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Pretty Candy

Chapter 1
By Bridget25

In a dump room in a miserable apartment in worn down building, an alarm clock rang. It’s 10 pm and a pretty hand stops the ringing slowly. The beautiful body slipped out of the bed and walked to the bathroom under the shower, under the lukewarm water scrubbing herself with soap. She gets out of the shower dries herself get dressed and goes in front of the dresser and she put some heavy make up on. Big black trait around her big minty green eyes. The cherry colour lipstick on her thin lips and on her head an auburn wig, on top of her natural blond and wavy hair. The mini skirt was mandatory and the cleavage on her breast was putting it in evidence thanks to a black wonder bra. The last touch, those big black shiny leather boots with high heels shaping her legs well done. She took her keys and got out, putting on a little black beret.

Hollywood boulevard, the street for the big stars during the day and for the poor loser during the night, She walks towards a shady pub and said hi to the boss. She went upstairs looking for her friend Sandra who should be nearby; she found her high with two guys talking loud. She took her by the hand and they went on the side to talk away from the people who were yelling.

- I looked in our savings; you back on drugs are you?

- Listen, one rail of coke once in a while doesn’t hurt.

- I told you not to touch that crap anymore, that money was supposed to pay for our rent! Louis is going to be upset with us.

- Relax, it’s going to be fine, tonight we’re going to get the riches guys in this damn city and we can pay Louis tomorrow morning.

- Don’t forget Neil Reagan who is going to wait for us and get the three quarter of our money.

- I’m not going to tell him what you’re doing tonight, you know.

- He’s going to learn it one way or another, we’ve been watched.

- Come on, we’ve got work to do.

The two girls got out in the street and they looked at a hooker walking on their turf, Sandra goes in front of her and tells her:

- Hey sugar, this our turf, my friend and mine. You’re new here, right?

- Yeah!

- So you have to learn that from this bar to the one 200 m farther, it’s our turf, now get lost!

- Yeah ok, I’m leaving! I didn’t know!

The girl left and Candy looked at Sandra shaking her head;

- Yeah, it’s calm tonight, I don’t think our supper plan is going to work!

- Don’t worry, the night is still young and it’s always animated

- We better get a lot of money tonight or we’re going to find ourselves in the street and I don’t want Neil to come and bother me.

- He still bothers you?

- He’s annoying…

From afar a powerful car was coming very fast in their direction. It was a lotus Spirit; Candy knew that model for seeing it a lot on Hollywood Boulevard. It was a rich lawyer’s car who passed them without ever looking at them. Tonight, Candy needed money and she decided not to let him get away so fast. Sandra encouraged her:

- He’s yours! Happy hunting!

Candy went by border of the street looking at the car coming closer. She raised her skirt and she fixes her panty hose. She was wondering why she was doing it, because the car was probably not going to stop anyway. To her big surprise, the car stopped and she looked at Sandra, who gives her the thumbs up as a sign of victory, then she leaned to the window and she asked:

- Are lost pretty boy?

The man looked at leaned to look at her better. Their eyes met and Candy felt something in her chest… it wasn’t an old man who was driving, but a very handsome man, very attractive, who smiled at her giving her the map of Los Angeles:

- Yes, as a matter of fact, I’m looking for the Beverly Wilshire hotel.

- You’ve got the wrong direction; it’s on the other side of town.

- Oh… I just got here; I don’t know my way at all

- Do you want me to help you?

- Why not?

- There’s a price to pay for that.

- Really? You’re charging even for that?

- Yes, it’s going to be 50$

- That’s preposterous!

- Maybe, but you’re the one that’s lost, not me…

- Whatever, I'm in a rush to go to bed. Get in!

Candy got in the car and gave the man directions. In the car, the conversation stuck to the road indication that the young girl was giving him; the driver had trouble not looking at the young woman with the extremely short skirt shower her lower side. He was handsome, young and rich, attractive and women, he could have a dime a dozen when he wanted to, He wasn't desperate to the point he needed a hooker, but yet, he was attracted by her. Her cheap perfume filled the car and her nice breast with the cleavage he could see her breathing. Finally, the luxury hotel was in front of them and the doorman came to open the car door. He was a little shocked seeing the young woman a little vulgar getting out saying:

– Wow! That's awesome!

– Thank you said the doorman; do you have any luggage Miss?

– I'm not a customer here.

– Of course.

– Well, pretty boy, you're at your destination. I'm going to take a cab with my 50$ to get back to my office.

– Your office? Laughed the man, well thank you for your help, I would never have made here without you.

– You're welcome. Have a good night and if you want to see me again, you know where to find me.

Candy left and goes to sit on a bench at a bus shelter to wait for the bus. If she takes a cab her 50$ were going to melt like the snow under the sun and she won’t have anything left/ she arranged her beret and closed her jacket. There was a little cold breeze that made her shiver. She heard footsteps and she turned around, she smiled seeing the man walking towards her asking:

– No cab?

– No, I changed my mind; I'd rather take the bus.

– What if I ask you to keep me company for a while, how much will that be?

– It depends, it’s 100$ an hour.

– That much?

– It's the luxury of lust! So is it yes or no?

– I will give you 50$ now and the rest in my room!

– Done!

Candy approached him and she sees him putting his light coat on her shoulders. She wanted to protest, but he had the following argument:

– It's not the kind of hotel that rents room by the hour.

Candy let him put the coat on her and followed him inside.

– WOW! She said out loud, when she looked at the luxury of the hotel around her.

The man smiled, and then he went to the reception to get his key. The hotel manager, William Albert Andrew, sees the young woman and observes her with a less than enthousiastic look, as she follows the man to take the elevator. But didn't do anything... He knows Terrence Grandchester by name and knows that he's a powerful business man. In the hallway, Terrence guides the young woman in his suite and opens the door. He lets her get in and walks to the phone to order room service.

Candy looked at him and she says:

– Hey, you've paid for half an hour, let me remind you.

– Everything is going to be fine. I'll pay you for the extra hours. Are you hungry?

– Yes, I'm starving.

– Then relax.

Champagne and different plates were delivered in the suite half an hour later. Candy ate the food on her plate with appetite. A glass of Champagne in one hand, he observed her in silence, smiling.

He usually rejected the company of others, he was admitting that this young woman was intriguing him and he love to see her so natural and spontaneous, He presented her with a plate of strawberries and said;

– Take one, it bring out the flavour of the Champagne.

– Ok... mmm, they're delicious; I haven't had these in years.

– I don't know your name.

– Me neither, I don't know your name. Well in my line of work, we don't care, the only name we know and we give to everybody is dollar.

She burst out of laugh and he smiled:

– My name is Terence Graham Grandchester and you are?

– Grandchester? Like the Grandchester of London? She asked without smiling.

– As a matter of fact, I just got transferred to Los Angeles.

– Wow, I heard you're related to the English royal family, is that true?

– My father is Her Majesty's first cousin.

– Oh shit... oh... sorry.

– Well you pretty expressive, Are you going to give me your name?

– My name is Candice White... but calls me Candy.

– It's very pretty. I think it's a very sweet name.

– And I'm very sweet to eat, she said smiling. On the other side, time is still passing and if you want to hit the sheets, you have to think about starting because I have to get back to work after that.

– How much for the whole night?

– You can't afford it.

– Try me.

– 300$

– Done! Now we can relax!

Candy looked at the man stranding of from the table and walk to his desk to work a little. Disoriented, she stays there on the chair for a moment without moving. A radiant smile on her face! If Sandra could see her, she would jump to the roof! She walks to the bathroom and tells him she wants to get ready for the night. Terry who didn't hear her well follows her and he sees her turning around quickly, hiding something behind her back, His voice was cold when he asked:

– What is it that you have in your hand?

– Nothing, nothing at all.

– Very well...

He takes her by the hand and grabbed her bag with the other arm saying;

– I don't want any drugs in here, get out!

– I'm not doing drugs!

– Then show me what you're hiding!

He opens her hand, by force and he felt stupid when he saw:

– Dental floss?

– Yeah, so what? I had some strawberry seeds between my teeth; you have to take care of your gums!

– I'm sorry, forgive me. Continue.

– Thank you.

Terry leaves closing the door behind him to go back to his work.

During the evening, Candy was watching television lying on her belly on the thick carpet. The man went to sit on the sofa facing her and looked at her in silence. She had something kind of noble. She was beautiful, her face was soft and her eyes as green as the forest in his native Scotland made her more attractive. She felt observed, she looked up and she smiled at him nicely. Candy turned off the volume of the television and approached Terry. She undid the buttons of his shirt and opened it to reveal his muscled torso perfectly shaped. The belt of his pants with the sound of the zipper was heard while she kept looking at him. She took her clothes off revealing her black lace under garments. She leaned and she asked him whispering;

– What do you like?

– What do you do?

– I do everything... but i don't kiss on the mouth.

– Me neither, he replied.

She kissed his vibrant torso, going down slowly. Terry inspired deeply and let her lead the dance without saying a word...


The next morning under the shower, Terry was sincerely asking himself whatever got him to sleep with a hooker he picked up on Hollywood Boulevard, with his lawyer friend's car none the less. Archibald is going to be glad to learn something like that... he walked to the living room passing by the opened door of the bedroom and he saw the young woman, serenely sleeping on the bed. She has her long blond and wavy hair on the pillow. Her naked body, under the sheets were up to her waist, allowing him the pleasure to admire her perfect curves her white back with and some freckles on them. How could such a nice and beautiful creature do that kind of job? Whatever happened to her to end up on the streets? He put back the covers on her shoulders and he got out to go to back to work.

Candy wakes up softly in the big bed king size bed of the royal suite. She rubbed her eyes and looked around her. Did he even get some sleep? She got out of bed and put on a robe she found in the bathroom and she walked to the living room, the thick carpet was shielding the sound of her steps. She listened to him talk on the phone:

– If the crazy old MacGregor cares about his business, he better sell it to me... Ok, listen Archie, I'll let you handle the deal, and I’ll join you at work later.

He hung up with sigh and went back to reading his paper when he heard:
– Hi!

He turned around and smiled seeing Candy standing in front of him:

– Good morning.

– Blond? She said showing her hair

– I like that better, he said smiling, and did you have a good sleep?

– Yeah, too good... I forgot where I was.

– The job wants it that way?

– Probably. I'm going to go shower and I'll leave you.

– You don't want to eat anything? I took the liberty of ordering everything that was on the menu. Please have seat.
The food smelled so well so did the coffee and the croissants. Candy thanked him softly and sat at the table eating a piece of croissant, she looked at him smiling tenderly.

– Well, you’re silent all of a sudden this morning, Miss Freckles, what happened to the exuberant woman from last night?

– Without make up and my wig and barely awake, I'm myself.

– I like that better; you're more elegant that way.

– Thank you...so Terrence, what do you do in real life?

– I buy companies in difficulties and I resell them.

– Wow, you must be very smart...

– Why do you say that?

– I only made it to grade 11. What about you?

– As far as I could go.

– This business is going to cost you a piece of cake right?

– Well this business is going to cost me the piece of cake of a billion dollar.

– A billion dollar?

– Yes.

– I see... well, would you mind if I took a swim in your bathtub before I leave?

– Be my guest.

Candy stood up from her chair and went to the bathroom. She opened the water and took a quick shower and filled up the bathtub with foaming salts, she had a Walkman on with headphones on and she was singing loud, off key.

In the living room, on the phone again with Archibald Cornwell his lawyer, Terry had stopped talking to listen to the young woman sing. She was off key but he smiled and approached the bathroom. Archibald was telling him that Mr. MacGregor wanted to have dinner with him that night to talk business.

– You shouldn't be going alone Terry. Take a girlfriend with you; you want me to call Susanna? She's going to be happy.

– No thank you, I already have someone.

– Ah, you don't lose anytime do you? You barely got here in Los Angeles, and you find a girlfriend...

Terry was in the bathroom and Candy couldn't hear him, her eyes were closed and she was still singing, he sad by the bathtub. He looked at her in silence while his lawyer was asking:

– Who is that singing?

– The chamber maid.

– The chamber maid? How awful, tell her to shut up.

– Tell MacGregor to meet me at the restaurant at 8 pm. I'll be there.

– Ok. I'll see you later at the office.

Terry hung up and Candy chose that moment to open her eyes. She smiled shyly taking off the headphones and asked him:

– Have you ever learned to knock?

– I have a job proposal for you.

– What is it?

– I'm in town until Sunday; I want you to spend the week with me.

– Seriously?

– I'll pay you to be at my disposal night and day.

– I would love to be “at your disposal” night and day, but... you're young and very handsome man. You could have any woman you want.

– I want a professional, I don't like non-professionals. So?

– Listen if you want me 24/7 its' going to cost you a lot.

– Oh, there we go, let's talk money. How much for the whole week??

– Well 6 nights and days... let's say... 4000$

– 6 nights at 300$ a night , that's 1800$

– You're forgetting about the days!

– Then, 2000...

– 3000!

– Done!

– Holy cow!!! Said Candy diving inside the bath.

Terry leaned on top of her and asked:

– So, it that a “yes”, Candy?

– Yes it's yes of course!

Later, Terry gives her a pack of money telling her:

– Tonight, I have a business diner, get dressed for the occasion.

– How?

– Something less showing than what you were wearing last night, for example.

– Old fashioned?

– Classic! I'll come to pick you up at 7:30, please be ready.

– Pretty boy, I'm going to give you so much pleasure you won't want to let me go...

– It's for 6 days and I'm paying you 3000$, and I will let you go.

– I would've stayed for 2000.

– I would've paid 4000. See you tonight.

Candy looked at the man leaving smiling. Her green eyes were swimming between dream and reality. This wonderful man was lavishing her so much since last night. Her heart had melted in front of this angel of business. His blue-green eyes which have admired her all night long were making her heart beat violently. She bit her lower lip and she ran to the bedroom and threw herself on the bed. She laughed, screaming showing she was paid to the end of the week. She sat up and she took the phone to call Sandra, then she will go shopping...What will her friend think when she'll tell her the news?

To be continued...

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Chapter 2

Candy dialed the number of her apartment, it rang for a while and finally someone picked up…

- I’ve been calling you all night! Where were you?

Sandra was half asleep, said:

- Mom?

- It’s me, Candy!

- Oh Candy! You scared me half to death!

- Where were you last night?

- I had a gang bang… what about you?

- Are you sitting down? They guy from last night was the jackpot! I’m in his hotel room at the Beverly Wilshire and the bathroom is bigger than the Blue Banana!

- Do I really need to hear this?

- He asked me to stay with him for the whole week and guess how much he’s going to give me? 3000$ on top of the money to buy clothes!

- WHAT? I leave a guy to you and he’s loaded? He’s not a little sneaky?

- He’s very handsome!

- He gave you the money?

- No, he’s going to pay me at the end of the week…

- Ah… you see, there’s the catch…

- No, he already gave me the 300$ for last night. I’m going to leave an envelope with money at the reception. Now I have to buy a dress for tonight… where do I go?

- In Beverly Hills? Rodeo Drive honey!

- Thank you Sandra! Don’t forget to come and get the money. I don’t want you to have problems with the landlord…

- All right mom. Goodbye mom!

- Good bye Sandra.

Candy, put back the clothes she had on the night before to go shopping in those luxury boutiques on Rodeo Drive. She took the elevator, she got to the reception and she left the envelope for Sandra. She gave it to the receptionist.

- I’m leaving this for my friend Sandra DeLuca, she’s going to come and pick it up…

- All right Miss.

- Don’t open it!

- No, Miss… I

Candy continued her way walking to the doors. The hotel manager, William Andrew, saw the young woman from last night who was with Mr. Grandchester, again. She was probably there just for the night. He shouldn’t be seeing her again, but he was going to keep an eye open…

Candy was walking on Rodeo Drive smiling and looking at the windows of elegant stores. She didn’t know what to choose. She ended up entering in one of them. The rich customers looked outraged seeing her entering the boutique. The employees were outraged. How did that creature dared to put her paws in such a boutique. One of them approached Candy who was looking at the beautiful and elegant clothes.

- Can I help you? She asked her.

- No, I’m just looking…, said Candy; you have very pretty things…

- Thank you.

Candy stopped in front of a mannequin dressed with a nice beige laced suit… that could work for a dinner with Terry.

- How much is this? She asked the employee.

- I don’t think that will fit you, said the employee, how much is this Louise?

- It’s very expensive, said Louise.

- It’s very expensive, repeated the employee.

- Look, I’ve got money to spend here! Said Candy.

- I don’t think we have anything for you here. You’re obviously in the wrong place. Please, leave!

Candy looked at them surprised. She had no other choice but to leave. All her enthusiasm was gone. Shopping wasn’t as fun as she thought it would be. She put on her jacket on top of her dress and went back to the hotel. She was walking towards the elevators.

William Andrew was keeping an eye at the reception; he saw her and walked towards her.

- Miss, excuse-me, Miss! He called.

- What?! Said Candy irritated.

- Where are you going?

- In my suite…

- You have a suite here?

- I’m with someone… Terrence Grandchester…

- Do you have your key?

- Oh yeah, I forgot that credit card thingy

- Would you follow me, please.

- Now what? Why? What? What’s wrong with all of you today?

William Andrew didn’t want to make a scene, took her by the hand softly and dragged her to his office. Candy discouraged by her little escapade to Rodeo Drive, just followed him, compliantly.

- I’m William Andrew, the manager of this hotel. What is your name? He asked

- What you want it to be…

- Don’t play with me Miss.

- Candy…

- Candy… This hotel is not like other hotels. We don’t allow our guests to have company without being told, unless it’s a family member. Since Mr. Grandchester is very important customer, we consider important customer s as friends. As a customer we expect M. Grandchester to sign in any special guest, but as a friend, we’re willing to overlook it. Since Mr. Grandchester is a friend, then I supposed that you’re one of his relative?

- Yes…

- I thought so…

- Then you must be his…

- Niece? Said Candy with a little voice.

- Of course. I’m assuming when Mr. Grandchester leaves, I won’t see you here anymore. Do you have any other uncles in this hotel?

- No…

- Good. I would like you to wear more appropriate clothes, is that all right?

- No! It’s not all right!

Candy took the money from her purse and gave it to William.

- That’s what I was trying to do, I was trying to get a dress on Rodeo Drive today and the women wouldn’t help me. Not that I expect you to help me, but I have all this money and I have to buy a dress for dinner tonight and nobody wanted to help me!

William looked at her. She was pretty. She had the same look as his mother… He took a handkerchief from his pocket and gave it to Candy, who was crying. She took the handkerchief which smelled good… Then he turned to the phone and picked it up…

- Great you’re calling the cops?! Tell them I say hi!

William looked at her. He wished he could save her from that kind of life. Someone picked up at the end of the line.

- Hello Rosemary? I have special customer. Miss Candy, she the niece of a very important customer. Can you help her out? Thank you Rose. I owe you one. I’m sending her right away.

Then he turned to Candy and he said.

- My sister takes care of the hotel boutique. She’s going to help you out.

Candy’s eyes lit up. She jumped to William’s neck.

- Oh thank you so much William! Thank you! You just saved my life!!!

William loved the enthusiasm of this young woman. He smiled and hugged her back. She suddenly let go of him.

- Oh, she said, I’m sorry… I didn’t want to…

- It’s ok…

- I’m going to go…

- All right…

Candy got out of the office and she walked towards the hotel boutiques. Maybe she should’ve started there… If she hadn’t listened to Sandra… Oh well. She arrived at the boutique and she waited for a bit. She took advantage to look around while she was waiting.

- You must be Candy…

She turned around. She saw a young blond woman who looked a lot like William.

- I’m Rosemary…

- Pleased to meet you, I’m Candy.

- What kind of dress do you need?

- A dress for a diner in a nice restaurant…

- A cocktail dress, then… You’re a size 6, aren’t you?

- Yes, how do you know?

- It’s my job to know… so when is your uncle coming to pick you up?

- Rosemary, he’s not really my uncle.

- They never are… come with me, you’re going to need some shoes too and you will need to go to
the hairdresser…

Candy was walking towards the elevator, but she stopped to talk to William.

- Hey William…

- Yes?

- I have the dress…

- I thought you would be wearing it…

- Oh no, I don’t want to wrinkle it… I also got some shoes, you want to see them?

- No, it’s fine. I trust you…

- I just wanted to say thank you for your help, said Candy smiling

- You’re welcome…

Candy went to take the elevator and went back to the suite…


Meanwhile, Terry who had a meeting about the diner that evening with Mr. MacGregor, was talking to his lawyer.

- You should’ve be going alone, Terry, said Archie

- I won’t be alone, I have company.

- Who?

- A girl…

- Do I know her?

- No…

- Ok…

Terry left him and he went to the reception and asked the assistant to dial the number for his suite…

Candy was just coming in when the phone rang and she ran to pick it up to answer…

- Hello?

- Never answer the phone!

- Then why are you calling then? I bought the dress…

- Very good.

- Where are you taking me?

- In a chic restaurant, “Le Voltaire”… wait for me downstairs.

- What? You’re not coming to pick me up at the door?

- It’s not a date; it’s a business diner…

- All right, I will be ready because you pay for it.

- See you tonight…

- See you later…

She hung up. Terry hung up. An employee came to tell him:

- Mr. Cornwell is looking for you…

- Tell him I’m in the middle of an important phone call, said Terry

And then, he asked the assistant.

- Call the number back.

- All right, she said complying and giving him the phone.

The phone rang again in the suite and Candy answered.

- Hello?

- I told you to stop answering the phone!

- Then stop calling! Said Candy smiling.

Terry burst out laughing. What was going on with him? Now he was being a kid!? That Candy had changed something in him…


Candy on the other hand, had another worry in her mind, she went to see William.

- William…

- Miss Candy…

- I have a problem and I need your help…

- I’m at your service…

- Ok, I need help with the table utensils…

- Oh… right. Come with me…

He took her at the restaurant, which was closed for the afternoon before diner time. They set a table and William had the table set with everything… he showed her which utensil was used for the salad, for the shrimps, for the main meal.

- I feel like Eliza Doolittle…

- She managed to do it. You’re going to do it too, said William smiling.

- All right Professor Higgins… I know the salad one, the others it’s total confusion…

William looked at her smiling. She was so endearing. He understood why Terrence Grandchester was keeping her with him. After he left, if their relationship ends, he was going to try to help her…


When Terry arrived to the hotel reception, he found William Andrew meeting him.

- Mr. Grandchester, I have a message for you from your niece…, he said

- My what?

- Your niece…

- We know you and I that she’s not my niece, and I would know that because I’m an only child…

- Of course sir.

- What’s the message?

- She’s waiting for you at the bar…

- Thank you…

Terry went to the bar to look for Candy. He looked around, but he couldn’t see her. He turned around and he finally saw her… She was so beautiful with her elegant dress and her hair do; she looked like a sophisticated woman from the high society. She saw him and she walked to him.

- You’re late…

- You’re breathtaking…

- Thank you. You’re forgiven, she said smiling.

- Shall we go?

He took her arm and they left the hotel together to get inside Limousine which was waiting from them in front of the hotel.

- Where’s the car from the other night?

- That was my lawyer’s, he took it back…

- Oh, ok.

Candy was in seventh heaven. She was living a dream she never hoped for and she didn’t want it to finish…

They arrived at the restaurant and they were taken to a table. Mr. MacGregor arrived with a young man. Terry stood up and Candy too.

- Good evening Mr. MacGregor, said Terry

- Good evening Mr. Grandchester, let me introduce you to my grandson, Tom…

- Pleased to meet you, said Terry and Tom at the same time.

Terry showed Candy, saying:

- Let me introduce you to a friend, Candice White.

- Pleased to meet you, said Candy smiling.

They sat down around the table. Candy was a little nervous. She had to go to the washroom. So she stood up and she was surprise to see all the men standing up too.

- I’m going to the bathroom, she said smiling a little embarrassed.

- It’s upstairs on your right, said Terry.

- Thank you, Excuse-me, she said leaving the table.

- Should I order for you?

- Yeah…!

Then she corrected herself and she said:

- Yes please.

She went to the washroom which were luxurious. She relieved herself. She washed her hands and took a deep breath and went back to the table. The men were talking business… she went to sit back to her place. They brought them the starter which was some cold cuts. Terry was talking business, when Candy asked:

- Where‘s the salad?

- The salad comes at the end of the meal, said Terry.

- That’s the only fork I know, said Candy.

Mr. MacGregor looked at her amused.

- I never remember which fork is for what either…

Then he took one of the started with his hands and started eating. Candy gave him a grateful smile and she did the same thing after taking off the olives on top. Then they brought them some escargots. Candy looked at it surprised.

- Who ordered this? She asked

- It’s escargots, said Terry, it’s French for snails. It’s delightful, have a taste…

There was a plier on the table and Terry took one. Candy did the same thing and she was wondering how to use it…

The men continued talking…

- You were saying Tom? Said Terry.

- Mr. Grandchester, if you get control of the company, and I’m not saying you’re going to have it, what do you intend to do?

- I’m going to resell it piece by piece…

- I don’t like to think about my 40 years of hard labour turned into your garage sale! Said Mr. MacGregor

- At the price I paid your shares, you’re going to be a very rich man, said Terry

- I’m rich enough as it is, said Mr. MacGregor.

Meanwhile, Candy had a shell in her plier and she lost it and it flew in the air and was caught by a server. Terry looked at her.

- They’re slippery the little rascals, said Candy laughing

Tom laughed looking at her.

- It always happens, said the server smiling.

They brought them some sherbet. There was a leaf to decorate the glass. Candy but a piece to eat and she thought it was awful. She cringed…

The men continued talking.

- I’ve met your father, Richard Grandchester; he wasn’t as bad as they said.

- No, I’ve got the monopole on that.

- Is he proud of you?

- I doubt it. But it’s not important, because he’s dead…

- I’m sorry, I didn’t know, said Mr. MacGregor

- I’m sorry too, said Candy sincerely

Terry, who was starting to be fed up, said:

- Mr. MacGregor, you have asked to see me. What can I do for you?

- Leave my company alone!

- I can’t, I have 10 million shares…

Meanwhile the waiters came to take off the with the sherbet and Candy wasn’t done yet, she almost took the glass back…

- I’ll buy your shares back, said Mr. MacGregor

- You don’t have the money, said Terry

- We’ll get it, we have a contract to build 10 aircraft carriers

- There’s not going to be a contract, said Terry, I buried it…

- How did you do that? You have corrupted politicians in your pocket now?

- Calm down Tom, easy…, said Mr. MacGregor, Mr. Grandchester wants to be play the tough guy…

- I’m sorry, but I’ve heard enough and I can’t stay at this table; I need some fresh air, Candy, it was a pleasure meeting you. Mr. Grandchester…

He left the table throwing his napkin and walked away.

- I’m going to join my grandson, said Mr. MacGregor standing up too. Bon appetite! I’m sure your dinner is going to be delicious. Good luck Miss…

Terry stood up… Mr. MacGregor approached him to say:

- Be careful, Grandchester. I’m going to crush you.

- I can’t wait sir, said Terry

He threw his napkin on the table and left.

- Rich people love throwing their napkins

- He seems like a nice man…

- He’s got 3000 problems too

- He loves his grandson…

They brought him their meal. Candy took some ketchup out of her bag. The waiters looked at her stunned. Terry looked at her smiling…

- It’s ketchup! Said Terry.

- Oh, they said.

- They’ve never seen ketchup? Asked Candy

- Not in this restaurant.


Back in the suite, Terry was thinking. Candy joined him.

- I think the evening was good, don’t you think so? Business too. You want his company and he doesn’t want to let it go.

- Thanks for the summary

- You like him, that’s the problem.

- It’s not important whether I like him or not… it’s business… I can’t let my feeling take over…

- I know, Sandra always says I shouldn’t get attached, that’s why I don’t kiss on the lips, it’s too intimate… When I have a client, I do everything like a machine, well, except with you of course…

- Of course, said Terry ironically, you and I we’re the same; we screw people for money…

There was a weird silence.

- I’m sorry for your father, said Candy finally, when did he die?

- Last month.

- Do you miss him?

- I hadn’t talked to him for 14 years. I wasn’t there when he died…

- You want to talk about it?

- No…

- All right. Let’s watch old movies then, before we…

- I’m rather going to go for a walk, said Terry standing up. I’ll be back. We can do it tomorrow…

He left the room.

It was about 3 am when the last movie Candy was watching was over. Terry was still not back. She put on a robe from the hotel. She call the reception and they told her were Terry was. She was taken by the bellboy and she found him playing the piano in an empty restaurant. There were only waiters.

- I’m bored all alone up there, she said.

Terry looked at the waiters and he said:

- Can you leave us please, sirs? Thank you.

They complied.

- You always get obeyed like that?

Terry pulled her over and put her against the piano. He opened her robe, she was naked under. He looked at her; he wanted to kiss her so much on the lips… what was going on with him? He had to be going crazy… He tried, and avoided him and gave him her neck… He kissed her neck; he went down to her breast and sucked it greedily. She had a moan of pleasure… he made love to her on the piano and they had a lot of pleasure…

They went back to the suite when they spent the rest of the night making each other feel a lot of pleasure before falling asleep, satisfied.


"You should be kissed, and often, and by someone who knows how." Rhett Butler, Gone with the wind

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Pretty Candy

Chapter 3
By Bridget25

The bright light was on the young woman’s face, she was still asleep. Someone had opened the curtains of the bedroom, suddenly, letting the sun brightening the room. She rubbed her nose a little grumpy and she opened her eyes when she felt someone sit beside her.

- Come on get up! Wake up!

Candy sat up slowly and passed her hand on her hair. She reached out her arm to the night tble and she grapped her watch.

- Mmm, it’s not even 9…

- You have to get ready for your shopping day. Here is my credit card, if you don’t know how to use it, call the hotel, they will take care of it.

- More shopping?

- I’m surprised you didn’t buy more stuff than that yesterday.

- It wasn’t as fun as I thought it would be.

- Not as fun?

- The sellers were mean with me.

- Mean with you?

- Yeah.

- Really? Get dressed and let’s go.

- Where?

Candy didn’t get the time to have an explanation, Terrence was already out of the room. Still sleepy, she went to the bathroom to shower. When she came back in the room she found the dress she wore the night she met Terrence and he gave her one of his white shirts and he said:

- Put this on.

- Oh…

Obedient, Candy got dressed and joined the young man in the living room. He took her by the hand and went outside with her. Candy was chewing gum, following Terry to Rodeo Drive.

- Everybody is looking at me.

- They’re not looking at you, they’re looking at me.

- In the stores, they not nice with people. I don’t like it.

- Stores are not nice with people, they’re nice to credit card. Here we are, this store is surely the most elegant in town. Stop moving like that.

- Yeah.

- Get rid of your chewing um.

Candy looked at two women pass and she spit towards them. They were outraged and Candy burst out laughing.

- I can’t believe you did that! Said Terry taking her inside the store.

A man, in his forties arrived to greet them and he said:

- Hello, my name is Jeremy Stone, welcome to our boutique.

- Hello, Terrence Grandchester.

- What can we do for you, Mr. Grandchester?

- Do you see this woman? Asked Terry showing Candy. In your store, do you have things prettier than this woman?

- Oh yes…

Terry stopped smiling a his eyes saying “Nothing is more beautiful than Candy”. Mr. Stone understood and he corrected himself fast:

- Euh no sir, what I meant was that we have enough things so that Miss could find whatever she wants… and you’ve probably noticed when you came in my boutique, I immediately knew that…

- Listen, said Terry grabbing Mr. Stone’s arm. You know what we’re going to need?

- No sir.

- We’re going to need a few people to help us, because we’re going to spend an obscene amount of money, absolutely indecent! So, we’re going to need people to us out to suck up to us, don’t you think so? We love that!

Candy was left a little behind, she was on the verge ot bursting out laughing. While Mr. Store replied:

- Oh, if I can tell you, you’re in the perfect boutique, Sir.

M. Stoned took Candy so she could sit down in an armchair in leather and he gave her a catalogue.He explains to her:

- Everything you find in this book we can have it done for you. Shall we start having fun?

Candy nodded and four women approached her with clothes. Candy was talking to them, while Mr. Stoned was walking to Terry who was already dialling a phone number of his office:

- Mr. Grandchester, when you said “absolutely indecent”, exactly what kind of amount are we talking about, profane or really offensive?

- Really offensive!

- I like him so much! Whispered Mr. Stone walking away.

Terrence smiled and looked at Candy who was talking about the clothes. Between two phone calls, Terry was giving his opinion and looking at her with delectation, when she was parading in those beaufitul designer clothes. She was really very beautiful wit her shiny green eyes and he felt all warm and fuzzy when he looked at her. How long has it been since he had those kind of warm feelings in the company of a woman?

An hour later, M. Stone came back to Terrence:

- So , M. Grandchester, how are you doing?

- We’re going to need more employees if you see what I mean

- Euh, yes… Mr… I’m here to satisfy you and I think that…

- Mr. Stone, interrupted Terrence, not me, her!

- Yes sir.

The man left and Terrence got on another call. It was his lawyer calling, worried:

- Terry, where are you? Everybody is talking about that, MacGregor is raising the bid.

- He wants to meet us? He’s a hard to kiss, that old man. How could he do all that while all of his contract with the marines are forgotten?

- I don’t know, who cares?

- He needs a guarantor to borrow to the bank. Find out who that is, I’m coming.

- Ok…

Terrence hangs up and he walks to Candy:

- I have to go, you continue without me. You look great.

- Thank you.

He walks away saying:

- She’s got my card!

- We will help her use it, sir, said Stone.

Candy continued trying clothes on and she even got a tie for Terrence. One of the employee was wearing it and he gave it to her. She buys under garments and lots of suits. In the streets, people turn around to look at her, because she was well dressed, They were admiring her beauty and ger body. She was walking on the street and she found herself in front of the store where the employees refused to serve her after humiliating her. With a malicious smile on her face, she gets in with all her bags and she walked directly to the boss;

- Hello.

- Hello.

- You don’t remember me, I suppose?

- I’m confused…

- You refused to serve me yesterday…

- How?

- You work on commission, right?

- Yes…

- Big mistake! Said Candy, too bad, Huge mistake! I gotta go, I have to continue my shopping!

Candy left the store leaving them stunned and well punished for their rudeness the day before.

When she went back to the hotel, Mr. Andrew who was talking to customer saw her come in. She had the appropriate clothes, and employee carrying her bags which fit her perfectly and a radiant smile brighten his face. Really, what a woman!

Before letting the employees go, she tipped them and thanked them for helping her with her bags… She let herself fall on a chair and smiled of happiness… Terrence Grandchester… A wonderful man who was spoiling her, a perfect stranger like she was his wife.


On his side, Terry was finishing his meeting that was kind of complicated. He was alone with his lawyer, and he learned that Mr. MacGregor had mortgaged everything he owned to secure his load at the bank.

- Not any back, explained Archibald, the Pymouth Trust. So it’s obvious that for your banker, you more important than Mr. MacGregor, all you have to do is… Call the bank…

- Yes, said Terry

Terry was listening with one ear what his lawyer was saying … Je took a few plastic cups on the table and he piled them up on top of each other. Archibald was annoyed and he asked irritated:

- Terry, excuse-me for asking this, but, what’s wrong? What’s wrong with you this week? You want to give MacGregor a chance to make it?

- You know what I liked when I was a child? Asked Terry, still pilling up the plastic cups…

- What?

- I liked to build things, construction.

- I liked Monopoly… what’s your point?

- You know, we’re not builders, Archie, we don’t build anything…

- We make money! You told me that you wanted, I bring it to you on a platter… Call the bank!

Terry stood up from his chair and he left leaving Archie in the conference room.


Candy had just taken a shower and she put on soft music and she sad on an armchair, waiting for Terry. The table was ready for two and the Champagne was waiting to be served. The noise Terry made with his Key card when he got there, made her move. She sat comfortable putting her legs on the table. He got in and passed in front of her, still reading one of his files, but he stopped when he heard:

- Long day? A little relaxation would be good for you?

He looked at the young woman, sexy, who was smiling at him. She was completely naked and was only wearing a tie around her neck. He was kind of puzzled, seeing her like that, so desirable and so attractive so he said:

- Nice tie!

- I chose it thinking about you.

He was so tired and hungry, but he couldn’t resist the effect she had on him. His body was burning when she dropped the filed to approach her, her put a knee on the floor, and his lips on her cheek and he had his big hands on her body. Their relationship seemed to have taken another road than one of a cow girl and her rich employer. She felt her heart jumping inside her chest, her skin burning everywhere he touched her or kissed her. He made love to her with tenderness and his intense look she hadn’t seen before. Since their meeting, she had also discovered what an orgasm was. He was the first man to have given her one, he took her in that universe where nothing else existed aside from intense pleasure and freedom.

Breathless, Terry let himself fall on her warm body to catch her breath. Candy put her fingers in his long brown hair listening to the beating of both of their heart. Later, in the bathroom, they were having a bath together. Candy was sitting against the inside bathtub and Terry had his head on her breast. She was gently scrubbing his chest and listening to him telling stories of his childhood:

- My mother was an actress sin a theatre and she met my father who promised her the world. I was born and my father left her to fulfill his duty as the future duke of Grandchester . He married a she-devil and he took me from my mother’s arms after their separation. I lived in hell with him. He ignored me and let his wife insult me. At 18, I left and went back to Eleonor Baker.

- No… Eleonor Baker is your mother? I think she’s sensasionnal . I saw her once in Broadway, four years ago.

- My mother is a wonderful woman. She tried for a long time to get me back, but my father’s influence with his lawyers were too strong. I never forgave him his selfish and horrible nature. I’m afraid to become like him in the future.

- Don’t worry about that, you’re someone great. Who would’ve done what you’ve done for me that way?

- Not my father, I can tell you that. He died without me and he took with him all the anger I had towards him.

- You forgave him?

- Yes, I had to. I needed to be at peace.

- That’s good.

Candy remained silent for a moment, then she decided to change the subject:

- Do you know that from my hip to my toes, my leg mesures 1m 10? Which means that around 2m20 of sweetness is around you for the modest sum of…

- 3000$ ! He said.

- Yeah! Added Candy


Terry took Candy to the hippodrome. Over there, the California’s upper class was present. Candy met Archibald Cornwell and his wife Annie. Both women were talking for a while, then Annie was interested by some high fashion celebrity and left her. She was there alone, looking at Terry from afar with Archibald. The young man smiled at him and he invited her to come and join him while Archie walked away:

- You look great dressed up like that.

- Thank you.

- You’re really very beautiful, Candy…

- I think you’re very handsome too, M. Grandchester.

- I’m going to leave you, there are people I need to speak to. Go and get a drink over there.

- All right.

Candy looked at him go after he kissed her on the forehead and he walked to the drink stand.

She was taking a few sips when she heard:

- Candice?

- Oh… Mr. MacGregor…

- Call me Tom, please. I feel like you’re talking to my grandfather.

- All right.

- Are you having fun?

- I like horses…so it’s fun.

- In that case, come and I’ll introduce you to my stallion.

- With pleasure.

Candy followed Tom and together they started talking about their common love for horses.

- This is Pony Flash. He came straight from Chicago. I call him that because an orphanage I like a lot was just closes to our properties over there. I let the children ride the horses as much as they want.

- That orphanage, was it the Pony Home?

- As a matter of fact, how do you it?

- That’s where I grew up.

- Really? But I’ve never seen you. I would’ve remembered.

- Oh, I left to go live with the family from hell when I was 10.

- From hell?

- The children of the house loved to torment me and humiliate me. For them I was just a dirty orphan, an opportunist. They kept telling me that I would end up on the streets…

- I think you did well for yourself in the end.

- Who knows? She said laughing.

Archibald was looking at the young woman laughing with Tom. Terry was next to him, they were silent. Terry held his glass tighter , he didn’t like the scene was was seeing, at all. Candy was his, and what was she doing with his rival? And why was his heart getting to tight like that? All the anger and jealousy he felt at that moment gained him little by little, just seeing him, you could see he was upset. Archibald smiled mischievously and broke the silence asking:

- Tell me, what does she do in her life?

- I’ll say she’s in sales.

- She looks like she’s getting along good with MacGregor. You think she’s giving him some secrets? What if she’s a spy?

- No, I don’t think that for a second.

- Really? You better be careful, I’m not feeling this girl at all, she could be a spy sent by…

- Archibald… she’s a hooker.

- What?

- A prostitute, that I picked up on Hollywood Boulevard… with your car…, explained Terry calmly.

- What? A hooker? Repeated Archie laughing…, you were that desperate? I can’t believe it!

The lawyer was laughing out loud.

- I’m sorry I told you, said Terry leaving him there.

Towards the end of the afternoon, while people were starting to leave, Candy was waiting for Terry by a tree a little on the side. He’s not too far from her talking with a business man in his sixties, shaking his hand warmly. She feels someone approaching her from the back to say:

- Terry told me everything earlier, But trust me, I won’t tell anybody…

- That’s nice of you, she whispered hurt.

- I was thinking… maybe after Terry leaves, we could spend some time together, you and I… what do you think?

- Why not? Said Candy coldly.

Archibald put his hand on her shoulder and walked away. Candy who was having fun and who trusted that man so much, felt betrayed. Her throat was tight and tears were coming to her eyes. So she agreed with relief to leave when Terry came to get her. In the car, she’s silent and was only saying “fine”, when Terry would talk to her.

When they got the hotel room, he asked her again:

- Are you ok?

- Fine, she said softly before going to the bedroom.

- It’s at least the seventh “fine” I’m getting since earlier. Can I get another word please?

- Asshole, here is another word, she said locking herself in the bathroom.

- I like “fine” better, he said to himself opening his paper.

Candy came out of the bathroom upset and she said:

- Can you tell me why you dressed me up?

- Because it’s was more appropriate for this kind of outing.

- No, what I mean is if you’re going to tell everybody I’m a hooker, why not just let me wear my own clothes? At least when a looser like your Cornwell comes on to me. I’ll know what to tell him! I’m prepared.

- I’m sorry and very angry at Cornwell, but he’s been my lawyer for 10 years. He’s a little paranoid. He thought you were a spy or something like that…

- I don’t give a damn, you think you’re my pimp now? You can just pass me on to your friends like that?

- Candy! I certainly didn’t explained myself well, but you are a hooker! You are my employee. Dare to tell me the opposite! Said Terry upset.

- I make the decisions, I say who and when…

- Candy, I refuse the spend the next 3 days fighting with you. I said I was sorry, and I meant it. That’s the end of it.

- I’ve never had anyone making me feel as cheap as you did today.

- Somehow, I find that hard to believe.

- I regret getting into your car… she said going to the room.

- It’s not like you have a better option…

Candy goes to the bedroom and she puts on her own clothes. She was crying and she picked up her purse before looking at the young man in the eyes. Terry calms down seeing she changed her clothes.

- What are you doing?

- I’m leaving. I want my money.

Why was he feeling so bad when he saw she was leaving? She seemed decided and he was angry with her, he didn’t try to stop her. He took his wallet and got the 3000$ out and threw it on the little table and he left her. Candy looked at the money, she didn’t want it anymore. He could keep his stinking money! She left and slammed the door. Terry turns around to look where she was a second ago and he sees the money was still there. He also saw that she left of the clothes ha had bought her…

Full of remorse, he was not nice to her, he didn’t deserve that. Seeing she was not that interested with the money pleased him; she left the money and the clothes… Was she for real? What kind of woman was she? He ran to the hallway and he saw her waiting for the elevator. He caught up to her and he said:

- I’m sorry, I don’t want you to leave.

- Why?

- I saw you talking to Tom MacGregor earlier, and I didn’t like it. I was angry.

- We were just talking, she said crying.

- I didn’t like it… Please forgive-me Candy, I really want you to stay until Sunday.

The elevator arrived and the bellboy asked her if she was going down. Candy looked at Terry who was begging her with his eyes. She gives in and shook her hand to the bellboy who left. She turned around to say:

- You’ve hurt me.

- I know… I’m deeply sorry.

- Don’t do it again.

Terry agreed and he let her passé when she walked to the door. He followed her, sheepish and closed the door behind them…

Later, in bed, Candy was telling him about her life at the Pony Home first, her horrible adoption and her love life.

- The first body I fell in love with, was a real loser, the second one was worse,,, Miss Pony was calling me the bum magnet. If there was a bum in the 100 km radar, I was attracted to him… That how I ended up here? I follow bum number 3. I found myself with no friends, no money and no bum…

- So, how did you chose this job?

- I worked in fast food at first, I parked cars but it wasn’t paying the rend. And one day, I met Sandra. She was a hooked and listening to her it seemed so much fun… so I did it. My first time, I was in tears, I cried the whole time… but then I had my regulars and I ended up getting used to it. You don’t do this job as a calling you know, that’s not what I had in mind when I was a kid.

- Life is more than that, said Terry caressing her face with softness.

- Let yourself be treated like dirt, you end up become dirt.

- I think that… you’re an intelligent woman, like you don’t see much.

- You always see the wrong side of the medal first, haven’t you noticed? She said smiling.

- Yes…

Terry took her by the waist and pulled her to him. Candy curled up in his arms putting her head on his chest, feeling her lover’s fingers caressing her back softly. She ended up falling asleep deeply, while Terry remained awake for a long time, thinking.

To be continued.


"You should be kissed, and often, and by someone who knows how." Rhett Butler, Gone with the wind

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Chapter 4

Terry was leaving his office.

- Are the tickets ready? He asked the assistant.

- I sent then at the hotel, she said.

- Thank you…

- Where are you going, Terry? Asked Archie

- I have a date…

- With the hooker? Said Archie with disdain

Terry turned to him and said:

- Be careful Archie…

And he left.


Candy was magnificent in her sleeves less evening gown. She was wearing white gloves. She looked like a princess. She had a very nice up do and had nice make up on.

Terry looked at her, she was so beautiful . But something was missing…

- We need the final touch.

- The final touch? Said Candy, I don’t know what to add…

Terry turned around and he had a box in his hands.

- Maybe there’s something in this box, he said opening it

It was a necklace in emerald and diamonds, with a bracelet and earrings assorted. The emeralds were shaped like a heart surrounded by little diamonds.

Candy leaned and she put her gloved hand to touch the necklace. Terry closed the box screaming and Candy took off her hand burst out laughing. He put the necklace around her neck.

- Terry, this is too much…

- It’s perfect with your green dress and your green eyes

- Thank you, she said moved

They took the elevator.

- Where are we going?

- It’s a surprise.

- In case I forget to tell you, I’ve had an excellent evening…

Terry looked at her smiling. They walked together, got out of the hotel and everybody was turning around when they passed. William looked at Candy smiling, she was magnificent, dressed like a princess.

- When you’re not moving around uselessly, you’re very beautiful…

- Thank you.

They took the limousine and they went to the airport.

- A plane? Said Candy

- Yes…

- I’ve never taken the plane…

- There’s a first time for everything …

They sat down in the private jet. It was comfortable and luxurious. They went to San-Francisco and the flight lasted 50 minutes.

- It’s great to be rich, said Candy, you can take the plane for a simple date…

- As a matter of fact…

They went to the theatre to see “Romeo & Juliet” the musical. Terrence took her to the balcony, They gave them binoculars.

- What’s this for? Asked Candy

- It’s to watch the scene…

- You don’t have any?

- I’ve already seen it… In fact, I played Romeo in school…

- Really? I like that story, so beautiful and so tragic… I can imagine you as Romeo, she said smiling.

She was trying to look into the binoculars.

- They’re broken…they’re not working

- You’re not holding them right, said Terry helping her out, there…

- Oh…, Thank you.

The show started and they concentrated on the stage. The songs were beautiful and moving.

C'est ce qu'il y a de plus beau
C'est monter si haut
Et toucher les ailes des oiseaux
C'est ce qu'il y a de plus beau

C'est voler le temps
C'est rester vivant
Et bruler le cœur d'un volcan
C'est ce qui a de plus grand

Les deux:
C'est plus fort que tout
Le meilleur de nous
Et sentir son cœur
Pour avoir moins peur

Tout le monde:
C'est ce qu'il y a de plus beau
C'est monter si haut
Et toucher les ailes des oiseaux
C'est ce qu'il y a de plus beau
C'est voler le temps
C'est rester vivant
Et bruler le cœur d'un volcan
C'est ce qu'il y a de plus grand
C'est bruler ses nuits(C'est bruler ses nuits)
C'est bruler le bruit(C'est bruler le bruit)
Et donner un sens a sa vie
C'est bruler ses nuits
C'est ce qu'il y a de plus beau(C'est ce qu'il y a de plus beau)
C'est monter si haut(C'est monter si haut)
Et toucher les ailes des oiseaux
C'est ce qu'il y a de plus beau

Aimer ♪♪

All the songs were beautiful, but that one stayed in Candy’s head « Aimer (loving) »… She had met a client that had made her think about her whole life. Nothing was happening like she thought it would. He was a client and she liked being with him…. It was the first time she was impatient to do her job… impatient and she wanted it to last. Usually she was impatient for it to be done really fast… but not with Terry. The sensations she was feeling with him were like the descriptions she had read in those dirty magazines and she was having orgasms and it was getting more and more intense. She didn’t want to leave Terry…. She loved Terry… oh my God! Yes, she loved him! All of a sudden, she felt like she was Juliet and he was Romeo with an impossible love. Falling in love with her client was not what she was supposed to do! But the sensation was so good, she wanted to take advantage of it during the little time she had left with Terry.

The play was over and Candy was in tears. She had identified herself as Juliet with her impossible love, she loved Romeo so much. She loved Terry so much…. She was crying of joy and sadness…

Terry stood up so that they could leave. A couple approached them. The lady asked Candy.”

- Did you like the play?

- It was so beautiful that I’m wet!... Too beautiful!

- I beg your pardon? Said the old lady!

- She said it’s more beautiful than “La Traviata”

- Oh, said the old woman smiling


In the private jet taking them back to Los Angeles, Candy was still taken aback by her findings. Terry went to sit next to her and he took her in his arms.

- Were you telling the truth to the old lady?

Candy who thinking about something else, asked:

- I beg your pardon? Oh… yes… I’m wet…

- Your language is really exciting…

- Really? Said Candy putting her hand between his legs

He was stiff, as a matter of fact, She looked at him smiling…

- Have you ever done it in mid-air?

- I never thought about it before meeting you…, he said.

She opened his pants and after getting him ready, she overlapped him, pulling her dress ups. A quickie? Terry was telling himself that this woman was driving him crazy. He was behaving like a teenager finding out about love… The sensation was incredible… The feel-good sensation… he was jealous of Tom MacGregor, jealousy had ripped him off and he wanted her to be only with him, not with anybody else, he wanted her to be with him…. Could it be, that he was in love?

“In love with a hooker? She’s a fantastic girl… and I feel good with her… I’m taking advantage of her to the maximum…” he told himself.

They had a lot of pleasure together. He kept her in his arms. As opposed to his other conquest, he didn’t want to let go of Candy…
They were back at the hotel and Terry was showing her how to play chess…

- Your game seem passionate, but it’s dreadfully boring…

- We can go to bed, I have to work tomorrow…

- You could take the day off…

- Not go to work?

- It seems so inconceivable to you?

- In fact no…

He got ready to go to bed. Candy went to the bathroom to get ready for the night. She took a quick shower. She brushed her long blond hair, thinking about what was happening to her… She felt like she was in a whirlwind and she didn’t want it to end… She took her time in the bathroom… when she came out, she found Terry asleep.

- He’s asleep. He so handsome…

Her heart was racing. She approached him, She looked at his face. She approached his mouth…She kissed him on the cheek… Terry’s mouth was attracting her like a magnet, she kissed him lightly on the lips. Terry opened his eyes and looked at her, he didn’t pushed her away, she put her lips on his. Terry took her his arms and started kissing her passionately on the mouth. He had been dying to do it since their first meeting. And it was everything he had hoped for and then some, he had never felt that kind of sensation with anybody else…

Candy kissing her client for the first time, felt like she was discovering an unknown world, full of passion, her head was spinning, it was so good. They made love passionately and it looked like their lips were glued together…. Their pleasure was multiplied thanks to the special caress they were now sharing.

Terry was holding her in his arms tenderly.

- Why did you kiss me? He asked.

- You’re not like anybody I know, none of my exes, or any of my clients … I told you I used to do it like a machine and I couldn’t wait to get to the end…. Not with you. I was sincere, I wasn’t just saying that to boost your ego… You made me discover a world I didn’t know…

- A world you didn’t know? You mean…you’ve never had an orgasm?

- Strange, isn’t it? Since the first night and it keeps getting better and better…

- Oh Candy…

- Don’t say anything, please. I’m here until Sunday and I’m going to take advantage of you to the maximum…

A few minutes later, she heard the regular breathing from Terry. He was asleep.

- I love you, she said.


Archie was at the office the next day with his assistant told him:

- Mr. Cornwell?

- Yes?

- I have a message from Mr. Grandchester…

- Yes?

- He said, he’s taking the day off…

- The day off? Said Archie surprised

He was stunned. What was happening to Terry? That whore had completely turned his head and was doing whatever she wanted with him!


Candy and Terry were together in the park. Terry had his briefcase and Candy was walking in front of him with a bag. She put a blanket on the grass.

- Come here, she said, give me that phone!

He took the phone away.

- Hey, I was talking to someone…., he said sitting down on the blanket.

- A day off, means a day off! No work!

- You’re not going to work tonight either, right?

- No… you’re the one taking the day off, I was hired to please you, during the week for the modicum sum of …

- 3.000$! They both said at the same time.

She took off his shoes and his socks.

- Relax, don’t think about anything . I’m going to get some hot dogs. I’ll be right back.

She came back with a some hotdogs and some drinks. Terry was surprise to find it good. He was relaxed and he felt good with her. Then they went horse riding together at a club.

- You’re a good rider, he said.

- I like horsed, I took care of them at a certain point of my life… Let’s race!

They went fast both of them, laughing, They had a lot of fun.

- Where are we going to have diner? Asked Terry

- Not in a nice restaurant where they don’t know ketchup….

- What are you proposing?

- I know a little bistrot very clean and that smells good and the food is good and nobody is going to be surprise to see me use ketchup!

- I can’t wait to see that place!

The little bistro was very clean and smelled good, not greasy like Terry thought it would and they ate a cheeseburger with fries and a salad.

- Relax, said Candy, it’s the first time you come to such a place?

- There’s a first time for everything…

- That’s true, you were raised in another world….

- I like discovering this new world with you…

They continued talking while listening to music in the little bistrot. On their way back, Candy seemed preoccupied…

- What’s going on? Asked Terry who was looking out the window.

- Can we stop somewhere?

- Of course.Where?

- Over there… I’d like to see a friend…

- Let’s go Arnold, said Terry to the driver.

- You go park over there by the door, Arnold…

The limousine went through the little street. They got out of the car.

- The Blue Banana? Said Terry.

- Yeah…, this is were my friend hangs out often, I’ll be right back… wait for me here….

- All right…

Candy went inside the Blue Banana, looking for Sandra. She got to the bar.

- Have you seen Sandra?

- It’s been days, the landlord is looking for her…she’s in hiding…

A guy approached Candy.

- Candy! You look like a princess! You look great! You want something to drink?

- No, thanks. They’re waiting for me…

- A client? He must be filthy rich…

- Good bye, said Candy

Candy arrived outside and she found Terry surrounded by thugs.

- What’s going on?

- Candy, said one of the thugs, where’s my part of the cake?

- What part of the cake?

- You’re on my territory, I want my percentage…

- Daniel, I’ve told you a thousand times, you’re not my pimp! I do who I want, when I want…

- You big fat slut! I’m going to teach you a lesson, said Daniel who wanted to approach her.

- Easy, said Terry standing in front of her, she said she was independent!...

- You white horn, get away from here, if you don’t want to finish bad… it’s very imprudent to come here with no weapon…

- Who said I wasn’t armed?

- A white horn like you knows how to shoot?

- Yes, but the white horn has people who take care of that… Arnold?

The driver who was in front of the limousine opened his blazer and showed the gun he was carrying. Daniel left when he saw the gun…

- I’ll get you Candy…, He’s not going to be there to save you all the time…

- Don’t you dare approach her anymore! Said Terry with a threatening tone, otherwise, you’d have to answer to me!

He took Candy’s hand and they went inside the limousine, and they left.

- I’m sorry, said Candy

- You don’t have very healthy acquaintances.

- I didn’t know Arnold was armed…

- He also got the role of bodyguard, we never know who you can fall on, on the streets of Los Angeles…a group of thugs…

- Or a hooker who is showing you directions, said Candy sadly.

- I don’t regret meeting you Candy…

- Really?

- Yes, really…

They looked at each other smiling. Once at the hotel, they played chess, but they especially spent the evening kissing in the bath and make love. They continued on the bed. For both of them, it wasn’t sex anymore, but it was love they were making and they were savouring every second to the maximum.


"You should be kissed, and often, and by someone who knows how." Rhett Butler, Gone with the wind

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Pretty Candy

Chapter 5

The next day, was the day before last. They were eating at the table having breakfast. Candy was wearing a bathrobe and her hair was help up in a loose pony tail on the top of her head.

- It’s my day before last, he said.

- I know, she said sadly.

- I loved what we had and I would like to see you again…

Candy looked at him surprised. He wanted to see her again? Strangely, instead of making her happy, it made her sad…

- Really? She said with a little smile.

- Yes, I would like to get you an apartment, a car and I would open accounts for you in all the boutiques you can dream of…

- And then what? You’re going to leave an envelope between two planes?

- It’s not going to be like that…

- Then how is it going to be?

- First of all, you won’t be in the street anymore…

- That’s just geography, she said leaving the table.

She walked to the balcony which doors were opened. Terry stood up to follow her.

- Candy, what do you want? What do you see happening between us?

“That you fall in love with me and marry me?” She said to herself in her head.

But she said out loud:

- I don’t know… when I was a little girl in my orphanage, when I was a bad girl, Miss Pony would lock me up in the attic, which happened a lot. So I would imagine that I was a princess locked in a tower by a mean queen and prince would come on his white horse to rescue me and after that we would get married and have lots of children… But I never imagined once that he would tell me: “Come with me, I’ll get you an apartment…”

Terry looked at her. He thought she would’ve jumped at the occasion, but Candy continued surprising him. The phone rang interrupting their conversation. He went to answer, it was Archie.

- Terry? MacGregor wants to see us, I think he’s giving up… he wants to meet us this after-noon…

- Tell him I don’t want to wait to this afternoon, tell him we’re going to meet him this morning…

- All right…

Terry hung up and walked to Candy who was still on the balcony.

- I have to go… and I would like to tell you that what I offered you is all I can do for the moment and it’s a big step for me.

- I know. It’s an exceptional offer for a girl like me.

- I’ve never treated you like a prostitute, he said.

And he walked away to leave the suite.

- You just did, whispered Candy sadly.

Candy didn’t know what to think. Should she follow Terry and become his paid mistress? While she was thinking about it, the suite phone rang, it was the reception: William.

- Miss Candy, there is someone here who wants to see you…

- Who? Asked Candy.

- She said her name is…

- Give me that phone, she heard, Candy, it’s me! Can you come downstairs? The sphincter police doesn’t want to let me pass!

- Sandra?

- Yes…

- I’ll be right there…

Candy shook her head laughing. Sandra was impossible when she wanted to. She got dressed. She put on a suit with shorts in linen; it was red with a white shirt. She took the envelope for Sandra and she went downstairs.

Sandra was at the reception having fun, blowing steam on the counter. An elderly couple was looking at her stunned. Sandra looked back at them saying:

- 50$ papy, and for 75$ you old lady can look…

The couple was flabbergasted; they opened their mouth and walked away. The receptionist was looking at her without saying a thing.

Candy arrived at the reception.

- Let’s get out of here, she told her friend.

- With pleasure, said Sandra.

They went to the bar of the hotel swimming pool. Since it was the morning, nobody was there. The sat down at a table.

- I heard you were looking for me, said Sandra.

- Since Tuesday, to give you the rent money…

- I was in hiding…

- If you had come to get the money, you wouldn’t have had to hide.

- So many things happened. Noni got beat up, Rachel got arrested, and it was a real mess! Thanks for the money, you’re saving my life! Candy, my God, you’re so beautiful! I’m afraid to hug you I’m going to wrinkle your suit! You’re beautiful when you’re clean.

- It’s easy to be clean when you have money…

- When is he leaving?

- Tomorrow…

- You’re keeping the clothes?

- Yes… Terry told me he wanted to see me again, but I said no…

- What? You said “no”? Said Sandra looking at her carefully, oh no!

- What? Said Candy.

- I know that sad look…

- You’re talking nonsense…

- You’re in love!

- No!

- Did you kiss him on the lips?

- Yes…

- You’re in love and you’ve kissed him on the lips! Haven’t you learn anything I taught you?

- Stop, I’m not an idiot… I’m not in love with him… I like him, that’s all…

- You like him? Like him? Well it’s not a looser this time around, he’s rich and respectable.

- And he’s going to break my heart… It’s not going to work…

- Come on, you don’t know that… I don’t know, you can have a house and live together and have horses… it could work out… It had happened …

- When did it happened, Sandra? For whom did it work? For that poor girl in the garbage?

- She was a junky…

- Then for whom?

- You want a name? You want me to give you a name?

- Yes…

- A name? Oh the pressure, said Sandra holding her temples.

- A name…

- I got it… Cindereffingrella!

Candy burst out laughing and Sandra too.


Meanwhile, Terry was on his way to the office and he saw a father and son playing and it made him think. What if Candy and him had a kid someday, or if they have a lot of children she was dreaming of? That wouldn’t be so bad… Everything seemed possible with Candy… He got in the building and went upstairs to the office. Mr. MacGregor was there with his grandson and other members of the board, so was Archie.

- Mr. MacGregor, you wanted to talk to Mr. Grandchester, we’re listening, said Archie.

- I would like to reconsider the offer you made me, but on one condition: I’m not worried for me but for the people, who work for me, said Mr. MacGregor.

- No problem, we’re going to take care of them, said Archie, ok, let’s look at our sale contract…

- Archie, said Terry lifting his hand

Archie stopped and looked at him stunned.

- Gentlemen, I would like to speak to Mr. MacGregor alone. Can you please leave us? Thank you.

- All right gentlemen, you heard the man. Please wait outside, said Archie.

The board member stood up to leave the room, except Archie and Tom.

- You too, Archie, said Terry.

- What do you mean? Asked Archie.

- I mean, I would like to speak to Mr. MacGregor alone.

- What? Why does he get to stay?! Said Archie showing Tom with his hand.

- Please Archie, please…, said Terry.

- I’ll be outside…

- Very well.

Mr. MacGregor told Tom with a sign to leave the room too, which he did with Archie. Terry was alone with Mr. MacGregor.

- Do you want a cup of coffee?

- Black please. Thank you.

Terry was standing by the table and there was a pot of fresh coffee and he poured some for the old man.

- Thank you, said the old man.

- Mr. MacGregor, my interest for your company has changed…

- What do you want now?

- I don’t want to buy it anymore to resale it and I don’t want someone else to do it either. But your company is still very vulnerable. And I find myself in a very unfamiliar situation: I want to help you.

- Why?

Terry continued talking to Mr. MacGregor. Archie was fuming outside the office very impatient. Terry had been thinking since he had dinner with Mr. MacGregor, despite the hippodrome incident with Candy, he was going to follow his heart, something he had never done before.

- Mr. MacGregor, I would like us to build ships together

- What about our construction contract?

- It’s not canceled… just a little delayed, I bluffed a little…

- You’re very good at that…, you should be an actor.

- Thank you very much, it’s my job, said Terry smiling, my mother is an actress, who knows if business doesn’t work anymore… We can leave the details for the others…

- It’s difficult for me to say without sounding condescending… I’m proud of you, he said putting his hand on his shoulder.

- Thank you, said Terry.

He liked the old man who now liked him back.

- It’s time to let the others come back.

Terry opened the door.

- Let’s continue the meeting, he told the others.

The others went back to the room and sat around the table.

- What’s going on? Asked Archie

- You go ahead Archie! Finish them off! Said Terry getting out of the room and closing the door.

He was able to hear Archie yell:

- Somebody’s going to tell me what the heck is going on here?

- Mr. Grandchester and I are going to build ships together, said Mr. MacGregor.

Archie was red of rage…


Terry got out of the building; his driver was waiting in front of the door.

- I’m going to walk a little Arnold, he said

Terry went to the park not too far and he walked on the grass, barefoot! He continued thinking about his life, how much it had changed in just a few days because he spent them with Candy…


Candy was in the suite packing her stuff, after she had left Sandra, when there was a knock on the door. She went to open and she found herself in front of Archie with his briefcase. She didn’t like him at all.

- Well well well, here we are again! Is Terry there?

- No, he’s not. I thought he was with you…

- No, he’s not with me; he’s definitely not with me!

He went inside the suite and he continued:

- When Terry was with me, he didn’t blow billion dollar contracts! So I think that Terry is with you, that’s what I think! Can I help myself? He said when he already poured the drink for himself.

- Yes, said Candy

Archie took his glass and gave it to Candy.

- No, thank you, said Candy.

- Let’s wait, said Archie sitting down on a stool by the bar.

Candy went to sit on the couch in the sitting room astride and she took a magazine and was looking at it.

- Terry will be home soon

Archie looked at her with a mocking tone and walked towards the sitting room.

- You know, this is not his house, it’s a hotel room and you’re not his little wifey, you’re a whore, he said, sitting next to her.

Candy arranged her legs and sat up right.

- You’re an excellent whore; maybe if I slept with you, I would care losing millions of dollars…

Candy was very uncomfortable. She put the magazine down on the table and pushed away from him. Archie continued talking.

- I have to say, that what you’re doing is important because at the moment I’m upset, I’m angry, he said putting his hands on Candy’s thigh.

Candy took his hand off.

- Maybe if bang you, I would feel better…

- Stop it! Don’t touch me! Said Candy freeing herself.

Archie tried to force himself on her, Candy scratched him and he got upset and slapped her. She fell on the floor and he went on top of her to force himself on her.

- Let go of me! Leave me alone! No!

Archie continued trying, when he was taken off Candy’s body all of a sudden by Terry who grabbed him by the collard and dragged him to the door. Archie was angry and he said:

- But Terry come on! She’s a whole!

Terry punched him and threw his briefcase in the hallway by the door which was still open. Archie stood up with blood on his nose.

- My nose, you broke my nose!

- Get out of here!

- What’s wrong with you? I gave you 10 y ears of my life!

- That’s bullshit! You like the kill! I’ve made you rich by making you do what you love the most. No, get lost! Get out of here!!!!

Archie finally got out and Terry closed the door. Terry went to get some ice in the freezer and he put it in a towel…

- Why are men who hit women hit them so hard, I feel like my eye was going to explode. Did you get a special course on how to do that?

Terry put the towel on Candy’s cheek.

- Ouch…

- Not all men hit women.

- I heard what you did with Mr. MacGregor.

- It was a business decision.

- It was the right decision.

- I felt good doing it…

He caressed her cheek for a few seconds. They looked at each other.

- I think that’s enough, I have to go…

- Yes, I saw that you’ve packed your stuff. Why are you going now?

- Terry, there’s always going to be someone who’s going to think they can treat me like the dandy…

- Who?

- Your lawyer…

- Oh…

- What are you going to do? Beat up everybody?

- That’s not why you’re leaving…

Candy stood up.

- You’ve made me an incredible offer. A few months ago, I would’ve thought it was great, but now, everything is different. You’ve changed that and we can’t go back… I want more…

- I know what you mean by wanting more, I’ve invented the concept, but the question is how much more?

- I want the fairy tale, the happy end…

- An impossible relationship, my special present is an impossible relationship…

Candy was sitting on the stairs. He went to sit next to her. He took his wallet and got the money out and gave it to her.

- Thank you, he said.

- You’re welcome, she said a little ashamed putting the money in the pocket of her jacket.

He took his business car out from his pocket.

- If you ever need something, like dental floss, anything…

- Thank you, said Candy smiling, I had a good time.

- Me too.

Candy stood up to go get her clothes. Terry stood up and walked towards her.

- You want me to call the bell boy?

- No, I’m fine, said Candy

She walked to the door and he followed her. He opened the door for her, then he closed it.

- Stay with me, for one more night, not because I pay you, but because you want to…

Candy looked at him. She would’ve stayed if he had offered her more, what she wanted, but… She had to change her life style, so…

- I can’t…

Terry looked at her sadly. He knew what she wanted, but…

- Good bye Candy.

- Good bye Terry. You give super great gifts…

She left the apartment and call the elevator. The bellboy took her clothes. She arrived in the lobby and the bellboy put her clothes on a cart and she was looking for William with her eyes and she saw him giving orders to his employees, as usual. She smiled and approached him.

- William?

- Miss Candy…

- I’m leaving and I wanted to say thank you and good bye.

- So, I suppose you’re not going with Mr. Grandchester to New York?

- Come on William, you and I live in the real world… fairy tales don’t exist…

William looked at her. She was so beautiful and her eyes reminded him those of his mother. Her job was over.

- Miss Candy, he said, do you have plans?

- You too understood that, after living like a princess, I couldn’t go back in the street…

He gave her his card.

- If you want a new start. I can help you, legally…

Candy looked at him surprised.

- Oh, thank you William, she said smiling, I could just take you on that.

- That’s all I’m waiting for, he said smiling, do you have transportation?

- I wanted to ask reception to get me a cab.

- I’m going to ask Arnold to drive you… Arnold!?

Arnold arrived.

- Yes, sir…?

- Would you please take Miss Candy where ever she wants?

- Very well, sir.

Candy hugged William.

- Thank you so much for your help, William.

- You’re welcome, Miss Candy. It was a pleasure. Good luck.

- Thank you.

- Don’t hesitate to come and visit us.

- Keep on being cool.

Candy left with Arnold who took her luggage and he got out to look for the limousine and Candy followed him. In the limousine, she was thinking about Terry, her lost love, a client unlike any other who had taken her to the summit of climax. She wanted that love for the rest of her life…She arrived at her apartment and Arnold helped her with her luggage.

- Thank Arnold.

- Thank you, Miss Candy.

- Thank you…

The apartment was empty. Sandra was probably getting high somewhere before going to work… Candy spent the night thinking about Terry.

Sandra was there the next morning, while Candy was getting ready to leave; she had just arrived at dawn.

- So, you didn’t leave with him? Said Sandra

- It wouldn’t have worked

- Why?

- I want more…

- Oh Candy! Said Sandra hugging her.

- I can’t go back in the street…

- But why?

- I was a princess for a few days, I was Terry’s wife, and it might have been an illusion, but… I can’t go back on the street after that…

- Where are you going to go?

- I need a new start; I’m going to go to Chicago.

- The windy city? Your hair is going to be a mess all the time!

Candy burst out laughing.

- Come with me…

- And abandon all this? She said showing their apartment, don’t even think about it!

Candy put some money in her pocket.

- What’s this?

- A portion of the scholarship “Terry Grandchester”

- Thank you Candy…

- Think about leaving this life too. You can do so much better… it’s not this job that’s going to pay for your retirement…

- I’ll think about it… ok, I hate goodbyes.

She hugged Candy hard.

- Whoa! Said Candy smiling.

Sandra let go of her and ran away from there quickly.


Terry had spent a sleepless night thinking about the woman he had picked up on the street, literally. She had made his days better and his nights wonderful. Living with her during those few days was magical, wonderful and never in his life had a woman made him feel like that and he couldn’t live without her. He missed her during the day, he missed her during the night in that big bed, and the empty spot next to him was horrible… He remembered what she had told him:

“Pretty boy, I'm going to give you so much pleasure you won't want to let me go...”

He assured her that no, it was going to be for 1 week, he was going to pay her and he was going to let her go… Candy was driving him crazy!

He woke up in the morning after his sleepless night and he got ready to leave the hotel. He went downstairs to the reception to give the key back and the necklace in the hotel safe. He met William.

- Good morning. Do I have any messages?

- No, sir.

- Could you give this back to the jewelry shop?

- Of course. May I?

- Go ahead.

William opened the box and the emerald necklace was inside.

- It must be difficult to part with something so beautiful.

Terry didn’t reply. William looked at him. He seemed so miserable.

- You know, Arnold drove Miss Candy back home yesterday…

Terry didn’t reply.

- I’m going to make sure the jewelry store gets the necklace.

- Thank you, Mr. Andrew.

And Terry left; William couldn’t help feeling a certain melancholy coming from Terry.

In the limousine, Terry was thinking. He was going back to New York and he was going to find his empty house and cold with nobody to greet him in his huge big and cold bed. He had lived in paradise for 6 days and he never would’ve thought it would’ve been so good and so hard to leave behind. He needed Candy. Was he ready to do what she wanted? To be what she wanted him to be? She wanted more… How much would it cost him to give her what she wanted? If it meant seeing Candy every day and have her in his bed … he couldn’t live without Candy, so be it!

- Arnold, can you take me at Candy’s? But first we have to make a stop somewhere…

- Very well, sir…


Candy was at her apartment, ready to go to the bus station. She was going back to Chicago and she was going to get a new start from there. Candy was in a rush to be inside the bus so she could sleep, because she had spent the whole night thinking about Terry… She was eager to see Miss Pony and the others… She was almost at the door, when she heard the honking of a car and music playing loud, from the musical “Romeo & Juliet” “Aimer (Loving)”. She ran to the window: she saw the limousine and Terry standing by the ceiling opening with a bouquet of flowers. Candy smiled and got out of the balcony…

- Romeo? You came to get me? She asked.

Terry got out of the car with his bouquet of flowers and an umbrella he was using as a device to bring the ladders down. He climbed; Candy came down to meet him half way. He opened his arms and she ran into them.

- I told you, you wouldn’t be able to let me go, pretty boy…

- I love you Candy. Do you want to stay with me forever? You’ll have all the money you want. Will you marry me?

- I don’t want your money, all I want is you! I love you Terry. Yes, I’ll marry you!!!

He took a ring out of his pocket, it was an emerald surrounded by diamonds. He put it on her finger. He took her lips in a fierily kiss. The future seemed perfect for our lovebirds, as long as they’re going to be together and their love will put before anything else. Fairy tales also happened in real life.

The End


"You should be kissed, and often, and by someone who knows how." Rhett Butler, Gone with the wind

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