eleonor.

- Hello, she replied, what’s going on?

- I had to talk to Andrea, said Candy standing up, we have to go. Can you ask for Esther back, please?

He made a sign to one of his employees.

- Thank you for coming Candice, he said smiling.

- Thank you for having me, she said.

He hugged her, like to provoke his mother. He winked at Candy.

- I’m just waiting for one word from you…

- I’ll let you know my decision when you’re going to call me, said Candy.

- What? Said Andrea’s mother outraged, you’re kidding right? You’re not going to take her back?! And in front of her husband on top of that! You’re not even ashamed and you too Candy!

Terry was wondering what was going on. He wanted to react but he was interrupted by Esther.

- Mummy! Daddy! I made images for you!

She arrived running with some sheet of papers in her hands. She gave one to her daddy, one to her mommy and one to her grandma and one to the prince.

- Thank you my little dolly, said Candy smiling.

- Thank you sweetie, said Eleonor.

- Thank you honey, said Terry.

- Thank you sweetie, said the prince.

She looked at the prince’s mother.

- Oh hello! I didn’t know you were here, your highness, otherwise I would’ve made an image for you…

It was images with biblical characters. The princess looked at Esther and she couldn’t help melting. She smiled.

- There’s our little Esther! She said taking her in her arms to kiss her, how are you?

- Yes, I’m very well! I have a daddy now!

- Really?

- He’s married to mummy and we’re going to have a baby, Billy…

Terry approached the princess.

- Come here, honey, we’re going.

- Ok, said Esther, good bye your highness!

- Your Royal Highness, said Terry, goodbye.

He took Esther from her arms and walked to the door.

- Good bye, said Candy.

- Leave my son alone, she whispered to Candy.

- Have you seen my husband? Whispered Candy smiling and holding her belly, I’m in a very good mood, I forgive you for everything you’ve done to me.

- Good bye your Highness, said Eleonor

The princess looked at them leave without a word. Candy followed Terry and Esther to the door, and so did Eleonor.

The prince looked at his mother and walked them to the door.

- Thank you again for coming Candy, said the prince hugging her and baby Billy moved.

- Whoa! Said Candy smiling, Billy says hi!

- Hi Billy! Said the prince touching her belly with love

Terry couldn’t help being a little jealous. He could feel their connection.

- Esther, I was happy to see you again. Be good and obey, he said turning to the little one in Terry’s arms.

- I always obey. I don’t want to disappoint Jesus.

- That’s very good! Keep it up! Eleonor, good bye.

- Good bye Andrea

- Terrence…

- Good bye your highness, said Terry

- Good bye, good bye Candy.

- Good bye Andrea.

He closed the door and went back to the living room.

- Tell me you don’t want to take her back…

- She’s married mum and she has a family. Everything I couldn’t give her.

- She could’ve told you for Esther, you would’ve adopted her…

- You would’ve approved?

- Not at first, but you love Esther, don’t you? I like her too. And you would’ve been happy…

- With “what if” we would put Monaco in a bottle, said the prince.

His mother didn’t reply and the prince went to his bedroom.


Candy and her family went back to Eleonor’s apartment just in time for their nap. Esther had fallen asleep in the car. Terry who was carrying her went to put her to bed. Candy went in their room to rest. Terry joined her. She had changed for her nap.

- How are you? Asked Terry.

- Better than I expected… It’s so much better to tell the truth…

- You’re still very close…

- You were jealous when the baby moved, weren’t you?

- And when he told you that he wouldn’t hesitate taking you back…

- I had nothing against him, you were right, I was angry with him… I feel so much better. Thank you… would you have fought in a duel for me?

- Of course! And you know I would’ve fought for you, had I known what was going on back then…

- I know my love, she said tenderly.

- But I like how you provoked the princess…

- You understood that?

- Of course, other wise I would put my fist in his face…,he said smiling

Candy burst out laughing in her crystalin laugh.

- I’m going to take a nap, he said, have I told you that in Italy, everything is closed between noon and 4 pm ?

- Seriously?

- Seriously, they do their “siesta”

- Well the French say, “It’s even better in the afternoon!” said Terry smiling

He approached her and took her in his arms to kiss her and took her to bed to make love and their “siesta”.


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