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> An unexpected feeling, A Terry/Patty story
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An Unexpected feeling

Chapter 16
“A second goodbye”

Back in Chicago, a cloud of sadness had fallen on the Andrew family. Getting the news that Alistair’s body had been found had renewed the wounds of grief in the family, that was trying to forget or rather leave with it pain. Having a funeral without a body had been a nightmare, but there was still a little hope that it wasn’t over… But to have the body present just put an end to that brittle hope. Everybody was sad at the manor. The funerals were arranged as fast as possible to close that painful chapter once and for all. They had sent a message to Patricia and gave her the date.

The latter, ever since she got the news had become like an automaton. She wasn’t doing anything; she would just stay in her room and spent her time crying.

Terry had let her grieve. He was trying to consoler her, as well as he could…He would what he had to do in a day, he really didn’t want to see her shedding those tears, because it hurt him, it hurt him a lot, because he loved her and she loved Alistair, who was dead! He couldn’t help thinking about the time in college when he was in love with Candy and she was still thinking about Anthony… who, in the end had come back from the dead and married her… At least with Alistair, there was no danger of him coming back, because a DNA test had proved that it was indeed his body, because they compared his DNA with his brother’s, it was indeed his body. New funerals was supposed to happen and this time, he will be there officially, not in hiding like the first time when the press took advantage to write nonsense on his relationship with Patricia. But now, she was his wife and he wanted to protect her against the medias, because he was sure that a reporter was going to have fun changing his article…

Terry and Patricia went to Chicago together in his private jet. Patricia’s belly was showing and Terry didn’t like seeing her so upset. When they got to the manor, which was still under the cloud of sadness, it was depressing. The reunion were sad and polite, Terry wanted to be near Patricia, but she stayed near Archibald’s and Alistair’s parents… Terry felt a little left aside Annie when to stay with him…

- Thanks Annie, you don’t need to do that…

- I don’t want you to feel neglected… I’m also one of the hostesses of this manor. I don’t want you to feel good

- Feel good for funeral?

- You know what I mean…

- I’m worried about my wife… the last time she started partying and sleeping around…

- The last time, you were not there…, and she’s having your baby, and you’re going to console her…

- She keeps crying over her dear Alistair whom she loved so much, said Terry dryly

- Terry, she has to say good bye to Alistair a second time

- I understand all that, but it looks like she doesn’t want me to be there for her!

Annie didn’t say anything. She looked at Terry…

- I’ll keep you company, ok?

- Thanks Annie…

Patricia was with the Cornwell family, who understood her pain.

- Patricia, said Archie, are you ok with the baby?

- The baby is fine…

- How is it with Terry?

- I… I don’t want to think about Terry, I’m thinking about Alistair!

- Patricia, you’re going to have Terry’s baby…

- For the moment, I don’t want to think about Terry… we’re going to burry Alistair a second time!

- All right, said Archie who saw that she was upset… he didn’t insist…

Patricia in her mind, was feeling so guilty… She was feeling guilty for having a baby with Terry, she felt guilty because she loved Terry, while Alistair was still in her heart… she had to bury him a second time… She was married to Terry, and married to Terry, she was ashamed in front of Alistair , even it was ridiculous, but that’s what it was…


Candy and her husband were sad and Anthony was consoling her…

- It’s really over, she said

- Yes…

- I had my miracle with you… I wished Patricia also had her miracle…

- You wish Alistair would come back? Said Anthony, what about Terry?

- Well Alistair is he first love, said Candy

- But she’s with Terry now, they’re going to have a baby together… if Alistair had come back, it would’ve been a dilemma for poor Patricia…

- You’d rather he’d be dead? Said Candy surprised

- No, but if he had come back, he would’ve found the woman he loves married to another man… I know how hard that is… all I had to do is imagine that I might have found you married to Terry and it rips my heart out…

Candy didn’t say anything…She was wishing Alistair had come back so that Terry wouldn’t be with Patricia? She was ashamed of her thinking… She saw Terry with Annie and Patricia with Alistair’s family… They were not close and she was glad, even if she was ashamed to think that… Terry and Patricia had the right to be happy, didn’t they?


They went to the cemetery where there was a chapel for the funeral service…Terry decided to go sit next to his wife, who didn’t protest. She felt good with Terry next to her… with Alistair’s family and William…Patricia refused to say any words, since she was now another man’s wife and Terry was relieved…

During the little reception at the manor, Annie approached Patricia who was looking out the window in the dining room.

- Are you ok sweetie?

- What do you think?

- This time it’s for good…

- It’s not less sad…

- Why are you neglecting your husband?

- What?

- You’re neglecting Terry…

- He complained to you?

- I have eyes…

- I wanted to support the Cornwells…

- I understand, what prevented you from taking Terry with you?

- Isn’t it a little weird? I was almost their daughter in law…?

- Emphasise on “almost”… You’re married now, you have a new man in your life…

Patricia didn’t answer…

- You’re feeling guilty? Guessed Annie

- Well…

- Their son is dead. You have the right to continue living your life and you’ve got a wonderful man in Terry…

- You don’t need to tell me that…

- So what’s going on?

- I love Alistair, I still love him…

- And you’ll always love him, Patricia

- Terry…

- Yes…

Annie looked at her friend, she was right!

- Oh, you’re starting to love him?

- I love Alistair, finding his body brought me back to reality…

- Reality? You‘ve got a husband… that you’re starting to love…

- No! I love Alistair and I will always love him!

She walked away and Annie let her go… She shook her head… Patty and Terry were in love, she was sure of it, they just couldn’t communicate…


The return to Chicago happened in silence and Patricia pretended to be sleeping to avoid talking to Terry. The latter had seen her game and didn’t say anything. He wanted to let time to grieve…Once they were back at their apartment in New York, she spent a lot of time with Sean, still avoiding her husband who kept going out anyways…

When the movie “Ben-Hur” premiered Terry went alone, like a big boy. His wife didn’t feel like seeing people. Terry was disappointed, but he understood…He wanted her to come with him, he loved that she encourages him in his work, she was the one who encouraged him to make the changes to the movie script … and she encouraged him to take the role… but he understood that she needed a little space… She had taken het maternity leave, so she could rest and cry her eyes out…


The award season had started and the movie “Ben-Hur”, like it was predicted, was nominated for lots of them… The day of the Oscar nominations, they were up early in the morning and Patricia had made the ultimate effort to get up early and listen to it… Terry’s movie “Ben-Hur” got a lot of nominations like the former one from 1959, 12 in total! Terry got two nominations; for best actor and best screen play. But his other movie “Hamlet” also got some nominations for the actors, the decoration, costumes… In fact Terry was also nominated and his mother Eleonor Baker too. They were screaming of joy, both of them and they were jumping of joy and they were dancing.

- Congratulations Terry! She said kissing him on the mouth.

Terry who missed his wife and was craving her kisses, kissed her back with passion, he couldn’t stop but when he wanted to take her clothes off… she got stiff and he stopped… She was happy for her husband, but she wasn’t ready …

- I’m sorry Terry, she said sadly

- It’s ok, said Terry leaving the room

Patricia had tears in her eyes… If Terry goes elsewhere, it will be her fault! She went to the room they preparing for the baby to cry alone.

Terry who went for a walk in the park was trying to calm himself down… Ever since Patricia was grieving Alistair for the second time, whom she loved so much… He had to be patient with her, very patient… the last time, she was partying all night and he put a stop to that, in a kind of weird way… Everything that had happened with the biggest chance, he wanted to saver her from a gang bang and he found himself in bed with her… And she got pregnant, well there was a reason for everything… He had lost Candy, he had lost Susanna and he had met Patricia by chance, his friend and a member of his group of friends, whom he knew before the others, because they were in school together before they met the others… and a friendship, that friendship he had for her had become a feeling of love a very strong love, that he was now feeling for his wife! When they were younger, he never would’ve thought that he would be Patricia’s husband one day and that he would love her so much… Alistair, he had been one of his best friend, he never fought with him like with his brother, but knew he had a thing for Candy too…

He remembered a conversation between the Cornwell brothers when they were in Scotland. It was after another fight with the dandy… Alistair was talking to his brother…

- When are you going to stop those fights bro?

- The son of a duke gets on my nerves!

- You mean the attention Candy is giving him is getting on your nerves…

- You’ve noticed?

- It’s so obvious, it’s not even funny!

- First there was Anthony, he was our brother and it didn’t bother me…

- But to see her with Terry…

- Don’t tell me it’s not doing anything to you…!

- I look, but I don’t touch and I don’t show it…

- You’ve always been the wisest of us two…

- “when you don’t have what you love

- … you have to love what you have…”It’s a good thing our ladies get along well…

- I didn’t say I didn’t love Patty…

- You’re right, I love Annie… but if I had a chance with Candy…

- Stop dreaming bro! Come back on earth and leave Terry alone!

Terry knew there was a reason he liked Alistair! He had walked away… he had saved Candy from Neil Reagan and his buddies who wanted to abuse her… And William like her too, so Candy had lots of choices in her adoptive family… but her flower boy had come back from the dead and she was with him now and he had married Susanna, he had done his duty.
Destiny and its whims…


Time passed and it was the famous Oscar night… Terry had send invitations to Patricia’s parents, without forgetting her grandma Martha. Terry had also sent invitations for the whole gang, at least to his friends… Neil and Eliza were not part of it… Patricia was in a good mood, she talked to him…

- It’s free, isn’t it, Terry?

- So what?

- Well, you could send them some…

- They’re mean…

- You don’t pay evil with evil Terry… we want good karma on our side, don’t we?

- All right, he finally said, since you’re asking me…

That’s how Neil and Eliza got invitations for the Oscar night and for the parties afterwards…

- Thank you Terry, said Patricia smiling

- You’re nice Patricia, after the way Eliza treated you…

Patricia smiled. For Oscar night, she wanted to be there for her husband and celebrate with him in case he won or console him if he loses. Annie was right, Alistair was dead and Terry was alive and he needed her for this ceremony, so she was going to be there for him…

So they went to Los Angeles with little Sean who didn’t want to miss his daddy’s special night. They took a hotel room. They got ready for the evening which in fact started around 5 pm Los Angeles time…

Patricia with her big belly, was wearing a dark green dress from a big designer which didn’t show her belly too much. They got out of the limousine in front of all the reporters photographers and television cameras. On the red carpet, Terry answered a few questions on his movie and on his expectations for the evening. Patricia and Sean were next to him. Terry was happy that his wife was there to support him for his special night… They got inside and they went to their seats. Terry and his family were sitting in the front row…

Terry’s friend has places a little higher, but not too far, Terry was able to get places not too far from the scene, so they could see the show closer. Patricia’s parents and her grandma were also there. They all greeted them warmly.

- Thank you for coming, said Terry smiling

- Terry! Said Annie jumping to his neck, congratulations! We should thank you for this incredible opportunity! I’ve never seen so many celebrities in my life in one day!

- Congratulations Terry, said Archie sincerely

- Terry, said Candy smiling, congratulations! You version of the movie is now my favourite!

- Thank you Annie, Archie, Candy…

- My greatest congratulations, said Anthony smiling and shaking his hand warmly.

- Hello everybody! Said Patricia smiling

- You’re not too tired? Asked Candy

- I’m fine, I couldn’t miss my husband’s big night, said Patricia smiling

- Sean! Said Candy smiling

- Where’s Rosemary? He asked Candy

- Well she stayed in Chicago…

- I wanted to see her…

- Her too, but the evening is going to start ad then you’ll probably be sleepy, explain Candy

- And I wouldn’t be able to play with her… all right, said Sean

Neil and Eliza approached Terry.

- Thank you Terry! Said Eliza hugging him.

- Yes and congratulations, said Neil shaking his hand.

Patricia said hello to her parents and her grandmother. They were all very well dressed.

- Patty, said her grandmother, you’re sure you’re fine with the baby?

- I’m fine grandma, if he decides to come, well Terry is here with me and everything it going to be fine…

- All right, said her mother kissing her, don’t push it.

- All right mum.

- Terrence, said his father in law, congratulations and good luck!

- Yes, good luck, said Patty’s mother and grandmother.

- Thank you ,said Terry, thank you all for coming! And have fun!... Let’s go back to our places Patty, Sean…

- See you later guys, said Patty following her husband and Sean…

When they got to their place, they found Eleonor Baker in all her splendour, who came to support her son and who was nominated herself... She was wearing a beautiful red designer dress which looked very beautiful on her.

- Oh, there you are! She said kissing them

- Hi mum, said Terry

- Patricia, how’s Junior?

- He’s fine mum, said Patty

- My little Sean, she said carrying him to kiss his cheek

- You’re very beautiful grandma, said Sean

- Thank you darling! She said hugging him.

The ceremony started and like every Oscar nights, it lasted for a very long time… Terry was able to see his movie win a lot of Oscars… He was ecstatic, he said to himself if he didn’t win… No, he wanted the best actor’s Oscar more than anything!

The Oscar for best screen play was at towards the end and he finally went on stage with his team who had worked on the script with him… He kissed his wife before going on stage. When it was his turn to talk with co-winner, he said:

- I like to thank God without whom none of this would be possible. And I thank my wife Patricia who encouraged me to work on the script so I could made it what it became,,,

Patricia smiled. Terry continued his speech and he finished it and the audience was clapping. He went back to his place, with the little golden statue and gave it to Patricia.

- Can I touch an Oscar?

- Yes! Hi Oscar! Said Patty laughing,look Sean!

- Can I play with it daddy? Asked Sean

- No, it’s not a toy, said his grandmother, mine is in a glass closet and nobody touches it…

Then it was the time for best actress, Eleonor Baker, who had already won, managed to beat her fellow actressed and won! Se kissed Terry, Patricia and Sean…

- Thank you do much!! It’s a great honour to be on this stage even if it’s even better the second time!

(The audience laughs)

- This role was very important for me, it gave me the opportunity to work with my very talented son and working with him everyday was a treat! I love you baby!

She was talking of course about the fact that she had rejected Terry and this role allowed them to relive it in a way. Of course the public didn’t know that, but Terry and his wife knew.

Eleonor continue her speech,thank her crew, producers her agent, her son, her family… She also talked to her fellow co-actresses:

- I was very honoured to have been in the same category as these talented actresses! You can do it girls, just persevere!

The audience clapped hard and Eleonor left the scene with her little golden statue.

Then the came Terry’s most awaited moment, the Oscar for best actor… Everybody held their breath… the present was the best actress winner from the year before, Lynda Maire who was blond and who was wearing a pink fushcia dress which looked like a second skin on her…

- The nominees for best actor in a lead role are: Victor Alexis for “The trials of life”. Terrence Grandchester for “Hamlet”, Jarvis Mac for “The big blow”, Terrence Grandchester for “Ben Hur” and Leo Zane for “The moringa tree”.

Every time she would say the title of the movie, they would show a shot of it with the actor’s performance. When she finished she said:

- And the Oscar goes to…

She opened the envelope, read it to announce:

- Terrence Grandchester for “Ben-Hur”.

Terry turned to his wife first and kissed her on the lips before he stood up. He kissed his mum and his son on the cheek and went on stage for the second time… the audience was clapping hard… he went on stage, took his Oscar, kissed the actress on the cheek smiling. When the applause stopped… He was the first actor to have a double nomination for best actor in the same category!

- Thank you! I would like to thank my lord and saviour Jesus Christ without whom, none of this would’ve been possible. I would like to thank my mother for giving me the actor’s genes, my son who brings me joy every day… Robert Hathaway for thinking about me for this great role…

He thank a bunch of other people, his team, the other actors and in the end he said:

- And finally and not the least, I would like to thank my wife, my darling Patricia who encourage me to accept this very big role without whom, I wouldn’t be on this stand at this moment… Thank you, my darling, said Terry smiling. I love you with all my heart… This is for you! He raised his Oscar…

He had said that with so much love. Everybody had felt his love for his wife… Patricia couldn’t believe her ears1 Terry was really a very good actor, he definitely deserve that Oscar he’s just won’t! She was smiling because she knew all the cameras were on her and the whole world was looking at her… She was clapping her hands with everybody… “Ben Hur” also won best picture… Terry went back on stage for the third time with the whole team this time… The ceremony was over.

All the actors, producers, guests, everybody went their way to go to different parties… Terry gave an interview before leaving with his friends for the party his mother was giving for the occasion…A lot of celebrities also went there… Terry spent a lot of time with his movie crew and the actors, but he would go also spend some time with his friends and fans… Sean was very sleepy and they send him to the hotel which had a baby sitting service.

Candy had watched the scene like in a dream. Terry in love with Patricia! Life was full of surprises… She had loved Terry and she will always love him, but their lives had taken different paths. Now, he was in love with Patricia, he had just said it in front of the whole world… Patricia, she had to convince her of the sincerity of Terry’s feelings. They had the right to be happy… Anthony was right… Alistair was gone and life goes on… A very curious combination of factors had reunited Terry and Patricia; they were now building a family… She loved them both and she wanted them to be happy and she was going to help them the best way she could. Patricia was her best friend and Terry too… so when she saw Patricia walk towards the washroom, she stood up to follow her.

- Patty! Wait for me!

- Are you having fun Candy?

- Yes, thank you of inviting us and all these presents

- We received baskets of gifts that came with the nominations… it’s just wonderful! That’s probably why the loser never cry in public!

The two friends burst out laughing. The music was lower in the washroom compare to the room where the party was… the two friends continued talking…

- Patty?

- Yes?

- Terry said in front of the whole world that he loved you…

- He’s a very good actor, said Patty

Candy was right, she needed to convince her.

- You don’t believe him?

- Terry doesn’t love me Candy, he loves you. So stop making fun of me!

- I’m not making fun of you, Patty, and I’m telling you that I know Terry, he loves you Patricia. He wasn’t acting…

- He can’t love me! He married me for the baby only… he’s in love with you.

- Terry and I, it’s ancient history, Patty… I’m happy with Anthony… you have a new chance at happiness, don’t let it pass…

- Alistair, I love Alistair…

Candy looked at her with fondness, she understood… Patty felt guilty!

- Patricia, if you love Terry, it doesn’t me you don’t love Alistair anymore…

Patricia didn’t say anything.

- Alistair is dead, Terry is alive…If you love him, tell him and live happy… Alistair would want you to be happy.

- With Terry?

- If he makes you happy, why not?

- It’s not going to bother you?

- No… I’m happily married. I’ve turned my page with Terry… He needs to be loved and you can give him that love… you’re going to have a baby together…

- Ever since they found Alistair’s body and the funeral, I’ve pushed him away…

- Survival’s guilt? Alistair would want you to be happy, he loved you…

- Terry wanted to be there for me and I pushed him away… I’m surprised to see he’s still here… it’s probably for the baby…

- I’m sure he loves your baby, but the man that was on stage tonight accepting an Oscar, for best actor, was in love with you! And believe me, I know Terry and I know when he’s sincere… He’s still there, because he knew you had to get over your grief… He gave you some space, he’s patient, he loves you.

- Oh Candy, said Patty, who’s heart was beating hard…

She hugged her friend. Candy was happy for her and Terry. She didn’t feel guilty anymore. Candy had just freed her for a weigh!

- Thank you Candy, thank you for you too

- You felt guilty for me too, didn’t you? Don’t be anymore. Be happy with Terry and make him happy.

- Thank you for everything Candy. I ‘m sorry if I hurt you…

- Forgive me for my little picks… I love you Patty!

- I love you Candy!

They laughed together. The other people present were looking at them funny. Patty let go of Candy and went to one of the empty washroom and Candy took another. Candy got out and se waited for Patty to come out too… she got ready when she saw she was talking a long time…

- Are you ok Patty? She asked

- Euh I got a pink thingy in my underwear, Candy

- That’s you mucus top! Said Candy, Junior is on the way…

- But not right away, right

- Well, are you having contractions?

- How are the contractions?

- Like the period pain…

- Oh… lightly

- Let’s go tell Terry…

- It’s his celebration night for his movie…

- And he’s going to celebrate with Junior! Said Candy smiling

- But…

- Patricia, the baby and you pass before his movie, believe me! Let’s go!
There were a lot of people at the reception, full of actors, but as an actor’s wife, Patricia was used to seeing some and she was not impressed.

Neil and Eliza took advantage to the fullest, they had quickies in the washrooms… Patricia’s parents and her grandmother were also looking at the celebrities with fascination. They were walking aroung taking selfies with them.

Anthony, Archie and Annie were looking at the celebrities very closely and copared their images from real life and from the movies or television. They were also asking for autographs and taking selfies with them…

There was a big table, which was full of food and drinks at their disposition and they would come and go.

There were also presents on the table for the guests. The music was loud… the two friends sat down

- You’re going to tell Terry? Asked Candy

- All right, said Patty, where is he?

- Terry? Asked Annie who was sitting at the table, he’s over there with the reporters, do you need him?

- Yes, said Patty.

- I can go and get him for you, offered Annie

Patty looked at Candy who nodded with her head.

- No, I’ll go, said Patty.

She stood up and she walked to where her husband was with other actors, producers… He smiled when he saw her.

- Honey? He asked, are you all right Patty?

The way he pronounced her short name by pronouncing the “T” and not “D” like the Americans do, she loved that a lot… Her heart got filled with love for him again… Talking to Candy who made her understand that she wasn’t betraying Alistair in anyway by loving Terry…

Terry walked towards her to meet her half way.

- I think I just lost my mucus top…

- Oh… oh!! We have to go to the hospital!

- Looks like our baby is going to be born in Los Angeles…

- On Oscar night! This evening is not done getting better! Let’s go to the hospital!

- It’s not too early?

- Better too early than too late!

- The contractions are still weak…

- The hospital can give you something to speed the process…

- I don’t want drugs… I was a natural accelant…

Terry looked at her. He knew what she was talking about… and he smiled. Finally? How long has it been? He turned to his group:

- I have to go guys, my wife needs me, see you later.

- Bye Terry! Said his group

They walked together to their table where their friends and family were.

- Is everything all right? Asked Candy

- Yes, said Patty, I’m tired and Terry is taking me back to the hotel

- You guys stay, eat, drink and have fun as much as you want! Said Terry before he left with his wife.

- Have fun! Said Candy smiling.

- Bye! Said Annie.

The Grandchester couple left the party discreetly to go back to the hotel where they had a suite. When they passed near his mother, Terry told her they were leaving.

- Already?

- Yes, Patty is tired…

- Of course sweetie, said Eleonor

- Can you let my parents and my grandmother know?

- Of course. Have fun!

- Mum, we’re going to bed…

- After you won an Oscar? You’re putting me on! You way too happy to sleep, baby! Have fun!

Patty and Terry looked at each other smiling. They continued their way. They went back to the hotel and they passed by the babysitting service to make sure Sean was fine. They left him there, because they were going to go to the hospital later in the morning. They left a message so that Eleonor would come and pick him up the next day. Then they wen to their suite.

- You’re sure the baby will be fine? Asked Terry

- Terry, it’s even recommended by some doctors to accelerate the labour… and your mother is right, I’m way too happy for your Oscar, your Oscars… congratulations!

- Thank you and I’m very happy too… I’ve missed you my darling, he said taking her lips/

She kissed him back… they were going to talk later, for the moment, they had a baby that needed to be born and they were getting it on to accelerate the contractions, the sperm being a natural accelerant for the contractions…


"You should be kissed, and often, and by someone who knows how." Rhett Butler, Gone with the wind

Countdown until the birth of my grandbaby!

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An Unexpected feeling

Chapter 17
“The end of a thing is better than its beginning”

Patricia had forgotten how good it was to make love with her husband… Oh my God, she loved him so much! He was so loving,so tender… Was candy wright? Was Terry really in love with her? WHydidnt he tell her? Why say it in front o f the whole world? He probably wanted to make a spectacle of himself and look good, to show the whole world that he was perfect! It was a performance, for the whole world! Terry wasn’t in love with her! Why was she thinking bout that at that moment? She had to take advantage of her husband before thecontractions get too strong… They fell asleep, fully satisfied of one another… until the contractions got stronger and woke up Patricia…

- Terry…

- Yes, you want some more my darling? He asked with a sleepy voice?

- No, silly, the contractions got stronger…

- So what?

- So we have to go to the hospital…

- What? He said like he just realised what she had just said

- I’m going to go get ready, said Patricia going to the bathroom

- Are you sure you're fine?

- And certain! She said smiling

She got in the bathroom walking slowly,,, she got out ten minutes later and Terry replaced her and got out five minutes later… Patty had her bag ready to go…

- You were prepared? Asked Terry

- Yes, life is unpredictable…

- You’re perfect, he said smiling at her, let’s go.

He took the bag she had prepared and she took he rpurse and they left the suite to go to the hospital. Once in the hospital, he was taken in charge by the nurses and she had a private room… she changed and Terry took wearing the protection gowns for the birth. When she was install, she took her cellphone to call Candy and Annie…

- Patty? Said Candy, you’re still there?

- I’m still here, said Patty

- What were you doing all night?

- Screwing?

- You’re kidding! Said Candy burst out laughing

- Do I look like I’m kidding? Said Patty

- That was must accelerate the labour...

- That was the point…

- Oh… was it good?

- What do you think?

- All right...ok, we’re on our way, here’s Annie

- Hello sweetie? Are you all right?

- For the moment, I can take it

- You’re not there yet, I can assure you that it becomes unbearable!

- Annie, stop scaring me…

- You’ll see soon enough… We’re on our way. How’s Terry?

- He;s fine, he;s dozing off on the armchair

- What? Wake up up!

- But we haven’t stlept all night! We were screwing

- Too much information! So what? You’re going to do all the labour work alone? Wake your husband up!

- All right. I’m waiting for you!

Patricia hug up and woke Terry up.

- Hey Juda Ben-Hur, wake up!

- What? Is it time? Said Terry startled

- No, but you’re not sleeping while I;m awake, either we both sleep or we both don’t! We both spent thenight making each other feel good…

Terry smiled. Her friends had probably told her to wake him up… it wasn’t a problem, he was going to stay awayke waiting for the baby to come…

- I’m going ot call my mother, he said taking his cellphone

- All right, my parents

- Hello mum1 Said Terry, you’re still asleep?

- Terry I just closed my eyes! What’s wrong

- We’re at the hospital…

- What? She said all alert,which hospital?

- Mount Sinai Hospital…

- I’m on my way!

- Can you pick up my inlaws on your way?

- All right!

Patricia called her grandmother

- I’m at the hospital, grandma

- Patricia! Since last night?

- No, since this morning, we just got here…

- You celebrated too much last night and it accelerated the labour!

- Grandma! Said Patricia

- That would be a “yes” ! I’m taking your parents and I’m coming

- Eleonor Baker is coming to pick you up and bring you here

- So see you soon, my darling…

The doctor arrived to examine Patricia. He had access to her file in New York by computer.

- You’re at 5 cm, you dilatation is going fine… did you make love before you came? He asked just like that.

- Yes, said Patricia blushing

- That’s very good, it accelerates the contractions, you wouldn’t want your labour to last too long would you?

- Of course not…

- Everything is going fine, he said looking at the labour progress on the machines Patty was hooked up to, anyway I’m happy to have the best actor Oscar winner the next day of his win… I loved the move by the way, you’re as good as Charlton Heston!

- You’re making me too much honor doctor, said a modest Terry, but thank you very much. I took the role thank s to my wife…

- Yes, you mentioned that in your speech…

- I didn’t want to take the role, I didn’t agree with the changes they had made… Patricia told m e to see if I could rearrange it before I say yes… and it helps to be a popular actor, I was able to convince them and I took the role.

- So we owe this new beautiful version to you? Said the doctor looking at Patricia who was having a contraction.
She just smiled… the doctor continued talking to Terry.

- Can you tell me what they wanted to do with the changes?

- Well the got rid of the whole Rome episode…

- How? What was supposed to happen to him during the attack on the galley?

- He was supposed to wash ashore in Israel or somewhere and go back to Jesusalem.

- Where they were looking for him? It doesn’t make much sense; it’s when he came back as a Roman citizen that Messala was intimidated…I understand your unwilling ness,it would’ve been a fiasco!

Terry burst out laughing… he looked a Patricia and he took her hand which she held strong.

- It’s going to be fine honey, he said…

When the contraction passed, he kissed her on the lips… The doctor looked at them smiling

- I see that you’re in good hands with your husband. I’ll come back to see you later…

And he got out of the room.

- I’d like to share your pain.

- I don’t think so Terry, said Patty

- Well God did say “and in pain you will give birth.“

- And we know that God always keep his word…

He kissed her again. Their friends and family arrived and they found them in that position.

- Last night’s euphoria is not over yet? Asked Eleonor

- Let them enjoy before it gets painful, said grandma Martha.

- Yes,said Annie,let them take advantage.

- Oh stop scaring you her! Said Candy nicely, can I examine you , Patty?

- Of course Candy,said Patty smiling

Candy examined her while she was continued talking to the others.

- So Terry, said Anthony, you were busy after you left the party with your beloved.

- What do you mean? Asked Terry innocently

- That we’ve all had children and we know what to do to accelerate things! Said the dandy

Terry burst out laughing with everybody and Patricia was bright as red, again!

- Terry, you should’ve brought your Oscar, we wanted to see it, said Archie

- It’s in my bag, said Patricia

- What? Said Archie

- Well Terry gave it to me… so I put it in my bag…

Terry went to get the bag and opened it to get the little golden statue out… he gave it to Archie…

- It’s heavier than I thought, he said smiling

- That’s what everybody says, and that what I thought when I won mine, said Eleonor…

- Right! Said Archie, we have the great Eleonor Baker, the academy award winner here with us!

He was fascinated…

- Mother and son academy award winners! Said Anthony, congratulations!

- Maybe the next generation is going to follow into your footsteps, said Candy smiling.

- Three generations of actors! Said Annie smiling, that’s wonderful!

- Congratulations Terry, said Anthony and also for Hamlet... the prince of Denmark…

- Then you played the prince of Hur, which one you like best? Asked Annie

- Well the princeof Hur was a different role,and it allowed me to travel on a lot of different sites for shooting… I like both roles, Shakespeare will always be my first love… But playing Ben-Hur was a unique experience!

- You must be even richer, said the dandy, with the money from Hamlet and Ben Hur, you’ll be safe for life if you invest your money wisely…

- You’ve got any tips for a good investment, Archie?

- Our company has the best investors and the best financial advisers, you know…

Archie looked at Patty and he said:

- By the way Patty, Alistair left you something…

- Really? Said Patty distracted

- Yes, a nice little chunk of money…

- Oh, I don’t need money Archie.

- The abundance of goods doesn’t hurt, said Archie smiling, think about it.

- For the moment, I really don’t want to think about it, you know… I’m just having a baby! She said louder

- I’m sorry sweetie, we’ll talk about it later… it’s inappropriate…

- You’re not the only one to say inappropriate things, Archie…

Patty’s parents and her grandmother arrived and they got in the room which was now full. But Pattywas starting to get irritated… Terry was looking at her,he approached the bed…

- Are you ok my darling? He asked

- I’m having a baby! How do you think I am?!

Terry looked at the machines hooked to his wife. There was one measuring the intensity of the contractions, she was having one…

- Breathe honey, said Terry, breathe! And was doing the gesture with his mouth blowing.
Patricia was sulking, but the Lamaze classes were the last thing on her min and she didn’t want to think about it…

- Patty, said Annie, you go ahead I swear you’ll feel a little relieved…

- A little…

- It’s better than nothing, said Candy, blow Patty…

- It’s going to be fine, my darling, said her grandmother

- Thank you grandma, thank you for being here, mom… dad

- That’s normal, said her mother smiling

- I’m going to go sit in the hallway, said her father kissing her on the forehead

- All right daddy…

- I’ll go with your father

- I’m going to go in the hallway too, said her grandmother, I won’t be far my darling… if you need me, you yell, I’ll come running!

Patricia tried to laugh despite a contraction she was having…

Annie and Annie were doing like Terry and they started blowing to encourage the future mummy…Patricia was trying to blow and she felt a little relieved… She stopped when the contraction stopped and she a little painless moment.

- Thanks girls, said Terry smiling

And he turned to Patricia…

- Are you feeling better my darling? He asked

- For a few seconds, she said dryly

- You want something? Cold water? Ice chips? Asked Terry

- No, she said coldly

They continued like that until the contraction were every three minutes… Patricia was so irritating, Terry couldn’t take it anymore…

- Are finally going to tell me what I did?

- While I’m giving birth? She asked.

- Let’s just put all the cards on the table, you want everything to go fine, right?

- I hate you Terry!

He was a little surprised, then he said to himself it was probably the pain…

- You got me in this situation!

- It takes two to tango, said Terry

- You had your pleasure and you didn’t care about me! You still don’t care about me!

- I care about you and you know it!

- How would I know it? She spat

- I dedicated my Oscar to you, I gave it to you…

Patricia closed her eyes, she was blowing to relieve herself… when the contraction was over…

- You’re talking about the declaration you did in front of the whole world? That was for me?

- Of course? Who did you think I was talking about? He asked surprised

- I thought you would’ve made you declaration in private… I wish I was alone when I heard it… I didn’t know if you were serious or if you were making a show… to make you look good…

- Oh my God, Patricia! I was sincere!

- You should’ve told me in private!

- I wanted to do it…

- Really ? Why didn’t you do it?

- It was the day you got the news that Alistair’s body was found…

- Oh…

She made a grimace and she started blowing, for a moment… When the contraction passed…

- Do you want an epidural? Asked Terry

- No, it has consequences in the future, I might suffer back pain…

- You always think too much, my darling, but you’re right…

- Terry…

- Yes…

- I also wanted to talk to you that evening, when I got the news that upset everything…

- What do you mean?

A contraction arrived and she squeezed Terry’s hand…

- I wanted to tell you that… I… love …you, she said between two blowing…

Terry looked at her surprised, his heart was filling up with love and joy.

- I beg your pardon, said Terry a little stunned

- You’ve heard me… Richard!

- My Adeline, come again…, said Terry imperturbable.

Another contraction, a strong one had started… Patricia had to make the ultimate effort.

- I LOVE…YOU!!!!! She yelled.

Terry smiled and the others had remained silent, listening to them, they started laughing. The doctor arrived, followed by a nurse… the doctor examined her.

- You’re completely dilated Mrs. Grandchester, are you ready to push?

- I…don’t know, she said breathless

She took Terry’s hand who was looking at her. He kissed her on the lips.

- You can do it, my darling, I love you… let’s do this…

Patricia pushed, once, she screamed, squeezed her husband’s hand and pushed for a second time and finally she did it, the third time by screaming loud… the cry of a big baby was heard and their friends clapped their hands and screamed of joy!!!!

- It’s a boy! Said Terry moved, oh, he’s perfect!

He cut the umbilical cord. The doctor took care of Patricia… The nurse took the baby to clean him up and put him a diaper. She put a brassiere on him, she wrapped him on a flannel sheet and he gave him to his mother…

- Let me introduce you to your don, said the nurse

- Hello you! Said Patty smiling, look at those cheeks! And those beautiful brown hair!

Terry approached her…

- Look daddy, look at this little wonder! She said smiling with tears o joy in her eyes

- Hello you! Said Terry taking the baby

Candy went to tell Patty’s parents and grandmother who were in the waiting room.

- It’s a boy! Said Candy

- Whoa! Said the grandmother happy

- Let’s go see our grandson, said her mother

- Let’s go, said Mr. O’Brien

The parents went to the room to see their grandson.

- Oh Patricia! Said her mother smiling, he’s so beautiful!

Terry approached them and gave the baby to grandma Martha. She knew she was very close to Patty, more than her parents… The old woman was crying of joy, her great grandson!

- Now I can die in peace, I saw the next generation…

- Shut up grandma, said Patty, I still need you!

- How are you going to name him ? Asked Mrs. O’Brien

Terry approached the grandmother who was carrying the baby.

- Thank you for this little wonder! He told Patricia, Sean is going to be hapy to have a little brother… right Alistair?

Patricia was surprised, she opened her big eyes.

- Oh, said Mrs. O’Brien.

- Terry, he’s your son… you don’t have to, tried Patricia

- Yes, he was my friend too… and you were calling him that from the start… let’s honour our friend…

- Alistair Richard Grandchester…, said Patty smiling

- Richard? Said Terry smiling, my father is going to be happy, Adeline…

Patricia smiled, just when she thought she couldn’t love him more… Terry approached her and Patricia pulled him towards her and kissed him on the lips.

- Thank you Terry, I love you, she said

- You’re very welcome, my darling, I love you, he replied

- Thank you Patricia, thank you terry, said Archie moved to tears.

- Yes, said William, who was talking for the first time, thank you very much.

Candy and Annie went to kiss Patricia to congratulate her.

- Welcome to the mommy’s club! said Annie smiling

- And it’s not over, now it’s the sleepless night…

- I’m sure Terry is going to hire a nanny, said Candy smiling

- I eager to spend time with my baby, said Patty smiling

- Let’s let the new mommy rest a little, said Williem

- Yes,let’s let them rest, said Candy to the others, let’s gon and have lunch…

- Yes, we’ve been here for hours, said Archie

He went to kiss Patricia.

- Congratulations sweetie and thank you again for the name!

- Thank you Archie, she said moved

- Yes, said William, thank you for the name and congratulations Patricia

- Yes, Patricia, said Anthony, that’s a beautiful baby, congratulations and thank you for the name!

- Thank you and you’re welcome!

Their friends got out of the room to go and have lunch and shop for baby present. Patricia’s parents got out to go baby shopping…

- We’ll come back tonight, all right? Said Patty’s mom

- All right, said Terry, we’re going to rest

- Yes said Eleonor winking at him, after the night you had…

- See you later mum, said Terry, go see Sean and bring him so he could see his little brother.

- Poor sweetie, he must think we’ve abandoned him! But I went to see him to explain to him that mummy was going to have the baby… he ‘s crazed with joy

- I can’t way to see him!

- I’m going to take him to buy something for the baby… see you later!

Patricia was already asleep. A nurse arrived to examined her and change her. Terry put the baby in the litte hospital crib next to his mummy. When the nurse left, he went to lie down on the bed with his wife and they both fell asleep. The nurse took the baby to take him to the nursery and she was going to feed him while mummy and daddy were sleeping…

Their families and friends came back the arms full of presents and they celebrated the birth of the baby in joy and love…
Eleonor had come back with little Sean who was eager to see his little brother!

- He’s so tiny! Said Sean smiling

- But he’s going to grow up fast to play with you!

- I can’t wait to to play with my little brother, thank you mummy, thank you daddy for my little brother! I bought him a red truck, a fire truck,… it makes noise!

- For the moment, the baby only thinks about sleeping to grow up

- All right , said Sean

- Thank you Sean, for the present, said Patricia, come and see the baby.

- What’s his name? Alistair?

Patricia looked at him surprised…

- How do you know that?

- You always said that name when you talked to him when he was still in your belly, Sean explained

- Oh, said Patty smiling, yes, his name is Alistair.

Patricia was carrying the baby and Trry put Sean next to his mummy. He kissed Alistair on the forehead.

- Hello Alistair,I’m Sean, I’m your big brother! And I can’t wait for you to grow up to play with you! I love you little brother!
Everybody was moved and smiling to the beautiful scene. A lot pictures were taken to commemorate that day… Reporters had also come to tape and let the world know that the Oscar winner for best actor, had just won another little guy, he had a double Oscar and a new son.


Terry and his family went back to New York and their friend went back to Chicago.
Eleonor had called the duke who had seen the news on television and he took the plane to see his grandson. He could’ve come to the Oscars, but he had other engagements.

Eleonor did a baby shower for the baby and their Chicago friends, The duke of course, had opened a trust fund for his new grandson.

- He doesn’t need all that money dad!

- I know but, I’m still giving it to him… abundance of goods doesn’t harm…

- It’s useless arguing with him, said Eleonor smiling.

Patricia’s father was able to do business with the duke; he didn’t have the opportunity to come to the wedding.

Patricia stopped working to raise her children. She wanted to take advantage of their early years. Her parents had sent her to boarding school and she never really knew a family life with her parents, Her grandmother would often come to see her in boarding school… that’s why she got so close to her. So she wasn’t going to do the same thing to her children… She was raising the children and when she could she would go with Terry on his movie sets around the world… She would also go see her friends in Chicago and little Sean didn’t forget about Rosemary, they would ofter talk on the phone. Archie’s attitude towards Terry had changed after the birth of the baby to whom Terry had given his brother’s name; Alistair. The baby had brought peace; he was a real angel of peace.

Sean was happy to have a little brother who looked a lot like him. He would come to play with him and would talk to him like he understood what he was saying…

Patricia and Terry were looking at them smiling…

- Honey?

- Yes my love, said Patricia

- You said you loved me, why did you reject me?

- Because I felt guilty… I’m sorry

- I understand, Apology accepted.

- And when you did your declaration at the Oscars, I didn’t know what to think… I thought you were acting… after all, you’re an actor…

- I wouldn’t have act like that Patty...

- Candy is the one who told me you were sincere

- Really?

- Yes, she knows you more than anybody else, she recognised your sincerity…

- Well, my darling, you’re learning to know me and soon you’ll know me better than anybody else… the woman of my life and the mother of my children.., I love you!

- I love you my love… My God, if they had told me that a few years ago… life is really full of surprises!

- “The end of a thing is better than its beginning” Eccl 8:8

- You can say that again! Said Patty laughing…

- “The end of a thing is better than its beginning”

They burst out laughing.

- Did I ever thanked you from saving me from that gang bang?...

- You were not that grateful when you woke up un my arms…

- You put me in your bed…

- It was your fault, you jumped on me…

- You could’ve resisted…

- I’m only a human being after all…

- It started another chapter of our lives… I love you Terry

- I love you Patricia…, he said taking her lips in a fierily kiss

- “The end of a thing is better than its beginning”… The Bible really has the answer to all the questions, said Terry when he let her go…

- It’s not he most read book of all times for nothing…

- Nobody can surpasses God!

- 1 To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven:
- 2 A time to be born, and a time to die; a time to plant, and a time to pluck up that which is planted;
- 3 A time to kill, and a time to heal; a time to break down, and a time to build up;
- 4 A time to weep, and a time to laugh; a time to mourn, and a time to dance;
- 5 A time to cast away stones, and a time to gather stones together; a time to embrace, and a time to refrain from embracing;
- 6 A time to get, and a time to lose; a time to keep, and a time to cast away;
- 7 A time to rend, and a time to sew; a time to keep silence, and a time to speak;
- 8 A time to love, and a time to hate; a time of war, and a time of peace.
Ecc 3;1-8

Life as a matter of fact, often reserves us surprises we were not expecting. Destiny has a lot of whims, when you think you understand, it goes and changes his way of doing… If you manage to recognise its hand, you can take what it’s giving you and you’ll have the chance to be happy, you just have to make the right choice… He always gives us a hand for our happiness…
God’s ways are not our ways…

Terry and Patricia had their whole lives in front of them, they were happy, life had given them lemon and they made lemonade.



"You should be kissed, and often, and by someone who knows how." Rhett Butler, Gone with the wind

Countdown until the birth of my grandbaby!

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