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> Diplomatically yours..., My hospital baby
post Nov 20 2006, 09:30 PM
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I know I have so many fics online and in progress. This one I started writing on paper in July when I was bored on my hospital bed. It was due then when I got out, but I was too lazy to put in on my computer laugh2.gif fryingpan.gif fryingpan.gif fryingpan.gif

I finally got aroud to do it and what I thought was my chapter 1, turn out to be actually 2 chapters! laugh2.gif

So here is chapter 1 of my "hospital baby". Enjoy! grouphug.gif


You're welcome to read Chapters 1 & 2 of her fanfic here: http://candyterry.com/fanfictions/diplomat1.html


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post Nov 20 2006, 09:35 PM
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Diplomatically yours…

Being the daughter of a diplomat, this is what most of us dreamed of… Enjoy!

Chapter 1
“Miss Gloomy Day”

It was another rainy day in London. The weather in that city was somehow peculiar; it could be good all week , but you have to be prepare for one day of rain, and that seemed to be falling on every single Thursday. The school year was over at Oxford and Cambridge and the students were glad to be free for a few weeks. Some of them were starting their internship right away, some of them will take advantage of the summer holidays and have fun before falling in the cruel reality.

Parents have come from all over the country to see their children graduate. The ceremony went on fine so did the speeches the little reception. A young woman was smiling with her parents and taking pictures.

- I'm so proud of you, said her father

- Thanks daddy, she said

- Now you can work and be your own boss with your money… maybe you’ll spend it wisely, said her mother.

- Come on mum, I’m not a big spender compared to the others… she said

- I know honey, said her mum, I’m so proud of you!

- Thanks mum. My friends and I are going to celebrate…

- We have a plane to catch tomorrow… said her dad.

- I know I’ll be coming in a week’s time, she said, thank you so much for coming.

- We wouldn’t have missed it for the world! Said her mum

They hugged, kissed, took more pictures, then she went to party with her friends. Her parents left; they had to get ready for the trip the next day.

- Candy, come on! Said one of the male friends, let’s go

Candice- Bianca Grey, had long blond hair, freckles on her nose, beautiful emerald eyes and a smile that could light up a gloomy day.

- I'm coming! Said Candy, bye mum, bye dad!

- Bye baby, said her parents.

She kissed them again and she left with her friends. She had a marvellous time celebrating and while her friends brought guys back with them to spend the night, she was alone in her room on the bed, thinking about her family and how excited she was to see them soon. She heard her friends moaning with their guys, she just smiled.

“Well they are enjoying life… why can’t I just do the same?” she asked herself

But it wasn’t in her. She was the good girl; she didn’t sleep around, she didn’t have one night stands, she barely even dated! Maybe she was a hopeless romantic, but in a way she was waiting for the perfect man. Her friends used to tease her about that.

- Candy, you need to live a little…!

- By having one night stands? Thanks but no thanks and I am living and breathing and in good health…

- You know what I mean, once you get married that’s it!

- So I should have fun now even though I don’t feel like it?

- Well, you have to want it.

- Well I don’t want it said Candy smiling

- You’re impossible, you know that?

- This is democracy isn’t it? I'm free to do whatever I want …

- Don’t you go political on me

- I can’t help it said candy, its in my blood…

- You can say that again!

- I can’t help it, repeated Candy, it’s in my blood

- Oh you!! Said her friend

They burst out laughing.

In the morning, Candy woke up and she got ready, she was making breakfast in the kitchen she shared with her two roomies. She saw a tall guy with long blond hair, shirtless just wearing boxers.

- Hey luv! He said smiling

- Good morning, said Candy

- Where did a beautiful flower like you pop up from?

- From my mum…

- Right! You’re the girl who was blowing everyone off last night! Now I remember! You’re much prettier during the daylight.

- So I'm ugly at night?

- That’s not what I meant

- Then what did you mean?

- You’re complicated, you know that? I’m trying to give you a compliment here…

- By telling me I was ugly the night before?

- I give up! I'm glad I went for your friend, I would’ve gotten zilch with you!

- Try less than zilch…

Candy poured herself some cereals and some milk, then she sat down to eat. The guy went to the cupboard, took a mug and he poured himself some fresh coffee Candy had just made. He made some toast and he was eating in silence. Ann, Candy’s friend arrived…

- Hey sweetie, you’ve made yourself some toasts…Are you talking to Candy? Asked Ann

- To “Miss gloomy day”? No thanks, she brings people down

- Just pretend I’m not even here, said Candy coldly

- Did I miss something? Said Ann

- There was nothing to miss, said Candy, I’ll be in my room.

She took her cereal bowl and she went to her room. She left Ann and her friend alone. She hated the awkwardness of the morning after… She wasn’t the one doing the one night stand, but most of the time, her friends guys would try to get her into bed in the morning, so she had adopted the “ Miss Gloomy Day” attitude to push them away. Her friends knew what she was doing and they loved her for it. Candy would never hurt them like that, even with a one night stand…

Candy was in her room watching television. She let her friends the time to get rid of their dates. Then she would come out.

- So girls, she said, did you have fun last night?

- It was fabulous! Said Ann you should try it…

- Yeah, you should! Said Pat

- I think I’ll take you word for it, said Candy, you guys are ready to go?

- Yes, said Ann, London here we come!

The three friends spent some times in London shopping sight seeing they went to see all the tourist attractions, took pictures and they had a lot of fun. They also went out at night, restaurants, dancing, having fun… Then came the time for Candy to leave… Her friends took her to Heathrow

- We’re going to miss you Candy said Ann

- Call us! Said Pat

- I’m going to miss you too, I’ll call you, I’ll email you, said Candy

- Well I know is no use to say this, but have a little fun!

- Fun? You’re kidding right? The diplomatic world?

- What? Diplomats have kids…

- They might be too young for me…

- What about the diplomats?

- They might be married…

- “Might”? So there might also be single men then…

- The single ones are mostly the lower ranks one, or the local employees like, drivers, cooks…

- Right! It wouldn’t be nice for the ambassador’s daughter to date the driver, too complicated…You have to aim high…a lower rank diplomat is going to go higher over the years…like you in fact…that would be perfect! But you can aim higher…

- I’m just saying that I don’t think I’m going to do anything… I have to behave myself. My father is the Ambassador…and dating the driver or the cook... they will feel intimidated...but if it happens, so be it!

- Well, you’re “Miss goody two shoes”, no danger of you misbehaving; you’re the perfect girl!

- I’m not perfect, said Candy but thanks

- You’re flying first class! Classy!

- Cool, isn’t it? Said Candy smiling, bye girls! Thank you for coming with me all the way here!

- Come on! Said Pat, you’re our friend! Have a good time! I hope you come back to us!

- Girls, school is over, said Candy, I’ll have to look for work in my own country now…

- Right! Well, we’ll be in touch, right? Said Ann

- Of course! Said Candy smiling, bye…

- Bye Candy

She kissed her friends and she took the long hallway to the boarding door at London’s Heathrow’s airport. After all the formalities, she got on the plane; British Airways, first class. She had the window seat and she was looking out the window as the plane was turning and speeding on the runway and finally took off… Candy was sitting next to a young woman who looked barely older than her. She was very elegant.

- Hello, she said, you’re going to Romania too?

- Yes, said Candy, you too?

- Yes. I’m the wife of the Colombian Ambassador…

- I’m the daughter of the Australian Ambassador…

- Georgie’s daughter?

- Yes…

- Pleased to meet you…

- I’m please to meet you too, Mrs…

- Cabrera, you can call me Cecilia

- All right Cecilia… my name is Candy

- Hi Candy…

- You look so young…

- I am young. I didn’t know Georgie was old enough to have a daughter like you…

- She does look very young, doesn’t she?

- Yes, she does. She’s a very nice woman. You sound nice too…

- You don’t know me…

- If you take after your mother, you’re very nice

- You practically don’t have an accent in English

- That’s because I’ve bee all over the place with my husband, and English seems to be the universal language in Embassies

- That’s the Anglo-Saxons way, said Candy, they expect everybody to learn their language, like it’s just normal

- Do you speak any other languages?

- I was born when my parents were living in Madrid, so I have the lovely middle name of “Bianca”. Candice Bianca is my full given name. They thought giving me a name that sounded latino would be a cool thing…

- Muy bonita! Habas espanol?

- Si…

They spoke in Spanish for a while, then they went back to English.

- The language skills is a very good think to have…, said Cecilia

- The only thing is, it feels so normal in embassies, said Candy

- We actually take it for granted…

- Yes…

- When people hear me talk at first, they’re not sure where I’m from… They hear me in French, English, Italian, Spanish, Romanian…

- That can be confusing indeed…

- I was a flight attendant when I first met my husband in first class… we hit it off right away and we…

- That’s too much information…

- You are so prude, just like your mother…, said Cecilia smiling

Candy smiled.

- You’re very beautiful. I hope you find a nice diplomat to marry you

- I’m going to be a diplomat myself, I just graduated from Oxford in Political Sciences

- Oh wow! You’re going to go to Australia to work?

- Yes… being the daughter of a diplomat, it’s almost guaranteed we have a position available…

- Good, then you’re definitely going to marry into diplomacy

- I just need an understanding man, who’s not going to be intimidated by my job

- Who better to understand you than a diplomat himself? Believe me, it’s gong to be easier

- Well let’s see what happens,,,

- You’re not engaged? You’re so pretty…

- I was concentrating on my studies

- You like to do it one at the time; studies first, love later…

- Something like that…

They continued talking, swapping embassies stories. They stood up together to go the washroom. Cecilia was in front of her, someone else stood up and was now in front of Candy. There was a message from the commander saying that they were going through some rough zone and turbulence might occur, to fasten their seatbelt and those standing those who were standing should get back to their seats as soon as possible. The plane started to move and shake hard. The passengers standing had to grab on to something. Candy tried to hang on but it was too late and she fell on the lap or another first class passenger. She all of a sudden, felt warm and the very nice smell of a men’s perfume.

“Dakkar Noir, she said to herself, I just love that scent”

It was like she had her head on the man’s chest and she closed her eyes for a second smelling the nice scent. Her arms were on his shoulders around his neck…

He was on the plane listening to the commander’s announcement, so he had just fastened his seat belt, he wanted to take his book in his bag to read, when this young woman just fell on his lap. He could smell the fruity scent of her beautiful long blond wavy hair, as well as her perfume…

“Paris, by Yves Saint-Laurent, I love that scent”, he said in his head

For a moment there, the young girl didn’t seem to want to move, he felt good with her in his arms. She had freckles on her nose…

- Oh! Said the young girls, I’m so sorry

- Make yourself at home, don’t mind me! Continue enjoying my body

Candy was outraged.

- How dare you?

- How dare I what? You are enjoying being on me

- There was turbulence, the plane moved, I lost my balance and I fell on your lap!

- You don’t seem to be in a hurry to leave…

- What?

She was a little ashamed, because she was indeed enjoying being in his arms, but never in millions years, would she admit it to that pretentious lout! She wanted to stand, but he somehow held her back.

- Not so fast! He said, what do you say?

Candy looked at him surprised. The other passengers were looking at them smiling. She wanted to say something mean, but she was in public…

- Thank you for catching me! She said between her teeth

- You’re welcome anytime, said the man smiling

- Never again! She whispered just for him, you’re a lout!

He had blue green eyes, long brown hair, a smile to die for, and he was wearing a white suit. They looked at each other… and there was a thunderbolt outside… and inside their hearts. He let go of her. She stood up and continued her way to the washroom. She finally went back to her seat when she was done.

- Hey said Cecilia, who was back in her seat too, what took you so long?

- I fell on some man’s lap during the turbulence…

- That must have been fun!

- He was a real lout!

- Oh… Well don’t worry you’ll meet very well behaved men in the diplomatic word…

- It’s so funny, I never thought of diplomats as potential dates…

- Yep! You’re growing up, you’re seeing things differently, Now that I have children… did I show you there pictures?

She showed her a picture of 3 little girls and a boy, they all had baby blond hair, they were so cute!

The plane finally arrived in Bucharest after 3 hours of flight. Candy got off with Cecilia in the V.I.P section. Candy’s parents were there too.

- It’s so good to see you! Said Candy hugging

- You too! said her sister Cassandra

- I see you’ve met Cecilia, said her mother

- Yes, we were seat buddies, she’s very nice, said Candy

- Yes she is, said her mother.

Cecilia was hugging and kissing her husband Luis Cabrera, the Columbian Ambassador. They approached Candy and her family.

- Hello Georgie, Laurent, said Cecilia.

- Hello Cecilia, Luis, said Georgie and Laurent

- Hi! Said Cassandra smiling

- Hello said the Columbian couple

- Honey this is Candy-Bianca, Georgie’s daughter who kept me company during the flight…

- Hello, he said smiling

Luis Diego Cabrera was a very attractive Hispanic man, he was tall tan and very handsome.

- Hello, said Candy Smiling.

- Thank you for keeping my wife company, she can’t stop talking…

Everybody burst out laughing. The driver, who was taking car of the formalities, came to say that everything was fine, and everybody went back home. Candy and Cassandra couldn’t stop talking in the car. They arrived and the whole family was waiting for them. They were hugs, kisses, laughs. Dinner was great everybody was happy. Then the children were in Candy’s room talking and laughing until late at night. Aside from Cassandra, there was Shamar Lee a boy, there was Alinoah a girl, Willy a boy, Seiyar another boy, Bijou, the baby girl. The younger ones went to bed and Candy went to tuck them in and read them stories. Cassandra was with her and spent the night in her room even though she had her own room.

- So, how does it feel to be a diplomat? Asked Cassandra

- It hasn’t quite sunk in yet, said Candy, until I go to Canberra and start working

- Well, take advantage of your summer holidays

- I will rest and rest! No more books for a long while!

- And having fun is part of your plans too?

- What do you call having fun?

- Guys, men!

- Cassie!

- Come on Bianca! You were the perfect daughter, straight ! Student, you finished school, the best of you class… now you CAN have a little fun!

- I’m not going to go looking for fun where everybody talks about everybody! When I go back to Australia…

- Yeah right! Said her sister, then you’re going to be married to your work!

- You can’t predict what’s going to happen to me… come what may!

- Well that’s more like it!

Then she started to sing:

♪♪We're all starting our summer holiday
no more working for a month or two.
Fun and laughter on our summer holiday,
no more worries for me or you,
for a month or two.

We're going where the sun shines brightly
we're going where the sea is blue.
we've all seen it on the movies,
now let's see if it's true.

Everybody has a summer holiday
doin' things they always wanted to
So we're going on a summer holiday,
to make our dreams come true
for me and you.
for me and you.♪♪

They burst out laughing and they talked all night. The next day they had a lot fun playing games, watching movies as a family and going for a ride. Candy took the car with all her brothers and sisters, and they went to Erastrau Park where they could have a barbecue and ride on boats, on the lake. They were very happy to have their big sister back.

- It’s so good to have you back Candy, said Alinoah

- It’s good to be back home, said Candy, with my family!

- Let’s go play dodge ball, said Cassandra

- I want to be with Candy, said Bijou

- Of course Bijou, said Candy hugging her

The whole family was blond, since both parents were blonds, Bijou was mini Candy, she looked exactly like her. Alinoah looked like Cassie. The boys, Shamar Lee, Willy and Seiyar, looked like their father and like each other. Candy looked at Shamar, the eldest boy.

- Hey Shamar, I know you’d rather be with your friends, than with us…, said Candy

- Bianca, you’re here, he said, I’m glad to spend the day with you and all these annoying siblings!

- Hey! Said the little ones, don’t mind us…!

They all hit him softly screaming, laughing, having fun. They played and played and they went back home just in time to get ready for dinner. Candy gave the little ones their baths and got them all dressed up for dinner.

- Why do we always have to dress up for dinner? Asked Bijou, nobody is coming

- Why I don’t know, you should ask daddy, said Candy

- I will…

- Well, Candy is here so we’re celebrating tonight, said Alinoah

- Right! Said Bijou laughing

Dinner was fun. Candy’s parents were glad to have her there for a few weeks until she leaves for Australia to start her new job, her brothers and sisters were ecstatic.

Candy was happy to rest and have fun, before going into the real world, all by herself without her family…
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Chapter 2
“The American Reception”

The summer holidays were going great. But her mother got news a few nights later; her brother had had a heart attack. She had to go to Australia…

- You want me to come with you honey? Asked her husband

- No honey, you have your work. You already took some time off to go to Candy’s graduation

- I’m still the boss, I can make arrangements

- No, it’s ok, really…

- Your brother doesn’t like me very much…

- He’s just very protective of me…

- “Protective”? Try in love!

- Honey…

- I’ve got a job, we travel all over the world… why would he be protective? You’ve got everything you’ve ever wanted, don’t you?

- Yes, I do… I’m with the guy I used to call “Blue like the sky” and I love you. Nothing is ever going to change that… now stop obsessing about my brother and make love to me…. I’m going to miss you…

He smiled, kissed her passionately and he took her to bed. He never got tired of her, he loved her so much. Georgie was adopted: that’s why her husband was talking like that about her brother. He had felt the hostility and the jealousy…

The next day they all took Georgie to the airport.

- Mum, said Candy, I can still come with you…

- No you’re on your summer holidays, and your father needs someone to go with him to receptions… it will be a good practice for you

- All right mum, said Candy, kiss uncle Abel , uncle Arthur and grandma for us

- I will…

She kissed her husband for a long time…

- I’m going to miss you, she said, I love you

- I love you. Come back to me fast, I’m going to miss you

She kissed her children. She was carrying Bijou

- Goodbye baby, be a nice girl. Candy is going to take care of you

- Yes mummy…bye mummy

She hugged her baby and kissed her again and gave her to Candy. She left and got on the plane. They all went back home. The Ambassador went to work. Candy was spending some quality time with brothers and sister. She had missed them so much during her studies. She loved being on vacation and waking up late.

One day, she got a phone call from her dad who was at the office.

- Babygirl?

- Yes, daddy? What can I do for you?

- Can you be ready in an hour? There’s a reception at the American Embassy

- Right! It’s the 4th of July… all right daddykins! I’ll be ready

- Thanks babygirl. I’ll see you in a bit

- See you later daddy

Candy got ready. She put on a very lovely purple dress with a hat for the sun. The reception was going to be in the garden. She put on some make up. Cassie came to see her later. Candy had shoes and a purse matching her dress and her hat.

- You look fine! Said Cassie

- Thank you

- I bet some people are going to confuse you with mum… you look so much like her…

- She doesn’t have the freckles, said Candy

- Can’t you just take a compliment? You look like mum, period!

- All right, sorry, said Candy smiling, I know

- You’re telling me? Have fun!

- Thanks. See you later

Candy went downstairs, then outside. The car, a black Mercedes, the Embassy’s official car, was waiting for her. The car took her to the Embassy to pick up her father. He arrived a few minutes later, and they left for the American Embassy’s Residence. The garden was very very big and the reception was actually a barbecue.

- An American style barbecue, said Candy, that’s perfect. I’m starving!

- You can go ahead Babygirl

- Do you want anything daddy?

- Don’t worry about me. I’ll manage

- Are you sure?

- Yes, thank you, honey

- All right! I’ll be right back

Candy went to get some food and she came back with two plates full, one for her and one for her father, who was talking to some of his fellow ambassadors. He looked at her smiling. He knew she was going to do that!

- Thank you honey, he said, this the Belgian Ambassador, Jacques Thieffry, this is my daughter, Candice-Bianca

- Pleased to meet you, said Candy

- The pleasure is all mine, said the Belgian Ambassador, you’re the spitting image of your mother

- She just graduated from Oxford in Political Sciences and International Relations, said her father

- Wow! So we have a future fellow diplomat, said the Belgian Ambassador

Candy burst out laughing. They were having almost the same conversation over and over during the reception. Candy’s eyes caught a familiar shape. What on earth was he doing there?

- Daddy, she said, do you know that guy over there?

Her father looked and said:

- That “guy” is the New British Ambassador…

- What? You’ve got to be kidding me!

The British Ambassador was walking towards them. So her father couldn’t ask why Candy reacted the way she did.

- Your Excellency, said the British Ambassador, it’s good to see you again…

- Your Excellency, said Laurent, likewise

- Is this beautiful woman your wife?

- No, this is my daughter, Candice-Bianca

He took Candy’s hand and kissed it.

- Miss Gray… Terrence Grandchester, the British Ambassador…

Candy couldn’t get her eyes off of him. The British Ambassador? She fell on the lap of the British Ambassador?

- I… , started Candy, euh… pleased to meet you

- When will we have the pleasure to meet your and your children? Said Laurent

- I’m still single, said Terrence

- Oh… are you at least engaged to be married?

- I haven’t found my soul mate yet…

He was looking at Candy while he was saying that.

- Well my Babygirl here is still single, said Laurent

- Daddy!

- She just graduated from Oxford in Political Science and International Relations …you two should talk. You must have a lot in common

- Really? Political Science? We have a lot in common indeed

Candy wasn’t smiling. She was looking at him with mean eyes.

- Excuse me Babygirl, I’ll be right back, said her father

He left her alone with Terrence. She wanted to leave. Her dad was playing Cupid…

- Miss Gray, wait, said Terrence

- What? What do you want? You want me to fall on your lap again?

- You have to admit, it was kind of fun

- You forcing me to say thank you wasn’t…

- I thought you were a well educated girl; the Australian Ambassador’s daughter!

- You were a lout!

- It took you long enough to react…were my arms and my chest that comfortable to you?

Candy blushed when she remembered , the scent she loved so much; “Drakkar Noir”. She was smelling it on him. He remembered smelling “Paris, by Yves St. Laurent” and he could still smell it.

- Don’t flatter yourself! The plane was moving and shaking. I was just waiting until it was stable to stand up again

- You don’t need to explain yourself to me. I was glad to have a beautiful woman fall on my lap like that. It doesn’t happen everyday!

- Really? His Excellency must have a lot of girls trying to seduce him…

- None of them were as beautiful as you or as charming…

Candy wanted to continue her “Miss Gloomy day” act. But something in this man stopped her dead on her tracks. They looked at each other; she was like frozen on the spot. She saw Cecilia and her husband from afar…

- I see someone I know, she said, excuse me Your Excellency

She left rather quickly without waiting for his answer. Cecilia was speaking in Spanish with her husband and another couple with their daughter, who was about Candy’s age. Cecilia smiled when she saw Candy

- Oh Candice-Bianca, she said in Spanish, hi! Let me introduce you to the Uruguayan Ambassador Eduardo Santos, his wife Pilar and their daughter Dora. This is Candice-Bianca Gray, the Australian’s Ambassador’s daughter

- Georgie’s daughter. Pleased to meet you, said Pilar Santos

- Pleased to meet you said Eduardo Santos smiling

- Pleased to meet you too, Your Excellency, Mrs. Santos, said Candy

- Where is your mother? Asked Mrs. Santos

- She had an emergency in her family, she had to go back to Australia, said Candy

- I’m so sorry to hear that! Give her my regards, said Mrs. Santos

- Mine too, said Eduardo Santos

- I will. Thank you , said Candy smiling

- You and Dorita should talk said Eduardo Santos, you must have a lot in common

- Yes, said Candy smiling, Dorita? Please to meet you…

- Pleased to meet you, Candice-Bianca, said Dora smiling, let’s go get more of those American hamburgers

- And hot dogs, they have brownies, corn on a cub, chicken…

Candy walked away with Dorita, they were speaking in Spanish.

- You speak the Castellan very well! Said Dorita

- I was born in Spain, said Candy

- Oh, that’s where the “Bianca” comes from

- Yes…

- I love it! It’s beautiful “Candice-Bianca”… still single? Engaged?

- Still single

- I bet your father is trying to set you up with all kind of single diplomats in town

- Tell me about it! He just left me alone with the new British Ambassador…

- The new British Ambassador is single? You’re kidding me!

- No…

- What does he look like? Is he old, maybe a widower? Middle age?

- No… He’s very handsome, he’s young and got the most gorgeous blue green eyes…

- Ok…, said Dorita, you like him. I guess I won’t be going after him…

- What? But…

- Candice-Bianca, the tone of your voice… you like him, I won’t be going after him! There’s a French diplomat who’s single. His name is Thomas Vauquier. I’ll go after him… and he speaks Spanish too!

Candy smiled. Dorita was great! They understood each other right away.

- There’s my French diplomat! Said Dorita, who’s the hunk next to him? He’s yummy!

Candy looked…

- That “hunk” would be the new British Ambassador…

- Wow! He’s drop dead gorgeous!!! Darn! You saw him first!

For some reason, Candy was glad Dorita spoke like that…

- I actually fell on his lap on the plane that was bringing us here

- You fell oh his lap? Whooa! You didn’t tell me you had physical contact with him! How was it?

- The first thing I noticed was the smell of his perfume; “Drakkar Noir”

- It does smell good

- Then the warmth of having his body against mine, I was lost for a second…

- I’d be lost forever!

They burst out laughing arrived at the two men’s level.

- Dorita! Said Thomas smiling

- Thomas, hi! Said Dorita

He was tall with dark hair and was very attractive in a nerdy kind of way.

- Who’s your friend? He asked

- This is Candice-Bianca, the Australian Ambassador’s daughter, Thomas Vauquier, first counsellor at the French Embassy

- Pleased to meet you! You look exactly like your mother, he said kissing her hand

- Pleased to meet you, said Candy and thank you

- This is Terrence Grandchester, the new British Ambassador, said Thomas to Dora, this is Dora Santo, the Uruguayan Ambassador’s daughter

- Pleased to meet you, Your Excellency, said Dora

- The pleasure is all mine Miss Santos, said Terrence kissing her hand

- You two already know each other, said Thomas to Candy and Terry, I saw you talking earlier

- We’ve met, said Terrence smiling

Candy didn’t want to smile but she was melting in front of him, so she smiled. They were looking at each other in the eyes. Dora and Thomas were looking at them. There was definitely a connection there!

- Miss Gray is a graduate in Political science and International relations, said Terrence she’s going to be a diplomat, like her father, like us…

- You can call me Candy, Your Excellency, said Candy

- And you can call me Terry, Candy he said smiling. I would like to know you better, would you mind if I call you for lunch sometimes?

- I won’t mind at all, said Candy smiling

She was surprised by her own enthusiasm. Dorita was smiling at her.

- Then it’s a date! Said Terry

Candy’s father approached them.

- Hello everybody! Baby girl, I want you to meet some people…

- All right dad, she said, Dorita, call me, Thomas, I’ll see you around… Terry… bye

- Ok, Candy, said Dorita

- Bye, said Thomas

- Good bye Candy, said Terry

She left holding her father’s arm. She was on cloud nine.

- So, said her father, did you hit it off with the young British Ambassador?

- Well, to tell you the truth, I’ve already met him before

- Oh…?

She told her father about the plane incident without the perfume and warmth details.

- That must’ve been an interesting meeting…

- I thought he was a lout…

- Well you should’ve said “thank you”…we thought you better than that!

- I would’ve said “thank you” if he hadn’t insinuated that I stayed on him on purpose, because I liked it…

- Were you?

- Was I what?

- Enjoying being in his arms?

- Yes, but that’s not the point! I was going to say thank you…

- And he asked you to say it…you still hate being told to do, what you're about to do…

- It was frustrating! He was a real lout! And everybody was looking at me! I hated him!

- And now?

- Well, he’s got beautiful eyes… blue…

- Not like the sky…

- No, that yours and mum’s… it’s blue green, kind of like the ocean…, she said smiling

- The ocean, said her father with a mocking tone

- Daddy, stop mocking me!

- Babygirl…you like him?

- I thought I would never see him again… I was thinking about him, but I thought it was because he made me mad…now seeing him again here, so charming…I’ve never felt this way before… It’s so sudden and so strange…

- So I was right, to leave you two alone?

- I never thought you would play matchmaker daddy…

- Babygirl, you’ve finish school, it’s time to marry you…

- Oh… can I at least choose the man I want?

- I would never force you to marry someone you don’t want, that was in the old days… this is the 21st century…

- You’re just hoping he’s rich and powerful…

- I just want what’s best for you Babygirl

- I know daddy. Thanks daddykins! I love you…

- I love you Babygirl…

He kissed her on the hair and they went on talking to another couple. It was an African couple from the republic democratic of Congo.

- Hello your Excellency, said Laurent, Henriette…

- Your Excellency, said the man

- Hello, Your Excellency, said Henriette

He was wearing a black suit and a white shirt, she was wearing the traditional African clothing made with a special cloth especially for Africans, very colourful, very beautiful.

- Babygirl, this is the Congolese Ambassador, Freddy Ngoi and his wife Henriette, this is my eldest daughter, Candice-Bianca

- Pleased to meet you, said Candy, Congo Kinshasa or Brazzaville?

- Please to meet you…Kinshasa, said Freddy smiling

- Pleased to meet you. I didn’t know Georgie had a daughter this old, said Henriette

- Yes, everybody is surprised, said Candy smiling, How do you like being in Romania?

- Well it’s not too new for my wife and I, said Freddy

- Why? Said Candy

- Because years ago, when we were teens, my father was a diplomat here, said Freddy

- And my father was the Ambassador here at the same time , said Henriette

- Really? Said Candy, that’s great! And did you fall in love back then?

- Well I’ve been in love with her since she was 11 years old, said Freddy

- What about you? Asked Candy to Henriette

- Well I loved him too; I just didn’t really know it or what to do about it…, said Henriette

- At 11 years old, I can imagine, said Laurent

- And when we got married and they send us here, it was like a dream, coming back as the diplomats this time instead of being the kids… so many memories… said Freddy smiling

- Yeah, girls memories! Said Henriette a little dryly

- Well, I was older than you honey, he said

- And you had more experience, thus more memories…

- But you were the only one I kept in my heart all these years, he said smiling

You could feel their love for each other. Candy smiled at them.

- What about you Candy, said Henriette, are you here on vacation?

- Yes, I finished school and I’m going to Australia to work as a diplomat, said Candy

- Like daddy, said Freddy smiling, you’ll see, it’s the best job in the world. I love that I followed my father’s footsteps…

- And I love following my mother’s footsteps, said Henriette, the Ambassador’s wife…it was like starting a job with a lot of experience…

They all burst out laughing.

- Well, I’m going to be the diplomat, said Candy, so…

- You’re not engaged? Said Henriette

- No…

- Well maybe Romania is going to be lucky for you too… I found my husband here, years ago…

- That’s amazing to marry your first love, childhood love, said Candy

- We’ll have to find you some single diplomats… there’s the French counsellor…

- There’s the new British Ambassador, said Freddy

Candy and her father looked at each other. Freddy saw that.

- You already met him? He asked

- Yes, said Candy

- And? Said Henriette

- He’s going to invite me for lunch one of these days, said Candy

- Wow! Said Henriette that’s great! He would be a perfect husband for you…

- Whooa! Husband? Said Candy, you’re going way too fast! He hasn’t invite me for lunch yet…

- Well since you’re going to be a diplomat, it’s better if you stay in the diplomatic world, less complicated…

- Right, said Candy…so when I go on a mission, he won’t be staying home and wait for me…that would be awkward for a man…since technically the diplomat’s spouse is not suppose to work, unless he’s a diplomat himself… Well, come what may! Said Candy smiling.

While they were talking, Candy would look around to see if she could see Terrence. They went talking to other people and some single guys… She would sometimes see him with women and she would feel a little twinge in her heart…

“Blue green, like the ocean”

He would look at her and see her talking to other people and he would feel a little twinge in his heart…

“Green as emerald, that’s the colour of her eyes”

Sometimes, their eyes would meet and they would just stare at each other for the longest time, until someone interrupts them.

She thought about the plane incident when she first arrived and was with her family, but she didn’t want to think about it, thinking she would never see him again…but life is full of surprises.


"You should be kissed, and often, and by someone who knows how." Rhett Butler, Gone with the wind

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Diplomatically yours

Chapter 3
“Growing feelings"

The reception at the American Embassy came to an end, unfortunately. Candy went back home with her father, not without one last look at the British Ambassador.

- You really like the guy, don’t you?

- I don’t know what you’re talking about daddykins…

- Come on Baby girl… not with me… I know you

- All right, I like him! But if you tell him that I said that, I’m going to kill you!!!

- All right, my lips are sealed.

- Good, she said smiling.

When they got home, Candy found her brothers and sister on their way to the Diplomatic Club. It was a place where there was a restaurant, a swimming pool, tennis courts, football field, mini golf court, a shop and so much more.

- You want to come with us?

- No, I think I’m going to rest a little , said Candy

- Ok, see you later then, said Cassie

The kids left. Candy went to take a nap, and all she could think about was the British Ambassador with blue-green eyes… She had the most wonderful dream.

* *

Terrence Graham Grandchester was his bedroom in his oversized mansion. It was the official residence; he couldn’t trade it for something smaller. He was very young and his political career was very promising. Lord Marlowe was his mentor and his daughter was expecting him to marry her some day. But in the mean time, she was keeping his bed warm…She was upset with him, when he refused to marry her when he became the British Ambassador in Romania. But Terry was sure she was going to come and visit him very soon… when she is done sulking. One of his colleagues told him if he wanted to, he could get a local girl to keep his bed warm in the meantime. Terry would’ve thought of that, if he hadn’t met the daughter of the Australian Ambassador when she fell on his lap on the plane. He’s still wondering what happened to him…why was this girl still in his head? Seeing her at the American Embassy’s barbecue was very nice. If she wasn’t with her father, he would’ve made a play for her… he wanted her so bad, it was hurting him. He was the British Ambassador, he was single and every body was expecting him to date… There were some women diplomats; there was that pretty young woman from Turkey, what was her name again? Oh yeah, Tuba… cute exotic name…

One of his colleagues, the Mexican Ambassador was also single, looking for a wife, so was the French Ambassador… The Spanish Ambassador was dating the Chargé d’affaires a.i. of Austria Inga Tilly… So she was already taken.

“It’s like a new trend to have single Ambassadors or something in this country?” He asked himself.

He was going to take a nap, and then he was going to read a little before dinner.

When he woke up from his nap, he got a phone call.

- Terry honey?

- Susanna… are you still upset with me…

- I still don’t understand why you couldn’t marry me! I wanted to be the Ambassadress!

- If you come, you’ll be the Ambassador’s fiancée…

- Fiancée implies that we could break up any time and I would be replaced…

- I’m still searching the waters Susanna, you know that…

- We’ve been together forever, and now you’re not sure you want to marry me? I’m what’s best for you for your career! You know that!

- I enjoy being with you, I’ve enjoyed sleeping with you…

- But you don’t want to marry me?

- I didn’t say that…I just want to be free for a little while

- Being an Ambassador and being single is so much fun right?

- Right!

- By golly! No one can accuse you of not being honest… and you’re a diplomat…

- I don’t need to use the diplomatic talk with you , Susanna…

- I bet the local girls over there are a dime a dozen!

- Maybe in the old days, but things have changed…

- Yeah right! Men and woman have been getting it on since the dawn of time… communism has nothing to do with promiscuity…

- Susanna…

- I love you Terry… Daddy said you might become Prime Minister some day… I want to be there when that happens. I’m very understanding…

- You mean, it won’t bother you, if I tell you now that I have a woman in my bed…?

- It will bother me, but I know that you’re a man and that you have certain needs…That I can’t fulfill since I’m here…

- That’s so nice of you…

- I want you to be at ease, to feel free to do whatever you want… just don’t forget at the end of the day… I’ll be waiting for you at home

- Susanna, I don’t feel like getting married yet… Ok? I have all the time in the world.

- Fine! But I’ll be waiting for you…

- Maybe you shouldn’t do that… live your life Susanna, like I’m going to live mine…You’re free Susanna, don’t wait for me…

- Terry, but…

- Good bye Susanna…

Terry hung up the phone.

“That woman is worst than glue!” He thought.

At the British Embassy, there was a Cultural Club for diplomats, they could watch movies, play games, buy drinks, talk among them. It was open every Wednesday nights. It was opened Saturday morning for children and teen.

Terry driver’s Mihai, would bring some local girls to him. Terry would watch television, and sometimes he would bed them, but it was just to pass time, nothing serious.

He was still thinking about Candy, but he had yet had to invite her for the lunch…

* *

Candy was spending her vacations with her little brothers and sisters and having a lot of fun.

It was Wednesday night and her father came to see her in her room.

- Hey baby girl!

- Hi daddy, how is it going?

- I’m great!

- You don’t miss mum too much?

- Of course I miss her…

- Women must be throwing themselves at you…now that you’re single temporarily

- Women always throw themselves at me baby girl…

- Really?

- Yes, really!

- Are you tempted sometimes

- No even for a nanosecond… I love your mother… those women are wasting their times… they should go after the single men…

- Like the British Ambassador…

- He hasn’t called for your date yet?

- No… but it’s not like I’ve been waiting by the phone for him to call…

- Well it’s his loss… come with me tonight…

- Where?

- The British Cultural Centre…

- Oh…

- The Ambassador won’t be there…well he’s never there anyway

- Maybe he entertains women, said Candy bitter

- Sorry I knew you liked him…

- Well, that’s life, you win some, you lose some…

- Cheer up! Come with me

- All right daddy, let’s go!

Candy got ready and she went with her father to the British Cultural Club.

* *

Terrence was at the window looking at different diplomats coming for Wednesday evening. He saw that Turkish diplomat, Tuba coming out of her personal car… maybe she came to see the movie… She was single, he was single… so why not go and try to make conversation?

He put on some jeans and a shirt and he went to the club, with the intention of buying a drink for the young Turkish diplomat. He arrived at the club and everybody greeted him. He saw Tuba sitting at the bar and he walked to her.

- Good evening…

- Your Excellency, said Tuba smiling

- May I offer you a drink?

- You may, she said smiling

They started talking…

* *

Candy and her father arrived at the British Cultural Club and they took a table. A waiter took their order and brought them their drink, Candy saw the British Ambassador at the bar…Her father followed her eyes…

- That’s a the Turkish first counsellor

- Really? She’s single?

- Yes, she is…

- Is she dating anyone?

- My Mexican colleague told me he was interested in her…

- Really, for a potential mistress?

- He’s single too…

- What is it with the diplomatic world here; nobody is getting married any more? Well looks like British colleague is interested in her too!

- They’re just talking…

- Intimate talking… you did say he doesn’t come to these shindig … he’s here tonight and he’s sweet talking the Turkish counsellor…I can bet you whatever you want, that they’re not talking about the weather…

- Baby girl, I’m sorry… if you want us to leave…

- No, it’s going to be fine…, said Candy smiling

Candy saw Thomas, the French diplomate, without her friend Dora. She walked to him.

- Candice-Bianca! Good evening!

- Hi Thomas, where’s Dora?

- We were supposed to meet here, but she wasn’t feeling too good tonight, we’ll meet tomorrow at our Cultural Club…

- Does every Embassy have a cultural Club?

- Only the ones who can afford it, said Thomas smiling

- Of course, said Candy

Thomas was looking around, he saw Terry.

- Well, I see the beloved British Ambassador is busy with Tuba

- That’s her name?

- Don’t worry, she’s into the Mexican Ambassador

- That’s what my father said…

- You still got your chance with him

- It’s not like I’m looking to score with him

- But you’d like to get his attention…

- You want to go buy a drink?

- Let’s go…, said Thomas smiling, you want to watch the movie?

- Why not? Said Candy smiling

They went to the bar to get their drinks and Candy didn’t even look in Terry’s direction. Thomas nodded his head greeting Terry… Candy ignored him. Terry felt rejected, and continued talking to Tuba, the Turkish diplomat.

- Who is that girl? Asked Tuba, I’ve never seen her before

- That’s the Australian Ambassador’s daughter…

- Right! She snubbed you…

- She did?

- Don’t play dumb with me! She said laughing, what’s going on?

- I kind of like her…

- So what’s the problem?

- Every time I think about her, my feelings for her are getting very violent

- And that’s a bad thing because…?

- I feel lost when I’m close to her… I have to stay away from her…

- So you’re hanging out with me, to make her jealous

- To show her that I have other things in my mind…

- Great! I finally get the attention of the British Ambassador, and he’s pretending to like me to make a teenager jealous!

- She’s older than she looks, she just graduated from Political Sciences in England

- So she’s a fellow diplomate too, she’s perfect for you…

- You could’ve been perfect…

- Yeah…only you don’t see me…you see her… I don’t need to tell you that avoiding a problem is not going to make it go away…

- I’m practically engaged to my mentor’s daughter… she considers herself already my wife…I don’t need any complications

- Your mentor…let me guess, he has tea with the Queen every week and he can boost your political career…?

- Yep!

- You don’t want to mess with his daughter…

- My political career is very important to me…

- But it’s not going to keep you warm at night…Terry, if you’re having those feelings for Georgie’s daughter, it means you’re not having them for your mentor’s daughter…You can’t stop looking at her…

As a matter of fact, he was looking at her with Thomas…He was jealous. But he couldn’t make a scene.

- What is she doing with that French diplomat? Asked Terry

- How did you meet?

Terry told her about the plane and the American reception…

- So you promised to call her for lunch, then you bailed! Not very good for an Ambassador…

- I know…I never thought I would run away from love… I’ve never felt this way before…

- Well, I’m glad you now know how we people in love feel…

- How’s Juan Carlos?

- He’s fine. He’ll be back tomorrow…

- I know, he asked me to keep an eye on you…

- So that’s what you’re doing? How dare you?

- You should be happy he’s looking out for you…

- He’s afraid of William…he doesn’t trust me

- You did have a thing with Andrew right?

- It’s all in the past…

- Just be happy he’s looking out for you…

- Don’t worry, I’ll deal with Juan Carlos… you go deal with your teenage wanabe girlfriend

Terry looked at her and smiled.

- Don’t you love the diplomatic world? You get Ambassadors as suitors! Said Tuba smiling

* *

Candy was with Thomas watching the movie and having fun, but Terry was on her mind the whole time. He was free to do whatever he wanted, as a single man and change woman every month if he wanted to, but it hurt so much to think about that.

Candy and her father went back home when the night was over. Before they left, she saw Terry and Tuba talking and laughing and going to Terry’s residence. Candy was heartbroken. She didn’t know it would hurt her so much. She put up a good face with her father, but when she got to her room, alone, she burst into tears for a while.

“Why am I crying? I don’t even know the guy? Is it possible it was love at first sight with him? This is ridiculous, I’m the smart one, who doesn’t do one night stands or fall for a guy after 10 seconds! This Ambassador is driving me nuts! I don’t know what to do” She thought

Candy finally fell asleep and stopped crying, but she had dreams of her and the Ambassador having a great time together, she felt good when she woke up.

* *

His Excellency Terrence Grandchester was in his bed with a local girl, calling out Candy’s name… He was “tired” the night before, so his local girl just slept in his bed, without even a kiss. When he started dreaming about Candy, he became “active” and the local girl thought she was going to get lucky after all, until Terry woke up when she started to touch him and just left the bed and the room.

He went to the bathroom to take a shower, a cold shower…

♪♪Girl I’m going out of my mind
And even though I don’t really know you
I guess I feel I’m running out of time
I’m waiting for the moment I can show you
And baby girl I want you to know
I’m watching you go, I’m watching you pass me by
Its real love, that you don’t know about
Baby I was there all alone
When you be doing things, I would watch you
I picture you and me all alone
I’m wishing you was someone I can talk to
I gotta get you out of my head
But baby girl I gotta see you once again
Its real love, that you don’t know about

That song was playing in his radio in his bathroom and Terry thought those lyrics were perfect for him.

“I need to be with Candy… but...” He thought

It was July 14th; there was a reception at the French Embassy for their national holiday.

“She’s probably going to be there with her father, but I wish she was my date… but asking her to be my date at this event… she’s going to snub me… I’m sure of it” He thought

But he still picked up the phone once he got to his office and called the Australian residence to speak to Candy. He heard a man’s voice with a strong Romanian accent.

- May I ask who is calling?

- It’s the British Ambassador, Terrence Grandchester

- Just a moment Your Excellency

A few moments later which seemed like an eternity, the same voice came back and said:

- I’m terribly sorry Yes Excellency, but Miss Candy is not available at the moment… may I take a message?

- No. Thank you…

Terry hung up the phone smiling. He just knew she was going to do that!

“I love this girl more by the minute!” He thought.

He was going to go to the French reception alone, of course, but he might not be alone for the next reception.

* *

Candy was in her room getting ready and talking to her sister when the butler came.

- Miss Candy, there’s a phone call for you

- My father? Said Candy smiling

- I believe he said he was the British Ambassador…

- What? Said Candy stunned

- He finally called! Said her sister Cassandra

- Too little, too late! Said Candy

- Candy!

- Tell him I’m not available…

- Candy! Don’t! Are you crazy?

- Maybe, but I’m snubbing him for now…

- You just want to look more appealing, not like someone ready to spread her legs on command…

- Cassie! Said Candy laughing

The two sisters were laughing. The butler went back you give Candy’s answer to the British Ambassador.

- I have to find something to wear for French Embassy’s reception, said Candy

- Right! Said Cassie, you’re going to see him today anyway… what if he has a date?

- He better not have a date, or I won’t speak to him, again!

- You’re impossible, you know that!

- Yes, I do! Said Candy laughing

- Maybe he wanted you as his date today

- Well too bad for him…he should’ve called like he promised he was going to do and invite me to lunch…

- Candy, you do know that this is the most eligible and youngest Ambassador here?

- Yes, I do…

- The French Ambassador is single, but he’s got grey hair…

- No, not grey hair!

- The Mexican looks a little younger, but… I think he’s “old” by my standard, going bald…

- You’re too funny! Said Candy laughing

- Terrence Grandchester is to die for!!!! Candy if you ruin your chances with him, you’re going to kick yourself for the rest of your life…

- Come what may! If it was meant to be… I have nothing to worry about

- Maybe, but don’t forget that sometimes destine needs a little push… Now let’s find you a pretty dress so you can seduce the British Ambassador!

They burst out laughing.

* *

Candy’s father looked at her amazed.

- Baby girl?

- Yes daddykins…?

- That’s not all for me, right?

- What are you talking about daddykins?

- You look stunning…

- Thank you daddykins!

Her father burst out laughing. A lot of men were going to be attracted by his daughter this afternoon, starting with the French Ambassador, standing at the door greeting his guests with a big smile. His eyes lit up when he saw Candy and her father…Even he had met her before at the American reception.

- Hello Laurent, and this is your daughter, Candice-Bianca right?

- Yes…

- Pour moi vous serez Candice-Blanche, said the French Ambassador, vous êtes ravissante (For me you’ll be Candice-Blanche, you’re very beautiful)

- Merci Excellence, said Candy smiling

He kissed her hand and there were pictures taken… Candy blushed and smiled. The French Ambassador was hitting on her…

“Not the grey hair!”She thought smiling

The “grey hair” in questions was not that much, just enough to be very attractive, plus the French charm only made him more appealing. Candy was almost melting.

Everybody around them was smiling, except for the British Ambassador, who didn’t think that seduction number by his French colleague was very funny.

The French Ambassador looked at Candy

- Would you stay by my side until I’m done greeting my guests?

- Of course your Excellency, said Candy smiling

Candy’s father smiled and continued his way to the big beautiful garden. Candy stayed by the French Ambassador, and she smiled to the guests as they came in…
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"You should be kissed, and often, and by someone who knows how." Rhett Butler, Gone with the wind

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Diplomatically Yours...

Chapter 4
“The reception at the French Embassy”

Candy was standing next to the French Ambassador smiling with all her teeth. What was she doing there? She was escorting her father to the reception at the French Embassy and now was the French Ambassador’s date? That man was charming; he had trapped her do she could stay with him. But she could’ve done worst than the French Ambassador; it could’ve been the British Ambassador!

The British Ambassador was fuming. The French Ambassador just stole… stole? But he didn’t do anything to invite her to diner or lunch and he wanted her to be his date for that reception, but of course she turned him down, big time… he took too long. The French Ambassador stole Candy’s attention in a very diplomatic way.

He was standing by the big table where the buffet was served; it was full of treats of all kind. He had always loved French cuisine, but the fact that Candy was near the French Ambassador, was making him very angry.

- Your Excellency, he heard

He turned around. It was Tuba, the Turkish diplomat.

- Hello Tuba.

- What am I seeing? Isn’t that your future ambassadress with the French Ambassador?

- Don’t tell me about it! I want to strangle my French counterpart…

- What happened? I thought that the British charm was stronger than the French charm…

- He took me by surprise

- Under your own nose? The audacity! Said Tuba laughing

- She was with her father

- Instead of being with you? You still haven’t invited her?

- I did…

- So…?

- So, she’s being difficult

- And you’re used to those easy local trollops… Good for Georgie’s girl! Said Tuba laughing

-You think it’s funny?

- I can’t stop laughing! Said Tuba still laughing

Other diplomats approached them.

- Who’s the young woman next to the French Ambassador? Said a woman, she looks familiar...

- It’s the Australian Ambassadress, said a diplomat

- No, said Tuba, it’s the Australian Ambassador’s daughter

- Ooh! Said the diplomat’s wife, who had just talked, I’m confused…

- You really think that the Australian Ambassador would lend his wife to the French Ambassador? Said Terry walking away

The receptions were full of gossips. He went to talk to other diplomats, but it seemed like the talk of the day was the French Ambassador’s date.

- She's beautiful! Said the Mexican Ambassador

- Isn’t she? Said a diplomat

- and she speaks perfect Spanish, said Cecilia, the Colombian Ambassadress

- Is that why her name is Candice-Bianca? Asked the Mexican smiling

- It’s the first time I find myself in a country where there are so many single Ambassadors, said the Columbian Ambassador smiling

- The French Ambassador is irresistible, they say, said Cecilia, maybe Georgie’s daughter is what he needs

- According to the rumours, no woman can resist him, said the Columbian Ambassador

- She’s here for the summer holidays, said Terry, she’s not going to let herself seduce

- Your Excellency, said Cecilia, are you interested in Georgie’s daughter?

- I’m only giving my humble opinion, said Terry

As a good diplomat, he avoided the questions and left his group. There was no other subject of conversation at this reception? He found a group of members of Foreign affairs ministry, who were speaking in Romanian. They smiled when they saw him.

- Your Excellency, said one named Ion Ratoi with a strong accent, hello

- Sirs, said Terry smiling

- Have you seen the French Ambassador’s date? Asked one of the men

- She’s very beautiful, said Terry

- She’s the Australian Ambassador’s daughter, said Mr. Ratoi

Romania was a former socialist country, from the cold war time, when everything was known by everybody, and despite the end of the cold war, old habits die hard.

- Yes, she just finished her studies in political science, said another one

- The French Ambassador is irresistible, added another one, if she’s lucky, he could marry her and not dump her like he usually does

Even the Romanians were taking about Candy and the French Ambassador! It was a conspiracy! Terry got fed up to hear about the same conversation everywhere… he walked away again and he met Candy’s father. Maybe he will talk about something else than his daughter?

- Well Laurent, how is your charming wife, whom I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting yet? Asked Terry

- She’s fine and I miss her every day, said Laurent

- Is she coming back among us soon?

- She’s spending time with her family, her father is ill

- She seems a little bit too attached to her family…

“If only you knew” thought Laurent to himself

- A little bit too much, he said out loud

- But not to the point to forget the one he left here...

- Of course not, she knows that the children are safe with me and with Candy home for the holidays

There! Candy was mentioned, the subject of the day!

- I tried inviting her to come with me here

- You were supposed to invite her before that, said Laurent

- Well, I had other obligations…

- I’m not forcing you to go out with my daughter… My wife and my children are the most precious things to me in this world. You’re young and I’m sure you have a long list of female friends…

- As a matter of fact…

- I also know that your Lord Marlowe’s protégé and you’re almost engaged to his daughter…

- I can assure you that I’m not engaged, Your Excellency, Said Terry unashamed

Terry was asking himself why Candy’s father was talking to him and not to the French Ambassador. It only meant one thing, that Candy liked him and he didn’t want him to hurt his little girl! Terry felt his heart getting lighter and lighter, like he had wings! He had to restrain himself not to jump of joy. Candy liked him! Otherwise, why would her father warned him?

- If you hurt my daughter, you’ll answer to me, said Laurent

- I got the message, Your Excellency.

Terry went to speak to the Congolese Ambassador and his wife.

- Terrence, said Henriette, what’s going on? What is Candice doing with the French Ambassador?

- It’s a long story, said Terry

- Well, Your Excellency, you have to act fast, or your queen is going to slip through your fingers

- Terrence, don’t let that Don Juan steal Candy from you, said Henriette

- Candy doesn’t belong to me, Henriette, if she’s seduced by the charms of my French counterpart, so be it!

- You’d be perfect for each other, said Freddy

- Well if we’re destined to be together, come what may, said Terry smiling

They changed conversation and they started talking about the communist era and the big changes made after the revolution.

* *

The French Ambassador was very happy to have Candy by his side, she was the perfect hostess and she was natural with conversations on any subjects. She was beautiful, charming, like her mother, whom he admired a lot in secret. She was like a flash of fresh air and as opposed to her mother, she was available…

- Candice Blanche? Did I tell you how wonderful you were?

- Only a 1000 times…

- Then it’s going to be the 1001 time

- Thank you Your Excellence for the 1001 times

- And for the 1001 time, I’m asking you to call me by my given name, Francois…

- That will not be appropriate, Your Excellency, M. Ambassador Renaud…

The Ambassador burst out laughing.

- You’re exactly like your mother!

- Don’t tell me you hit on my mother?

- It was a total waste of my time…

- I can believe that, said Candy laughing, does my father know about this?

- If your mother doesn’t hide anything from him, he probably knows

- And he trusts my mother 110%... I understand why my father left me with you… he knew you were going to drive me away eventually…

- I wanted to take my chances with you…

- You’re very charming, Your Excellency, but the fact that you hit on my mother, shows that you have no respect, what so ever for the sacred vows of marriage… and I really don’t want to be on your very long conquest list. I need a man who’s going to respect me and marry me. I don’t do one night stands. Thank you for this wonderful reception, the hors-d’oeuvres and the appetizers were excellent. You’re lucky, in another time period; my father would’ve challenged you to a duel for my mother’s honor. Now, excuse-me, I need to go see my father…

And Candy left him there and went looking for her father who was talking to the Turkish diplomat with the name of a music instrument.

« ♪♪ Y’en a qu’un croyez-moi, pour jouer comme ça…♪♪ »

She was the one with Terry the other night at the British cultural centre… and Candy was jealous! She was smiling at her father, her father was married! She was going to get her father!

- Daddykins? Said Candy

- My baby girl, are you done flirting with my French counterpart?

- Yes… did you know he hit on mum?

- Your mother doesn’t hide anything from me, said Laurent, I know she loves me and I love her with all my heart

- You also tell her everything, right?

- Of course, said Laurent, you know Tuba?

- Hello, said Tuba, I’m from Turkey

- My daughter, Candy, said Laurent

- Pleased to meet you , said Candy smiling

- Your parents are the most loving couple I’ve ever seen, and seeing you, I realize that they’ve been married a lot longer than we thought, said Tuba who had felt Candy’s hostility for her

- I want a marriage like theirs, said Candy smiling

- Are you ready to go, baby girl? Said Laurent

- Yes, let’s go!

She took her father’s arm with a possessive gesture and left.

- Bye, said Candy and Laurent at the same time

Father and daughter left talking happily, without seeing the French Ambassador.

Terrence looked at Candy leave with her father. He was relieved to see that Candy had dumped his French counterpart, to join her father. She didn’t fall under the French charm after all. He was glad. If her father was right, Candy liked him… He was going to try again with her until she accepts his invitation. Tuba came near him and took him aside because he was talking to other diplomats.

- Apparently the French Ambassador hit a snag…

- He broke his teeth?

- Big time!

- You know why?

- Apparently, he also hit on Candy’s mother, why would he tell her that?

- He took a risk… some men become more desirable in women’s eyes when they have a lot of conquest. For some women, learning that a man was interested in their mother, make them more desirable in their eyes… but not Candy…

- You’ve never seen Candy’s parents together, more in love than them, you die! I know a lot who tried to seduce the Ambassador to no avail…

- Why does it bother people to see a happy couple?

- Some people say that the perfect couple doesn’t exist and they everything in their power to destroy happy couples…

- I saw Juan Carlos, said Terry

- We’re not talking

- Because he asked me to keep an eye on you?

- He had no right to do that!

- You like your dear Andrew and you took advantage of this little incident to get rid of your ambassador, who is in the way…

- Your Excellency, what on earth are you talking about? I did no such thing!

Tuba’s cell phone rang. She answered:

- William? I missed you too! I can’t way to see you

Terry nodded at her and left. He walked to his French counterpart to say goodbye to him.

- I see that your date for the day, dumped you, said Terry

- I shouldn’t have talked to her about her mother…

- How could you make such a mistake?

- I overestimated the French charm

- Because you have charm? Said Terry ironically

They burst out laughing.

- Good luck, because I know she got your attention and vice-versa

- Really?

- She couldn’t stop looking at you… but be careful; she’s looking to go all the way…

- There’s no problem without a solution, said Terry , see you next time

- See you next time…

Terry left the French Embassy with his driver, Mihai.

- How was the reception, Your Excellency?

- Better than I expected, Mihai…

- Do you need any company tonight?

- No thank you, not tonight, Mihai…

- Very well, Your Excellency.

He arrived at his big residence and once again, he regretted not having someone waiting for him like, a wife, children or even a dog or a cat… but it was easy for him to change things. He had told Susanna that he wasn’t ready for marriage. He still wanted to take advantage of his life, but time was passing by. If he wanted a successful political career, he had to get married and have a family, so he could be a good political man. On the other hand, being married would prevent his enemies from using a woman to cause his downfall. How many politicians got compromised because of women? For some of them, it cost them the White House… and he was British, what was his goal? 10 Downing Street? The British Prime Minister’s Residence. He had to be very careful he wanted his political career to rise like he wanted to. Lord Marlowe was his mentor, but did that mean that he had to marry his daughter? He was sitting in the living room having a drink of Scotch. He had turned on the television and was looking at the news through a satellite dish. The residence phone rang, he picked up.

- Hello?

- Terrence?

- Good evening, Lord Marlowe

- How are you?

- I just came back from a reception

- It’s the French national holiday

- Yes…

- Did you go alone?

- Like a big boy…

- Terrence, you need a date to be with you in receptions

- I can manage on my own, Lord Marlowe

- It’s for your own good…as a single man, you’re exposed to scandals, while if you’re married and you’re faithful…

- You’re right… coming back in this big empty residence; I wanted to have a wife and kids waiting for me, or even a dog or a cat…

- You know, my daughter can filled that position with pleasure…

- Lord Marlowe, my relationship with your daughter is very complicated

- She’s very understanding, you know that…

- You mean that if I have a mistress, she’s not going to make any trouble?

- For example…

- I need a woman who loves me…

- She loves you…

- And that I love…

- Oh, she’s only good for you to warm up your bed from time to time?

- I don’t force her, Lord Marlowe, she’s a big girl, and she knows what she’s doing…

- You can try and see if it’s going to work between you two… for me?

- I can’t promise you anything…

- Have you met another woman? Are you finally falling in love?

Terry thought about Candy and his heart started to dance in his chest.

- Silence is tantamount to consents. She’s not a local girl at least?

- And why can’t she be a local girl?

- If it’s the kind to warm up your bed, once in a while, I don’t think it’s appropriate for your future political career…

- She’s not a local girl, don’t worry Lord Marlowe

- I’m relieved… so who is she?

- I haven’t gone out with her yet…

- Who is she?

- The daughter of the Australian Ambassador…

- The daughter of your Australian counterpart? She has to be a kid! How old is she?

- I don’t know her age; it’s not very polite to ask a lady her age…

- She’s a teenager? I didn’t know you like them young, Terrence

- She just finished her studies in political sciences in Oxford…

- Oh, she’s a diplomat, she’d be perfect for you and looks like you’re having feelings for her…

- But I haven’t gone out with her yet

- And why not?

- Because I’m confused… when I think about her, I go crazy, when I see her, I want to hug her…

- You seem hooked… Cupid didn’t miss you with her…

- I don’t know… since I haven’t gone out with her yet…

- You’re afraid, aren’t you?

- Kind of…

- Listen Terry, you can try with Susanna and see if she’s good for you… otherwise, invite the daughter of the Australian Ambassador and do your charm number. It shouldn’t be too difficult…

- She’s a diplomat; she would probably want to go back to Australia to get a job… it’s complicated to marry a diplomat when you’re a diplomat yourself…

- There’s no problem without a solution, if you marry her, she becomes a British citizen and we can make sure you two are in the same country at the same time…

- You’d do that for me? What about Susanna?

- You said it yourself, she’s a big girl… and I’m not going to force you to be with her if you’re not in love with her…

- Thank you Lord Marlowe

- You’re welcome. Only my daughter doesn’t listen to me… she going to come to see you one of these days… give her a chance…

- Thanks for the warming, Lord Marlowe

- Good night Terrence…

- Good night Lord Marlowe

Terry thought about his conversation with his mentor. He was giving him carte blanche. He could marry Susanna or the daughter of the Australian Ambassador… but he hadn’t done his charm number on her yet, and he’ll have more tact than his French counterpart, who hit a wall, big time.

* *

Candy was in her bedroom with her sister Cassie.

- WHAT??? You dumped the French Ambassador??!! Are you insane?

- What? Weren’t you the one saying he had gray hair??

- I was kidding! He’s a good catch! An Ambassador! You were going to start on the top, not at the bottom of the ladder

- Sorry sis, the French charm didn’t work on me…

- You’d rather have your British who gets on your nerve?

-Yes… I’d rather have my Terry with his blue-green eyes like the ocean…

- Oh my God! You remind me of mum; for her it was “The eyes blue like the sky” with daddy.

- Mum is happy with daddy. I want what they have…

- Your British is not daddy… he must sleep with local girls…

- He’s a man with carnal desires…

- You’re making excuses for him!

- I’m not dating him… there was that Turkish diplomat with the name of a musical instrument …

- Who?

- Like the song… « ♪♪ Y’en a qu’un croyez-moi, pour jouer comme ça…non non ne cherchez pas, ça ne se discute pas…♪♪ »
Her sister looked at her with big eyes.

- « Grand-papa joue au tuba » ? Said her sister.

- There you go ! That’s her name ! She was with Terry at the British cultural centre. They left together!

- You’re jealous! Maybe nothing happened…

- How do you know that?

- I heard the Mexican Ambassador was hitting on her but she’s dating William Andrew…

- Who?

- He’s a rich American business man

- She’s a busy girl! If you add Terry…

- You don’t know that!

- They left together, so I’m assuming, the most pessimistic hypothesis…

- If you want to be sure about it, ask the Ambassador… the next time he calls you, don’t be difficult and accept his invitation!

- We’ll see, said Candy smiling with all her teeth

* *


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Diplomatically Yours…

Chapter 5
“The first date”

His Excellency Terrence Graham Grandchester was in his residence thinking about his conversation with his mentor, Lord Marlowe. He had told him that his daughter was going to come in Romania one of these mornings, without telling him when. In the meantime, he had to make more progress with Candy if he wanted to know whether she was made for him or not. He was going to call her and if she refused to take his calls, he was going to go in person at the Australian Embassy’s Residence, to speak to her in person. He took the phone in his bedroom and dialed the number.

- Hello, this is the British Ambassador; may I speak to Candy please?

- I’m sorry, Your Excellency, but Miss Candy is out with her brothers and sisters..

- Can you tell her to call me back at my residence, please?

- Of course Your Excellency. Good bye your Excellency.

- Good bye.

Terry hung up the phone. His private life was never this complicated. When he finished school and got his first job in the prime minister’s cabinet, thanks to Lord Marlowe. He was going out with girls and changing them like you change a shirt, which meant all the time. He didn’t get attached and it was better this way, his mind was no confused and nothing was hurting him. Until a young girl with freckles fell on his lap on the plane… He had always knew by choosing a diplomatic career he would have to get married one day, but he thought he had time to do it. When the Queen offered him the job as the British Ambassador, he knew that him being single would be a problem and that he had to get married to avoid being compromise. Ever since that girl with freckles fell on his lap, he was not the same anymore. He had never been in love, is that what love is? Being confused, feeling lost and having the most bizarre feelings one after the other? They say love is the most beautiful feeling in the world. So what he was feeling, was love, and it was going to get better. He closed his eyes and thought about Candy again…

* *

Candy was coming back from the diplomatic Club with her brothers and sisters. She found their father waiting for her.

- Your mother is coming back tonight, he said.

- YAY!!! They all yelled at the same time.

- You want to come with me to the airport, Candy?

- All right daddy, said Candy, I’m going to take a quick shower and get ready, let’s go wash up to greet mummy!

Everybody went upstairs to wash up and change. A maid came in Candy’s room to tell her that the British Ambassador had left a message for her to call him back.

- Are you going to call him? Asked Cassie.

- I don’t know…

- Come on Candy! You can’t stop thinking about him!

- I know…

- Stop making him suffer! You won’t need to see the Ambassador with the grey hair anymore…

- He’s not a grand-father you know…

- So why aren’t you with him?

- Because he hit on mum!

- He’s more from mum’s generation if you ask me… The British Ambassador is way younger, he must be at least in his thirties to be a career Ambassador.

- He may be a political Ambassador.

- Political?

- Yes, as opposed to career Ambassadors, like daddy, they are assigned by the Queen and sometimes they’re not from the Foreign Affairs Ministry, but they could be from the PMO’s, or even business men…

- PMO?

- Prime Minister’s Office.

- Oh… right! You studied political sciences like daddy… well you’ll be able to ask him all these questions…

- He’s going to find me very curious.

- Not if you tell him you want to know him better…

- All right, I’m going to go take a quick shower to go get mum at the airport, said Candy going in the bathroom.

Candy took a shower really fast and got out of the bathroom. She got dressed while continuing chatting with her sister.

- Call him! You can ask him to take you to the airport.

- You’re crazy!

- No, you’re avoiding him, you’re wasting time, Candy.

- He probably has a date with a diplomat with the name of a musical instrument!

- That’s because you’re not available!

- Cassie, I’m going to go get mum at the airport, are you coming?

- No, I’m going to wait for you here with the others.

- All right. See you later sweetie.

Candy joined her father who was waiting for her in the car. As soon as she got in, the car took off for the airport.

- The British Ambassador called me again, said Candy

- Are you going to make him stall for long? He might not be available later, you know…

- Do you know something I don’t?

- Only, that he’s young and attractive and that any woman normally constituted would find him irresistible

- I think he’s irresistible daddy…

- It doesn’t look like it…

- Tell me what you know…

- It’s not a secret that his mentor is Lord Marlowe who’s in really good term with the Queen…

- That’s how he became an Ambassador at such a young age, well at least before he got grey hair…

- Indeed…

- But… ? Because there’s a “but”, right?

- They say that Lord Marlowe’s daughter…

- Sleeps with him?

- Candy…

- Pardon my French daddy…

- He’s practically engaged.

- Practically engaged? Either you’re engaged or you’re not…

- You know what I mean…

- That Lord Marlowe is shaping a young man to go high in the political World and he stuck his daughter on him too… She will be the wife of the Prime Minister if he’s young man manage to get the most coveted post in Great-Britain… I really don’t want to get mixed up in his life…

- But you like him… “Blue like the ocean”…

- All right, “Blue like the sky”… I like him, but he’s too complicated…

- If he loved Lord Marlowe’s daughter, she would be here with him, don’t you think so…? That gives you a chance…

- A chance for what?

- For him to chose you…

- Are you kidding?

- No… If he loves you, he’s going to chose you…

- What makes you think he’s got a choice to make?

- I was in his shoes one day… I was engaged to Lord Dankelin’s niece… your mother came into my life and nothing was ever the same … I’ve never regretted my choice, I love her more everyday…

- And she loves you to death, I see you two together, I want a love like yours…

- Give a chance to Grandchester; he might be the love of your life… I have a feeling you’re going to be good together

Candy was thinking. Her father knew her better than she knew herself. Maybe she should listen to what he was saying.

- Daddy, I want to go to Australia to work at the Foreign Affairs Ministry and become a diplomat too…

- You can still explore your feelings for Grandchester…

- Are we getting to the airport soon? She said to change the conversation.

Her father smile and the car took the turn that was leading them to the International Airport of Otopeni. They arrived at the doors and they got out of the car. They went toward the arrival area and with their diplomatic IDs they were able to go on the other side and wait in the VIP area, for the passengers to come off the plane. There were shops and restaurants and bars…

- I’m going to go for a walk daddy…

- All right sweetie.

Candy went for a walk, she did some window shopping, and then she went to see the planes that were landing by looking at the big glass windows of the airport.

- Good evening, she heard.

She turned around and she saw a very handsome man, blond with blue eyes… like the sky! She looked at him a little stunned…

- What’s a beautiful girl like you, doing in a place like this? He asked.

Candy started to think about the cartoon “Alice in Wonderland” when the Cheshire cat was signing: «♪♪ What’s a nice girl like you, doing in a place like this ?♪♪ », then she put that image out of her mind and she smiled.

- You’re much pretties when you’re smiling than when you’re surprised, said the man in questions smiling

Candy was melting in front of that smile.

- Thank you very much sir, she said smiling

- William Albert Andrew, Miss…

- Gray, Candice-Bianca Gray.

He took her hand and kissed it.

- I’m pleased to meet you my beautiful lady. What are you doing at the airport?

- I came to pick up my mother, who’s coming back from Australia…

- Oh and what are you doing in Romania?

- Technically, I’m on my summer holidays at my parents…

- What do your parents do here in Romania?

- My father is the Australian Ambassador

- Oh… that’s wonderful! Do you like the Embassy life?

- It’s always interesting to live in different countries. What about you, are you a diplomat?

- No, I’m a commercial representative, but I travel around the world to see my companies

- So you’re kind of a diplomat too…

- In a way, except I take care of my companies instead of working at the Embassy…

- But you sometimes work with embassies, right?

- It depends of the country and their regime, in country where there’s a dictatorship, you have to go through the embassy for everything…

- Like Romania before the revolution…

- Exactly! Said William laughing.

Candy burst out laughing with him. They looked at the big glass window and they saw a Quantas airplane land…

- That must be mum’s plane

She looked at the VIP section and she saw her father standing up and walking towards her.

- It’s your mother’s plane baby girl, said her father smiling

- I can’t wait to see her, said Candy

Her father looked at William: he was waiting for the presentations.

- Daddy, this is William Andrew, he’s a commercial representative, M. Andrew, this is my father, Laurent Gray

The two men shook hands smiling.

- Pleased to meet you M. Andrew, said Lauren

- The pleasure is all mine, Your Excellency

They started talking politic while the passengers were getting off the plane to get on the bus. Her mother arrived and Candy ran to her to jump to her neck.

- Mummy, oh mummy! I missed you so much!

- I’ve missed you too my baby, said Georgie

- That’s your daughter, said a man’s voice

Candy turned around to look at him

- Yes, said Georgie, and here is my husband, the Ambassador

- Good evening my love, said Laurent

- Good evening sweetheart, said Georgie

They kissed passionately for a while. Candy looked at the man who was with Georgie.

- And you are?

- I was her seat neighbor on the plane…

- And she probably told you she was married, said Candy

- Yes, but…

- You thought she was the kind to have a quickie on the plane’s toilet? Sorry to disappoint you, like you can see, my parents are more in love than two teen on hormones!

The man walked away, ashamed. William was looking at Candy smiling

- Your parents are very much… in love

- I dream of finding a love like theirs one day

- You don’t have a boyfriend? Said William surprised

- No…

Candy’s parents finally stopped kissing.

- Mum, let me introduce you to William Andrew, a commercial representative, Mister Andrew, this is my mother…

- Mrs. Ambassadress, said William kissing her hand, you even prettier than your daughter

- Pleased to meet you young man, you’re a smooth talker, said Georgie smiling

- Mum, dad, can we go now? Give me your passport mum…
There were a lot of people, unfortunately, there was a special booth for diplomats which was almost empty and went really fast. William went with them to the diplomatic booth with Candy and her parents.

They took their luggage and William Andrew was following them and he passed with his luggage with being searched. Once he passed the custom, the driver came to take Georgie’s luggage cart to go put it in the car. William talked to Candy.

- Miss Gray?

- Call me Candy

- If you call me William

- All right William

- When will I see you again?

Candy opened her purse and she looked for a piece of paper and a pen and wrote her phone number.

- Thank you, said William smiling, goodbye

- Good bye William

- Your Excellency, Mrs. Ambassadress, said William

- Goodbye Mr. Andre, said Candy’s parents leaving

Candy followed her parents and got in the official car. She let her parents sit in the back where his father took his mother in his arms. She sat on the passengers sit in the front. Her parents in the back were kissing and teasing her.

- Candice-Bianca, said her father, why were hitting on William Andree

- What? Said Candy surprised

- Yes, said her mother, I thought you liked the British ambassador?

- But, I was polite with William…

- Oh, it’s “William” now? Said her father.

- Soon, it will be William darling, teased her mother laughing

- William, my love, said her father bursting out laughing

- Stop it! Said Candy bursting out laughing with her parent

- What about you mum, who was the man from the plane?

- Another one who swore I was the most beautiful woman he’s ever seen and who wanted a quickie in the toilets…

- You refused to be a member of the Mile High Club?

- With a perfect stranger? Of course! I’ve got only one man in my life and it’s your father…

- You’ve done it on a plane before? No! Don’t answer that!

They burst out laughing again. She was happy with her parents. She was at ease and she felt good. They continued teasing her until they got home. The others were at the door to greet their mummy. Georgie took the little one in her arms and the whole family got in the house. They had dinner together in pure joy. Then it was the time for presents.

Candy made herself scarce to make a phone call. She took her cell phone and she looked in the Diplomatic phone book and she dialed the number of the British residence. The phone rang for a long time, and just when she wanted to hang up, it was picked up.

- Hello? She heard

She liked Terry’s caressing voice.

- Hello? Good evening, Your Excellency

- Candy?

- Yes…

- I’ve looked for you all day…

- I was at the Diplomatic Club with my brothers and sisters…

- It closes at 2000 hrs

- Then I went to pick up my mother at the airport

- Oh, she’s back?

- Yes…

- Which means that your father won’t be needing you anymore to go with him at receptions…?

- Not necessarily…

- I would like to be your official date for receptions to come…

Candy was happy; he wanted to spend time with her.

- Why? Asked Candy

- Because I want to be sure no one would come an invite you unbeknown to me

Candy smiled. He was talking about the French ambassador.

- So, do you agree?

- Call me before the reception and I will tell you if I’m coming with you or not…

- You want to be careful…

- Man proposes, God disposes, Your Excellency

- Very well. So for starters, I’d like to invite you for lunch tomorrow at 1 PM

- All right…

- I will come an pick you up at twelve thirty.

- I’ll be ready. Where are we going?

- It’s a surprise

- I like surprises when they’re good

- See you tomorrow, Candice-Bianca

- See you tomorrow Terrence

She hung up with a light heart. She had a dreamy smile her sister arrived.

- You finally called your ambassador?

- Yes, he makes me dream…

- You’re going to have sweet dreams

- He’s coming to pick me up tomorrow, said Candy smiling

* *

The next day at 12:30 sharp the British Ambassador’s Rolls Royce was in front of the Australian residence. Candy got out the house and got in the car.

- Hello Candice

- Hello Your Excellency

- Call me Terrence

- All right… Where are we going?

- To the Diplomatic Club

- Ah…

- The restaurant was privatized after the revolution, by a French company, the food is excellent.

- When I come with my brothers and sisters, we go to the pool’s restaurant… it’s closer and easier…

- The other one is more in style than the one from the pool, a lot of diplomats go there…

They arrived at the Diplomatic Club and they went to the restaurant. There was also a diplomatic shop on the way. The restaurant also had a veranda where there were also tables. As soon as the servers saw Terry, they ran to serve him.

- Your Excellency, this way please, we’ve got a table ready for you.

- Thank you, said Terry

He took Candy’s arm and they followed the servers. They sat on the veranda. They brought little bread and butter for them and took their order.

- What pushed you to do political sciences studies?

- I wanted to be a diplomat like my father…

- Wouldn’t it have been easier to become the wife of a diplomat instead?

- Maybe, but just in case I fall in love with a non-diplomat man…

- In that case, you’re husband will follow you…

- Why not? What about you Terrence… you’re too young to be a career ambassador…

- As a matter of fact…I’m a political Ambassador

- I guessed it…

- I was a counselor at the PMO

- You want to become Prime Minister one day?

- I’d like too yes… having tea with the Queen every week , I’d like that

Candy smiled. He had a lot of ambition. He was already an ambassador at his age, which was already a great thing… They brought them their meal and they started to ear.

- Do you know how to cook Candice?

- I cook, but I don’t really get the chance to do it

- I’d like to taste your cooking one day

- Why not? Said Candy smiling

They continued talking and eating, when they heard…

- Terrence?

- Tuba?

“Great! That musical instrument again!” Said Candy to herself

- Hello!

- Candice-Bianca? Said a voice

- William! Said Candy smiling

Terry and Tuba were surprised to see that they knew each other.

- Did you make it home fine? Asked William.

- Yes, what about you?

- Me too…

- You know each other? Asked Tuba.

- Yes, said William, we met last night at the airport.

- I went to pick up my mother, said Candy.

- Oh, said Tuba.

“Another one who might steal her away from me!” Said Terry to himself.

Terry looked at Tuba, who told William…

- Let’s go… our table is ready, good bye, she said

- Good bye Candice-Bianca, said William smiling

They walked away…

- Looks like William likes you…

- Really? Why?

- Because he was pronouncing your full name…

- That means he likes me?

- He’s dating Tuba, you know?

- Ah… well good for them, he very friendly

- You want desert?

- No thank you, I’m full, said Candy, it was delicious

Terry saw that she didn’t want to talk about William and he was happy. He didn’t need another rival. He paid the bill and he took Candy for a walk in the park within the club.

- They say, during the communist era, all the diplomats and foreigners would meet here… since they weren’t allowed to socialize with Romanians…

- I wish I could’ve seen how it was during communism…

They continued making conversation and Candy liked Terry’s company and he liked her company too. Everything was fine with our young couple, for the moment. He took her back home.

- Thank you for this wonderful lunch. I always to the pool restaurant with my brothers and sisters, now I’ll go to the other one too…

- I like your company a lot…

They looked at each other. Terrence leaned and he took her lips very lightly. Then he kissed her more deeply… It was the most magnificent thing in the world. He had never felt that during a kiss. He felt like a teenager on his first kiss… Candy didn’t date much. She always wanted to feel something special to date. And that something special, Terrence had it and now that kiss was the climax, she couldn’t believe it. She thought she knew everything about kissing, but she was mistaken. What she had felt before was a joke, she was now having a real kiss which made her head spin, she didn’t know where she was anymore…

“I’m inside the Rolls Royce of the British Ambassador! And he kissed like a god!” Said Candy to herself happy.

The kiss continued, until Terry felt like he was being observed. He ended the kiss.

- We have an audience, he said

Candy turned around and looked out the window and she saw Cassie looking at them with a mocking smile.

- I’m going to go, said Candy

- I’ll call you later…

- All right Terrence, she said

Terrence’s driver got out to open the door. She got out, she turned around to smile and she got inside the house with her sister, who was giggling. Terrence smiled looking at them. She looked like a teenager and he felt like a teenager. His driver took off and Terrence has a smile on his lips.

Mihai, his driver, was looking at him.

- Do you want any company tonight, Your Excellency?

- No Mihai, I’ve got all the company I need… she’s wonderful…


"You should be kissed, and often, and by someone who knows how." Rhett Butler, Gone with the wind

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Diplomatically yours

Chapter 6
“The dinner”

Candy was in her room dreaming about the kiss from the British ambassador. Should she hope more from him? Well, there was only one way to find out… She was going to ask him the question. But after one date, she already wanted to talk marriage? She was going to make him run, yes, she will! While lost in her thoughts, there was a knock at her bedroom door.

- Miss Candy, the telephone for you.

- Thank you Florica

She got out of the bedroom, walked to the hallway and went to the family room.

- Hello?

- Candice-Bianca? Said a voice

- William?

- You’ve recognized my voice!

- That’s because you say my name in full, she replied thinking about what Terrence had told her.

- It’s a very beautiful name you have there…

Candy couldn’t help thinking about what Terry had told her: that William liked her because he was saying both her names.

- Thank you , she said smiling

- I’m calling you to invite you to dinner tonight at the restaurant at the Intercontinental, he said.

- Oh…

- Yes, they have a very good restaurant on the 22nd floor. I could come and get you at 8 pm.

She thought about Terry. There was really nothing between them, officially… She could have dinner with a friend, right? Terry won’t be happy to learn about it.

- 8 pm would be perfect. I’ll be ready, she answered.

- See you later.

Candy hung up and started thinking. Is she spends a good time with William, maybe her feeling for Terry were not that strong? She was trying to justify herself. She went back to her room and she found Cassie.

- Who was that on the phone?

- William Andrew… he invited me to dinner… at the Intercontinental…

- On the 22nd floor? You’re going to go?

- Yes, he’s picking me up at 8 PM…

- Candy? You’re going to go out with William Andrew too?

- It’s just dinner…

- You like the ambassador…

- I want to see if my feelings are strong…

- You want to see if you feel something for William too? You just met him…

- He’s very charming, you know…

- Candy…

- I’m going to go and have dinner, that’s all.

- What if your ambassador calls, what would you tell him?

- That I’m not available…

- You want to force him to commit

- I don’t want to force him… at all… I want to see if I feel something for William or not…

- He’s not dating the Turkish diplomate?

- Grandpa pays the tuba?

- You’re jealous!

- She was flirting with Terrence the other night at the British cultural centre

- So you’re going to get you revenge by dinning with her suitor?

- You should’ve seen her face at the club when William recognized me

- Candy…

- I’m not doing anything; I’m analyzing my options… William is not a diplomate

- While the British ambassador…

- Yes…If I’m sent elsewhere…

- You can marry him and become a British citizen…

- That’s true… William is American…

- A business man, not a diplomate… I can become American by marrying him… but it would be easier with England, since they have close relations with Australia…

- Candy stop it! You sound like a calculating woman!

- I’m observing all my options, sweetie.

- You should look at one thing; love!

Candy looked at her sister, she knew she was right.

- That’s what I’m going to do… I shouldn’t be planning, but I can’t help myself… but come what may!

So she went to have dinner at the Intercontinental on the 22nd floor, where there was a restaurant and a dance floor. She was wearing a mauve dress and her hair were undone and falling in cascade on her shoulders.

- You’re very beautiful, said her sister smiling

- Thank you…

- Have fun!

- I intend to…

She took a purse assorted to her mauve shoes she was wearing and went down the stairs to go join her parents who were in one of the numerous living rooms of the residence. They were watching television. They were in each other’s arms.

- Hello lovebirds, said Candy smiling

- You’re going out? Asked her mother

- Yes…

- The British Ambassador? Asked her father

- No…

- William Andrew?

- Euh yes, said Candy

- Candy, said her father, what are you doing?

- I’m just going to have dinner with him… he’s charming.

- If you know what you’re doing, said her mother

- You’re seduced by his charm? I thought you like you “blue like the ocean”?

- “Blue like the sky” said Candy smiling; I’m just going to have dinner with a man who also has the eyes “Blue like the sky”, like you in fact…

- Maybe you’re looking for a father figure, said her mother.

- A father figure? Said Candy

- Yes, he’s tall, blond, the eyes blue like the sky, said her mother

- Mum, I’m just having dinner with him, that’s all…

- Where are you going? Asked her father.

- Intercontinental…

- The food is good, said her father

- But…? Asked Candy

- Well, you know that William is dating the Turkish diplomate Tuba?

- Terry and I met them yesterday at the diplomatic club, while we were having lunch, said Candy

- William must’ve been happy to see you, said Georgie

- We met at the airport, didn’t we?

- And you’re having dinner tonight, said Laurent; you had lunch with Terrence…

- Terrence is interested by you honey, isn’t he? Asked Georgie

- He asked me to be his date in the receptions to come, now that you’re back…

- Ah, said Laurent, he’s smart! He doesn’t want Francois to steal his thunder…

- Francois Renaud? Said Georgie

- The French Ambassador, yes mum…

- Ah…

- He told me he made a play for you…

- Did you go out with him?

- No, he asked her to stay by his side during the reception on their national holiday…, said Laurent.

- You didn’t tell me everything darling, said Georgie, how was it honey?

- Perfect, until he mentioned he made a play for you, said Candy

- The cold shower! Said Georgie laughing

- Everybody at the reception was talking about that, said Laurent, some even thought I landed you to Francois…

- Because Candy looks like me? Said Georgie smiling, I love gossip in receptions! It’s really fun to hear!

- You’d think diplomates would have better thing to do than to gossip, said candy

- What? Said Laurent, diplomates are normal people like the rest of the world, after spending the whole day at the office, we relax in receptions…

- So you know she’s dating Tuba, said Georgie, she was with the Mexican Ambassador too…

- Thanks for the info mum, I already knew that. I just going to have dinner with William, said Candy

At exactly 8 PM, they heard the doorbell. The butler went to open the door and a few moments later, William Andrew entered the living room.

- Good evening, he said smiling, Your Excellency, Mrs. Ambassador, Candice-Bianca.

- Good evening William, said the ambassador who still had his wife in his arms.

- William said Georgie smiling.

Candy stood up to leave with William who had brought her a bouquet of white roses, surrounded with green… Candy looked at the bouquet, amazed.

- They’re so beautiful! I’ve never seen roses like that! Said Candy smiling

- It’s a creation of my nephew; they’re called “Sweet Rosemary” in honor of my sister…

- I like it a lot, said Georgie

- I also brought a bouquet for you, Mrs. Ambassador, said William approaching her to give her the bouquet.

Georgie left her husband’s arms to stand up and take the flowers.

- Thank you very much, said Georgie, they’re splendid!

- The pleasure was all mine, said William smiling

The roses surrounded with green were perfect for mother and daughter.

- Have fun, said Laurent

- Thanks dad, said Candy

- Bon appetite! Said Georgie smiling

William took Candy’s arm and they got out of the living room, walked in the hallway to go down the stairs and get out of the residence. William’s car was a golden Lexus and he didn’t have any driver. He opened the door for Candy and he was on the driver’s seat to drive to the Intercontinental of Bucharest. They went to the parking lot to park and they walked together to the hotel, then towards the elevators. They got in, there were also other people going to the 22nd floor where the restaurant was. Candy observed the buttons of the elevator.

- No 13th floor, said Candy

- It’s an American hotel

- You Americans are very superstitious

- As a matter of fact, we don’t have any 13th floor in our buildings…

- I’m surprised to see that you don’t skip the number 13th when you count…

- That wouldn’t be very logical, said William

- You do it with your buildings…

- Fortunately, the teachers don’t use them to teach the children how to count…

They burst out laughing with the people who were in the elevator. They arrived on the 22nd floor and they got out. A waiter took them to their table. William pulled the chair for Candy and he sat in front of her. The waiter brought them little bread in a basket covered with a tissue cloth and butter on a little plate. Then he took their order. The waiter had just left when Candy heard…

- Candice-Bianca? Said a voice.

- Dora? Said Candy smiling

It was the daughter of the Uruguayan ambassador with the French diplomate. She smiled at Candy.

- You remember Thomas? Said Dora

- Yes, good evening Thomas, how are you? Asked Candy

- I’m fine. You should come to the French cultural too to see typically French movie…, said Thomas

- Is that an invitation? Said Candy smiling

- Yes…, answered Thomas smiling

- All right, said Candy looking at Dora, let me introduce you to William Andrew. William these are Dora and Thomas. Dora is the daughter of the Uruguayan ambassador and Thomas is a diplomate at the French embassy…

- Pleased to meet you, said William smiling.

- Pleased to meet you, said Dora smiling.

- Pleased to meet you, said Thomas, are you a diplomate?

- No, I’m a business man, said William

- Oh, ok, said Thomas

- Our table is ready, said Dora

- Candy, Fridays is our day for movies at the cultural centre

- You like French movies? Said Dora, they’re boring!

- I like their comedies, said Candy we’ll see, Thank you for the invitation!

Candy had felt Dora’s hostility. The couple left to go to their table.

- Interesting, said William

- What? Asked Candy

- Looks like Dora didn’t want you to accept Thomas’ invitation

- She’s got nothing to fear from me… Thomas and I, we met at the British cultural centre and we watched a movie together… that probably why he invited me…

- Really? You watched a movie together?

- British movies are as boring as French movies, said Candy, American movies take the prize!

- It’s a pleasure to hear that… there must also be an American cultural centre…

- Really?

- Tell me about yourself… where were you born?

Candy started talking about her life with her brothers and sisters and they spent an excellent evening together.


Terrence Grandchester was at his residence, about to have dinner, alone, when he felt like calling Candy. He went to his office to use the land line. He dialed the number of the Australian residence. The phone rang for a long time before someone picked up.

- Hello?

- Good evening, may I speak with Candy please?

- Who’s calling please?

- It’s Terrence…

- The Great-Britain ambassador

- Yes…

- I’m sorry, Candy went out for dinner.

- Out?

- With William Andrew

Terry felt a little twinge in his heart…

- All right, tell her that I called and she can call me as soon as she gets back.

- All right, good bye, Your Excellency

- Good bye.

Terry hung up the phone which almost rang immediately. He looked at the display…

- Susanna?

- You knew it was me, my darling?

- Caller display Susanna. Don’t go read anything else…

- Like what? Like the fact that we’re on the same wave length and we’re perfect together?

- Susanna…

- My father is your mentor… I know that it doesn’t mean that you have to marry me, but think about it a little… We’re perfect for each other. We know each other and I would be the perfect ambassador’s wife and perfect first lady when you become Prime Minister one day…

- Prime Minister…

- Yes, my darling. You’re going to become Prime Minister, you have to believe it.

- What if I like being a diplomate?

- Well it won’t be forever you know… it’s going to be a term, like in diplomacy…

- You’re right…

- But you’re still not very willing to let me come, right?

- I can’t promise you anything, Susanna

- I’m not going to force you, Terry…

“That’s what you’re doing indirectly” said Terry to himself.

- I’m going to come to spend some time with you, when I’ll get some free time…

- My door is always open to you, Susanna.

- Think Terry… it could work between us…

“It would’ve worked if I hadn’t met the daughter of the Australian ambassador… it’s crazy how one event can change everything…” Said Terry to himself.

- I’m going to go eat, Susanna, thanks for your phone call.

- Enjoy your meal, honey.

- Thank you. Bye Susanna.

Terry hung up and he went to his big dining room of the British residence. Dinner was served. . He ate alone and it was kind of depressing. He should’ve asked Candy to join him … Candy… She went out with William Andrew… Maybe she was better off with him? Tuba liked William… Did she know he went out with Candy? Did he have the right to encourage Candy , while Susanna was ready to be his wife? But why didn’t he want to marry her? He wasn’t in a hurry before, but now, he didn’t feel like it at all… Candy. She kept coming back in his head… She was having dinner with William Andrew… Should he give up the race?


William was talking about himself

- When I was younger, I spent my time wandering around during my free time…

- Your free time?

- Yes, during summer vacations, I made sure I passed all my exams to be free and I would just go wandering…it was fun, sleeping outside! What about you? You’ve always wanted to be a diplomate?

- Well, I grew up in the diplomatic world and I would like to change countries and cultures, it’s always very interesting… so studying political sciences was kind of the natural thing to do…

- And you intend to get married some day? As a woman diplomate…

- Well, women follow their husbands, but the husband don’t easily follow their wives…

- Unless you find one who does the same job…

- It’s not always that easy…I remember a story of the Indian ambassador who married a woman who was also an ambassador… seems ideal right? Only, there can’t be two ambassadors from the same country in the same country… so the woman was sent elsewhere…

- That’s not very practical indeed. So it would have been better to marry a simple diplomate…

- Why would I sacrifice a career that I like? I say there’s no problem without solution, if God gives me a husband, I’ll manage…

- You wouldn’t want to give up our career for your husband?

- If he asks me to give up my career, then he’s really selfish… But, if I do it for love…

William looked at her smiling. This woman knew what she wanted. She was absolutely charming… He asked questions a little more personal.

- Can I ask you an indiscreet question?

- Go ahead…

- Is there something between you and the British ambassador?

- We had lunch together once, said Candy.

- That’s all?

- Since my mother is back, he wants me to be his date in receptions, because I used to go with my father

- Oh…

- What about you and the Turkish diplomate

- We’re friends

- I heard she’s also dating the Mexican ambassador too…

- You’re well informed…

- In any case, it’s the first time I’m in a country where there a so many single ambassadors! What are you intentions, Master Andrew?

- I would like to get to know you…

- Isn’t that what we’re doing now?

- Why did you agree to have dinner with me? Asked William

- You want the truth?

- Always.

- Well, because you asked me to…

- And…?

- I suppose I wanted to see if you were interesting…

- Am I as interesting as the ambassador?

Candy looked at him. She thought about Terry… William must’ve read something in her eyes because he said:

- I get it…

- You’re dating Buta…

- Tuba… I’m with you tonight… and I’m interested in you.

- I met the ambassador on the place…

She told him about the incident and how they saw each other again at the American embassy’s reception… William realized that she was more tied to the ambassador than he thought…

- I can be a good friend, said Candy smiling

- All right, said William, we’re friends.

- Good luck with Buta…

- Tuba…

- That’s what I said, said Candy smiling

They burst out laughing together.

- That evening when I was with Thomas at the British cultural centre, she was with Terry…

- Oh… I understand your voluntary Freudian slip better… they’re just friends…

- Are you sure?

- If it was the Mexican ambassador, I would’ve been worried…

Candy said to herself that the Mexican ambassador had nothing on him, aside from the title… but she decided to change the subject of conversation.

- Do you have family in America? She asked him

- Yes…

- You don’t miss them?

- Not really… I like travelling and get away from my family a little.

- I like being with my family. I love all my brothers and sisters and my parents…

- How many brothers and sisters do you have?

- I have three brother and three sisters…

- 7 children! A big family!

- Sometimes we don’t need friends, we have fun on our own…

- Are you thinking about your future?

- Well, I think about going to Australia to wort at the foreign affair ministry…

- With your father, it should be easy.

- It’s true that diplomate’s children have an advantage in general; we’re predisposed because we already like the life we’ve lived since we were children…

They finished their meal and they left the restaurant. William took her back to her parents ‘ residence. In front of the door, Candy had ringed the door.

- Thank you for this beautiful evening William, said Candy smiling

- You’re very welcome, even if I didn’t get what I wanted…

- Didn’t you want Buta? Said Candy laughing

- I wanted to try with you…

- We’re friends, remember?

- The British ambassador is lucky…

Candy smiled.

“Ye who doesn’t say a word consents” Said William to himself

Before Candy could reply, he leaned and kissed her on the lips…

- I’m sorry…

- Some would tell o that the kiss is part of the evening package… Good bye William, said Candy getting inside the residence

- Good bye, said William smiling.

She nicely made him understand that by not kissing him back, she was not interested. He went back home…

Candy went back to her room and found her sister waiting for her.

- So?

- The food was good…

- That’s all?

- I met Dora and Thomas…

- Candy! Did he kiss you? How was it?

- Well…, let’s just say that I’m not going to dream about his kisses

- You’ve got your ambassador under your skin you mean! William Andrew is a very handsome man!

- Maybe…

- Maybe? He called…

- Who?

- You ambassador…

- Ah! What did he say?

- To tell you that he called…

- Can you pass me your phone?

- You should get yourself one, said her sister giving her her cellphone.

Candy dialed the ambassador’s number.

- Yes?

- Good evening…

- You’re back?

- Yes…

- How was it?

- I spent an excellent evening with William Andrew if you want to know…

Terrence thought about what his mentor had told him on his daughter who was going to come one of these days. Did he have the right to get all of Candy’s attention? Should he let her explore other horizons…?

- Where did you go?

- Intercontinental…

- Was it good?

- Excellent…

Candy didn’t feel the jealousy she was hoping for… what was going on?

- Was he a gentleman?

Did she hear a hint of jealousy?

- He kissed me when he drove me back…, she replied.

- Does he kiss as good as me?

- I didn’t know I had to keep count…

- You must’ve compared us…?

It was more an affirmation than a question.

- You had a nice evening, that’s what matters, he said

That’s all? What did she expect? A jealousy scene? She was a little disappointed.

- Would you like to come with me to the reception at the Belgian embassy? He asked.

He wanted her to be his date! Everything was not lost… Maybe she should’ve accepted to be his date to every reception? But it wouldn’t be that fun…

- You’d like that? She asked slowly

- Otherwise I wouldn’t have asked you…

- You’re ready to show yourself with me in a reception?

- I’m ready to have the most beautiful woman at my arm, yes…

- And he’s a smooth talker too…

- I’m a diplomate…

- We’re known for saying the opposite of what we’re thinking…

- Well I can assure you that I’m not being a diplomate with you, Candice-Bianca, he said smiling.

What was he doing? He was supposed to reject her, didn’t he? But it he couldn’t help himself. That woman was driving him nuts.

- All right. I’ll be your date for the reception at the Belgian embassy.

- I’m going to send you my driver to come and pick you up.

- All right.

- You still don’t have a cell phone?

- Not yet, I have to myself one…

- I can come and pick you up tomorrow so you can get a cell phone during lunch time…

He wanted to see her before the reception! Candy smiled.

- Very well, Your Excellency. We’ll see each other tomorrow, said Candy smiling

- Good night Candice-Bianca.

- Good night Your Excellency…

Candy hung up and she went to join her sister in her room with a nice smile.

- You didn’t have that face when you came back from your date…

- Terrence is coming to pick me up so we can go buy me a cellphone

- He didn’t make a jealousy scene?

- No, I was even kind of disappointed…

- He’s a diplomate, Candy…

- Yes, so I should take his attitude of indifference for a jealousy scene?

- All I’m saying is that he’s a diplomate… He was probably jealous and he didn’t want to show it.

- I don’t know why I didn’t think about that! Thanks Cassie!

She was now smiling and she went to the bathroom to get ready for the night. His sister helped her take her dress off. She put on her nightgown and she took her make up off, while talking to her sister and then brushing her hair… Then she prayed with her sister and they went to bed. They talked a little before they went to bed.

- So, said Cassie, what’s the verdict?

- I told William that we’re going to be friends…

- He kissed you?

- Yes…

- And…?

- We’re staying friends.

- No fireworks?

- Good night Cassie.

- Good night Candy.



"You should be kissed, and often, and by someone who knows how." Rhett Butler, Gone with the wind

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Diplomatically yours...

Chapter 7
“A revelation”

The next morning, Candy's brothers and sisters got ready for their day at summer camp and at lunch time, a car came to pick her up to take her to the British Embassy.

A young Romanian man came out of the Rolls Royce; he had a little moustache and short brown hair, brush cut,

– Hello, Miss Grey. My name is Mihai, at your service.

– Buna ziua Mihai, she said smiling in Romanian

– Buna ziua, he replied smiling. Miss Grey is learning Romanian?

– I have to, Mihai, how are they going to know that I came to Romania?

He had opened the grey Rolls Royce door for her and she got in. He closed the door and went to sit at his place on the right side. They were on their way.

– Did you have a special training to drive on the right?

– I had to practice a little of course; I was a little confused in the beginning.

– And now you’re a pro! Aren't you?

– As a matter of fact, Miss, said Mihai smiling...

She looked around and she realise she had already been there with her father, when she went with him to the movie at the British cultural center to see a movie. The embassy of Great Britain and its cultural center were in the same court.

– The embassy and the cultural center are in the same court?

– His Excellency's residence too, said the driver.

– His office and his residence are at the same place, just like the British Prime Minister

– Indeed, Miss Grey

He parked the car at the place reserved for the ambassador, then he got out to open the door for Candy. She got out and he walked her to the building where the office of his Excellency Master Ambassador Terrence Grandchester was. They went through hallways, went up some stairs until they reached the chief's office. Some employees were whispering that it was the Australian Ambassadress who came to see their ambassador, others were saying it was the daughter of the Australian ambassador … before they got to the office there was the assistant's office.

– Yes? She said

– It's Miss Gray for the ambassador.

– Come in, please.

The assistant was a mid-age woman, Romanian according to her accent. As a matter of fact, embassies hired local people too as their staff, not only to give them a job, but also to have someone who knew what to do to get some stuff.

Candy was in the ambassador's big office. He was on the phone behind a big desk in wood handed sculpted. And he signed her to come in and she obeyed.

– I have to go, he said on the phone, good bye.

And he hung up. He smiled and he stood up and turned around his desk to greet Candy. He kissed her on the cheek.

– Hello, he said smiling; did you have a good ride?

– Hello, Your Excellency, very good, said Candy smiling, your driver is very likeable.

– Thank you Mihai, wait for us in the car.

He got out and closed the door behind him.

– Please have a seat, he said showing her an armchair which was in a small living room in his office.

– Thank you.

– Would you like something to drink?

– Allow me, said Candy standing up, I can manage.

She walked to a little fridge which was in a corner of his office and she opened it. There were all kind of soft drinks, bottled water, plain and sparkling.

– Tango? I like Tango a lot, especially the apple flavoured one!

She took a cold can and opened it. She took a sip.

– Excellent! Said Candy.

He looked at her smiling.

“I hope you like dancing the Tango too...” he thought.

She said:

– where are my manners? Would you like something to drink?

– No thank you, he said, shall we go?

– Let’s go, she said.

They got out of the office to take the car which was waiting for them with Mihai.

- I’m going out for lunch, he said to his assistant

- Very well, Your Excellency, said Marcella

He took Candy’s arm and they started walking together, smiling, until they got to the car. Mihai came out to open the door, taking Candy’s can of Tango, allowing her to sit down, then he gave it back to her. The ambassador sat down on the other side. They went to an electronic store that was selling cellphones, they all went, the driver was translating for them so he could get the best deal. He bought her an Iphone 6 s plus. He bought the sin card and the subscription.

- You think you can manage a smart phone?

- Well, I’m from this generation…

- The one who is born knowing how to use electronics?

- Yes, said Candy smiling

- Well, I must be old school, because I don’t understand much…

- You’re going to get used to it, Your Excellency, said Candy smiling, there is my cellphone number.

He wrote it down and took his phone to call her on the spot. He heard the phone ring like Iphones do. Candy answered.

- Hello?

- Miss Grey?

- Yes, who’s calling please?

- You don’t know my voice?

- The ambassador of my heart? She said softly.

They burst out laughing together with Mihai and the seller; they left the store after the ambassador paid for the phone.

- Where to now? Are you taking me back home?

- We still haven’t had lunch… I’m inviting you at my place.

- All right, but I hope it’s eatable, because British cooking, I’m sorry to say that Your Excellency, leave a lot to be desire.

- That’s why I have a Romanian cook who makes really good food.

- Ah? A Romanian?

- Yes, I only hire the best ones, you know that?

- All right, I trust you.

During the ride, Candy approached him to kiss him.

- Thank you for the cellphone, Your Excellency.

- You’re very welcome, Miss Grey, now I won’t miss you on the phone anymore…

- You did that to keep tabs on me?

- I wanted to get you anywhere

- You paid a lot of money for that!

- I can afford it.

- Of course.

He took her lips in a fiery kiss, very soft. She put her arms around his neck, caressing softly his neck, until they arrived at the embassy. This time around, the driver parked on the residence side of the property and Mihai opened the doors.

- Do you use the front door every day? She asked

- No, I have a direct door from the inside.

- A secret entrance, you mean…

- I heard during the communist era, it was very useful, since we were spied on constantly

- I heard about that…

They went inside the residence and the butler greeted them. They both went to freshen up before going to the dining room. The residence was big and there were a lot of living rooms with closed doors. Candy came out of the washroom and a maid took her to the dining room where the ambassador was waiting for her sitting at the big dining room table. There was a place on his right side for her.

- Thank you, Your Excellency.

- You’re welcome, he said as she sat down.

A maid arrived to serve them. It was rice with chicken roasted in the oven. It was very good. Candy asked if she could pray. He agreed. Then they started eating.

- Bon appetite, Your Excellency

- Bon appetite, Miss Grey

Candy started eating.

- Humm, this is the best rice I’ve ever eaten!

- I told you I only hire the best ones!

- And you are right, especially since British cook leaves a lot to be desire

- What about Australian cooking?

- I have to admit that I never spent enough time in Australia to find out

- You’re always lived abroad?

- In fact, it’s because of the reverse of the seasons, my parents didn’t want us to be bothered by the time difference, they rather leave us in England…

- That’s how you know about British cooking!

She looked at him smiling.

- About food, we have a reception this afternoon, but on Friday night, I wanted to ask you if you would come with me at the Congolese embassy for a friendly dinner.

- A Congolese dinner? Said Candy interested, I’d like that, thank you for the invitation.

- Thank you for accepting.

They finished their meal, then Candy had to go and get ready for the reception at the Belgian embassy.

- I’ll come and pick you up at 6 pm, be ready!

- I will be.

He kissed her slightly on the lips and Candy went back home with Mihai. She was on cloud 9, everything seemed to be going fine. She went to her bedroom to changer for the reception which was going to be in the garden, since the weather was nice. She went to see her mother who was getting ready for the same reception.

- You’re going to the reception

- With the British ambassador

- You seem excited

- I am…

- I hope he won’t break your heart dear.

- I’m just going with him to the reception…

- And…?

- And he bought me an Iphone 6S Plus…

- That’s expensive, said her mother

- He can afford it.

- Candy…

- Mum, don’t worry about me, everything is going to be fine.

- I heard the story with the French ambassador, the version the guest were giving, of course, a lot of them thought your father had lend me to his counterpart

- What a crazy idea!

- You’re not interested?

- He lost me when he told me he hit on you a happily married woman?

- Some people like the forbidden

- Well, too bad for him, he lost me for good… a man who respect himself, will respect someone else’s wife.

- Some women probably said yes…

- Do you know any? No, don’t answer that! I don’t want to know or…

- Honey, you’re going to be a diplomat, you have to learn how to keep your feelings to yourself…

- And say the opposite of what I’m thinking? The French ambassador made me angry…

- Because he admitted to you that breaking up your parents happy marriage…

- He probably wanted an affair with you and he probably did it to others, but it’s not because you can do it that you have to do it… there are boundaries to everything.

- Unfortunately, human nature is like that, sometimes… and what if he had hit on me?

- Well, I would’ve probably had lunch with him too, said Candy, he really charming…

Her mother burst out laughing. Candy was wearing a beautiful yellow dress with big white flowers, very elegant. They continued talking and a maid came to tell them that the British ambassador’s car was there.

- I have to go mum, I’ll see you there?

- See you later!

Candy went downstairs and she went by the front door. Mihai was waiting to open the door for her and she went inside the car to sit next to the ambassador. He leaned towards her and he kissed her on the lips.

- Your Excellency

- Miss Grey, you’re very beautiful and on time too…

- I’m a few seconds late, I was with my mother getting ready.

- She was probably telling you about the latest diplomatic gossip

- We talked about your French colleague

- How he hit on her…

- And if he hadn’t done it, he would probably still hit on me and I would’ve had dinner with him…

- The French charm

- And I also like speaking French, she said smiling

- I like your true speaking

- My mother told me that if I wanted to be a diplomat I had to learn how to say the opposite of what I’m thinking…

- Always be franc with me, please.

- Well Your Excellency, I will spare you the sugar coated diplomatic version, she said smiling if you do the same thing…

- You’ve got a deal…

They arrived at the Belgian embassy and the reception was indeed in the big garden of their residence. There were a lot of people. They got in and they said hello to their acquaintances and talked about the weather. There were still whispering about the Australian ambassadress being with the British Ambassador. But when Candy’s parents arrived, the rumour stopped. You have to say that from a far you could confuse mother and daughter.

Candy found herself alone when she was going to powder her nose and she me the French Ambassador.

- Miss Grey, he said in English.

- Your Excellency, she said coldly

- You still haven’t forgiven me for trying with your mother?

- I don’t think we have anything to say to each other, she said walking away.

- Wait! Give me a chance to redeem myself at least. Have dinner with me. I’m going to show you that I can also be charming.

- I already know that, you don’t need to show it to me…

- I’ll give you my card, if one day you’re ready to forgive me…

Candy took the card to be polite. She had to do the opposite of what she was thinking, right?

- Excuse, Your Excellency, I have to go powder my nose. Thank you for the card.

The Ambassador walked away and he met Georgie, on her way to powder her nose as well.

- Your Excellency, she said smiling

- Mrs. Ambassadress…

- Still running after my daughter?

- Maybe I should’ve kept my mouth shut?

- But I would’ve told her, you know that right?

- Do I still have a chance with her?

- You’re a big boy; you’ll manage on your own, said Georgie walking away.

During the reception, they met the Congolese ambassador and his wife.

- Terrence told you about the diner invitation to a typically African dinner? Asked his wife.

- Yes, said Candy, I really can’t wait to taste it, you are going to have delicious treats, I hope?

- Treats? Said Terry.

- African treats, said Candy, don’t worry, it’s very very good…

- Better than British cooking, said the Congolese Ambassador smiling.

- That’s not very hard, said his wife.

They all burst out laughing.

- I like your boubou, said Candy, looking at the African dress, it was dark blue with golden embroideries with a scarf assorted on her head.

- Thank you, said the Ambassador’s wife smiling, it’s practical in the summer…

After the reception, in the car…

- Would you like to have dinner with me, Candy?

- It would be with pleasure, but I have to tell my parents… I know I sound like a teenager, but I live in their house and they might wait for me for dinner…

- I didn’t say anything, said the Ambassador.

Candy took her phone and called her mother, who also had an IPhone, on Face time. She was it their car.

- Hello, mum?

- Yes honey, are you all right?

- Yes, I’m going to have dinner with the Ambassador.

- Very well, we’re not going to wait for you then.

Her father who was next to her mother took the phone to say:

- Be good!

- Always, said Candy.

Terrence looked at her. She was always good? Did this girl have any fun…or not? Did she dance the Tango… or not? Should he assume that she was like every woman he was dating and ready to open herself like a book? Or was she a nice little girl who tells her parents she wasn’t coming home for dinner? He said to himself he was a diplomat and it was better to talk to avoid misunderstandings. He could still ask Mihai to bring her some girls, if he wanted to get it on… She talked, dragging him out of his thoughts in his head.

- Earth to Terrence, she said smiling.

- I beg your pardon? He said confused

- Where were you just now? The truth please, no diplomatic sugar coating…

He felt a little taken aback. Should he tell her the truth?

- What were you talking about? I’m sorry, I wasn’t listening.

- You’re going to tell me the truth after that, after, right?

- All right.

They had arrived at the British Embassy and Mihai had opened the doors for them to get out of the car. He took her arm and they walked together towards the residence, while talking.

- I was saying that I met your French counterpart while I was going to powder my nose.

- Really?

- He wants me to give him another chance to show me he could be charming

- And you agreed?

- I already now he’s charming, I don’t need have dinner with him to see that…

- He probably shouldn’t have hit on your mother…

- Indeed…

They arrived in one of the living rooms, different from the one from the last time; this one had a big white tail piano.

- What a beautiful piano! Said Candy amazed

- You can play?

- A little, she said

- Be my guest…

- Well, we had a song we made up as teen about the teacher under the music of “Heart and soul”

- That must be fun.

Candy put her purse on the table and she went to sit at the piano to play the music “Heart and soul” and she started singing:

“♪♪Mr. Rate, had fallen in love with philosophy, to come and correct our grammar mistakes and conjugation… ♪♪”

She sang for a while describing each teacher and in the end, Terrence was clapping his hands laughing.

- Very creative!

- We were told not to withhold our creativity… I didn’t compose it, it was the nagging girls in class

- Aside from one teacher, who got all the good qualities, she was not very nice to the others!

A maid arrived to say:

- Dinner is served.

- Thank you Ana. Candy?

She stood up and took his arm, they went to freshen up in the washroom and they met in the dining room. She sad at the same place as the last time. It was another excellent French meal; Chateaubriand, potatoes, steamed vegetables. They started eating.

- It’s very good, she said smiling

- It’s excellent.

At the end of the meal, they were having tea in the living room where the piano was.

- So, she said, I’m still waiting.

- You don’t forget, don’t you?

- Unfortunately for you, no… But giving your reluctance, I think I can guess what it’s about

- Indulge me, then!

- You’re probably asking yourself what kind of woman I was; since I was telling my parents that I was not coming home for dinner, like a teenager and they told me to be good and I answer “always’…you want to know if I’m the kind that spread her legs or not!

The Ambassador burst out laughing! She was right on the money! She looked at him smiling. She knew she was right. He stopped laughing. He took a sip of his hot tea.

- You’re reading my mind, he finally said

- You want an answer to that question?

- Without the diplomatic sugar coating…

- All right. My parents raised me, telling me that I can do whatever I want within certain boundaries. Life experience teaches us sometimes too… When we were in Cote d’Ivoire, a girl in my class got pregnant and over there, the way they talked it was said she had a bad behaviour or dirty things, like they called it too and it gave me the fright of my life at first. I was afraid for a boy to come near me, My mother then explained it to me in another way… very diplomatically, that to have a baby, they called it bad behaviour or dirty things for children, was in fact something very special to share with the person you love, and even better when you’re married to that person. She told me that some mother advised their daughter to “have a life” that it was normal but she was telling me to wait to give something beautiful a nice present to my husband one day. I saw my friend do it one after the other, but I wasn’t interested… my mother had advised me to wait and make a nice present to my husband, so that’s was I was going to do… giving that I didn’t really know what it was and what my friends were telling me wasn’t always good, according to what they were telling me. Others were telling me to try, so that when I get married, I won’t be tempted elsewhere or regret not trying someone else to compare and I was telling them that I wasn’t car that you need to try and if I get married I wasn’t going to search elsewhere, I’m going to do like my mother, she’s faithful to my father… There Your Excellency, I’m a virgin and proud to be one. So if you’re expecting getting it on with me, you’re going to be disappointed… like I said to my parents earlier, I’m always a good girl.

He had listened to her without a word. His head was spinning. A part of him was telling him to go see elsewhere, that there were a lot of women in the world ready to spread their legs for him and another part of him was telling him to keep her for the rest of his life, she was perfect. Now it also depended on the circumstances, what were his intentions; did he want an affair with her or tie the knot for good? Susanna, he had her in his bed and… But Candy fascinated her… he had hoped that she was going to spend the night with him… the plan was kind of dead at the moment.

Candy stood up to say:

- I’m going to go back home now.

He stood up.

- I’m going to drive you. The driver is gone.

- All right, she said.

She walked to the living room door and he followed her. The car was parked in front of the house. He opened the door for her and took the wheel and drover her back to her parents’ residence.

- Euh, I don’t know if I’m going to see you on Friday night?

- Yes you will. We’re going to the Congolese residence for dinner…

- All right. It’s still on?

- Yes, why not?

- Because I’m not going to fall in your bed?

- Oh that…. It’s just for dinner, and then I’ll drive you back home.

Candy looked at him sadly. Was he going to dump her because she wasn’t ready to give herself to him, or to any other men for that matter.

- Good night, Your Excellency, she said.

He leaned and took her lips in a fiery kiss. Candy didn’t know if he was saying goodbye or farewell to her… She got out of the car and went inside the house and he took off.


Here is the melody "Heart and soul"


"You should be kissed, and often, and by someone who knows how." Rhett Butler, Gone with the wind

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Diplomatically Yours…

Chapter 8
“An unexpected meeting”

Candy spent an agitated night. In general, it didn’t bother her if a man was running away from her, because she wasn’t sleeping around, but with Terrence… it was different. What she had told him, indirectly, is that she wanted him to marry her before she could sleep with him… It was risky, but, she like the ambassador, so she might as well put all the cards on the table, because he was probably expecting to sleep with her sooner or later… But too bad if it doesn’t work out with him. The man her gift of virginity is destined is in this world.


The Ambassador went back home and he went to his bedroom and he turned on the television to look at the news. The phone rang, it was Susanna.

- Hello darling?

- Susanna, he said smiling

- Do you miss me?

- It’s a pleasure to hear you, he said, so he wouldn’t have to answer.

- Still very diplomatic! I still couldn’t free myself. But I will come as soon as I’m free to go with you to those receptions and keep you company during the night.

- You don’t need to worry about me…

- Honey, you’re the ambassador, it’s better if you have a girlfriend.

- It’s an advice, but not an obligation…

- Terry…

- You know I’m not alone, right?

- I know you got some bimbos, honey, but if I come, it’s going to be over with her, right?

- Susanna…

Candy didn’t want to sleep with him… But he didn’t want to give hope to Susanna either…

- I know, I can’t be too hopeful.

- I don’t want to engaged myself

- I got that, don’t worry, she said.

- Susanna, don’t come, you’re going to be disappointed…

- I will never be disappointed with you, honey…

- You’ve been warned…

- Good bye, honey, I will call you when I have an arrival date…

- No…

Susanna hung up, Terry sighed. He didn’t feel like seeing Susanna, he didn’t want her to come… He looked at the news on television without really listening and he was thinking about Candy and her condition… It was doable, wasn’t it? Of course, it was doable, the question was, and did he want to do it?


The next morning, Candy went to the diplomatic Club with her little brothers and sisters. Cassie wanted to play tennis. There were tennis courts at the club. They went to wait for a court to be free. There were some benched and they sat down, Candy sat with Cassie.

- So your British Ambassador didn’t call?

- No…

- You’re not worried?

- Well, no…

- What did you tell him again?

- That I wasn’t going to open my legs…

- He must be discouraged…

- Well… we needed to have that conversation sooner or later…

- You must’ve have knocked him over with a feather, he must be thinking, there still virgin girls in this world?

- You should’ve seen his face… I almost felt sorry for him…

- But not enough to give up on you principles?

- Sometimes I ‘m saying to myself, everybody is doing it, maybe it’s not that important…

- But it is important, Candy, said her sister, otherwise God wouldn’t have put that “gate” there… Why did he look for a virgin to give birth to his son? Look, even in legends, they say the blood of a virgin is poison for a vampire…

- Ok, so if I get married and I get it on with my husband, I’m not protected anymore against vampires?

- If you marry your soul mate, your blood will always be poison for vampires…

- So a virgin in theory, cannot transform into a vampire?

- Indeed…

- But I thought innocent blood made them stronger?

- Well for vampires, innocent blood is poison, especially babies… but if a virgin agreed to get bitten, the blood is going to make the vampire stronger, but only if she agrees…

- What is it with vampires and agreements? They say they can come into your house only if you invite them to come in…

- Euh, I don’t know, they’re polite? Said her sister smiling.

- Yes, polite until they suck your blood!

- But your blood can kill them!

- Yours too! I hope Dracula won’t come to visit us…

- I think they need to follow certain rules, like to come inside house, they can’t come in if they’re not invited, so they can’t come and feed on you!

- At least, there are rules…

- We’re in Dracula’s country by the way, you don’t want to go see his tomb?

- It’s not a little far from Transylvania?

- Well the monastery is in Snagov, it’s at less than an hour from here…

- “Dracula” means the devil, in Romanian, right?

- Yes…

- Well the legend is kind of creepy, I don’t feel like going to see the tomb of “the devil”

- All right… But I don’t need to convince you it’s important, you knew that before me right?

- Yes, if the world of darkness thinks it’s important, it means it also important on our side…

They were talking, when they heard in French:

- Mesdemoiselles…

They looked up at the same time. Did he hear their conversation?

- Your Excellency, said Cassie smiling

“The gray hair, but he’s charming” Said Cassie to herself

Candy, was not smiling.

- Your Excellency, said Candy coldly

- Candice-Blanche, you‘re still upset with me? Aren’t you? But you’re refusing my dinner invitations so that I can make up for it…

- Your Excellency

- You refused a dinner invitation with the French Ambassador? Said Cassie

- Isn’t it surprising? All that because I had the audacity to hit on your mother…

- Oh, said Cassie, well that’s a bad start, Your Excellency; Candy doesn’t like messy things…

- I’m trying to make up for it…

He was wearing white shorts; he was wearing a tennis outfit. He had a bag with his tennis racket too…

- I have an idea, said Cassie, what if you play a tennis game with Candy, if you win, she will have lunch with you at the Club’s restaurant…

- Cassie! Said Candy frowning

- What? You play well, don’t you?

- But I don’t know if the ambassador is excellent or not…

- Well, you’re going to be surprised, said her sister, what do you say, Your Excellency?

- All right, if you beat me, I’m going to leave you alone and I will no longer bother you.

Candy thought what if she loses? Lunch with this charming man, should be pleasant… what if she won?

- All right…

The tennis court was free. Candy got ready to play tennis with the French ambassador… Cassie was going to play the referee.

The game started… People approached the court to look at them. Playing against a man is not very fair; because they have the same strength … she managed to score some points… But the ambassador was very strong, or he wanted to win at all cost to have lunch with her…In any case, Candy did all she could but the French ambassador, won the game. There were some clapping, He smiled, He approached the net and Candy too… and shook her hand.

Thanks to Glynda08 pour le fanart

- I’ll meet you at the restaurant in a couple of hours? He said.

- I don’t have the choice, said Candy without smiling.

She left him to join her sister who was waiting for her. Other people wanted to play tennis.

- Are you all right? Asked Cassie.

- No, because I have to have lunch with him!

- Poor Candice-Blanche, she said imitating the Ambassador, having to have lunch with a charming man who is an ambassador on top of that! He’s charming…

- I know he’s charming!

- Wait a minute, that’s what’s bother you, right?

- He hit on mum!

- And mum said no! Looks like you keep repeating that sentence to yourself to make him less interesting… Candy, that’s life! Men ask women out they say yes or no… The other day, I saw the 6th grade teacher kissing the math teacher’s wife!

- Wife?

- And they were not even hiding… anybody could’ve seen them, even the husband…

- My God!

- Miss Prude!

- Makes me think of France history, the queens and their lovers and the kings and their favourites.

- Well, this “king” is single.

- He’s waiting his time with me, I don’t sleep around

- So you have nothing to worry about, said Cassie, he’s going to move on to someone else

They went to the shower room, because Candy had sweat and she took a quick shower, then she went with her sister at the swimming pool to swim… There were a lot of people and the children had their small pool. Candy and her sister went inside the water and swam for a while…

- Now, said Candy, I’m starving now!

- Let’s dry up and go to the restaurant…

- Are you coming with me?

- There is now way! I’m going on the terrace with the little ones… you’re going to have to manage on your own to shut down the French ambassador!

Candy dried herself up and she put on a long beach dress on top of her bathing suit. Elle tied up her wet hair in a ponytail. She put some sandals on her feet and she went to the Club’s restaurant. There was a lot of people and she saw the ambassador right away… He had changed his clothes. He was wearing blue pants and a t-shirt with short sleeves by Pierre Cardin. He was very elegant. He stood up when he saw her walk to their table to pull a chair for her. She sat down.

- Thank you, she said.

- You’re very welcome. Did you have a swim in the pool?

- Yes.

The ambassador looked at her, without her makeup, her natural beauty came out and he saw the freckles on her nose. She was so beautiful!

- And now, I’m starving…

He did a sign with his hand and a waiter came running to take their order.

- What can I serve you? Asked the waiter in Romanian

- A tomato salad with cheese to start and chicken pane with fries… and a fruit juice

- I will take a tomato salad with cucumber and cheese on top and for the main meal, some cașcaval pané…. And a some mineral water.

- I will bring that to you right away, said the waiter

Candy looked at him.

- Cașcaval pané?

- It’s really good… it’s a Romanian speciality, created for the foreigners in this Diplomatic Club

- I know, my little brother and sisters love it!...I take it for a meal for children…

- So a man like myself shouldn’t order that? Then, I have children’s taste…

Candy smiled.

- You know, I’m not that old, we just turn gray faster in my family, that’s all…

- You’re not hiding your gray hair

- No, I think it adds to my charm…

- Well you are not modest at all!

- Charity begins at home. Am I not right? He said smiling

Candy had to choice but to agree with him. She had a beautiful smile. The waiter arrive with some slice bread and the salads. During lunch, Candy thought he was even more charming, it that was possible. But she couldn’t help thinking about the British Ambassador.

- So how are things going with my British counterpart?

- Well…

- I suppose he didn’t hit on your mother…

- I’m wondering how do you manage to joke about that…

- If I don’t mock myself…

- Rumour has it that you’re a charmer

- The rumour is true, don’t you think so?

Candy burst out laughing, the ambassador was a charming man and pleasant. They brought their main meal and they started eating.

- Tell me about yourself, said the ambassador.

- You know everything about me…

- I remember your tirade before you blew me off… It’s the marriage or nothing with you…

- And you insisted to see me again?

- Who said I’m not going to offer you to marry me?

Candy looked at him stunned.

- You would give up you precious freedom?

- For you? Yes…

- You’re not in love with me…

- Love is a very big word…

- Your Excellency, said Candy, when I want marriage or nothing, I also want love… We’re not during the time of the kings anymore when the queens had lover and kings their favourites… but looks like you culture is sticking to you, Your Excellency.

He looked at her smiling.

- This cașcaval pané is excellent! Do you want a piece?

He cut a piece with his fork and offered it to Candy, she opened her mouth and took the little piece of grilled cheese. It was a Romanian cheese very good and when it was grilled, he was even better.

- During the communist era, the cooks of the Diplomatic Club, tried all sort of recipes on foreigners, this grilled cheese was one of them. When people talked about it else where, people didn’t seem to understand what they were talking about… After the revolution, and the success of the dish in question, the recipe was finally shared with the rest of the population!

- It is very good, said Candy smiling.

- During the communist era, people were just full of ideas and restraining themselves sometimes

- In how many countries have you been to before coming here? Asked Candy

They had changed the conversation and he started to tell her how it was in other countries. When came the time for desert…

- Would you allow me to order? Asked the ambassador

- Papanaşi? Said Candy smiling.

- Yes! You know it!

- With my little brothers and sisters…

- …are crazy about it, said the ambassador. Two Papanaşis with fresh cream, he told the waiter

- Very well, your excellency.

- You speak French very well, he said.

- Like you speak English very well with out the regular stereotypes by the French when they speak English.

- You mean the “ze” instead of “the”” He said smiling

- Yes! Do you do it on purpose?

- You don’t really have the English accent when you speak French…

- That’s because I learned French very young and I usually take the accent of the person I’m talking to…

- You have the foreign accent syndrome…

- Because it’s a medical condition? Said Candy smiling

- I haven’t done any research on it…

- What? Master the ambassador the intellectual? You’ve missed an opportunity to impress me!

- Oh darn! If only I had known! He said bursting out laughing

She laughed with him.

- But this restaurant was taken over by the French after the revolution, and you’re ordering Romanian food.

- I eat French cuisine every day at my place and I have the best cook. You should come and have dinner with me one day at my place

- I really like French cuisine, said Candy, I’m tempted to accept…

- Then, say yes, he said smiling

- I’ll think about it.

- You still have my card? Or did you throw it away?

Candy burst out laughing.

- I still have it… she replied smiling.

- Thank you, he said smiling. Would you like some tea or a coffee?

- A glass of water would be enough…

The ambassador paid for the mean and he got out of the restaurant with Candy. She went on the terrace to see her brothers and sisters.

- Candy? Said her little sister, who is the man with gray hair?

- That’s the French ambassador, she said smiling

- Ambassador? Like daddy? She asked

- Yes

- Hello Your Excellency, she said smiling

The ambassador smiled, she was so cute.

- Hello, he said in perfect English, how are you?

- I’m fine, she said, how are you doing?

- I’m fine, thank you, sweetie, he said smiling.

The other greeted him and then he walked away with Candy, who walked him to his car.

- Thank you for the great lunch, Your Excellency.

- Francois…

- Your Excellency, repeated Candy.

- Am I forgiven?

- My mother refused, so I suppose I can’t be angry at you for good…

- Thank you… Good bye, Candice-Blanche, he said kissing her hand.

- Good bye, Your Excellency.

He got in his car and left. Candy went back to her family and the helped the little ones get ready to go back to their house.
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Diplomatically Yours…

Chapter 9
“The Congolese dinner”

The British Ambassador haven’t called Candy all week and she was wondering if he was going to come for the dinner at the Congolese embassy… He had told her he was going to come so, she got ready to wait for him. Her sister was in the bedroom with her…

- You sure he’s going to come?

- Well, if he stands me up, it’s going to be easy to dump him…

- But you don’t want to dump him… you like him…

- I know I like him, but if he doesn’t want my condition…

- You’ll cross that bridge when you get there… what about the French Ambassador?

- What about, the French Ambassador?

- You had lunch with him the other day…

- He plays tennis well…

- And…

- And, nothing!

- Come on, Candy!

- He’s a womanizer who hit on mum… and he doesn’t even hide it! I’m certainly not going to get close to him…

- But your British don’t seem interested anymore with your condition…

- So, you want me to turn to the French Ambassador whom, I know only wants to have fun? He won’t accept my condition either… I’m going to go to Australia and get a job at the foreign affairs ministry, I’ll meet a single diplomat there, I’m sure…

- But for the moment, you’re here on holidays. You know that with dad you‘ve got a guaranteed spot at the foreign affairs ministry… There are a lot of diplomats here…

- Most of them are married…

- There are single ones… maybe the ambassadors are way to high placed and full of themselves, if you go down a notch…

- Go down lower than an ambassador? A counsellor? A secretary? Minister-Counsellor?

- You were at the top; I see what you mean…

- If I want to go down, I’ll go to Australia, not here…

- When is your Congolese dinner?

- Tonight…

- Did he confirm?

- He confirmed the last time I dropped me off… Let met me finish get ready.

- All right. I bet he heard a about your lunch with the French Ambassador…


At the British Ambassador’s residence, His Excellency the Ambassador Terrence Graham Grandchester was getting ready. He had to go pick up the Australian ambassador’s daughter… He didn’t really know what to think since their last conversation. Susanna was always calling him, and she was waiting for him to give her the green light, in a way, but he knew she would end up coming one of these days. Candy… He had received a phone call the night before from his friend Tuba…

- How are you? Asked Terrence.

- I’m fine Your Excellency, what about you?

- I’m fine, thank you…

- What about your love life?

- My love life?

- You know what I mean, your date at the last reception…

- Yes?

- She told you she had lunch with my William?

- “Your William”? You’ve got the exclusivity? Aren’t you the lucky one?

- Then she was with you at the reception at the Belgian embassy…

- I wasn’t hiding, you know that.

- And the other day, at the Diplomatic Club, she was having lunch with the French Ambassador…

Terry’s heart exploded in his chest… That’s the reason of the phone call, to let him know about what Candy did!

- Well, she goes around a lot, your little girlfriend, she continued

- I can’t speak for the other, but I can assure you that it’s very platonic, with me…

- Really? No second base?

- That’s an American term, right? Well no, first base…

- She’s probably being difficult.

- “Your William” told you something?

- Well, he told me nothing at all…

- Listen Tuba, all I can tell you is that she’s not that kind of woman… She’s a good girl…
- I feel a hint of regret in your voice… if she’s a good girl, it means, you can’t have fun with her, right?

- …

- Damn it!

- I have to get ready to go out…

- Good girls are looking for marriage, in general… Everything is not lost. You could still manage to get her by proposing to her…

- If I propose to her, it’s going to be for real, not to bed her…. And she is waiting to get married to have sex, if you want to know

- Ah, the perfect daughter… That Georgie, she had to be perfect everywhere! She has the perfect husband and the perfect daughter too!

- Good bye, Tuba, said terry hanging up.

He shook his head… marry Candy? The idea would’ve come to him eventually, if he liked being with her, so he would’ve gone to the next level. But Lord Marlowe also wanted him to marry Susanna, his daughter… so technically, he wasn’t free emotionally… It didn’t bother him before, but since he had met Candy, ever since she fell on him on the plane, nothing was ever the same for him. Lord Marlowe was not imposing him his daughter per say, but he was insinuating it… And Susanna would be the perfect woman for him… Candy had her diplomatic career, while he wanted a career in politics… if he political party got the majority one day… well, it was the time to think about that. He had to go to pick up Candy. He was eager to see her again he had missed her… he didn’t take his driver; he was going to drive himself. He arrived at the Australian Residence and he got in and parked in front of the main door of the villa. He got out of the car and went to ring the bell. He waited for a few moments and then he heard the door unlocking and opening. And Georgie appeared in front of him.

- Good evening, Your Excellency, she said with a beautiful smile

- Mme Ambassadress, said Terrence taking her hand to kiss it, you still more beautiful every time I see you!

- Thank you. Come in, please, Candy won’t be very long.

They went to one of the living rooms of the residence where the ambassador was sitting, watching the news. He was wearing some casual clothes and he stood up when he saw his counterpart arrive.

- Your Excellency, he said

- Good evening, Your Excellency, said Terry smiling

- So an African dinner tonight?

- Yes, Congolese, the ambassador invited us to taste their special meals from their country, said the British

- You’re not afraid? Asked Georgie

- It’s not like they’re going to serve us insects! Said the British

Georgie and Laurent looked at each other smiling.

- Oh my God! Said Terrence.

- Mum, dad, are you scaring my date? Said Candy arriving and smiling, good evening Your Excellency.

- Candice-Bianca, he said kissing her on the cheek, good evening.

His heart was full of joy when he saw her. What was that again? He didn’t know what was happening to him. She indeed had missed her, but all that joy…

- Don’t worry, whatever they serve you, I can assure you that it’s going to be eatable and full of vitamins! Said Candy smiling

- You know something about it?

- We’ve lived in Cote d’Ivoire, among other countries…

- And the cooking is the same?

- More or less, sometimes, but not always. Each country has their way of cooking things.

- Well, I’m happy to have a date who knows African cooking with me…

- Mum, dad, goodbye. Said Candy walking away.

- Have a great night, Your Excellency, Mme Ambassadress, said Terrence following Candy.

- Have fun! Said Georgie smiling

- Bon appetite! Said Candy’s father

- Thank you, said Candy from afar.

They got out of the residence and Candy saw the golden Jaguar parked in front of the main entrance. He opened the door for her and she got in, then he took the wheel and the guards opened the gate and they got out to go to the Congolese Embassy.
- You know your way around Bucharest, now?

- Well, I know my way around, if you explain the road to me, I can find anything, like the Congolese residence, it’s just next to the Indonesian Embassy and I came to see the Ambassador during my courtesy call, when I arrived here…

- You remember the way?

- Well, I look around when I get driven, you know, I look, I remember… otherwise, how are you?

- Do you really care? Said Candy dryly

- Of course, otherwise, I wouldn’t have asked the question…

He knew what she meant by that, that he hadn’t called her once…

- You could’ve called me if you wanted to know how I was, she finally said.

- I needed to think…

- You thought alone or in the arms of a local Romanian girl?

He looked at her. She was jealous… he was happy…

- I wasn’t having lunch with the French Ambassador…

- Good news travels fast! He just wanted to show me he could be charming too…

- And was he?

- What?

- Was he charming?

- Well yes, he was every very charming… and he speaks English without the evident French accent. I told him about it, telling him that with me it depended with whom I was talking…. And he told me that I had the foreign accent syndrome

- You take the accent of the person you’re talking to…

- Yes, I didn’t know about that condition…

- With all the trips you’ve made, you‘ve never heard about that?

- No, not until Francois told me about it, she said on purpose.

Terrence twitched.

- Ah, now it’s “Francois?” Is he conquering you by any chance?

- I was just saying, he was charming and that he told me about the foreign accent syndrome.

- Because he has the same condition

- You think? Maybe he learned English when he was very young…

- A French man? I’ve never met one who doesn’t speak English with the “ze”. He was telling you about a condition he was suffering from himself…

- So he wanted me to be sympathetic to his cause… charming, said Candy smiling
Did he kiss you to say goodbye

- I refused…

- Ah…

- In fact, it’s because of my sister… we wanted to play tennis…

She told him what happened…

- He’s a good tennis player… too bad you lost and you had to have lunch with the charming French Ambassador…

He was jealous, Candy could feel it. She smiled.

- I have to admit, he was great company…

- I haven’t missed you at all…

They had arrived at the Congolese residence. They found a place to park their car in the court. He got out to open the door for Candy, and he helped her get out of the car. He took a package in the back seat and Candy’ s arm and they both walked to the front door. Terrence rang the door and a butler came to open the door. They got in and followed him inside and he took them to the living room where the ambassador and his wife were sitting.

- Welcome to our residence, said the Congolese Ambassador

- Thank you, said Candy smiling, it smells good

- Yes, said Terrence, It’s making me hungry. Good evening Your Excellency, Mme Ambassadress

He gave them the package he had in his hands.

- Thank you said the Ambassadress smiling.

They were all speaking English. They went to sit down in one of the numerous living rooms of the residence. That one had nice furniture, light brown velvet. They sat down and a maid arrived to give them some drinks. Terry took a pre-dinner with is counterpart and Candy and the ambassadress, had water with a slice of lemon.

- I haven’t eaten anything, said Terrence, because I didn’t want to ruin my appetite.

- In general, people eat first just in case… said the Ambassadress

- I’ve always been curious about African cooking. What we see in receptions, it’s mostly appetizers European style.

- Well, I hope that our specialties will please you, said the ambassadress smiling.

A maître d’hôtel arrived to say:

- Dinner is served…

Everybody stood up and the men left the women pass in front of them. Candy followed the ambassadress who was wearing the traditional African cloth, with the top sewed in a nice blouse. The Ambassador was wearing a suit called “Safari”, that was beige. They went to the dining room which was covered with all kind of food.

- But this is a whole feast! Said Candy smiling.

- I hope you enjoy the meal, said the Congolese ambassador.

They went to sit down. The ambassador had the place of honour; his wife was on his right, while Candy and Terrence were sitting at this right left. They brought them their entries; it was some fish cake with a spicy sauce with avocados. Candy had some and she liked it a lot. Terrence too, especially the spicy sauce.

- This is very good, said Terry, I like the spicy sauce.

- Yes, said Candy, it’s really good; I’ve never had an avocado sauce this way, the hot sauce brings up the taste…

- You like spicy food? Asked the ambassador.

- When I was little, I was always wondering how you could like something that was so spicy… but now I like it. Not too much, or my stomach will suffer…

- We have a cook, from Congo who makes us all kind of his inventions, and it’s wonderful, said the ambassadress

- Ah, said Terry, you have a Congolese cook?

- Yes, said the ambassadress, I remember when I was little, we had a parade of Romanians cooks… and even Congolese… So when I heard we were coming here, I decided to bring my own cook…

- That’s a good idea, said Candy smiling, when I was little, we were in Cote d’Ivoire and we had a local cook, his name was Mamadou and I don’t think I’ve ever eaten food so good in my life. Even the white rice was very good!

- My parents were also in Cote d’Ivoire, said the ambassadress, but it was before I was born… and the cook was also excellent… my sister who was two years old back then, remembered his meals, particularly a rice made with rice and cabbage and ground meat…

- Yes, said Candy, I saw that! Over here, they do it with vine leaves, but it tastes better with cabbage leaves. Wasn’t his name Mamadou by any chance? Your mother’s cook?

- I don’t know, I should ask her, said the ambassadress laughing

The men were also laughing.
- Right! You were both here too when your fathers were diplomats here, said Terrence.

- Yes, said the ambassador, during the communism era, where everything was rationalised and people were standing in line to buy food everywhere.

- But not for foreigners, said his wife, we had our diplomatic stores, even if we were rationalised too…

- You couldn’t buy as much as you wanted? Asked Terrence.

- No, otherwise there won’t be enough for everybody… for example, if there’s meat, you could only buy 3 kg… well that was for us, the Americans, for example never ate anything local…everything came from their country…

- That’s how they are everywhere they go, said Terrence, they can afford it and they have like 200 or 300 employees in their embassies.

- I envy them, said the Congolese ambassador, we didn’t have many diplomats, but most of them want to sabotage me, for a job that’s not really what we think it is. It’s not funny to get summoned by the government of a country because of late payments…

- But tonight, let’s talk about more happy things, said his wife.

- Like how you two met, started Candy

- And where did you learn your English, asked Terrence, I hear an American accent from you

- Well, said the ambassadress, my father was a diplomat in New York when I was little, in fact, I was writing and reading in English before I could do it in French!

- And you didn’t have any problems when you went back to Congo? Asked Candy

- In fact no, not at all…

- Well, you see, said her husband, my wife is very very smart. Once she was back in Congo, her family was worried, but she came out 5th of her class at the first period, that’s 3 months after school starts… Then she kept getting better and by the end of the year, she was the second of her class!

- Wow! Said Candy smiling

- You are very smart, said Terrence smiling

- Thank you, she said smiling

- And I learned English very young too, when my father was in Lagos in Nigeria and in Lusaka in Zambia…

- It’s good to learn lots of languages, said Candy in French and smiling.

- Indeed! Said the ambassadress in the same language. Where did you learn French , Candice?

- Well, my father was in France, so I went to French school to learn French…

- Ah…, said the Congolese ambassador, but you’re from Australia, aren’t you? When you go back home with the change of seasons…

- Well my parents had the perfect solution; they left us in London so we wouldn’t have to be upset with the school systems and vacations…and when we went back to Australia, everybody was in school, so we would rather stay on this side of the globe…

The servers had brought other meals, it was orange rice, semolina, a red paste and lots of other meals. Candy looked at the meals.

- You have some red paste? I thought it was typically from Benin?

- Well, it doesn’t prevent us from cooking some, said the ambassadress laughing

- I’ve had some in Cote d’Ivoire, at the Benin embassy

Among the plates, there was what they called delicacies. It was, at least for the British ambassador, insects he saw in plates…

- You want to taste, Your Excellency? Asked the Congolese ambassadress

Candy was looking at him smiling.

- Try some, I can assure you it’s very good…

- All right, said Terry, I trust you…

Candy put some caterpillars, some grasshopper and little red insects on his plate… He knew as a diplomat that he should eat a little bit so he wouldn’t be rude. He tasted the caterpillars and he thought it was very good with the orange rice with vegetables he took… Candy, on her plate, has some red paste and some exotic meat with egusi seeds… there were all kind of green vegetables, one in particular which smelled good named dilomlombo. There was some fish, snapper, grilled on coal with nice spices. Terry had never eaten fish that tasted so good. There was some chicken grilled too and some meat kebab. Everything was very good. Among the caterpillars he was eating, there were some with white parts that smelled very good and tasted very good.

- These are very expensive, back home, said the ambassadress, especially if they know you’re not from around there, they charge you more… they were selling this 4 for 1 US $ and they don’t take 1 $ bills, they start at 5$... It’s a whole adventure to visit our country, I assure you…

- But during the communism era, said the ambassador, you had to corrupt for everything. They didn’t have good cigarettes, so with our diplomatic status, we were able to buy good cigarettes in diplomatic shops in dollars… and it was a great business… with our country that was not paying the salaries regularly, for us it didn’t bother us that little “illegal” business

He had made the sign with his fingers while saying the word “illegal”…

- Well, you just had to make the best of things, said Candy, when you go to Rome, you do what the Romans do…

- But did you like changing schools? Asked Terrence

- Not really, said the ambassadress, I didn’t like being the new girl all the time

- I thought it was interesting, said Candy smiling; it’s always fascinating to discover new things…

- During our time, French school depended on diplomats; there were not a lot of children. Everybody knew each other… we had parties from 6 to 11 and 11 pm, everybody was gone…

- The teens had discipline during that time

- And it was before the computer and social media time… people liked to meet to talk and have fun

- Today, you’d wonder if people still talk, every body is on their phone…

- During the communism era, we were spied on by the government, there was an earthquake once years ago and they found microphones at the French embassy among other embassies

- The Romanians were upset because technically, they were not allowed to mingle with foreigners, but it didn’t stop Romanian girls.

- And the Romanian men were upset because we African women didn’t like to date them…

- Why? Said Candy

- Euh, said the ambassadress, me personally, they were not my kind, but some rare African girls were dating Romanian men

Her husband and her looked at each other. Candy wondered why but she didn’t say anything. She looked at Terry who have had some Romanian girls in his bed… To change the topic, she said:

- I really like this exotic meat, said Candy, but when you say exotic meat, which animal is it really?

- It could be antelope, monkey, elephant…

- Oh… interesting, said Terry

He tasted the red paste and he found it really good. The rice with vegetable was very good, different from the paella… Terry tasted everything. There was also banana plantain, grilled in oil and boiled too. The boiled bananas were grounded and shaped as a ball… The contrast of the sweet and the salty and the spicy was very very good. Terrence thought the hot sauce was great.

- Be careful, said Candy, you’re going to puncture your stomach…

- Don’t worry about me, said Terrence, I wish I could eat this kind of food every day… it’s absolutely wonderful, your cuisine.

- I’m happy you like it, said the ambassador, I’m going to invite you again…

- Me, said Candy, I would like to learn how to make some of those meals

- No problem, at the next meeting of ambassadresses, come with your mom, we’re going to exchange recipes, said the ambassadress

- All right, I’ll tell my mother.

It was dessert time; they brought them some African fruits salad on a platter. Terrence was introduced to exotic fruits he had never heard of before… Candy knew some of them and she was able to guide him a little and she found out other fruits she didn’t know about.

- There are lots of fruits we don’t know the name in French or English, said the ambassadress

- Like this one, said Candy, who was eating a fruit, it looks like a mangoustan.

- It’s called “Matonge”, said the ambassador, it does look like a mangoustan, it’s even better with some dried hot sauce…

- You should write the different fruits from your country to inform people, said Terrence

- Yes, said Candy, on the internet, there are some wiki pages were everybody can write

- It’s a great idea, said the ambassadress

- I’ll think about it, said the ambassador smiling

- You have lots of sour fruits, said Terrence

- Yes, it’s perfect for pregnant women, said the ambassadress smiling

- I trust you, said Candy smiling

- Do you want children one day?

- I have to find a husband first, said Candy

- Yes, of course, said the ambassadress smiling, I believe if you’re destined to be together, destiny will make sure it happens…

- You know, my husband and I met here in Romania when our parents were working here… I was 11 years old when we met and he was 16…

- But I kept telling her that I wanted to marry her.

- And I thought he was kidding, because he had all those girls…

- I didn’t marry all those girls, said her husband and you were a child, I had to be patient… wait for you to grow up.

- You were not bored while I was growing up, she said ironically

He looked at her smiling.

- I love you too, honey, he said smiling and now, you’re the only one!

Candy thought their relationship was particular, but she knew that in the African culture, young girls would “wait” with for their turn with their man… Some accepted polygamy already… a man had a girlfriend, a white one and an African one and the African one didn’t think the white one was as important, thinking she was going go back with their man back home in Africa while the white girl is going to stay in her country… And the men were used to have lots a girlfriends at the time… Every country had its culture. But the ambassadress was a child when she met her husband who was telling her he was going to marry her, she didn’t take him seriously and she was seeing him date other girls…

- Your story is very romantic, said Terrence

- What about and Candice?

- We’re friends, said Candy smiling

- I heard the news that you had lunch with the French ambassador

- Good news travel fast, said Candy smiling

- Is there something between you?

- Just friendship, also, said Candy, I think I’m going to go work in Australia and maybe I’ll meet my soul mate…

- Maybe your soul mate is right in front of you and you don’t know it, said the ambassadress

- The future will tell us…

- Candy, can you come with me, I would like to show you something, some women stuff, said the ambassadress

- All right, said Candy standing up to follow the ambassadress

The men stayed behind in the living room.

- What’s going on? I thought everything was fine after the Belgian reception

- Well, things are not like you imagined…

- Meaning?

The British ambassador remained silent and his Congolese counterpart guessed what he was trying to say…

- Ohhh, her legs are closed?

- How did you guess?

- We told you I met my wife when she was a child, right? She was only 11 years old… I had to be patient and she got the education saying that she will only get it on after she gets married; otherwise it’s a sin…

- She was 11, I can understand that, but Candice has university diploma…

- It doesn’t mean she’s going to change as she gets older… My wife and I were separated, when my father left Romania… she was 13… we saw each other again when she was 15 and I was 22… She was still a minor and I didn’t want to ruin her innocence… I still wanted to marry her… I respected her choice and I didn’t try to force things, because it would’ve looked like statutory rape! When she was finally ready, she asked me if I was serious and if I really wanted to marry her… I finally married her and she was still intact… and I have to admit, knowing that I was the only one to have been with her…. Well I was frustrated sometimes, I respected her more for keeping her principles and the education she got from her mother… I don’t regret it.

- But you had other girlfriends…

- Which I dumped once the one I wanted was ready….

- I admit that I respect her, because she’s old fashioned… I don’t know what to do… I thought it was going to be like with my other relationships…

- With a roll in the hay from time to time?

- My driver brings me some local girls… but it’s only to relief me and there’s the daughter of my mentor who doesn’t want to let go of me

- Is she here?

- No, she’s in London and she can arrive one of these mornings

- Well, looks like you’ve got a decision to make. Do you want Candy of you can do without her… the French Ambassador is lurking around

- She probably told him the same thing or she will.

- What if he gives her what she wants…?

- She has to be interested at first.

- The French is a charmer…

Terrence thought, could he do without Candy? Or did he want to see her every day? He had a decision to make.


Meanwhile, the ladies were in the bedroom, in the a little room that served as a closet… She showed her the last boubou she had recently received.

- How is it with the British ambassador?

- I like him

- What about the French?

- He’s charming

- But…

- I have a principles; I don’t sleep with a man I’m not married to

- Oh… I didn’t know they did women like you, still…

- I’m old fashioned

- I met my husband when I was a little girl and he was saying he was going to marry me and I believed him without really believing him… when our age difference wasn’t an obstacle anymore, I gave him the same speech as you did… and he was patient, he asked me to marry him when the time came and I don’t regret waiting… I was dreaming when I was little and I still can’t believe he really married me like he was saying… Have faith… if he’s the man who is destined to be with you, you’re going to end up together…

- Thanks for your encouragements…

She took a boubou, green like Candy’s eyes with a scarf and some sandals and gave them to Candy.

- Thank you so much, that’s too much!

- You’re beautiful, it’s a pleasure for me… and what about the charming French ambassador

- He hit on my mother…

- Oh…

- That’s why he wanted to have lunch with me to show me he was also charming

- And was he?

- What?

- Charming?

- Oh yes, he’s every very charming, said Candy smiling

- Enough for you to give in?

- Not the least in the world… I thought I was going to go back home to Australia to work

- Marry an ambassador, that wouldn’t be so bad…

- Yes, only he’s going to be from another country…

- There is no problem without a solution… start at the top it could be fine

They were going back to the living room where the men were. The ambassadress gave a package to Terrence. It was a Safari suit…

- Thank you so much, Mme Ambassadress, said Terry smiling

- Before you leave, I wanted you to taste a beverage from back home; palm wine

- Palm wine? Said Terry

- Yes, it comes from palm trees, don’t ask me how, it’s a complicated process

Terrence took a sip.

- It’s really good, when you hear “wine”

- You expect another taste, said the ambassadress smiling

- I like it, said Candy

- Good, said the ambassador, giving them each a bottle

- Thank you, Your Excellency, said Candy warmly. You will have to come to my parents to eat too

- It would be with pleasure, said the ambassadress

They walked the young couple to their car. They talked again for a moment, then Terry starts the car to bring Candy back to her house.

- I’ve never eaten such an exquisite food, he said

- It was really better than your horrible British cuisine

- You don’t like British cooking?

- Otherwise, I wouldn’t say it was horrible, she said laughing

When they got to Candy’s parents’…

- Thank you for this wonderful evening, Your Excellency, said Candy

- I also had a great time

He wanted to lean, but she put her hand up to stop him.

- Not tonight, she said, unless you have an answer for me tonight?

He looked at her… for a moment.

- Good night, Candice-Bianca…

- Good night, Your Excellency, said Candy smiling

She got out of the car and she rang the door. He waited until the door opened to start the car and leave.


"You should be kissed, and often, and by someone who knows how." Rhett Butler, Gone with the wind

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