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> The Letters to Juliet, My Christmas Story 2013
post Nov 16 2017, 11:05 PM
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The Letters to Juliet

Chapter 1
"A ghost from the past"

Candice Blanche Andrew was a student at the University of Chicago. She took a sabbatical and she had gone backpacking through Europe after finishing high school, but she had stayed longer, because of her heartbreak… Her parents had let her, knowing she needed time to get over her heartbreak… Now she was back home and she had to finish school and eventually get a job and provide for herself and live alone. She was outside the university sitting on a bench, when one of her friend arrived breathless.

- Candy! Oh here you are! Finally!

- What’s going on Annie? Asked Candy

Annie Jones was her roommate in an apartment downtown. She was blond like her, but her hair was strait and Candy’s were wavy.

- You have to come quickly! There’s a guy looking for you!

- A guy?

- Yes, he’s very handsome!!!!

- Annie… he asked for me? It’s not one of my cousins?

- I know your cousins for seeing them in pictures, no, it’s not one of your cousins!!! He like like those guys in romance novels you read…

- Really? Said Candy , you’re sure he was real? You’re not hallucinating?

- Candy, stop it! He insisted a lot to see you...I did tell him that I didn’t know where you were exactly. But he said he was going to wait for you. That he waited 7 years for you, so a few moments more…

- A guy you said?

- Yes, I should say a man, very tall, very handsome with bleu-green eyes. The most spectacular male specimen that had ever crossed the door step of this building…

Candy burst out laughing. Annie had the habit of exaggerating things.

- Are you done saying nonsense?

- I’m serious Candy… I swear to you, it’s a sure heart attack, very tall, very blond and blue-green eyes, I’ve never seen a guy so hot!!! He looks like those guy on the big billboards posters…

- Stop it! Why would a guy like that want to see me?

- I don’t know, but you go and see him, quickly

- You think he’s a student?

- He looks more like a teacher… he looks serious, older than a student, he looks more like a “man”…

- Maybe he’s a new teacher… did he say what he wanted?

- He wants you! That’s what he wants! Come on, go! He said he waited 7 years…

- 7 years ago, I was 16…

Candy took her stuff and she started walking to go see who was looking for her. She got to the office and she looked through the little window on the door. Her heart skipped beat. Sitting on an armchair, was Terrence Grandchester III, in the flesh. What was he doing there? He seemed at his ease and very relaxed, like he was sitting in his own living room, as handsome as ever. He was wearing a jean and blue-green polo the same colour has her eyes... His head was leaning forward, reading a magazine. Candy remembered how much she like drowning in his ocean coloured eyes… she remembered like it was yesterday, those beautiful eyes looking at her full of love and his lips making a beautiful smile just before he kissed her… She tried chasing those memories form her head, but it was practically impossible. She looked at him with a little more attention. His hair was still a little long like back in the days and still very thick and a little wavy. He was still so handsome!

He had always been that handsome… she remembered their first meeting like it was yesterday. He had came back from a party with her brother Anthony where they had drank more then they should’ve had. She was 12 years old and she wanted to see her big brother’s famous boyfriend he talked about so much. She had slipped in the guest room in silence which was in the dark. The curtains were closed preventing the sun from coming through the windows. She wanted to see the famous boy, who shared her brother’s room and who had a very long name with a number. He was lying on the bed with his arms on the top of his head. His long legs were going over the cover and she could see he was shirtless.

His name was Terrence G, Grandchester III. She remembered her brother Anthony had told them about his back to school and his friend with a very long name that ended with a number. He has even said, the had royal blood somewhere… According to Anthony, Terrence was from the British nobility and he had a red sport car… Her favourite colour… Candy looked at him and she saw he had lots of muscles. Anthony has muscles too, but she had never looked at him like that! And he had more muscles than Anthony, well at least it seemed like that to her. She looked at his hair, all over the place around his beautiful sleeping face. She had never seen such a handsome man aside from television or in the movies. She was out of breath. His face was perfect shape, his eyebrows were beautiful curved chestnut brown and his eyelashes were straight on his beautiful golden cheeks, his were not too thin nor too thick with a charming form. If only she could’ve seen the colour of his eyes. And why not the color of his underwear, while she was at it! She almost burst out laughing and she put her hand on her mouth and took some steps back, before she gave in to temptation and look under the cover. What if he’s naked? No, she was crazy! She had to stop that nonsense. So she took some steps backwards.
She had gone to the guestroom, not only to look at her brother’s handsome friend, but to take something from the closet. She opened the closet in silence so she wouldn’t wake up the handsome guy. She realised that her mother had put her geology material on the top of the closet. So she took an armchair to climb and reach the top of the closet. She got on the armchair, only she lost her balance and fell, making a loud noise which woke up the handsome guest.

- Are you all right? He asked

Terrence G Grandchester was dominating her with his height. He boxer was red and aside from that, her chest was naked with muscles. Candy was melting, he talked to her!

- Did you hurt your self? He asked with his beautiful voice with the British accent.

He gave her his hand to help her get back on her feet.

- I’ll survive, she said standing up

He went to sit on the bed and drank a glass of water which was on the night table.

- That can’t be very good, she said

- I’m thirsty, he said, what time is it?

- 9 o’clock.

She looked at him with fascinating eyes.

- I’m Candice Blanche Andrew. They call me Candy.

- Please to meet you, he said giving her his hand, I’m Terry, Anthony’s friend.

And she said:

- Terrence G.Grandchester III, I know.

“Blue-green, his eyes are blue-green” She noticed.

- It’s Christmas in October, she said smiling

He understood she was talking about his weird face.

- Is it that horrible?

- Dreadful! She said smiling

He burst out laughing and she was able to see his white teeth.

- I’m sorry for waking you up, she said, I was trying to get my bag on the upper shelf.

- Don’t tell me I’m in your room…

- No, but I use this closet, because mine is full… what does the “G” stands for? She asked

He was a little lost…

- The what?

- The “G” in your name…

- Oh… Graham…

- It’s not all that…

- That’s why I use “G”, it makes the name less long…

- Terrence G, Grandchester the third is les long than Terrence Graham Grandchester the third? She said stunned, you really have to use “the third”? Sound pompous…

- If you ask me, “Grandchester” sounds too pompous

- You father is the second?

- Yes…

- Shouldn’t that make you a “Junior” or something?

- I’d rather be called “Terry”…

- Then I will call you Terry…

- All right, he said showing his white teeth

Then he said:

- If I give you your bag, you promise you’ll let me go back to sleep?

She looked at him mischievously.

- If you take me for a ride in your sport car, it’s a deal.

He looked at her smiling. She had two pigtails, green eyes and freckles on her nose. She was so beautiful… but what was he thinking? She was a kid…

Candy was wondering if she had something on her nose, she rubbed it.

- What are you looking at?

- Your freckles… you’ve got a lot of them.

- In fact, I collect them, she said smiling.

He had stood up to take the bag she had come for.

- This bag is heavy, what do you got in there? Rocks?

- As a matter of fact, I collect pebbles too.

He gave her the bag.

- Pebbles, freckles, you’re a real collector! Here you go…

- Thank you …

- I shouldn’t be talking to you with my boxes like that…

- I’ve seen Anthony with boxers hundreds of time…

- Anthony is your brother… I’m not.

[i]“Oh yes, thank God you’re not my brother. It would’ve been a pity, you’re way too hot!!!!” She said to herself.

- And I doubt your father would approve, even ifyou have a very pretty nose with your freckles, Miss Freckles…

- My name is Candy…

- That’s what I said, Miss Freckles!

- You’re impossible!! She said taking her bag to leave…

- You’re going to show me your rock collection?

- If you wish, after the ride in your car… Terrence Graham Grandchester the third, I think you’re very cool. You’re not a looser and I’m happy you’re my brother’s friend, And Ilike you a lot.

She opened the door and left with her bag. She heard behind the door:

- I like you took, Miss Freckles. And I’m lucky to be crashing a my friends who has a sister as cool as you. We’re going to for a ride in my car later![/i]

Candy came back to reality. She was still looking at Terry

- So, said Annie, who had come near her, do you know him?

- Yes…

- Who is it?

Good question. The man of her dreams? The love of her life? The man who broke her heart into a million pieces?

- He’s my brother’s university friend, she finally said

She turned around and told Annie:

- Tell him I’m not available…

- Come on Candy, since you’re here!

- Please Annie…

- Candy, listen to me. I talked to her earlier. Only for five minutes, but it was enough for me to know that he’s not a looser. If I tell him tattle tales, he’s going to know that you found out he wa here and you left running.

Candy listened to her speechless and Annie continued:

- A man like him always s has the same reaction when his pray runs, he follows! So if for a reason I can’t explain you want to get rid of him, if you don’t want him to follow you everywhere… and frankly, I can tell you that would adore that… You better take a deep breath and open the door and go talk to him!

Annie was absolutely right. Candy took a deep breath and she opened the door and got in the room.


"You should be kissed, and often, and by someone who knows how." Rhett Butler, Gone with the wind

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post Nov 24 2017, 10:05 PM
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Letters to Juliet

Chapter 2
“The meeting”

Terry was in the room looking at a magazine, without really seeing it. He had been waiting for a while and the wait continued. Maybe he should take advantage of the time to think about the next chapter of his novel. Review the structure in his head… But it was impossible. He couldn’t concentrate. What if Candy didn’t come? What if she did? He was trying to calm himself down, after all, he was his best friend’s little sister, little Candy, Freckles, his Juliet… his soul mate, his light, only love, his last hope.

It had been seven years since the dance at her school. She would’ve been his if he hadn’t been so stupid. It’s crazy how one tiny little mistake could change everything. He thought about the Bible, the story of Nebucadenedzar and his dream when a rock throw to the feet of his statue and it broke into a thousand pieces. That’s exactly what had happened to his life. If only he could change everything by going back in time! Like that trip to Central America for example, that had changed his whole life…Had he known that the 10 day mission was going to become an endless nightmare…

He chased that memory for his head, he didn’t want to think about that horrible time in his life. He even had a dream of central America the night before, that he was back in jail and… No, he didn’t want to think about it. He wanted to think about Candy. In fact she had never left his mind. She was the only constant in his life, if he wasn’t sure of anything else, he was sure of his feelings for her… But it’s been 7 years… They both had probably changed…

He thought about the phone call he got the day before from his old college roommate and Candy’s brother: Anthony Andrew.

- Candy is back and she’s back to school

- Really?

- I know you still love her… and her too

- How could you be sure? I hurt her…

- Listen, you’re a widower now, and you’re free. There’s your chance to get her back. What happened was out of your control, you had a duty and obligations…

- You really think I could get her back?

- What are you talking about? I don’t recognize you! Where is that young man so sure of himself who had no doubt on his charm?

- He’s a little discouraged but the obstacle life has thrown on his way…

- Terry, stop it! My sister loves you and you love her too. She’s not a minor anymore, she’s free! And she’s very solicited, so you better convince her you love her before she gets wooed by another loser…

He remembered that Candy almost married a rich kid, a real loser. Fortunately, she changed her mind at the last minute.

- You’re the one that she wants, so if you fail, this time around you’ll have only yourself to blame…

Did he have the right to have hope? The woman he loved, his Juliet, his Freckles, his soul mate was back in America and he was finally free… Was destiny giving them another chance to be together? In any case, he had to try, he had to get Candy back. She was his reason to live… he smiled alone. He was back at the time went he was woken up by a 12 year old kid with her big green eyes, so mature for her age and full of sense of humour and so sure of herself. She was so cute and he had fallen for her already. He knew she was going to become a very beautiful young woman. He had taken her for a ride in his read sport car and they had ice cream and she was ectatic! He had often came back to spend the weekend at Anthony’s. He saw how his feelings for her grew at the same time. The Andrew parents were so welcoming and very warm, and they were still in love with each other, despite the fact that they had been married for years. Used to a tense atmosphere with his parents, to see Anthony’s parents behave like newlyweds was refreshing and they loved their children and they showed them. As opposed to the coldness his parents were showing him… Spending time in that family was wonderful, it was like living in those happy families on television shows.

He remembered having spent a summer with them, it was the best of his life. Candy was fourteen, that year… if they had told him that the affection he felt for his best friend’s little sister was going to become a passioin, he probably would’ve gotten angry… And then there was that famous school dance…

- Terrence G. Grandchester, said Candy’s voice.

He was startled and he raised his head. Candy materielised in front of him. Her fresh voice had drawn him from his thoughts. He looked into he r emerald green eyes. God, she was so beautiful, more beautiful than the last time he saw her… When was that again? Oh yeah, at Anthony’s wedding, it was 4 years ago…

- Freckles…

- Hi Terry, how are you? What are you doing here?

- I’m in town for business and I wanted to say hi…I wanted to invite you for dinner. I didn’t know if you were back yet. I talked to Anthony last night and…

Candy was looking at him like in a dream. He was still so handsome, he was more mature, of course, he was even more attractive. She was melting. He was smiling to her.

- So Freckles? Are you having dinner with me tonight?

Dinner with him, there was no way!

- I… I don’t think so…

Terry was puzzled. Winning her back was not going to be easy… Maybe she was dating someone? No, Antony would’ve told him, wouldn’t he? Maybe he didn’t know about it…

- Are you seeing someone? He asked

- No, she said looking down.

He had to restrain himself not to jump of joy.

- Then why are you refusing?

- Because it’s not necessary , you don’t need to take me out for dinner…

- But I want to, you need to eat, right? He said smiling.

- Listen, Anthony called you probably because he was worried about me a little… but I’m not a little girl anymore, I lived alone for all these years around the world, I don’t need a babysitter.

- I’m not here because Anthony sent me to keep an eye onyou. I was in town and I wanted to see you, that’s all…

- That’s all?

- I didn’t come as a favour to your brother.

- Really? Yet, it wouldn’t be the first time.

She was talking about the past…

- Don’t tell me you believe what he said that morning…

- Of course I believed him… Thanks for coming to say hi Terry. See you next time.

And she turned around to leave. He was frozen on the spot for a moment.

- Candy! Wait…

- Now what? Your wife must be waiting for you right?

- I’m a widower…

Candy didn’t know what to say. In her wildest dreams, she never would’ve imagined something like that! A widower? Young people didn’t die. His wife was young and beautiful…

- Oh… I’m sorry. I didn’t know.

- Thank you.

- But it doesn’t change anything… I still don’t want to have dinner with you, Terry. Leave me alone!

- Candy!

And she left, this time, without turning back.


He went back to his hotel room and he plugged his laptop and took his shoes off. He heard the little jingle it does showing that the device was turning on. He plugged his USB key and opened a file called “Tyler”. Pages from Microsoft Word opened.

He was writing a novel, an historical novel set in the beginning of the 20th Century. He was far. He had just finish some crucial chapters from the novel in which Tyler, the hero had a big fight with the heroine’s brother, Alistair. His inspiration was at its heights so he kept writing.

“Tyler contemplated sombrely the big gate door of the Ardley Manor, which prevented him from going in. The gate was locked by the help and they were going to open it only thenext morning. Standing behind the trees, he knew he was invisible. The time he was welcome in that house like a brother was over, he knew it. That door gate will never open for him again..”

For a moment, Terry stopped writing to take a sip of soda. Ok, where was he going? For starters, Tyler had to cross the obstacle…

“Yet, Bianca Rose was just behind those windows. Whether he was welcome or not, he will find a way to join her! Almost flippantly, he jumped, grabbed the metallic rods and he climbed, crossing the metallic peaks on the top of the gate and hopped slightly on the other side calmly. He had made a promise to Bianca Rose and he intended tokeep it. Staying under the trees, walking without a noise like he had learned to do as a child. Hewalked towards the manor. He walked with determination, his lips tight, his implacable that his beautiful face became as marble mask. At that moment the part of native blood he had inhis veins were taking over the civilised gentleman. With a fixity of a predator, his twny eyes were on the window of Bianca Rose’s room…”

- Wait, wait a second, said Terry, raising his fingers from the keyboard. Where do you think you’re going so fast?

In his mind, he saw Tyler turning around to give him the look, his arms crossed, his eyebrows lifted, his fine and regular face somber with impatience.

- I’m going to see Bianca Rose, he replied as a matter of factly.

- No, you’re not, said Terry, according to my synopsis, you have to find her on the belvedere.

- Yeah right! Said Tyler exasperated, and of course her brother will come in her place, and he’s going to beat me up one more time because I have too much nobility to fight him back… in fact, I could knock him down with one hand. All that because at one time he was my best friend. It’s becoming tiresome, you know that? Your reader are going to agree with me, I promise you.

He looked up towards the windows again and he said:

- It’s time to offer us a little sex.

Dsiscouraged, Terry sat back onhis chair. Heroes were all the same, they wanted immediate satisfaction of all their desires. They loved the heroines like crazy and they didn’t understand why their authors were making them live all sorts of crazy things before allowing them to live happily ever after until the end do their days. The New York best-sellers didn’t mean anything for them.

- I love Bianca Rose, argued Tyler, she loves me. I know it…she will come to tell me in a few pages. Look at the reality, Terry; there is now way I’m going to agree to get on a boat to Europe… not if I have to leave her here. It’s not believable and it’s not like my character.

- Yes, it is, whispered Terry, it makes perfect sense… because you think it’s better for her.

Tyler shook his head, disappointed.

- Wait, are you talking about Bianca Rose or Candy? It’s a romance novel Terry! Don’t confuse it with you ruining your own life

- If everything doesn’t go like clock work, there’s no story, explained Terry, things have to go wrong at first, we need drama. You can climb by Bianca Rose’s window and make love to her right?

His hero agreed with his head vigourously.

- Then, you want to get her out of the manor and take her with you to Europe?

Tyler agreed with his head again, his eyes looking up at the window dimly lighted on the first floor.

- How were you going to live, financially? Bianca Rose is used to a certain train of life. Did you think about that?

Tyler raised his shoulders.

- She loves me more than money, he said with a charming smile which illuminated his austere traits. As long as we’re together, she will be happy.

- You’re too perfect, said Terry, I’ll have to give you a dark side, more worried, or a terrible family secret…

- Oh, please, not the old family secret trick! Begged the hero, I’m already half native and poor as a church mouse. That’s not enough for you?

- Apparently not, said his author. I’d like the book to make more than 175 pages, if it doesn’t bother you.

Tyler’s face became enlighten all of a sudden, he had just got an idea.

- You want to develop? Ihave a great idea. A love scene with more than a hundred pages! Just Bianca Rose and I and one hundred pages of crazy happiness.

Terry burst out laughing.

- I recognize you there! Unfortunately, I don’t see myself succeed such an amazing feat. But you deserve a medal for your obsession.

Tyler’s eyes stayed looking at Bianca Rose’s window.

- I’ve been trying to put my hands on her for 163 pages, he scolded between his teeth, you brought me on the edge of ecstasy twice, just to rip me off at the last minute. You’re killing me Terry! Let me go a little.

Terry suddenly smiled.

- Very well. You go ahead! Climb that vine.

“With a fixity of a predator, his twny eyes were on the window of Bianca Rose’s room. In a few movement, he was climbing the vine, without feeling the horns ripping his hands.”

Tyler stopped climbing half way to give his author the look.

- Thanks for the botanic! You could’ve chosen a climber… but no, it had to be roses, with horns! You really swore to complicate my life!

- Roses are romantic ,said Terry, it’s your beloved name. Anyway, you can’t feel it.

“The window was opened. Tyler lively jumped inside. At the moment his feet touched the floor of the bedroom, his instinct yelled a warning. Something was not right. On his corner, his heart was beating, he let his eyes get used to the darkness and started to see shapes little by little… the matress on the bed was naked, the dressing table was empty, the shelves had no books. Where was Bianca Rose’s belongings, that always were aroung her? With big steps, he walked to the closet and opened the big door. Empty. All her dresses had disappeared.

- Looking for something? Asked Alistair Ardley’s mocking voice. Tyler suddenly turned around. Bianca Rose’s brother was there at the door, his aristocratic face frozen in a cold expression of disdain.

- Unless you’re looking for someone? He asked again

- Where is she? Barked Tyler

- Gone. My father decided to send her to visit some family for a while. That’s curiouis, I don’t remember if they lived in the Wyoming or Kentucky. Unless it’s in California?

Tyler turned around to give him a look of hatred.

- You bastard! He yelled.

Two big steps took him to Alistair. He gave a blow to his former best friend’s face, then, withoug a word he disappeared by the window.

With a large smile, Terry let his fingers run on the keyboard. Yes, he had a lot of time to give Alistair a lesson once and for all.


Terry was in his sports car and he parked it on an empty spot in front of Candy’s building and he looked out the window to make sure there was light at her apartment. He got in the building and he went to the first floor and he rang the bell. Anthony had given him his sister’s address.

He waited for a moment that seemed like forever. Finally the door opened… She was wearing a green shirt and some jeans. She was barefoot and he gave her his most beautiful smile. She remembered the moment he had looked at his friend’s little sister with different eyes.

- Why am I not surprised to see you? She asked.

- Because you’re dying to have dinner with me , I know it and you too!

- “Young presumptuous!” She said smiling

- You’re younger than me…

- “Talk with no emotions. I’m young, it’s true, but to those fortunate souls, the value doesn’t wait for the number of years.”

- You’re tragique quoting “El Cid”, my Juliet.

- Right you have a preference for Shakespeare, Romeo… but “Romeo and Juliet” is another tragedy, right?

- Our lives has been enough tragic as it is, Juliet, don’t you think so?

- We were not meant to live together, at least destiny didn’t let us, since you married another woman…

- Candy…

- No, Terry, it hurts too much and I don’t know if it’s going to stop hurting one day. I have work to do…

- I brought Chinese food…

She looked at him. She wanted to do one thing, jump into his arms and let herself go. But she couldn’t. Too many things had happened…

- I already had dinner, thanks.

And she closed the door to his face. Terry was hurt. Winning her back was not going to be a piece of cake.


"You should be kissed, and often, and by someone who knows how." Rhett Butler, Gone with the wind

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Letters to Juliet

Chapter 3
“A blossoming love…”

Juliet, my pretty one,

I still have no news from the British Embassy. The idea of doing time for ten years in this hell hole, terrorises me. I’m already having trouble believing that this masquerade went this far. What happened to me was …unthinkable. It was a set up, it was obvious like the sun still shining outside, beyond the the thick walls of this stinky cell. I was punish for not collaborating with the actual government by not revealing the location of the the rebel forces, or the name of those who allowed me to meet the chef of the opposition.

The most absurd thing is that I don’t even approve the methods often used by those rebels in their fight. I can’t betray them for that. If they hadn’t covered their backs, if the troops arrived to them, it would be a massacre and they wouldn’t spare neither the women or the children. So I’m stuck here, alone in a naked room. I don’t know precisely where this prison is: I could be on the moon, at hundreds of kilometre from home. I’m writing you in my head, those letters you will never receive, unless I’m free to give them to you in person. If my luck turns, it would be soon. The day of your eighteenth birthday is getting close and I intend to be there, like I promised you.

I love you.

Your Romeo.


After Terry left, Candy tried to do like nothing had happened. She was going to continue her work/ Her trip around the world had given her the will to write about everything she had seen and visited. She was studying journalism at the university. She had seen so many things around the world and she wanted to put it in words officially. It was also because when she had met Terry, she had learn by her brother that he was a very good writer. When she was young, she had decided she was going to do like the one she considered as her idol, she loved writing stories when she was little. Learning that Terry wrote very well, gave her the thought that they had something in common… but her love for literature and writing had nothing to do with Terry. Because despite the fact that she was angry with him she still loved to write…it made her feel free. Writing in her journal, everything she was feeling for Terry was like a liberation. She had no sister to confide in, she had her writing… Seeing Terry again after all these years… How long has it been since the last time she saw him? It had been seven years since the promise he made, but 4 since the last time she saw him…There was a turmoil in her head. Terry was at the same time responsible for the best and most horrible moment of her existence. She had felt like Cinderella and then it was her whole world that had turned into a pumpkin. During the party, it was paradise, he was her prince. She had managed to have him as a date and the evening was perfect, but in the end…everything fell apart.

Inevitably, she remembered the day of the famous evening.

She had tried her dress and she had gone downstairs to show it to her brother and Terry. She was 16 years old. Anthony and Terry were playing scrabble and being both very strong, the game was very tight. Terry always won and he had the art of words and he would find words nobody had heard of before.

- Hi guys, do you like my dress? Said Candy walking in front of them

The dress was long in muslin silk green with fine straps putting her breast in evidence, showing she was growing up and she had the curves where it should be.

- I’m going to put make up and have an up do in my hair, she said smiling? So what do you think?

Anthony had looked at her and frowned his eyebrows.

- Oh my God! Since when did you become a woman?

- Anthony, I’ve been a girl for 16 years, you should keep up! Said Candy a little upset.

She had dared look at Terry who wasn’t saying anything, he had a weird smile on his lips.

- I’m not used to seeing you dressed like a girl, said Anthony.

- Yet I am one.

- When you said you were going to get dress for the school dance, I was expecting you to wear a jean with no holes on the knees and beautiful cowboy boots!

- Very funny! Said Candy

- You look magnificent, he finally said

- Thank you, she said

Anthony had stood up to go to the kitchen and get more potato chips to eat. She remembered her mother’s scream saying:

- Don’t ruin your appetite with chips!

- Nothing would stop me from eating your delicious food my little mommy, said Anthony laughing

Candy was still in front of Terry when the phone rang. Anthony answered and a few seconds later…

- Candy!!! It’s your boyfriend! He yelled.

Candy was angry he had yelled that in the presence of Terry. She ran to the kitchen and ripped the phone from his hand and she said out luck.

- Arthur is not my boyfriend! He’s a friend who happens to be a boy. We’re going to the dance together! Stop being a jerk Anthony!

She talked to Arthur…

- Candy…

- You sound like you’re about to die, what’s going on Arthur.

- I think I caught a virus, the one in the air… I’m sorry but I won’t be able to take you to the dance…

- Oh, don’t worry about that. Take care of yourself and get back on your feet quickly.

- Thank you Candy. I’m sorry…

- Take care of yourself, Arthur

Candy hung up and went sheepish where her brother and Terry were.

- What did your flirt want? He can’t decide between the blue suit and his purple suit? Said Anthony teasingly

Candy gave him the look.

- Arthur is sick, so I’m not going to the dance. I don’t have a date! You’re happy now?

- I’m sorry Candy…, said Anthony

Terry had looked at her tenderly and he said:

- I can take you …

- WHAT??!???! Said Anthony and Candy at the same time.

Candy couldn’t believe her ears. Have she heard him right?

- I mean, I’d like to take you, said Terry

Anthony looked at him surprised.

- We have to go out tonight, double date! You’re going to stoop up Anabeth’s friend?

- No, I’m going to call her and tell her I can’t come and apologize, answered Terry

- By telling her you had to take my little sister to a stupid high school dance? She’s going to be glad!

- It’s not a stupid dance! Said Candy angry

- Anthony, it’s her high school dance

Anthony looked at his little sister and looked at his friend…

- In fact, he finally said, I’m going to be the one taking you…

- Thanks a lot Anthony, but there is no way I’m going to show up at my high school dance with my big brother! I’d rather stay home!

Terry looked at him smiling and he said:

- Anthony, I want to take her to her dance, it’s not a chore, it’s going to be a great pleasure for me in fact, if she wants to do me the honour…

Candy looked at him surprised. Was she really hearing what he was saying? What he was saying was kind of intense for her… He then turned around towards her to ask her by looking straight in her eyes.

- Candy, would you like me to talk you to your school dance?

How could she resist that? It was too good to be true!!! The boy of her dreams wanted to go to the school dance with her!!!

But before Candy could answer, Anthony said:

- Wait a minute buddy… stop it.

He looked at his friend with disbelief eyes.

- Grandchester, if I understand you correctly, you… you have a thing for my little sister?

Terry pretended he didn’t hear him, he was looking at Candy in the eyes and he was waiting for her answer. There was only on answer possible for Candy.

- Yes Terry, I would like you to take me to the dance, she has answered smiling.

When she thought about that scene seven years later, Candy recognised the moment she had finally admitted to herself her love for Terrence Graham Grandchester III. But she had to admit that she had loved him for years, it wasn’t just a little teen fling or a temporarily crush, but real love, deep and powerful. And that , since the first time she had seen him…

Looking at her computer monitor and she was wondering what would’ve happened if he had loved her like she had loved him? What if they had lived their lives together? Would she already have little Terrys and little Candys running around? What if he had come back like he had promised and married her? Would love had held the water?


Terry woke up startled from his bed. He was in sweat/ He had just had another nightmare/ He had just dreamt that he had lost the pretend of a trial…He started to think about what had been the beginning of the end of his life with Candy…

A week earlier, he had been sent by the English magazine he was working for to get an interview with a rare chief of a rebel camp from a small country in Central America. Everything had gone well, the interview was perfect, interesting and striking. Very satisfied he had gone back to his hotel room to start typing his notes on his laptop and arrange the article.

He had gone to sleep late and he had barely closed his eyes that he was awaken in startled; his room was full of soldiers. He was taken by force in a secret location; they had interrogated him about the locations of the rebel camps. Despite his fear, he knew the answers he would give will have terrible consequences. So he had told a simple story that he had an appointment in town and that his eyes were blindfolded, that he didn’t see anything on his way there. The questioning had lasted 24 hours and then he had been released.

When he went back to his hotel room, he wanted to call the British Embassy to tell them what had happened to him, but this plane was leaving in less than 2 hours and he barely had the time to go to the airport in time not to miss his flight. So he couldn’t afford to call the Embassy and tell them what had happened to him. His first priority was to leave the country as soon as possible! He couldn’t stay an extra day in that country!

He was on the taxi going to the airport, feeling almost safe without really being safe, since he would only be only once he’s home. That’s the moment when the military police arrived, stopping his taxi. A quick search in his luggage and hidden carefully under his clean shirts little bags of cocaine. The imposture was so obvious he burst out laughing! He should’ve been more careful… they had let him go… because they had set him up! He was thrown in jail and the next day, he was on trial in front of a judge, it was really fast he didn’t have the time to realise what was happening. He didn’t get the right to his one phone call, he wasn’t able to contact anybody… He regretted not calling the Embassy… Now nobody knew where he was. His magazine in those kinds of cases, would wash their hands, they tell their reporters that in case of trouble, they won’t be able to help him. The verdict had fallen for Terry; guilty and 10 years of prison. No, that couldn’t be true!!!!

He had did his best and he was able to contact the British Embassy to learn that they couldn’t do anything to help him. The condemnation for drug trafficking put him out of their jurisdiction. He was trapped, they told him. He had rights… He was a British citizen… but everything would fall in deaf ears. He knew deep down that the Embassy’s hands were tied and they couldn’t risk a diplomatic incident for a simple reporter… his pompous title wasn’t impressive at all. He had no right they had told him. He wasn’t an hostage nor a political prisoner, but he was condemned plain and simple. Nobody could anything for him. So he was thrown in jail.

- If you behave well, you could be freed in 5 or 6 years, the prison guard told him.

Is that all?! Five of six years for doing nothing?! It was ridiculous and the sad reality. Now his home was a simple cell dark and humid with a small window with bars. They would get him out for meals and walks in the court of the forteress. The meal like the walls were irregular and unpredictable. He had nothing, he wouldn’t shower anymore and didn’t eat well and he was wondering if he could hope. He was starting to lose his mind little by little. So he started seeing Candy, his Juliet, in his cell who kept him company, who would talk to him, she was the one who gave him the strength to continue living. With no paper or pencil, he started writing her letters in his mind, hundreds and hundreds of letters…Letters he couldn’t send her, words he swore to put one day on paper. Those letters, had kept him alive and allowed him to survive, all those months of incarceration… until the day when…

He came back to reality… Later, once he was back among the living, the nightmares had bothered him for years, in the end it started calming down. Why would he start seeing his cell in his dreams again?


"You should be kissed, and often, and by someone who knows how." Rhett Butler, Gone with the wind

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Letters to Juliet

Chapter 4
“Stubborn as a mule”

Terry was in his hotel room, once again, in front of his computer. He wanted to continue writing. He was drinking a cup of a smoking cup of tea.

The last time he was writing, he had left Tyler in a miserable room, angry against himself for the way they had taken Bianca Rose away from him. Now, he had to convince him to take the boat for Europe, without Bianca Rose.
He was thinking while sipping his tea. The task was not easy, because Tyler was right, he would never leave without his beloved, under any circumstances, like he had left without Candy.

That comparison was perfectly out of place; we couldn’t compare both situations! If the two young girls were both 16, at Bianca Rose’s time, they could get married, but at his time… it was less frequent, but still possible… Tyler was a hero while him…

He looked at his notes and he went back to his original idea. Tyler had to leave America to go abroad to make fortune. On the dock, he had to yell that he would come back to marry her when he’s going to be rich. But it was what he had in mind before Tyler rebelled. He hadn’t imagined that Tyler would want to leave Bianca Rose under any circumstances saying it wasn’t in his character… He had imagined that before he knew he had such a temper, it looked like he forgot about his own character!

How was he going to make him do something he didn’t feel like doing ? In the name of love? He wanted to stay in the name of love, didn’t he? Blackmail?

- Don’t start with your family secret plot, said Tyler

- If you cooperated more often with me, I wouldn’t have gotten to this point, said Terry

Money? No, Tyler was saying that he didn’t need money to keep Bianca Rose’s heart. What more could he find ? Patriotism? No, he’d risk getting killed. The war was over, wasn’t it? What else was left to do? Rebuild Europe? An ambitious project? Could he manage to make enough money to come back and marry Bianca Rose? His friend Chuck Heston, had offered to partner with him didn’t he? Their fathers were old friend, they had met in the previous chapters, there’s the solution to his problem. With the partnership, he was going to get rich…

He started typing…

“Tyler was woken up by a knock on the door. He stood up, his heart beating, his eyes wide open in the darkness of the little room. It was Bianca Rose! He said to himself all happy, Bianca Rose!

He turned on the candle, feeling around, when there was a second knock. He was disappointed when he heard the hoarse voice pronouncing his name. Chuck Heston!

- Tyler Baker! Are you there? Open this door for me!

Chuck’s voice seemed impatient.

Terry had finally found pleasure in writing, the paragraphs were writing themselves, with no effort from him. He let Chuck in the room and let him explain his plan.

- So what do you say, buddy? You want to partner with me? It will help you make fortune!

Tyler looked at his friend for a while and he thought for a while and he ended up saying:

- Sorry dude, but … another time

- But yes! Said Terry, you have to go, you imbecile! You don’t get it: it’s your shot to build your future! You’re going to become rich and Bianca Rose’s family will finally greet you with open arms!

Tyler looked at him crossing his arms.

- I’m not going anywhere, as long that I haven’t found Bianca Rose

“We’re going to see about that, said Terry between his teeth.

In an abrupt gesture, he erased the last sentences and he wrote:

“Tyler looked at his childhood friend’s face for a long time, on the other side of the shaky flame of the candle. Chuck was looking at him and he had seen that his friend had changed a lot. Where was the boy of his childhood so full of life? What happened to him? The trials of life, or love?

- Chuck, can it wait a little? I can’t leave the country at the moment…

Terry pressed the palms of his hands against his forehead like he wanted to make his headache he was feeling behind his eyes disappear. What was happening to him? What was his problem? In the part of his story in his mind had stayed in the smoky bedroom and his story, Tyler gave him a bad smile.

- I know what’s going on with you, he said

Then, he said the words every writers hate the most.

- You’re blocked.

- I’m not blocked, replied Terry calmly, I just have a character who is stupid and stubbord and pigheaded, who is refusing to cooperate with me.

Very decontracted, Tyler lay on the bed, his fingers behind his neck.

- Don’t worry. Your blocking is only temporary. Fix your problem with Candy and you’ll be able to write everything you want, whether I cooperate with you or not.

- Tell Chuck you’re going with him , sighed Terry putting his hands in his hair with a weary gesture, I’m begging you.

- Write me a love scene with Bianca Rose and I’m a go…

- You’re going to have a happy ending, I guaranty you

Terry sat up.

- That’s the heart of the problem, nothing guaranties that everything is going to end up well with Candy and you! It’s though dude, but why do I have to pay for it?!

Terry was trying, one more time to concentrate on his chapter:

- So, you’re going with Chuck?

- My proposition still holds. Write me a love scene and your desires will be orders.

It was too absurd. He was refusing to let him dictate his conditions to him by his own character. He continued typing…

“Without any warning, Chuck took his friend and forced him to get dressed.

- You’re coming with me even if I have to force you. This is a chance of a lifetime, you’re not going to regret it.

Tyler burst out laughing.

- Whoa Terry! Talk about a stupid solution! It doesn’t make sense! Nobody is going to buy that!

- Shut up! Said Terry

He muffled a swearing and looked at his file. He turned the computer off and he went to look inside his luggage for a Tylenol.


Juliet, my love,

Today, you appeared in my cell again. Even though I know you can’t really be here, it’s so good to feel your presence that I rather not ask too many questions.

This time, you were 12 years old. You detailed the brown rock , the humid soil, the dirt, the wooden bench and the dirty straw which serve me as a bed, I saw the anger in your emerald eyes.

You also looked at me with insistence, studying my beard and my longs and dirty hair. You talked to me! During your first visits, you didn’t say a thing; you just looked at me live, but this time I heard your voice clearly a little hoarse. Like a sound falling from another world in the heavy silence in my cell.

- You stink, you told me severely, like it was my fault.

And like it was my fault, I made an excuse, explaining:

- Some days, when it rains, the guards let us out and they give us old pieces of soap so that we could shower…

You looked at me weirdly and I realised I was speaking in Spanish. It’s been a long time since I’ve heard an American voice. I translated, and you nodded and you came to sit by my side on the straw.

- It mustn’t have rained for a long time, you said with a sigh.

- Soon, it’s going to be raining a lot, and there’s going to be 10 centimetres of water in my cell.

You reach out your hand and you took mine, holding it tight between your thin fingers. Seeing that I saw the bruises on your elbows and knees, you explained to me that you fell of your bike. I empathise, while carefully hiding my own wounds, half-healed… three deep cuts, by a whip from a guard who didn’t appreciate seeing me helping another prisoner to get back on his feet, after he fell in the hallway. We were going back in after those interminable custody sessions in the main court… They call it the roll and the poor guy was on the verge of fainting. By the look on your face, I saw that you knew about the whipping and for the broken rib, the beating, the week before. All of a sudden, I felt the imperious necessity to explain myself and reassure you:

- I didn’t cry. They can beat me up, spit on me, treat me like an animal, I won’t cry. I walk, I lift my head and look them in the eyes. I’m “El britanico” they hate me and they respect me at the same time. You looked at me like I was a hero and, during a few short hours, I felt like I was one, as a matter of fact.

- Look! You suddenly say looking at the wall, an eruptive rock!

We spend a moment debating the geological constitution of the walls of my cell. In the fire of the discussion, exchanging with you some smart terms, while scrapping the walls to offer you some samples, I almost forgot where I was. When the sun arrived at the quadrant of the sky where it aligned with my bars, you left.

Every day, during forty seven minutes, an intense and warm ray would irrupt my little room. A narrow string of light would move slowly on the side and I would move with it, she would shine on my dirty face, drinking the hot brutal heat of my whole body. its light would give me the force to remember that thousands of kilometres, even the sun shines on you.

I love you.

Your Romeo.


Terry went to wait for Candy after school. Her attitude, the last time, when she slammed the door at his face, didn’t discouraged him. He had to persevere if he wanted to get her back. He loved Candy, he wanted to marry Candy, he swore to it. He didn’t know how he was going to get her back, because the future bride was refusing to even take a cup of tea with him. He refused the Chinese food she had brought for her the last time. His invitation for lunch after that, he had offered he to ear at a Chinese buffet and she had refused again. He had proposed to her to have a cup of coffee and she refused. He didn’t know what to do. What could he offer more? A glass of water? He was patiently going to start to ask her out for diner again, she will end up accepting.

Seven years ago, she had told him she loved him. If that love represented just one tenth of what he felt for her, he was sure that it still existed in her.

Candy got out of her class, talking with her class mate. Annie was part of them.

- Are you coming with us Candy? We’re going to have a drink…

- No, I’m going to go back home to read my course and get ready for the exam tomorrow

- As you wish, said Annie, I’ll come back home later

- Don’t stay out too long, said Candy

- Yes mommy, said Annie smiling

Annie walked away with the others. Candy arrived at the door and she saw a familiar shape. What was he doing there? He wasn’t giving up? Why wouldn’t he leave her alone? Haven’t he hurt her enough as it is?

When she got to his level, she continued her way like there was nothing.

- Juliet? Juliet! Wait! He said following her.

He really loved this girl to let her treat him that way. But he did hurt her, didn’t he? Life was tough buddy! He ran after her.

- What do you want?

- I want to talk to you…

- You’re talking to me right now, aren’t you?

- Please. You’re refusing all my invitations…

- You still don’t get that I don’t want to see you?

- Please…

- What do you want?

- That you agree to have dinner with me…

- Why?

- Because I invited you…

- Don’t you have bigger fish to fry?

- Not really, you’re my priority…

She stopped and looked at him. There was a moment when she thought that he loved her as much as she loved him. Then… He didn’t keep his promise…

- My priority is to finish school and become an international journalist…

- Candy, please…

- You’re going to follow me like that until when?

- Until you agree to have dinner with me…

- I could have you arrested for harassment…

- But you’re not going to do it, because you love me…

She couldn’t help smiling.

- The 12 year old girl is far…

- What are your plans for the summer holidays?

- Why?

- I wanted to invite you to my villa in Cape Cod… you remember? You wanted to come with me…

- I was a kid

Candy thought about her teenage dream. To be with Terry on the beach… no, it was over!

- I’m offering you your dream and you’re not a kid anymore

- No, I’m a woman now…and I have other plans for the summer…

- If you change your mind. My offer still stands… so about that dinner?

- You’re never giving up, aren’t you?

- Never…

- Then, you should’ve kept your promise…

- Tomorrow night for dinner at 7 pm?

- No…

- The day after tomorrow then? I won’t stop until you say “ yes”

- Oh my God!

- I’m going to continue following you everywhere then…

She had stopped and looked at him. Then he kissed her. Just a simple brush of his lips on hers, but the contact was enough to short-circuit her whole metabolism. She looked at him in a state of shock.

- See you tomorrow Juliet ! He said leaving


Tyler was right, Terry just understood that. Bianca Rose’s disappearance, taken against her will at some far away family member, would be better if it came after a scene where Tyler and her has sworn fidelity and decided to ran away together. On the other hand, he wasn’t convinced that it had to be a love scene.

- She’s only 16, he said, she’s too young.

- Poppycock! Said Tyler. It’s not because you’ve ruined everything by deciding that Candy was too young…

- She was too young

- You ran away because you know that you wouldn’t be able to resist her, said his character, you knew that if you had stayed, you would’ve made love to her, since she wanted to. You left because you were afraid

- I left because I loved her

- You didn’t even tell her that you were leaving

- Because Anthony was threatening…

- If I understand you correctly, you’re making me suffer because you’d rather see me do the same mistake as you? I thought you were writing this story to give you the illusion of starting over. I thought you wanted to redeem yourself by doing things right, this time around.

I wanted to respect Candy. Make love to her after the wedding…

- But it never happened

- Circumstances were against us

He was writing what he wished would have happened… but…

- I want you to respect Bianca Rose; you’re going to make love to her once you get married

- You’re killing me!!!

- Well, I still have lots of pages to fill, you’ll have so much action, that you won’t see time pass

- Yeah right! Said Tyler sulking.


When Candy came out her classroom after her exam, Terry was there again. She didn’t want to risk him kissing her again, even if she was dying for him to do it. She had trouble the day before concentrating on her studies after the kiss.

- So, you’re coming to eat with me?

- No, she said, walking away almost running this time.

Terry looked at her go. He wasn’t giving up. Living without her was a waking nightmare, he had the opportunity to get her back and that’s what he was going to do even if it’s the last thing he does on this earth.

He had gone back home to write his famous scene, which was supposed to be a love scene… but he had all the difficulties in the world to make Tyler not make love to Bianca Rose… The scene had thrown him and it had brought so many memories… he wished he had kissed Candy like Tyler had just kissed Bianca Rose, like they had kissed the night of the famous school dance…

Everything had happened so fast. Anthony had started wanting him to back up, refusing him to be his little sister’s date to her school dance. He had protested, vociferated, argued , he had gone with him downtown to rent a suite for the evening.

- I need a suit, said Terry to the employee

- No! Said Anthony, not for him, for me! I need a suit

He turned to his friend and he told him for the thousandth time;

- I’m telling you she’s too young for you.

The employee looked at them surprised.

- You both want a costume? He asked

- No, said Terry, just for me

- Yes, said Anthony at the same time, well,not both of us… not for him

Terry knew how to stay calm in every circomstances. He often said that he should’ve been an actor, because he really knew how to act.

- Not for him, said Anthony, a suit for tonight

- I invited her and she said yes, Terry told him with calm

- She’s a kid! Said Anthony angry, you date women your age and leave little girls alone

- You don’t trust me?

- No. Not after the way you were looking at her this afternoon!

Anthony gave him the look.

- Grandchester, she’s only 16!

- I know how old she is!

- You better remember it!

He was threatening his friend, hitting him with his finger on his chest. Terry didn’t react, still courteous and calm.

- If you touch her, you’ll find yourself in jail. And it’s going to be my pleasure to take you there myself!

For two long seconds, the two men looked at each other in the eyes. Then Terry smiled.

- You know that I’m not capable to hurt her, Anthony

- You touch Candy and I kill you, said Anthony

But he wasn’t angry anymore. Just a little upset.

- I’m crazy about her, said Terry, but I’m not an idiot. I’ll take care of her, I promise you.

- You’re crazy, period, replied Anthony. Anabeth has a beautiful friend who’s only waiting to jump in your bed and you’re interested in a kid who still plays hopscotch. I don’t get it!

- You have nothing to get. Relax, everything is fine. You want to go with Candy tonight, but you really want to go out with Anabeth. I rather go to the school dance with Candy. We’re mutually help each other, that’s all.

- I still think that you’re nuts

Terry turned to the employee who had followed the conversation with a non-hidden interest.

- One suite, please.

- But, I don’t think I have your size… the suits will be back on Sunday and the other boutique don’t have any.

- Then I’m going to buy one, said Terry.

- You’re what? Said Anthony stunned.

- I’m going to buy one, repeated Terry, I could always use it later

He turned to the employee.

- I would give you a bonus if you retouch it this afternoon.


"You should be kissed, and often, and by someone who knows how." Rhett Butler, Gone with the wind

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Chapter 5
“On the way to the school dance”

Terry was ready and very handsome in his new suit, in Anthony’s room. He had never felt such an excitement, like he felt at that moment, no even for his own school dances. His brand new suit had made him even more handsome, it that was even possible.

When he got out of the room, he saw that Candy’s room was still closed and he went down the stairs to go to the living room, passing by the kitchen to get the flowers he was going to give her. In the living room, Candy’s parents were there, sitting on the couch. The parents were an older version of Candy and Anthony.

- So you’re the sacrificial lamb tonight? Said the father

- I don’t see where the sacrifice is, said Terry

- You’re very handsome tonight, said the mother

- Thank you, said Terry

He put the flowers on the table and sat in the armchair.

- I’m going to go see Candy , said the mother leaving the room

The father looked at the flowers.

- A little bouquet on a broach and a dozen of roses, I was wondering when you were going to realise that Candy had grown up. Looks like you finally opened your eyes.

Terry wasn’t comfortable with that conversation, he was disconcerted. He wasonly smiling and rather not answer. The father looked at him.

- I suppose that I don’t need to give you the usual advice? You know them very well: “She has to be back home by midnight, the driver doesn’t drink…” and so on…

- I know all the rules of the house, said Terry. But if you can go easy on the curfew time, Candy told me that her friends had organised a lot of parties after the dance and she wants to go to one of those until early in the morning.

- Very well, said the father, I’m just going to ask you not to forget one thing; Candy gives the impression to be older than she looks. Don’t forget she’s only 16 years ol and between 16 and 22, there’s a very big gap, Terry.

Terry looked at Candy’s father and he understood that he was giving him the same message as his son; don’t touch Candy. In the most courteous way, but it was the base was identical.

- I know, said Terry serious

- Very well.

A few minutes later, Candy was coming down the stairs in her beautiful evening gown. Terry was fascinated by the vision. She was smiling, she was wonderful. When she got down the stairs, Terry had taken the flowers on a broach, on the table and he put one on her wrist.

- You look wonderful Candy.

- And you’re very handsome! Whispered Candy

- You’re so beautiful, said her father smiling

He went to get his camera. Candy’s mother came downstairs with her and she went to stand near her husband and looked at the young couple smiling. The father took a picture, then another one, and another one.

- Daddy, said Candy, we have to go…

- All right, said her father, one more with your mother…

Ten minutes later, Candy was sitting next to Terry in his red sport car and they went to the restaurant before going to the school dance.Terry barely dared to looke at Candy. She was so beautiful, he was impressed by her beauty, by he elegance and confidence. He had seen her in he rdress, but with the make up on and her hair done very simply, her hair were held back with a ribbon. The make up made her beautiful emerald eyes looke prettier. Terry had a taste of what a beautiful woman she was going to become in a few years.

Woman and child, innocent at the same time and confident, ingénue, she probably had no idea about her power of seduction. But she wasn’t totally unconscious about it. He noticed that she was wearing a bra under her dresse slipping like water. He smiled. What was he thinking about? She was Anthony’s little sister! Hereally thought that the fact of spending a simple evening with her wouldn’t be a problem. After four years of friendship with the whole family, he wouldn’t have any problem remembering she was still a child, right? So why were his lips dying to go on hers? He had to get a hold of himself!

“Easy Terry, you should make the conversation instead of dreaming in colour! He said to himself.”

- It’s funny, said Candy all of a sudden looking at him

Then she added with a little smile.

- You look like you just as tense as I’m feeling inside…

- I’m not tense, Terry protested by slipping his hand behind his neck to massage his tense muscles. Are you tense?

- Yes, she admitted with her natural candour, I can’t stop thinking that… we… well, that we should each pay for our meal…

- What? There is no way! I’m going to take care of it.

- Well, I don’t think it’s fair for you to pay for everything, just because I’m a girl!!

- I can afford it, Candy.

- All right, if it doesn’t bother you…

- Not the least in the world.

Their eyes met. Her face was so familiar, he felt like he knew her so well… But was that really the case? He knew the child, not the woman. A real metamorphosis had happened during these last months… her face, her pink lips, her emerald eyes which lit with a childhood joy when it met his… he could drown in them… in fact, he was already falling. They arrived at the restaurant. Candy was looking down during the rest of the trip, she was looking at her tiny purse, her cheek were pink with shame. She guessed everything she was feeling just bay looking in his eyes! He had never been able to hide anything from her. He never could’ve imagined the changes in all his body! Only he didn’t quite know what it was. Was he in love with her? If he wasn’t on the edge yet, he was loosing his balance already… it won’t take long until he falls.

Candy felt Terry’s yes on her and she gave him a new smile and he had the net impression he was falling from an elevator that was going too fast. There, that was it, he was falling… Love, friendship, protective attitude, the elder for the little one, the taboo preventing him from touching a child, all that mixed up in an emotional explosive cocktail, that’s without counting the incredible force of the physical attraction…

If only she was older, if only she was 18… He could’ve done a lot of things with her. But he would’ve married her first, she would’ve been his little wife… and he would’ve shown her how much he loved her every day.

Marriage? He was thinking about marriage? Already? He was in love for the first time and it had to be a kid, Anthony’s little sister. And he was thinking about marrying her!! It had been building up since their first meeting, the 12 year old kid, who had woken him up that day… all those conversations he had had with her, what he was feeling for her got stronger little by little and finally, it was the explosion! He was thinking marriage because she didn’t want anybody else than her. My God! He had jumped the step without even asking the question, and now it was obvious; he wanted to marry her; “Til’ death us do part”? and “together until the end of our lives”. But she wasn’t 18 yet. Like Anthony had told him, with his usual gentleness, he could go to prison if only lay a hand on her.

His head was spinning. He was wondering whether her parents would allow him to marry her right away. But he pushed that idea away. No, Candy was too young and her parents will probably think the same thing and they would be right. So all he could do, was to way until she’s of legal age.

- It’s funny, said Candy’s voice getting him out of his mental monologue, I think it’s the first time you stay 5 minutes without saying a word. Usually, I can’t get you to stop talking…

- Excuse-me, I was thinking…

- You were thinking about that job they ‘re offering you in London?

That wasn’t it, but it was better for her to think that.

- You think I should take it?

She remained silent, for so long that he thought she wasn’t going to answer. Yet, when she looked at her again, her eyes were still on him.

- It’s difficult to answer. You would live in London, you would be back in your country… I won’t be able to see you as often.

- I’ll come to see you… I’ll come to see all of you

She turned her head and looked out the window.

- You will have a good salary and you’re going to become a famous writer. You’re going to get paid for writing, that’s great. And if you want to write your novel as a famous reporter, it would be easier for you to get published.

- But…?

- I’m going to miss you if you leave. So that’s why I can’t answer your question. I don’t want you to go back to your country that is so far away… without me.

A feeling of happiness, exploded in him.

- Then, I’m not going to go. I’m going to find a job in Chicago…

- Terrence, don’t play with me…

- I’m serious

- But…

She looked and she realised they were in a expensive restaurant’s parking lot.

- What are we doing here?

- We’re going to have dinner together.

- It’s expensive…

- And it’s good…

- I would’ve been fine at MdDonald’s…

- Well my pretty young lady, I don’t see why you should be “fine” when you can take advantage of what’s best.
He parked the car. Candy’s eyes were shinning with pleasure.

- I sometime wonder why you don’t have all the girls running after you. You’re irresistible ! James Bond looks like yokel next to you.

- It’s because of the name, he said imitating Sean Connery, Grandchester, Terrence Graham Grandchester the third. No, you see, it’s way too long. By the time I get to the en, the pretty lady spies would be already asleep or they would’ve left with a guy name John or Bob.

Candy burst out in her crystal laugh. She was adorable.

- They’re stupid, she said smiling, for me you had me at “Are you all right?” and your British accent is to die for!!!

Terry smiled and parked the car. He looked at the time on the board. The school dance was starting at 8 pm. He was eager to taker her in his arms to dance with her. He couldn’t wait, but he had to be patient. But when he thought about all those months that separated them from her 18th birthday, waiting until 8 pm was nothing. He was looking at her. She was looking at him, with her pink lips a little opened, he was dying to kiss her.

- Let’s go, he said softly

She put her hand on his arm. Even with his blazer on, that light contact paralysed him.

- Terrence…

She stopped and took her hand off. Forcing himself to take a light tone, he said:

- Ouch! You only call me that when it’s important. What have I done now?

- I wanted to ask you something, but I don’t know how.

- Just ask me.

She remained silent for a while.

- It’s so ridiculous…

She looked up to him and asked:

- Tonight, is it a real date?

She looked him in the eyes and once again, he felt like he was drowning.

- I think it is, he answered softly, give me the definition of a date.

He was trying to restrain himself, but he couldn’t take his eyes off of her lips.

- A real date, it’s when you go out with someone you like enough to kiss him when he takes you back home, she replied in a breath

He answered, without really thinking:

- Yes, it’s a real date.

- Would you…, she said hesitating, would you want…

She couldn’t say it. She started over…

- Terry, you’re going to find me weird, but the idea of kissing is giving me the jitters…

- So I won’t kiss you then, he said

- No, that’s not… what I meant.

So she threw herself:

- I was telling myself that if you kissed me right now, I won’t be panicking.

- Right now? He repeated.

- Yes, that way, the pressure would disappear, don’t you think so?

No he didn’t think so. In his humble opinion, the pressure was going to double! At least for him and yet when he saw her eyes, he knew he couldn’t refuse.

Like in a dream, he leaned towards her with an infinite slowness. His hand raised on its own, and went on her cheek… Her skin was so soft under his palm! Tenderly, he passed his thumb on her lips. His heart was beating hard in his chest; in a few seconds, he would succumb to a heart attack, dead at 22 years old for too much love.

She smiled back at him and closed her eyes handing him her lips. He crossed the last centimetres separating them…and, just as simple as that, he kissed her. Slowly, he rubbed his lips again her warm and soft mouth and he called upon all his strength not to go further. Not to touch her lips with his tongue, not to invade her delicious mouth…

He stopped to look at her. It looked like she had trouble breathing.

- Don’t stop now, she whispered

But, he had to stop before it was too late.

- Please, she told him in the ear.

All his good will went up in smoke with his principles. He leaned and took her lips again. This time, she put her hands around his neck. He felt her fingers in his hair, her mouth opening under his, the tip of his tongue grazing her lips. Closing his arms around her, he pulled her on his chest and met directly her tongue. He wish he could’ve kissed her strongly, passionately, slid his hand under her wrap to grab one of her little breast… Kissing her without stopping for a moment until she turns 18, the age when he will be able to make love to her. He wanted to be her first lover and also the last one.

- Candy, oh Candy…, he managed to say

She was driving him crazy, he couldn’t take it anymore. For once, he wanted to kiss her for good, so he let himself go and took her mouth with fury and he felt her fingers made a twitch in his hair while she was kissing him back with the same passion.
The unique kiss got longer, multiplied. Nothing else was important, nothing else existed aside from Candy. Candy whom he knew better than anybody, Candy with whom he had shared his secrets… to the last one, this one; the fact that he loved her like a man loved a woman. He had to stop kissing her and he needed all the strength in the world to manage to do that.

- Oh Terry, she whispered, I’ve never been kissed like that.

Closing his eyes, he put his forehead on her shoulder hugging her close in his arms. In him, waves of emotions were banging together in a strange chaos made of relief, guilt, tenderness and crazy happiness. During a time that seemed to last forever, he pressed her against his chest. Little by little, his heartbeats calmed down. When he felt them coming back to normal, as normal as they could be for that evening, he finally let go of her.

- Can we go and have dinner now? He asked.

- Yes, of course, said Candy smiling.

- Time is passion, we won’t have a lot of time for dinner.

She opened her little nurse and took a red lipstick tube. She put the sun visor down and carefully fixed her a makeup. He’d rather not look, afraid that his desire gets too strong and he would literally jumps on her. So he took the ignition keys, got out of the car, went around the car to open the door for her. He gave her his hand to help her come out. He tried to think about something else,like how to consciously breathe…

While they were walking on the gravel which led to the restaurant, she asked him:

- Terry?

- Yes?

- It didn’t calm the atmosphere, right?

- Not at all…

- At least, I don’t have the jitters anymore, she said with a brief smile

Good for her, because he still had the jitter, even more than before!


“Juliet my love,

A new day just raising and I’m still in this damn cell. One of the guards was good one day, he slipped me three pocket books in English, forgotten by a customer in a hotel where his wife worked. There were romance novels. The thickest was happening in the Early Middle Ages, the two others, in our time. I read them in one go, pressed against my little window to take advantage to the max of the light; since then, I’ve re read them without stopping, every time I get filled with joy when the story ends well and moved to tears when by the tenderness when the lovers reunite. My books had become my most precious treasures and I hid them with care, I was afraid they would take them away from me. Now, you usually come at nightfall, when I can’t read anymore. That evening, you were sixteen. I showed you my books with pride and you look through them looking to read the title; by the way you were touching the pages, you seemed more interested by the paper on which were printed the stories than by the stories themselves.

- You know the expression “To read between the lines”? You asked me with shiny eyes. If you write very little, you could write between the lines.

I looked at you without understanding, and you burst out laughing.

- Terry, you had always said that you will write a novel only if you find the time!

Raising an eyebrow with humour, you concluded:

- You’re not swamped with work at the moment I think…

A breath of joy came upon me… to come down real fast.

- I have nothing to write with…

- Talk to the guardian who gave you the books. Ask him for a pen, or a piece of pencil

- Yes! I will do it.

When you smiled at me, I realised that you were wearing the dress from the school dance. You are so beautiful that it hurt me. You leaned towards me to kiss me and I was able to feel the softness of your lips and even your perfume. Ten you took me with you and for a little moment, I got out of my cell. I was sitting with you in my sport car, in my suit, clean and well shaved. You were still too young for me. I might have been a few years older than the last time, but I didn’t have the wisdom to keep my distances, I couldn’t help myself and I kissed you.

I love you.

Your Romeo


"You should be kissed, and often, and by someone who knows how." Rhett Butler, Gone with the wind

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Letters to Juliet

Chapter 6
“The broken promise”

Candy was at her place in front of her computer. She was trying to read, but she couldn’t concentrate. Terry, Terry, that’s all she had on her mind. He would come and wait for the after class. He would invite her for dinner and she would refuse all her invitations. Yet, there was a time when spending time with him was paradise. She remembered that famous evening of the school dance… She stood up and she went to her bedroom and lay down on the bed, she was tired but she wasn’t sleepy. Terry , that’s all she had in her mind. The mind took her back 7 years ago, during that famous school dance…

What was it that she had for dinner at that restaurant when he had taken her? She didn’t remember. She didn’t care at all, because all she cared about at that moment was the presence of Terrence Graham Grandchester the third. If they had told her that 7 years from there she was going to refuse his dinner invitation, she would’ve burst out laughing.

To be at the restaurant with Terry was more wonderful than a dream. She knew he wasn’t boring at all, because she often talked with him and he was even confiding in her. She knew him well, better than anybody else. He kept reaching out for her hand across the table to play with it; she couldn’t stop thinking about the way he kissed her. It was the most wonderful moment of her life at that moment. All of her senses were boiling and her blood had turned into a volcano lava, she didn’t where she was, probably in paradise , because she had never felt that good in her life. The man of her dreams was kissing her and it was fantastic, super fantastic!!!

There were two candles lit on chandeliers. The atmosphere was very romantic. He was making conversation, he was talking about everything and nothing, but glimpse in his eyes was showing her that he was thinking about the moment when he was going to be able to kiss her again.

Before the entrees, a waiter brought a glass of wine for Terry.

- And for the young lady? A sparking grape juice?

- That would be perfect, said Terry

The waiter left.

- With my makeup and my evening gown, shouldn’t I look older?

- What do you mean?

- He offered sparkling wine for me…

- You wanted wine?

- No, I don’t really like the taste…

- So where’s the problem?

- Je assumed…

- You want to date the waiter?

- No…

- Then you don’t care! He said smiling

- You’re right, you’re going to drive, you shouldn’t be drinking…

- On glass of wine during a meal, is fine, I won’t drink at the school dance.

- There won’t be any alcohol.

- In our time, some loser would spike the bowl of fruit punch with alcohol…

- That wasn’t you, I hope?

- I think if someone doesn’t want to drink, it’s their choice… putting alcohol in the punch, you take that choice away and it’s not fair… an accident happens so fast…

Candy looked at him with eyes full of love. She loved the kind of responsible man he was.

- The waiter is right, she finally said, I’m only 16 years old. I wish I was 18…

He looked at her, he beautiful face was litten by the shaking light of the candles.

- I wish that too, he whispered

- I can’t wait to be able to do whatever I want. It’s like I’m stuck on the start line waiting for life to really start. I know what I want to do and I have to wait years!

- Six hundred and eighty five days…

As she was staring at him, surprised, he smile and confided in her:

- I too, count the days..

So he told her:

- Don’t be in a rush, Candy, he said like it was easy, what are you waiting from life?

She looked at his blue-green eyes which froze her.

“You!” she wanted to answer.

But se restrain herself at the last second and she answered:

- What I want, what I’ve always wanted, is the same thing as you: is to be a write.

- Then you go ahead, become a writer! It’s not because you live at your parents and you’re still in high school, that you can’t send stories to magazines. Nothing is preventing you from being published. If you really decide that it’s what you want to do, you go for it. Start working, do what you have to do, don’t hesitate and don’t restrain yourself. Whatever you do, don’t ever stop writing.
He was so passionate, his expression was intense, he was very serious, while he was talking. Moved , she contemplated that perfect face. Sometimes she felt like there were some deepness hidden, a part of his life we didn’t suspect, because of the happy and smiling his character. A fire, ready to pop in case he got pushed too far… By kissing him, she had felt that he was restraining himself, he was still controlling himself. He has self-control… or excellent quality.

He was eating, the nose in his plate. She continued looking at him.

- I want something else, she declared.

He raised his heard and looked her in the eyes and drowned. She was waiting for his reaction. In an instant, his confusion was gone and the fire in his eyes came out more taking than ever.

“I want you”.

She didn’t need to say it, he knew. They understood each other without having to spell it out. The fire was shaking and his eyes were soft again. He smiled at her with a little sadness.

- Oh Candy, what am I going to do with you?

Candy now, had the nose in her plate, without raising her head, she whispered:

- You can start by asking me on another date.

He took her hand softly and he said looking at her:

- What are you doing tomorrow night?

She had to restrain herself not to jump of joy. He was taking her seriously!

- Nothing special…

- You want to go to the cinema with me? He asked, we could grab a bite before or after depending on the time of the movie starts…

She was still looking at her plate and she smiled.

- We could skip the meal, because looks like you and I are not that hungry

- Do I take that as a yes? He asked

- Yes.

- You’d go out with me on Monday night too?

- Yes.

- Tuesday?

She burst out laughing.

- Yes!

- And Wednesday?

- I do some volunteer work at the library…

- Can I come with you?

- If you promise not to talk…

- I’m going to be tight as a clam. That’s perfect ten, so, that leaves Thursday, Friday… during a year ten months and sixteen days… you want to go out with me all those nights too, right?

She looked at him like in a dream. Her eyes were litten with tenderness. An insane happiness came over her.

- Yes, she whispered with love

He took her hand and brought to his lips and slightly kissed the tips of her fingers.

- Then, it’s beautiful.

- Why only during a year, ten months and sixteen days? She asked.

He took her hand again and this time he kissed the palm. The sensation made her lose her breath briefly; a sudden heat came through her whole body.

- Because in one year ten months and sixteen days, you’re going to be 18 years old.

- And when I’m going to be 18 years old? She asked looking at him with fascination kissing her wrist and pressing his lips on her excuted pulse.

- When you’re going to be 18 years old, a lot of things are going to happen, he replied, looking at her through his eyelashes

His thumbs was now tracing circles on the palm of her hand. The sensations were making her dizy and she wished she could’ve she could jump into his arms, she wanted… she had no sexual experience, her knowledge stopped at what she had read in he books, seen in movies, comments she heard at random in converstaions. She could see how it happens precisely, without really knowing why people were so passionate for the questions… until that moment.

- When you’re going to be 18 , he continued, you’re going to leave your parents house and marry me.

She took her hand away.

- Terrence we don’t joke on such a serious matter.

- I’m not joking.

He wasn’t smiling anymore. She looked at him stunned and she laughed, despite herself

- I find you pretty presumptuous. I thought a man was supposed to ask a woman to marry her, not inform her that he was going to do it.

- Oh, I’m going to ask you! At the second you turn 18 years old, I’m going to ask you to marry me.

But he didn’t do it. Despite his disappearance a few days after the school dance, despite the fact that he didn’t keep any of the promises he made that evening, she has spent her 18th birthday waiting for him. Uable to believe that he was going to pop up in front of her to come and get her or at least call her on the phone! He didn’t make any sign of life. She was so disappointment, she had cried her eyes out. She has tried to convince herself that she didn’t love Terrence Grandchester the third. The next day, she made the decision to travel around the world, before going to university…


Tyler finally decided to cooperate. The novel had to move forward but something kept holding it back. He was writing, but he had no joy in what he was doing. It was like they were forcing him to write. He had sent Tyler to Europe to rebuild a world devastated by the war.

[i]“He was working hard because he wanted to make money to go back to America to marry his beloved. He thought he could do it in two years, but his stay lasted longer than expected. After a thousand and one twists and turns, he was stepping on American soil again. The wealthy business man he has become was now getting dressed with tailor made suites. He had confidence when he was poor, and when he got rich, he calm down a little. He had suffered to get there, so he wasn’t going to be a bastard, especially with those who didn’t have the same resource as him.

After a long trip on a train from New York, he finally arrived to Chicago. He took a cab and went to the Ardley manor. Once in front of it, he felt invulnerable, filled with assurance after so much suffering, nothing could resist him. All the obstacles were behind him, in a moment, he was going to hug Biance Rose in his arms. He arrived in front of the manor…”

Terry stopped typing. Tyler was impatient and had a questioning look at him by his shoulder. He hit the floor with his boots.

- What’s going on? What are you waiting for?

- You’re not going to like what’s next, said Terry

His character froze worried.

- Don’t tell me she’s not there

- Yes, she’s there

Terry started writing again.

“That’s when he saw her, her beautiful hair were shining under the sun, she was coming down the stairs, her head high and her shoulders straight… like he remembered. The only view of her profile, so pure made him lose all restraint, he started running screaming her name throughout all those carriages in the street. Bianca Rose’s blond head turned around. He felt the exact moment she saw her. Her eyes were wide opened, her face became pale, her lips pronounced his name in silence.

Mute with emotion, he stopped in front of her. In such a moment, he wanted to grab her in his arms and taker her lips. After a superhuman strength , he was able to restrain his first move.

- Bloody hell! Said Tyler, after all this time, you’re not even going to let me kiss her?

- Calmed down, mumbled Terry, without stopping to write, you’re not alone in the world

“…conscious of the presence of the gentleman, and two ladies from a certain age who were with her. They had just got out of the manor.

She was more beautiful than ever. She was wearing dress with a discreet elegance, she looked like a real lady. He caught her emerald eyes. The spark which had become a flame the day they met-the day when he had found her wearing her brother’s clothes, riding her father’s stallion in the prairie near their manor. As much as a savage and luminous as her ride! He had fallen in love with her at that moment. She was also looking at him, noticing the good quality of his clothes, but also that he looked more mature and his traits were tight.

- I thought you were dead, she said with a voice hoarse by emotions

- You know this gentleman? Asked the man standing by her side

At the sound of his voice Bianca Rose was startled; for a moment, she seemed stunned to find him by his side. And, during that instant, Tyler thought he read in her eyes a real terror.

- Yes, she replied slowly, like she was choosing her words carefully, Alfred, this is Tyler Baker, a old friend of the family.

When she turned to Tyler, he saw that she had tears in her eyes.

- Tyler, let me introduce you to Alfred Wayne, my husband.

He had no trouble describing Tyler’s reaction when he learned that Bianca Rose had married another man.He remembered Candy’s reaction when she had learned that he had gotten married with another woman…

In a few sentences, he brought Tyler in a loneliness of his hotel room. There his hero was finally able to break down and cry in his armchair.

That’s what Candy had done when she had realised that she will never be his wife… He was cursing himself every day for hurting her like that.

Tyler gave him a murdering look.

- How could you do that to me? You send me to Europe to get rich only to rip my beloved away???

- That’s life buddy!

- No! You’re angry because Candy doesn’t want to speak to you and you’re making me pay!

- Candy didn’t marry someone else

- No, you did that craziness! And now you’re punishing me!!! It’s not fair!!! You go conquer your beloved and come back to give me the happy end I deserve!!!

Yes, he had married another woman, but there were extenuating circumstances. He didn't have the choice…


“Juliet, my light,

It’s May 7th, it’s your 18th birthday. I spent this day thinking about you. You can’t imagine the exquisite pain of some of the memories. For example, your thirteenth birthday. You invited me and we wnt to the big aquarium by the harbour. You remember the big pool surrounded by the spiral ramp? We also admired the shark skeletons suspended on the top of our heads- sharks big enough to swallow us both. Today I cried for the first time since I’m here. Because worst than the whipping, the insults and the humiliations, worst than the filth, the smell and the fear, there was that promise that I couldn’t keep. It was a grief so awful that I couldn’t hold my tears. I tried to imagine your day, where you could’ve gone, what you could’ve done…Did you ask yourself where I was? Did you expect a phone call from me? At this very moment, I would sell my soul for a telephone. I’m wondering if anybody knows where I am. I asked the guard that questions and he almost choked laughing. He hit me and since the joke seemed too good, he explained to me that the government had inform my magazine that I was dead in cholera epidemic. Juliet, I’m alive! You came to see me that evening, adorably beautiful in all the light of your 18 years old. Your eyes were sad. We hugged and I fell asleep in your arms.But when I woke up, you were gone.

I love you

Your Romeo”



"You should be kissed, and often, and by someone who knows how." Rhett Butler, Gone with the wind

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Letters to Juliet

Chapter 7
“Meeting in the rain”

It was Friday morning, it was gray and rainy. Candy was working on her novel, without interruption until mid-afternoon, when she had to stop to eat a sandwich and get ready for a conference in the amphitheatre. It wasn’t a mandatory course, in ordinary time, she would’ve hesitate giving the length of the trip to get there by this bad weather. But today, she couldn’t stay home: the guest at the conference was Teresa George herself; popular author of romance novels, feminine romance novels, on the best sellers list since her first novel, three years earlier. For five years, new titles had come to reinforce her reputation. His characters seemed to jump out of the pages and her stories were full of unexpected twists; she had the gift to make you burst out laughing on one page and wipe a tear in another page. She knew how to dose emotions and touch your heart. Today, she was going to talk about her job in front of an amphitheatre full of wannabe writers and fans. Candy wanted to learn a lot of tips, the maximum!

She got dressed with a pretty dress, perfect for the season, with flowers. But since it was raining and it was gray, she put the boots with her dress which was kind of long. She put on a black jacket, since there was a little wind blowing; she took the bus to go to the amphitheatre. Anthony wanted to buy her a car, but she had refused, she rather take public transportation and manage on her own, like a big girl. She also like being around people.


Terry looked at the clock in his car, that damn rain had made them late, The bad weather transformed the circulation in a real traffic jam. He was with his sister in the car, her name was Dinah.

- It’s going to be difficult to find a parking spot, he said, I’m going to drop you off…

- No, I don’t want to get in by myself. If we have to be late, we’re both going to be late…

- Dinah…

- They are not going to start without us, you know that right?

She brought down the sun-visor and checked herself in the mirror, fixing her brown curls.

- After all, I’m the guest of honour, she said

- That’s not what worries me, but I’d like to be able to leave on time…

His sister suddenly turned around looking at him, interrupting the gesture she was about to do with her lipstick.

- You have a date? She asked interested

Terry didn’t even look at her, trying to look indifferent.

- I knew it! She screamed happy, closing her lipstick to throw it in her bag, you have a date! You finally decided to forget about that girl… what was her name again? Anthony’s sister, the one you wrote that collection of letters, the one that was so young…

Terry continued playing indifferent. He was looking for a parking spot and he pretended to be concentrated, looking at the street for a spot on both sides. But his sister wasn’t going to let it go that easily.

- This whole story is insanely romantic… a few years of difference, I can take…but she was just a teenager, a little girl. I know they say that what’s forbidden, but by keeping thinking about her, you were getting tiresome, even when you got married! It was a real obsession!

She looked at him with attention and she conclude:

- It could be a good starting point for a new contemporary novel…

- No! He said giving her the look.

- You reacted!?

She burst out laughing, happy.

- You’re still thinking about her, right? Well I hope your new conquest would be able to change your ideas for a little while. Do tell honey! What’s her name? Where did you meet her? Here in Chicago? Look! A car is leaving over there!

Terry hit the brakes and drove to the little spot left by a little blue car. While he was parking the car, in the little spot, his eyes were attracted by a familiar silhouette. It was stronger than him, it was like ha had a radar to detect her presence. He literally felt her presence. She was under an umbrella, more beautiful than ever. He finished parking the car and pulled the hand break. He got out of the car quickly to run after her. His sister was following him closely.

- Hi.

Candy heard the voice behind her. It couldn’t be… but of course it was. She turned around and looked at Terrence Grandchester, getting wet under the rain.

- You look lovely, he said smiling

He was admiring her outfit. He looked at her face, reminding him of the candour of her years old, while underlining the big seduction of her woman body.

- You’re following me again, she said, you can help us both Terrence; give it up.

- You know very well that I won’t do that. And this time around, I wasn’t following you.

He looked at his watch and he said:

- I have to go…

- You’re not introducing me? Said a woman’s voice

Candy turned around to look at the woman who had just stop by Terry’s side, putting her hand on his arm looking possessive. A very beautiful woman, tall, slim, curly brown hair around her face. She was smiling, but her eyes were distant.

Candy was speechless. Who was this woman? His wife? But wasn’t he a widower? Did he lie? It wouldn’t be the first time… She felt disappointed and horribly betrayed. That miserable guy was harassing her night and day while he was married…

- Candy, this is Dinah Grandchester, said Terry, Dinah, let me introduce you to Candy Andrew.

Grandchester! Then she was his wife… with an intensity that surprised her, the green monster of jealousy took over her. Disoriented, she shook Dinah without seeing the look she was giving Terry.

- My brother told me so much about you, she articulate, with a distinguished voice, but with no warmth.

Her what? Her brother? Dinah was Terry’s sister? Yes, of course… he had talked a lot about her in their conversations. She looked up and saw that Terry had his eyes on her. He looked at her with attention, half smiling, like he knew exactly what she was thinking. Then he looked at his watch one more time and turned to his sister.

- We’re going to be really late. Candy, I’ll see you later.

She shook her head and she wanted to open her mouth to protest. He stopped her by putting his hand on her cheek, the thumb pressed on her lips.

- Yes, I’ll see you later, he repeated with assurance which paralysed her, you’re going have dinner with me and we’re going to talk. Tonight.

Prisoner by her intense eyes, she couldn’t move. A second later, the hypnotic eyes dived to her mouth and she knew he was going to kiss her. He didn’t. But she was already shivering when he put his thumb on her lips, his fingers lasted longer on her cheek for a moment, then he walked away. He left walking away from her, but walking backwards, with a smile illuminating his face.

- You’re really…

He shook his head like he was looking in vain for the exact word.

- Wonderfully, incredibly, fabulously, deliciously…

- It would be the time to slip in an adjective, said Dinah

- Sexy, he finished.

He had said that in a whisper, the word got to him without any difficulty.

- I’ll come around 8 pm, he said.

- No!

She had finally got her voice back… but too late. He had turned around and crossed the street, Dinah running after him by his side. She continued her way calmly


- Candy? Said Dinah while they were entering the university building, after all these years, it’s still little Candy Andrew? But she’s not that small anymore right?

- Right.

- I thought she was back packing indefinitely…

- She’s back as you can see.

- How lucky for you! So of course you’re ready to jump the boat, and grab her at the same time.

- Those metaphors don’t suit you at all, Dinah, he reposted without denying.

- What about you! You hoping for a happy end Hollywood style! You’re a real romantic, you know that?

- All my novels end well he reply, I should be able to orchestrate my own happy ending, can’t I?

- Let’s hope so! Because she doesn't seem to be cooperating… and you know that human being are more difficult to convince than your characters.

- If you only knew! He mumbled with a plaintiff tone. But for your scoop, Dinah, but let me tell you that my characters are giving me a hard time for a while.

- You’re joking!

- I’m very serious!

She burst out laughing out loud, once again .


“Juliet, my heart,

I just finished my novel. In fact, it was just the first draft, almost a rough draft, but what can I ask more for a story written with a pencil between the lines of a novel with the title “Destiny and passion”? I wrote a love novel, because I needed to live by proxy a story that ends well. It’s been eleven months; I had nothing more to read than the three books I told you about. It seemed to me it would be a good starting point. In the next draft, I promise to change the name of my heroine. For now her name is Candy. Even when I would change your name, you’ll remain my model. She was simple and direct, beautiful, strong and proud like you. I keep reading and re-reading my book. Like you said, I “read between the lines”: the expression took a new sense for me. To think it’s been almost a year!

When I think that I could end my life at the shadow of these walls, that everything could stop for me in his prison… That idea is imposing in my mind every day a little more, I can’t imagine scenarios which would lead to my liberation. I can only pray that one day, I don’t know when, I don’t know how, I could get out of here and see here. I live with the hope of that day.

I love you.

Your Romeo.”


"You should be kissed, and often, and by someone who knows how." Rhett Butler, Gone with the wind

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Letters to Juliet

Chapter 8
“The school dance”

Candy arrived at the conference in the auditorium, it was full of people and the only places left were a few seats in the front. People didn’t like to sit in the firs row, in general, they liked the middle to have a nice view of the stage.

A few moments later, the organizer of the conference took a microphone and introduced the guest of the conference, Teresa George. Applause was heard. Candy clapped her hand happily, then she was stunned looking a the woman who had replaced the presenter on stage. That was Dinah Grandchester! Terry’s sister was Teresa George? It was definitely the day for surprises for that damn family! She had already noticed that George was a pen name, like most authors had one. She started looking around and she saw Terry near the side doors leaning on it il a relaxed position, his arms crossed on his chest. He was looking at the public and their eyes met and he suddenly stood up right, his eyebrows lightly frowned like he was surprised to see her in the room. She was hearing Dinah’s voice who was introducing her brother, explaining that he was her literary agent, Terry was still looking at her, with a little enigmatic smile.

Terry was surprised to see Candy among the spectators in the auditorium. He was expecting to see her in the evening, when he was going to go get her for their dinner. He was disconcerted for a little moment. She turned around to listen to Dinah’s words who had started the conference with her speech. He looked at his watch. The speech he had prepared was going to take approximately 40 minutes, then there was going to be the usual sequence of questions and answers. That’s where he intervene, because Dinah didn’t like to answer questions. He didn’t blame her; people sometime had the weirdest questions!

Dinah talked well, she was calmed, well thought and she knew how to talk about fun facts with humour. He speech was well prepared and she did like the pro that she was. He stopped listening to the text, which he knew by heart, for having written it himself and started looking at Candy. Candy didn’t have time to protest a few moments ago, when she learn he was taking her to diner tonight… he was already dreaming about that diner. He wanted to take her in his arms… He was going to take her to a restaurant where there was going to be a band playing music where he could invite her to dance. He was hoping he would be as happy as he was the first time they had dance together. He felt so good, so happy so sure about their future…

The school dance was organised in the high school gymnasium, transformed by the dim lights and the traditional balloons and garland made of crepe paper. The decoration was not very romantic but for Terry, all he needed was Candy in his arms to be in seventh heaven. They were both in the euphoria of the moment, but Terry could feel the eyes of the curious others on them. There were whispers, low talking, comments exchanged between the students or among the teachers. He knew why, it was because he was few years older than Candy! The looks were even getting heavy… so heavy that he didn’t dare holding her tight against him when they were dancing. He didn’t want to be the centre of attention, more than he already was. They are going to gossip on them! He didn’t care, but it was Candy’s school and he was afraid of the comments and insinuations. Since she had showed up with an adult, they could suppose that they’re sleeping together. She still had one more year to go before she finish high school and it would be difficult for her to assume that reputation. He looked at her and he saw that she was looking at him smiling, He smiled back at her… worry darkened her beautiful emerald green eyes.

- Is something wrong? She asked

He shook his head with a little laugh.

- Everything is fine

- Terry… what’s wrong?

- I really can’t hide anything from you…

- I know you better than anybody else…

Candy’s fingers mingled in his hand, on his neck; while dancing, her body touched his and he could feel her firm tight against his, the softness of her breast against his chest. It was paradise! How could he distance himself from her? How could he make her understand?

- Candy, did you notice that they’re looking at us?

She looked around the room and smiled again.

- That’s probably because you’re the hottest man in the room

- Exactly! The problem is that I’m a man ,he explained clumsily. There are only “boys” here.

He was trying to find the words to express what he wanted to say. He took a deep breath. He would’ve given a lot to be able to shut up, but he absolutely had to let her know.

- Listen Candy, I’m afraid that if we dance too close together, they’re going to think that we’re… together.

- But we are together, she said

For a lot of seconds, he looked at her frank and limpide eyes. She was adorably beautiful, pure and innocent at the same time.

- I meant intimate, he whispered

Her cheeks lightly blushed , but she didn’t look away.

- I don’t care what they think about me.

- But I care a lot about it. Once you get a label, it’s almost impossible to get rid of it. I know something about that

She didn’t say anything. She was looking at him in the eyes and was waiting for the rest.

- You know that I finished my high school in a public school in London, right?

She nodded with her head.

- Well before that, I was in a private school…

- I didn’t know.

They were dancing a melancholic slow dance. Every time he thought about it, he would loosen his arms from his hug… and every time he forgot his good resolutions, his arms would tighten by themselves, hugging her slim and flexible body closer.

Once again, he forced himself to distance himself from her, he cleared his throat and continued talking:

- I was kicked up of so many times that private schools wouldn’t accept me anymore.

- Kicked out? She said stunned, you?

- I was kind of a fighter at that time and I got kicked out. My parents were not happy…

- Why did you fight?

She knew there must have been a good reason.

- Because of fresher initiation. The “big” were merciless and I kept seeing one kid after another paying for those pretended jokes and pranks. One day, they went a little too far… I lost it.

- What did they do?

He made a face for a brief moment.

- They put something in the meal in the lunch room. All those who ate at the last shift, the younger ones, were sick as dogs. That day, I was late; when I got there, I saw the tough gang from grade twelve, there, laughing out loud, looking at 50 fifteen year old kids throwing up. And I can tell you that some of them were very very sick. I lost it. When I learned who orchestrated the thing, I broke his nose.

He raised his shoulder and concluded:

- I found out that the tradition in big private schools, 50 healthy fifteen year old kids could be intoxicate with food poisoning by 12 graders, but one thug who breaks the nose of a eighteen year old.

The band started a new slow right away and Candy put her head on Terry’s shoulder. He felt a warmth, How long was he going to be able to resist? If only he could kiss her, squish her long and soft body against his! In fact, it was great for them that they were in a room full of people at that moment, looking at them strangely, preventing them from going too far.

After this evening, he would have to wait 686 days, he desired her like crazy and he couldn’t do anything. He was submerged by a vague of emotions. He loved her, he wanted to always be with her. Sex was only a small part of what he was feeling… but who was he kidding? Himself? He would’ve given anything to have the chance to make love to her. The months to come were going to be difficult: if she remained a virgin until her 18th birthday, they would deserve a medal!

Candy’s voice interrupted his thoughts.

- Why were you kicked out of the other schools? She asked

- Because had the reputation of being a bad boy… the second time, I was at the wrong place at the wrong time. Someone set the storage room where they kept sports supplies on fire, I was accused since I already had a thug reputation. In grade 11, I was at my fifth school… they agreed to take me with reservation making me understand that I couldn’t do a single thing wrong, They kicked me out because I dropped my tray in the morning in the lunch room.

- That’s ridiculous!

- Maybe, but that’s what happens when you have a label. They can do that to you…

- Terrence, I don’t think that being with you is going to ruin my reputation, she said bursting out laughing, in fact if you want to know, it’s kind of positive for me.

Her face was animated, and her eyes were shining. He felt his heart bursting with love. Oh my God! He loved her so much! He’s loved her for years without ever admitting it… he couldn’t admit it to himself because she was a “kid”, his best friend’s little sister. During all that time, he was wondering what was wrong with him, why he couldn’t keep a girlfriend more than two weeks in a row. He ended up concluding that he wasn’t one for a long relationship, that marriage, family wasn’t part of his future. But without knowing it, he was simply more faithful than boys his age. His heart belonged to Candy; the other had no power over him. He didn’t doubt for a single moment that he was going to love her until the day he dies.

He raised his hand, looking at her and he grabbed a drop of swear near her hear.

- It’s hot in here, she said

- Yes…

They pulled away from each other, left the dance floor and they got out of the gymnasium. It was cooler in the hallway; he took her hand and walked with her towards the buffet.

- You want something to drink? A soda? A fruit punch?

- A fruit punch, thank you. I have to go… how do you say it when you wan to be polite? To powder my nose? There must be a more recent expression… I’ll be right back.

He let go of her fingers with regrets, and he followed hwer with is eyes while she was walking away the long hallway leading to the rest room. The way she walked, head up, her discreet elegance, made her different from her friends! In her high heals shows, her hips were waving lightly under her dress. The door of the girls’ bathroom closed behind her. When he turned around, he almost hit a mature man who had come to stand behind him.

- Candy is a real beauty tonight, he said.

It was probably a teacher; he was staring at him with a smile, but his eyes were cold and inquisitive.

- I didn’t know she was dating a… student or more a man, he added

He was making him understand that he thought he was too old to be dating his student. Terry smiled at him and gave him his hand.

- I’m Terrence Grandchester, he said politely, an old friend of Candy

- Arthur Henderson. Where are you studying?

- I went to Chicago University

- You went? Said M. Henderson

His cold eyes were looking at this face, like he was looking for additional informations.

- Yes, answered Terry.

- So you have finished school, continued M. Henderson like he was making sure he understood him correctly, Candy is a little young for you, don’t you think so?

- Frankly, I don’t see where that’s any of your concern, Arthur

He was talking with no animosity, but the eyes of his interlocutor became harder.

- I worry about Candy, he said dryly, I’m a friend of her father.

- Mr. Andrew approves our friendship, said Terry

- Maybe so, said Henderson, but I doubt he saw the way you were looking at her

Then, he shook his head, outraged.

- Frankly, you’re an adult and she’s a kid. Don’t ruin the end of her childhood, you don’t have the right.

Terry had to call upon of his cold blood so he would be upset. He was perfectly calm. He didn’t reply, took his wallet out to go pay for the drinks. But Arthur Hendeson, followed him, he wasn’t done with him.

- Candy should be dating boys her own age, he insisted, she should have fun, dream a little without having to face consequences. She feels flattered by the situation. What young girl wouldn’t? You surely don’t need to be reminded that you’ve got a pretty face.

Terrence took his change and the two glass of fruit punch and turned to him.

- Are you done?

- Almost, said M. Henderson, pulling his chin forward, I just need to make sure that you know about the law prohibiting sexual relations with minors, which in this country is assimilated to rape…

He was saying that because he had heard Terry’s British accent.

- I don’t need a lesson, Arthur.

Terry was angry, but he forced himself to talk calmly, without showing in his voice the slightes trace of anger. Truly, he would’ve made an excellent actor.

- Like you pointed it out to me, I’m an adult, concient of the consequences of my actions. And, I love Candy and I think she loves me too. Now, if you’ll excuse me…

Arthur Henderson surprised him and looked at him with real compassion.

- I thought you love her… but she’s only 16 years old. She might be feeling something for you, but you’re not expecting it to last, I hope?

Terry looked at the end of the hallway and he saw Candy come out of the ladies room and walk towards him. He took Arthur by the shoulders and walked with him on the side saying:

- Yes, yes, I’m expecting it. Excuse-me.

And he walked towards Candy and he saw her face lit up with a wonderful smile when she saw him. Her eyes were shining, her dress was flotting around her and shaping the curves of her body. But he continued hearing Henderson’s voice.

- 16 is the age of carefreeness. You’re going to be a weight for her Grandchester. Is you really love her, you won’t do that to her.

Terry walked away fast in front of Candy with her drink.

- Your fruit punch, he said.

- Thank you, she said taking a sip

He took her inside the gymnasium, in a dark corner, they found an empty table and they sat down. He felt Candy’s eyes on him, but he didn’t dare looking at her. His head was down, he drank his fruit punch.

- You’re not bored, are you? It’s not fun for you…

- I’m spending an unforgettable evening…

- In the ladies room, a girl told me that Mr. Henderson was giving you the third degree… and he was saying that you shouldn’t be with me.

She leaned towards him and she said:

- That’s why I was saying it wasn’t fun for you. We can leave, Terry, it won’t bother me if you want to go.

- Are you kidding? I want to dance with you again.

She put her hand on his saying:

- We could go elsewhere to… dance.

She mingled with their fingers. Terry looked at her, she wasn’t talking about dancing on the dance floor, but in bed! She was offering herself to him…

- I think it’s better if we stay here, he said painfully

- Are you sure?

He had a little laugh.

- Candy, please! I need you to help me out here… it’s hard enough as it is!

What was he saying? Was she going to take his words wrong? Candy continued like there was nothing.

- When I was fixing my make up, I heard a few comments they were making about me and you, she said, you’re right, they stuck me a new label.

- What? Already? He said surprised

Then he saw her smile and her green eyes shining with pleasure.

- I’m now a huntress and you’re my prey, my big bird. It’s a spectacular promotion, compare to the last label

- Which was?

- The intellectual, the math brain, she said with a wince, not very flattering and particularly out of character since I intend to do study literature in college. So “huntress with a big bird” I like it.

Then she looked at him and she said:

- You want to dance with me my big bird?

He took her to the dance floor, took her in his arms and he said:

- Is that all I am for you? A big bird?

She looked at him with tenderness, curled up against him, put her head back to smile at him and she said:

- Terrence, I fell in love with you before I even knew what that was…

She loved him! She loved him! It was like hearing the rolling thunder in his heart.

- Oh Candy…, he said with love.

She had her arms around his neck. She pulled his head towards her, raised herself and gave him her lips, and he kissed her, in front of everybody in the middle of the dance floor. A soft long and tender kiss…

The applause got Terry out of his intense memories. Dinah was praised by the crowd, The conference was over.


"You should be kissed, and often, and by someone who knows how." Rhett Butler, Gone with the wind

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Letters to Juliet

Chapter 9
“Bitter sweet memories”

Terry was a little disoriented and he was looking for Candy with his eyes. Since it was warm in the amphitheatre, she had taken her jacket off.

Like she felt his eyes on her, she turned towards him. Terry was looking at her with a hungry expression. He was perseverant. She understood he was tenacious; he would never give up on her. She asked herself for the thousandth time why he married another woman! Maybe she should’ve listened to him, but what did he have to tell her? He had promised to come and ask her to marry him and he came back with a wife! He had broken all of her dreams; she didn’t want to listen to him.

She saw Terry going up on the stage; walk across to replace his sister. His hair was shiny with the light from the spotlights. He smiled and it made her smile. Candy melted ever since their first meeting. He replaced his sister facing the public, to announce it was now the questions and answers sequences of the program. He was talking with confidence and at ease, his charisma was deploying all over the place.

Candy, lost in the crowd, was admiring him from afar at ease. She thought he was perfect when she was 12 years old; he had been the perfect date at that infamous school dance when she was 16…

The questions were starting.

- How do you organize your days to write? Asked a woman in the back of the room.

- Teresa usually wakes up very early, answered Terry; she goes from her bed to her computer, without forgetting her cup of coffee. She would re-read what she wrote the night before, and then she would work until noon. She eats in front of her screen, would write for another hour, would have a two hour break to walk and run on the beach, bathe, empty her mind. . Then, she will write until dinner time and until late at night.

- That’s pretty intense, said Teresa, but it’s my method and it works. When I dive, I feel like emerging. When I write, I only do that and when I’m done, I make a real cut; I go on a trip.

Other hands raised to ask questions. Candy raised her arm and Terry concentrated on her immediately.

- Yes Candy?

Candy cleared her throat and tried to talk loud enough do that everybody would hear.

- What do you do when you’re blocked and you don’t know where the problem is?

He looked at her seriously.

- Are you writing a novel, Freckles?

He had used that pet name which always sounded so soft when it came out of his mouth and which showed the intimacy between them. She felt proud. She nodded with her head.

- You haven’t told me that.

Despite the fact that the microphone was heard in the whole auditorium, she felt relaxed, intimate. It was like the rest of the world wasn’t there; there were only the two of them.

- You haven’t asked, she replied.

She felt all the eyes on her. And like he has just realised they weren’t alone, Terry looked up and saw the other spectators.

- Elle, there’s a lot of solutions, he said, you can put your book aside and do something else. Once that project is over, you can go back to your writing and look at the text which was giving you problems with a new perspective.

His eyes went back to Candy’s face.

- You can also find a critical collaborator. Work with someone, value their opinion… Sometime all you need is someone else eyes to get a new perspective and have everything fall into place. What seem like a problem maybe just need some little adjustments.

He finished his answer with a beautiful smile to her. She felt like she was melting again.

- Next questions?

He spent another twenty minutes answering questions and then he made the thank you speech to the responsible of the conference. It was over. The woman talked with Dinah for a while, describing in details what she saw in her books. The amphitheatre was getting empty and he saw Candy walk towards the exit while talking to another young woman. He recognized Annie something, which he had met on the first day when he went looking for Candy.

The doors were small and the crowd was going out very slowly; the two young women had to stop a few times. They were talking and they burst out laughing. He heard Candy’s franc and crystal laugh, which came out of the noisy room and went straight to his heart.

He turned to the organizer, interrupted her and said:

- I’m sorry for interrupting you but we absolutely have to go. Teresa has another appointment and…

- Oh yes, of course, said the lady blushing a little. It was fantastic meeting you. Thank you again…

He took Dinah on one arm and his bag with the other and he took her down the stairs and when back up the alley to the front of the amphitheatre reserved for guests so that they won’t have to be in the crowd.

People had left, going back to their business. Annie had disappeared and Candy was still in the big hall. It was still raining hard. She was getting ready to get out of the rain with her umbrella.

- Candy! Wait!

It was Terry’s voice and she turned around to see him walking towards her.

- I’m going to take you back home. You probably don’t want to get out in the rain to wait for the tramway…

She looked at him. She thought he was so handsome, every time she looked at him. She was in a good mood after the conference. So she replied:

- All right!

She saw the flash of surprise in his eyes. He was expecting her to say no! You have to say after the way she had treated him since he got to Chicago, it wasn’t surprising.

- I’m going to go get the car, he said very fast, like he was afraid she would change her mind. Wait for me here Dinah, ok?

And he got out in the falling rain running. She stayed with Dinah who was looking at her.

- I would have never thought you were Teresa George. I like your books a lot.

- Thank you, she said, raising her shoulders casually.

It looked like Dinah didn’t like her very much.

- Does Terry also write? It was his dream…

- You like him a lot, don’t you? Asked Terry’s sister looking at her attentively

It was Candy’s turn to raise her shoulders. She looked away and pretended to look for Terry’s car.

- I… yes, well he was my best friend for years. That always leaves a certain link

- Then why are you making him sweat?

Candy was a little taken aback. Of course Terry has confided in his sister! Candy turned around and looked at her, while she was looking for an answer, Terry’s car stopped in front of the sidewalk in front of her, Saved by the bell! So she said:

- Let’s, come under my umbrella.

They went together to the car under the umbrella. Dinah went to sit in the back and Candy had to sit in the front, next to Terry. She shook her umbrella before she folded it and closed the door. Terry, who had gotten out without an umbrella to go get the car, was soaking wet. His hair was stuck by the rain and drops of rain were rolling on his pretty face.

- I’m going to drop off Dinah at the hotel, he announced, and I would like to change before we go out for dinner. You haven’t forgotten that we’re going out, I hope?

- I’m not dressed to go out, started Candy; I think it would be better…

- I’m not going to dress up, I’m just going to put on some dry clothes, he interrupted, I’m soaking wet and I walked on puddle of water and my sock is wet.

He had a little laugh and he added;

- I knew I had a good reason not to put some on!

Candy couldn’t help laughing with him.

- And all that time I thought you wanted to reduce your laundry!

Dinah was looking at them. Their intimacy was palpable! They were riding in town.

Candy was comfortable on the leather seats and looked at the rain by the window and she let old memories taking her to the last time she had found herself with him in a car…

It was 5 am in the morning. Terrence and Candice were parked near the beach. They were not saying anything in the calmness before dawn. After going to three different parties, this silence was very relaxing.

After the last party, they were sitting in the car, hand in hand. They had talked and he had told her that he wanted to be a writer; he wanted to try everything, novels, short stories, scripts, but still with an element of humour and always with a happy ending. He had also told her lots of stories on his teenage years. Then they had remained silent, holding hands. They looked at each other and Terry leaned to touch her lips; the contact made him groan and he suddenly pulled back.

- Candy, I think it’s better if we go back home, he said with with a hoarse voice

She felt her heart panic. But there was also the excitement of playing with fire. It was rather exciting to know that we were capable of bringing that kind of desire.

- Pleas Terry, not right away…why don’t we go on the beach for a walk?

She didn’t wait for the answer; she threw her shoes, rolled down her stocking and took them off. When they got out of the car, they felt the cool breeze of dawn. The sky was getting lighter and the sun was about to rise. The picture, the beach, the ocean, the sunrise was very pretty to watch. She had a big sigh. Terry had stayed near the car, indecisive. Running towards him she took his hand in his and pulled him with her on the soft sand.

- Wait, I’m going to take my shoes off, he said leaning to do so.

He left them near the car and took her hand to walk by the water. Since she was shivering in the light dress, he took his blazer off and put it on her shoulders, holding her against him to make her warmer. From time to time a wave our come and touch their feet: they were laughing and running to avoid it. Candy felt like she was in paradise.

“If this is a dream, I don’t ever want to wake up!” he had said to himself.

She was so happy that she couldn’t help saying out loud:

- I wish this night would never end, she said in a breath

He stopped walking; forcing her to turn around and he pulled her to him.

- Me too, I wish…

He kissed her and she felt that he was making an effort to control his passion. She had in her arms an explosion barely contained. She pressed herself against the muscles of his chest, daring all of a sudden, opened her mouth under his and tasted his lips, with the tip of her tongue. The painful groan was heard again, she felt his arms tighter around her, her lips opened to let him pass. His mouth had a wonderful taste, He kissed her back and she felt she was losing her head little by little. Every kiss was longer, deeper and more fierily than the previous one. His hands were all over her and his blazer was now on the sand without them knowing how. One of her leg was pressed against his. She would’ve been incapable of explaining how that had happened. They were fighting to get closer to each other, to become one body. She felt his hands on her hair, taking the bobby pins off, letting her hair fall like a curtain and he put his face in them. Then he found the zipper of her dress and the sensation of his finger on her naked skin made him moan.

He pushed her way out of breath, Like attracted by a magnet, she came back to stick to him. On his big chest, his heart was beating hard.

- Oh my God, Candy…

She took his head in her hands, pulled his mouth to hers, and kissed him again. He resisted for a moment, and then he kissed her back. Candy was glad, he had let go, he was losing control. She loved him, he was the love of her life, if they went too far, he was going to marry her anyway, he had promised. She will love no other man like she loved him; she abandoned herself in his arms. He seemed to be hesitating again. He stopped. She kissed his chin, his neck, and pressed her leg against his thigh and she felt the moment he kissed her. He took her lips with fury and wiping the previous kissed, he made her lye on the sand, She put her arms around his neck and kissed him back, savouring , like a victory, the weight of his body on hers. She wasn’t thinking straight anymore otherwise, she would’ve stopped… Terry’s hands were touching her again in a new way, she was dizzy. His hand was coming up her thigh, lifting her skirt…

That’s when Anthony appeared and her magic night became a nightmare.

Her brother was crazed with rage, pulled her almost lover off of her.

- You swore to me! He yelled, you gave me your gentleman’s word, you bastard!

The day had risen and the light was filling the sky. The first rays of sunshine of dawn were coming out of the horizon. She saw Terry’s face, panicking…

- Nothing happened, said Terry, Anthony…

Anthony jumped on him and punched him. Terry let him do it, he fell on the sand. He wanted to get up again, but Anthony kicked him and he fell on the sand again. Candy was looking at the scene stunned. Terry managed to stand up and punched Anthony and the two friends started fighting for a while. Candy was yelling at them to stop, but the two men didn’t seem to hear her.

- Anthony, Terry! Stop it! She sobbed jumping on her brother’s back to try to stop the fight.

Terry stopped hitting Anthony when he saw Candy on her brother’s back. She came down of her back and ran to Terry.

- Oh Terry, I’m sorry, she cried

He looked at her with love.

- Don’t apologize; it’s my fault, are you all right? I didn’t hurt you? Please forgive me…I don’t know what came over me…

Her brother came to get her by the arm to bring her back by force.

- You stay away from him! He ordered, or I’m going to slap you to make you think!

He lifted his hand to slap her, like he used to when they were younger. She looked at him stunned doing instinctively the gesture to protect herself, when Terry jumped on Anthony and punched up. Anthony found himself on the sand.

- Hit her, said Terry and I’m going to rip your head off! Do you hear me?

- All right! Said Anthony, all right!

Terry went to sit by his side on the sand. Anthony looked at Candy.

- You go and wait for me in the car, Candy, he said

- No, I want to go back with Terry, Anthony

Anthony looked at her with anger.

- Terry is not welcome at our house anymore.

He turned to his best friend and dropped:

- I’m going to send you your stuff to your place.

- All right, said Terry.

Candy was stunned. He was just going to give in? He wasn’t going to react?

- You were supposed to help me out, said Anthony with an accusing tone

Candy got stiff. What was that all about?

- You were supposed to help me out; you were taking Candy to the school dance so that I could go out with Anabeth. That was it. You swore to me that you were not going to touch her you pathetic loser!

So Terrence invited her just to give her brother a hand? She felt like puking all of a sudden. He had behaved like he was in love since the start and he practically proposed to her. He had promised to come in 686 days, 685, now to ask her to marry him. She knew he loved her. She was sure!!

- Terry, she started with a sad tone.

- Candy, go in my car! Said Anthony.

- Go Freckles, said Terry with a soft voice. I’m going to call you later.

She walked, bare-foot to her brother’s car. She didn’t know what to think, she waited around 20 minutes for Anthony to come. The trip to their house happened in a heavy silence. Once home, she got out of the car and went to her room and got ready to sleep, but she couldn’t sleep. For hours and hours, she waited for Terrence’s phone call.

But he never called. He never came to take her to the movies either, or for all of the other dates they had decided before the school dance.


"You should be kissed, and often, and by someone who knows how." Rhett Butler, Gone with the wind

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Letters to Juliette

Chapter 10
“The ice is breaking…”

Terry arrived in front of his hotel and en employee ran to take his car to the parking. Candy was still looking out the window. Between the night of the school dance and the afternoon of the previous week, when he came to see her, she had only seen him once, on Anthony’s wedding, four years ago. What a painful experience that was…

The car door on her side opened and she saw Terry giving her his hand to help her get out. She took his hand and got out of the car. Dinah also got out. She approached Candy.

- I was pleased to finally make your acquaintance Candy, I hope to see you again soon. Why don’t you spend the summer with us?

- What an excellent idea! Said Terry, why didn’t I think about that?

He had said that with a mocking tone. Candy ignored him and she turned to Dinah.

- Thank you Dinah, I was happy to have met you too. I really like your books a lot.

- I have to go. My dear Diego is waiting for me, she said whispering

She looked at her brother.

- See you later bro!

And she left leaving them both alone. They entered the hotel hall way.

- Well, I would like to change, if it doesn’t bother you.

He walked to the elevators and she surprised him y following him. He thought she was going to wait for him at the bar.

Candy was wondering why she was following him? She could’ve wait for him at the bar, couldn’t she? He was going to come back giving that he wanted to have dinner with her. So why was she following him? She didn’t want to admit it to herself, she wanted to be with him. Espescially after such intenses memories… about those memories… she had been ready to do it that day, because she was convinced that he was the love of her life and that he was going to marry her… those memories had come back with the feeling and the excitement of the moment… She was playing with fireeeeeeeee by going with Terry to his suite.

- I’ve never been in this hotel anymore, its very pretty.

She looked at the elegant hallway, very bright despite the sad weather, decorated with pink and green discreet and with fresk of exotic leaves.

In the meantime, Terry had pressed the elevator button and they were waiting. Candy had the impression that the conversation sounded so fake, since they had more important things to discuss. She was looking nowhere, apparently lost in her thoughts. He was contemplating her.

She really felt confident, to the point of waiting for him in his suite while he was changing? She didn’t seem very relaxed: she actually seemed distracted.

- What are you thinking about? He asked

Her eyes came back from very far to look at his face.

- I was telling myself that it’s too bad you’re not writing anymore.

He looked at her smiling. Charmed.

- Oh, I’m still writing, from time to time.

- But you didn’t make it your job.

A little ring was heard and the doors opened. He stopped them from closing , making her a sign to go first, then he followed her and press the button for the last floor. Of course, he was in the penthouse suite, the luxury apartment on the top of big American hotels.

- I’m a Grandchester, he continued, my job is cash in on the interests of my family fortune.

- I thought you wanted to write novels, movie script, she said with a reproaching tone. What have you done with your plans?

- I started to write a script, he said

- But you didn’t finish it?

- I was distracted by other occupations. But I’m still thinking about it, you know, like I’m still thinking about you.

- You know how to play with words, there’s a nice transition and one point for machismo!

She looked at him sulking.

- For some reason, I’m having trouble believing you, she continued

- You don’t have to believe me, he replied, but it’s the truth.

He was leaning on the wall of the elevator, his arms crossed and his hands in his pants pocket. His hair still wet and messy. He smiled at her as she was looking at him intensely.

Candy felt like the elevator was getting smaller. She looked at the numbers rise, 8 more floors until the last floor. The Penthouse suite. An apartment, where they were going to be alone. Why did she come withhim? What did she have in mind?

- What do you want from me Terry? She asked all of a sudden.

He answered right away.

- I want to marry you.

The elevator stopped on the last floor and the doors opened. Candy was in shock. Terry held the doors with one hand and made her sign to go ahead.

- After you, he said.

Like there was nothing to it. Like he hadn’t just told her what he wante… to marry her. Again? The first shock passed, she started to laughing while walking in the hall way taking her to a polish door. He wanted to marry her? Again? What a joke?

Her reaction didn’t seem to trouble him. He passed in front of her apologizing and using the magnetic card to open the door and invite her to come in. The suite was big. The living room had a glass wall showing the city of Chicago. The view was wonderful. She approached it to admire it and she passed in front of two door leading to the bedroom and she had a look and she also saw a big bed, as big as her own living room… She continued her way.

Terry took off his wet blazer to put it on the back of a chair. She saw that the rain had gont through and wet his shirt; the tissue was now transparent, glued to his muscles on his shoulders. He took off the his tie smiling at her, took off his shoes and turned towards the table and started to unbutton his shirt.

- I’m coming. There drinks in the bar. You can help yourself, if you want.

There was also a flat screen giant television set, next to the bar. Terry was taking his clothes off in the room next door. That thought troubled her profoundly. Her thought took her so far, way too far. What did she come to do in Terry’s room again? He was probably going to imagine… but of course not. He wanted to marry her… but she wasn’t 16 anymore. She was now a woman… no but… She looked a the drinks on the bar and she couldn’t decide herself. Her brain was working in slow motion. She ended up pouring herself a big glass of tonic water.

There were book on a shelve and she recognized two of Terese Georges’ latest books and she found a third novel still unfinished which was probably going to be her next published book. “Love in a cage” she read on the cover/ On the little talbe, there were other books here and there, novels,essays. There were also papter like “The Chicago Tribune”, wrinkled, magazines on writers like “Premiere” and “Writer’s digest”…

- Candy? Can you get me a can of Coke from the fridge please? He yelled from the bedroom.

She went to open the fridge and got a can of Coca Cola. She turned around and Terry appeared at the door of the bedroom. She tried to keep a clear mind, but it was Terrence Grandcheste, the love of her life and the effect he had on her in the present, on her woman’s body, was frightening! Was Terry conscious about it? She had to call upon all the strenghth of the world to look away. Yet, it wasn’t the first time she’d seen him shirtless… but it was the first time in her women body. She had never seen him more attractive. When he put on his t-shirt, his muscles were swollen in an instant to disappeared under the tissue.

- What do you really want Terry, she heard herself ask him.

The voice that was coming out of her mouth, she had trouble recognizing it. He approached her and mechanically like to keep him away, she handed him he can of coke. Their fingers touched when he took it.

- I told you I want to marry you. I wanted to marry you 7 years ago and that hasn't changed.

In an instant, she saw red. She was glad to get angry. It was a relief, at least she was going to forget that her body was reacting to his presence.

- Yeah right! She said angry. Now you want to marry me? Again?

- Candy…

- You wanted to marry me 7 years ago. I waited 685 days, the day of my 18th birthday for you to show up and propose. Do you have any idea how hard that was for me? Everytime I heard a car, I would run to the door or the window to see… every time the phone rang, my heart would explode, I was thinking that it was you calling to reassure me… You never came, you never called! You kept none of the dates we’ve made together. After what had happened, I was kind of expecting it a little… even if you promised to call me and you never did… but I was hoping that you’d come on my 18th birthday. I was legal, Anthony and my family couldn’t do anything anymore…

She stopped. Terry was listening to her, heartbroken… 685 days, she remembered the number of days, she waited 685 day and he wasn’t able to fulfill is promise!

- I said to myself, that you were just having fun with your best friend’s little sister, that you weren’t serious…

That wasn’t the reason, of course, he was rotting in that damn prison in central America! Should he tell her? Was she going to listen to him? Candy continued talking…

- At Anthony’s wedding, 4 years ago, you came with… your wife! I don’t think I’ve ever been hurt that way before. I was seeing you again I was so happy, I was ready to hear it all, that you were abducted by aliens, that’s why you didn’t come and proposed to me… but no… it’s because you had another woman in your life!!!!

Her eyes were throwing lightning.

- Now you really want to marry me? What was is before? A joke? You want to marry me? Again? What a preposterous idea!

- You really think marrying me is preposterous? He riposted

- Absolutely!

He made a step towards her, putting the coke on the coffee table on his way.

- Why?

He took another step. He wasn’t smiling and his eyes looked like sapphires. She crossed her arms on her chest, determined not to give an inch of her territory.

- What do you think?

- Yet 7 years ago, you seemed to find that it would be a good idea.

He took a third step. The light of his eyes was becoming hard to sustain. He was now so close to her, that she could touch him. He was way too close to her! She has to walked away from him! She gave up and she turned around and walked away from him.

- At the time, I took you seriously, because I was too young to understand she said once in security on the other side of the room. Now I have another point of view.

- I know I disappointed you, he said

The word was weak, she burst out laughing.

- It’s a way of saying things. For God sake’s Terry, you left without even saying goodbye to me! She replied hurt, I think it was a mistake for me to come here…

She walked towards the door after she took her purse. She was not going to leave like that! He caught up with her grabbing her arm.

- Candy, please…

She took her arm off of his hand and looked at him hurt and furious at the same time. The accusation she threw at him was echoing in his thoughts in a surprising way.

- I loved you, but it was only a game for you!

- No!

Loosing his foot, he put his hand in his hair, looking for the exact words.

- It’s wasn’t…

- The truth, is that you took me to the school dance only to do a favour to Anthony, he interrupted angrily, and then, you lost your mind and you went a little too far.

She grabbed the door handle and opened it wide.

- Not this time Terrence!

He closed the door before she could get out, and braced himself in front of her, immobilising her against the wall, his hands on each side of his head.

- No, he said clearly, I won’t let you run away. You owe me a chance to explain myself.

- He was so close to her that she could feel his heat, and the scent of his skin, a mixture of aftershave lotion and shampoo and that particular aroma, so familiar which only belonged to him.

- Oh please…, she whispered, her eyes lost in his.

To have Terry so close was a real torture. She should’ve got out when she had the chance, but did she really want to leave that place? A part of her wanted to stay and consume that passion which was cooking up between for so long… She wanted to say: “I give up. Take me where you want, do whatever you want with me”. All she had to do is to say it out loud, because she had seen the desire in Terry’s eyes…

After that, it the inevitable repeat of the scene she lived in dreams. He leaned a little bit and he kissed her like she was expecting it. On the other hand, she didn’t expect the explosion that shook her at the moment his lips touched hers. It was like she was liquefied, like she couldn’t control her muscles. Her arms went to tie themselves around his neck by themselves; she pressed herself against him and she felt him groan like the last time. Nothing has changed. Just one kiss from this man was enough to wipe away 7 years of her life, resituating old sensations in their whole intensity. Her fingers crisped in his hair she made a desperate effort to push him away… and she hugged him tighter against him.

He kissed her with all his soul, caressing her skin, grabbing her hips. When he looked up, she was stunned to see the light in his eyes.

- Anything you want, he said

It wasn’t a questions, but she nodded with her head, unable to say a word.

- I wanted to make love to you, that morning after the school dance…

He dived in her neck, and he kissed her throat; his hands went back up caressing her breast. She closed her eyes, waiting. No, she had to get out of there.

- I desired you, he said in a breath, I desired you so much! But you were only 16 years old… and I… didn’t care about your age! I loved you like crazy and I didn’t know what I was doing. If Anthony hadn’t found us, if he hadn’t stopped me, I would’ve made love to you that day on the beach. You were only a teenager, I didn’t even have protection and I still would’ve gone all the way. Candy, when I understood that, it really scared me…

He shook his head like his own behaviour still horrified him.

- So I completely lost it. Anthony was hitting me and I didn’t react at first because I knew I deserved it. And everything he said after that… I didn’t deny anything because I was unable to articulate a word. I couldn’t even think! Listen, I didn’t take you to the school dance to do your brother a favour, like you said. When I saw you in that dress, I understood what you represented for me. Anthony had also understood and he tried to stop me from going to protect you. I didn’t want to hear it and I swore to him that I’ll take care of you, But instead of that, I almost…
She put her finger on his lips to shut him up.

- You were not alone on that beach that morning, Terry, she whispered, I was there too. And I desired you as much as you desired me.

- Freckles, you were so young…

- So what? I knew what I wanted.

- How could you have known? He said tortured, you were only 16

- But I’m not 16 anymore , she said

And she kissed him. A burning kiss which promised the accomplishment of all they had started years ago. He took her jacket off and his hands were on her naked arms and he heard her inspired all of a sudden. He wanted to exploit her whole body. He caressed her warm and soft skin Blinded, he just drowned in the warmth of her kissed. Even after all these years, she was making him lose his mind and was possessed with pleasure.

Candy was telling herself she had to stop what was going to happen, but she didn’t want to. She wanted to take her clothes off and press her naked body against Terry’s… and she was against the door of the suite… she was going to make love to Terry, for the first time, against the door of the Penthouse suite…

In Terry’s mind a voice was heard.

- You have to respect her…


- Shut up Tyler…

- You didn’t give me my night of love making… because you didn’t get yours… So you don’t want to respect Candy anymore?

- I love her…

- Maybe so, but for the moment, you’re thinking with your dick… You want to ruin everything?

- No…

- What’s going to happen if she doesn’t agree to marry you? You’re going to continue to follow her everywhere like a little dog?

- I trust my power of seduction…

- And you really want to do it with her for the first tie against the door of your suite? That’s kind of vulgar Master the author of my romantic story…

- In fact, it’s very romantic, I’ll take her to the bedroom later

- What if she’s still a virgin?

- You think she’s still a virgin?

- Did you ask her?

- Our conversations were mostly about my invitations for dinner and she was refusing them…

- Terry stop. Put the good karma on your side… you need all the chances on your side… don’t make love to Candy.

Then he felt her fingers coming between them and looking for his belt to unbuckle, she unbutton it and looking for the zipper. He knew if she touched them there, he wouldn’t be able to stop. He stopped.

- Candy, he said with a sorry voice

He took her hands off and walked away.

- Terry? She said surprised in a breath

- We can’t do this like that, Candy…

- Like what? I want it , you want it too…

- I want to marry you…

- So what?

- I also want to respect you…

- Oh for the love of God ! Said Candy opening her eyes big

- Call me old fashioned

- You think I’m still a virgin?

- You’re not anymore? He asked with a strangled voice.

- After I waited for you all day on my birthday, I finally agreed to go out with the captain of the football team, James Cartwright and I gave myself to him!

She told him that because she was upset, He had just rejected her and she wanted to hurt him and judging by the expression of surprise and hurt on Terry’s face, she succeeded.

- I suppose you don’t want to marry me anymore, she said picking up her purse. I’m going to leave you now. I’m going to go eat at my apartment.

She opened the door and she left . This time he let her go and he didn’t try to stop her. He was completely stunned. He had kept the image of her so pure and innocent.

- Sorry buddy, said Tyler with a mocking tone

- You don’t need to look so pleased…

- You married Bianca Rose to another man! Candy almost married someone, didn’t she? She’s human, isn’t she? And you too…you were married.

- For me there were extenuating circumstances…

- Oh, that I’m sure of, circumstances that allowed you to marry a beautiful woman…

- She wasn’t Candy…

- Of course she wasn’t Candy! She was waiting for you at her house on her birthday!

Terry didn’t reply. Those “extenuating circumstances”… He would’ve given everything he had to not have lived them, but life had decided to play a dirty trick on him…


Candy on her way back, was thinking about what almost happened again with Terry and he has stopped it! Why did he do that? Because he wanted to respect her??! She wasn’t a teenager anymore… Terry was a funny man, smart and with whom she used to have a special connection…but he had broken her heart, and nothing proved that he wasn’t going to do it again. No, she couldn’t start to love him again.

“How could you start to love him again, when you never stopped?” Said a little voice in her head

False. She had stopped: she remembered the exact moment…

“No, said the voice again, there was a moment when you wanted to stop but that doesn’t mean you managed to do it. You don’t turn off feelings like a switch. You still love him.”

“No!” She thought with desperation.

She didn’t love him, she was going to prove it. She arrived at her apartment. Her roommate wasn’t back yet. She continued talking got the little voice in her bedroom.

“You see? I don’t love him. If I loved him, I would’ve stayed with him for dinner and I wouldn’t have abandoned hi m in his suite.

“Very well, answered the little voice in her head, now tell me why you’re crying.”

“He rejected me.”

“No, in fact he respected you, like the woman he wants to marry before he puts her in his bed. He wants to honour you . He’s a real gentleman, What more do you want?”

“I wanted him to marry when he promised me …”

“That’s why you hurt him and by telling him that you were no longer a virgin?”

Candy was crying on her bed.


My Juliet,

They found my book and they took it from me and now they’re using the page as toilet paper. The chief guard had a lot of fun seeing my face expression and the tears coming to my eyes. This time, they finally found a way to really hurt me. That’s when for the first time you appeared to me when I wasn;t alone. The others didn’t see you, and they didn’t understand that it was your strength that was preventing me from crumbling.

- Don’t cry you ordered me, with your beautiful eyes throwing lightings. Keep your chin up! You practically know this book by heart anyway. The paper on which it’s written is not important. It’s in your head, you could write it again.
You were talking with such determination, and absolute conviction! The tenderness and admiration freed me. I saw that you were right, they had taken nothing from me. My sorrow undid itself all of a sudden and you rewarded me with a big luminous smile. The chief guard was sulking he didn’t understand and he sent me back to my cell.

I love you.

Your Romeo.


"You should be kissed, and often, and by someone who knows how." Rhett Butler, Gone with the wind

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Letters to Juliet

Chapter 11
“The extenuating circumstances”

Terry was on his bed thinking about Candy, Was he ever able to think about anything else ever he has seen her again? He was writing his novel… he would talk to Tyler, who came to interrupt his thryst with Candy. How could he have let her go? He wanted to respect her. He didn’t want a one night fling, he wanted a lifelong affair …

“If only life was as simple as romance novels!” He said to himself at that moment.

If only he could change everything like in his novel. He would’ve gone back and rewrote a few chapters…or he would’ve simply rewrote everything! He had made so many mistakes, that he didn’t know where to start. She was his best friend, he had told her things he had never told anybody. And he had listened to her advice, despite the fact that she was younger than him.

When he took her for a ride in his red sport car, the day they met, she was only 12 years old. She couldn’t stop talking, like all the young girls her age. But instead of being annoyed, he really liked to hear her talk.

- So you’re British?

- In fact, I’m half British, my mother is American, he answered

- Really? Do you live with her?

He remained silent for a moment. The silence was so heavy that Candy turned around to ask.

- Terrence? Are you all right? She asked worried.

- My mother is an actress, he finally said, she and my father are not together anymore

- Actress in movies?

Terry nodded with his head. Candy looked at him with fascinated eyes. He felt a little funny to see her so impressed. It wasn’t his attention at all. And why the heck was he talking about his life to a 12 year old kid?
- Do I know her? What’s her name? She continued with enthousiasm.

- Maybe… it’s Eleonor Baker…

Candy opened her big emerald eyes wide.

- You’re the son of an English duke and the actress Eleonor Baker?

- Yes.

- You don’t look too happy about it…

- She’s not happy about it either…

- What do you mean?

- Since I was coming her for school, I went to see her and…

- And…?

- Let’s just say that she wasn’t pleased that I reminded her she had a son old enough for university

- Oh…she didn’t greet you well?

- That’s the least I could say…

- Maybe you took her by surprise…

- Her carreer is more important than me…

- Why are you saying that? She probably worked hard to be where she is. She even has an Oscar… You shouldn’t be judging her too severely…

This kid was only 12? Really? She was kind of mature for her age.

- What should I do, according to you?

- Did your father remarried?

- Yes…

- Do you get along with your step mother?

- Not really…

- That’s why you went looking for your mother…You should give her another chance… she’s your mother Terry…

He had said that in his mind a lot of times, but hearing it his best friend’s little sister, it was like all he was waiting for…

- You know you’re very mature for your age?

- I know, I love discussing with my teacher, she said smiling.

Why did he listened to her? He didn’t know. They say some people are made to get along and some not… He contacted his mother and he now had a relationship with her in deep secret/. Candy was the only one to know about it and he knew she would never betray him.

He came back to reality. The episode with Candy was not going to discourage him, he was going to continue pursuing her and try to convince her. He didn’t go through hell to abandon now… Candy would’ve been his wife is only those famous “extenuating circumstance” hadn’t happened…

Juliette my love,

Another day has passed in this horrible prison. I’m looking at the bars and I can see dawn rising, the sky was getting clearer and clearer as the day was starting. It was really a nice show, which reminded me that morning on the beach, the morning after our dream evening when everything went to hell…

Today, a guard gave me a Gideon Bible in English. It’s an organisation that distribute Bible for free in the whole world, I don’t know where he got a copy in English, but he said it could cheer me up. The Bible… The most read book in the world. Since I had nothing better to do here, I said to myself, I could read a few stories so time would pass. But as soon as I started, I couldn’t stop reading. I heard of people studying the Bible coming out of it converted… I didn’t understand where the peace that invade me came from. Since I was so concentrated in my reading, I didn’t see you coming. I lifted my head and I caught your eyes, You smiled at me.

- I see, you found something more interesting than me, you said mischievously

- It’s the bible, an relied

- It’s like you’ve never read it before. You didn’t have religion course at your private schools? You asked with a little smile

- I did, but it was more like a psychology course than religion, we didn’t read the Bible… It’s fascinating

- I’m happy to see you dig for hope in something concrete you said

With that you were saying that I was counting on you while you were not really there, only in my imagination.

- You’re concrete for me Juliette

- I’m not jealous of our maker, Terry. If you need him to get out of this dump… pray the Lord and you’ll see that things are going to start going well for you…

I smiled and I continued reading. Then you asked me:

- Romeo? Can you read out loud? I like hearing the sound of our voice…

- With pleasure my Juliet…

I started reading out loud, the guards didn’t do anything. Maybe because I was reading the Bible, the world of God. I’m sure the Lord made it so that the guards would leave me alone. You had your head on my shoulder and that’s how I fell asleep. It was wonderful.

I love you.

Your Romeo.

After that, curiously for Terry, the days didn’t seem so horrible. All the injustice he was getting didn’t bother him anymore. Everything he went through during the day, he was taking it and reading the bible as soon as he was in his cell was a relief. The guard were less tough with him too…
It was another horrible day in his horrible prison. He continued talking to his Juliette in his head to stay alive and read the Bible. They were his source of life.

There was a group of foreigner that came to visit the prison. He was wondering whether the prison were a interest to them of they were just routinely doing the visit. A prison was a place where there were criminals, killers, drug traffickers. Thieves. He was none of those, he had just written an article for his magazine and refused to reveal the location where the rebels were hiding, Even if he wanted to, he would’ve been incapable do tell them, since he was blindfolded… he was wondering what he looked like, he was filthy, dirty. The guards didn’t even washed them for the visit, He knew the prisoners who were married had conjugal visits with their wives… he was just an insignificant foreigner, people thought was dead, so did his family, and his country.

They were in the court with other prisoners. They didn’t have the right to talk, unless they were given the authorization. Terry looked at the group in questions and he saw that it was a group of foreign women, not locals, but Europeans, Americans, Africans and Asians. There was a guide explaining how the prison worked. The guides had a way of telling that seemed really too good to be true. They exaggerated the living conditions in this horrible prison The prisoners didn’t have the right to talk to visitors. Terry was in fact surprised they let him out of his cell, usually, he would stay in his cell like they were hiding him or something, he was never allowed out during the visits. This time around, he was seeing people from the outside world for the first time. He wanted to scream like an hysteric to these ladies, but they were going to think he’s nuts. He shouldn’t ruin what could be his first chance with the exterior world.

He looked at all these foreign women. They were probably diplomats’ wives or business men’s or something like that. Sty were all in their forties and fifties or older except for one, who was younger, younger than the rest. She had beautiful blond hair with big blue eyes. He couldn’t help comparing her to his dear Candy, is freckles, his Juliet. His eye caught the young woman’s with blue eyes. She looked at him stunned like she was surprised to see him there… he had the impression it was Candy looking at him and he smiled…the big blue eyes, it was the big gree eyes of Candy he was seeing and he had a big smile… Candy had come to him, he felt good it was just an illusion. Was she going to run to him? Of course not, the young woman didn’t know him from Adam… but in his head, he could imagine it was Candy, and he smiled at her. He was happy to see his Juliet, his Candy… the source of his life. He would do anything to get out of this hell, even sell his soul to the devil.

“Come back to me Terry, I’m waiting for you!” Said Candy.

He was hurting, because he felt like he was tiny like an ant in a world where evertythng seemed so big. But the eyes of his Juliet gave him courage. He was hallucinating, he would probably need to be shrink,but for the world, this imaginary world was the only thing keeping him alive. He continued smiling when he saw an incredible thing happen. He saw Candy approaching him smiling. He was probably hallucinating, but it was too good for him to let his mind convince himself that it wasn’t real! Candy was now near him and he opened his arms… And he felt Candy’s body against his. She smelled good... he hugged her against him and he wouldn’t let go of her…
- Oh my love! This is where you’ve been hiding? Said Candy, I would have never guessed…

Terry’s head was spinning. He might as well continued hallucinating, that’s all he had in this morbid prison.

- I knew you’d come for me, he said.

- What are you doing here?

The guards were busy doing other things and they hadsn’t realised yet, that he was talking all alone? They were probably going to make fun of him soon… he got out of his torpor, he had a young woman with blue eyes in his arms… and she was asking him something…

- Who are you? What are you doing here?

Quick, he had to talk, before the guards come to interrupt them. What was his name again? His mind was confused between reality and the imaginary… his name… what was it again?

“You don’t remember? Said Candy’s voice, that very long and pompous name?”

- My name is Terrence Graham Grandchester the third… I was imprisoned for something I didn’t do, I’m a reporter for a London Magazine… Can you contact my family? I’m a British citi…

But he was interrupted by one of the guards who was walking towards him.

- He has no right to talk to visitors! Bring him back to his cell! What is he doing outside?

The guard has spoken in Spanish. Other guards approached them and all of a sudden the young woman spoke in perfect Spanish.

- He’s my fiancé, I’ve been looking for him for months! What is he doing here?

- You know this man? He shouldn’t have been outside during the visit…

- And why not? He’s dirty, mistreated, is that how you treat your foreign prisoners?

- He’s a drug dealer, said the guard.

- My fiancé is a reporter! You probably falsely accused him… I want his immediate and unconditional release now!

- You have no authority in this prison! The prisoner is going back to his cell.

The young woman looked at Terry with tears in her eyes. He was almost convinced she was telling the truth. In any case, she was a remarkable actress!

- I’m the daughter of the Ambassador Marlowe, so you’re going to hear from me, from my father and my country!

The ambassador’s daughter? She had no authority, that’s true, but he was able to tell someone from the outside world, the American ambassador’s daughter, according to her accent, that he was detained in a morbid prison… Terry couldn’t believe his luck. He was taken to his cell, beaten but he didn’t feel the pain, he was too happy to have been able to contact someone for the external world.

He was lying in his cell, imagining Candy when they gave him a bag with the necessary for grooming. He looked at the sky. It was really a divine intervention that had happened to him. He knew the stories of the Bible happening in prison. There was Joseph’s story that God managed to make shine even in prison… he was so happy that he continued reading the Bible. The world of God was transforming his hell into a paradise. Ever since he had started reading it, everything was going better for him…

That young woman, who had taken Candy’s face, had brought him hope he had been waiting for so long. Why did she have Candy’s face? Because Candy’s face, ever since he got incarcerated, was the face of hope, it was his safety buoy in his living nightmare. He barely remembered the young woman’s face, he only had Candy in his head.

Juliet my heart,

For the first time in months, I have hope. You saw what happened?
You looked at me and you frown and you said:

- You confused me with another woman? You’ve been in this prison for too long, to the point where any woman make me think of me? You said dryly.

- I was seeing you… I said to try to reassure you

But you were not convinced…

- I wasn’t me… and looks like she’s got a thing for you… you added with a sulking and pouting.

- She’s going to help us… I tried saying

I felt guilty. Another woman came to my defense; she pretended she knew me to try to save me. She might have made things worse for me, but the little package I got, reinforced my conviction that she was going to help me. I saw it in her eyes…

- We? Let me remind you that she saw you, not me! You said with a hint of jealousy.

The green monster for jealousy had come out and I had to admit that I was beautiful to see you in that state.

- You’re not going to be jealous! You’d rather stay in this horrible prison?

You sulk and pout for a moment and you turned your back on me after crossing your arms on the chest.

- No, of course not! I want you to get out of here… you finally said against your will.

- If she helps me, I don’t know how I’m going to repay her, I said with a guilty tone.

- “Faith it the firm assurance of thing that we hope and the demonstration of those we don’t see. Hebrew 11; 1” you recited.

- You’re quoting me the Bible… is it your way to tell me to accept this woman’s help? I asked full of hope.
You looked at me, not very happy and you disappeared. I felt like I was betraying you, cheating on you, by counting on another woman. What I seen in that woman’s eyes didn’t seem good at all, but I couldn’t afford to let this chance pass me by.

I would’ve done anything to get out of this horrible cell to come to you, even sell my soul to the devil. Be careful what you wish for. That’s what I did, unfortunately. Even if I could refuse her help, she was determined to help me, with or without my consent. Forgive me my love.

I love you.

Your Romeo.

A few days later, he was deep into reading the Bible when a guard arrived to get him because he had a visit. A visit? Him? The forgotten one? The insignificant one? It was probably the young woman from the other day, the one who gave him hope, real hope coming from the external world. He had also noticed that he was treated differently, they were nicer to him. He was have baths regularly and they gave him more food also, which he would share with his fellow prisoners. They were not punishing him anymore when he helped other… something had happened, someone very important had pulled some strings, someone very important, like maybe an ambassador? He arrived to the visit rooms or what was for him the room where he got his first visit since… since how long ago again? In any case, she was there and they had allowed him to see her. She was with a man wearing a black suit, Hispanic looking. The young woman ran to him in his arms. He played along, all he had to do is to imagine it was Candy.

- Hello darling! She said smiling kissing him on the lips.

He didn’t know whether it was paradise or hell, he had the choice, he chose paradise. When the kiss was over, the young woman continued.

- Did they treat you right? Did you receive the parcel I sent you?

- Yes, thank you…, answered Terry a little taken aback.

The young woman went to sit on a chair next to theman in the black suit.

- Let me introduce you to Esteban Rodriguez, your lawyer…

His lawyer? Did they even offered him one at his mockery of a trial they gave him? This young woman took the liberty to find him a lawyer, without consulting him. But it really wasn’t the time to pay attention to this kind of detail… for the moment, he had to get out of prison, and this young woman was very efficient and it was his only chance for freedom…

- I also contacted Amnesty International, they are going to start sending letters for your freedom, she said, but it might take months, in the mean time, Esteban is going to take care of your case, which is not going to be easy, he had a hard time getting your file… it’s going to be hard to prove that you were set up…

- How do you know it was a set up? Asked Terry

This young woman trusted him, like she knew him!

- You’re not going to tell me that you’re a drug dealer, with your upper class British accent?

- I’m a reporter and I refused to tell them where the rebel camp was… so they did everything to stop me from leaving the country, I was on my way to the airport…

- Why didn’t you call the Embassy? She asked.

- I didn’t have the time, I had to take my plane in an emergency, explained Terry.

- And they stopped you to prevent you from leaving, said Esteban looking at him.

- Don’t worry, I’m going to get you out of here, even if it’s the last thing I do in this world, she assured him with a soft voice

Terry didn’t know whether he should be happy or disappointed, because to count on another women, is kind of betraying his love for Candy.

- Thank you, he said,

“Thank you” seemed so weak. If this woman kept her promise, she was going to get him out of hell and he would have a huge debt towards her. Should he tell her to not do it? He didn’t want to owe her… Could he really afford to let this chance go by? He was sentenced to 10 years of prison. They had let him know that he could get out in 6 years if he was a good prisoner… how long has it been since he’s been locked up?

Everything had happened so fast after that. The long awaited miracle, arrived, he was set free to the good care of the American Embassy. For administrative reasons, he had to marry the young woman to get the diplomatic immunity. He had done that with a heavy heart. Susanna was so happy, she knew he was marrying her only because she hadn’t given him the choice… but she was in seventh heaven!


"You should be kissed, and often, and by someone who knows how." Rhett Butler, Gone with the wind

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Letters to Juliet

Chapter 12
“The unavoidable meeting”

It had been a few weeks since he was free. He has spent a lot of time with doctors to get his strength back, to get fatten up a little and to heal him from whatever was wrong with him, all those little pain he was forced to ignore in prison. The doctors had found him dehydrated, and on top of the scars, he a few broken ribs. All that hasn’t given him much time with his new wife. He didn’t mind one bit. But he had made en engagement he got married. He has always believed that once you get married it’s for life… he got married for better or worse. What he was taught, his father has a fling with his mother an actress which produced him, but he did his duty by doing what was expected of him. He had married the woman his family had chosen for him. He stayed married to her, because that’s how it was in their family. You get married for good, not to divorce. By accepting to marry Susanna, he knew it was for life. He knew he had lost Candy for good.


Juliet my love,

I’m free! Finally free! But in way of speaking only… I left a horrible prison for a golden prison. The Embassy was able to get my freedom under one condition which was, that I marry the ambassador’s daughter to the diplomatic immunity. I’m going to have an American diplomatic passport. Everything that’s happening to me would’ve been wonderful if you were here with me. But I can’t appreciate my new freedom, because it came with too many conditions. As soon as I can, I’m going to go to America. I’ve lost a lot of weight, I’m dehydrated and I need to stuff myself up for the moment.
My father had a fling with my mother, a little actress at that time, which resulted in humble birth… His father told him to take me and do his duty by marrying my stepmonster from hell. He told him that’s how it was in their family, they got married for good, not to divorce. Marriage is a serious institution not to be taken lightly. So, even if he was still in love with my mother, he married my stepmonster and stay with her even if he was unhappy. I wanted to marry you, because I love you with all my heart. But circumstances made it so that I found myself in this situation I consider worse than when I was in that horrible prison. I really regret accepting Susanna’s help, my love. Now I’ve lost you for good and my heart is bleeding. I know that you’re going to be hurt and I’m begging for your forgiveness from the bottom of my heart.

I love you.

Your Romeo.


He was free, he wasn’t suffering anymore. He contacted his family in England, his mother in America and his magazine in London. His family and his mother were very surprised and very happy to know he was happy. His magazine was happy and told he still has a job if he wanted with them. But he didn’t dare calling Candy or even Anthony, to tell them what exactly? That he disappeared for years and he got out of jail to get into another one in a way. For Anthony, he told himself it would be different, after the agreement they had after that famous beach incident… But he couldn’t avoid calling Candy indefinitely. He has a scheduled a trip to England to go see his family. He had contacted his mother so she would come to London and meet him discreetly. That was better for him because he didn’t really want to to go to America to see Candy and Anthony …

He was getting better little by littler. Susanna had bought him a laptop when he had started writing everything that had happened to him… and the letters to his dear Juliet. He would go to reception with his wife even if he had trouble being intimate with her. But she was very patient and smiling.

- When you’re ready honey, I’m not in a rush.

- Why did you want for us to get married?

- I told you, it’s so that you have the diplomatic immunity, that way, they can’t put you in jail anymore, you’re officially an American citizen.

- You forced me to marry you…

- It was for your own good

- I could’ve risked my life without having to marry you… I’m very grateful for what you’ve done for me, Susanna.

- Then thank me by being a good husband.

- That’s the price to pay for my freedom… I had plans, another life…

- Well your plans were kind of ruined, don’t you think so? You had to adapt to life in prison, didn’t you?

- So you’re giving me a gilded cage?

She looked at him with her big blue Bambi eyes.
- Terry, I love you… as soon as I saw you with your hobo look and our eyes crossed, I fell madly in love with you… the little improvised drama, you did well…

“That’s because I thought I was hallucinating” he said to himself

But he said out loud:

- You’re a really good actress Susanna, you should be in movies! He said ironically.

- When I was in school, I did some theatre! I wanted to make it a career, but it was either that or follows my father around the world. And you see what I chose…

- You really missed your calling.

- What about you! I saw the look you gave me… if I didn’t know better, I would’ve said that you were in love with me too!

“ I wasn’t seeing you, I was seeing Candy” He said to himself.

- In fact, it was the first time I was present during a visit. In general, they keep me locked up when it happened…

- Good was wit you that day

“Yes, he was with me indeed. He got me out of my cell… to put me in another one” He said to himself.

But, he couldn’t blame God for the extenuating circumstances, which forced him to marry the ambassador’s daughter and lose Candy.

- As a matter of fact…

- Honey, we have a reception, can you finish getting ready? You have a lot of success in receptions, everybody want to speak to the prisoner who just got freed and who married the American Ambassador’s daughter…

- All right. But I’m going because I want to see other people in the real world…

- I’m going to for you downstairs honey, she said smiling.

Terry got ready against his will. But the receptions were a lot better than to spend time with his wife, whom he could barely stand. But he had to go with it. He was stuck for the moment in this marriage. He knew there was a catch, Susanna had rushed this marriage for a specific reason, but it wasn’t for the diplomatic immunity… He was sure of it. He had to find out what it was. He was always very distant with his wife, maybe he should get closer to her find out more.

The reception happened at the Canadian Embassy. There were a lot of people. They were talking and he answered their questions. There was a group of young people from the French secondary school, boys and girls. They were asking questions, telling him they had a French teacher who loved those kind of subjects on politic and war prisoners. She would spend at least an hour a week talk about different prisoners and she made them write letters for their freedom, for Amnesty International. Terry was very interested by the topic.

- You write your letters in French? Since you’re all in French school? He asked.

- Yes, said one of the boys with a British accent.

- You see, French school are the best in the world, said an American young girl, so most parents would rather have their children there, and make them learn French if they have to…

- That’s fascinating, said Terry, there’s no better way to learn a language. My Spanish got better in prison.

- When a prisoner is freed, you can’t know the sensation of good feeling it gives.

- Having being freed myself very recently, I think I have a good idea.

- You were falsely imprisoned? If we had known your name, we would’ve written for your freedom…

- I admit that it would’ve helped me , said Terry smiling

“Indeed, I wouldn’t have been forced to marry Susanna… and I wouldn’t have lost Candy!!!” he said to himself.

- To receive a thank you letter for the free prisoner, it’s just wonderful, especially to learn that we saved someone.

- I can assure you that you have saved the lives of a lot of people, said Terry; it’s the law of the jungle in prison…

- Some take their time to say thank you, but they always do it…

Susanna had seen from afar that he was talking to young people and she had a bad feeling. She approached the little group.

- Honey? You’re having a lot of fun with the teens?

- Yes, they’re telling me very interesting things about Amnesty International…

- Really? She said, it’s a wonderful organisation.

- Didn’t you contact them for my problem? Asked Terry.

She looked at Terry and she smiled with love.

- The lawyer I hired took care of everything… so…

- So, did you contact them, or not? Asked Terry

- But yes, she said vaguely, why don’t we go back home?

Terry looked at her. She was beautiful and attractive. Why wasn’t he physically attracted by her? After all these months in prison, you’d think he would be in a rush to jump on the first women he saw…right. But there was only one woman he wanted, one woman he had in mind and it wasn’t the woman he had married when he got out of prison. She was hiding something from him, he was sure of it. Maybe if he did his marital duty… he didn’t want to do it, he was disgusted, but … he thought about Candy… and everything became more or less easy…

- Let’s go home, he said smiling.

Susanna knew that Terry was being the attentive husband in public, but she was hoping he would go further when they got home. They went together to say goodbye to the people they knew. Terry went to the rest room before he left and Susanna was waiting for him in the car. When he got out in the hallway to join his wife, he heard two teen girls talking.

- Christine, what was the name of that prisoned we helped here?

- Graham Baker…

- Well, I hope he’s fine and that he’s going to thank you.

- We don’t do it for the thanks, but because it’s the right thing to do…

- I know, but it’s the least he could do, right? To say thank you…

Terry’s heart missed a beat. “Graham Baker”? That was his pen name! Since he was the son of a duke, he didn’t want to stand out, and have people think he got the job because of his father and his relations! “Graham Baker”! As a matter of fact, he did look ungrateful, if he didn’t thank the organism behind his freedom! It was Amnesty International who helped him!!! Susanna had lied to him? Or not? He had to talk to her!! He had to make the ultimate effort to pretend in front of his wife. Should he confront her? She will probably deny it. There must be proofs somewhere in the house.

They arrived in the luxury bedroom in the very big American Embassy residence. Susanna had a wing just for her, more or less independent from the rest of the residence with its own kitchen. They had people working for them. They went to bed. Terry to himself he should fulfil his conjugal duty, but since he didn’t know the whole truth… He decided to investigate first.

She curled up against him to sleep and she was provoking him, but nothing happened. At first he thought it was because prison had made him thin and dehydrated and he thought that once his health was back, he would desire his wife. But nothing was happening. But all he had to do is think about Candy… and he wants to think about her when Susanna was sleeping in his arms. During the night, he would manage to free himself. He could sleep and he was wondering if he will be able to find proofs…

The following days were not productive. But one day, Susanna had to go for a few days on the mountain with a group of diplomats’ wives and foreign women. So Terry was alone with the Ambassador. They were both at the dining room table in the morning, when the mail arrived. They gave him Susanna’s mail. He put it by his plate.

- I wanted to talk to you Terrence, said the Ambassador

- Yes, your Excellency?

- I know you want to leave and you’re just waiting for the green light from the doctors.

- I’m not that fragile. I‘ve survived prison, didn’t i? I’m sure I’ll survive a trip on a plane…

- To England, it is a long trip

- I can do it…

- You see really in a hurry to leave my daughter who saved you… Aren’t you just a little bit grateful?

- I’m very grateful to your daughter for getting me out of jail. But I have a family I have to go reassure and friends too… who don’t know what happened to me…

- They’ve survived without you until now, didn’t they? They will still be there when you’ll see them eventually.

- This whole story doesn’t seem a little fishy to you, Your Excellency?

- What?

- The fact that I had to marry your daughter when I got out of jail to get the diplomatic immunity?

- She insisted on that point, it was to avoid the authorities of this country to find a reason to put you back in prison… I agreed for my daughter.

- You don’t refuse anything to your daughter, don’t you? He asked ironically

- If I were you, I would be grateful and I would take advantage of my freedom. Without my daughter you’d still be rotting in your prison…, said the Ambassador coldly.

He stood up to go to the Embassy for his day of work. Terry finished his breakfast and he took the mail to go to the wing where he and Susanna were living. When he got to the bedroom, he put the pack of letter on the dressing table and by curiosity, he looked at every letter and he saw one was had some stuff written on top and crossed, they had forwarded the letter to the American Embassy. The letter was from Amnesty International and it was for Graham Baker… He opened the letter with shaking hands.

“Mr. Baker,
It’s with great joy that we’ve learned of your immediate and unconditional release and we’re very happy that all of our efforts…?”

Terry was discouraged and he went to sit on the bed. Susanna had lied to him? Amnesty International was responsible for his freedom? Why all the theatrics? Why did she force him to marry her? She had ruined his projects, all the plans he’s had for years on a whim of a poor little rich girl?!! His head was spinning… He stayed in the room looking out the window until his wife came back. She found him in the dark and she was surprised.

- Honey? She said, what’s going on? You’re depressed? Do you need a doctor?

- You lied to me, he said calmly

- About what?

- Amnesty International…

- You went through my things?

- No, I got your mail and there was a letter for “Graham Baker”…

- Oh…

- Why did you lie to me Susanna?

- Oh Terry… I helped you, didn’t I? She said with tears in her eyes

- Susanna…

- Well because I love you!

Terry looked at her stunned. This woman was completely crazy!

- You don’t even know me!

- I saw you in that prison and I fell in love with you and even as dirty as you ere… I said to myself that I had to have you… I talked to my lawyer and he looked into Amnesty International, he found out that letters were being written for your freedom and it was about to happen at any moment… so…

- You pretended to take care of my problem???!!! How could you play with my life like that??” How dare you? You had no right!!!! And the wedding, that wasn’t necessary, right?

- You saw the letter, your freedom was immediate and unconditional… she said crying, Terry, please forgive me… I was afraid of losing you…

- I don’t belong to you!! I had plans!! A fiancée!!!

- No, you’re mine Terry! You can’t leave me! I’m going to die! I love you!!!

She became hysterical. She screaming so much that the maids arrived to see what was going on and they went to get her parents. Terry was looking at her powerless. He didn’t know what to do. He wanted to leave this house and go back to his country as fast as possible… but he couldn’t leave Susanna in that state. He wasn’t heartless…The parents arrived with the doctor who gave Susanna a sedative, who ended up falling asleep. Terry followed the Ambassador to his office to talk to him. The Ambassadress stayed with her daughter.

The Ambassador’s office was big and Terry would’ve appreciated the furniture, if he hadn’t all these things in his mind.

- Terrence…

- Your daughter lied to me, you know that, right?

- It’s not that simple… Susanna, is not well?

- What do you mean?

- She’s on medication, which calm him down… but there’s really no definite cure…

- That’s why you’re letting her do whatever she wants, right? And I’m the one she wants?

- She threatened to kill herself if I didn’t agree for her to marry you…

- So I got out of prison to get into another one? Incredible!

- I’m begging you not to leave my daughter, Terrence, she might kill herself… I’m begging you, Terrence.

Mrs. Marlowe came into the office at that moment.

- She’s sound asleep.

She turned to Terry to say…

- Terrence… I’m begging you; you have to stay with her. She might hurt herself; in fact, she’s going to hurt herself…

- I wanted to have the marriage annulled, said Terry, I have a fiancée…

Candy wasn’t really his fiancée, but the Marlowe didn’t need to know that.

- She’s in good health, right? Asked Mrs. Marlowe, my daughter is not well…

- Everybody thought you were dead, said the Ambassador, she probably moved on without you, she might be married…

- She’s waiting for me, said Terry.

- Terrence, I’m begging you, don’t abandon my daughter, implored Mrs. Marlowe.

Terry looked at the desperate parents begging for their daughter. They were asking him a huge sacrifice and if said “no” and she killed herself, he would never forgive himself. And he had made an engagement, whatever the conditions were, he was taught to respect his marriage vows. That’s why his father hadn’t divorce to marry his mother when everything went wrong in his arranged marriage… He has sworn he wouldn’t do like his father that he wouldn’t love like his father… That emotional blackmail was killing him!

That’s how with a heavy heart, he had stayed married to Susanna Marlowe…


While he was writing his novel, he had made so that Tyler and Bianca Rose would meet. They had exchanged a few sentences, and they had remained polite. He couldn’t help thinking each on their side about their lost love.

Terry started thinking about Candy again, about the scene he had interrupted. He could’ve made love to her, but he wanted to respect her. Sometimes, he told himself that he could’ve just threw his respect out the window and make love to the women he loved.

- I don’t see why you’re complaining about! Said a mocking voice, you did the same thing to me! The respect! You see? You should’ve thrown it out the window! You had the woman you love ready to give her to you and you rejected her! You’re completely nuts!

- Shut up!

- And for my story, I didn’t know where you’re getting at… Bianca Rose is upset with me and I don’t even know why. She was the one who married another dude after all…

- Don’t use words like “dude”, said Terry, it’s not from your time. Did you forget?

- You look pathetic, he said, without paying attention to the interruption

- Pathetic… another word that doesn’t go well with a romantic hero.

- Always thinking about those famous extenuating circumstances? You’re going to give up and leave Candy alone?

- I’m thinking about it…

- To abandon now would be really stupid. If you give me, you’re automatically losing the battle right away! Think about the characters of your books. Think about all the novels you’ve written… how many have you written again?

- One too many! That’s obvious.

- Candy is not going to call you back.

- Thanks a lot. Push the knife a little further in the wound, would you?

- You have to call her.

What if he rejected him one more time? He had to find a way for her not to refuse to see him. He was going to think about it. He was not going to give up on Candy just yet. He didn’t give up when he was rotting in prison, or when he was married to Susanna.

- I’m going to make it and I won’t give up on her!

- Good! For a second there, you scared me!

Dinah arrived, interrupting his dialogue with Tyler.

- You look like hell!

- Thanks.

- You still haven’t told her anything, right?

- I didn’t have the time…

- You didn’t have the time? You should’ve told her when you got out of prison!

- You know what happened…

- She still believes you abandoned her for another woman?

- You don’t need to remind me, Dinah…

- I don’t understand, I’m sure when she’s going to learn the reason of our disappearance and why you got married, she going to fall into your arms…

- I don’t want her to fall into my arms like that…

- You’re complicated, you know that?

- I know, he said with an absent tone…

He started thinking about Anthony’s wedding…


Candy was thinking about her scene with Terry, he had rejected her to respect her… What a gentleman! She thought about Anthony’s wedding…

She was so happy to see him again… She didn’t expect to see him either. Anthony hadn’t told her anything. But she wasn’t surprised at all, he was his best friend, even if he hadn’t kept his promises towards the kid she was. He couldn’t miss his best friend’s wedding. Anthony had married Anabeth. Candy was one of the bridesmaids. She remembered it like it was yesterday. She heard the wedding march starting, she stepped aside so did the other bridesmaids. The guests had stood up with a big rustle sound; she was smiling to all those faces that were looking at her and all of a sudden, she had recognized him; Terrence Graham Grandchester III. Her heart was beating fast.

Anthony hadn’t told her he would be at the wedding! She will have to pass right in front of him. She wanted to run away… where did he come from? What had happened to him? Why did he look so pale and skinny, like he had just came out of a big sickness? She has seen a young woman sitting by his side and she wondered who she was for a brief instant. She wanted to run to him and ask him questions that were burning her lips. But she couldn’t, she had to continue her role, it was Anthony’s wedding and she would have to wait later, after the ceremony. She was so eager! The ceremony happened in a fog for her. She was like an automaton; she didn’t really know what she was doing. She was thought that Anthony and Terry were not friends anymore… The last time she had asked him new about Terry to her brother, he was vague:

- Terry? Still in London, I suppose. In fact, I don’t know.

And now he invited him to his wedding and she had the surprise of a lifetime. After the ceremony, it was the non-ending picture taking in front of the church. Then they went to the reception. For some reason, she was seeing Terry from afar with the young woman. Maybe it was his sister he brought as a date for Anthony’s wedding? There was a lot of people and she wanted to approach him to talk to him, but it looked like she was busy doing other things. She was able to get free only during the reception, after the newlywed had opened the dance floor. He was dancing with the young woman, “his sister”, she told herself for consolation, but she had a bad feeling. When the dance was over, she decided to finally approach him to talk to him.

- Terry…, she said with a soft voice.

He looked down to look at her in the eyes. What it really three years since they hadn’t seen each other? Three years since that infamous school dance… He wanted to hug her, but he couldn’t. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be able to let go of her and he had no right to do that to her…

- Candy, he said, you look magnificent.

- Thank you. You missed my 18th birthday. You have a fine to pay. You want to dance with me Romeo? She asked smiling.

She was trying to forget that he hadn’t kept his promise. And that he was there to make up for it. And he was irresistible, of course. All the anger she had felt on her 18th birthday had gone up in smoke as by magic when she saw him.

Terry was heartbroken. He would’ve done anything that day to be there on that day. He about to answer, he was going to hurt his Juliet, when…

- Honey, said the young woman who was with him, you’re not doing the introductions?

- I’m sorry, I forgot my manners, said Terry; this is Candy, and Anthony’s little sister…

- Pleased to make your acquaintance, said the young woman

- Hello, said Candy who was still waiting for him to tell her who she was

Terry seemed speechless. How could he tell her she was his wife, when he had promised to marry her? He didn’t know what to say… Susanna, who seemed to have guessed Terry’s feelings, introduced herself…

- I’m Susanna Grandchester, Terry’s wife.

A thunderbolt wouldn’t have surprised Candy more violently. She opened her mouth, but no sound came out of it. She looked at Terry whose eyes were so hurt as much as hers. How could he have betrayed her like that? He had promised to marry her and he comes back married to another woman?

- Candy…, he tried.

- Congratulations! She managed to say with a tight throat, I wish you all the happiness of the world.

She had to make the ultimate effort to hide her tears which were coming to her eyes. She turned around to disappear. She forgot about the dance, heartbroken. Susanna was looking at him.

- That’s her, isn’t it? Your fiancée?

Terry didn’t reply and he walked towards the exit doors. Susanna behind him.

Candy went back to her house to cry of the tears of her body…

For you my love, I promise what I have in the future
Even if it’s another one who is going to share your days
And that you only keep a memory of my face
My heart and soul belong to you forever
Today you’re far, with no hope to reach tomorrow
Goodbye to hopes I had when I crossed your way
But my love, believe-me destiny and time will prevail
And my dreams will let me curl up into your caressing arms
Forever, I will stay by your side, yet solitary
I will learn to fight my feelings, to make them shut up
I will be yours, for every and throughout the years
Because nothing gets turn off when we really love each other
Yes, I’m consuming myself, leaving my flam getting bigger
Yet, I already made the wish for you to stay with your wife!

By my friend Glynda08

She came back to reality and she continued crying her eyes out, tears that didn’t seem to want to stop…


"You should be kissed, and often, and by someone who knows how." Rhett Butler, Gone with the wind

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Letters to Juliet

Chapter 13
“I think, therefore I am”

When night came, in my bed, in the dark
Fear came back with its lot of nightmares

The slumber left it’s place to white nights

While my memories took their revenge
Your ghost came to haunt me
And the frozen thought of having losing you, came to freeze me
I shudder at the idea that my heart become stone
A scarecrow deprived of dreams, soul and flesh
So like the curse of a witch,
My lips whisper in different ways
That spell you haven’t heard from the window,
Even though I was screaming it with all my being
I love you my love, I love you forever!
By my friend Glynda08

Candy had dried her tears. Ever since Terry had reappeared in her life, she kept thinking about what went wrong. Terry wasn’t a boyfriend with whom she had spent a few weeks, he was her best friend. She had known him since she was 12 years old. Her brother Anthony was always surprised to see the interest Terry had for her. He practically had to beg him to come with them, when Anabeth, his girlfriend would bring one of her friend or cousin for double dates...
She started remembering…

It was one of those weekends, when Anthony would have a pool party at their house. Candy had a boy from her class with her, they had to work on “Romeo and Juliet” for a school assignment in English class, his name was Tom. While they were in Candy’s room studying, she couldn’t help looking out the window at her brother and his friends… Terry was there too…

- You want to make a little pause? Asked Tom.

- All right, said Candy

- You want me to go get some treats? He asked

She saw that Tom was tired of studying.

- Go, you should find enough food in the kitchen or by the pool where my brother and his friends are.

- All right, said Tom getting out of the room.

Candy went to the window to look at those young people around the pool. There was a redhead with big boobs or was it the top of her bikini that was too small? Terry was in the pool, he was swimming, he swam so well, like the athlete that he was. She thought he was perfect. She smiled. She loved him so mush! Like he felt her looking at him, Terry finished his crawl and got out of the pool. He took a towel which was there on a long chair to wipe himself. He saw the redhead making a beautiful smile at him, but he ignored her and walked to Candy’s bedroom window which also had a little balcony.

- He jokes about scars from wounds he’s never felt.

Candy enters on the balcony.

- Wait! What light is that in the window over there? It is the east, and Juliet is the sun. Rise beautiful sun and kill the jealous moon, which is already sick and pale with grief because Juliet, her maid, is more beautiful than she. Don’t be her maid, since she’s jealous. The moon’s virginity makes her look sick and green, and only fools hold on to their virginity. Throw it off. It is my lady. Oh, it is my love. Oh, I wish she knew I loved her. She’s talking, but isn’t saying anything. Why is that? Her eyes are speaking. I’ll respond—no, I am too bold. It’s not to me she speaks. Two of the most beautiful stars in the sky had to go off on some business, and begged her eyes to twinkle in their place until they return. If her eyes were in the sky and the stars were in her head the brightness of her cheeks would overwhelm the stars just as daylight outshines a lamp. And her eyes in the night sky would shine so brightly that birds would start singing, thinking it was day. Look how she leans her cheek against her hand. I wish I was a glove on that hand so I could touch that cheek.

Candy smiled and looked at him under the balcony and she said:

- Oh, my!

Terry looked at her smiling and he continued:

- (to himself) She speaks. Speak again, bright angel. For tonight you are as glorious as an angel, shining above my head like a winged messenger from heaven who makes mortals fall onto their backs to gaze up in awe as the angel strides across the clouds and sails through the air.

- Oh, Romeo, Romeo, why must you be Romeo? Deny your father and give up your name. Or, if you won’t change your name, just swear your love to me and I’ll give up being a Capulet.

- (to himself) Should I listen longer, or respond now to these words?

He stopped and looked at her smiling. With his wet hair, Candy was melting some more, it was bearely possible. The look he gave her was the one of a man in love. Maybe she imagined it in her mind only, she was dreaming, a girl could dream,couldn’t she?

- How’s your little interlude with your boyfriend?

- My what? Said Candy surprised

Her boyfriend? He was jealous? She was happy in her heart.

- Your boyfriend…

- Tom?

- I don’t know his name…

- I’m informing you…

- It’s not important. Isn’t he a little young for you?

- Comparing to whom? Comparing to you Romeo?

- Neither, pretty virgin, if you hate one or the other.

Candy smiled.

- Oh Romeo…

- Are you done flirting with my little sister Romeo? Said Anthony from afar.

- I have to go Juliet…

- We’re just analysing some text…

- And you learn the role…

- I really love this story a lot, as sad as it it… go back to your bimbo…

- That’s Anabeth’s cousin or her friend, I don’t remember… Your boyfriend is coming back with your snack…

- TERRY! Yelled Anthony.

- Make a little effort, she’s cute…

- She’s ok. She’s not as cute as you though…

- She kinda got that boob-thing going for her…

- She can get into R rated movies…

- I’m growing up you know that…?

He looked at her smiling and he went to Anthony and the others. Tom came back in the room with a tray full of hotdogs, corn on cob, potatoe salad, fruit juice. Candy gave him a big smile. Terry had just made her day better and from that moment, “Juliet” became her nickname for her and he was Romeo… They were on the same wave length…


Terry remembered how he started to call Candy “Juliet". Anthony had called him Romeo and had stopped teasing him in front of Anabeth and her cousin. But when they were alone…

- I can’t believe you’d rather have Candy’s company that all the girls Anabeth brings you…

- Well I like talking to Candy.

- No, I didn’t notice! You’re neglecting girls your own age for a kid!

Candy wasn’t just a kid for Terry she was his best friend, she knew his secret about his mother’s identity… Growing up, she had become the woman of his life, the one for whom she would wake up every morning. The one he was trying to conquer… He could simply say that what had happened was in the past, but… he wanted her to come back to her because she loved him


After the disastrous meeting with Terry and his wife at Anthony’s wedding, her reception was cut short. Her whole world had fallen apart. She left for Europe to back pack, camping outside most of the time. She needed a change of scenery; she needed to forget about Terry. But since she was 12, she thought about him every night. His absence, the fact that he didn’t keep any of his promises and that he came back married to another woman, hadn’t changed anything at all. She loved Terry, she loved him at 12, she loved him at 16 , she loved him at 18 and she still loved him at 23, if not more than before. She decided to concentrate on her writing before going back to college to continue her schooling. Everything she had written during her back packing in Europe, she managed to sell it to a non profit organisation and she barely made any money, but she was happy that her work could help the tourists.

When she came back to America, she was courted by a guy name Cole Howard and she started dating him. The first time she took him back home to introduce him to her parents, Anthony was there to have dinner with their parents with his wife Anabeth who was expecting their first child. Dinner was fine. Cole was very likeable. After dinner, Anthony took Candy in the garden where they had rose bushes.

- Candy, what are you doing?

- What? Don’t you think Cole is likeable?

- Yes, he is even very likeable… and he vaguely reminds me of someone…

- Really? Who?

- Terry…

- Because he’s got the British accent? No!

- It’s not just the accent, Candy and you know it…

- I’m dating Cole because I like him…

- He’s a pale imitation of Terry!

- Stop saying that, Anthony! I thought you would be happy for me!

- He’s a daddy’s boy…

- Terry…

- Was independent and he could do without his father’s fortune…

- Well well well, you weren’t such a fan of Terry back in the days…

- He was older, that’s all, now that you’re legal…

- You’d like to see me with your best friend. But there’s only one thing, Antony; he’s married!

Anthony didn’t reply. Candy felt like he wasn’t telling her everything…but she didn’t insist and he didn’t either.

- I hope you’re happy.

- You don’t believe one word of that…

- All right! I hope you open your eyes in time…

Candy burst out laughing. She didn’t realised until Anthony said how much Cole “looked” like Terry, starting with his accent…What was she doing? She wanted to replace Terry with a man that looked like him? Well, she was happy… Cole was in love with her and he proposed to her. She said yes… but as time passed and the wedding date was getting closer, the idea seemed less appealing to her… So she ended up breaking up her engagement at the last minute, to Anthony’s great pleasure.


Terry was still with his wife. They went to live in London where his magazine had given him his job back.
One day during a routine visit to the doctor, they got the diagnostic. Susanna had a brain tumor the size of a grapefruit inoperable. She only had a few months to live.

Terry didn’t know if he should feel sad or relieved. As a good Christian, he couldn’t rejoice of the death of his wife. Even if it was the woman who prevented him from getting Candy back when he got out of prison. The sensation was horrible to wait for someone to die. Terry had forgiven her and he behaved like a good husband. And while she was sick, he had managed to make her accept Christ…

- I was lucky to have fallen on a good Christian… you’re not angry at me? She said

- Susanna…

- You should hate me. I prevented you from being with the woman you loved, the woman who didn’t know you were in prison. The woman you took me for…

- But how? Said Terry surprised

- You just confirmed it, she said smiling, but I’ve read all the letters you wrote on your computer. I’m sorry for snooping in your stuff, but I wanted to get to know you better, to try to understand you… since I don’t have much time left.

- Don’t think about that. You want to do something for me?

- Anything you want my love.You have made me very happy, even if you were forced to stay with me. Please forgive me. You lost Candy by my fault… If you show her all these letters after my death…

- Susanna, since you don’t have much time on this earth, would you like to accept Christ in your life as your Lord and personal saviour?

- You know, I’ve always wondered how you didn’t strangle me when you learned that I lied to you about Amnesty International… now I see that it’s because you’re a good Christian. You gave me back good for the bad thing I did to you…

- Susanna, you got me out of prison and I will always be grateful.

- What is there after death? Some people say that there’s no hell, that we will all go to paradise like that French singer Michel Polnareff…

- If I were you, I wouldn’t trust much the words of a man who shows his butt…

Susanna burst out laughing. Terry smiled and he continued.

- I can’t say with certainty what’s after death, Susanna. But don’t you want to be ready, just in case?

- Maybe I’ll go to the purgatory…

- Not book in the bible talks about purgatory Susanna. It’s when you’re alive that you can save yourself, not after, after, it’s too late. I want you to be ready…

- In fact, I’ve got nothing to lose… if I believe what you’re telling me, we either go to Christ or… there’s no purgatory to purify us for the paradise?

- I read the whole Bible, no book talks about purgatory, Susanna.

- Some religion say when we die, we cease to exist. That we will all resurrect in a paradise on earth at the end of time and the bad will go to the lake of fire…

- Even if that’s the case, you want to wake up to go to paradise, don’t you?

- All right darling.

- You have to do it for you, not for me…

- I should’ve been angry, but I’m nor. It’s because of you, Terry. Your presence in my life transformed me. I stopped throwing tantrums. I had everything I needed with you. You’re the best husband, the best lover. I want to be like you, even if it’s only for a little while…

Terry smiled.

- Then repeat after me. Lord Jesus, please forgive me for all of my sins.

- Lord Jesus, please forgive for all of my sins.

- I want you to come into my life and be my Lord and personal saviour.

- I want you to come into my life and be my Lord and personal saviour.

- Amen.

- Amen.

Susanne smiled.

- That’s it?

- Yes. That’s it.

- What do I do now?

- You can read the Bible, we’re going to pray and discuss together.

Was the brain tumour? Any way, Susanna was a new person. He talked to her of the Bible and of God. She started multiplying her charity work.

- Susanna, but weren’t you doing it before?

- Yes, but before it was almost like an automaton when I was doing it. It was kind of part of obligations… now, I’m doing it with all my heart…

On day she even told him:

- You can go to her, you know? My parents are going to take care of me…

- You’re my wife Susanna. There is no way I’m abandoning you in your state… for better or worse, in sickness and in health.

- But Terry…

There was no way he as leaving his wife to got to Candy. He wouldn’t be able to look her in the eyes and tell her that his wife was dying of a brain tumor…

- I feel so guilty for what I did…

- There’s a reason for everything in this world. It was said that I would spend this time with you to lead you to Christ…

- You’re not angry?

- I forgave you a long time ago, Susanna, otherwise my prayers wouldn’t be going anywhere.

Susanna was crying. Terry took her in his arms to console her. Susanna made it so that her fortune be used to help those who couldn’t pay for their medical bills and for cancer research.

When she left this world one beautiful morning in his arms, he was sad, because a life was gone. Anthony and his wife had come for Susanna’s funerals. Since he had just lost his wife, he didn’t talk about Candy. After a year of widowhood, he seemed to be hesitating. His sister asked him when he was going to start to live again.

- I’m a widower!

- Oh stop it! You have to continue living… but you’re still thinking about her right? You still love her? Tell her and get back together.

- She thinks I betrayed her.

- You did betrayed her, even if it wasn’t voluntarily, but you still betrayed her.

- I don’t want to bother her life…

- You’re scared…

- No…

- Yes, you’re scared you’re going to be able to convince her… if a guy brought me a story like your, I would fall in his arms very fast!

- You don’t understand. Candy was first and foremost my best friend, she had a crush on my, I thought it was cute, she was mature for her age, I loved talking with her…

- You told her your secret?

- Yes…

- And she hadn’t told anyone else? She’s trustworthy… But it makes me sick to see you honor a woman who lied to you… all my letters to Amnesty International… She took the file and… Then I learned that you were free and married to the American Ambassador’s daughter! She took your file with her lawyer…

- Let’s not talk about that anymore, please…

- Prison had made you softer, you forgave her.

- I’m going to quote Nelson Mandela: [i]“ If I continue being angry at Susanna and all those guards and those who put me in prison, I would still be in that prison…”

- Anyway, you’ve become wiser…

The phone rang and it was Anthony.

- Candy is back and she’s back in school…

- Really?

- I know you still love her…and her too.

- How could you be sure, I hurt her…

- Listen, you’re a widower now, and you’re free. Here’s your chance to get her back. What happened wasn’t your fault, you had a duty and obligations…

- You really th ink I can get her back?

- But what are you talking about? I don’t know you anymore! Where’s the young man who wasn’t afrai and who didn’t doubt about his charm for a second?

- He’s a little discouraged but the obstacls life has thrown on his path…

- Terry, stop it! My sister loves you and you love her too! She’s not a minor anymore, she’s free! She’s very popular, so you better hurry and convince her about your love for her, before she let’s herself being wooed by another punk…

He remembered that Candy almost got married to a daddy’s boy…a loser. Fortunately, she changed her mind at the last minute.

- She loves you, buddy, so if you fail this time around, you’ll only have yourself to blame…

That’s how he was trying to conquer Candy… After everything that had happened. He really fell like abandoning everything.[/i]

From the day I saw you,
A big wave had moved inside me
Drunken by this unknown feeling,

I wasn’t able to recognized that feeling
For you I put my soul out there
I put at your feet
My heart is inside out
And all my craziest dreams

And on your lips a tender kiss
But destiny swept away
My hopes and my projects
Leaving just bitter regrets
For abandoning you
Without a fight to keep you
There’s no half portion of bad luck
I fell so low
For that pain to cease
Lend a hand towards me
Please forgive me
I hope you come back to me

If you want, we’re going to be two
To be finally happy
By my friend lilirose

- You’re not going to give up now, said Tyler’s voice, look at what you’ve done to me and Bianca Rose… I’m patient!

- You don’t have the choice… but me …

- You’re the master of your destiny

- Destiny took Candy away from me…

- But how did you survive prison?

- By thinking about her, imagining myself with her…

- I’m what you’re doing with me right? Isn’t there some philosopher who talked like that?

- “I think, therefore I am” Descartes…

- I’m sure if you think if you look in the Bible you’ll find something similar…

- Wait… I remember in the book of Proverbs 23: 7 : “Because for what he thought in his soul, that’s how he is”.

- Well there you to! Think that you’re with Candy… get me back together with Bianca Rose, and you’ll see that everything will be for the best for you!

- You little sneak! That’s what you want, right?

- Of course, that’s what I want! Do it for me! You’ll see everything will be better with Candy…

- I don’t know…

- She pushed you away, so, it doesn’t mean that she won’t see you anymore! You’ve persevere un until now, despite all her refusals, you would go back to invite her… You understand her, don’t you? She was hurt when you stood her up…

- That was beyond my control!

- I know that! Why not tell her? She would fall into your arms right away…

- I don’t want to…

- I know, you don’t want her to fall into your arms for that ! Terry! That’s why you’re making me suffer in my story with Bianca Rose! Fix your story, so that you can fix mine quickly!

- You’re talking too much, you know that?

- You know I’m right: you become what you think!

- “I think, therefore, I am” René Descartes. ““Because for what he thought in his soul, that’s how he is”. Proverbs 23:7

Tyler was right. He had to be positive. The philosophers are saying it, the Bible is saying it… He had to be positive, not get discouraged.

Bianca Rose had lost her husband during a pandemic or typhoid fever. She had inherited the big domain. She had to hire a new foreman and she had put an ad in the paper. When she was having candidates to interview, she was surprised to find herself face to face with Tyler…

- But what are you doing here?

- I could tell you that I came for the foreman job, but it would be a lie. I came to see you Bianca Rose, I’ve missed you.

- Tyler…

- Why didn’t you wait for me? Why did you get married?

- I didn’t have the choice… I didn’t know if you were going to come back or no…

- I left to make fortune and I succeeded… I did all that for you!

- Oh Tyler…

- You’re the reason I wake up for every morning ever since our separation.

- Not a day had gone by without me thinking about you either…

- You married another man…

- It’s not what you think, Tyler. It was an arrangement…

- My family had financial difficulties, my husband offered a deal; he needed a wife and he was going to take care of the debts of my family…

- He needed a wife. He could’ve had any woman…

- Yes, but, he had a problem… he was impotent. Not a lot of women would’ve agreed and he didn’t want to admit it to everybody… Alistair convinced him that I would agree and that I would keep his secret…

- You said yes…

- I wanted you…so to have a husband with whom I won’t be doing anything was a dream come true. But when you came back, I didn’t know it was going to be so hard to see you again! I wanted to give up everything,but I couldn’t. He had saved my family for poverty…

- So…

- I love your Tyler, I’ve never stopped loving you…

He looked at her with happy eyes, he was going to walk to her when they were interrupted by a knock on the door.

- You know you’re a pain as an author? Said Tyler

- I’m taking a break. I’ll continue later!

- Don’t take too long!


"You should be kissed, and often, and by someone who knows how." Rhett Butler, Gone with the wind

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