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> The winds of winter
post Dec 9 2018, 03:42 AM
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The winds of winter

Chapter 1
“A shock”

“The wind blows where it wants, and you hear the noise; but you don’t know where it’s coming from, or where it’s going.” John 3:8

Candice Bianca Grandchester was in a charity reception in London. She didn’t like that at all, she thought they were boring. But it was to pass time. The mundane life was always the same to her eyes. What was she doing with her life?

She thought about the time when she was married, she was young and her husband too… That was so far away! He was a med school student, from a rich family in America. Everything was fine until they got married… Her husband’s great aunt didn’t like her at all. She had to take everything she did to her. She would create problems between her and Terry… Terry loved her, she was sure of that, but when it came to the great aunt, it was like he became someone else.

She thought about her nights of passion with her husband… Maybe she should’ve fought more for her marriage? But after what had happened, she didn’t have the strength to fight without Terry’s support…

There was that ski weekend during the time his cousin Daniel hit on her. She had rejected him the best way she could. But the great aunt had told Terry, who wasn’t able to join them that weekend. Candy didn’t understand why Terry was letting himself influenced by the old hag.

Then it was joy, she was going to have a baby… The first months of the pregnancy were like in a dream, but then as time passed, the old hag would come to influence Terry who would become cold and hard hearted against Candy, who didn’t understand what was going on. One evening, Terry had to go on a trip…

- But Terry, I’m almost due…

- The baby won’t be here before 3 weeks at least

- But what if it comes early?

- You send me a message and I’ll come… if it’s my child.

- What? But…

- My cousin Daniel says he’s your lover… I’m not sure this baby is mine

- What? What you’re saying is horrible! I hate you!

- I’m going on a trip, call me if you go in labour…

Candy looked at him go sadly. She was crying in silence. The pregnancy, the hormones, she was nervous…

A few days later, her contractions have started, she sent a message to Terry, and on top of that she was starting a flu which made her state worse… She didn’t know what really happened, but she knew was that she was told her baby was stillborn…

She stopped thinking about all that. She came back to reality. She had to go to New York with her friends for a weekend among girls. She intended to have fun and forget about her painful memories of the past.

How long has it been since she’s gone back to America? Since the death of her baby in fact. It was too hard and painful to stay there, so she went back to England and she never contacted her husband again. She thought he would’ve contacted her as soon as he had found a new wife and start a new family. You’d think he was very unlucky in love. He had lost his fiancée, Antonia a few days before their wedding… She has always had the impression he was a little insecure, or that he felt guilty, was it the reason he let his family influence him?

Should she go see Terry and fix their situation? They hadn’t talked to each other since he had left for that trip before she gave birth…That was so far, all that, it was literally in another lifetime.

Should she go see her mother? The great actress Eleonor Baker, who had a lot success in Broadway. Candy was angry with her, but Terry had convinced her to make peace with her mom, explaining to her that he would’ve given anything to have a mom. After the death of her baby, she went back to England but she stopped by her mother’s because she needed comfort. The death of her baby had ruined her life that was well planed all traced… And a lot of couples don’t survive the death of a child… She was part of the statistics… She’ll see when she gets in New York if she was going to go see her mother or not.

The plane arrived at Kennedy airport in New York. There were w a lot of people, as usual. Candy and her group went to the Waldorf-Astoria, big luxury. In the evening they would go out with friends in restaurants and night clubs. They were having fun like crazy. Candy was saying that she hadn’t laughed that much in such a long time. But there was one thing she wasn’t doing like her friends, she wouldn’t have one night stands.

- Candy, you ‘re not having fun to the fullest

- I’m married, said Candy

- In the legal sense of the term, yea. But you haven’t seen your so called husband for 4 years! You remember you’re married?

- Yet, according to the law, I am married… and I don’t feel like being a slut…

- The law also recognizes divorce. You can get a divorce…

- No…

- After four years of separation, you’ll get the divorce without difficulty

- No

- Why not? Don’t tell me you still love him? Said another friend

- No, I don’t love him/ Yet, I can’t stand the idea of getting in contact with him. I don’t want to see him anymore. I hate him. You get that? I hate him!

Candy stood up to go look out the window. She didn’t feel like going out, all of a sudden.

- You have to live Candy, for you…

- Yes, when I’m ready to get a divorce, I’ll move on with my life… but for the moment, I don’t want to see him.

- Everything could be done through lawyers…

- I will have to see him and I’m not ready…

- Ok Candy, it’s your life after all. Let’s go get ready?

- You know what? You guys can go…

- You’re not coming?

- No, I’m going to go see my mother…

She felt the urge to hug her mum all of a sudden.

- Are you sure? A little alcohol can make you forget.

- Nothing can make me forget. Have fun girls!

Candy’s friends went to get ready to go out. Candy got ready to go see her mother. They left the room together but they took different cars.

In the taxi, Candy was looking at New York City. She was going to surprise her mother. She knew that it was the day her mum had the evening off. She was not at the theatre. She was going to surprise her. A good surprise? Well it depended on how her mother was going to greet her.

The taxi arrived in front of the residence of the great actress. There was a gate and guards who let the guess in. Candy had no trouble sneaking among them. She got into her mother’s house and she remembered the last time she went to see her.

She had arrived, half sick, heartbroken. The main had opened the door for her and her mother was behind saying:

- Candy? What’s going on honey?

- Mum…, said Candy with sob in her voice and running to her to jump in her arms.

Her mum hugged her tenderly.

- Come on, what’s going on? Where is Terry?

- It’s over mum

- What’s over?

- My marriage…

- Oh… what about the baby?

- The baby…

Candy burst into tears again and harder. She couldn’t stop. Her mother let her cry for a few moments. She had to relieved herself. When Candy finally calm down after using lots of Kleenex tissues, she looked at her mother sadly.

- My baby is dead mum…

- What? How?

- I don’t know… there were complications during the birth… they say she had no chance…

- It was a girl? Oh Candy!

Her mother held her in her arms and cried with her and comforted her slowly and softly…

Candy came back to reality… This house had been a comfort for her after the horrible events that had happened to her. When she entered the hallway, she saw her mother greeting her guests. She raised her head immediately, like she had felt her presence and she smiled. When Candy was near her, she fell in her arms.

- My darling! I’m so happy to see you! What a nice surprise!

- Mum. I’m so happy to be here!

She hugged for a while, then, Eleonor continued greeting her guests and they got inside the living room were the reception was, and were lots of servers were working offering drinks, other had hors d’oeuvres on trays.

Eleonor took care of her guests without leaving Candy’s side… The latter was used to receptions in London so she was fine making conversations during the dinner too. Candy’s British accent was charming all the men and the women too.

After the reception when all the guests left, Candy and her mother were having tea in her mother’s office. There was a couch there.

- So, honey, tell me! You’re finally ready to confront your husband and ask for a divorce?

- No…

- Ok… you know that you’re still legally married right? You don’t have a boyfriend?

- Euh… no.

- You still love your husband…

For the second time of the day, Candy was accused of still loving her husband.

- I don’t love him! I hate him in fact…

Her mother looked at her.

- What?

- There’s a thin line between love and hate…

- Mum…

- But if you say you hate him…

- You’ve met Terry right?

- It was at a reception in Chicago. We, the theatre and I did a play for charity…

The lights were beautiful and lighting the reception room in a Chicago hotel. The play had been a success. The upper class was there donating money. Eleonor found herself in front of Terry and his great aunt Elroy. Terry’s face was cold.

- Terry! She said! I’m so happy to see you again!

- Really? Said Terry coldly

- Yes, thanks to you, Candy made up with me. You made her understand the importance of family.

- Apparently, not sufficiently enough, said Terry

He was insinuating that Candy had abandoned her family and her marriage? Eleonor thought it was not the place to talk about her daughter.

- Terry, I’m not going to talk in Candy’s place, because only the two of you know what happened and solve your issues.

Terry had looked at her surprised, apparently disappointed to see her not wanting to talk about Candy… The great aunt took advantage to take Terry away from there.

- Come with me Terrence, I see William McGregor’s grandson over there…

And Terry had walked away, without adding anything else. Disappointed by his brief conversation with Eleonor Baker.

- He didn’t say anything else? Asked Candy

- No, his great aunt seemed in a hurry to take him far away from me…

- That woman never liked me. I don’t know what I’ve done to her…

- Didn’t you tell me that Terry was engaged to her beloved granddaughter?

- Yes…

- So, you’ve replaced her granddaughter in Terry’s heart…I

- Sometimes I wonder if Terry ever loved me…

- Candy, you have to confront him one day… I’m going to look for a suitor for you…

- What for?

- So that you could remarry?

- Mum…

- If you fall in love, may be you’ll end up confronting your dear husband…

- When I’ll be ready mum, I’ll tell you. For the moment, I came her for some TLC from my darling mummy…

- Why don’t we go to bed?

The two women went to Eleonor’s room which was very big with a very big bathroom with a Jacuzzi. Candy decided to spend time there in the morning. She took a quick shower. Her mother lent her a night gown is pink silk and she went to sit in front of the white dresser of the bedroom which had Louis XIV furniture. Her mother arrived to brush her hair for a long time.

- I’ve missed you mum

- How’s your father?

- Now you ask me about him? Said Candy smiling

- He’s no longer part of my priorities, said her mother smiling

Eleonor went to get ready for bed and she lay down with her daughter in her arms.

- So, tell me what you do in night club…

- I dance, I have fun…

- Do you get drunk?

- No…

- Are you getting laid...?

- Mum! No…

- A lot would say you’re not having fun…

They burst out laughing both of them. They continued talking, they prayed and they fell asleep in each other’s arms.


The next morning, Candy woke up in the big canopy bed with satin sheets. Her mother got out of the bed room smiling.

- Hello, sleepy head! How are you?

- Good morning mum…

- You want your breakfast in bed? Or you’re coming downstairs?

- I’ll come downstairs…

- All right, I’ll wait for you there.

Candy got out of bed and went to hug her mum. Then she went to the bathroom to wash up. Then she called her friends who were still asleep of course. She went downstairs in the big dining room.

- I’m going to spend a few days her with my mum, she was telling her friends on the phone

She finished her conversation and she went to sit down. On the dining room table there were lots of newspaper, some from New York, and some from other cities, but her eyes fell on the one from Chicago…

- You get the Chicago paper?

- Yes… sometimes we play over there. I like to see what the critics think about us…

Candy took the Chicago paper… it was the town were Terry lived. Was it a sign she had to contact Terry to ask him from a divorce? She looked through the paper and without knowing how, she was looking at the ads and one attracted her eyes.

“Mr. Terrence Andrew. Looking for a companion for a young child. Irregular hours, the candidate must at least be 21 years and have a certain level of education after high school. Second language would be appreciated. Room and food. Salary to negotiate according to the capacities. Serious references needed, Write or call Mrs. Harriet…”

The phone number, the address and the email address followed the ad.

Candy couldn’t believe her eyes. It couldn’t be her Terrence! With a little girl? Did he get remarry again without telling her? They were not divorced yet! No, there must be another explanation. Maybe he adopted a child? Maybe he was living with a woman who had a child?

An uncontrollable feeling of jealousy invaded Candy. Her heart exploded in her chest. Her face was pale and her mother asked her:

- Candy? What’s going on?

- Mum…, said Candy unable to speak

She gave her the paper and her mum looked and she saw the ad and read it. She also became paler.

- Oh my God…

- What do you think?

- Your baby is dead Candy…

- I know… but, I have the feeling it’s my baby mum.

- Wait a minute honey. I don’t want you to be disappointed, I’m going to ask my assistant to call and get some information… Helene!

The assistant, who was in the kitchen to get something, came back in the living room.

- You called Madam?

She gave her the paper and said:

- Call this number and ask questions about this job, especially about the child…

- Very well Madam!

The assistant, a young woman with short hair and glasses, took her phone and called the number. She put it on speaker so that Candy and Eleonor would ear too.

- Andrew Manor, hello.

- Hello, I would like to speak to Mrs. Harriet, please.

- What is this about?

- About the ad in the paper…

- Please hold…

- Harriet speaking…

- I’m calling about the ad in the Chicago Tribune, can you tell me more about it please?

- What would you like to know?

- I would like to know more about the child. Is it a boy or a girl?

- A little girl. Her name is Esther and she’s 4 years old.

- Oh… is it Mr. Andrew’s child?

Mrs. Harriet’s voice seemed surprised.

- But of course it’s his child!

- Thank you very much for the information. I’m going to call you back and make an appointment.

- Thanks for calling…

Helene hung up the phone. Candy was crying. Terry was her husband and he had a little girl who was 4 years old and her name was Esther Andrew… Four years ago, she had given birth to a little girl and Terry was the father…so… Her baby wasn’t dead!!!! It was her baby, she was sure of it! Terry had lied to her! He kept her baby! An indescribable joy invaded and sadness too… How could Terry have done that to her?

Her mum looked at her.

- Candy, what are you thinking?

- Terry lied to me…

- You can’t be sure it’s your baby…

- I can feel it…

- Maybe, but that’s not enough… you have to be undeniable proof.

- I have to see that child… how?

- Well why don’t you just apply for the job, said Helene, what a better way to see if the little one is yours or even take something from her to have a DNA test…

Candy and Eleonor looked at Eleonor surprised.

- What an excellent idea! Said Candy smiling

- No, it’s ridiculous! You’re Terry’s wife, you go to the manor to see him and ask him!

- No! If he stole my baby, I’m going to take her back…

- Candy think. The little one knows him, not you…

- That’s why I’m going to apply for the job and make sure that I’ll get it to spend time with my daughter.

- If it’s your daughter…

- It’s my daughter! I’m certain mum…

- Oh my God!

- I’m going to need your help mum…

- Oh oh…, I’m afraid to ask. What for?

- I need to look different… Candy can’t recognize me!

Eleonor shook her head.


"You should be kissed, and often, and by someone who knows how." Rhett Butler, Gone with the wind

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The winds of winter

Chapter 2
“Getting ready…”

Candy was too emotional to be hungry. She decided to go for a walk in Central Park for an hour. An icy wind was blowing on trees. Candy walked for a long time, so happy; her baby wasn’t dead… yet… yet…

The great aunt Elroy had told her her baby was still born. Either she lied… or Esther wasn’t her daughter… Yet, why would the great aunt lie to her? The answer seemed clear to her. Terry had asked the great aunt to give her that message.

“My God, thought Candy, he really must’ve hated me!”

She blocked a sob of despair… Her joy was gone and she had doubt. How could Terry be so cruel with her? Didn’t he love her at one point? What if she goes, like her mother suggested, seeing Terry to simply ask him the question? That would be the simple solution… But… No! She had to find out if it’s really her baby, so she could take her away and ask her father for help to get custody! But she had to find a way to get into Terry’s manor without him recognizing her. Terry couldn’t have done something like that to her. The Terry she knew couldn’t be so cruel. But if she really thought that, then Esther is not her daughter… She absolutely had to find that out by herself. She was going to disguise herself and apply for the governess job, just so she could see Esther…and make sure she’s really her daughter. If the little girl looked like her, she was going to see it, if she looked like Terry; she’s going to have a DNA test… And if it was her daughter, she was going to fight for custody!

She went back to her mother’s. Her decision was made. She got inside the house and the warmth of the heat hit her face. She took he gloves off, then her red coat, and her hat and white scarf, her cheeks were read, she walked towards the living room where she knew her mother was.

- Candy! Are you all right? The fresh air changed your mind? Asked her mother with a little hope in her voice.

- No…

- Candy…

- I have to make sure she’s my daughter…

- And then what?

- Then, I’ll go see daddy so he could help me get custody of her…

The duke of Grandchester was powerful. For his daughter and his granddaughter, he would be ready to do anything… The Andrew Family was also powerful. The looser in all that will be the little girl, stuck in the middle of this fight. She wanted to avoid that if the child was her little girl.

- Candy, you have to speak to Terry…

- No, he lied to me mum…

- What exactly happened again?

Candy didn’t like thinking about that horrible time in her life, but she had to talk about it. What she had found out was too important. She told her her what happened. She couldn’t stop the tears coming down her cheeks once she finished her story.

- I still say you should go see your husband and talk to him…

- No, I want to see the child and make sure she’s mine and then I’m going to serve him with custody papers…

- Candy…

- Mum, I thought the actress in you would like all this drama…

- There’s a little girl involved…

- I know that mum…

- Are you sure? Candy, honey… Being a mother means putting your child first… if she’s your daughter, find a solution with Terry… a custody fight is only going to hurt the little one, whatever the result.

- Thank you for your advice mum.

- You’ll cross that bridge when you get there… think when you analyse the situation, all right?

- All right, um… I promise not to make any hasty decision.

- Thank you.

- Is your makeup artist there?

- Yes, we were just waiting for you.

- I had to take a walk and think. My decision is made. I’m going to go see if Esther is really my daughter.

- Let’s go…

Mother and daughter went upstairs in one of the rooms where there was a dresser and strong lights around it. Candy went to sit down on a stool in front of the mirror.

- I want to look different… I don’t want my husband to recognize me.

- Are you sure Candy that it’s not simpler just to talk to him? Asked Eleonor one last time

- Absolutely, said Candy, adamant.

They got to work… Eleonor got out of the room to go do her own stuff. Candy called her father in London.

- Daddy?

- Good evening darling, or is it good morning in New York

- It’s good morning daddy, I need your help.

- You’re finally ready to divorce? I have lots of suitors for you…

- No daddy… well maybe not right away for the divorce…

- What does that mean?

- I found out Terry has a 4 year old daughter…

- Really? So what?

- So, it might me my daughter…

- How? Didn’t you lose your baby?

- That’s what I was told… so I’m going to go see…

- You’re going to go and ask him?

- No, I’m going to get myself hired as a governess for the child…

- Ah…

- I need your help…

- What for?

Candy didn’t like asking her father for help, but it was for her daughter.

- If she’s really my daughter, I want full custody. So I need your best lawyer in America…

- That creep lied to you to keep my granddaughter just for himself?

- We don’t know that daddy… So you’re going to help me?

- Yes…

- And I really need this job… at all cost.

- I’ll take care of it… and I will send you my lawyer in America… He’s going to contact you as soon as possible

- Thanks a lot daddy.

- Keep me posted…

- Of course dad…

- Good luck honey, I can investigate…

- No, I want to find out on my own. All right?

But she knew her father was going to investigate on his side.

- Bye honey. Good luck, said the duke

- Good bye daddy.

Eleonor got in at that moment.

- You’re asking your father for help? You really want him to kill Terry, don’t you?

- He’s not going to kill the father of his granddaughter mum

- If it’s her granddaughter

- Mum! Optimism! It’s my daughter!

- My granddaughter, all right.

- I need your help for something else…

- What?

- My accent…?

- Your accent?

- Yes, it’s British. I need have the New York American Accent…

- Oh…

- I really don’t want anything tip off Terry… everything has to disappear; my hair colour, my eyes colour and especially my freckles…

- Very well, I’m going to give you advice on how to do the American accent…

Eleonor had fun with her daughter teaching her how to speak like Americans.

- You talked like that when you were little; it should get back to you… concentrate on your memories of the two of us when you were little…

Candy called her friend at the hotel a little later.

- Candy?

- I’m not coming back with you girl, you can leave…

- What? Did you meet a guy or something? At your mum’s?

- No… in fact, you were right… I’m going to go see my husband and fix my problems…

- Oh…oh! Well good for you dear! We’ll bring your stuff over later… Get a divorce from your husband and send him to hell! Four years without getting laid! They should put you in a museum!

Candy burst out laughing and hung up the phone moments later. She had to learn how to put her make up on… She put some henna on her hair, they were not auburn. She had blue contact lenses on. Without her freckles, with blue eyes and auburn air… She was really pretty and unrecognizable! She added fake glasses to make her disguise perfect.

- Wow! Said Eleonor smiling.

- Are you recognizing me? I don’t recognize myself…

- I was expecting to see someone else, I’m impressed…

- You think Terry is going to recognize me?

- Well he is your husband… you’ll see…

- I’m going to change my voice and my accent, that should put him off for a moment…

- You should be an actress, said her mother

- I’ve inherited your genes, didn’t I?

- I act on stage and in movies. This is real life…

- I know mum. It’s going to be just to give me time to observe the situation…

Her mother continued showing her how to talk like Americans and change her voice. Candy was a naturel actress, like her mum. She was determined. She had to dupe Terry to be with her daughter. Her heart was hardened, she was mad at her husband. She was ready to do anything to get her daughter back, except forgive!


The lawyer sent by the duke arrived in early evening. Candy had met him before years ago. She decided to meet him under her disguise to test him. He was a middle aged man in his fifties. He was wearing a gray suit and a white shirt, impeccable. He was very seductive for his age, with his gray hair. Eleonor got in the living room to greet him smiling.

- Gavin! Said Eleonor, I’m so happy to see you!

Candy was behind her, with her disguise. She said hi and shook her hand.

- Have a seat, said Eleonor

The man sat on the black leather couch in the living room. Eleonor sat down on love seat and Candy in the armchair.

A maid arrived with a chariot of drinks and the lawyer chose a glass or mineral water with a slice of lemon. Candy and Eleonor didn’t take anything.

- I came to see your daughter. The duke called me to tell me that she needed paper for custody of her daughter… Is she coming down soon?

- Good evening Gavin, said Candy smiling

- Good evening, Miss…, said Gavin without paying attention

Then he turned to Eleonor.

- Can you ask your daughter to come down?

- I’m here, said Candy with the American accent…

- I beg your pardon?

He looked at Candy surprised: she was a redhead with blue eyes…

- How? What the…?

- It’s me Gavin! I’m glad to you that you didn’t recognize me!

- Candy? But your voice, your accent…

- I’m playing a role

- You’re going to play a role on stage with your mother?

- No, I’m going to play the biggest role of my life…

- Meaning?

- I’m going to myself hired at a governess in my husband’s house…

- What? But…

He looked at Eleonor, he looked at Candy.

- The duke told me…

- I know, said Candy, but I want to make sure she’s my daughter, and then I’m going to serve Terry with the custody papers… I promise to do everything in all legality…

- I hope so, otherwise, I won’t be able to help you! This is amazing! I didn’t recognize you, if you hadn’t said anything… incredible!

He gave her the papers for the custody and another set of papers.

- Thank you, said Candy, what’s this?

- Divorce papers…

- Ah…

- You want full custody; I suppose you want to divorce your husband, right?

As a matter of fact. He hadn’t thought about that part of things. If she sues for custody, she had to also divorce… Why did that bother her? Then she thought about her daughter, about the lie…

- Yes, or course, that goes without saying, said Candy with assurance.

- Here’s my card and my information. Call me if you need anything.

- Thank you, said Candy smiling.

The lawyer talked for a bit with Eleonor and she stood up to leave. Candy walked him to the door. The butler brought his black coat and his scarf.

- I wish you good luck Candy. And good job! You’re unrecognizable!

- Thank you Gavin. Thank you for coming so fast.

- The duke calls, I run.

Candy smiled looking at him leave. She had everything she needed. She had to get to Chicago to apply for the governess job. Her mother’s assistant had called to make an appointment and she had one for in two days. Which gave her a little more time to get ready for the biggest role of her life. She was going to take the plane in two days in the morning and go to Chicago.


"You should be kissed, and often, and by someone who knows how." Rhett Butler, Gone with the wind

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The winds of winter

Chapter 3
“The show begins…”

Candy’s friends arrived the next day with her stuff and also to say goodbye to her and wish her good luck. They were in one of the living rooms talking loud and laughing out loud.

- Well, I say it’s about time! You were keeping yourself for your king? I bet he had a lot of mistresses, while you were being a saint!

- I hope you’re going to milk him for all the money he owes you.

- I don’t need his money; I have my own money, remember? Said Candy

- Plenty is no plague!

They burst out laughing again. Candy wanted to confide in them, tell them about her life, but it was going to end up in the gossip of the high society of London. She didn’t want that to happen. She was going to take care of her problem with Terry.

Her friends has lunch with her and then they left, they had to catch a plane the same evening to go back to London. Candy said goodbye to them. She was going to miss her friends, but not the mundane life… it was monotony. That’s not what she dreamt of with her husband… she had a dream of a family life and children… During all those years, she had never thought of starting her life over… She was like stuck for four years… Was Destiny giving her another chance at married life?

She looked at the taxi taking her friends far away from her. The staff had put her suit cases upstairs in her mother’s room, or more like in a room next to her mother’s, that’s where she was able to unpack her stuff calmly and chose her clothes. But unfortunately, she didn’t have a lot of every day clothes for her governess job. She went to see her mother who was in bed.

- Mum…

- Yes honey…

- I don’t have any clothes…

- But of course you do honey, what’s in all those suitcases?

- I don’t have every day clothes.., I only have evening gowns.

- Oh yeah, that could be a problem… you just have to go shopping…

- It’s snowing outside… can we call the shops here?

- You do what you want, of course…

- I don’t want to go out and today with social medias, they’re going to see us and we’ll end up on the internet… the great Eleonor Baker can call the shops in her house…

- What kind of clothes you want?

- Simple clothes; jeans, t-shirts, etc…

- You san to Wal-Mart, you know…

- Why?

- My shops only have designer clothes…

- And that’s problem because…?

- Right! The daughter of the duke of Grandchester… you’re going to be a governess.

- Just so that I can have a DNA test if the child doesn’t look like me. If she looks like me…

- They’re going to see that you’re wearing designer jeans…

- I don’t care… I’m going there for my daughter. I can have a generous friend who buys me designer clothes…

- Ok. No problem. I’m going to tell my assistant to call the boutique for the designer jeans

Helene arrived with her cellphone and started making calls. A few moments later, a boutique was in one of Eleonor Baker’s living room. Candy was able to choose her jeans, simple trousers from designers, with shirts and t-shirts. Her mother bought her some night gowns in silk with under garments.

- Mum, I’m not going there to seduce Terry!

- Maybe you should… that way; you’re going to raise your daughter together…

- Very funny mum!

- Candy, I’m serious… think about the child. She only knows her father…

- She will have me…

- And she is going to miss her father if you take her from him…

- Mum, please…

- Promise me you’re going to keep an open mind…

- I promise mum.

Candy had redone her suitcase with her new wardrobe. She only has new clothes, her mother advise her to buy a parka and snow suit with good boots.

- To play in the snow with the little one.

- Thank you mum, said Candy with a beautiful smile

- You’re going to need a new name a real name that you could use

- Don’t worry; I got the envelope from dad with new identity papers. There was a man with camera who took my picture with my disguise. The duke is efficient! Let me introduce myself: Blanche Graham.

- “Blanche” why not “Bianca”?

- Because that’s my middle name…

- “Bianca” means “Blanche”

- Yes, that way, he would take a second to think about me…

- What? But… oh, I see… You want to bait him and then drop your bomb… Candy…

- Mum, please. I’ll handle it.

- I just need to warn you… you might get burn at your own game.

- I hate him mum!

- I would’ve been reassured if you didn’t have any feelings. There’s a thin line between love and hate…

Candy didn’t reply. She continued packing.

- You have everything? You’re bringing a lot of things.

- I have to look like I’m going to be there for a while…

- Are you sure you’ll have the position?

- Yes, daddy made sure of it…

- Your daddy spoils you too much. Giving in to all your whims…

- This is for my life, mum… I have to go get his grand-daughter back…

- Me too, I just want you to do it the right way.

- Everything is going to be fine mum, you’ll see.

Candy and her mother continued their day practicing the American accent even with the staff…


Candy went to the airport with the driver. Her mother had kissed her before she left.

- Candy, don’t forget, you can do the right thing, Talk to Terry… there is no problem without a solution in life.

- I promise to think about it, mum. Thank you she said hugging her hard, I’ll keep you posted.

- Good luck honey…, May God guides you.

- Thank you mum.

Candy got into the limousine which was comfortable. She thought about everything that was going to happen if Esther was really her daughter… Everything went fine at the airport with the papers her father had made for her. The duke was well connected.

When the plane landed at O’Hare Airport, she had the time to get into “Blanche Graham” skin. A car was waiting for her to take her to the Andrew Manor in Chicago. Candy looked at the big manor where she once was so happy and unhappy at the same time. She took a deep breath and she got in. The butler, whom she recognised, took her to an office where Mrs. Harriet was waiting for her. It was a mid-age woman with short hair a little chubby. She has a happy face.

- Miss Graham! I’m happy to see you! She said with enthusiasm

- The position is still available? Asked Candy worried.

Candy saw that the woman seemed sad and she rejoiced when she saw her.

- Yes of course! It’s just that we haven’t specified in the add that the position was not for here…

- What do you mean?

- I mean the position is still available, only it’s not in Chicago, but in Lakewood…

- Oh…, said Candy a little unsettled

- So most of the candidates are refusing when they learn that… in fact they all gave it up until now! Mr. Andrew is going to be angry with me! Please, tell me that you’re agreeing to go to Lakewood It’s a hell hole, under the snow, but there’s a shopping mall…

- Mrs. Harriet, said Candy smiling, you don’t need to convince me. If the position is still available, I will take it with joy. I’ve always wanted to get away from the city. It’s more calm and resting.

There was a big smile on Harriet’s face.

- Oh my God! You’re a godsend! Thank you so much! All your references check out. Can you go now? The private jet is going to drop you off very fast.

- My luggage is done! I’m ready! Said Candy smiling.

- Mr. Andrew is on a trip. He will be back in a few days. You’re going to spend some time with Esther before he comes back. That child is a pearl you’re going to love her!

- I’m sure of it, said Candy smiling too.

She followed Mrs. Harriet and the driver took her luggage in the Andrew car, which took her back to Chicago airport, where she took a private jet to Lakewood. The trip was fast and short and Candy was a little scared. She was going to play the biggest role of her life. In the he private jet they offered her a drink, she took a fruit juice with ice. She had to relax, she thought about taking a little alcohol, but she went to see her daughter or a child that could be her daughter, so she needed to keep her head clear, No alcohol.

The plane landed softly and Candy’s heart was beating hard. It was the beginning of the afternoon. She looked at the Lakewood mansion where Terry lived. It was big; it looked like a little castle. There was a lot of snow. She will be able to build a snow man with the little one. Well, she came to see and to get proof of her identity. She didn’t come to stay. The mansion seemed to say hello to her. Because her daughter was living there? She didn’t know why. She got out of the car and followed the driver who was carrying her luggage inside the house.

- Hello Miss Graham, said the housekeeper, I’m going to show you your room, Give me your coat.

Candy smiled, took off her coat and gave it to her.

- Hello Mrs.…

- Smith. I’m sorry, where are my manners! She said taking the Candy’s red coat to put it in the closet in the hallway.

She admired the coat while Candy was taking her boots off.

- Wow! What a nice coat!! It’s quite expensive.

- I know, a friend of mine work in a factory and he was able to get me one really cheap, lied Candy.

- You are very happy! If you’re in contact with him, tell him to find me one too!

- I promise you, said Candy

- Welcome MIs Graham. The little one needs a friend, I’m too old to build a snowman in the snow or go skiing, and she misses her father very much.

- What happened to her mother?

- She disappeared after she gave birth to her… that’s what I heard… Mr. Andrew doesn’t want her name pronounced in this house.

- I see, said Candy with tight lips… I’m impatient to meet Esther.

- She’s probably going to introduce herself at any moment, but I’m going to show you your room, then make you a little snack.

Mrs. Smith climbed the big stairs and Candy followed her. Her shoeless feet were softly on the thick carpet, she had her back on her shoulder. A very nice designer bag. She started to understand what her mother was trying to tell her… they arrived upstairs and they walked and Mrs. Smith stopped in front of the door and opened it. The room was big and the furniture was white. The bedspread was pink like the curtains and the carpet on the floor.

- How beautiful! Said Candy smiling.

- Esther’s room is just next to yours, said Mrs. Smith.

- Thank you…

Candy looked out the window; she was able to see the back of the house. There was a hill covered of snow and she thought about sliding with Esther…there were also some pine tree and the sky was winter gray. In front of so much beauty, Candy forgot for a moment the reasons of the presence in that house. Mrs. Smith closed the curtains.

- This is a sad place during winter…

- We can make winter happy… with games!

- You’re perfect for Esther! I’ll be in the kitchen making your snack.

- Thank you, said Candy.

Mrs. Smith got out and closed the door behind her. Relieved to finally be alone, Candy started unpacking her stuff to put them in the closet. She was almost done. She put the empty suitcase in the closet.

Then she changed her clothes. She took off her designer suit and put on her designer jeans with a red t-shirt. She sat down in front of her dresser and she took off the hair pins from her up do and brushed her hair auburn hair.

There was a knock on the door.

- Come in! Said Candy.

The door opened and Candy heard little footsteps.

- Hello! I’m Esther!

Candy dropped her hairbrush on the carpet. As an automaton, she turned around. A little girl was looking at her, standing alone in the room, she was wearing a green dress with white linen panty hose. She was carrying a stuffed animal of Winnie the Pooh.

- I… hello.

The child had Venetian blond hair like her before she colored them and her face, was Candy’s face in a smaller size, without all her disguise, to the freckles! Candy was breathless.

- You’re Miss Graham?

“Oh my God!" Said Candy moved.

- Yes…

- I’m Esther…

Candy only wanted one thing, to hug her and say: “I’m your mummy!” but it was impossible. She had come there under a fake identity and she was going to play her role til’ the end…

“Esther! Esther! My daughter is alive!” She said to herself

Candy didn’t know what to do; she kneeled in front of the little one.

- You want to give me a hug? She asked.

Esther looked at her with her big emerald eyes. She smiled.

- All right.

She put her little chubby arms around Candy’s neck tenderly.

- Thank you for coming to play with me, Miss Graham.

- You’re welcome my little one. The pleasure is all mine!

Candy had tears in her eyes. Tears of joy! She hugged the little girl in her arms and nothing else was important. Her life had become beautiful all of a sudden… She didn’t know she could feel so much love for a person. She was on a mission and the show had begun…


"You should be kissed, and often, and by someone who knows how." Rhett Butler, Gone with the wind

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The winds of winter

Chapter 4
“A precious time”

The well being sensation Candy was feeling by having her little girl in her arms was incomparable! She had never felt something so strong in her life. She didn’t want to let go of the little one, but she had to do it. Otherwise she was going to scare her. She let go of her with regrets.

- What’s the name of your stuffed animal? Asked Candy.

- Well… Winnie!

Of course… she knew it, but she was still a little overwhelmed…

- Ah! In that case, he must love honey!

- Me too.

Candy burst out laughing.

- Do you have honey for breakfast or for snack?

- We put some on our toast. But sometimes Mrs. Smith burns the toast. I don’t like the black parts, it’s bitter.

The funny face the child made had Candy smile…

- We are going to get along great, I’m sure of it.

- You’re going to tell me stories before I go to bed? Daddy always tells me one when he’s there.

“Daddy”. She was talking about him with so much love. Candy looked down: she was upset at herself for being uneasy by hearing about her husband. In the future, she will pay attention. And she was starting think that her mother was right. Esther loved her father a lot…

- Of course. Can you show me where the kitchen is? Mrs. Smith made a meal for me.

Together, they went down the stairs to the lobby. Candy had a nice evening. Mrs. Smith had served her meal in alcove, a little room next to the kitchen, with flowered wallpaper. Esther was telling her stories about her stuffed animal. She told her about her new sled and her greatest desire, a new pair of ice skates.

- Daddy is going to bring some for me, maybe. I hope he didn’t forget.

She talked a lot about her daddy… after the meal, the little one gave her the tour of the hosue. They started with the storage room, where the skis where kept.

- Do you know how to ski? Asked Candy.

- Yes, I go skiing with daddy! She said proudly.

She talked a lot about her Terry with so much love. Candy’s heart was ripped. She loved her daughter and she was starting to ask herself if she could take her from her father… Probably not! Her mother knew that her mummy’s heart was going to speak to her once she was on location! But Terry has lied ot her! He had hidden her baby from her! She looked at Esther and her heart was melting! Oh my God! Where was all her good resolutions?

Then they went to Esther’s room, a charming little girl’s room just next to Candy’s. The young woman noticed all the expensive toys tossed in every corner. There was a little too much for her taste. Yet, she was reassured when she saw the shelf full of books.

- You’ve got a beautiful room…

- Thank you, said Esther smiling

Then they went to see another room.

- And here is my daddy’s room! She said all proud.

The white carpet, the curtains and the bedspread were dark blue. The walls were gray, the chimney was gray… The only happy note in the room was the book shelf. Candy was startled by Esther’s voice.

- You want to come and read me a story now?

- Yes, of course. Let’s go.

They went together to her room and Candy helped her put on her night gown with was pink. She went to brush her teeth and then she went to sit on the stool at her little dresser. She took her little brush.

- You want to brush my hair, Miss Gra… Miss Graham?

- Why don’t you call me by my given name? It’s C… Blanche.

- Blanche? That means “white”

- Yes! Said Candy.

- Your name Blanche, white, like Snow-White?

- Yes, like Snow-White!

- That’s easier for me to say! And easy to remember too! Snow-White!

They burst out laughing. Candy took the brush, took off the ribbons and the rubber bands witch was holding her pigtails and brushed her daughter’s hair until they were bright and shinny. Esther went to lay down she was ready to sleep. Candy felt at that moment the will to kiss her. But she restrained herself. She had already hugged her earlier, she didn’t want to scare the little one… She took a book to read her a story. It was a story from the Bible.

- You like stories from the Bible?

- Yes! You know “Esther” was a queen in the Bible?

- Yes! Said Candy smiling

- She saved her people!

When Candy finished her reading, Esther was practically asleep.

- Snow-White?

- Yes, Esther?

- Can you hug me before I fall asleep.

Candy felt her heart explode in her chest. She was wondering how she could’ve lived without the love of her daughter until then…She hugged her tenderly.

- I’m happy you came to take care of me.

- Me too. You want to say your prayer?

- Now that I lay down to sleep, I pray to God by soul to keep. And If I die before I wake, I pray to God my soul to take. Lord Jesus, I’m also praying for my mommy, where every she is. Make it so that she come back to us, Lord. Amen.

Hearing her daughter’s innocent prayer brought tears to Candy’s eyes. Her baby was praying for her to come back to them! Oh my God! And how long has she thought her baby was in heaven with the Lord? While she was in good health with her father! The anger came back to her heart, She made the ultimate effort not to show it.

- Good night Esther. I’m right next door. If you need me, you can call me.

- All right, she said with a sleepy voice.

She got out of the room to go back to hers. She took her cellphone to call her mother.

- Candy! Finally! So how is it going? Asked her mother worried.

- I got here fine. But the job is not in Chicago.

- Where is it?

- In Lakewood…

- Oh…

- It’s absolutely wonderful here, mum! The snow, the house…

- And the child…

- Oh mum, said Candy with tears in her voice,if you could see her! You’d think it’s me as a little girl!

- Oh my God! You didn’t take any picture?

- I didn’t get the opportunity yet, I just got here! But tomorrow, I’ll send you some and you’ll be the judge.

- Oh I can’t wait! What about Terry?

- Well, he’s on a trip…

- Ah…

- It gives me time to learn to know my daughter…

Eleonor must’ve felt something in her voice, because she asked.

- She loves her daddy?

- Oh mum! You were right!

- You have time to think and when Terry comes back you’ll see where you’re at…

- Whatever time I spend with her, if I take her from her father, she’s going to be unhappy!

- A child need both of her parents….

- Mum… he hid my daughter’s existence from me!

- Candy…

- I’m going to go to bed mum…

- Sleep on it. Think, honey. A family I reunited is better than a thorn family. I’m very happy you found your daughter again. What you’re going to do after that depends on you…

- Thank you mum. Thanks for everything. I love you.

- I love you too, honey.

She hung up her phone. What should she do? She knew the child was her daughter. Should she ask for custody and a divorce? She was going to wait Terry’s return. For the moment, she’s going to take advantage of her presence in that house to spend time with her wonderful little girl. She went to shower and took off all her makeup and her contact lenses, Aside from her hair colour, she was herself again, Angry with Terry? No, she was too happy to have found her darling little girl! She went to bed after saying her prayer to thank God for giving her her daughter back. But she remembered that she had to speak to her father to keep him posted.

- Daddy!

- Candy! Finally! So?

- I got the papers you sent me with your men! Where do you get those guys!?

- It’s better if you don’t know…

- All right…

- I’m still waiting Candy…

- I got here all right. The job was in Lakewood in the end…

- I know that….

- How?

- Well, you wanted the job absolutely, didn’t you?

Candy smiled, Her father never did things half way.

- Candy…

- Then you must know already, right? Since you know everything… I even wondering how we didn’t find that out before…

- You asked me not to bother your husband…

- And I’m surprised you listened to me.

- I always listen to you my darling.

Candy had to admit that her father listened to her and did whatever she wanted…

- It’s yes, daddy. She’s my daughter…, finally confirmed Candy to her father.

- Oh my God! You have pictures?

- I’ll take some tomorrow and send them to you by email.

- I’ll be patient…

- That means you’re not going to ask your men to take pictures…

- What are you saying honey? Pervert do things like that…

- Good night daddy.

The duke wanted to add something but he didn’t.

- I’ll wait for the pictures. Good night angel.

Candy slept very well to her big surprise. She felt a little like at home, that’s where her husband and her daughter lived…

She woke up happy. She got ready knowing she was going to see her daughter again. She felt like she already knew her. She saw how much the little girl regretted her father’s absence. Her well being, her good manners, her lack of timidity towards her new friend was surprising for a child that young. It was probably the voice of blood. She knew instinctively that she could trust Candy or was it because she was lonely? But Candy made the promise that from now on, her daughter will never be alone…

When she got to the kitchen, she saw her daughter already sitting at the table. She was eating cereals. But Mrs. Smith offered the same menu to the young woman.

- Good morning, Esther, started Candy sitting down.

- Good morning, Snow White.

Candy noticed the child was pale.

- We’re going to play outside after breakfast, ok?

Esther was playing with her spoon.

- I usually play outside with my daddy.

- Why?

- Mrs. Smith doesn’t like to go out. I have nobody to play with me. When daddy is here, he takes me to sled… I want to see my daddy.

- You miss him a lot…

Esther nodded and hugged her stuffed animal.

- You don’t have any friends?

- There are children at the orphanage, but it’s not close by and I can’t go there by myself. It’s too far.

- If you want, I could take you… so what do you do when your daddy is not home?

- I watch television and I play in my room. Sometimes, I help Mrs. Smith bake a cake.

- I like to walk outside, You want to make me happy?

- Maybe.

- You’re going to show me your garden. We could maybe bring your sled.

- All right.

- Perfect… You want a toast with honey?

- Yes! Said Esther smiling

After breakfast, they both put on their snow suit. Candy helped the little with her boots and the zippers. They took the sled. With her finger, Esther showed her the house Mrs. Smith used with her husband, then the tool house.

- Daddy says I could have a vegetable garden here, I’m going to plant a pumpkin and radishes, it has a nice colour.

- Carrots too, and it’s delicious.

They arrived on the top of the hill behind the house. Candy showed Esther how to stand on a sled and control with the ropes. Pleased the little girl tried a lot of time this new technic. But it was already noon. The little one was showing signs of tiredness.

- Let’s go back now, said Candy, I’m starving!

- Me too! Said Esther smiling

Candy took pictures of Esther she sent to her mother the same evening before she called her.

- Oh my God! Said Eleonor, it’s incredible how much she looks like you! I want to see her!

- Patience, mum… you’re going to see her.

- You’re still thinking…?

- Mum, whatever my decision is, Esther is going to be part of my life, of our lives!

- Yes, you can have a family… think honey…

- I’m going to call daddy, Bye mum.

- Bye honey.

Candy sent the pictures to her father and called him.

- Oh my God, Candy! She’s so beautiful! She’s your spitting image!

- She’s absolutely wonderful

- I want to see her! You’re going to serve him with the custody papers and the divorce?

- He’s not here, daddy, He’s on a business trip…

- On word, Candy and I will destroy him and with his family…

- No, there is no way you’re destroying him. He’s my little girl’s father. He’s part of the family.

- You’re getting soft on my…

- He hid my daughter from me, daddy.

The duke didn’t reply. He felt that his daughter was weakening.

- So, if he could come back, you will serve him with the custody papers and the divorce?

- Yes, I’m going to take advantage to know my daughter better.

- I can send a team to come and extract both of you…

- Where do you think you are daddy? In a spy movie? I’m going to take care of this problem my way.

The duke burst out laughing, but he felt that his daughter might change her mind if her husband came back… and they had a daughter together.

- All right, have fun with your daughter and don’t forget about your mission.

- I’m not going to forget. Good bye daddy and thank you again!

- Good bye honey.

Candy wondered why she was ready to defend Terry to her father? Didn’t he hid her daughter from her? But Esther loved Terry… she stopped thinking and she went to bed.


The following days, they learned to know each other more, Esther was taking naturally Candy’s hand and they would go get the mail together in the mailbox at the end of the alley. Esther would tell her about her desire to have a dog.

- Daddy, said I’m too young, maybe next year…

Finally one night, after her prayer, Esther put her little arms around Candy’s neck and said:
- I like you, you know that? I’m happy you came here. You’re going to stay with me my whole life?

- I like you too, honey, said Candy blinded by tears.

But the little girl got stiff all of a sudden.

- What’s going on? Asked Candy

- Daddy! Daddy!

Esther freed herself from her friend’s hug and ran into the arms of the man who was standing at the door. Candy didn’t move. The moment so feared: she was in front of Terry. She didn’t get the time to get a hold of herself. She remembered that she was in disguise ant that Terry couldn't recognize her. Thank God, she was wearing a black jeans with a gray pull over, her hair was in a very strict up do, She looked at the father and daughter, She saw the love they felt for each other.

- You didn’t tell me you were coming back, daddy!

- I found out at the last minute, honey.

- It was a surprise?

- Exactly…

He stopped talking and looked at the shape by the bed.

- Can you introduce me Esther?

- It’s Blanche! It means white, like in Snow White!

Candy remained calm.

- My name is Blanche Graham, Sir. I hope it doesn’t bother you that Esther calls me by my first name? Miss Graham was a little difficult for her to say and to ceremonious.

- Not at all. I think that Blanche is a very pretty name…

- It means while like in Snow White, said Esther

- Like Snow-White, said Terry smiling

Terry approached the bed and stop at 1 metre of the young woman. He was dominating her with all his height. She stood up.

- It’s strange. You remind me of someone…

- Really? May I ask who?

- It’s not important

A spark of anger went through Candy’s eyes.

- As far as I’m concern, sir, I’m sure we’ve never met before

He raised his eye brows with disdain.

- I didn’t think you were that person. Miss… euh… Graham

Candy was feeling uneasy, fortunately, Esther intervene one more time at the right moment.

- Can I stay up late, daddy? Please…

Terry looked at his daughter and took her in his arms. She screamed of joy. Silently, Candy was looking at them. She felt like a third wheel… apparently, Terry adored his daughter.

- If you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go to my room.

Terry looked at his watch.

- Please. Could you join me in my office, let’s say in an hour?

- It’s late and…

- Come on , Miss Graham, you probably have time to talk with me. I promise not to keep you up for too long.

- Very well…

In a rush to run away, she kissed Esther on the cheek.

- See you tomorrow honey.

- Good night… you’re not happy to see my daddy ?

- Yes, of course.

She avoided Terry’s eyes and got out of the room in a hurry to go to hers.


"You should be kissed, and often, and by someone who knows how." Rhett Butler, Gone with the wind

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Chapter 5
“The confrontation”

She was a little afraid. She had to remember that Terry didn’t recognize her. She called her mother.

– Are you all right?

– Mum, Terry came back...

– Calm down, tell yourself that he doesn’t know who you are...

– He said I remind him of someone…

– He can't recognize you... everything is going to be fine! When are you talking to him?

– In an hour...

– it's going to be fine. You can do it! You're the daughter of the great Eleonor baker!

– Thanks for your encouragements mum.

She was nervous and decided to go for a walk, she wen t out. She put on her boots and her coat and she went outside. It was very dark. An icy wind was blowing. She went up the hill behind the house, her feet were making noises on the snow garden by the frost. It was cold so she could think calmly. She walked only for half an hour. It was the first time she saw Terry since their last fight. He had left for a trip, she got sick and had the baby,... How much she missed him during that time. Seeing Terry again had bothered her more than she was willing to admit. He still had that power over her. As angry as she was, she wanted to curled up in his arms!

“No, no, no Candy! Stop it! You hate him, remember?” She Said to herself.

Her head was telling her she hated him but her heart was saying… no, she didn’t want to know what her heart was saying. She hated Terry who had lied to her! He had hidden the existence of her daughter! He must’ve really hate her to do something so cruel. How much she wanted to go see him and hit him with all her strength … But she couldn’t. She couldn’t risk Terry getting rid of her again… she had the support of her father, but she didn’t want to separate from her daughter. So she was going to put up with the situation until she finds a solution. Did Terry recognize her? He said she reminded him of someone? Did he have an unconscious seed planted? Well, she’ll see after their conversation. While she was going back to her room, she knew she was right to take that walk. Her fears had vanished…

She tied her hair in a severe tight up do. Her blue contact lenses were on, she added her fake tainted glasses she wore for the illusion. She put on a gray skirt, she was wearing gray, all over, maybe she will be unnoticed.

Candy had never been to Terry’s office. She was alone for a little while and she looked at the room waiting his arrival. All the walls were in clear wainscoting. On one side there was a chimney, on the other side there was a bookshelf full of books. A few armchairs, a desk in oak looking severe with an computer on top of it with a flat screen, a keyboard and a printer/scanner. A great sound system, a television set, a DVD player, Blue Ray player completed the furniture. There was a warmth coming from the whole thing, which didn’t exist in the master bedroom. This office was more like the Terry she had known.

- You look thoughtful…

She was startled, She turned around to face him, she was wondering how much her face showed her feelings.

- What are you thinking about?

- I… was admiring this room.

- Do you want something to drink? He asked in an ironic tainted voice.

- Nothing, thank you.

There was some drinks on a little rolling table not too far from the book shelf. He poured himself a glass of sparkling water. He drank a sip while looking at her. Candy was looking at him. He didn’t recognize her, she thought… Yet she was conscious that she wanted to be his once again. She cursed him in her heart. In any case, he shouldn’t suspect anything. If he finds out who she was, she would be lost. She walked away and she walked towards the window.

Terry kneeled in front of the chimney to lit the fire. Candy was able to look at him. He had changed in four years. He was slightly older of course. When he stood up it was to look at her intensely…

- Where do you come from Miss Graham?

- New York, she said

- Yes, your accent doesn’t lie. Why did you leave New York?

- I felt the need for a change.

- Good for us. Esther seems happy and it’s shared, right?

- Esther is a charming little girl. She doesn’t feel in security.

He squinted his eyes.

- Explain yourself. I thought you were hired as a nurse, not a psychologist.

- You don’t need to be a psychologist to realise that. She misses you a lot when you’re not here… maybe she’s suffering for not having a mommy.

- Miss Graham, he said, let’s get something straight right now. Esther’s mother is a problem that concerns me personally. Not you. Do you understand?

- Not talking about it is not going to solved the problem…

He looked at her surprised. The audacity!

- The problem with my wife is none of your concern!

- But it concerns Esther! Do you know she prays every night for her mother’s return?

- Of course I know. I’m her father…

- And you have no solution to the problem…?

He had a sigh and he said a little against his will.

- She’s praying God…

Candy looked at him, surprised.

- So what? She asked.

- Well, God will answer her…

- What?

- You heard me…

- You can’t be serious…

- I’m very serious… on the contrary. My daughter wants her mommy to come back. She’s asking God.

- She never asked you where her mommy was?

- Yes, I told her the truth. That her mommy is gone…

Candy had to restrain herself not to scream!

- So she asked me if she could pray the Lord to get her mommy back…
Candy couldn’t believe it. She was there, she was Esther’s mommy! The Lord really did make her daily prayer come true!

- You’re not a psychologist,,, you don’t approve of my methods?

- You sincerely think that God is going to answer her?

By saying that, she realised that God had made Esther’s pray come true, because she was there. But

Esther’s prayer was asking God so that she could come back and stay with them… She came back to get her daughter back… Unless… No! Terry had hidden her baby from her! She was not ready to forgive!!!

“… I also pray for my mommy, where ever she is. Please make it that she comes back with us Lord. Amen”

She heard in her head. The little one was praying for her to come back and she was bac,k… to break up her family?! No, she wasn’t going to let herself be soften…

Terry was looking at her, but what was her problem? She took her job way too seriously. But he had a funny feeling in her presence.

- I thought my daughter to pray and believe in God. I told her that he always answer our prayers, one way or another. You see Miss Graham, I’m very pragmatic…

- How long since she’s been praying for her mommy’s return?

- It hasn’t been that long, admitted Terry, with God, you have to be patient. It was a little bit before my trip…

More or less at the moment she found out she had a daughter and that he was looking for someone to take care of her. Candy said to herself that it was probably a coincidence…

- Before that, she would wake up almost every nights crying for her mommy…

Candy felt sad and she cursed Terry for the umpteenth time for hiding her daughter from her! She had to do an effort not to jump on him.

- She misses you a lot when you leave. When I got her, I found out she barely left her room when you’re not here. It’s unhealthy for a four year old little girl. Especially if you travel a lot.

- I am forced to travel for my business. It’s inevitable. It’s also the reason why I hired you, Miss Graham… To keep her company when I’m not here. I would be grateful to you to do your job.

Candy looked at him. He was marking his territory. She made the ultimate effort not to explode and she replied:

- Yes, sir.

Terry looked at her. This woman had a lot of audacity, she reminded him of Candy… without the British accent.

- Do you know miss Graham, he said with suave voice, you intrigue me? You’re here in front of me and very severe outfit in your gray suit. You’re woman enough to realise by yourself, it seems; this outfit doesn’t suit you at all. Your hair are too tight and your nose is shinny… You look like Victorian young lady… I’m ready to bet you’re hiding something behind that cold mask, a fiery temper.

- Maybe Victorian young girl have the duty to look submitted to a society dominate by men… thus their passivity or precocity, if you prefer.

- Ah…

- Only there, we’re not in the 19th Century anymore, she continued.

- Yet, you were wearing pants earlier on. Why did you change?

To be invisible, but it failed.

- When I took the job, I was told to dress in a way to please my boss.

To her big surprise, Terry burst out laughing frankly.

- One point for you!

He’s always had a communicative laugh. Candy couldn’t help smiling.

- But you just prove my point, he said, you realise that, I hope. If you were really uptight, you wouldn’t have dared to be impertinent with me.

- The reciprocity is true.

- Take off our glasses, he ordered out of the blue.

Candy was startled.

- I… I’m very near sighted.

- Really?

He didn’t believe her…

- What a pity, it must be inconvenient sometimes.

- I… I don’t understand.

- Come one, you’re not a child… haven’t you been disappointed by someone? Haven’t you been knocked down by love for example?

She looked at him. She wanted to tell him how much he had disappointed her, four years ago. A feeling of anger got into her. Yet, Esther’s image came to her mind. She couldn’t risk destroying so fast their new friendship. What wouldn’t she do for her daughter?

- Fortunately, no, sir. I probably have less experience than yourself.

- Experience, is gain, Miss Graham.

She had to get out of there, so she told him all of a sudden.

- Would you excuse me please? I’m tired.

- Are you afraid, Miss Graham?

- Of what?

- Of me maybe?

- Good night sir.

- Good night dear. See you tomorrow.

Candy got out of the office to go back to her room, she had a sigh of relief. What an ordeal! To be in the same room as Terry had troubled her more than she thought. She had the impression he was deliberately provoking her. She peeked Terry’s curiosity. Was he suspecting something? She didn’t sleep well a big part of the night; her eyes were open in the dark. She was wondering if Terry had recognized her, Then she told herself no, she didn’t have the same voice, not the same accent and not the same hair colour… he didn’t recognize her.


Terry stayed in his office and looked at her go. There was something about this woman. Why did she refuse to take her glasses off? He wanted to look her in the eyes to see what exactly? He had a funny feeling when he was in the same room as her. He took his phone and dialled a number. I was ringing.

- Jones?

- Terry? You’re not sleeping yet?

- I’m about to…

- What’s going on?

- Esther’s new nanny…

- Yes…?

- She’s…

Terry had a little pause, He was looking for the exact word.

- She’s...?

- Intriguing…

- Mysterious?

- Ah… you like her?

- It’s not that…

- You don’t feel like hitting on her…?

- Yes I do, but, it’s more than that. She’s go something…

- Terry, it’s the first time I hear you so interested in a woman since…

- I…

- Why don’t you seduce her?

- Seduce her?

- I really have to teach you everything? Kiss her…

Terry didn’t think the idea was stupid, for the first time in four years… For the first time since Candy, he wanted another woman!!!

- I’m not going to kiss her…

- Why not?

- I’m still married…

- Incredible! You’re the only man I know who is faithful to a wife that abandoned you four years ago!

Why was he thinking about Candy? In fact ever since he’d come back, he was thinking about Candy, ever since he got into his daughter’s room in fact… Why was that? “Blanche Graham” What was the point with Candy? Candy’s name was “Candice Bianca Grandchester”…Bianca meant “Blanche” in French. That was probably why… Why would he be thinking about his wife after meeting Blanche Graham?

- I’m going to go to bed Jones… Good night.

- Good night Terry! Sleeping alone is boring… go see the nanny.

- Shut up!



"You should be kissed, and often, and by someone who knows how." Rhett Butler, Gone with the wind

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Chapter 6

Terry had trouble sleeping after his conversation with Jones. Jones was his best friend, his brother who would always tell him the truth. He hadn’t desire another woman since Candy… and Candy was the only woman he had desire since Antonia…

Antonia… She was so beautiful, so sweet. He was on orphan, abandoned at the door of an orphanage the same day as his friend Jones. They grew up together and Jones got adopted. Terry stayed at the orphanage. He was taken in charge later by a the Legan family. But that didn’t really work, to the point where Mrs. Legan’s nieces, Allyson, Ashley and Antonia, decided to ask their aunt AWhilemina to officially adopt Terry. He then became Whilemina Andrew adoptive son and he had fallen in love with her favourite niece, Antonia Brown. They went to school together, they finished school and they were supposed to get married and start their lives together. It was not too long before their wedding, they went for a ride with their horses. There was a trap, the horses foot got trapped and he kicked Antonia off the horse, she fell breaking her neck and died on the spot. Terry was inconsolable for months. He had got in contact with Jones again and soon they were the best friends in the world. They worked together and they were doing good business together. Terry had done medical school, but after Antonia died , he didn’t practice. He threw himself into the family business for a change of scenery… Jones had come to work with him and they would travel together across the country and the world. Jones had married Ashley Cornwell, whom he loved like crazy.

During one of their business trips, they ended up in Gstaad for a few days. They stayed in a luxury hotel with lots of rich people and even members of the royal family. Terry was a very handsome man, he was very popular with women, but he wasn’t interested since Antonia’s death. Eliza Legan did everything to seduce him and replace her cousin, in vain.

He was in a party in a hotel with jones, he went out of the balcony to breathe some fresh air. The music was very loud. He looked at the mountains covered with snow and he saw her. She had the same hair colour as her. His heart jumped. It couldn’t be her of course, He approached her and he saw a young woman crying… She looked so vulnerable, he almost wanted to take her in his arms and console her and tell her everything is going to be al right. She wiped her tears and turned around.

- Good evening, he said, are you all right?

- I’m fine… why?

- Because you look so sad…

- I look sad? No I don’t!

She burst in a crystal laughter. He looked at her surprised. He knew she was pretending and he understood her. Hasn’t he been doing the same thing since Antonia’s death? He realised that, all of a sudden looking at this young woman, of the time he was wasting, Antonia wouldn’t have wanted him to be always sad… This young woman gave him the will to continue living…with her.

- I’m sorry then, said Terry

- I was just breathing some air, the wind is blowing in my eyes…

- Ah… otherwise, you’re having fun?

- Yes, I am! What about you?

- The music is a little too loud for me…

- You don’t look like someone who likes to party…

- What do I look like?

- Of a business man who is bored to death…

They burst out laughing together. Jones arrived with someone else, who was looking for the woman.

- You’re here honey? You want to come and dance?

She looked at TEsrry and she turned to the man who had just spoken to her and left with him. Jones looked at Terry.

- What where you doing? Hitting on her?

- No…

- You were talking to her…

- I can’t talk to her?

- Dude, she part of the royal group…

- Which means?

- From the group wit the princes… that’s a prince who just came to take her back inside…

- Ah… ok.
He was disappointed of course. He thought she was interesting and he wanted to continue talking to her. It was the firs time he was interested in a woman since Antonia’s death… She had big green eyes and freckles on her noce… so, he couldn’t stop thinking about her for the whole night. The next day, he had seen her in the morning at breakfast with her whole clan…

- You can’t stop looking at her, said Jones, you’re not afraid to get killed by a prince?

- You’re talking nonsense, Jones… I just lookinga t her without all the make up she had last night, that’s all…

- Terry…

- Are you done? I wanted to go ski for a while

- Our appointment is in the afternoon…

Jones stood up and say:

- You know, you can always try… you ‘ve got nothing to loose.

- I’m going to screw up…

- Maybe not…

- It’s a prince…

- Do you know how many would rather have you than a prince?

- I’m not going to compete with a prince…

Terry got out of the hotel, the white snow was blinding his view with the sun reflexion on it. He went to put on his skis. Then he followed the other skiers on the hill… he started coming down, he got down the hill and there was a girl in her skis who had fallen down. It was very difficult to get back on your feet with skis on. Terry left his sticks in the snow to help her get back up.

- Thank you so much, he heard with the British accent…

It was the young woman from the balcony.

- You! She said when she recognized him, looks like you keep finding me in a compromising position…

- Do you think destiny is trying to tell us something? Asked Terry without thinking.

What was he doing? She was not available.

- That I can trust you? She said smiling

- I can give you some ski lessons…

She looked at him smiling.

- You think you can teach me not to fall on the ground? She said smiling

- Yes… Let’s go back up and I will show you…

- All right…

- My name is Terrence. Terry for friends, he said

- And I’m Candice, Candy for friends.

They went back up with the cable car to go back on the hill… Once they were up, he gave her advice and the spent a great time together, they forgot about the rest of the world.

Jones went to the appointment alone that day… And the prince waited for Candy in vain, she never came back from her sky ride…

Candy and Terry became inseparable, She broke up with the prince and her father the duke got very angry. Terry asked her to marry him and she said yea. They got married. Jones wanted him to continue living, but he wasn’t expecting that. They went back to America together… Then they got o the manor, the whole family was surprised… The great aunt, Eliza… But Terry was happy and that’s all that mattered. Candy had given up her prince for love…


Candy woke up a little uneasy, She had thought about her meeting with Terry. Did Terry think about their meeting too? There was a knock on the door.

- Come in!

Mrs. Smith showed her head.

- I have your breakfast.

- How nice of you! Am I late?

- It’s after 10, but it’s ok. The Master took the little one downtown. He told me not to disturb you.

- Thank you, you’re adorable. When are they coming back?

- After lunch, I think. Take your time.

So, they went down down without inviting her? Whey would they invite her? As a nanny, paid for her job, she would probably appreciate a little rest in the morning… But reality was different, ans she felt jealous and very alone. Terry and her daughter left to have fun without her. She was Esther’s mother. Logically, she should’ve been with them. Candy started thinking at what her mother was telling her, Maybe she should’ve simply just spoken to Terry… Her mother might have been right…

Candy was in her room on he r laptop wriing when she heard the car arrive. A few moments later, Esther was knocking on her door and she got in, followed by Terry.

- Snow While! Daddy and I are going sleigh ride. You want to come too?

Candy looked at Terry: he was imperturbable.

- Come on, Snow-White, we’re going to have fun!

- All right, let’s go put on our snow suits!

Terry was still silent, but at one point when she passed in front of him he whispered with a low voice:

- Did you have a good night Miss Graham?

A light of anger flared in her fake glasses.

- Not particularly.

- Bad conscience?

- I have nothing to feel guilty about

- I’m not that sure.

- Hurry up, Snow-White! Yelled the little girl impatient

It was a sunny day and it was cold. The sky was blue, the snow was spotless and light under their steps. Two crows flew screeching in the pur air. They went up the hill behind the house, then they walked to the little mountain a little more severe.

- We’re not going down that way? Asked Candy faking surprise

Esther sat on the slide.

- Sit behind me, Snow-White and hold on!

Candy obeyed and put her legs aroung Esther’s body while holding her by the waist. Terry sat behid her. Candy had to fight again the will to lean on her husband and she was angry at herself for her own weakness. Terry gave the signal, slowly at first, then faster and faster… the slide swiped the snow. They did it again 5 or 6 times: their screams of joy were heard all over the countryside. Terry seemed particularly relaxed.

- This is the last time, he said, ignoring Esther’s protests, I’m too old for this kind of sport.

His tall figure was shaped in the blue background of the sky, the sun was shinning on his blond hair. Candy was moved… She thought about their time in Gstaad… She was suddenly aware of being observed… In her hoy, she forgot to say Miss Graham. Her red ski suit, her hair under the red hat, her red cheeks didn’t really give the picture of a serious nanny and… strict. The fake glasses gave her a mysterious look.

- Two more turns daddy!

- No, this was the last one!

This time yet, when the slide hit the hill, it landed on the wrong angle and they were thrown off all at once. Esther stood up first, her eyebrows covered with snow.

- Hey daddy! You’re going to squish her!

As a matter of fact, Candy was lying on the back. In their fall, Terry found himself on her.

- Are you all right? He asked

She burst out laughing.

- There’s snow in my neck?

Her eyes were full of malice, he took some snow and put some on her face. She fought.

- Daddy! You’re mean!

He turned around to answer his daughter.

- Who? Me?

It was an ideal moment. Taking advantage of Terry inattention, Candy managed to free herself from his arms and threw some snow on his face. He smiled, and then he stood up.

- You’re going to be sorry. Where are we putting her Esther?

- In the snowdrift! In the snowdrift!

Candy was fighting fiercely.

- Put me down, put me down now!

- If that’s what you want…

Terry dropped her just like that. Tears of laughter came down because she was laughing so hard. Candy looked at them, full of happiness. Terry gave her his hand to help stand up.

- Esther, you take care of the slide? Miss Graham, I see in you infinite possibilities.

She didn’t have time to react; he had pull her hat and her hair just fell on her shoulders. He took a strand.

- You have wonderful hair, benice and don’t tie them inthat horrible updo.

Hypnotized by his eyes, she didn’t find anything to answer him, They were on their way home, The rest of the afternoon was fun. Terry didn;’t make any special remarks. Dinner was fine, they looked like a real family; they were a family.

Candy gave Esther her bath, she brushed her hair and then she put her to bed, Terry arrived at that moment.

- Daddy! You’re going to tuck me in with Snow-White?

- All right! Said Terry

- You’ll read me a story?

- You pray first, because you’re going to fall asleep while we read.

Esther kneeled and said her prayer. Terry was looking at Candy while his daughter was praying. Her expression changed or was it in his mind?

He read a story to Esther who fell asleep right away. Candy kissed her on the forehead and she stood up to leave fast, before Terry could talk to her.

Once in her room, she thought she was getting too confortable. She had to give me the custody papers and the divorce papers… But she like the time she spent with her family and she didn’t want to ruin it… The papers would have to wait a little…

Terry, in his room, talked to his friend Jones. Candy’s crystal laugh was echoing in his head.

- So you’re seducing the nanny?

- No Jones, stop …

- You haven’t kissed her yet?

- Can you come and see her? He said ignoring the question

- Come and see her? Why?

- To make sure I’m not going crazy…

- Terry, I’m worried… I’ll come by tomorrow.

- Thanks dude. Good night.

- Good night Terry.

The crystal laughter, the silky hair and wavy… It wasn’t the same colour as Candy’s…so why the heck was he thinking about Candy???!!!


"You should be kissed, and often, and by someone who knows how." Rhett Butler, Gone with the wind

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