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> The Letters to Juliet, My Christmas Story 2013
post Nov 16 2017, 11:05 PM
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The Letters to Juliet

Chapter 1
"A ghost from the past"

Candice Blanche Andrew was a student at the University of Chicago. She took a sabbatical and she had gone backpacking through Europe after finishing high school, but she had stayed longer, because of her heartbreak… Her parents had let her, knowing she needed time to get over her heartbreak… Now she was back home and she had to finish school and eventually get a job and provide for herself and live alone. She was outside the university sitting on a bench, when one of her friend arrived breathless.

- Candy! Oh here you are! Finally!

- What’s going on Annie? Asked Candy

Annie Jones was her roommate in an apartment downtown. She was blond like her, but her hair was strait and Candy’s were wavy.

- You have to come quickly! There’s a guy looking for you!

- A guy?

- Yes, he’s very handsome!!!!

- Annie… he asked for me? It’s not one of my cousins?

- I know your cousins for seeing them in pictures, no, it’s not one of your cousins!!! He like like those guys in romance novels you read…

- Really? Said Candy , you’re sure he was real? You’re not hallucinating?

- Candy, stop it! He insisted a lot to see you...I did tell him that I didn’t know where you were exactly. But he said he was going to wait for you. That he waited 7 years for you, so a few moments more…

- A guy you said?

- Yes, I should say a man, very tall, very handsome with bleu-green eyes. The most spectacular male specimen that had ever crossed the door step of this building…

Candy burst out laughing. Annie had the habit of exaggerating things.

- Are you done saying nonsense?

- I’m serious Candy… I swear to you, it’s a sure heart attack, very tall, very blond and blue-green eyes, I’ve never seen a guy so hot!!! He looks like those guy on the big billboards posters…

- Stop it! Why would a guy like that want to see me?

- I don’t know, but you go and see him, quickly

- You think he’s a student?

- He looks more like a teacher… he looks serious, older than a student, he looks more like a “man”…

- Maybe he’s a new teacher… did he say what he wanted?

- He wants you! That’s what he wants! Come on, go! He said he waited 7 years…

- 7 years ago, I was 16…

Candy took her stuff and she started walking to go see who was looking for her. She got to the office and she looked through the little window on the door. Her heart skipped beat. Sitting on an armchair, was Terrence Grandchester III, in the flesh. What was he doing there? He seemed at his ease and very relaxed, like he was sitting in his own living room, as handsome as ever. He was wearing a jean and blue-green polo the same colour has her eyes... His head was leaning forward, reading a magazine. Candy remembered how much she like drowning in his ocean coloured eyes… she remembered like it was yesterday, those beautiful eyes looking at her full of love and his lips making a beautiful smile just before he kissed her… She tried chasing those memories form her head, but it was practically impossible. She looked at him with a little more attention. His hair was still a little long like back in the days and still very thick and a little wavy. He was still so handsome!

He had always been that handsome… she remembered their first meeting like it was yesterday. He had came back from a party with her brother Anthony where they had drank more then they should’ve had. She was 12 years old and she wanted to see her big brother’s famous boyfriend he talked about so much. She had slipped in the guest room in silence which was in the dark. The curtains were closed preventing the sun from coming through the windows. She wanted to see the famous boy, who shared her brother’s room and who had a very long name with a number. He was lying on the bed with his arms on the top of his head. His long legs were going over the cover and she could see he was shirtless.

His name was Terrence G, Grandchester III. She remembered her brother Anthony had told them about his back to school and his friend with a very long name that ended with a number. He has even said, the had royal blood somewhere… According to Anthony, Terrence was from the British nobility and he had a red sport car… Her favourite colour… Candy looked at him and she saw he had lots of muscles. Anthony has muscles too, but she had never looked at him like that! And he had more muscles than Anthony, well at least it seemed like that to her. She looked at his hair, all over the place around his beautiful sleeping face. She had never seen such a handsome man aside from television or in the movies. She was out of breath. His face was perfect shape, his eyebrows were beautiful curved chestnut brown and his eyelashes were straight on his beautiful golden cheeks, his were not too thin nor too thick with a charming form. If only she could’ve seen the colour of his eyes. And why not the color of his underwear, while she was at it! She almost burst out laughing and she put her hand on her mouth and took some steps back, before she gave in to temptation and look under the cover. What if he’s naked? No, she was crazy! She had to stop that nonsense. So she took some steps backwards.
She had gone to the guestroom, not only to look at her brother’s handsome friend, but to take something from the closet. She opened the closet in silence so she wouldn’t wake up the handsome guy. She realised that her mother had put her geology material on the top of the closet. So she took an armchair to climb and reach the top of the closet. She got on the armchair, only she lost her balance and fell, making a loud noise which woke up the handsome guest.

- Are you all right? He asked

Terrence G Grandchester was dominating her with his height. He boxer was red and aside from that, her chest was naked with muscles. Candy was melting, he talked to her!

- Did you hurt your self? He asked with his beautiful voice with the British accent.

He gave her his hand to help her get back on her feet.

- I’ll survive, she said standing up

He went to sit on the bed and drank a glass of water which was on the night table.

- That can’t be very good, she said

- I’m thirsty, he said, what time is it?

- 9 o’clock.

She looked at him with fascinating eyes.

- I’m Candice Blanche Andrew. They call me Candy.

- Please to meet you, he said giving her his hand, I’m Terry, Anthony’s friend.

And she said:

- Terrence G.Grandchester III, I know.

“Blue-green, his eyes are blue-green” She noticed.

- It’s Christmas in October, she said smiling

He understood she was talking about his weird face.

- Is it that horrible?

- Dreadful! She said smiling

He burst out laughing and she was able to see his white teeth.

- I’m sorry for waking you up, she said, I was trying to get my bag on the upper shelf.

- Don’t tell me I’m in your room…

- No, but I use this closet, because mine is full… what does the “G” stands for? She asked

He was a little lost…

- The what?

- The “G” in your name…

- Oh… Graham…

- It’s not all that…

- That’s why I use “G”, it makes the name less long…

- Terrence G, Grandchester the third is les long than Terrence Graham Grandchester the third? She said stunned, you really have to use “the third”? Sound pompous…

- If you ask me, “Grandchester” sounds too pompous

- You father is the second?

- Yes…

- Shouldn’t that make you a “Junior” or something?

- I’d rather be called “Terry”…

- Then I will call you Terry…

- All right, he said showing his white teeth

Then he said:

- If I give you your bag, you promise you’ll let me go back to sleep?

She looked at him mischievously.

- If you take me for a ride in your sport car, it’s a deal.

He looked at her smiling. She had two pigtails, green eyes and freckles on her nose. She was so beautiful… but what was he thinking? She was a kid…

Candy was wondering if she had something on her nose, she rubbed it.

- What are you looking at?

- Your freckles… you’ve got a lot of them.

- In fact, I collect them, she said smiling.

He had stood up to take the bag she had come for.

- This bag is heavy, what do you got in there? Rocks?

- As a matter of fact, I collect pebbles too.

He gave her the bag.

- Pebbles, freckles, you’re a real collector! Here you go…

- Thank you …

- I shouldn’t be talking to you with my boxes like that…

- I’ve seen Anthony with boxers hundreds of time…

- Anthony is your brother… I’m not.

[i]“Oh yes, thank God you’re not my brother. It would’ve been a pity, you’re way too hot!!!!” She said to herself.

- And I doubt your father would approve, even ifyou have a very pretty nose with your freckles, Miss Freckles…

- My name is Candy…

- That’s what I said, Miss Freckles!

- You’re impossible!! She said taking her bag to leave…

- You’re going to show me your rock collection?

- If you wish, after the ride in your car… Terrence Graham Grandchester the third, I think you’re very cool. You’re not a looser and I’m happy you’re my brother’s friend, And Ilike you a lot.

She opened the door and left with her bag. She heard behind the door:

- I like you took, Miss Freckles. And I’m lucky to be crashing a my friends who has a sister as cool as you. We’re going to for a ride in my car later![/i]

Candy came back to reality. She was still looking at Terry

- So, said Annie, who had come near her, do you know him?

- Yes…

- Who is it?

Good question. The man of her dreams? The love of her life? The man who broke her heart into a million pieces?

- He’s my brother’s university friend, she finally said

She turned around and told Annie:

- Tell him I’m not available…

- Come on Candy, since you’re here!

- Please Annie…

- Candy, listen to me. I talked to her earlier. Only for five minutes, but it was enough for me to know that he’s not a looser. If I tell him tattle tales, he’s going to know that you found out he wa here and you left running.

Candy listened to her speechless and Annie continued:

- A man like him always s has the same reaction when his pray runs, he follows! So if for a reason I can’t explain you want to get rid of him, if you don’t want him to follow you everywhere… and frankly, I can tell you that would adore that… You better take a deep breath and open the door and go talk to him!

Annie was absolutely right. Candy took a deep breath and she opened the door and got in the room.

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Letters to Juliet

Chapter 2
“The meeting”

Terry was in the room looking at a magazine, without really seeing it. He had been waiting for a while and the wait continued. Maybe he should take advantage of the time to think about the next chapter of his novel. Review the structure in his head… But it was impossible. He couldn’t concentrate. What if Candy didn’t come? What if she did? He was trying to calm himself down, after all, he was his best friend’s little sister, little Candy, Freckles, his Juliet… his soul mate, his light, only love, his last hope.

It had been seven years since the dance at her school. She would’ve been his if he hadn’t been so stupid. It’s crazy how one tiny little mistake could change everything. He thought about the Bible, the story of Nebucadenedzar and his dream when a rock throw to the feet of his statue and it broke into a thousand pieces. That’s exactly what had happened to his life. If only he could change everything by going back in time! Like that trip to Central America for example, that had changed his whole life…Had he known that the 10 day mission was going to become an endless nightmare…

He chased that memory for his head, he didn’t want to think about that horrible time in his life. He even had a dream of central America the night before, that he was back in jail and… No, he didn’t want to think about it. He wanted to think about Candy. In fact she had never left his mind. She was the only constant in his life, if he wasn’t sure of anything else, he was sure of his feelings for her… But it’s been 7 years… They both had probably changed…

He thought about the phone call he got the day before from his old college roommate and Candy’s brother: Anthony Andrew.

- Candy is back and she’s back to school

- Really?

- I know you still love her… and her too

- How could you be sure? I hurt her…

- Listen, you’re a widower now, and you’re free. There’s your chance to get her back. What happened was out of your control, you had a duty and obligations…

- You really think I could get her back?

- What are you talking about? I don’t recognize you! Where is that young man so sure of himself who had no doubt on his charm?

- He’s a little discouraged but the obstacle life has thrown on his way…

- Terry, stop it! My sister loves you and you love her too. She’s not a minor anymore, she’s free! And she’s very solicited, so you better convince her you love her before she gets wooed by another loser…

He remembered that Candy almost married a rich kid, a real loser. Fortunately, she changed her mind at the last minute.

- You’re the one that she wants, so if you fail, this time around you’ll have only yourself to blame…

Did he have the right to have hope? The woman he loved, his Juliet, his Freckles, his soul mate was back in America and he was finally free… Was destiny giving them another chance to be together? In any case, he had to try, he had to get Candy back. She was his reason to live… he smiled alone. He was back at the time went he was woken up by a 12 year old kid with her big green eyes, so mature for her age and full of sense of humour and so sure of herself. She was so cute and he had fallen for her already. He knew she was going to become a very beautiful young woman. He had taken her for a ride in his read sport car and they had ice cream and she was ectatic! He had often came back to spend the weekend at Anthony’s. He saw how his feelings for her grew at the same time. The Andrew parents were so welcoming and very warm, and they were still in love with each other, despite the fact that they had been married for years. Used to a tense atmosphere with his parents, to see Anthony’s parents behave like newlyweds was refreshing and they loved their children and they showed them. As opposed to the coldness his parents were showing him… Spending time in that family was wonderful, it was like living in those happy families on television shows.

He remembered having spent a summer with them, it was the best of his life. Candy was fourteen, that year… if they had told him that the affection he felt for his best friend’s little sister was going to become a passioin, he probably would’ve gotten angry… And then there was that famous school dance…

- Terrence G. Grandchester, said Candy’s voice.

He was startled and he raised his head. Candy materielised in front of him. Her fresh voice had drawn him from his thoughts. He looked into he r emerald green eyes. God, she was so beautiful, more beautiful than the last time he saw her… When was that again? Oh yeah, at Anthony’s wedding, it was 4 years ago…

- Freckles…

- Hi Terry, how are you? What are you doing here?

- I’m in town for business and I wanted to say hi…I wanted to invite you for dinner. I didn’t know if you were back yet. I talked to Anthony last night and…

Candy was looking at him like in a dream. He was still so handsome, he was more mature, of course, he was even more attractive. She was melting. He was smiling to her.

- So Freckles? Are you having dinner with me tonight?

Dinner with him, there was no way!

- I… I don’t think so…

Terry was puzzled. Winning her back was not going to be easy… Maybe she was dating someone? No, Antony would’ve told him, wouldn’t he? Maybe he didn’t know about it…

- Are you seeing someone? He asked

- No, she said looking down.

He had to restrain himself not to jump of joy.

- Then why are you refusing?

- Because it’s not necessary , you don’t need to take me out for dinner…

- But I want to, you need to eat, right? He said smiling.

- Listen, Anthony called you probably because he was worried about me a little… but I’m not a little girl anymore, I lived alone for all these years around the world, I don’t need a babysitter.

- I’m not here because Anthony sent me to keep an eye onyou. I was in town and I wanted to see you, that’s all…

- That’s all?

- I didn’t come as a favour to your brother.

- Really? Yet, it wouldn’t be the first time.

She was talking about the past…

- Don’t tell me you believe what he said that morning…

- Of course I believed him… Thanks for coming to say hi Terry. See you next time.

And she turned around to leave. He was frozen on the spot for a moment.

- Candy! Wait…

- Now what? Your wife must be waiting for you right?

- I’m a widower…

Candy didn’t know what to say. In her wildest dreams, she never would’ve imagined something like that! A widower? Young people didn’t die. His wife was young and beautiful…

- Oh… I’m sorry. I didn’t know.

- Thank you.

- But it doesn’t change anything… I still don’t want to have dinner with you, Terry. Leave me alone!

- Candy!

And she left, this time, without turning back.


He went back to his hotel room and he plugged his laptop and took his shoes off. He heard the little jingle it does showing that the device was turning on. He plugged his USB key and opened a file called “Tyler”. Pages from Microsoft Word opened.

He was writing a novel, an historical novel set in the beginning of the 20th Century. He was far. He had just finish some crucial chapters from the novel in which Tyler, the hero had a big fight with the heroine’s brother, Alistair. His inspiration was at its heights so he kept writing.

“Tyler contemplated sombrely the big gate door of the Ardley Manor, which prevented him from going in. The gate was locked by the help and they were going to open it only thenext morning. Standing behind the trees, he knew he was invisible. The time he was welcome in that house like a brother was over, he knew it. That door gate will never open for him again..”

For a moment, Terry stopped writing to take a sip of soda. Ok, where was he going? For starters, Tyler had to cross the obstacle…

“Yet, Bianca Rose was just behind those windows. Whether he was welcome or not, he will find a way to join her! Almost flippantly, he jumped, grabbed the metallic rods and he climbed, crossing the metallic peaks on the top of the gate and hopped slightly on the other side calmly. He had made a promise to Bianca Rose and he intended tokeep it. Staying under the trees, walking without a noise like he had learned to do as a child. Hewalked towards the manor. He walked with determination, his lips tight, his implacable that his beautiful face became as marble mask. At that moment the part of native blood he had inhis veins were taking over the civilised gentleman. With a fixity of a predator, his twny eyes were on the window of Bianca Rose’s room…”

- Wait, wait a second, said Terry, raising his fingers from the keyboard. Where do you think you’re going so fast?

In his mind, he saw Tyler turning around to give him the look, his arms crossed, his eyebrows lifted, his fine and regular face somber with impatience.

- I’m going to see Bianca Rose, he replied as a matter of factly.

- No, you’re not, said Terry, according to my synopsis, you have to find her on the belvedere.

- Yeah right! Said Tyler exasperated, and of course her brother will come in her place, and he’s going to beat me up one more time because I have too much nobility to fight him back… in fact, I could knock him down with one hand. All that because at one time he was my best friend. It’s becoming tiresome, you know that? Your reader are going to agree with me, I promise you.

He looked up towards the windows again and he said:

- It’s time to offer us a little sex.

Dsiscouraged, Terry sat back onhis chair. Heroes were all the same, they wanted immediate satisfaction of all their desires. They loved the heroines like crazy and they didn’t understand why their authors were making them live all sorts of crazy things before allowing them to live happily ever after until the end do their days. The New York best-sellers didn’t mean anything for them.

- I love Bianca Rose, argued Tyler, she loves me. I know it…she will come to tell me in a few pages. Look at the reality, Terry; there is now way I’m going to agree to get on a boat to Europe… not if I have to leave her here. It’s not believable and it’s not like my character.

- Yes, it is, whispered Terry, it makes perfect sense… because you think it’s better for her.

Tyler shook his head, disappointed.

- Wait, are you talking about Bianca Rose or Candy? It’s a romance novel Terry! Don’t confuse it with you ruining your own life

- If everything doesn’t go like clock work, there’s no story, explained Terry, things have to go wrong at first, we need drama. You can climb by Bianca Rose’s window and make love to her right?

His hero agreed with his head vigourously.

- Then, you want to get her out of the manor and take her with you to Europe?

Tyler agreed with his head again, his eyes looking up at the window dimly lighted on the first floor.

- How were you going to live, financially? Bianca Rose is used to a certain train of life. Did you think about that?

Tyler raised his shoulders.

- She loves me more than money, he said with a charming smile which illuminated his austere traits. As long as we’re together, she will be happy.

- You’re too perfect, said Terry, I’ll have to give you a dark side, more worried, or a terrible family secret…

- Oh, please, not the old family secret trick! Begged the hero, I’m already half native and poor as a church mouse. That’s not enough for you?

- Apparently not, said his author. I’d like the book to make more than 175 pages, if it doesn’t bother you.

Tyler’s face became enlighten all of a sudden, he had just got an idea.

- You want to develop? Ihave a great idea. A love scene with more than a hundred pages! Just Bianca Rose and I and one hundred pages of crazy happiness.

Terry burst out laughing.

- I recognize you there! Unfortunately, I don’t see myself succeed such an amazing feat. But you deserve a medal for your obsession.

Tyler’s eyes stayed looking at Bianca Rose’s window.

- I’ve been trying to put my hands on her for 163 pages, he scolded between his teeth, you brought me on the edge of ecstasy twice, just to rip me off at the last minute. You’re killing me Terry! Let me go a little.

Terry suddenly smiled.

- Very well. You go ahead! Climb that vine.

“With a fixity of a predator, his twny eyes were on the window of Bianca Rose’s room. In a few movement, he was climbing the vine, without feeling the horns ripping his hands.”

Tyler stopped climbing half way to give his author the look.

- Thanks for the botanic! You could’ve chosen a climber… but no, it had to be roses, with horns! You really swore to complicate my life!

- Roses are romantic ,said Terry, it’s your beloved name. Anyway, you can’t feel it.

“The window was opened. Tyler lively jumped inside. At the moment his feet touched the floor of the bedroom, his instinct yelled a warning. Something was not right. On his corner, his heart was beating, he let his eyes get used to the darkness and started to see shapes little by little… the matress on the bed was naked, the dressing table was empty, the shelves had no books. Where was Bianca Rose’s belongings, that always were aroung her? With big steps, he walked to the closet and opened the big door. Empty. All her dresses had disappeared.

- Looking for something? Asked Alistair Ardley’s mocking voice. Tyler suddenly turned around. Bianca Rose’s brother was there at the door, his aristocratic face frozen in a cold expression of disdain.

- Unless you’re looking for someone? He asked again

- Where is she? Barked Tyler

- Gone. My father decided to send her to visit some family for a while. That’s curiouis, I don’t remember if they lived in the Wyoming or Kentucky. Unless it’s in California?

Tyler turned around to give him a look of hatred.

- You bastard! He yelled.

Two big steps took him to Alistair. He gave a blow to his former best friend’s face, then, withoug a word he disappeared by the window.

With a large smile, Terry let his fingers run on the keyboard. Yes, he had a lot of time to give Alistair a lesson once and for all.


Terry was in his sports car and he parked it on an empty spot in front of Candy’s building and he looked out the window to make sure there was light at her apartment. He got in the building and he went to the first floor and he rang the bell. Anthony had given him his sister’s address.

He waited for a moment that seemed like forever. Finally the door opened… She was wearing a green shirt and some jeans. She was barefoot and he gave her his most beautiful smile. She remembered the moment he had looked at his friend’s little sister with different eyes.

- Why am I not surprised to see you? She asked.

- Because you’re dying to have dinner with me , I know it and you too!

- “Young presumptuous!” She said smiling

- You’re younger than me…

- “Talk with no emotions. I’m young, it’s true, but to those fortunate souls, the value doesn’t wait for the number of years.”

- You’re tragique quoting “El Cid”, my Juliet.

- Right you have a preference for Shakespeare, Romeo… but “Romeo and Juliet” is another tragedy, right?

- Our lives has been enough tragic as it is, Juliet, don’t you think so?

- We were not meant to live together, at least destiny didn’t let us, since you married another woman…

- Candy…

- No, Terry, it hurts too much and I don’t know if it’s going to stop hurting one day. I have work to do…

- I brought Chinese food…

She looked at him. She wanted to do one thing, jump into his arms and let herself go. But she couldn’t. Too many things had happened…

- I already had dinner, thanks.

And she closed the door to his face. Terry was hurt. Winning her back was not going to be a piece of cake.

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Letters to Juliet

Chapter 3
“A blossoming love…”

Juliet, my pretty one,

I still have no news from the British Embassy. The idea of doing time for ten years in this hell hole, terrorises me. I’m already having trouble believing that this masquerade went this far. What happened to me was …unthinkable. It was a set up, it was obvious like the sun still shining outside, beyond the the thick walls of this stinky cell. I was punish for not collaborating with the actual government by not revealing the location of the the rebel forces, or the name of those who allowed me to meet the chef of the opposition.

The most absurd thing is that I don’t even approve the methods often used by those rebels in their fight. I can’t betray them for that. If they hadn’t covered their backs, if the troops arrived to them, it would be a massacre and they wouldn’t spare neither the women or the children. So I’m stuck here, alone in a naked room. I don’t know precisely where this prison is: I could be on the moon, at hundreds of kilometre from home. I’m writing you in my head, those letters you will never receive, unless I’m free to give them to you in person. If my luck turns, it would be soon. The day of your eighteenth birthday is getting close and I intend to be there, like I promised you.

I love you.

Your Romeo.


After Terry left, Candy tried to do like nothing had happened. She was going to continue her work/ Her trip around the world had given her the will to write about everything she had seen and visited. She was studying journalism at the university. She had seen so many things around the world and she wanted to put it in words officially. It was also because when she had met Terry, she had learn by her brother that he was a very good writer. When she was young, she had decided she was going to do like the one she considered as her idol, she loved writing stories when she was little. Learning that Terry wrote very well, gave her the thought that they had something in common… but her love for literature and writing had nothing to do with Terry. Because despite the fact that she was angry with him she still loved to write…it made her feel free. Writing in her journal, everything she was feeling for Terry was like a liberation. She had no sister to confide in, she had her writing… Seeing Terry again after all these years… How long has it been since the last time she saw him? It had been seven years since the promise he made, but 4 since the last time she saw him…There was a turmoil in her head. Terry was at the same time responsible for the best and most horrible moment of her existence. She had felt like Cinderella and then it was her whole world that had turned into a pumpkin. During the party, it was paradise, he was her prince. She had managed to have him as a date and the evening was perfect, but in the end…everything fell apart.

Inevitably, she remembered the day of the famous evening.

She had tried her dress and she had gone downstairs to show it to her brother and Terry. She was 16 years old. Anthony and Terry were playing scrabble and being both very strong, the game was very tight. Terry always won and he had the art of words and he would find words nobody had heard of before.

- Hi guys, do you like my dress? Said Candy walking in front of them

The dress was long in muslin silk green with fine straps putting her breast in evidence, showing she was growing up and she had the curves where it should be.

- I’m going to put make up and have an up do in my hair, she said smiling? So what do you think?

Anthony had looked at her and frowned his eyebrows.

- Oh my God! Since when did you become a woman?

- Anthony, I’ve been a girl for 16 years, you should keep up! Said Candy a little upset.

She had dared look at Terry who wasn’t saying anything, he had a weird smile on his lips.

- I’m not used to seeing you dressed like a girl, said Anthony.

- Yet I am one.

- When you said you were going to get dress for the school dance, I was expecting you to wear a jean with no holes on the knees and beautiful cowboy boots!

- Very funny! Said Candy

- You look magnificent, he finally said

- Thank you, she said

Anthony had stood up to go to the kitchen and get more potato chips to eat. She remembered her mother’s scream saying:

- Don’t ruin your appetite with chips!

- Nothing would stop me from eating your delicious food my little mommy, said Anthony laughing

Candy was still in front of Terry when the phone rang. Anthony answered and a few seconds later…

- Candy!!! It’s your boyfriend! He yelled.

Candy was angry he had yelled that in the presence of Terry. She ran to the kitchen and ripped the phone from his hand and she said out luck.

- Arthur is not my boyfriend! He’s a friend who happens to be a boy. We’re going to the dance together! Stop being a jerk Anthony!

She talked to Arthur…

- Candy…

- You sound like you’re about to die, what’s going on Arthur.

- I think I caught a virus, the one in the air… I’m sorry but I won’t be able to take you to the dance…

- Oh, don’t worry about that. Take care of yourself and get back on your feet quickly.

- Thank you Candy. I’m sorry…

- Take care of yourself, Arthur

Candy hung up and went sheepish where her brother and Terry were.

- What did your flirt want? He can’t decide between the blue suit and his purple suit? Said Anthony teasingly

Candy gave him the look.

- Arthur is sick, so I’m not going to the dance. I don’t have a date! You’re happy now?

- I’m sorry Candy…, said Anthony

Terry had looked at her tenderly and he said:

- I can take you …

- WHAT??!???! Said Anthony and Candy at the same time.

Candy couldn’t believe her ears. Have she heard him right?

- I mean, I’d like to take you, said Terry

Anthony looked at him surprised.

- We have to go out tonight, double date! You’re going to stoop up Anabeth’s friend?

- No, I’m going to call her and tell her I can’t come and apologize, answered Terry

- By telling her you had to take my little sister to a stupid high school dance? She’s going to be glad!

- It’s not a stupid dance! Said Candy angry

- Anthony, it’s her high school dance

Anthony looked at his little sister and looked at his friend…

- In fact, he finally said, I’m going to be the one taking you…

- Thanks a lot Anthony, but there is no way I’m going to show up at my high school dance with my big brother! I’d rather stay home!

Terry looked at him smiling and he said:

- Anthony, I want to take her to her dance, it’s not a chore, it’s going to be a great pleasure for me in fact, if she wants to do me the honour…

Candy looked at him surprised. Was she really hearing what he was saying? What he was saying was kind of intense for her… He then turned around towards her to ask her by looking straight in her eyes.

- Candy, would you like me to talk you to your school dance?

How could she resist that? It was too good to be true!!! The boy of her dreams wanted to go to the school dance with her!!!

But before Candy could answer, Anthony said:

- Wait a minute buddy… stop it.

He looked at his friend with disbelief eyes.

- Grandchester, if I understand you correctly, you… you have a thing for my little sister?

Terry pretended he didn’t hear him, he was looking at Candy in the eyes and he was waiting for her answer. There was only on answer possible for Candy.

- Yes Terry, I would like you to take me to the dance, she has answered smiling.

When she thought about that scene seven years later, Candy recognised the moment she had finally admitted to herself her love for Terrence Graham Grandchester III. But she had to admit that she had loved him for years, it wasn’t just a little teen fling or a temporarily crush, but real love, deep and powerful. And that , since the first time she had seen him…

Looking at her computer monitor and she was wondering what would’ve happened if he had loved her like she had loved him? What if they had lived their lives together? Would she already have little Terrys and little Candys running around? What if he had come back like he had promised and married her? Would love had held the water?


Terry woke up startled from his bed. He was in sweat/ He had just had another nightmare/ He had just dreamt that he had lost the pretend of a trial…He started to think about what had been the beginning of the end of his life with Candy…

A week earlier, he had been sent by the English magazine he was working for to get an interview with a rare chief of a rebel camp from a small country in Central America. Everything had gone well, the interview was perfect, interesting and striking. Very satisfied he had gone back to his hotel room to start typing his notes on his laptop and arrange the article.

He had gone to sleep late and he had barely closed his eyes that he was awaken in startled; his room was full of soldiers. He was taken by force in a secret location; they had interrogated him about the locations of the rebel camps. Despite his fear, he knew the answers he would give will have terrible consequences. So he had told a simple story that he had an appointment in town and that his eyes were blindfolded, that he didn’t see anything on his way there. The questioning had lasted 24 hours and then he had been released.

When he went back to his hotel room, he wanted to call the British Embassy to tell them what had happened to him, but this plane was leaving in less than 2 hours and he barely had the time to go to the airport in time not to miss his flight. So he couldn’t afford to call the Embassy and tell them what had happened to him. His first priority was to leave the country as soon as possible! He couldn’t stay an extra day in that country!

He was on the taxi going to the airport, feeling almost safe without really being safe, since he would only be only once he’s home. That’s the moment when the military police arrived, stopping his taxi. A quick search in his luggage and hidden carefully under his clean shirts little bags of cocaine. The imposture was so obvious he burst out laughing! He should’ve been more careful… they had let him go… because they had set him up! He was thrown in jail and the next day, he was on trial in front of a judge, it was really fast he didn’t have the time to realise what was happening. He didn’t get the right to his one phone call, he wasn’t able to contact anybody… He regretted not calling the Embassy… Now nobody knew where he was. His magazine in those kinds of cases, would wash their hands, they tell their reporters that in case of trouble, they won’t be able to help him. The verdict had fallen for Terry; guilty and 10 years of prison. No, that couldn’t be true!!!!

He had did his best and he was able to contact the British Embassy to learn that they couldn’t do anything to help him. The condemnation for drug trafficking put him out of their jurisdiction. He was trapped, they told him. He had rights… He was a British citizen… but everything would fall in deaf ears. He knew deep down that the Embassy’s hands were tied and they couldn’t risk a diplomatic incident for a simple reporter… his pompous title wasn’t impressive at all. He had no right they had told him. He wasn’t an hostage nor a political prisoner, but he was condemned plain and simple. Nobody could anything for him. So he was thrown in jail.

- If you behave well, you could be freed in 5 or 6 years, the prison guard told him.

Is that all?! Five of six years for doing nothing?! It was ridiculous and the sad reality. Now his home was a simple cell dark and humid with a small window with bars. They would get him out for meals and walks in the court of the forteress. The meal like the walls were irregular and unpredictable. He had nothing, he wouldn’t shower anymore and didn’t eat well and he was wondering if he could hope. He was starting to lose his mind little by little. So he started seeing Candy, his Juliet, in his cell who kept him company, who would talk to him, she was the one who gave him the strength to continue living. With no paper or pencil, he started writing her letters in his mind, hundreds and hundreds of letters…Letters he couldn’t send her, words he swore to put one day on paper. Those letters, had kept him alive and allowed him to survive, all those months of incarceration… until the day when…

He came back to reality… Later, once he was back among the living, the nightmares had bothered him for years, in the end it started calming down. Why would he start seeing his cell in his dreams again?

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