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12 May 2017

Thank you Patty72 for the beautiful fanart

Small World

Chapter 1

Candy White was having lunch with her friend Annie Brighton in a Chinese restaurant with a buffet.

- You want to come to the theatre with me?

- What day?

- Tonight… or tomorrow

- All right. Tomorrow is not possible, I volunteer at the community kitchen…

- You’re very generous with your time…

- I like helping people…

- That’s very good. But you also have to think about yourself. Ever since your divorce, you’re not living…

- Living? Or you mean fornicating?

- Candy…

- You know that’s not like me…

- True. You were a virgin when you got married! Incredible!

- I wanted my husband to be my first

- Well that bastard dropped you like a hot potato when he realised you couldn’t have children. You could’ve adopted

- He wanted to be related to the children by blood

- Good riddance, he was a bastard, I still wonder what you saw in him… ok enough about that bastard

- What are we going to see at the theatre?

- “Romeo and Juliet”

- Very romantic, a love story

- You have dreamy eyes… you’re thinking about someone

- No… it’s nothing

- Out with it!

- There’s this guy…

- Oh, a guy… where?

- A the community kitchen

- The community kitchen? Not a hobo, I hope

- No even if that was the case, I like him… he’s got blue-green eyes and long hair and he’s to die for…

- I’ve never seen you like that… have you talked to him?

- No…

- Why not?

- He looked like he kept to himself…

- Candy, that’s not like you… you look like you’re scared

- After my divorce, I don’t really have confidence in myself…

- You’re bastard of a husband really ran you down… Candy, you’re very beautiful, men are crazy about you…

- If you say so…

- Next time you see your Romeo, talk to him. You’ve got nothing to lose

- You’re right. I’ll talk to him, said Candy with dreamy eyes

- There’s the Candy I know and love! Full of life

Candy burst out laughing, she realy had crush on that stranger for the community kitchen. Annie burst out laughing too. Candy had to get over her disastrous marriage… They finished their meal and they went back to their occupations. Candy went back working with her father. She didn’t need money,b ut she liked being busy. Especially after her divorce, she need to changer her ideas. Annie went back to her place to spend time with her mother.

Candy was in her father’s office.

- Are you coming for dinner tonight sweetie?

- No, I’m going to see a play with Annie

- The theatre? Which play?

- “Romeo and Juliet?

- Very romantic

- Isn’t it?

- You’ve got a date?

- No, I’m going with Annie

- You haven’t changed orientation, have you?

- Daddy! It’s not because I spend time with Annie that I’ve changed orientation…

- I’m teasing you

- You’re going to have dinner alone?

- Like a big boy

- Daddy, you need company...

- At my age, I don’t have time to run after women…

- I’m sure there are some women running after you too

- Yes, but I’m not interested

- Oh daddy, you never forgot mom…

- You mom was unique

- I miss her too…

Her father didn’t reply. Candy approached him and she kissed him on the forehead. She went back to her place to get ready for the evening. Her father wished she was living with him at the manor, but Candy wanted to live alone. She was passed the age when her father would control everything she did and that’s what he was going to do.

She put on a green dress and did an up do with her blond hair. Annie came to pick her up on time. She was wearing a blue dress, and she also had a nice up do.

- Are you ready sweeit? Asked Annie

- “Oh Romeo, Romeo, where fort art thou Romeo?” Said Candy

- Let’s go Juliet, said Annie smiling

They went to the theatre in Annie’s car. There were a lot of people at the theatre. Most of them had already seen the play, but “Romeo and Juliet” was a classic, that everybody liked to see.

- I come for the actors, said a lady, I like to compare performances, tonight we’re going to have a Romeo I haven’t had the opportunity to see on stage yet…

Annie and Candy went to sit listening to them talking. The play started.

It was very nice. The actor playing Romeo was absolutely fabulous. Candy was completely under his charms. During the intermission, she went to stretch her legs with Annie.

- Are you ok Candy?

- Oh Annie, the actor playing Romeo?

- What about him?

- He’s my guy…

- What guy?

- The one from the community kitchen…

- Really? Small world…

- No kidding…

- Now, you’ll have a subject of conversation, Juliet

They went to powder their nose, then they went to buy some drinks. All the ladies were talking about the charm of Romeo, all the ladies wanted to be his Juliet… Annie and Candy bought red roses.

The play and the intensity of the emotions and Romeo and Juliet’s love, was felt very strong. At the end the ladies were in tears. Roses were thrown on stage and everybody stood up to give Romeo a standing ovation.


Candy was crying of joy and emotions.

- Juliet, I feel your love for Romeo just got stronger

- I know it’s stupid

- No, sweetie, you’re normal… you’re finally over your ex-hubby

Candy burst out laughing in the middle of her tears.
- You want to try and go see him in his dressing room?

- Are you out of your mind? As whom?

- He goes to the community kitchen, he must know you by sight

- No way!

- Coward!

- I’ll talk to him the next time I see him, not tonight… I’ve had enough emotions for one night.

- All right, let’s go have dinner

So they left the theatre to go and have dinner in a nice restaurant and they talked about Romeo.


Candy spent the following days working like in a dream. She couldn’t wait to go to the community kitchen to see her Romeo. She arrived at her place and changed her clothes. She put on a jeans and a green shirt. Her hair were tied up in a ponytail. She took her car and she went to the community kitchen. It was an activity she did to help the community and the needy. She was lucky to be coming from a rich family. She was making donations in food banks. She went to the community kitchen twice a week. She had noticed her Romeo for sometimes now. She had never talked to him, but she would smile at him and he would smile back at her. He didn’t talk much. But he was very eloquent as Romeo on stage. He had a natural talent. What was he doing in the community kitchen? He probably had a story…

They were almost done serving people. Candy had the basket with little buns of bread, she put on the tables. She had a last one, she was about to put on Romeo’s table.

- Good evening, said Candy smiling

Romeo lift is head and smiled at her.

- Good evening…

- Was it good?

- Very good, he said

- I wasn’t a good cook. I’ve learned a lot from here

- We learn something new every day.

- Indeed. I saw you the other night; you’re an excellent actor…

- I beg your pardon?

- You played Romeo on stage…

- You saw me?

- Yes…

- Oh…

He was a little ashamed, all of a sudden.

- You were excellent!

- Thank you… I did it just to pass time

- You should make it your career

- Tell that to your father. He’d rather I take care of family business…

- Oh… so that’s what you’re doing at the moment?

- Let’s just say, for the moment, I’m more Romeo than a business man…

- I’m sure you’ve got a lot of fans on stage… well yesterday, all the ladies were probably eating out of our hand after the play…

He smiled. They talked again for a while, then Candy went back to the kitchen to do the dishes. He followed her and wiped the dishes and put them in the cupboard. Then he helped her clean up and swipe the room. Candy was ecstatic.

- I’m going to get going, he said.

- Good bye Romeo, said Candy smiling

- Good bye, Miss Freckles…

Candy burst out laughing. Romeo left. Candy went back to her place on a cloud. She was singing in her head, she was happy.


Romeo went back to his place. He turned on the light when he got in his apartment. His phone rang and he answered.

- Terry?

- Archie!

- You just came from the community kitchen?

- Yes…

- I’m wondering why you go there. It’s not like you’re starving…

- My grandfather created it, I go there in his honour

- He created it for the poor, not for you…

- Well the moment I need money…

- That’s because you want to… I still got the money from the sale of your family’s company. You can buy another company or a theatre troupe if you want

- There is no way I’m buying a theatre troupe with the money of my family’s company…

- You can’t continue acting for free… you’ve got talent, go to Hollywood, there are talentless actors making millions of dollars…

- I’ve lost the company, it makes me mad… I’m sure I was set up…

- But you can’t prove it…

- Well, I was in a good mood and you’re calling me to ruin my evening

- In a good mood? Did you bang a girl?

- No…. but I could’ve if I had made a little effort

- Oh… do tell…

- She works at the community kitchen, she’s one of the volunteers…

- What stopped you?

- She saw me on stage last night playing Romeo…

- So…?

- She calls me “Romeo”

- Ah, you don’t want to be rude because she sees you as “Romeo”…

- You got it…

- How is she?

- She’s blond, green eyes and she has freckles on her nose…

- She must be cute…

- She’s beautiful you mean…

- Sweet dreams buddy…


At the same moment Candy was back at her house, talking to Annie.

- So Juliet? How was it with your Romeo?

- Well we talked…

- You talked about what?

- The theatre, Romeo, the weather, everything! Oh Annie I wanted to stay with him and talk all night. He’s even more charming when he talks!

- Wow! You should’ve taken him with you for a roll in the hay!

- The first night? Are you out of your mind?

- Sometimes I forget I’m talking to a virgin…

- Annie…

- You know everybody has sex, that’s normal…

- Maybe, but I was not going to spread my legs the first night…

- Well you can dream about it now…

- I’m going to go slowly… I don’t want to scare him.

- All right. Good luck… Juliet.

- Everything is going to be fine, I’m sure of it. We’re on the same wavelength,… it’s a small world…

Yes, it’s a small world. She was seeing her “Romeo” when she went to the community kitchen, not knowing that he might be the man of her life… A meeting by chance allowed her to engage in a conversation with Romeo. She was going to do everything to be his Juliet.
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18 Jan 2017

An unexpected feeling

Chapter 1
“It’s just a goodbye”

Life is sang, life is cried
It changes like colours
Life lights up, life turns off
With no grudge, nothing comes to nothing
Life is sang, life is danced
It changes like the moods…

Everybody has a purpose in life: some had a path all traced since birth, others don’t really know where they are going, others think they have their life all planed until they find themselves lost and all of a sudden on an unknown road, opened with lots of hurdles to jump…

Alistair Cornwell had always loved airplanes. He was dreaming of piloting airplanes ever since he was a little boy, that’s why after getting his high school diploma in England, he went to piloting school and also did some engineering studies when he went back to the United States. With his diploma in his pocket and thanks to his family’s relations, he became a pilot in major commercial airlines. He was engaged to Patricia O’Brien whom he met in school in England. He was a pilot, he had a job, so he was going to pick a date for his wedding with Patricia.

Patricia O’Brien was getting ready to go to dinner with her fiancé Alistair Cornwell. She was a little chubby and she wore glasses. She was wearing a beautiful red dress and had let her hair down on her shoulders. She put on a light make up on and some perfume Alistair had given to her for her birthday. She lived with her grand-mother Martha, whom she loved with all her heart.

- You’re very beautiful honey, said grandma

- Thank you grandma, she said smiling

- Have fun with your fiancé.

- Thank you grandma

The phone rang. She answered.

- Patty?

- Candy! Are you all right?

- Yes, Alistair is on his way

- Thank you. He forgot his cellphone again?

- As usual

- Well nothing out of the ordinary. How is it going?

- Yes, Anthony and I are going to have dinner with his father and the old hag, great!

- Whoa! Good luck! Said Patricia laughing

- Thanks, I’m going to need it! Anthony’s grandma could be as nice as yours?

- No luck there… that’s too bad indeed…

- Have a great evening sweetie

- Thanks, same to you!

Candy, Patricia’s best friend and Alistair’s cousin had had her heart broken. She was dating Terrence Grandchester, whom she had also met in school in England. They had found each other again in America, Terry was an actor in a theatre and Candy was going to nursing school. They were supposed to get married when there was an accident at the theatre in which Terry was saved by Susanna Marlowe, one of his colleagues, very in love with him, and who had lost her leg in the process. Terry was forced to do the honorable thing and marry that girls and take care of her. Candy thought she was going to die of grief. One day, she had the shock of her life; Anthony, her first love had come back from the dead!!! The great aunt Elroy was hiding thim to keep him far from Candy, whom she was calling a bad luck bird. Anthony had learn the breakup of Candy’s engagement to Terry, decided to go on a hunger strike until his grand-mother let him go to go see Candy. That day, Candy was down in the dumps, completely depressed, when Anthony showed up at her doorstep. She fainted and he caught her. He looked a lot like Albert, but Candy knew it was Anthony and not Albert. The couple got back together. Anthony mended Candy’s broken heart. They were now happily married.

Terrence Grandchester had married Susanna Marlowe, he had done his duty because he was a gentleman. His movie career had taken off with a blast, after the media was talking about the story of his life, his bad luck… The producer saw an opportunity to make money. Terrence Grandchester’s popularity, poor victim of circumstances, forced to break up with his fiancée to do the honorable thing, had went up to the roof, because he had behaved like the gentleman he was. But unfortunately, Susanna Marlowe contracted a deadly infection and she had died a little while after giving birth to little Sean Terrence Grandchester. In public, he was giving the picture of a happy man, but in reality, he was unhappy and was barely looking at his son. The nannies would take care of him. Learning that not only the flower boy, like he called him, was alive and kicking, but that he had married his Candy, had made him gone mad!!! Life was really unfair! Candy had married her first love while he had married a woman who was far from being the love of his life. Candy was the love of his life; they were in harmony, sexually, no other woman could satisfy him like her…


Patricia was at the restaurant with Alistair, they already had dinner, and he told her something.

- The Concorde? Said Patricia, but… your schedule had just doubled…

- It’s a supersonic plane… the trip is going to take two times less!

- Yes, but if your schedule is doubled, for me it doesn’t change anything

- Patricia, I want to make more hours on the supersonic, to have a better schedule, more flexible. My family helped me get this job, so I have to show them that I can work, that I’m not just a daddy’s boy, to whom they had given a job like a piece of Candy…

- Oh Alistair! You know that I don’t really like planes that much, I always pray when you leave… and now, you’ll be in the supersonic planes…

- It’s the plane with the less accident, you know…

- That doesn’t make me feel better! Tell me it never had accidents…

- Patty, you know that it’s impossible. The Titanic was built to be unsinkable and it sank on its maiden voyage… there are no guaranties in life…

- You couldn’t have found a job on land and be passionate about it?

- We’re safe nowhere honey… you know that…

- I love you and I don’t want to be separated from you all the time…

- Let me do those hours and I’ll have more time to spend with you after our wedding… that we will need to postpone…, he said with a little voice.

- What? Oh no! Again?!

- It’s the last time, I promise you. You can have your teacher’s license in the mean time and start working…

- But…

- Please Patricia, try to understand…

- Are you trying to understand me? I’ve been waiting for years for you to finish your engineering studies, piloting school… and now you’re making me wait again???

- I’m sorry Patty, really, it’s for our own good. Think about when we’re going to have kids.

- Yes, I’m thinking and I think I’ll feel better if you had a work on land and not in the air…

- Patricia…

- I know that it’s your passion my darling, but you have to think about me too… about us, we’re going to get married and we’re going to have a family, and I’d like the children that were going to have to see you more often, every day, for example.

- You knew from the start that I wanted to be a pilot and you agreed with me.

Patricia felt like she was being selfish. Alistair loved piloting, all you had to do is look into his eyes, how shinny they were when he talked about planes and piloting. But an accident could happen anytime… but a happy husband was also important.

- I’m going to miss you and when I’m going to see you, I’ll only be too happy to see you again, he said with a smile

Patricia blushed and smiled.

- I have the keys to the apartment downtown, he said

Patricia was living with her grandma Martha and Alistair lived at the manor with the rest of the family, so, the apartment downtown was perfect to have a little roll in the hay after a date… among other things.

So they went to have a last drink and then they went to the master bedroom where the bed was done, fortunately. They took their clothes off and gave into their passion. Alistair the family genius, a little absent minded sometimes, was a fabulous lover and passionate lover. He made sure Patty was satisfy, with the preliminary and she did the same thing… when they were ready, they climb together to the heights of ecstasy. When Alistair had to go to work, he was doubly passionate. They made love three times before he took her back home. They were in front of her door, kissing fierily.

- I’m going to miss you, said Patricia

- I’m going to miss you too.

- Come back to me fast.

- I’ll come back, don’t worry

- I love you

- I love you

They kissed again and again. Alistair left, he was living in the morning on the supersonic plane, a dream trip for him, a plane so fast… He felt like he was piloting a space ship.


"We are interrupting our program to bring you a special report, We just learned that the supersonic plane, coming from Paris, going to New York and Chicago, has disappeared from radars… they said to have no survivors…”

It was the morning Alistair was supposed to come back and Patricia was going to make him his favourite meal. Grandma Martha was in the living room looking at her show on televisions…

- Patricia! PATRICIA!!! Yelled Grandma Martha.

- Yes, Grandma? Said Patty coming all panicky, what’s going on?

- Patricia…

Grandma Martha face was decomposed looking at the television. Patricia looked at the television…

“Once again, the supersonic plane coming from Paris going to New York and Chicago has disappeared form radars… there are no survivors…”


Patricia fainted. Her grandma picked her up and put her on the couch of the living room.

Patricia felt like she was waking up from a horrible nightmare in which she was unable to open her eyes. She finally opened her eyes and she found Candy and Annie by her side.

- Patty? Said Candy

- Are you ok? Asked Annie

- Candy, Annie, what are you doing here?

All of a sudden the memory came back to her…

- ALISTAIR!!!!NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- Calm down honey, said Candy

- Alistair, said Patty again

- I’m sorry Patty, said Annie crying

- NO! NO! He can’t be dead!! NO!!!!

- The plane exploded in the air, said Candy crying

- NO!!!!

- You have to strong Patricia, said grandma Martha, I know what you’re feeling

Her grandma took her in her arms. Patricia cried against her chest. She hugged Candy and Annie, one a the time

Patricia didn’t know how she survived the following days…

The whole Andrew family was devastated. They had funeral service without the body, it was going to take months to recover everybody’s body… the burial will happen after the recovery.

When everybody arrived, Patricia felt even worse because it had become concrete all of a sudden. Archibald would go see her often with Annie and Candy. They arrived together at the service.

Patricia had lost a lot of weight ever since she got the news, she barely ate. She was literally making herself sick.
The service gave Alistair all the honors, for Patricia it was horrible, she didn’t care. Her dear Alistair was gone for good.
Life was really not fair!

Terrence Grandchester had come incognito to assist to the service of his school friend. It was hurting him too much to see Candy with her husband, he tried to pretend he didn’t care. Patricia was with her family who were consoling her. He remembered Susanna’s funerals. None of his old friends had come. You have to say that he severed all ties with them after his break up with Candy… But he had to come for Alistair, even from afar, he was his friends…
Archie and Annie were married and in the family way. Candy and Anthony had a little girl name Rosemary. And there was no more Alistair and Patricia… nor Terry and Susanna…

18 Jan 2017

The Last Hope

Chapter 1
“Before we say goodbye…”

The plane trip was too long. Candice White Andrew was coming back from a trip to Japan. She needed a change of ideas after her breakup with the man she loved, Terrence Grandchester, a rising star in Hollywood. When they broke up, he was the star of Shakespeare famous play “Romeo and Juliet”. Candy was so in love with him and he loved her like crazy too. They had met on a boat taking them both to England. They found themselves in the same boarding school for their biggest pleasure. They had gotten close and they had spent the most wonderful summer in Scotland. But back to school for the new year, didn’t start up great… Eliza Reagan, Candy’s cousin, who was also in love with Terry, had tried everything to get them into trouble, and she had succeeded. The result was: Terrence had left school and Candy too. She had followed him at the airport and she had missed him. So she took the first plane for Chicago. And despite Uncle William’s disappointment, who was invisible, by the way, she was able to finish her school year and get into med school. Terrence had found a job in a theatre in Broadway and his troupe came to Chicago for a play and that’s how they were able to see each other again… Candy was on call and she switch with another colleague at the last minute and she got there just in time and she watched the play from the third balcony… Terrence at looked in her direction, like he knew unconsciously that she was there… they had started writing each other and calling each other every day. They were making plans for the future… Candy was supposed to transfer herself to a hospital in New York. But the accident, at the theatre when Susanna Marlowe saved his life had changed everything… They had broke up and he had to marry Susanna Marlowe…

So Candy was coming back from a trip to Japan. The plane stopped at New Delhi where other passengers got in. The Indian capital, where the time change had 30 minutes more; New Delhi time was GMT+ 5 hours and a half. Candy found that fascinating. Another passenger came in last. The place next to Candy was empty and a passenger sat there. Candy was looking out the window and didn’t pay much attention. Her neighbour finished settling up and Candy felt all funny… he was wearing a hat and sun glasses… She would’ve know him anywhere…

- Terry?! She asked stunned

Terrence Grandchester was going back to America after shooting a movie in India. The private Jet he had rented had a mechanical problem and he didn’t want to wait, he had to get back to America in time for Thanksgiving. So he took a commercial flight, in first class of course and he was wearing sunglasses and a hat, a disguise to hide his celebrity…hearing a voice calling him by his short name, hearing her “voice” calling him, like in a dream, he couldn’t believe it. He turned around to look at her… he took off his glasses and his hat.

- Freckles???!!!

- How are you?

- As you can see, I’m all tanned…what about you? Where are you coming from?

- From Japan…

- Oh…

- I wanted a little change of scenery… and I meet you…

- Maybe destiny is trying to tell us something…

- Really? What?

- I don’t know… but I’m glad you’re sitting next to me, he said smiling

Candy looked at him and she smiled too… It had been so long since she had seen him…
The plane took off and they started talking. They talked about the past, and about the present too…

- So Dr. Freckles, where do you intend to work?

- To tell you the truth I’m with doctor without boarders… I go where they send me, but Japan, was a little vacation and I have to go back to Chicago for Thanksgiving… How is your fiancée?

- I really don’t want to talk about her… let’s not waste the little time we have together with unwanted subject of conversation… tell me about your patients…

Candy looked at him. He was right. Whey talk about difficult subjects? She told him about her patients, about the strangest cases, they talked about everything and nothing, avoiding talking about the principal subject of their break up: Susanna Marlowe.

- Terry, you’re getting married…

- I’m going to do what’s expected of me… that’s all, the honourable thing… but I’m convinced that there’s a reason for our meeting on this plane, totally by chance…

- It’s a coincidence…

- Really? I don’t believe in coincidences, everything happens for a reason… Look at our meeting, my mother rejected me so I took the boat to meet the love of my life …

- Terry…

- I love you Candy, I love you so much that my heart bleeds… I’m going crazy without you…That’s why I’m taking roles taking me on the other side of the world, so I won’t think about the present, I’m working day and night…

- And I took a job taking me on the other side of the world too, to try to forget you… but things are what they are…

- I know my love, he said, softly touching her cheek…

The plane was now flying over Romania where they were supposed to stop in a city called Timisoara for an hour. But the weather was very bad, there was a snow storm. The plane landed with difficulty… Candy and terry continued talking. An hour later, the pilot’s voice was heard…

- Ladies and gentlemen, this is your commander speaking. I’m sorry to tell you that the plane will not be able to take off as planned. We will have to spend the night here and leave tomorrow morning, when the weather clears up…

There were some whispers and mumbling of protest, but the passengers really had no choice.
Terry looked at her smiling.

- I told you there was a reason…

- A reason? A snow storm in a country where we don’t speak the language?

- That’s not important, as long as we spend time together… before we say goodbye…

- Like in that French son by Nana Mouskouri?

- “♪♪Faisons l’amour, avant de nous dire adieu…♪♪” (Let’s make love before we say goodbye…)

- Shut up Terry! Said Candy laughing

- Jeane Manson sang that, by the way…

- Really? I wonder why I thought it was Nana Mouskouri…

- Candy… don’t change the conversation… Nana Mouskouri sang: ♪♪Only love can make a memory…♪♪

- ♪♪ Only love can make a moment last…♪♪

- Love is not what’s missing between us… it would be stupid to let this unique opportunity pass us by… It will never going to come again… because you and I are going to respect our arrangement… but for the moment, they are giving us a piece of sugar, let’s take advantage…

- All right! Oh my God! What am I saying!? You know that I can’t resist you when you sing love songs to me…

- “♪♪Faisons l’amour, avant de nous dire adieu…♪♪” (Let’s make love before we say goodbye…)

Candy looked at him smiling. They were avoiding touching each other in public, Terry was a celebrity, he wasn’t going to put Candy in a compromising position.

They got out of the plane half an hour later to go to different hotels, where the passengers aere going to be sent for the night. Candy and Terry found themselves in the same room of course. It wasn’t a 5 star hotel, it was clean. They ordered room service because they wanted to be alone. Terry turned around and looked at Candy who was taking her shoes off.

- My feet are hurting! I wonder what I was thinking putting on those horrible shoes! I should’ve put my baskets on! They are much more comfortable!

Terry didn’t reply, he approached her and took her in his arms and started kissing her like there was no tomorrow… Candy had been waiting for that, since they had met on the plane, she kissed him back, passionately, they made love on the bed, on top of the covers… Then they went to take a shower together and they continued having fun under the shower… When they got out of the bathroom they found that room service was there and getting cold. They ate and then they went back to bed to make love all night long. They didn’t sleep at all. Candy was used to night shifts so she had no problem and with the jetlag… Terry was used to shooting movies in the middle of the night was also fine… They kissed a lot too, since they couldn’t do it in public…

- Don’t leave me…, said Terry

- Terry you know you have to do your duty…

- I know, but being with you is the most beautiful thing… …♪♪Ne me quitte pas…♪♪ (Don’t leave me…)

And he started singing…

♪♪Ne me quitte pas
(Don’t leave me)
Il faut oublier
(We have to forget)
Tout peut s'oublier
(Everything can be forgotten)
Qui s'enfuit déjà
(We’re already running away)
Oublier le temps
(Forget the time)
Des malentendus
Et le temps perdu
(And Lost time)
A savoir comment
(To know how)
Oublier ces heures
(To forget those hours)
Qui tuaient parfois
(That sometimes killed)
A coups de pourquoi
(With blows of why)
Le cœur du Bonheur
(The heart of happiness)
Ne me quitte pas
(Don’t leave me)
Ne me quitte pas
(Don’t leave me)
Ne me quitte pas
(Don’t leave me)
Ne me quitte pas
(Don’t leave me)

Moi je t'offrirai
(I will offer you)
Des perles de pluie
(Pearls of rain)
Venues de pays
(Coming from countries)
Où il ne pleut pas
(Where it doesn’t rain)
Je creuserai la terre
(I will dig the ground)
Jusqu'après ma mort
(Until after my death)
Pour couvrir ton corps
(To cover your body)
D'or et de lumière
(With gold and light)
Je ferai un domaine
( I will build a palace)
Où l'amour sera roi
(Where love will be king)
Où l'amour sera loi
(Where love will be lae)
Où tu seras reine
(Where you’ll be queen)
Ne me quitte pas
(Don’t leave me)
Ne me quitte pas
(Don’t leave me)
Ne me quitte pas
(Don’t leave me)
Ne me quitte pas
(Don’t leave me)

Ne me quitte pas
(Don’t leave me)
Je t'inventerai
(I will invent for you)
Des mots insensés
(Senseless words)
Que tu comprendras
(That you’ll undersand)
Je te parlerai
( I will talk to you)
De ces amants-là
(About those lovers)
Qui ont vu deux fois
(Who saw twice)
Leurs cœurs s'embraser
(Their hearts embrace)
Je te raconterai
( I will tell you)
L'histoire de ce roi
(The story of this king)
Mort de n'avoir pas
(Dead for because he was unable)
Pu te rencontrer
(To meet you)
Ne me quitte pas
(Don’t leave me)
Ne me quitte pas
(Don’t leave me)
Ne me quitte pas
(Don’t leave me)
Ne me quitte pas
(Don’t leave me)

Ne me quitte pas
(Don’t leave me)

On a vu souvent
(We’ve seen often)
Rejaillir le feu
(Reignite the fire)
De l'ancien volcan
(Of the old volcano)
Qu'on croyait trop vieux
(Which we thought was too old)
Il est paraît-il
(It seems)
Des terres brûlées
(Burnt ground)
Donnant plus de blé
(Giving more wheat)
Qu'un meilleur avril
(A better April)
Et quand vient le soir
(And when evening came)
Pour qu'un ciel flamboie
(For a sky to embrace)
Le rouge et le noir
( Red and black)
Ne s'épousent-ils pas

Ne me quitte pas
(Don’t leave me)
Ne me quitte pas
(Don’t leave me)
Ne me quitte pas
(Don’t leave me)
Ne me quitte pas
(Don’t leave me)

Ne me quitte pas
(Don’t leave me)

Ne me quitte pas
(Don’t leave me)

Je n'vais plus pleurer
(I won’t cry anymore)
Je n'vais plus parler
( I won’t talk anymore)
Je me cacherai là
( I will hide there)
A te regarder
(To look at you)
Danser et sourire
(Dance and smile)
Et à t'écouter
(And listen to you)
Chanter et puis rire
(Sing and laugh)
Laisse-moi devenir
(Let me become)
L'ombre de ton ombre
(The shadow of your shadow)
L'ombre de ta main
(The shadow of your hand)
L'ombre de ton chien
(The shadow of your dog)
Ne me quitte pas
(Don’t leave me)
Ne me quitte pas
(Don’t leave me)
Ne me quitte pas
(Don’t leave me)
Ne me quitte pas
(Don’t leave me)

Ne me quitte pas
(Don’t leave me)

- Oh Terry, I don’t want to leave you either…

- I know, things are what they are…

- You’re very romantic, singing songs to me like that… what a difference from that snotty nosed kid from the boat…

- I was a real bastard, wasn’t I? Seeing you again at school was a dream come true for me… because I couldn’t stop thinking about you…

- You had a weird way to show it…

- I thought I had my whole life in front of me to show you my love… I thought we’ll have the time to grow up and love each other freely…

- I don’t regret being with you … after Anthony… I was afraid something might happen to you, that you’d die like Anthony… I heard when your boyfriend dies on you, you’re going to spend the rest of your life burying the men you love…

- Candy…

- Susanna saved you from a certain death Terry… I’m forever grateful to her for that

- Oh Candy!!!
He took he in his arms to kiss her fierily…
When they took the plane back, they were talking and smiling. They didn’t want to be sad. They had an interlude and they had taken advantage of it to the maximum… But during the night on the plane, that was taking them back to America…

- I want to kiss you Freckles…

- People are sleeping

- If I wasn’t officially engaged… I can’t risk it…

- All right, we can go to the washroom…

- I’ll follow you in two minutes…

So they found themselves in the plane’s washroom in First Class, kissing for a long while…
When the plane got to New York, Candy was crying.

- Goodbye my love…, she said

- Goodbye my heart…, he said

- It still hurts …

- I know…

- I’m happy to have met you… I love you Terry

- I love you Candy

Terrence had to call upon all the forces of the universe, to get out of that plane an leave Candy behind. He went on to do his duty.

♪♪Faisons l'amour avant de nous dire adieu
Avant de nous dire adieu
(Let's make love before we say goodbye)
Faisons l'amour puisque c'est fini nous deux
Puisque c'est fini nous deux
(Let's make love since it's over between us)
Faisons l'amour comme si c'était la première fois
Encore une fois toi et moi puisque l'amour s'en va
(Let's make love like it was the firls time, one more
time you and I, since love is leaving)

Faisons l'amour avant de nous dire adieu
Avant de nous dire adieu
(Let's make love before we say goodbye)
Faisons l'amour puisque c'est fini nous deux
Puisque c'est fini nous deux
(Let's make love since it's over between us)
Faisons l'amour comme si c'était la première fois
Encore une fois toi et moi puisque l'amour s'en va
(Let's make love like it was the firls time, one more
time you and I, since love is leaving)

Je peux tout te pardoner
I can forgive you anything
Et faire semblant d'oublier
And pretend to forget
Je veux bien fermer les yeux
(I can close my eyes)
Et faire tout ce que tu veux
(And do what you want)
Je veux bien te partager
( I can share you)

Et ne veux te supplier
(I don't want to beg you)
Mais reste encore
(But I'm staying a little more)
Je me ferai si petite
(I will make myself little)
Que tu ne me verras pas
(You won't see me)
Et je me ferai si tender
(I will be so loving)
Que demain tu m'aimeras
( That you will love me tomorrow)
Je serai toute d'amour
(I will be all love)
Et je serai toute à toi
(But I will all yours)
Mais reste encore
(But stay some more)

Faisons l'amour avant de nous dire adieu
Avant de nous dire adieu
(Let's make love before we say goodbye)
Faisons l'amour puisque c'est fini nous deux
Puisque c'est fini nous deux
(Let's make love since it's over between us)
Faisons l'amour comme si c'était la première fois
Encore une fois toi et moi puisque l'amour s'en va
(Let's make love like it was the first time, one more
time you and I, since love is leaving)



Terrence Grandchester had done his duty, he did what was expected of him. He was a gentleman and he proved it. Marry a woman he didn’t love only for duty, like his father. Like they say, like father, like son… He had sworn he wouldn’t do what his father did, but circumstances had decided differently…

Being a gentleman and do his duty, the honourable thing, had a very bitter taste at the end of the day…

In that bitterness, there was a least a little taste of sugar in the person of his daughter, little Nelly. She was the only ray of sunshine in this entire fiasco and Terrence had put all his love on her, the love he couldn’t give her mother, all his hope. She encouraged him to live and he found life was still beautiful even if he wasn’t with Candy. His career was doing fine, he even won an Oscar, which he dedicated to his daughter, all the awards he won, he dedicated them to his daughter, she was the apple of his eyes, but a few years later, he was struck by bad luck once again… Little Nelly, got sick, a rare disease, a very rare form of leukemia with no hope of remission and little Nelly died in her father’s arms one night at the hospital… Terry died with his daughter… His relationship with his wife was nonexistent and it completely disappeared. He let go of himself and refused all the work that was offered to him. His wife tried to get him some help, but he didn’t want to hear it. He was wondering in parks like a homeless guy and wouldn’t go back to his place. His mother tried to get him some help too, but her son was a stubborn man. She decided to take care of his business, because he at least gave her power of attorney. So she let him be. He had to get out of that state on his own, she was hoping he would wake up one day and take his life back.
Terrence Grandchester, the former raising star of Broadway, Hollywood’s golden boy was now a wanderer, with a beard, dirty walking in Central Park with other homeless people. Life wasn’t nice to him…So he decided to abandon everything…
Susanna Marlowe, very ashamed by her husband’s situation, had asked Terry for a divorce when he rarely came home, so he signed the papers. He would curse Susanna for entering in his life, she had ruined everything… He was punished for doing the honourable thing… They had taken his little angel from him to punish him and ruin his life… That’s what he had in his mind and nothing and nobody was able to help him…

Susanna was saying that Terrence and her mutually agreed to separate after the death of their daughter, citing Hollywood’s eternal culprit, irreconcilable differences…Terry had refused to share his grief with her, he had pushed her away brutally, yet she was as devastated as he was, she was her daughter too. She understood that day that it was over between them. What kept Terry near her was their daughter because he wanted a family for his little girl, with a mummy and daddy and he would act around her, after all, they were both very talented actors. Little Nelly didn’t suspect anything. She died happy to have had a mummy and a daddy with her in the room…

Life was sometimes just one big stage scene where we are all actors… He had had the lead role for a while, but now, he was just a simple walk on actor, nobody knew his name because he wasn’t even on the casting list…

2 Sep 2016

The memory of the heart:
The vow

Chapter 1
“The accident”

The young couple was coming out of the movie holding hands. They were walking to the underground parking lot.

- The movie was great, said the woman

- If you like that kind of romantic story, yes…

- You’d never admit liking this kind of movie…

- I do like it; otherwise, I wouldn’t have come with you…

- Would you admit it in front of your buddies?

- Why not?

- You’re not afraid of appearing weak?

- Weak because I love my wife? He said smiling.

They got in together in their car. They were going back home. It was like a routine for them, on Saturday nights, it was their movie night, then they would go back home and order a pizza, eat ice cream for dessert or gelato, depending on their cravings and then they would go to bed and make love until morning. Another couple would’ve got tired of it, but not them, they never got tired of each other. They still looked like a newlywed couple…

The car stopped at a red light. He looked at her with love.

- I love you my darling, he said

- I love you more, she said

- Let’s start trying for a baby tonight?

- Are you sure? She asked

- Yes, I’m ready to make babies with you…

- All right, she said smiling

He unbuckled his seatbelt and leaned towards her to kiss her on the lips. He sat back up and he wanted to buckle his seatbelt, when a truck arrived and hit the car violently in the back, the shock was so strong the car rolled and when to hit a pole and the man who, didn’t have time to fasten his seatbelt, was projected out of the car by the front window, breaking it with his head…

At the hospital, the woman opened her eyes. She was lying on a bed. She was trying to get up.

- Easy, said the nurse

- Where am I?

- You were in an accident, ma’am

- An accident…

It was the black whole. Then everything came back to her…

- My husband… where is my husband?

- Calm down ma’am

- I have to see him! She said trying to get up once again

- Your husband…

- Where is he? I have to see him! I’m begging you…

- I’m going to go get the doctor, said the nurse

The nurse got out and she came back a moment later with a doctor.

- Mrs. Grandchester?

- Yes?

- That’s your name?

- Yes, where is my husband? Is he all right?

- You have to calm down first

- Why don’t you want to tell me anything? He’s dead, isn’t he? Tell me! Is my husband dead?

- Mrs. Grandchester, calm down… your husband is alive, he’s in a coma…

- In a coma? She said, half worried, half relieved.

- Yes, we have to wait for him to wake up. According to the paramedics, his head hit the windshield…

- Do you do a scan on him?

- Yes, his brain is swollen, so we’re keeping him in an induced coma, until the swollen ends…

- How long is it going to take?

- A few weeks…

- Oh my God! She said crying. I want to see him.

- Of course…

They finally took him to see her husband. He was asleep in his room. He looked so vulnerable… her dear husband…

She remembered their first meeting…

She in New York in a visit, she was in New York to celebrate the new year on the boat she was on its annual cruise, 3 hours on New Year’s Eve. She wanted to celebrate the New Year in a special way. She hadn’t taken her vacations in so long. She was with friends and they were having great time. At one point Candy was on the deck of the boat, that’s where she saw him. He was looking at the waves and he didn’t seem to be having fun at all. She approached him.
- Are you all right?

He turned around to look at her.

- What? I'm bursting of joy? You don’t see that?

- Oh yeah it’s so obvious, I feel l like crying of joy…

He looked at her smiling

- I like your sense of humour, he said

- I managed to make you smile

- That’s your mission to cheer people up?

- Well, it’s my mission today anyway

- I just left everything, my family, my fiancée, my job…

- Oh… why?

- I was suffocating, I couldn’t take it anymore… I needed to breathe, I needed some air

- What about now? Are you able to breathe

- Yes, ever since you’ve appeared? Where do you come from?

- From Chicago… I’m here on vacation to celebrate the New Year in New York… with my colleagues…

- Can I keep you company?

- Of course…

- My name is Terrence Grandchester, you can call me Terry, he said smiling

- Candice White, you can call me Candy, she replied smiling

And they literally never separated after that… they were together at midnight.

- You know what this means? Right? He asked

- No…

- It means you’re never going to leave me. We’re made for each other until the end of times

- Really? My work is in Chicago

- You can find a job here…

- You’ve known me for what? 10 minutes?

- But I knew from the moment I saw you that you were the love of my life…

- You’ll have to convince me…

- I’ve got the rest of my life to do it…

At midnight, he had kissed her on the lips and she let him do it in the joy of the moment. They spent a very good time together and on the night before she was going to leave… they were at his place…

- Stay with me…

- What for?

- What for? To live with me?

- In sin? That’s what you’re offering me? Living together?

- Where are my manners… if I’m asking you to stay with me, I want to offer you the wedding of your dreams, if you tell me what it is….

- Really? Even if it’s absolutely crazy?

- Try me….

- I’d like to get married on the torch of the Statue of Liberty…

- Wow, you’ve got high standards, literally…

They burst out laughing.

- Candice White, will you marry me?

- I got to be crazy, but yes Terry! I want to marry you!

The formalities were done and they went to Ellis Island, and they went up the torch of the Statue of Liberty. Their friends went with them and they taped the ceremony. Candy said her vows…

- I vow to help you love life, to always hold you with love, to have the patience love require, to speak when words are necessary and to share the silence when they’re not and to live in the warmth of your heart and always call it home. I love you.

Terry looked at her with love.

- You wrote your vows on a restaurant menu?

- Yes, she said taking the menu out, why?

He smiled and he got the same menu from his pocket… She smiled back to him. They were made for each other.

- I vow to love you very much, in every way that matters, now and forever. I promise to never forget what I feel for you, this kind of love happen once in a lifetime. I love you…

They kissed passionately.

They were living in Terry’s modest apartment. He was trying to make it as a writer. She had found a job in New York, as a nurse. When she worked nightshifts, he would spend his time writing… when she was there; he was unable to write…

- Am I bothering you, my love?

- I can’t write a word!

- Wait, I’m coming hug you…

She approached him and kissed him on the neck…He turned around and pulled her towards him and kissed her… they were making love on the carpet…

- That’s how you inspire me?

- Yes, it’s not working?

- Yes, it’s working, he said standing up

He went back to his chair to write pages and pages…

- I love you, you’re my muse… thank you

- You’re welcome, even if I feel like you dropped be like a hot potato…

- Forgive me my love… but ideas were fusing in my head…

She came back to reality and she was looking at him sleeping. She was crying.

She put back his wedding ring on his finger. She was by his bedside night and day. She didn’t want to go back to work, especially in another hospital. She took a lot of days off to be by her husband’s side.

The day her husband opened his eyes, it was a day like any other, she was at his bedside. The doctors had told her they had stopped the induced coma and that he was supposed to wake up at any moment.

It was foggy, his head was heavy. His eye lids were very heavy. What was going on? He had to make an effort and open his eyes. Come on a little more… he was almost there. One more push… There!!! He had opened his eyes! Where the heck was her? Who were all those people?

- Terrence, said a man, you’re alright. You were in a car accident. You’ve hurt yourself in the head...

- I have a head ache, said Terry

- That’s normal, said the doctor, I’m going to give you something for the pain

- Terry, said the voice of a woman next to the doctor, are you all right?

He looked at her like she had just fallen from the sky.

- Yes, he said.

- Do you know who I am?

- You’re my nurse?

Candy’s heart broke… She went to sit by his side.

- No Terry, I’m your wife.

- My what? He said surprised

- Your wife…

- Is this a joke? Is there a candid camera somewhere?

Candy was shocked, she wanted to take his hand and he pulled it away… she stood up hurt and she left the room. The doctor followed her.

- You said he was all right

- Listen, the brain is not like a broken bone; it’s very unpredictable after a shock like that, it’s kind of normal there’s some memory loss…

- He took me for his nurse, when I’m his wife!

- Don’t get upset…

She walked away to get some air outside.
22 Jul 2016
A Birthday Night…

Chapter 1
“Life and its surprises…”

Life is always full of unexpected things. Everybody dream about becoming rich and live well, with a family or not. But sometimes, we find ourselves at the antipodes or our dreams…

Take Terrence Grandchester, a successful actor, Oscar winner and of lots of other trophies. He was living a part of his dream only, because what he had in mind when he was younger, it was to marry his girlfriend from school, after realizing his dream. But life and it’s unexpectedness … An accident at the studio, during a film shooting, cost a leg to his colleague, Susanna Marlowe, who was already in love with him, saved his life. His life was turned upside down… Susanna’s father, Cameron Marlowe, was a big Hollywood producer. Her mother also had a lot of influence in the business. So they put pressure on him to take care of their daughter, avoiding publicity… The Marlowes had enough influence to cover the story up. The Medias never found out about it.

Terrence was suffering. He had to break up with his fiancée, Candice White Andrew, adoptive daughter of a billionaire, William Albert Andrew. That break up had worn him out. He didn’t feel like doing anything anymore. He disappeared for weeks… Susanna, very understanding she was, had told him to go do what he had to do and that she will be there when he comes back, ready to fulfill his duty…

He left… He did what he had to do to and came back to marry the woman he owed his life to. When you don’t have what you want, you content yourself with what you have… He took what life had thrown at him… He got married, fulfilled his duty and he had had a son… All that, without the media learning about it. Susanna Marlowe, had put on prosthesis and continued her career, like there was nothing to it, keeping her handicap a secret. She was neglecting her son, who spent all his time with his father. The divorce was inevitable; Terry got custody of his son without any problem. Susanna didn’t care about her son; she was glad that his father was taking care of his education. The young Terrence Grandchester Junior was living in England. He was going to school at St. Paul Royal College, where his father had studied back in the days. On the weekends, he would go at his grandfather’s. The latter was spoiling his grandson, whom he was proud of. His wife would talk and complain, he wouldn’t listen to her. Le young Terrence also spent some of his vacations in Hollywood at his grandmother’s Eleonor Baker, far away from the Medias. His father would come when he could. He would come to London and he was in Hollywood when his son would go see his grandmother.

It was the end of the summer and Terry was with his son in his mother’s villa. He would rather have his son live there, far away from the glamorous life and the women who were parading in his house night and day. He didn’t want to give his 15 year old son the bad example.

It was the morning; they were sitting at a table on a terrace, having breakfast. Eleonor was also there.

- Junior, said Terry, I have to talk to you…

- Oh oh…, said his son

- Junior, said Terry, I have to shoot a movie…

- Really? Said Junior, where?

- In Australia…

- Oh… that’s far… I’m going to miss you…

- It’s far indeed… would you like to go live with your mother?

- No… doesn’t care about me dad… I’d rather go to grandpa’s in England or stay here with grandma…

- I still can’t believe you go to my father’s of your own will!!! You can stand Mrs. Grandchester?

- My grandpa is protecting me, dad, that’s what you didn’t have…

- That old coot is protecting his grandson…, said Terry

- That’s also why you became what you are, Terry, said his mother.

- Yes, but I was a child…, said Terry, it got me tough very early…

- How long is your movie shoot going to last? Asked Junior

- I don’t know yet, 6 months, maybe a year…

- Oh… You’ll come to see me…?

- During the shoot, it’s going to be difficult for me to come here to see you or go to Europe…

- Oh, said Junior sadly

Terry looked at his son. He seemed so sad.

- There’s another solutions, he told him

- Which one?

- You can come with me…

- Come with you? What about school?

Terry smiled.

- You know, you’re a special kind of kid, to think about school when you hear you’re going on a trip to Australia…

- You could have a tutor, said Eleonor.

- Yes, while I wait until school starts over there. The school year starts in January, it’s their fall…
You’re serious dad? Asked Junior.

- Yes, that way I could easily come to see you, or you can come over the weekend at the studio if you wish.

- Great! Said Junior, Australia is great!!! So I’m not going back to St. Paul College in London?

- No, you’re going to go to St. Paul College in Sydney… in January, said Terry.

- All right! Said junior smiling.

Terry looked at his son who was his spitting image. He had nothing of his mother’s. They got along great and they were doing a lot of stuff together.

Father and son took the plane to Australia where Terry had to do a big movie with the producer Robert Hathaway. He had learned that Susanna had tried in vain to get a role in Terry’s great movie. Terry was glad she didn’t succeed. He still didn’t understand the way she was indifferent to her own son! But he was taking care of his son, and he loved him that a lot and he was doing his schedule according to his son’s school schedule.

They had a big apartment in Sydney. While Terry was shooting his movie, his son was with his tutor who was helping him with the transition between the British program and the Australian program for back to school, which was going to be in January. But aside from that, Junior was spending his time at the beach, surfing and making friends and especially flirting with girls…

Father and son had a lot of fun together, even during the movie shoot, but time went by too fast; soon, it was time to go back to school. Junior arranged his stuff, a little sad.

- You’re going to be all right? Asked Terry

- Yes… a new school, it’s going to be a big change, I was finally used to British accent… but, I don’t think I could talk like them…

- In the long run, you’ll get used to it, said Terry, and you’re going to make friends in school

- Did you have a lot of friends in school, in your time?

- No, I was a loner… until I met this girl…

- A girl?

- Yes… she got me out of my shell and I had friends that summer in Scotland… It was fun

- A girl made it fun for you? Were you dating her?

- Yes… I dated her, said Terry smiling.

- Whatever happened to her?

Terry looked out the window. The view of Sydney. The memory of Candy had just taken over him. He remembered how much he was happy that summer and how he wanted to make sure that his happiness with Candy last forever… But, Susanna’s accident happened…

- We’ve lost touch, said Terry vaguely, ok, are you ready to go, buddy?

- I’m ready dad. I have a room all to myself?

- Since you don’t know anyone, I thought you’d rather be alone…

- You’re right, agreed Junior smiling, I'm going to miss you dad.

- I’m going to miss you too, my son… But you can come and see me every weekend…

- All right, said Junior smiling.

- I wished I had a normal job so I could be with you all the time…

- But you’d rather be an actor dad; it’s your passion…

“Especially since I had to give up the woman I love… I can at least leave my passion in my work, said Terry to himself”

- I’m going to take care of the family business dad, you bring the money and I'm going to manage it and make it grow…

- All right champ… Don’t forget you can do whatever you want in life…

- I know dad… thank you.

Father and son went to St. Paul College in Sydney. The boarding school was boiling with students. They were everywhere, girls, boys and their parents.

Terry walked his son to his room and he thought about the time when he was a student, he thought about Candy and his memory was so strong that his heart burst.

“Freckles, why am I thinking about you like that? Why do I feel you so strong here in Australia? He asked himself”

He stayed with his son for a little while and then he go up to leave.

- I have to go, buddy. I have to wake up at dawn tomorrow morning for the shooting, and we’re going in the desert, said Terry

- All right dad… be a good boy without me, don’t transform the apartment into a brothel.

- Hey! Careful! I’m still your father!

They burst out laughing. Junior walked his father to the school gate and they separated. Terry was wearing his sun glasses and a cap, so he wouldn’t be recognized. Junior went back to his room a little sad and he closed the door behind him. There were two beds in the room and he thought that was funny, since he was alone in the room. He took his laptop out and sat at the desk near the bed he had chosen to sleep on, near the window, He sent an email to his grand-father in London and one to his grand-mother in the United States. He also sent one to his mother, despite the fact that the later didn’t take care of him.

In the hallway, we could hear the other students working and talking, screaking, laughing. Junior went to the bathroom to take a shower. He washed his hair and then he got out with a towel around his waist. He went to get some shorts in his drawer, which he put on right away.

The door of the bedroom opened suddenly and a young man got in. He was still talking to someone in the hallway…

Junior was surprised and looked at the boy in question and he waited until he was done talking, to ask him what he was doing in his room…

The young man talked for a few more minutes and he finally closed the bedroom door and locked it. He turned around and he was startled to see Junior laying on his bed wearing a short and T-shirt

- Who the heck are you? Said the young boy looking at Junior with big eyes.

Junior stood up from the bed and approached him.

- I’m the one who should be asking you that question! You‘re the one who came in my room! Said Junior.

- That’s because, it’s my room! said the boy

- There must be a mistake, this is my room! Said Junior

The two boys were talking loud. The nuns were doing their round and to make sure everybody was in their room. They arrived at their door. They knocked and the boy went to open the door.

- What’s going on? Asked one of the nuns.

- I found this boy in my room, said the young boy

- It’s my room! Said Junior.

- No, it’s mine! Said the other boy.

They started arguing. The nuns didn’t understand what was going on. Sister Josephine, with the other nuns decided to intervene:

- That’s enough! She said.

But the two boys were still arguing.

- I said that’s enough now! TERRENCE!!! Yelled the nun.

- WHAT????!!! Said both boys at the same time.

It was total stupor in the room. Both boys looked at each other; the nuns looked at them… What the heck was going on?
le roi n'etais pas la. Je vais le faire revenir! :D
7 Jun 2015 - 18:10
Merci de me lire... j'ai vu que tu t'es inscrite sur mon forum? Tu vas bientot commenter nos fics aussi? Candice et le roi est terminé, je dois arranger des scenes c'est tout et ce weekend j'etais occupee a autre chose
Mais tres bientot vous aurez le chapitre suivant et la fin. Merci pour ton interet pour mon histoire... j'avoue que le dernier chapitre m'a ennuyé car l
7 Jun 2015 - 18:10
Hi,j'ai hate de lire la suite de "Candy& le roi" Attention aux phrases trop répétitives,j'attends le moment des retrouvailles. Bises
7 Jun 2015 - 18:04
Oui je me régale sur ton site,mais n'ai pas réussi à m'enregistrer il faut que mon ami le fasse pour moi. Ravie de voir qu'il y tjs des nouveautés! Bises
24 May 2015 - 22:47
Hi! Oui je sais,j'ai découvert ce site après le tien et celui de Sophie qui semble en stand by par contre je visite très souvent ton site.Je suis toujours avide de nouvelles fics et je peux dire que je les ai quasiment toutes lues (sur les 2 sites français )Bises
23 May 2015 - 2:28


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