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> My Best Friend's Wife
post Jul 29 2018, 10:38 PM
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My best friend’s wife…

Chapter 1
“The misunderstanding”

Terrence Grandchester had just arrived on the American ground… He came from the military base which was in the Netherlands. His brother, Richard was waiting for him at the airport… They were both very tall, they were two years apart and they got along great. They hugged for a while.

- How’s dad?

- He’s fine…

- But…?

- What do you mean, by “but”?

- Rick, out with it!

- Well, the other day, I went to see him in the morning, the door was open, and I got in without making any noise… and I went to the kitchen and…

- And…?

- I still can’t believe it…

- Richard Junior!

- Well, our father was in the arms of a beautiful blonde…

- What?

- They were sucking their faces off, like there was no tomorrow…

- What did you do?

- Once the stupor passed, I went back to the living room and I slammed the door and I screamed to show my presence… when I got to the kitchen, she was by the stove and he was sitting at the table… like there was nothing…

- Incredible!

- He introduced me to his pretty lady… and he wants to marry her very fast.

- There’s no rush…

- According to you…

- How old is she?

- She’s probably in her 30s, 40s, I don’t know…

- She’s not a little young for him?

- Dad is not that old, you know… he got married young. He obeyed his father’s demands and he did his duty…

- He really wants to get married?

- Yes…. He must be in love…

- But he just lost his wife barely six months ago…

- Well he’s going to tell you that exactly, that life is nothing, it could end any moment, like with mum…

- But she just died…!

- Life goes on…

- Anyway, I quit the army to come and see him…

- He’s going to tell you that you shouldn’t have done that…

- He’s really going to get married? Incredible!

- I also took a leave of absence to spend time to talk to him…

- All right little bro… the two of us might be able to convince him…

- “Might be”? You don’t seem very convincing…

- You and I know that when dad has an idea in his head…

- …it’s practically impossible to make him change his mind.

- How’s your love life?

- Nothing good, it’s over with Nadine…

- Oh…

- We were not on the same wave length… and what about you, what was the name of our dutch girl? Inga?

- Inge…

- You manage to pronounce her name well every time?

- Yes… but it won’t work…

- What do you mean? You don’t love her…?

- You know, the heart is an involuntary muscle, in the human body, literally, it beats when it wants to and it also stops when it wants… we have no control over it…

His brother looked at him and didn’t say a thing. They continued talking until they got home… They were talking about other things, not about their love lives anymore… Junior was driving without going too fast and they soon reached their villa… But their father of course, was out with his new conquest… The two brothers went to the living room.

- Does he go out much? Asked Terry to his brother

- Every night, I’m telling you, I don’t see him anymore…

- He forgot his grief pretty fast…

- Terry, it doesn’t mean that he wasn’t sad when mum died…

Richard Grandchester Senior didn’t take long to come back home. The two men heard noise at the door and voices. Their father appeared in the living room. He wasn’t very old, he seemed still young and his girlfriend seemed even younger than him. Terry was stunned! She was so beautiful! She had a “je ne sais quoi” that attracted him to her, but not sexually…

- Well well well, my eldest son is back! Said their father smiling

He came closer to hug Terry hard in his arms. Terrence was surprised by his joy and his exhuberance. That woman had a good effect on him… But what was going on? Now he was for it?

- Dad! Said Terry, it’s so good to see you so happy!

- Terry! Let me introduce you to the person responsible for my state of mind…

His girlfriend approached them smiling. She was the opposite of their mother, she was tall and breath taking. You’d wonder what she was doing with their father… who was not ugly, but who was older… she could’ve found a man her own age…

- This is Eleonor Graham, we call her Nelly…

The latter was smiling with all her teeth.

- Hello, he said looking at her.

He didn’t know what it was, but there was something about this woman. To his big surprise, Nelly hugged him tenderly in her arms… He could feel a lot of love coming from her… what was that about?

- Pleased to meet you, said Terry surprised.

- I am pleased to meet you too, answered Nelly smiling.

Junior was looking at the scene and he was wondering what was going on. He looked at his father who was smiling. He wasn’t worried to see his future wife so nice to Terry?

- When are you getting married? Asked Terry

- In two days, said his father

- What’s the rush? Asked Terry.

- We just want to be married as soon as possible.

- Mum just died…

- That means I’m free like a bird, said is father and let me remind you that I’m not getting any younger…

Terry looked at Nelly who didn’t seem bothered at all by the remark.

- Terry, she said, I’d like you to walk me to the altar…

He looked at her stunned…

- You don’t have any family? He asked.

- No… I really would like that…

- Euh… if dad doesn’t see anything wrong with it…

- I would like that a lot, said his father.

- All right then, said Terry still a little stunned…

- Great! Said his father, why don’t we and have dinner at the restaurant to celebrate? My treat!

- I’m going to go change first, let’s go Junior…

- I’m behind you, he said.

The two brothers left the living room to go to Terry’s room.

- What was that with the future stepmum?

- She’s likable…

- She put a spell on you too?

- Not the way you think, it would be disgusting! She’s with dad!

- You could get rid of her…

- Shut up Junior ! I won’t do that to dad.

- You’re going to walk her to the altar too…

- For dad…that’s what he wants and he’s right, he’s not getting any younger…

A part of Terry wanted to be a horrible person who would’ve tried to seduce his father’s fiancée… but he couldn’t do that to his father or to Nelly, for that matter… For an unknown reason, he seemed to like her a lot…


- Candy? Said her sister, it’s for you.

- Thanks Georgie, she said, walking to go get the phone to answer it.

She went to sit on the leather couch in her sister’s modern living room.

- Hello?

- Candy!

- Hi Great Aunt Elroy, how are you?

- I should be asking you how you are…

- I’m fine.

- And the baby?

- The baby is fine…

- When are you coming back to Lakewood?

- Well the doctor said that I’m too far along to travel… I’m afraid I’m going to have the baby here…

- In New York? But it’s so far from Lakewood! I thought you’d come back to have the baby here!

- I’m sorry, said Candy who wasn’t thinking that at all.

In fact being in New York with her sister, far away from Anthony’s family…

- Do you know if it’s a boy or a girl?

- I want to be surprised…

- You’re not making this easy for us for the colours…

- You could wait for the birth before you buy the gifts if you want…

- We also want to do a baby shower…

- You can have one after the birth, said Candy calmly

- When are you coming back home Candy?

Candy felt her stomach get tied up. How many times had she heard that questions in the last six months she was in New York?

She came from Lakewood, that’s where she grew up and met Anthony very young… They had gotten married very young, just after Candy finished high school. Anthony became an airline pilot in the military and they had traveled so much for his job around the world, so the expression “home” didn’t make any sense… And Lakewood, less than before, now that Anthony was no more. It had been almost a year since her husband had hugged her for the last time. That morning, when she looked at him leave from the English base for one of his mission at NATO, Candy far from thinking that those arms would never hug her ever again… She was at least grateful she was able to join him when he came back before he did his plane demonstration in Italy… She had the time to tell him that the insemination was a success. That they were going to have a baby. The happiness in his voice would be her last memory of him.

Anthony had refused to adopt a child before trying all the treatment possible, to the potion that was supposed to make his sperms more efficient. The in-vitro fecundation was their last hope. After a lot of failure, doctors had managed to fertilize one of Candy’s eggs with a frozen sample and get a viable embryo once implanted. Anthony had know, before he died that he was going to become a father. Today, she could console herself thinking she gave him that joy. Their ultimate phone communication had made them even closer then they ever been for a long time. They had talked about the future of the future baby, of the family they were going to have all three of them. And they had exchanged love words. Candy had known some military wives like her, who had lost their husbands after a fight and they would blame themselves forever for leaving things on bitter words. On that point, she thought she was blessed.

- Candy? Are you listening to me? I wanted to do a baby shower before the birth…

- It will have to be later, Great aunt Elroy. But I won't be able to travel either after the birth of the baby, let’s be realistic. The best thing would be to push the shower after my post natal exam, it would be better for everybody, I’ll come with the baby and…

- Sounds like you’re avoiding us Candy. We’re Anthony’s family! What do you think he would say if he was there? You’ve changed so much since the funerals. Don’t we count for you anymore?

- Of course you count for me Great aunt Elroy, you’re Anthony’s family so you’re the baby’s family too. We’re linked forever…

- But we’re always going to be far, right?

- There is public transportation…

- You’re running away from us…

- It’s not you aunt Elroy, but I had to face the fact that Anthony would never come back. And I realised that the change of scenery made things easier for me. A new place were nothing reminds me of the past. Georgie and her husband helped me get through the pain.

Georgie’s eyes became wet. They both knew how hard it was. Six months earlier, Candy didn’t think that her foetus would resist the devastation. Her baby owed a lot to her family who had taken her in. Georgie and Candy got along great and helping her sister had come naturally to her…

- What about our pain, do you think about it? Haven’t you thought for second that we might need you?

- Of course aunt Elroy, but you’re not alone, you have other family members with you, which rejoice me that you can console each other…

- So you decided… Anthony was my favourite, you know that… You want to take the opportunity to exclude us from your life?

- No! I’ll come back…

- You’ll come back or you’ll come home?

Good question to which Candy couldn’t answer right away. Once again, she desperately hanged on to her sisters eyes.

- I don’t know yet. For the moment, I’m just getting ready fore the baby’s birth in the happiest environment as possible.

She would never thank Georgie and Lowell enough for insisting, after the funerals for her to come with them to New York, saving her from the big and powerful family in law whose well intentioned care, suffocating her.

- Please Aunt Elroy, try to understand. Think that you will soon be a great grandmother of Anthony’s baby… rejoice, that’s what he would’ve wanted.

- Anthony would be appalled that his pregnant wife is deliberately getting away from us.

This conventioneer had no hope.

- I’m really sorry you’re feeling that way, she said, it was not my intention…

- When you’re going to be a mother too, maybe you’ll start to understand

- Aunt Elroy…

- I think it’s better if we avoid talking to each other for a while. I don’t recognize you Candy. Anthony fell in love with a nice girl, it’s not you anymore…

A click sound was heard ending finally this conversation.

Candy had a big sigh. She would rather spend time with her sister and her husband far away from Anthony’s family, which she didn’t see that much, thank God, because of his job, that took them a little bit everywhere around the world. Anthony was an only child, he had lost his mother when he was very young and his father was in the marine, which had given him the taste to get into the army but he liked planes better. The Great aunt Elroy, that's how they called her, but Anthony called her “grand-mother” and she had been a mother for him when he had lost his and he was her favourite, but she loved all of her family members…

Her sister was sitting by her side and took her in her arms with love.

- Everything is going to be fine sweetie…

- I don’t like making them sad…

- I know, I know… we’re going to the Carlton for the reception this weekend and were going to stay at the hotel and have room service, spa and all that jazz without the children!

- Georgie!

- What? I love my little angels, but sometimes spending time far from them is good ! You’ll see when you’ll have your little angel!

- I believe you! Said Candy smiling.

They burst out laughing, both of them.


Two days later, he was at New York City hall to assist to the wedding of Richard Grandchester Senior and Nelly Graham… She was wearing a pink suit, very elegant with a hat of the same colour. Richard was wearing a black suit. The ceremony was simple and happened fast. They went to a luxury hotel to celebrate the event.

When they arrived at the hotel, his heart jumped in his chest. There was a couple who had just arrived and they were walking towards the elevator. The women was blond and the man too. They were smiling and the woman was pregnant! He felt like they gave me him a blow in his guts. Anthony’s widow very pregnant! Anthony died six months ago and they had just came out of a special assignment which has lasted almost six months and they had no contact with the outside world, so Anthony couldn’t be the father of that baby… His wife probably had an affair… the long absences of their job, a lot of women consoled themselves elsewhere. But Anthony loved his wife so much. He had met her only once, he went to see Anthony during the summer in Lakewood and he had the pleasure of meeting the object of his best friend’s affection. He had seen pictures of her but to see her in person… He would rather not think about it… After that, he avoided all the opportunity to see her again… He had seen her once and that was enough for him for the rest of this life… and now here she was in New York, as if by magic, after his best buddy’s death… Very pregnant! She was probably already pregnant when Anthony died… Maybe he was distracted when he learned that his wife consoled herself elsewhere, because he couldn’t be the baby’s father… he approached the reception and he asked:

- Hello, excuse-me, I wanted to know if Mrs. Brown had arrived. I was supposed to meet her here…

- Brown? Said the man looking at his list, we have no one of that name on our list or on the reservations. Would you like me to call her out?

- It’s not necessary, she’s probably not here yet, I must’ve confused her with someone else…

There were a lot of people at the hotel ‘s restaurant, because there was a conference, so another reception at the same time as their little celebration. They were talking and Terry was looking at people who were at the restaurant at the same time as them. He eyes were attracted by a blond couple; Anthony’s wife and her new love! They were smiling. They went to sit at one of the tables on the other side of the restaurant. Anthony died 6 months ago, it was two days before the death of his own mother. He couldn’t go to his best friend’s funeral because of that… Anthony died knowing that his wife was unfaithful, the baby would be the fruit of betrayal… he got very angry all of a sudden… Nelly was looking at him…

- Terry? Are you all right ?

- What ? he said distracted.

- May I have this dance please ?

- Of course Nelly, he said

They stood up and they walked to the dance floor. And they started dancing.

- You know Terry, your father and I have never made love… I’ve never spent the night in your house… your father respected me…

- That’s good to know, said Terry who was happy deep down inside.

- I love your father, you know that?

- Thank you, said Terry hugging her tighter

He still didn’t know what it was but he felt the need to hug her and what she had told him, that his father respected her… He was happy. They started talking about different things…


Candy was at a table with her sister and her brother in law. She was getting ready to eat her lamb chop with she saw him. Her fork stopped half way. He wasn’t wearing the uniform but was it Terrence Grandchester?
She had met him once at Lakewood and it was a very long time ago. But she had in her closet hundreds of pictures and dozens of videos immortalizing Anthony’s career and his best friend friend was very present on them. She knew he lived in New York. He had sent her a very moving letter… Unfortunately, swamped by the letter people had sent and thank you letters to send out, Candy had sent him only a printed card for a reply. Putting her fork down, she leaned to her brother in law.

- Lowell? Can you do something for me? Take me to the dance floor, fast…

- You mean right now? Right away? He replied while eating his meat.

- The latest song, if it’s not too late.

Georgie looked at her surprised. Feeling the urgency, Lowell wiped his mouth and stood up to take her to the dance floor right away.

- Do you see the handsome dark guy other there? I think I know him. Would you take me to him without being too obvious?

He brother in law looked at her big belly with a teasing eye.

- I’m going to try…

Lowell wasn’t an exceptional dancer, but Candy didn’t need one , she just needed him to escort her to her destination. And the closer they got, the more convince she was it was Terry, Anthony’s friend whom he admired above all.
The classic suit dark blue didn’t put his solid body at its disadvantage like the pilot costume made him look so good on the pictures. The day they had met, Terry made her think of an athlete, a skier with his body on the top of its physical shape. Of course, she never told Anthony that, as he wasn’t as tall at Terry…There are some things a new bride shouldn’t tell her husband.

When she got close to him, the man had his back turned. Letting go of Lowell, she put her hand on his sleeve.

- Terry? It’s you, right?

He stopped abruptly, his arms falling like she was hit by a bullet. His dance partner made herself scarce while, Terrence Grandchester, because it was him, turned around slowly.

It had been nine years since the last time they saw each other. He looked more mature than in her memory, but his expression was cold as ice and his blue-green eyes were totally unknown to her.

Moving his elbows to avoid her contact, he held his fist tight and he didn’t say a word, but he was diffusing a negative energy so palpable that Candy lost her assurance and look for Lowell to lean on.

- You probably don’t remember me, it’s been years. I’m…

- I know who you are, he interrupted her dryly. If you’ll excuse me, I’m attending a wedding, they’re waiting for me.

While he was turning around, walking away with big steps, she would’ve swore she heard him whisper:

- And keep it up!

Fortunately, Lowell was there, holding her in his arms, stopping her from falling, Candy put her face on his shoulder just in time to get a hold of herself, ashamed.

- Sorry. Walk me to the elevator, please.

Her brother in law was red with rage and indignation.

- The lout! Who does he think he is, to treat you with so much rudeness?

- It’s ok. Just don’t tell Georgie, I’m feeling a little tired…

In the fog, she let herself taken to the door of her suite, but once she got there she pushed him away when he wanted to come in to comfort her.

- Go take advantage of the evening with your wife.

Candy stayed alone and tears started coming down her cheeks. She was very emotional as a pregnant woman, the hormones… She hadn’t cried for months.

"What did I do to Terry ? Why did he behaved like that ?" She asked herself
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My best friend’s wife…

Chapter 2
“Til’ death us do part”

Terry went back to his table, in a bad mood, but he was trying not to show it. He didn’t want to ruin the joyous atmosphere on his father’s wedding day. They continued celebrating and dancing. He tried no to think about Candy anymore, he looked at the table on the other side of the room and he saw that she was no longer there and he thought it was a good thing… But he thought about her emerald eyes. Could a woman who looked so hurt, capable of the betrayal he was accusing her of?

After the celebration, his father and his beloved when to their suite to finally consummate their love… Terry and Junior went to their suite to sleep.

- There, it’s done! Dad is happy.

- Yeah…

- But you, you look like you’re going to a funeral…

- I’m fine…

- Don’t give me that bro, what’s going on?

- Nothing…

- Terrence…

- I really can’t hide anything from you… when I was dancing with Nelly, she admitted to me that she and dad were not intimate.

- Ok, too much information!

- I was stunned to hear that…. She’s a good woman.

- Remember the announcement before the news on televions that said: “It’s 11 o’clock. Do you where your children are?”

- Yes…

- Well tonight the roles are reversed: :It’s 11 o’clock. Children do you know where your parents are?”

- Well, at least we’re sure he didn’t marry her because she’s pregnant…

- She told you that, just like that?

- What do you mean?

- She likes you, the new stepmummy

- Let me remind you that she’s married to our dad…

- Eveything is fine on that side… I’m waiting…

- It’s Anthony…

- Anthony? Your best friend you lost around the same time we lost mum?

- Yes…

- What made you think about him?

- His widow, or rather his “merry widow”

His brother frowned.

- Why don’t you translate?

- His very pregnant widow…

- I’m still not following you…

- From what I saw, she’s going to give birth any time soon. Anthony has been dead for six months and we had just spent five months together on a special mission. Thus, he can’t be the father…

- Ah!

- I don’t give a damn about Candice Brown! But Anthony right before the demonstration, he discovered she was having fun elsewhere and the crash…

- Whoa! Hold off your horses, buddy! You can’t judge her guilty of the accident!

- Why not? Said Terry with a defying tone.

- Because pilots like you and Anthony, are chosen according to your exceptional mental abilities. You can’t be weak like us normal people. You have nerves of steel, as I know of.

- No more or less than race-car pilots. But nobody is Superman, Junior. Every man has his breaking point. We just hope that we never have the opportunity to test it. Anthony was crazy about his wife. Had he learned she was cheating on him just before having to do those aerobatics…

His sentence stopped and a long silence followed.

- Did you talk to her? Asked Junior.

- It was unavoidable, since she came to me…

- And…

- I clearly sent her to hell…

- That doesn’t sound like my brother at all.

- I’m not the brother you know anymore.

- None of us know who we are at the moment. We still haven’t gotten our moment of clarity yet. We still very emotional and hypersensitive.

- Since when are you a philosopher?

- Don’t ask...

As a matter of fact, Terry knew the answer to that question. He looked at his watch.

- We’re going to wake up early in the morning. Let’s go to bed, said Junior

His cellphone started ringing… He looked at the display and he said:

- Darn! It’s my ex…

- That doesn’t sound like my brother.

Richard Junior looked at him with that fraternal complicity.

- Touché.

- Ok, I’m going to bed.

Before he fell asleep, he thought about his parents, he thought about Anthony…

“Til’ death us do part…”

With his parents’ example in front of his eyes, Terry had always thought, that all you needed is to find your soulmate. A week was enough to destroy his illusions. The soulmate didn’t exist. And judging by Junior’s upset mind, he must be thinking the same thing.


Candy was back from the hotel Spa. She had had a horrible night. She didn’t understand Anthony’s friend attitude towards her. She had a good memory of him and she thought he was likeable when he came to see them and they had spend the day together. Her mind went back to that famous day…

Anthony and her had just got married. He had come back from a leave to see her and to take her with him to his new job in Japan. They were in their bedroom in Lakewood after another family dinner quite shaken.

- Don’t think about it anymore, said Anthony.

- Dinner time in your family is trial on it’s own!

- I know…

- Your cousin Eliza…

- Dreams of sleeping in my bed, so she hates you, she will never like you.

- Thanks for the information.

- I love you, Candy, don’t ever forget it…

- I love you Anthony…

- Tomorrow, my best friend is coming to see me…

- Your best friend…

- Yes, the one who is with me on the pictures, I showed you…

- Yes, the tall dark and handsome…, she said joking.

- Yes, the tall dark and handsome… you’re probably going to fall in love with him!

- No, I already have my tall blond and handsome! I don’t need anything else!

- I love you Candy!

He took her lips and they made love before they fell asleep, satisfied of each other.

The next day, at the breakfast table…

- Anthony, said the great aunt Elroy, are you sure you want to go that far? Japan is so far away…

- It’s for my work, grand mother…

- But you can work here… or even at Nellis in Nevada?

- Did you do research on American bases, grand mother? Asked Anthony smiling.

- I don’t want you to go so far away from me!

- Grand-mother, I have to grow up and live my life too…

- Your father was always gone on one of his ships…

- Looks like I’m more like my father than my mother…

The great aunt turned to Candy.

- You should’ve convinced him to stay here with his family

- Aunt Elroy, said Candy, I love Anthony and I stand by his decision…

- She’ s just a gold digger! Said Eliza with disdain, she wants nothing better than to leave America for a foreign country!

- For your information Eliza, Candy comes from Australia, she has taken a plane already and her family is far from being poor… so, she’s not a gold digger…

- Thank you honey, said Candy smiling, shall we go? Your friend is going to arrive soon…

- You’re right, I don’t want to make Terry wait… you’re done?

- Yes…

- Let’s go! Grand-mother, have a goo day. We’re going to get Terry and we’re going to spend the day with him…

- You are going to bring him here and introduce him to us too, right?

- Of course grand-mother, he said leaving with his wife.

The family stayed at the table and the great aunt Elroy was disappointed… Anthony was going to leave for Japan with his young wife.


Candy and Anthony went to the airport in Chicago with their car to go pick up Terry. The ride had seemed long to Anthony who was eager to see his best friend… They parked the car and they went to wait for their friend in the arrival section of the airport. Terry was coming from New York… A lot of people came out before Candy recognized the tall dark and handsome man she had seen in the pictures… Anthony had seen him too, he approached him to hug his friend warmly. The latter had a bag and a suitcase like everybody. He let go of his suitcase to hug his friend hard they were screaming and laughing, joking. They were talking at the same time and they burst out laughing. People around them were looking at them smiling and Candy was smiling too. She liked seeing her husband so happy… when the two friends were done hugging and laughing, Anthony finally remembered his wife… He turned to her and took her hand…

- Terry, let me introduce you to Candice, we call her Candy…

Terry looked at her smiling and he euphoria of the moment, and to Candy’s big surprise, he took her in his arms and hugged her, saying:

- Candy!!! It’s a pleasure to finally meet you! The pictures don’t do you justice, you’re even more beautiful!!!

Candy screamed and burst out laughing while Terry spun with her. When he put her down…

- I’m sorry I couldn’t come to your wedding…

- It’s ok, said Candy, you’re here now…

- Let’s go, said Anthony, let’s take the elevator to go to the parking.

The two men continued talking and joking while they were walking and during the whole ride. Candy was sitting in the back so that the two men would sit in the front… they were trying to include her in their conversation when it was possible.

Candy had to go to the Pony Home, so they went with her. They had fun like crazy with the children… at dinner time they went to the manor to introduce Terry to Anthony’s family. They greeted him very well and Eliza stuck to him like glue, which curiously got on Candy’s nerve a little. But fortunately, Terry didn’t seem like the kind to have a little fun, and not with Anthony’s cousin… He didn’t want to do anything that would jeopardize his friendship with Anthony… He was very likable and Anthony and him looked more like brothers and he was very nice to her… When came the time for him to leave, at the airport, they had looked at each other:

- It was a pleasure meeting you Candy…

- Well, you should get married too, said Anthony.

- Well, I didn’t have the luck like you to have met the perfect woman…

- It was a pleasure meeting you in person, Terrence…

- Terry, call me Terry, Mrs. Freckles…

She burst out laughing. He had said that with so much tenderness… He hugged Candy and she felt like there was more affection than the first time… But it was probably just her imagination.

Candy came back to reality…Why was Terry so rude to her? She wouldn’t rest until she talked to him. He lived in New York, she managed to get his address and she wrote him a letter. After all, if this man was treating her that way, she had the right to know why. She had to solved this enigma, even if it’s just to sleep in peace. Terry had nothing personal against her, she didn’t know him that well. So it had to be Anthony… Anthony might have in a way or another, ruin the friendship with the friend he adored? Candy didn’t know how, but that’s all it could be.

Anthony, must have, unwillingly, done a mistake, and unconscious blunder that had arrived to Terrence Grandchester’s ears after he sent his condolences letter. If that was the case, Candy was not in a position to fix it, but she could try to apologize in her husband’s name. Terry had told her there was a wedding… he got married? She regretted that his best friend Anthony couldn’t be there… she was sad to learn that Terry was hostile against her, probably for something Anthony had done.

She knew Terrence lived in New York when he came to America, that’s where his brother and his father lived. She had his address in her electronic agenda, because she had replied personally to all the condolences letters they had sent to her. She was sitting at the desk in the room and she started writing. When she was done…

- Georgie?

- Yes sweetie?

- I have an errand to run…

- Here in town? You want me to come with you?

- No. I’ll be fine, I’ll manage. You take advantage of your time without your children, with your husband…

Georgie burst out laughing.

- All right sweetie. Thanks.

Candy got out of the suite and she took a cab to go in person at the Grandchester’s. They called a cab for her at the hotel reception, which didn’t take long to get there. She asked the cab driver to wait and she got out of the car and went to the villa door and rang. A maid opened the door.

- Yes?

- I would like to see Mr. Grandchester…

- Which one? Senior, Junior or Mister Terrence?

- Mister Terrence.

- He’s not in…

- What about Junior?

- He’s not in either.

- Senior?

- He’s on his honeymoon.

So Terence wasn’t the one who got married. She didn’t know why, but that news rejoiced her…

- All right. Can I leave a letter for Mister Terrence?

- Of course…


Meanwhile, the Grandchesters were at the airport with their father and his new bride who sere leaving on their honeymoon. They hugged each other.

- Thank you my sons, said their father, I love you.

- We love you too, dad, said Terry.

- When I come back, I would like us to have a big conversation the three of us; Rick, you and I

- All right, said Terry, we’ll be waiting.

- See you later, Terry, Rick…

- Have a great trip, dad, said the brothers at the same time.

- Goodbye children, said Nelly hugging them with love.

Terry still felt a lot of love coming from Nelly. He hugged her back, smiling.

- Have fun! He said winking at Nelly.

The parents left and the two brothers went back home. When they arrived, the mad gave them an envelope and Junior took it.

- A Candice Brown, left this letter for Mister Terrence.

That Candice Brown had some nerve! Since Terrence wasn’t doing anything to take it, so, Junior took it.

- Thank you Netta, said Junior.

- Anthony’s widow…

- It’s for you, said his brother giving him the letter.

- She wrote me…

- After your unexplainable rudeness, what’s so surprising?

- I thought you were on my side.

- Always.

- I have no explanation to give her. She knows she can’t tell me stories, since I was with her husband before he died. Apparently, this woman has no scruples.

- Yeah… appearances are against her, that’s the truth, whispered Junior.

- The appearance of her pregnancy that’s real!

- You should read the letter…

Terry took the letter and threw it in the garbage. But Rick picked it up and put it in the inside pocket of his blazer.

- I’ll keep it for now…


Candy, her sister and her brother in law had gone back home. The children were very happy to see them.

- We missed you! Said Joey, the eldest.

- Yes, said Axel, did you bring us presents?

- Of course, said their mother…

- Yay! Yelled the boys.

The children opened their presents and they were all happy.

- When are you going to have your baby, aunty Candy? Asked Joey

- In a few weeks, in about three weeks, said Candy.

- Are you going to have a boy?

- No, I might have a girl, said Candy.

- We would rather have a little boy cousin.

Lowell smiled.

- God is the one who decides, he told his son.

- And God didn’t want any girls in our house, said Joey.

- Heu… I’m not so sure, said Georgie.

Candy looked at her. Lowell looked at her.

- Did I hear you right my darling? He asked with a soft loving voice.

- Yes…

- That’s wonderful! He said taking her in his arms to spin with her.

Georgie screamed laughing.

- What’s going on? Asked Joey stunned.

- I think you’re going to have a new little brother or sister, said Candy smiling.

Georgie approached Candy to hug her warmly. It was like her sister pregnancy had chased away the cloud of sadness in her life. She made the decision at that moment to stay in New York with her sister. She would need to be near her to cheer her up.


The Grandchesters had ordered a pizza for a guys’ night. While going to the kitchen to get some drinks, Terry saw that Rick had pinned the letter on the fridge with a magnet. He almost forgot why he was in the kitchen. He took two sodas cans and closed the fridge slamming the door so hard that everything came down. He wanted to leave everything on the floor, but it showed him how childish his behaviour was. How could a grown man, well built, who had seen everything, lived everything, let the action of a flaky unfaithful woman guide his emotions? He put the soda on the counter. Then with measured gestures, he picked up the magnet and put it back on the fridge and he opened his mail.
Fortunately, she had limited her prose to one page.

Dear Terry,

Maybe I should write “Major Grandchester”, but the title didn’t come under my hand. Anthony had always called you Terry and that’s how I’ve known you for all those years.

My husband admired you a lot.

Ever since Saturday night, I thought a lot about the way you treated me. I can’t find any other motive aside from Anthony doing something wrong to you.

If he offended you in anyway, I can assure you that it was not voluntary on his part. I’m sure he didn’t even realise, otherwise he would’ve been very unhappy and would’ve told me about it.

Anthony is now gone. He can’t make up for it, or beg your pardon. I would like to do both. I would’ve done it if I knew what it was.

Anthony loved you like a brother, and I’m very sorry to think that you’re that angry with him. What did he do that was so unforgivable to erase all those years of friendship? That beautiful and deep friendship you expressed in your letters?
I wish with all my heart that your anger would calm down enough so you could explain to me what happened. I live in New York. I enclose my phone number and my cellphone number and I’m waiting for your call.
I supposed you’re only here on a short permission and you’re going to go back to Leeuvarden soon, that’s why I allowed myself to drop the letter at your parents’.

Maybe it’s human from my part to hope that life is perfect. But I found out, a long time ago that it takes us on roads we never expected to travel on.

Where ever our roads take up, Terry, I sincerely hope you the best. Anthony’s carreer in the Air Force wouldn’t have given him the same joy if you hadn’t been there with him from the start.

Fly high and looked at your wings.


Terry looked at the phone number at the bottom of the letter and remained in shock. If he expected anything, it was attempt to justify herself about her adultery or pleading some extenuating circumstances…

That woman didn’t even mention her own guilt! She wasn’t feeling anything to repent for. Was she always that immoral? Anthony had married her barely out of high school. She was taken from her parents house to find herself between four wall in different foreign countries, being bored for weeks and months at the time, waiting for her husband to come back from missions…

Terry closed his eyes, Candice Brown was a very beautiful woman. As stunning today as she was all those years ago. It’s not surprising if loneliness made her vulnerable to men’s attention?

In the army, long separation didn’t help loneliness in marriages. Terry remembered his father’s word when he chose that career: “It’s great to be a flight pilot, but you have to thing about the other side of the medal. There’s a price to pay, Air Force and family don’t work well together.”

Back then, Terry took the warning lightly. But in fact, he never got married and he had observed a lot of divorces around him. Anthony’s marital problems just perfectly illustrated what his father was saying.

Anthony never said anything, but evidently, that’s why he barely talked about his private life?

- The pizza is getting cold…

Terry turned around to look at his brother who seem to have suddenly materialized in the kitchen.

- I thought you were finally reading the letter. What did she say?

He gave him the letter.

- Read it and you’ll see. I didn’t make a mistake about her. It’s worse than I thought.

On that note, he took the cans and went to the living room. Rick had put the chess board on the table. His brother was eager to play to beat him. Terry was not like him, he beat his father every time they played but that evening, he felt like defying his younger brother.

To his biggest annoyance, Rick came back with the damn letter in his hand. Terry cut to the chase.

- Are we playing or not?

But Rick was still standing.

- If Candice Brown is as guilty as you think, she has to have guts to write you a letter like that, after the way you rejected her.

Rick was sounding like their mother, when there was an impossible problem they had to solve, the latter always went with logic to find a solution.

Terry mumbled.

- Stop thinking about it. That woman doesn’t know good from bad, period.

- You don’t want to ask her?

His brother was the only person in the world who had the joy of bugging him and getting away with it.

- Stop annoying me Rick, we’re not kids anymore

- Exactly! Kids judge pretty fast without thinking about the consequences or having all the cards on the table.

- But she’s eight months pregnant, bloody hell!

- That’s the visible part. Inside, there’s a woman suffering deeply from your rejection, otherwise, she wouldn’t have confront you with that letter. Maybe she needs to tell you things she wasn’t able to write… I’ve never seen you dwell on someone else’s suffering like that.

Terry was getting on his nerves.

- Anthony’s widow is happy with a guy who fathered her baby! That’s all I need to know, Anthony was my friend.

- You mean your friendship didn’t include the woman he loved?

- I’ve never known her… I’ve met her only once before that…

- You knew her threw her husband’s eyes. She knows you the same way. On a lot of points, it’s even more intimate…
Rick took the letter again and put it on the table.

- If Candice Brown needs to confide in someone, it seems normal to me that it would turn to you, Terry. Give her half of another chance.

Terry crossed his arms on his chest.

- What about that chess game? Is it for today or tomorrow?

Rick sat on his chair.

- Ready to get your beating?

- Your success on the racetrack is making you arrogant.

- Your combat mission made you inhuman.

Terry didn’t expect his reply. Not from her brother at least. He looked at the floor and he wondered if those comments were true.

- It’s your turn. The ball is in your camp.

According to Rick’s tone, he wasn’t talking about the chess game.

An hour later, Terry still couldn’t concentrate on the game, they looked at each other and they decided to stop there. Rick was the first one to get up from his seat.

- Good night buddy.

Terry looked at him go and his eyes saw the letter. Without touching the chess game, he reached out with his arm and unfolded it to read it again.

The text which had stunned him at first, was poking a suffocating rage the second time around.

In what kind of perverted mind, that woman had managed to put the fault on her late husband? With her unfaithfulness big as a house, how dare she suggest that Anthony was the cause of his disgust she inspired him? Who did she hoped to fool?

Feeling sick, Terry turned off the lamp and went to his bedroom, the letter in his fist, which was now just a crumpled ball, which he threw in the garbage.

He was taking his clothes off.

“…it seems normal to me that it would turn to you, Terry…”

What would Anthony had done in his place? If he had met his hypothetical widow, pregnant with a baby who couldn’t possibly be his?

Anthony wouldn’t have ran away.

He would’ve looked for an explanation, and risk the confrontation.

Grinding his teeth, Terry lean towards the garbage. Then slowly he smoothed the letter where the phone number was.


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My Best friend’s wife

Chapter 3
“The confrontation”

During her pregnancy, Candy didn’t have any particular cravings, but she especially liked peanut butter and banana sandwich. A weird mixture, but it was also Elvis Presley’s favourite sandwich! Candy would have one every night before she goes to bed.

She was putting back the peanut butter jar in the cupboard with the pack of sliced bread when the phone rang. She didn’t pay attention. After 9 pm, it was probably a call for Lowell, who was in the living room with Georgie and the children in front of the television.

A few seconds later, her brother in law appeared at the kitchen door. He has a sad expression on his face.

- What’s wrong? She asked worried.

- Terrence Grandchester.

Georgie’s heart jumped in her chest.

- Isn’t that good news? I didn’t dare to hope that he would call me back.

- His voice doesn’t sound very nice and he hurt you a lot Candy. You really want to talk to him?

- Yes. The faster we clear up this incident the faster I’m going to forget about it…I’m going to take the phone here; she said putting her hand on the cordless phone that was in the kitchen.

- I’ll go back in the living room to hang up; he said getting out of the kitchen.

He was still hesitating; his instincts wanted him to still protect her.

- It’s going to be fine Lowell, assured Candy.

- I don’t want this guy to upset you again he might provoke an early labour.

She smiled.

- It’s going to be fine. I’m a strong woman; otherwise I would’ve given birth in the middle of the dance floor on Saturday night. Don’t worry… whatever he says now, will not have the same effect? I’m immune…

- All right, since I have to believe you… cry for help if you need to…

Candy nodded with her head while pressing the “talk” button.

- Good evening Terry. Thanks for calling me back.

- You should thank my brother.

She winced while her interlocutor continued:

- It’s late; I’m not going to take long… If you really want to have a conversation, it’s better if it happens face to face.

His icy tone was so far from the tone he used on the letter he had sent her, six months ago! You’d think it was a totally different man. Those last years, the rare times she had answered the phone when he called Anthony, Terrence Grandchester was always very polite and very friendly, yet a little reserved.

- I'm happy you agreed to meet with me, she said leaning against the counter.

- Where?

Giving the circumstances, she was sure he would rather meet on a neutral ground; she didn’t want to implicate her family either.

- I live in New York at my sister’s at the moment, there’s a little French café on Broadway.

- “Chez Félix” I know the place.

- I could go there on Tuesday or Friday. Well, if you’re still on a leave.

Those were the days Georgie didn’t work, she could borrow her car. Friday, she had an appointment with her OB GYN, but she could reschedule if need be.

- Tuesday, he replied without hesitation, 10 AM?

Apparently he was in a rush to get it over with this incident too.

- I’ll be there, she agreed, and thank you again for calling me.

- Don’t get any ideas; I’m doing it for Anthony.

On those words, he hung up.

For Anthony? In other words, it wasn’t Anthony’s fault. Stunned, Candy put back the phone on its base, and took a bite of her sandwich. What kind of reproach Terrence Grandchester could have against her?

Georgie arrived, anxious with her eyes. Candy answered her mute question.

- The latest news? I’m the one who did the irreparable. Not Anthony. We have a meeting Tuesday at “Chez Félix” and he’s going to let me have it at 10 AM, just like that!

- He didn’t give you any hint?

- Not even a shadow.

She had a little of derision.

- It’s making me think about that Nana Gerald story, remember?

- Yes, I remember her English teacher failed her by revenge, she was convinced that she had told the assistant principle that she was smoking!

- Yes and she had to redo the exam, without ever knowing what she had against her. She learned it 10 years later, when she met her famous English teacher in the street.

- This is the mid-20th century; women teachers were not supposed to be smoking and the students were muzzled.

- On that matter, it’s good that they have rights now… Nana never got over the fact that she was accused and punished for something she hadn’t done.

- At least with Terrence Grandchester, said Georgie, you won’t wait 10 years to know what’s going on.

- No, but I have the weird impression that I’m condemned in advance. Whatever I say.

- That’s absurd, Candy. It could only be a misunderstanding: you must be able to clear things up easily. And if that man sticks to his position, and then he’s an imbecile! You’ll have nothing to regret!

Candy finished her sandwich and shook her head.

- It’s still intriguing, she whispered, he and Anthony were so close… I’m wondering what my husband told him about me.

Georgie shook her head.

- Anthony adored you, come on! He would never have said anything bad about you to anybody.

Candy washed her glass meticulously.

- Love doesn’t present us from having faults. And mine are screaming. Before his death, they had just spent five months together, exchanging confidences. Terrence must have had his fair share of complaints than you can imagine.

- What would your husband be complaining about? You tell me!

- Of everything… my crying because we didn’t conceive after three years of marriage and I wanted to run to the Pony Home to adopt a child… I recognize my selfish part: if I had had children, my lonely moments would’ve been less long…

She put the glass in the draining rack.

- But he wanted a child that was biologically his… he probably told all that to Terry…

- The more reason, he should’ve admire you for waiting all these years and for taking all the treatment, the egg collection and all the implantations, just so your hubby get his genes.

- They’re pilots, Georgie; wife who puts them under pressure is just as dangerous as bad mechanic… Terrence can be upset with me since it’s too late for Anthony to enjoy the joy of paternity…

- Come on! What happens in a couple’s life is their business!

- You go tell that to those battlefield comrades who depend on each other knowing they could not come back every time they left on a mission. Terrence must think I’m the most selfish wife.

- That man has no right to judge you!

- I’m afraid Anthony gave him that right. They had a private fraternity. All the pilot wives know that.

Georgie looked at her stunned.

- Anthony was keeping you apart?

- Not on purpose, but by habit. He would close the door when they talked on the phone. After than he would make me the summary of whatever he wanted…

- You never told me that…

- Because there was nothing abnormal, Georgie. It’s the law when you’re married to a pilot. We were accompanied luggage; they share a lot more among them then when their spouses.

- Well, if Terrence is holding a grudge because of some confidence his husband told him, that “hero” doesn’t deserve his reputation! Said Georgie hugging her.

A little laugh invisible laugh was felt between them, like it wanted to clap their hand. They separated and burst out laughing. Candy put her hand on her belly.

- We’ve come a long way, baby…

Then, the two sisters joined their family in the living room.


“Chez Félix” was a French café with a good reputation in New York. Terrence arrived around 9:30 under a milky sky announcing some snow. He gave his name to the hostess who asked him to wait for her to get him a table. Since Candice Brown wanted so much to hear exactly what he thought about her, he was going to satisfy her curiosity. The verdict is going to take him 1 minute. After that he was going to pay his bill and let her eat her breakfast at her ease. Unless, of course she gives up at the last minute and don’t show up… or the one who answered the phone could have decided to come with her. It would be only better. Terrence would have the double satisfaction to let both parties involved in the betrayal have it… “To Anthony’s memory” like she said!

When his name was called, he followed the waiter to a table that had just become free, by the window, that way he will be able to see her come in. Meanwhile, he ordered a cup of tea and he opened the New York Times newspaper that he had bought to make time pass. Without paying attention to the conversations around him, his ears were yet distracted by a group of men commenting about a “knockout” that was approaching. Thinking it was a waitress, Terry had a look, mechanically. It then seemed that all the men in his field of vision were all looking at the dream creature with blond curly hair that was approaching him. The apparition took him by surprised, so he had his guard down. Candice Brown had come alone. She was wearing a red wool coat; a very elegant three quarter wide and flexible, a belt was tied at the waist showing her voluptuous curves, on a jersey dress with turtle neck, dark red, whose skirt was long pass her knees. That woman was definitely looked wickedly beautiful. She was drop dead gorgeous!

Feeling the adrenaline in his body, Terry stood up.

- Sorry for being late, she said with a light voice, out of breath sitting on the chair he had pulled up for her.

- Thank you…

- I’m the one who is in advance, he replied.

The scent of wild fruits shampoo of her hair, took him by surprise, achieving to throw his senses off balance. Stunned by his uncontrollable physiological reactions, Terry turned around, under the pretext to call the waiter before he sat back down. But as soon as he sat down, he was confronted by another unexpected; the incredible limpidity of her emerald gaze which was looking at him straight in the eyes. No dodging the issue, no guilt in that gaze… the imperceptible curve of her lips were expressing some kind of indulging sadness, like he was the one who did something wrong!

The waiter arrived just in time to create a diversion. Without looking at the menu, Terry just asked for a refill for his cup of tea, while Candy ordered a glass of orange juice with a ham sandwich. After that, she crossed her fingers on the edge of the table. He noticed that she wasn’t wearing her wedding band.

- Well, Terry… Now that you let me know that Anthony wasn’t concerned, let’s do this! She said without preliminaries. Since I’m the one who inspires you so much aversion, I suppose that the feeling is anchored in you for a long time. I’m ready to take all the blames. That way, in the future, if our paths cross again, l’ll know why you’ll be ignoring me.

To ignore Anthony’s widow would be simply impossible. She was bringing too many memories. She had done something too grave, too heavy of consequences…

And she was too desirable…

- I was hoping to avoid the confrontation, he said.

She looked at him surprised?

- If that’s the case, you wouldn’t’ have been that rude to me to start with. Now that we’re alone, or relatively, unload the weigh from you. I can take it. Terry, I have wingspan for it… no pun intended.

The frankness seemed to be a constructive trait of her character. Too bad that faithfulness didn’t have it’s place too! Terry looked down on the fruit of her betrayal.

- Did your husband know you were pregnant?

The curve on her lips became more accentuated.

- Oh! My pregnancy is what disgusting you like that? What was it that hurt you Terry? Did you feel excluded because Anthony didn’t share the news with you?

He was stunned.

- What are you insinuating?

- Don’t pretend that my husband didn’t tell you all of his intimate secrets, please…

That woman was talking nonsense with a disarming tranquility.

- I’m afraid you’re wrong about our relationship.

- No need to deny it Terry. That’s how it’s been since the beginning of our marriage. When you were both based with thousands of miles separating you. Anthony would go out of our bed in the middle of the night, because of the time change to talk to you. You’ve always been his hero, he spiritual guide, weren’t you?

His guide, his hero? He getting more and more flabbergasted.

This conversation was taking a crazy turn. What was she talking about? She continued talking.

- Anthony would compare you to a horse and a cart. The most powerful, the most solid, the one who keeps the balance with the others and stop them from getting nervous or going crazy, when they would run around the circus.

- You haven’t answered my question, he interrupted her, did Anthony know you were pregnant?

She put her elbows on the table looking at him ironically…

- You want my conjugal life chapter by chapter?

Terry felt sweat coming down his forehead leaking down his spine.

- Why not?

- Anthony had the time to learn I was pregnant before taking off on that damn defective plane. I don’t doubt that if he had survived, you would’ve been the first one he would’ve told at the end of his demonstration.

An indescribable glimpse passed through his eyes.

- You’re putting your repressed anger on the wrong person Terry. You know better than me that he had just came back from a long mission, nothing was forcing Anthony to fly that day. But our big guy was unable to resist an opportunity to show his talent.

Her voice was trembling, but her eyes were dry.

- When you see him again in the other world, you can lay it on him, go all the way, you have my permission. But I’m warning you, you won’t be the only one to ask him for questions!

Before he understood what was going on, she ejected herself from her seat and quickly walked across the room without a look back. Terry threw a bank note on the table and ran after her. For a woman almost due to give birth, she was pretty fast. He only caught up with her at the exit door and she was still going fast, the wind was blowing with some snow in her hair.

- Candy, stop for a moment please!

She turned around, he showed a gloomy face.

- I thought I could take this confrontation, she said, but I overestimated my endurance.

The gust was blowing, hitting her coat completing the haughtier image she was giving with her fur collar up on her cheek. She seemed to be defying him, daring him to criticize her scandalous behaviour. Terry was boiling.

- As a matter of fact, I’m wondering how you got the guts to approach me when we both know that Anthony is not the father of the baby you’re carrying. If you were the one who told him the news before he took off, so you’re going to have to answer to him in the other world!

Zipping up his jacket, he turned around and walked away towards the wind, in a rush to run away from that hell. He hadn’t done three steps, when a hand held him back on his sleeve. When he gave her the look above his shoulder, Candice Brown’s face was in tears.

- Terry… that’s what you‘re accusing me of?... I never would’ve thought… It’s a terrible misunderstanding… I thought Anthony told you everything… My God I was stupid…

What was she going to make up again? Terry was champ at the bit. He wanted to tell her off one last time for vanity, and then he would go…

- … I should’ve thought that it would’ve been difficult for him to talk about it, especially to you whom he admired so much… Admitting a little imperfection he considered as a fault in his virility… We had to do in-vitro fertilization. Anthony had left his sperm at the lab so that the trials would continue during his absence…

Terry was petrified. In-vitro?

- When this one seemed to be working, since I was afraid of false hopes again, I waited to be absolutely sure before I told him. The doctor had confirmed it to me in the morning that I was really pregnant, the same morning Anthony was getting ready for his demonstration in Italy. He was supposed to join me in England the next day, but I was so impatient to tell him the news, that I called him immediately…

Terry was numb, his body was shaking.

- And guess what was the first thing he said when he finally stopped screaming of joy? He told me: “If it’s a boy, we’re going to call him Terry.” It didn’t surprise me at all, of course… You know the rest.

Tortured, Terry couldn’t even breathe anymore. He felt a straitjacket squeezing his lungs.

- I’m… so sorry, he articulated with difficulty.

Candy stretched up to kiss him on the cheek on the angle of his jaw. The warmth of her lips entered his veins, to the point to make the ice that was starting to paralyse his heart, melt.

- I understand why Anthony loved you so much, Terry. Thank you for keeping a fierce loyalty… even if I have to admit, my nerves wouldn’t have resist it if the whole squadron had treated me the same way…

She wiped her tears with a little laugh.

- Candy… I am so sorry… if you only knew how much…

His tortured voice sound wasn’t reflecting the hundredth of his pain. The joy to know that Anthony had learn he was going to be a father undermine at the base. Terry would never forgive himself his horrible conduct toward the mother and the child.

- Everything is fine now, she assured him, and now the mystery is cleared.

He closed his eyes, He didn’t deserve such generosity. Crisping his eyelids, trying to get rid of his shame, Terry was hearing himself telling his brother: “That woman has no scruples”. Didn’t Richard tell him not to rely on appearance? The way he condemned without a trial his best friend’s widow! He had a grunt and he opened his eyes, Candy was smiling, attracting the attention on her mouth. He forced himself to look away.

- Thanks to you, she said, I’m going to make a little explanatory note on the announcement something like: “Baby thanks modern medical technology which allowed daddy to be in the oven and at the mill at the same time…”I hope they’ll be able to decipher it!

She finally managed to have him smile a little.

- They ‘re not aces for nothing, he whispered

She smiled to him.

- I’m sorry; I have to go back before the weather gets worse with his falling snow.

- Where’s your car?

She pointed her finger on the other side of the street.

- I’ll go get it. Give me your keys.
- Terry, you don’t have to, I’m perfectly capable …

- Go take shelter at the restaurant entrance and don’t argue, please.

- Yes, sirree! She said smiling

Candy was so relieved for clearing this misunderstanding and Terry was feeling really guilty. He wanted to make up for it. As soon as he got there with the car, he quickly got out to get the door on the passenger’s side.

- What are you doing?

- I’m taking you back of course. There is no way I’m going to let you drive by this weather.

- But, how are you going to go back home?

- I’ll take a taxi, get in.

He was holding the door while she folded her legs inside. Even very pregnant, she managed to make the move with grace. He thought she was perfect… His best friend’s wife. He was observing her furtively. There were not a lot of women Terry considered as real beauties in the classical term of the word. He looked at her nose and her freckles. Some people didn’t think it was a sign of beauty but he thought it was ridiculous to disqualify the beauty of a woman because of a gift from the sun… He remembered the first and only time he has seen her with her husband, he had nicknamed her Mrs. Freckles… In fact he hadn’t stopped thinking about her after that and he never went back to see Anthony again, so he wouldn’t see his wife again…

- When is the baby due? He asked.

- Three or four weeks.

She showed him the way and they finally arrived at Georgie’s. Before they got out he said:

- Candy… I can’t leave you without renew my apologies. Not word is strong enough to express what I’m feeling. Nothing can justify my horrible behaviour towards you. But to be totally frank, I had seen you by the elevator with your friend and you seemed intimate. I assumed he was the father of your baby. So when you approached me both of you on the dance floor, I’m afraid I blow a fuse…

She looked at him with a beautiful smile.

- You don’t need to apologize Terry. I’m sure in you place Anthony would’ve reacted the same way with less elegance. He would’ve knocked my brother in law out, without any explanations.

“Her brother in law? One of Anthony’s cousin?”

Uneasy, Terry was moving on his seat.

- But still…

- Hush, she interrupted him, with an amuse tone. You deserve congratulations from the jury for your self-control.

- My brother Rick would tell you that I was ready to provoke the same kind of damages.

She had a little laugh, just as seductive as everything coming from her.

- It’s an honest mistake, Terry. Anthony would’ve appreciated to see how fierce you were defending him.

They were interrupted by a hand hitting on the car window on the driver’s side, Terry pressed the button to lower the window.

- Oh! Said the woman startled with surprise.

She looked a lot like the passenger sitting by his side, who reassured her warmly.

- I’m fine Georgie! Major Grandchester didn’t want me to take the road with the snow, that’s all. Terry, let me introduce you to my sister, Georgie Gray…

- You really like colours in your family, Candice Brown, Georgie Gray…

- As a matter of fact, said Georgie smiling

They all burst out laughing.

- I’m going to call a taxi, said Terry taking his phone out.

Candy got out of the car and Terry too, to help her walk to the house after he called his taxi. They walked all three towards the house.

- Thank you for driving me home, Terry. I really appreciate it, more than you think…

- I’m also grateful to you, said Georgie, with this snow, I was afraid for the baby to be caught in the storm…

- Candy, I…, started Terry.

A car honk interrupted him.

- You taxi is here, the station is not far, said Georgie looking outside and your driver seems in a rush, you better get going.

He had too much to say and he didn’t have the time. He had to go.

- All right. Good bye ladies of colours! He said smiling.

- I like your sense of humour! You like nicknaming people, you called me Mrs. Freckles back in the days…

He smiled and got out of the house. Terry got in the taxi and he left.


"You should be kissed, and often, and by someone who knows how." Rhett Butler, Gone with the wind

There's another little love in the way...

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My Best Friend’s Wife

Chapter 4
“The invitation”

Candy looked out the window and she saw the taxi driving away with Terry under the falling snow. The departure left her with a weird impression of emptiness.

- I supposed you’ve made up? Asked Georgie’s voice interrupting Candy’s thoughts. You want to talk about it of you want me to let you think about it all alone?

Georgie knew her better than anybody else, but Candy was incapable of answering for the moment. She couldn’t put her ideas in order with everything she was feeling at the moment.

- Why don’t you take your coat off, sweetie? said her sister.

- All right…

- By the way, you never told me that Terry was handsome as a god! He must be even better looking in uniform!

- The uniform gives presence to anyone.

- In any case, Terrence Grandchester doesn’t need it to have an effect. But don’t repeat it to Lowell.

- Don’t worry… when I met him at the beginning of my marriage with Anthony, I kept my thoughts to myself.

- You were right! That major represents a permanent complex for every husbands!

- Back then, he was a captain for the new comers and I think they were forced him to go to the gym because of him…

- Anthony too?

Candy looked at her. Georgie smiled.

- What happened this morning?

- An incredible story, I’m telling you!

- What was the misunderstanding about? Out with it!

- The short version: he thought I was pregnant with Lowell’s baby…

- What?

- If you want the whole version, I have to go lie down, because I’m tired…

- Oh sweetie, I’m sorry, said her sister, I forget the essential…

She went to the living room to arranger the pillows on the couch to allow her little sister to lie down. Candy lay down with a sigh of ease.

- Fortunately, I’m going to give birth soon, You’ll need the place for your baby…

- There is no rush, I don’t have morning sickness yet…

- You lucky girl!

- Don’t change the subject. So?

Her sister sat down in her husband’s favourite armchair, to listen to her.

- Well can you believe that he thought I was pregnant by Lowell, like I said earlier. But as soon as he realised his mistake, he didn’t know where to put himself!

- After the way he treated you, I wouldn’t have wanted to be in his place… you didn’t tell me how it happened.

Candy told her about the scene and her sister couldn’t believe her ears.

- He made you a scene because he thought you cheated on your husband?

- No, it’s worse than that, he thought my unfaithfulness caused the accident. He imagine that when Anthony learned I was pregnant by another man, he was so devastated that … his plane crashed.

- Oh my God! How awful!

- You can say that again.

- And you were wondering why he was so hostile with you…

- Meanwhile he was living a nightmare of his own, Anthony was his best friend…

- Apparently, he hadn’t told him everything…

- I was convinced they told each other everything…

- Well, in any case, you both have an overactive imagination! You were on the same wavelength!

Candy felt funny hearing those words from her sister… On the same wavelength?

- In any case, if he hadn’t agreed to see me this morning, he would’ve gone back with the thought that I committed that crime… And I never would’ve known about it…

- There is a reason for everything , sweetie. God wanted you to know the truth…

- Can you imagine that, I could’ve met any other member of his squadron with my big belly and they would’ve thought the same thing.

- I’m sure he’s going to set the record straight now.

- When Anthony died, they all called, but I was feeling so bad that I was incapable of talking… I left mom or dad answer in my place and explain to them…

- That’s normal Candy. They could understand what you were feeling.

- Yes, I should’ve called Terry earlier and we wouldn’t have had all this mix up…

- Well, I say, there’s a reason for everything…you needed this misunderstanding so you could get in touch with each other again… he didn’t come to Anthony’s funeral, I wonder why.

- Me too, he talked about an impediment, without any explanation… His taxi arrived so fast; I wish I could’ve talked to him longer.

- He didn’t seem in a rush to leave either, added Georgie

- His leave must be almost over soon, that’s why he agreed to see me today.

- You were right to hand deliver his letter to his home, then.

- He didn’t hide the fact that without his brother’s intervention, he wouldn’t have budged.

- Maybe you should call him to thank you, suggested Georgie.

- Who? His brother? Asked Candy.

- Why not? If he played a part the rehabilitation of your honnor, he will certainly be touched that you ‘d express your gratitude.

- Yes…I have the number in my purse.

Georgie took her sister’s purse and stood up.

- Let’s go in the kitchen. This baby is making me starving… I’m going to eat something while you call him.

- I was always hungry too in the beginning, said Candy.

- If you get along good with the brother, try to find out if Terry is staying for a few more days. We could invite them for dinner.

- You think it would be a good idea?

- Well it will allow Lowell to see another side of Anthony’s best friend who behaved like a lout.

- I don’t think I’ve ever seen your husband that furious…

- Me neither… he wanted to the banquet to break his jaw, risking to end up on the floor himself… That would have been a pretty fight…

- Fortunatley that night didn’t end in a brawl…

- No, but giving the atmosphere, I waited the next day to announce my pregnancy.

- Oh Georgie, I’m sorry sweetie, I ruined your moment…

- Don’t worry about that, honey, said Georgie taking the cordless phone to give it to her, you invite them with their spouses or girlfriends if they have one.

- I didn’t see any rings on his finger, but from now on I will not be assuming anything anymore…

- You were looking a this hands?

- To see if he had a wedding band…

- Because…?

- Curiosity Georgie! What are you imagining?

- Me? Nothing at all! He’s your husband’s friend.

- That I’ve seen only once before all this…

- Ah! You wanted to see him more often?

- To admire him from afar, but it’s just as good that I didn’t see him again, my mind could’ve wondered…

- What are you talking about? Asked Georgie who was making a beautiful ham and cheese. sandwich for herself.

Candy’s thoughts went back to that famous day, Terry had come to visit them. After having fun during the whole day, there it was dinner time at the manor with a few guests. There was even a little party improvised by Anthony’s cousins who were with their girlfriends and everybody started dancing. Candy of course dance with Terry too, but she never felt like that with another man than Anthony . Terry was so nice, so polite with her and sometimes she had the impression that his eyes were saying something else, that he wasn’t saying everything ha had in mind, he was restraining himself because she was his best friend’s wife. She was grateful to him for that… but while she was going to the washroom, she met Eliza in the hallway…

- Are you done flirting with Anthony’s best friend?

- Eliza, you’re talking nonsense…

- Really? Tell me you’re not attracted to him!

- Don’t generalise your case Eliza! I’m happily married…

- You already stole Anthony away from me, you won’t steal Terry away from me…

- You really take your desires for reality, Eliza…

- I warned you! Said Eliza leaving angry.

When she came back from the washroom, she found Eliza stuck to Terry while dancing and she felt a twinge in her heart…

Candy came back to reality.

- You were jealous of Eliza?

- I can say it to you, yes but I’m not proud of it! I was married…!

- I think Terry is very handsome and I’m married, said Georgie , you didn’t do anything wrong.

- I asked God for forgiveness…

- So your conscious is calm…. Now you’re free and if he doesn’t have a girlfriend…

- Georgie, stop it! I don’t have the mind to think about that! I’m going to call his brother!

Candy looked for the phone number in her purse and she dialed the number on the phone… Rick was probably at his office.


Rick was at the company’s office looking at some numbers in the accounting, he wasn’t thinking about the phone. The assistant contacted him to say:

- It’s for you sir…

- Thank you, he said without raising his head,I’ll take it.

Who could be calling him? His friends usually called him on his cell phone. He hoped it was his ex-girlfriend who was tricking him.

- Rick speaking.

- Hello, I’m happy I was able to get you on the phone,said a woman’s voice.

To his big surprise, it wasn’t his girlfriend’s, it was Candice Brown.

Rick looked at his watch, 12:30, Terry had to meet her at 10 am. If he hadn’t made it at “Chez Felix” yet, his brother must be stuck somewhere in the snow somewhere without his cellphone.

- Hello, Mrs. Brown, what can I do for you?

- Excuse me for bothering you while you’re working, I’ll be quick. I wanted to thank you for what you said to our brother. He admitted to me that without your insistence, our meeting would never have had happened.

- My contribution was the most modest one.

- That’s not what he told me, protested Candy warmly, thanks to you, we were able to clarify a very serious misunderstanding. You can’t imagine how vital it was for me. I’m eternally grateful to you.

He sat back on his chair, revolving.

- I’m happy that your disagreement found a satistfying issue.

He couldn’t see what issue it was, but he was sincere. Rick had never seen his brother show so much hostility and intransigence. If Candy Brown suffered for that misunderstanding in question, Terry had suffered too.

- I have a favour to asked of you.

- Go ahead and try, he answered intrigued.

- If you’re free, I would like to have you for dinner both of you, this week or next week… Well if Terry’s leave last until there.

So she didn’t know that he had retired from the army?

- That’s very nice of you .

- I hope it means you’re accepting? This morning, we didn’t have the chance to talk longer. When the storm started, Terry insisted to take me back home in my car, but his cab arrived very fast and we had to separate really fast.

So Terry drove her home? Touched by a spirit of mercy?

- The best thing would be that I tell him to call you back as soon as I see him, don’t you think so?

- Yes, that’s perfect. Oh by the way… the invitation is for your spouses or girlfriends too.

Rick opened his eyes wide. How did she know so little about his brother after their meeting?

- I will transmit that to him, he said.

- Thank you. Ok, I’m going to let you work. See you soon, I hope. My stomach is crying hunger.

- Like they say in French; bon appetit!

- Merci.

Rick hung up, puzzled. The object of the call arrived a few moments later, the arms packed with take away food, which meant a radical chance.

- I thought you were going out for breakfast

- We couldn’t eat. I’m starving.

Candy too was going to eat after their phone call. Terry put the food on the desk and he started eating like he was dying. Nothing less than four double cheeseburgers, two chicken baskets, two big portions of fries and two cheese cakes… Incredible, especially since he hadn’t show any appetite since his arrival.

Seeing his brother in such a great shape, Rick took his time to tell him the news. He looked at his brother devouring half of his food in silence. When his brother finally looked up, it met his.

- What? What’s wrong?

- I was going to ask you, answered Rick eating a fry. But , by all means, finish your meal. Take my cake too, if you’re still starving.

- Really? You’re not hungry?

- Less than you, apparently...

Terry attacked the second cake with appetite. Rick’s lips had a big smile.

- How was the weather when you were on your date?

- It wasn’t a date. It was snowing hard, in fact, 10 centimeters in 15 minutes and everything melted at the first ray of sun.

The cake had disappeared in three bites.

- That’s funny… I heard the storm was so awful that a certain pregnant woman had to be driven home.

His brother was startled and looked up stunned.

- You talked to Candy?

The impression was confirming itself, a radical transformation had occurred since he had left.

- It’s “Candy” now? It’s not Anthony’s widow anymore?

- Rick!

- I just had her on the phone.

- Is she all right?

- She seemed so, why?

- With what I put her through since Saturday, I’m afraid she might give birth prematurely because of me. I would never forgive myself if I’m responsible for that.

Rick was looking at his reaction with attention when he said:

- We’re invited for dinner.

- When?

- When you want to, I told her you’d call her back.

Terry was unfolding the wrinkled paper on which Candy Brown’s phone number was on.

Rick told him:

- She said that we were invited with our sweethearts. Choose one night next week, it will give us time to hit on a couple of girls to bring there.

On those funny words, he left the room.

Five minutes later, Terry joined him in the conference room, Rick was having a cup of coffee.

- Now what?

- Her line is busy.

- Don’t start jumping to conclusions.

- What are you insinuating?

- Just what I said. Her baby will be born when mother nature will decide. So, who’s the father?

- Anthony.

Without having the key to the mystery, Rick had to admit that the news made him happy.

- By what miracle?

- Technology…

- I beg your pardon?

Terry told him about what Candy had told him. How could he have not thought about the most rational hypothesis?

- I should’ve thought about it…

- And why didn’t you think about it? You’d rather believe the worse right away like…

- Like what?

- Like you wanted to find her repugnant and reject her…

- You’re talking nonsense! Said Terry.

His brother would rather dropped the subject.

- In a certain way, it’s kind of miraculous.

- I’m surprised she still wants to talk to me, after the lout I was, I don’t understand her indulgence…

- Really?

- What are you insinuating?

- Nothing, I don’t understand either, and she really wants to see you again!

- Because I represent the memory of Anthony for her.

- Maybe there’s a little bit of that…

- What else could it be?

His reaction was so strong that Rick was convinced his brother was harboring feelings for Candy, he didn’t even know he had.

- Nothing, he answered, what were you thinking?

After a pause, Terry turned around.

- I’m going to try her number again.

- Right, you go ahead! Whispered Rick while his brother was walking away.


Candy was making he nephew’s be when the phone rang. It was probably Terry. She rushed to pick up the phone in her room. Too late, Georgie had already answered in the kitchen. Terry’s voice was nicely asking to talk to her.

Terry? So fast? Her heart started started racing. She intervene vibrating with impatience:

- I’m here Georgie!

- Ok, very well… I’m hanging up.

Her interlocutor waited to hear the “click” to continue.

- Good evening Candy. Rick gave me your message.

After the icy tone of their last phone conversation, it felt good to hear warmth in his voice, a wave of pleasure went through her.

- So, you’re going to be free for dinner?

- That’s not going to make you too tired?

- No, I wouldn’t have offered it otherwise. And of course, you’re both invited with your girlfriends.

- We’re both single.

- Oh! And when are you going back to the Netherlands?

- I won’t be going back.

- Why?

- Let’s just say that the situation is uncertain at this point.

- You’re asking to be re-affected?

- It’s a long story. A upheaval in the family made me quit the army, but it might have been a little premature.

Terry had quit? Candy sat down on her bed.

- Depending on how things happen, I might get the opportunity to be reintegrated, for the moment, my plans are suspended.

Candy was sorry she didn’t know him better, Maybe in the long run, he will end up confiding in her.

- You must be bored to death, she said with a teasing tone. I bet you need a little distraction… we better get you in our house as soon as possible!

A deep sight of relief in the background showed that he wasn’t against her proposition, she took advantage.

- Tomorrow, Lowell has a meeting, what about Thursday night?

- With pleasure.

- If I’m pressing you a little, it’s because at this stage of my pregnancy, you never know when the baby might decide to come.

On Friday, her OBGYN could announce her that cervix was dilated and that she would need to reduce her activities until the big day. Candy didn’t want to take the risk to be forced to cancel their dinner. God knows if they postponed it the next opportunity to see Terry might be after the birth.

Her comment seemed to worry him.

- Are you sure, you’re all right? No warning signs?

- No, not at the moment, nothing knew on the western front…

This time, he burst out laughing without holding back it ricochet in her clear loud and resounding. Her heard got filled…

- What time the day after tomorrow? He asked when he stopped laughing.

- 6 pm? Is it too early?

- No, we’ll be there. I’m impatient to meet your family in more favourable circumstances…

She had a big smile.

- My nephews should please you. Get ready for third degree questions and remember that boys are a handful...

- How old are they?

- Joey is 8 and axel is 6.

- That seems normal for their age.

- Joey wants to became a pilot in the Air Force.

She thought she heard him smile.

- And Axel?

- He wants to be a race car driver.

- Where did he get that idea?

- From his father Lowell, he would’ve become a professional if he hadn’t married Georgie…

- Now, you’re telling me?

- What?

- That I almost got myself killed by a deadly car!

It was her turn to burst out laughing.

- As a matter of fact, he could’ve done a lot of damage with a sports car, if Lowell wanted.

And then there was silence!

- Candy, I’m sorry about Saturday night…

- Are you going to stop already? I know you’re sorry Terry, but frankly, I’m not thinking about it anymore. Would you stop bringing it up already? I don’t want to hear about it anymore.

And then there was another silence!

- You’re really a remarkable person, Candy.

- In another life, I would’ve been very upset with you and I probably wouldn’t have talked to you anymore, but I’m going to be a mother soon. It’s a horizon that replaced futilities on the right perspective

- I understand… are you afraid?

He was showing a surprising sensibility she had rarely seen in men.

- I suppose that every pregnant woman is afraid at one point. For me it’s the fear of the unknown, the pain everybody talks about so much…will I be a good mother? And how am I going to do it without Anthony?

- Yes, I can imagine

- But I have to admit that in the ninth month, I now having more simple thoughts like, the time I will have to get to the hospital. A F-16 would be good, but since you don’t have yours at the moment…

- There are no back seats in F-16 and anyway, I would be so panicky, that I wouldn’t be able to pilot to the maternity

- Then there will be two of us.

She felt he was smiling too.

- Too bad then, I will be on the ground to go to the maternity!

- Is it a boy or a girl?

- I want to be surprised when it comes out.

- That’s how it’s been for centuries

- But the families don’t appreciate it, on both sides.

- It’s your baby.

- Thanks for your support Terry. I can’t wait to see you and your brother.

- 6 PM sharp… See you Thursday Candy and thank you.

- You’re welcome. Good bye Terry.

As soon as she hung up, she went back to the boys room in a very good mood. Georgie had finishe doing the beds.

- I heard a lot of laughs. Do you know how could it feels to hear you laugh?

- I like laughing too. They’re coming on Thursday.

- How many?

- Just the two of them, they’re single. Anthony always talked about a crowd of women who wanted to become Mrs. Grandchester, but apparently, the queen hasn’t been elected yet.

She had a big smile on her face.

- Georgie! Inspire me for the menu! I want everything to be… extraordinary!

Georgie laughed.

- Well, men like roast beef with mashed potatoes and peas and carrots.

- Sold! A very nice and tender filet from the butcher, with little bread with sesame on top, a salad for entry and for dessert…

- An apple pie with mum’s vanilla ice cream! They both said at the same time.

Candy realised that she haven’t been laughing like that for over a year.


"You should be kissed, and often, and by someone who knows how." Rhett Butler, Gone with the wind

There's another little love in the way...

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