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29 Oct 2012
Well, first of all I want you to forgive me for my poor English. sad.gif As it is not my native language, there may be a few mistakes.
However, any help will be warmly welcome!

This is my first fic so I really hope you like it! heartdraw.gif

Now let me ask you something...
Do you remember the May Festival? I bet you do… cupidgirl.gif
So you must still remember what Candy had asked Terry just before they started dancing… “To go on an excursion together…”
What you probably do not know is that this excursion really took place in Scotland but I think that Mizuki didn’t want this to come out… nodyes.gif

Enjoy! drawheart.gif

The excursion

Part 1

It was a shining morning… The birds were singing and Candy was listening to their song, when sitting on a tree… However, her mind was always somewhere else…

“Candy! Candy! Where are you?”

“It is Annie” Candy thought. “But why is she looking for me?”

“Candy I know you are here. Please answer” Annie went on looking for her friend.

“What’s wrong Annie?” Candy replied while jumping off the tree.

“At last I found you!” Annie said panting. “Well, the others decided to go swimming. I’ll go with them too. Will you join us?”

“I’m sorry but…” Candy was trying to escape.

“Come on Candy!”

“Please Annie I don’t feel very well…”

“Well I didn’t know that people who don’t feel good can climb up trees!...” Annie teased her.

“Oh Annie can’t you understand me? I just want…”

“To see Terry!” Annie interrupted her smiling. She knew Candy very well…


“Well if you don’t want to come I can’t force you to. But if you change your mind we will wait for you.” Annie said leaving and letting Candy in deep thoughts again.

“She left… They will go swimming… But what can I do?” Candy whispered, when suddenly an idea interrupted her thoughts. “Well, I’ll spend my time in a better way!” she said and started acting like an acrobat!
She was jumping from tree to tree, when suddenly she lost her balance and fell abruptly down!

“Ouch!” Candy cried out. “What a pain!” She went on when she suddenly heard somebody laughing.

“Terry?!” Candy said looking questioningly.

“Hahahahah!!!” Terry couldn’t stop laughing “Hahahahah!!!”

“What’s so funny?” Candy asked angrily.

“Nothing, it is just that… I didn’t know that monkeys can have accidents like this!” He chuckled her going on laughing.

“I wonder when you’ll stop teasing me…” Candy said seriously.

“Come on freckles, don’t get angry…” Terry answered giving her a hand.

“You know I am not a paralytic. I don’t need any help.” Candy said trying to seem strong.

“Fine!” Terry answered. “Let me see how perfectly you can walk!” He kept on and let her walk.

However, Candy couldn’t walk properly. As a result, she felt over a stone and lost her balance. When Terry saw it, he hurried and grabbed her into his arms in order to prevent her falling.

“I thought you were a paralytic, not blind as well!” he teased her.

Candy glared at him. “Well you win”, she said a bit angrily.

Terry lifted her up in his arms. She was so close to him that she could easily smell his fragrance while he placed her down a tree.

“Now will you give me a kiss as a reward?” he teased her again.

“As many as you want” Candy thought and blushed.

Terry noticed it and felt that it was the right time to make his proposal…

“Well…” he started in a mocking tone “I thought of going on an excursion tomorrow…”

“What for?” Candy asked curiously

“To visit some of your relatives!” Terry said laughing.

“Oh you! Will you ever stop making fan of me??” she shouted angrily.

“…and I wondered…” Terry continued slightly blushing “…if you would like to come with me.”

“With you? To the country?” Candy asked him surprised.

“Y…y…yes” Terry answered hesitantly for fear that Candy wouldn’t like his idea.

However, Candy rose up and started clapping happily!

“Great!” she said walking on air.

“Candy?! Are you alright? You can walk?”

“I just feel a bit better! That’s all” she answered trying to keep back her happiness, but to no end.

“Hmmm… Strange…” Terry said smiling disbelievingly.

“What do you mean?” Candy asked angrily.

“It seems that the thought of you alone with me in the country really cheered you up…” he said in a mocking tone while could not hide his smile.


“No you are right… if it was so, you wouldn’t have slapped me a few days before…”

“Of course I would!’ Candy replied without thinking.

“So you do can’t wait to be alone with me freckles!”

“I did NOT say that!!! In fact it was you who made the proposal so you want to be alone with me!!!” Candy said angrily without realizing that these words were coming out her mouth.

Terry didn’t really feel uncomfortable but he was quiet surprised by her words. Was she responding to his flirt? Or had she forgotten that she was actually the one who proposed it back in the May festival? It really did not matter. They both deeply knew that they weren’t just friends.

“So you caught me freckles” he decided to say smiling while he was rising up. “Is it ok for you tomorrow at 10 o’clock?”

“O…ok” Candy replied a little lost.

“See you then my freckles” he added leaving.

“My freckles!” Candy thought. “It is the first time he’s calling me HIS freckles… Oh, why should he leave so soon? I can’t wait for tomorrow…to be alone with him!” she whispered smiling!

That smile was still on her face when she suddenly heard Annie’s voice.

“Candy, who were you talking to?”

But Annie was not alone. All her friends were there looking at her surprised.

“I… I… But what are you doing guys here…? I thought that you…”

“We were about to go swimming but we didn’t want to leave you alone” Patty replied.

“Yes” Stear added mischievously “Especially If you weren’t feeling very good, as Annie told us… But let me see… You are more than fine! You even have that kind of smile… Hmmm Patty how can you call that kind of smile?”

Patty smiled blushing.

“You see” Stear continued the same way “this is the smile I am talking about!”

“You mean the <I'm in love> smile?” Archie asked in a teasing tone.

“Ooooh! Will you ever stop it?!” Candy said trying to seem angry. However, she was ready to burst out laughing by all this conversation.

“Do you call this anger?” Stear asked laughing but before she could say anything he continued “So let’s go back to Annie’s question… Who were you talking to, you little suspicious girl?”

“I was talking to Clynn, OK??” Candy replied feeling a little uncomfortable.

“But Clynn was with us!” Stear continued while everybody was laughing loud.
“And as far as I can remember I haven’t discovered a portable phone yet…”

“But you should have!” Candy answered smiling “And I think that the world will be grateful to you for this one day! Now I’m going to my room to rest for a while. See you guys!” she said leaving everybody speechless.

“How did she manage to escape again?!” Archie asked surprised and they all burst out laughing!


When Candy arrived to her room, she breathed a sigh of relief, “I escaped” she whispered, “But they must have understand everything! It doesn’t matter…” she went on and started reflecting upon the excursion.

“Oh, I’m so happy! Tomorrow we will be together almost for all day long!” she said while laughing in front of her mirror trying to find how she looks more beautiful.

“Well… probably, he will try to kiss me again! But this time, I’m not going to slap him! This time… I… I… I don’t know! I don’t think I’m ready… But I also cannot stop thinking about our first kiss… What should I do?” she wondered hopelessly. “Hmm… I found it!” Candy said and started acting.

“First of all, I’ll tell him: "You know Terry, although I regret slapping you, I don’t think that I am ready for this kiss…" and he will answer : "I know Candy, you need time", at that moment I’ll tell him : "I… I love you Terry" and then he will reply…”

“CANDY!!! The dinner is ready!!!” Patty’s voice interrupted her thoughts.

“Well…” Candy said “…I don’t think he will answer like this… But I do believe he is able for everything!” she murmured smiling and went to the dining room feeling a little silly for acting like a kid.


Almost an hour had passed and the dinner had finished, but Candy hadn’t eaten anything. At first, she was singing slightly, then her look was travelling far away, while crossing the hall.

“Candy?” Annie asked her, trying to make her come back to reality.

“Y… Yes?”

“What are you doing?” Annie went on looking at her questioningly.

“I want to go in our room.” Candy answered, trying to open a door.

“But it is not our room!” Annie interrupted her.

When Candy heard it, she looked surprised around her and discovered her mistake. “Oh! You are right!” she said laughing.

“Really Annie…” she continued, opening the door of the correct room, “Will you please wake me up tomorrow at 8 o’clock?”

“Ok, but…why? I mean, do you want to go anywhere?” Annie asked curiously.

“Y…Yes.” Candy answered having a shy smile.


“Annie…” Candy whispered. “It’s so strange, but I… I can’t believe that I’m so happy. I’m afraid of this unexpected happiness…”

“Candy…” Annie was very happy for her friend. “I understand but you have to sleep now, because tomorrow you’ll be too tired, ok?”

“Yes, Annie” Candy responded and went to sleep.

When she seated on the bed, she felt a strange feeling to overwhelm her making her want to shout: “I’m happy! I’m happy!” . However, she had to stay silent due to the rules of the school!

At the same time, Terry was trying to sleep too but his heart was jumping in his chest! The night seemed to be long and he couldn’t stop thinking of the conversation they had some hours ago… She was different than usually, but why?

“This girl is going to drive me crazy” he whispered smiling and fell asleep…


The sun was shining above their happy faces, while they were running in the forest.

“Oh Candy… stop running! I can’t keep up with you!” Terry said panting.

“If you want to keep up with me you have to catch me first!” Candy answered going on running.

“Don’t challenge me freckles.” Terry said, running faster.

“Why…? What can you do?” Candy went on.

“Many things” Terry said, when he caught her.

“Like what?”

“Like this.” He answered and his lips approached hers…

But suddenly ……

“Candy! Candy! Wake up! It is 9 o’clock!” Annie interrupted her dream.

“Oh, Annie!! Not now! I was having such a beautiful dream!” Candy complained.

“Come on Candy! You’ll be late!”

“You’re right” Candy said rising up and looking at the clock. “9 o’clock? It’s too late!! I had told you to wake me up at 8 o’clock!”

“Sorry, but I forgot it while watching you speaking…”


“Yes!” Annie answered. “You were speaking in your sleep…”

“And you were hearing me?”

“Of course! Such a nice dream, right?” Annie teased her.

“So, you understood the dream I had…” Candy was quite embarrassed.

“Yes!” Annie replied smiling.

“So, why did you wake me up?!?”

“Because, then I saw what time it was!” Annie responded.

“Well… I’ll forgive you then!” Candy laughed looking for something to wear.

With Annie’s help it didn’t take much time for Candy to get ready and leave for Terry’s place… At last, the time she was so much waiting had come… She was so nervous and happy at the same time… What may that excursion bring for her…?

28 Mar 2011
I am a huge candy and terry fan cupidgirl.gif and I am happy i've joined your forum!
Keep on good work! congratualtions.gif
Always a pleasure to read something which would have been happened!!! I was overjoyed,it's a sensual,funny not childish,lovely story.
Thanks a lot.
7 Jun 2015 - 15:06
"Excursion " really great,miss!!!
27 May 2015 - 19:52


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