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What is good? All that heightens the feeling of power in man, the will to power, power itself. What is bad? All that is born of weakness. What is happiness? The feeling that power is growing, that resistance is overcome

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Lady Gato >^..^<


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15 Apr 2017
Happy Birthday to our Gentillefille! I know there was some of your favorite Chinese food served and your grandson singing Happy Birthday to you!!!

fireworks.gif happybday.gif fireworks.gif happybday.gif fireworks.gif happybday.gif fireworks.gif happybday.gif
30 Mar 2016
I still don't know if she answered any of the questions (we await NIla's translation), but for sure she was there, and apparently doing and showing artwork! The pics are coming in so I'll show them as I get them. For now, here is the Mangaka at the show!
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26 Jul 2015

In response to these comments and a very special Blog entry just for me:





Also reference:


I have this to say. I will leave it to the greater CC fandom (regardless if you are a Terryible or a Woody or an unenlightened idiot for the last 40 years) to determine who is BUSTED.


Dear Becqui,

You are absolutely right, letís leave Japanese to the Japanese:



With Love and Gratitude,

Lady Gato >^..^< (the only one, unfortunately for some)
En respuesta a los comentarios hechos y la entrada de Blog que Becqui hizo especialmente para mi



tambien referirse a:

Solo tengo que decir lo siguiente. Que lo voy a dejar al fanmundo de CC (ya sea Terryble, Woody o idiotas no educadas por los ultimos 40 anios) para determinar quien esta PILLADA.


Querida Becqui,

Tienes totalmente la razon, dejemos el Japones a los Japoneses



Con Amor y Gratitud,

Lady Gato >^..^< (la unica, desafortunadamente para algunos)

8 May 2015
In honor of Candy's birthday, I am starting a new series of videos, which will explore the novels (all editions) and what Mizuki tells us in her own words....

...including who is Mizuki's Favorite Character (which I tee up in this video)

21 Apr 2015
Mucho Mucho Aloha and Arigato from our longtime Japanese friend and boardie, Tarzan Sobakasu for this enlightening explanation of 愛(ai)! It's important to understand this as some members of the cc fandom attempt to explain 愛(ai) to "prove" Albert is Anohito....

So in Tarzan SobakaSu's own words to all of you:


Konnichiwa and Bon jour! (^O^)/

I tried to explain 愛(ai) and すき(suki) in my own way as below. 愛 is not perfectly equal to "love". So it's a little difficult to explain it, but I managed to do it.

I looked into 愛(ai) in Japanese, and then I think 愛 has mainly 3 origins in Japan.
The first one came from buddhism(only as sexual love) begun near india via Chinese thoughts (loves for family, friends and so on) about 1600-2000 years ago.
The second one is from Christianity since around 1549.
We didn't have the concept of "love" like Christian at that time , so we applied the Japanese concept like the feeling we cherish each other to "love" of Christianity.
The last one is the one we Japanese applied 愛(ai) to "love", "amour" etc... when we Japanese translated western novels, documents, movies and so on since 1854 (Japan had sealed off to the outside world except for China and Netherlands from 1636 to 1854 to avoid invasions from other countries.)

The "愛"(page.322, 2nd volume) Albert fans quoted is from the third one. The "love" of the conclusive words of letters and e-mails like "Regards" and "Sincerely yours" are used in English or other western languages. In addition, if Candy suddenly declared her love for Albert here without any processes leading to a romance, it would be so strange contextually. (Lady Gato bolded Tarzan's words here to make it unequivocally clear)

Anyway, now, we Japanese use "愛(ai, noun version)" or "愛する or 愛してる(aisuru or aisiteru, verb version)" for humans, animals and so on like "like", but unlike "suki", we rarely use "ai" for things like foods, although there are the cases like we use "ai" like "aisha(愛車)"(we use it when someone cherish his/her own car very much.).

In male-female relationships, we use "愛ai" almost on the literary expression like lyrics, novels, poems, or on the translated movies and dramas mainly from the U.S.A and Europe after the influences of western world.

I feel "愛ai" is more earnest, deeper and heavier, or a little bit more sexual than "すきsuki". On the other hand, "suki" is more casual and lighter than "ai". In casual conversation, we almost use "suki" much more times as the affectional expression of men and women. I haven't read books or mangas for under early teens which use "aisiteru" when one express its affection for another, so far. The 愛 of male-female relationships slightly imply sex in Japan. So, in my opinion, juvenile writers might avoid using it many times. Maybe, they want to keep their works' images immaculate (clean). Or authors who write books for children might be told not to use 愛ai so often by publishers. On the top of that, in this Final story's case, there might be some consideration for Albert fans and Anthony fans.

About the 愛, page.48 of 2nd volume, I think this 愛 means someone feel so important and respectful about his/her partner after we care and help each other many times while staying or living together long time, rather than the 愛 including sex. There feel like the thought he/she want to marry his/her partner behind that kind of feeling. I think this part shows Candy and Annie's loves are developing not as puppy love but as the love for person who they want to marry in the future. It can mean they are growing from girls to women.

This part is the almost same as that of the old novel. In the scene, Annie talked about Archie that she wanted to become the person loved by him from the bottom of his heart, after Candy and Annie became friends again in the St.Paul academy, and then Terry's face came into Candy's mind suddenly.

I hope my explanation will be helpful for you(^^)
What's a pity to finish love story so early between C&T!
You begin to break his face & body after you make him die at 51. But I LOVED IT!!
Have a nice day
24 May 2015 - 23:01
Hi ladyGato thanks a lot for this place where i can read all fanfic and discover the final story cc.I'm french forgive my english too low or bad
11 May 2015 - 12:31
Hello , happy birthday!!
8 Sep 2013 - 3:26
Hope you had a really nice day for your b-day!
7 Sep 2013 - 0:45
Dear lady Gato, many, many thanks for adding me to your friends! Smack!
13 Nov 2012 - 3:04


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