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I tend to write a lot when I feel I have things bottling up inside me, so I like to put my thoughts on paper to feel better afterwards :)
I love love music and playing music. I play piano and guitar (still a bit clumsy with the guitar, but I'm getting there!)
Of course I love reading a lot, I read almost anything from conspiracy theories and thrillers, to hopeless romantic novels and positive psychology New Age books. I've cried reading many books but the one that stands in my mind now is Captain Corelli's mandolin, while the book that made my heart beat fast was "For whom the bell tolls"
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7 Sep 2015
Well, a double celebration today in the CT forum. I thought to open a thread for the both of those great CT fans, and super nice ladies through and through. Without further ado




Dear friends, I wish you health and happiness always! To have reasons to smile every day and be creative to give us great CT stories and fanarts!! Enjoy your special day today!
I'll start the party! laugh2.gif

wine.gif bdaysurprise.gif danse-en-ligne.gif fest30.gif cheers.gif cheerleader.gif happybday.gif wine.gif bdaysurprise.gif danse-en-ligne.gif fest30.gif cheers.gif cheerleader.gif happybday.gif wine.gif bdaysurprise.gif danse-en-ligne.gif fest30.gif cheers.gif cheerleader.gif happybday.gif wine.gif bdaysurprise.gif danse-en-ligne.gif fest30.gif cheers.gif cheerleader.gif happybday.gif
24 Aug 2015
Girls, I made this poll because of my fanfic. Many ideas sprung in my mind and I wanted to get your opinion on Albert's face in CCFS. Instead of opening a thread in the general forum, I thought to create the poll. It's more fun I thought. All opinions are welcome. I just wanted to see what you guys think happened to him before deciding whether to apply my idea or not.
7 Jul 2015
hi everyone! I have been very much absent from the forum for various reasons but I thought to pass by quickly and leave a question of mine as I would be very interested to read your opinions. My writing contribution will be sparse but I will be reading with interest of what you think. So it's about Susanna. To put the question in context:

We all know about Mizuki's issue with historical and other inaccuracies in the CC story. And we have come to the conclusion that: a) Mizuki was not that interested in getting everything accurate down to the small details and cool.gif it was difficult in 70's Japan to have easy access to Western history sources.

I'm intrigued about Mizuki's choice to name the spoilt girl who forced Terry to split up with Candy as Susanna Marlowe. What we know about this name?
Susanna was the name of Shakespeare's daughter. Marlowe is surname of a quite famous poet who as the conspiracists have it, could be behind Shakespeare's works. I can come back with some links.
"Christopher Marlowe[1] (baptised 26 February 1564 30 May 1593) was an English playwright, poet and translator of the Elizabethan era. Marlowe was the foremost Elizabethan tragedian of his day.[2] He greatly influenced William Shakespeare, who was born in the same year as Marlowe and who rose to become the pre-eminent Elizabethan playwright after Marlowe's mysterious early death. Marlowe's plays are known for the use of blank verse and their overreaching protagonists."

I find it almost impossible to think that Susanna Marlowe was a name chosen lightly or by luck. Why do you think Mizuki chose that name? If you say she wanted to connect Terry with Shakespeare, why not name her Ophelia, or Juliet, or Hermione? They were all famous women in Shakespeare's plays. I'm inclined to think that Susanna Marlowe is more a symbolic name. Could it mean that Terry dedicated his life to his Shakespearean career despite him loving Candy? Sometimes I'm thinking that Susanna symbolises something more than just a spoilt up and coming actress...What do you think guys?
11 Jun 2015
Ok I think this deserves its own topic. The reason I'm opening it is the following. From all the years of getting to know and talk to CAshippers for me this is one of their main arguments and it is almost certain that at some point this will come up. And for me personally is the most annoying argument to show for a 20 year old girl to whom many old fans want to reflect their preferences in life. I won't write much because I type from the tablet which is frustrating in its own right. To get the ball rolling, I'll wrte two things and you can confirm if I'm right or wrong. Memory is not good.

First and irrelevant to my intro, do we happen to have this interview of Mizuki with the three loves in Japanese? I'm just curious to get the exact wording.

Secondly and that is where a stronger memory will help. Didn't Mizuki say about the ccfs that the story of candy and anohito is another story all together? Meaning that she didn't show us anything about Candy and her partner because as she put it, she would need another book to write? Somewhere along those lines....

Now let us imagine that Mizuki did actually mean that the calm love Candy experienced was with Albert.

First problem - Mizuki's interview about the three loves was referring to her older work. Meaning that the classification of the three loves was referring to the CC story which ends when Candy is what? 18? Mizuki said I wanted to describe three loves for Candy. How can it be that in the space of 18 years a writer described 3 loves which according to some are the three main types of female-male love. Completely wrong in my opinion but I'll keep the pretence for argument sake. So a woman in her life experience the first love, the hormone crazy passionate, first sexual fellings love, and the mature calm wise self confident seen the world and I'm done with it calm love, all in the space of 18 or even 20 years with the three loves of what? 3 years apart? Candy is not a woman, but a runner bean by the speed she is maturing.

Second problem - as it has been pointed out, the target audience of the initial story was early teens girls. To even hint or try to describe a mature calm love to an 11 year old girl who in her own life fancies a boy from the neighborhood and goes bananas every time she sees him and makes cartwheels in the street to impress him, or even worse tries to beat him up because she doesn't even know how to express her fancy...is like trying to describe a moon shuttle to cave men.

And third problem - but still we can overlook the above and still say yes, at 18 Candy and Al or even at 20, they started having feelings for each other. So I chronicle the calm love below:
Candy and Al realise they have feelings for each other
Candy and Al date and everything is hunky dory because they are so calm and in the zone, there is nothing that can disturb the straight line.
After many years of Al working continuously and Candy working tirelessly as a nurse, they get married. Al sells property because somehow it makes sense to up house and go to UK. He also finds the pony painting and he gives to Candy. Who has second thoughts about the moving but Pony tells her. Keep the painting dear. It is a sign for you that you are doing the right thing and go with Al. With whom she has the secure calm strong mature love so she shouldn't really feel the moving jitters for Pony to need to encourage her to follow her mature secure husband. So they go to England. Candy works or stays at home on her own and Al stays in the office until the evening in her calm and mature and secure relationship. And no she is not melancholic at the start because in a calm relationship what is so melancholic about? And in a calm secure mature relationship, Albert her husband doesn't want her away from him for too long so she cannot visit Pony in the US.
By the way in this calm mature secure self confident relationship, how much of the above can expand to write a whole book on its own?
14 May 2015
OK, this topic is for having fun, no analysis or wars between Terrybles and Albertines, lol! I did wonder in the past, could I create a CC musical? What songs would there be in it? Then Miracolo sends me a message out of the blue. Have I thought about a CC musical? It would be fun if everyone contributed their ideas of songs that would be in there. Of course to write original songs, it would be an almost impossible task, it needs too much musical knowledge and organisation...perhaps in the future who knows, lol! But for now, feel free everyone to contribute songs about a CC musical. I'll start with a song I happened to hear just now and I had to stop what I was doing to listen carefully whether I am listening correctly.

So this is the song that Annie would sing in her head to Archie... laugh2.gif

Archie, marry me by Alvvays

ou've expressed explicitly your contempt for matrimony
You've student loans to pay and will not risk the alimony
We spend our days locked in a room content inside a bubble
and in the night time we go out and scour the streets for trouble

Hey, hey, marry me, Archie
Hey, hey, marry me, Archie

During the summer take me sailing out on the Atlantic
I won't set my sights on other seas, there is no need to panic
So honey take me by the hand and we can sign some papers
Forget the invitations floral arrangements and bread makers

Hey, hey, marry me, Archie
Hey, hey, marry me, Archie

Too late to go out, too young to stay in
They're talking about us living in sin
Hey, hey, marry me, Archie
Hey, hey, marry me, Archie
Hey, hey, marry me, Archie
Hey, hey, A.R.C.H.I.E, hey

Hi there Big Sis! Long time since I chatted with you! How is it going?
Hugs and kisses
20 Oct 2015 - 23:28
Hi !just a little note to say thanks for your fanfics (I'm french)Have a good day !
11 May 2015 - 13:30
You are done reading fics too?
All right, I understand... But since you seemed to like Roisin (correct me if I am wrong) I hoped you would stick around. The odd thing is that these gals who are pro-virgin Terry Love my fic, Roisin notwithstanding. LOL
8 Feb 2013 - 0:50
As for me, this is the only CC fic I will ever write (come to think, I am just revising it!
7 Feb 2013 - 23:51
I liked your last installment of "Mind Games" but I do understand that you had to separate. I hope you stick around and keep in touch. :) Good luck
And please, if you decide to write originals, please let me know. Would love to read!
7 Feb 2013 - 23:51


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