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9 Dec 2018

The winds of winter

Chapter 1
“A shock”

“The wind blows where it wants, and you hear the noise; but you don’t know where it’s coming from, or where it’s going.” John 3:8

Candice Bianca Grandchester was in a charity reception in London. She didn’t like that at all, she thought they were boring. But it was to pass time. The mundane life was always the same to her eyes. What was she doing with her life?

She thought about the time when she was married, she was young and her husband too… That was so far away! He was a med school student, from a rich family in America. Everything was fine until they got married… Her husband’s great aunt didn’t like her at all. She had to take everything she did to her. She would create problems between her and Terry… Terry loved her, she was sure of that, but when it came to the great aunt, it was like he became someone else.

She thought about her nights of passion with her husband… Maybe she should’ve fought more for her marriage? But after what had happened, she didn’t have the strength to fight without Terry’s support…

There was that ski weekend during the time his cousin Daniel hit on her. She had rejected him the best way she could. But the great aunt had told Terry, who wasn’t able to join them that weekend. Candy didn’t understand why Terry was letting himself influenced by the old hag.

Then it was joy, she was going to have a baby… The first months of the pregnancy were like in a dream, but then as time passed, the old hag would come to influence Terry who would become cold and hard hearted against Candy, who didn’t understand what was going on. One evening, Terry had to go on a trip…

- But Terry, I’m almost due…

- The baby won’t be here before 3 weeks at least

- But what if it comes early?

- You send me a message and I’ll come… if it’s my child.

- What? But…

- My cousin Daniel says he’s your lover… I’m not sure this baby is mine

- What? What you’re saying is horrible! I hate you!

- I’m going on a trip, call me if you go in labour…

Candy looked at him go sadly. She was crying in silence. The pregnancy, the hormones, she was nervous…

A few days later, her contractions have started, she sent a message to Terry, and on top of that she was starting a flu which made her state worse… She didn’t know what really happened, but she knew was that she was told her baby was stillborn…

She stopped thinking about all that. She came back to reality. She had to go to New York with her friends for a weekend among girls. She intended to have fun and forget about her painful memories of the past.

How long has it been since she’s gone back to America? Since the death of her baby in fact. It was too hard and painful to stay there, so she went back to England and she never contacted her husband again. She thought he would’ve contacted her as soon as he had found a new wife and start a new family. You’d think he was very unlucky in love. He had lost his fiancée, Antonia a few days before their wedding… She has always had the impression he was a little insecure, or that he felt guilty, was it the reason he let his family influence him?

Should she go see Terry and fix their situation? They hadn’t talked to each other since he had left for that trip before she gave birth…That was so far, all that, it was literally in another lifetime.

Should she go see her mother? The great actress Eleonor Baker, who had a lot success in Broadway. Candy was angry with her, but Terry had convinced her to make peace with her mom, explaining to her that he would’ve given anything to have a mom. After the death of her baby, she went back to England but she stopped by her mother’s because she needed comfort. The death of her baby had ruined her life that was well planed all traced… And a lot of couples don’t survive the death of a child… She was part of the statistics… She’ll see when she gets in New York if she was going to go see her mother or not.

The plane arrived at Kennedy airport in New York. There were w a lot of people, as usual. Candy and her group went to the Waldorf-Astoria, big luxury. In the evening they would go out with friends in restaurants and night clubs. They were having fun like crazy. Candy was saying that she hadn’t laughed that much in such a long time. But there was one thing she wasn’t doing like her friends, she wouldn’t have one night stands.

- Candy, you ‘re not having fun to the fullest

- I’m married, said Candy

- In the legal sense of the term, yea. But you haven’t seen your so called husband for 4 years! You remember you’re married?

- Yet, according to the law, I am married… and I don’t feel like being a slut…

- The law also recognizes divorce. You can get a divorce…

- No…

- After four years of separation, you’ll get the divorce without difficulty

- No

- Why not? Don’t tell me you still love him? Said another friend

- No, I don’t love him/ Yet, I can’t stand the idea of getting in contact with him. I don’t want to see him anymore. I hate him. You get that? I hate him!

Candy stood up to go look out the window. She didn’t feel like going out, all of a sudden.

- You have to live Candy, for you…

- Yes, when I’m ready to get a divorce, I’ll move on with my life… but for the moment, I don’t want to see him.

- Everything could be done through lawyers…

- I will have to see him and I’m not ready…

- Ok Candy, it’s your life after all. Let’s go get ready?

- You know what? You guys can go…

- You’re not coming?

- No, I’m going to go see my mother…

She felt the urge to hug her mum all of a sudden.

- Are you sure? A little alcohol can make you forget.

- Nothing can make me forget. Have fun girls!

Candy’s friends went to get ready to go out. Candy got ready to go see her mother. They left the room together but they took different cars.

In the taxi, Candy was looking at New York City. She was going to surprise her mother. She knew that it was the day her mum had the evening off. She was not at the theatre. She was going to surprise her. A good surprise? Well it depended on how her mother was going to greet her.

The taxi arrived in front of the residence of the great actress. There was a gate and guards who let the guess in. Candy had no trouble sneaking among them. She got into her mother’s house and she remembered the last time she went to see her.

She had arrived, half sick, heartbroken. The main had opened the door for her and her mother was behind saying:

- Candy? What’s going on honey?

- Mum…, said Candy with sob in her voice and running to her to jump in her arms.

Her mum hugged her tenderly.

- Come on, what’s going on? Where is Terry?

- It’s over mum

- What’s over?

- My marriage…

- Oh… what about the baby?

- The baby…

Candy burst into tears again and harder. She couldn’t stop. Her mother let her cry for a few moments. She had to relieved herself. When Candy finally calm down after using lots of Kleenex tissues, she looked at her mother sadly.

- My baby is dead mum…

- What? How?

- I don’t know… there were complications during the birth… they say she had no chance…

- It was a girl? Oh Candy!

Her mother held her in her arms and cried with her and comforted her slowly and softly…

Candy came back to reality… This house had been a comfort for her after the horrible events that had happened to her. When she entered the hallway, she saw her mother greeting her guests. She raised her head immediately, like she had felt her presence and she smiled. When Candy was near her, she fell in her arms.

- My darling! I’m so happy to see you! What a nice surprise!

- Mum. I’m so happy to be here!

She hugged for a while, then, Eleonor continued greeting her guests and they got inside the living room were the reception was, and were lots of servers were working offering drinks, other had hors d’oeuvres on trays.

Eleonor took care of her guests without leaving Candy’s side… The latter was used to receptions in London so she was fine making conversations during the dinner too. Candy’s British accent was charming all the men and the women too.

After the reception when all the guests left, Candy and her mother were having tea in her mother’s office. There was a couch there.

- So, honey, tell me! You’re finally ready to confront your husband and ask for a divorce?

- No…

- Ok… you know that you’re still legally married right? You don’t have a boyfriend?

- Euh… no.

- You still love your husband…

For the second time of the day, Candy was accused of still loving her husband.

- I don’t love him! I hate him in fact…

Her mother looked at her.

- What?

- There’s a thin line between love and hate…

- Mum…

- But if you say you hate him…

- You’ve met Terry right?

- It was at a reception in Chicago. We, the theatre and I did a play for charity…

The lights were beautiful and lighting the reception room in a Chicago hotel. The play had been a success. The upper class was there donating money. Eleonor found herself in front of Terry and his great aunt Elroy. Terry’s face was cold.

- Terry! She said! I’m so happy to see you again!

- Really? Said Terry coldly

- Yes, thanks to you, Candy made up with me. You made her understand the importance of family.

- Apparently, not sufficiently enough, said Terry

He was insinuating that Candy had abandoned her family and her marriage? Eleonor thought it was not the place to talk about her daughter.

- Terry, I’m not going to talk in Candy’s place, because only the two of you know what happened and solve your issues.

Terry had looked at her surprised, apparently disappointed to see her not wanting to talk about Candy… The great aunt took advantage to take Terry away from there.

- Come with me Terrence, I see William McGregor’s grandson over there…

And Terry had walked away, without adding anything else. Disappointed by his brief conversation with Eleonor Baker.

- He didn’t say anything else? Asked Candy

- No, his great aunt seemed in a hurry to take him far away from me…

- That woman never liked me. I don’t know what I’ve done to her…

- Didn’t you tell me that Terry was engaged to her beloved granddaughter?

- Yes…

- So, you’ve replaced her granddaughter in Terry’s heart…I

- Sometimes I wonder if Terry ever loved me…

- Candy, you have to confront him one day… I’m going to look for a suitor for you…

- What for?

- So that you could remarry?

- Mum…

- If you fall in love, may be you’ll end up confronting your dear husband…

- When I’ll be ready mum, I’ll tell you. For the moment, I came her for some TLC from my darling mummy…

- Why don’t we go to bed?

The two women went to Eleonor’s room which was very big with a very big bathroom with a Jacuzzi. Candy decided to spend time there in the morning. She took a quick shower. Her mother lent her a night gown is pink silk and she went to sit in front of the white dresser of the bedroom which had Louis XIV furniture. Her mother arrived to brush her hair for a long time.

- I’ve missed you mum

- How’s your father?

- Now you ask me about him? Said Candy smiling

- He’s no longer part of my priorities, said her mother smiling

Eleonor went to get ready for bed and she lay down with her daughter in her arms.

- So, tell me what you do in night club…

- I dance, I have fun…

- Do you get drunk?

- No…

- Are you getting laid...?

- Mum! No…

- A lot would say you’re not having fun…

They burst out laughing both of them. They continued talking, they prayed and they fell asleep in each other’s arms.


The next morning, Candy woke up in the big canopy bed with satin sheets. Her mother got out of the bed room smiling.

- Hello, sleepy head! How are you?

- Good morning mum…

- You want your breakfast in bed? Or you’re coming downstairs?

- I’ll come downstairs…

- All right, I’ll wait for you there.

Candy got out of bed and went to hug her mum. Then she went to the bathroom to wash up. Then she called her friends who were still asleep of course. She went downstairs in the big dining room.

- I’m going to spend a few days her with my mum, she was telling her friends on the phone

She finished her conversation and she went to sit down. On the dining room table there were lots of newspaper, some from New York, and some from other cities, but her eyes fell on the one from Chicago…

- You get the Chicago paper?

- Yes… sometimes we play over there. I like to see what the critics think about us…

Candy took the Chicago paper… it was the town were Terry lived. Was it a sign she had to contact Terry to ask him from a divorce? She looked through the paper and without knowing how, she was looking at the ads and one attracted her eyes.

“Mr. Terrence Andrew. Looking for a companion for a young child. Irregular hours, the candidate must at least be 21 years and have a certain level of education after high school. Second language would be appreciated. Room and food. Salary to negotiate according to the capacities. Serious references needed, Write or call Mrs. Harriet…”

The phone number, the address and the email address followed the ad.

Candy couldn’t believe her eyes. It couldn’t be her Terrence! With a little girl? Did he get remarry again without telling her? They were not divorced yet! No, there must be another explanation. Maybe he adopted a child? Maybe he was living with a woman who had a child?

An uncontrollable feeling of jealousy invaded Candy. Her heart exploded in her chest. Her face was pale and her mother asked her:

- Candy? What’s going on?

- Mum…, said Candy unable to speak

She gave her the paper and her mum looked and she saw the ad and read it. She also became paler.

- Oh my God…

- What do you think?

- Your baby is dead Candy…

- I know… but, I have the feeling it’s my baby mum.

- Wait a minute honey. I don’t want you to be disappointed, I’m going to ask my assistant to call and get some information… Helene!

The assistant, who was in the kitchen to get something, came back in the living room.

- You called Madam?

She gave her the paper and said:

- Call this number and ask questions about this job, especially about the child…

- Very well Madam!

The assistant, a young woman with short hair and glasses, took her phone and called the number. She put it on speaker so that Candy and Eleonor would ear too.

- Andrew Manor, hello.

- Hello, I would like to speak to Mrs. Harriet, please.

- What is this about?

- About the ad in the paper…

- Please hold…

- Harriet speaking…

- I’m calling about the ad in the Chicago Tribune, can you tell me more about it please?

- What would you like to know?

- I would like to know more about the child. Is it a boy or a girl?

- A little girl. Her name is Esther and she’s 4 years old.

- Oh… is it Mr. Andrew’s child?

Mrs. Harriet’s voice seemed surprised.

- But of course it’s his child!

- Thank you very much for the information. I’m going to call you back and make an appointment.

- Thanks for calling…

Helene hung up the phone. Candy was crying. Terry was her husband and he had a little girl who was 4 years old and her name was Esther Andrew… Four years ago, she had given birth to a little girl and Terry was the father…so… Her baby wasn’t dead!!!! It was her baby, she was sure of it! Terry had lied to her! He kept her baby! An indescribable joy invaded and sadness too… How could Terry have done that to her?

Her mum looked at her.

- Candy, what are you thinking?

- Terry lied to me…

- You can’t be sure it’s your baby…

- I can feel it…

- Maybe, but that’s not enough… you have to be undeniable proof.

- I have to see that child… how?

- Well why don’t you just apply for the job, said Helene, what a better way to see if the little one is yours or even take something from her to have a DNA test…

Candy and Eleonor looked at Eleonor surprised.

- What an excellent idea! Said Candy smiling

- No, it’s ridiculous! You’re Terry’s wife, you go to the manor to see him and ask him!

- No! If he stole my baby, I’m going to take her back…

- Candy think. The little one knows him, not you…

- That’s why I’m going to apply for the job and make sure that I’ll get it to spend time with my daughter.

- If it’s your daughter…

- It’s my daughter! I’m certain mum…

- Oh my God!

- I’m going to need your help mum…

- Oh oh…, I’m afraid to ask. What for?

- I need to look different… Candy can’t recognize me!

Eleonor shook her head.
29 Jul 2018

My best friend’s wife…

Chapter 1
“The misunderstanding”

Terrence Grandchester had just arrived on the American ground… He came from the military base which was in the Netherlands. His brother, Richard was waiting for him at the airport… They were both very tall, they were two years apart and they got along great. They hugged for a while.

- How’s dad?

- He’s fine…

- But…?

- What do you mean, by “but”?

- Rick, out with it!

- Well, the other day, I went to see him in the morning, the door was open, and I got in without making any noise… and I went to the kitchen and…

- And…?

- I still can’t believe it…

- Richard Junior!

- Well, our father was in the arms of a beautiful blonde…

- What?

- They were sucking their faces off, like there was no tomorrow…

- What did you do?

- Once the stupor passed, I went back to the living room and I slammed the door and I screamed to show my presence… when I got to the kitchen, she was by the stove and he was sitting at the table… like there was nothing…

- Incredible!

- He introduced me to his pretty lady… and he wants to marry her very fast.

- There’s no rush…

- According to you…

- How old is she?

- She’s probably in her 30s, 40s, I don’t know…

- She’s not a little young for him?

- Dad is not that old, you know… he got married young. He obeyed his father’s demands and he did his duty…

- He really wants to get married?

- Yes…. He must be in love…

- But he just lost his wife barely six months ago…

- Well he’s going to tell you that exactly, that life is nothing, it could end any moment, like with mum…

- But she just died…!

- Life goes on…

- Anyway, I quit the army to come and see him…

- He’s going to tell you that you shouldn’t have done that…

- He’s really going to get married? Incredible!

- I also took a leave of absence to spend time to talk to him…

- All right little bro… the two of us might be able to convince him…

- “Might be”? You don’t seem very convincing…

- You and I know that when dad has an idea in his head…

- …it’s practically impossible to make him change his mind.

- How’s your love life?

- Nothing good, it’s over with Nadine…

- Oh…

- We were not on the same wave length… and what about you, what was the name of our dutch girl? Inga?

- Inge…

- You manage to pronounce her name well every time?

- Yes… but it won’t work…

- What do you mean? You don’t love her…?

- You know, the heart is an involuntary muscle, in the human body, literally, it beats when it wants to and it also stops when it wants… we have no control over it…

His brother looked at him and didn’t say a thing. They continued talking until they got home… They were talking about other things, not about their love lives anymore… Junior was driving without going too fast and they soon reached their villa… But their father of course, was out with his new conquest… The two brothers went to the living room.

- Does he go out much? Asked Terry to his brother

- Every night, I’m telling you, I don’t see him anymore…

- He forgot his grief pretty fast…

- Terry, it doesn’t mean that he wasn’t sad when mum died…

Richard Grandchester Senior didn’t take long to come back home. The two men heard noise at the door and voices. Their father appeared in the living room. He wasn’t very old, he seemed still young and his girlfriend seemed even younger than him. Terry was stunned! She was so beautiful! She had a “je ne sais quoi” that attracted him to her, but not sexually…

- Well well well, my eldest son is back! Said their father smiling

He came closer to hug Terry hard in his arms. Terrence was surprised by his joy and his exhuberance. That woman had a good effect on him… But what was going on? Now he was for it?

- Dad! Said Terry, it’s so good to see you so happy!

- Terry! Let me introduce you to the person responsible for my state of mind…

His girlfriend approached them smiling. She was the opposite of their mother, she was tall and breath taking. You’d wonder what she was doing with their father… who was not ugly, but who was older… she could’ve found a man her own age…

- This is Eleonor Graham, we call her Nelly…

The latter was smiling with all her teeth.

- Hello, he said looking at her.

He didn’t know what it was, but there was something about this woman. To his big surprise, Nelly hugged him tenderly in her arms… He could feel a lot of love coming from her… what was that about?

- Pleased to meet you, said Terry surprised.

- I am pleased to meet you too, answered Nelly smiling.

Junior was looking at the scene and he was wondering what was going on. He looked at his father who was smiling. He wasn’t worried to see his future wife so nice to Terry?

- When are you getting married? Asked Terry

- In two days, said his father

- What’s the rush? Asked Terry.

- We just want to be married as soon as possible.

- Mum just died…

- That means I’m free like a bird, said is father and let me remind you that I’m not getting any younger…

Terry looked at Nelly who didn’t seem bothered at all by the remark.

- Terry, she said, I’d like you to walk me to the altar…

He looked at her stunned…

- You don’t have any family? He asked.

- No… I really would like that…

- Euh… if dad doesn’t see anything wrong with it…

- I would like that a lot, said his father.

- All right then, said Terry still a little stunned…

- Great! Said his father, why don’t we and have dinner at the restaurant to celebrate? My treat!

- I’m going to go change first, let’s go Junior…

- I’m behind you, he said.

The two brothers left the living room to go to Terry’s room.

- What was that with the future stepmum?

- She’s likable…

- She put a spell on you too?

- Not the way you think, it would be disgusting! She’s with dad!

- You could get rid of her…

- Shut up Junior ! I won’t do that to dad.

- You’re going to walk her to the altar too…

- For dad…that’s what he wants and he’s right, he’s not getting any younger…

A part of Terry wanted to be a horrible person who would’ve tried to seduce his father’s fiancée… but he couldn’t do that to his father or to Nelly, for that matter… For an unknown reason, he seemed to like her a lot…


- Candy? Said her sister, it’s for you.

- Thanks Georgie, she said, walking to go get the phone to answer it.

She went to sit on the leather couch in her sister’s modern living room.

- Hello?

- Candy!

- Hi Great Aunt Elroy, how are you?

- I should be asking you how you are…

- I’m fine.

- And the baby?

- The baby is fine…

- When are you coming back to Lakewood?

- Well the doctor said that I’m too far along to travel… I’m afraid I’m going to have the baby here…

- In New York? But it’s so far from Lakewood! I thought you’d come back to have the baby here!

- I’m sorry, said Candy who wasn’t thinking that at all.

In fact being in New York with her sister, far away from Anthony’s family…

- Do you know if it’s a boy or a girl?

- I want to be surprised…

- You’re not making this easy for us for the colours…

- You could wait for the birth before you buy the gifts if you want…

- We also want to do a baby shower…

- You can have one after the birth, said Candy calmly

- When are you coming back home Candy?

Candy felt her stomach get tied up. How many times had she heard that questions in the last six months she was in New York?

She came from Lakewood, that’s where she grew up and met Anthony very young… They had gotten married very young, just after Candy finished high school. Anthony became an airline pilot in the military and they had traveled so much for his job around the world, so the expression “home” didn’t make any sense… And Lakewood, less than before, now that Anthony was no more. It had been almost a year since her husband had hugged her for the last time. That morning, when she looked at him leave from the English base for one of his mission at NATO, Candy far from thinking that those arms would never hug her ever again… She was at least grateful she was able to join him when he came back before he did his plane demonstration in Italy… She had the time to tell him that the insemination was a success. That they were going to have a baby. The happiness in his voice would be her last memory of him.

Anthony had refused to adopt a child before trying all the treatment possible, to the potion that was supposed to make his sperms more efficient. The in-vitro fecundation was their last hope. After a lot of failure, doctors had managed to fertilize one of Candy’s eggs with a frozen sample and get a viable embryo once implanted. Anthony had know, before he died that he was going to become a father. Today, she could console herself thinking she gave him that joy. Their ultimate phone communication had made them even closer then they ever been for a long time. They had talked about the future of the future baby, of the family they were going to have all three of them. And they had exchanged love words. Candy had known some military wives like her, who had lost their husbands after a fight and they would blame themselves forever for leaving things on bitter words. On that point, she thought she was blessed.

- Candy? Are you listening to me? I wanted to do a baby shower before the birth…

- It will have to be later, Great aunt Elroy. But I won't be able to travel either after the birth of the baby, let’s be realistic. The best thing would be to push the shower after my post natal exam, it would be better for everybody, I’ll come with the baby and…

- Sounds like you’re avoiding us Candy. We’re Anthony’s family! What do you think he would say if he was there? You’ve changed so much since the funerals. Don’t we count for you anymore?

- Of course you count for me Great aunt Elroy, you’re Anthony’s family so you’re the baby’s family too. We’re linked forever…

- But we’re always going to be far, right?

- There is public transportation…

- You’re running away from us…

- It’s not you aunt Elroy, but I had to face the fact that Anthony would never come back. And I realised that the change of scenery made things easier for me. A new place were nothing reminds me of the past. Georgie and her husband helped me get through the pain.

Georgie’s eyes became wet. They both knew how hard it was. Six months earlier, Candy didn’t think that her foetus would resist the devastation. Her baby owed a lot to her family who had taken her in. Georgie and Candy got along great and helping her sister had come naturally to her…

- What about our pain, do you think about it? Haven’t you thought for second that we might need you?

- Of course aunt Elroy, but you’re not alone, you have other family members with you, which rejoice me that you can console each other…

- So you decided… Anthony was my favourite, you know that… You want to take the opportunity to exclude us from your life?

- No! I’ll come back…

- You’ll come back or you’ll come home?

Good question to which Candy couldn’t answer right away. Once again, she desperately hanged on to her sisters eyes.

- I don’t know yet. For the moment, I’m just getting ready fore the baby’s birth in the happiest environment as possible.

She would never thank Georgie and Lowell enough for insisting, after the funerals for her to come with them to New York, saving her from the big and powerful family in law whose well intentioned care, suffocating her.

- Please Aunt Elroy, try to understand. Think that you will soon be a great grandmother of Anthony’s baby… rejoice, that’s what he would’ve wanted.

- Anthony would be appalled that his pregnant wife is deliberately getting away from us.

This conventioneer had no hope.

- I’m really sorry you’re feeling that way, she said, it was not my intention…

- When you’re going to be a mother too, maybe you’ll start to understand

- Aunt Elroy…

- I think it’s better if we avoid talking to each other for a while. I don’t recognize you Candy. Anthony fell in love with a nice girl, it’s not you anymore…

A click sound was heard ending finally this conversation.

Candy had a big sigh. She would rather spend time with her sister and her husband far away from Anthony’s family, which she didn’t see that much, thank God, because of his job, that took them a little bit everywhere around the world. Anthony was an only child, he had lost his mother when he was very young and his father was in the marine, which had given him the taste to get into the army but he liked planes better. The Great aunt Elroy, that's how they called her, but Anthony called her “grand-mother” and she had been a mother for him when he had lost his and he was her favourite, but she loved all of her family members…

Her sister was sitting by her side and took her in her arms with love.

- Everything is going to be fine sweetie…

- I don’t like making them sad…

- I know, I know… we’re going to the Carlton for the reception this weekend and were going to stay at the hotel and have room service, spa and all that jazz without the children!

- Georgie!

- What? I love my little angels, but sometimes spending time far from them is good ! You’ll see when you’ll have your little angel!

- I believe you! Said Candy smiling.

They burst out laughing, both of them.


Two days later, he was at New York City hall to assist to the wedding of Richard Grandchester Senior and Nelly Graham… She was wearing a pink suit, very elegant with a hat of the same colour. Richard was wearing a black suit. The ceremony was simple and happened fast. They went to a luxury hotel to celebrate the event.

When they arrived at the hotel, his heart jumped in his chest. There was a couple who had just arrived and they were walking towards the elevator. The women was blond and the man too. They were smiling and the woman was pregnant! He felt like they gave me him a blow in his guts. Anthony’s widow very pregnant! Anthony died six months ago and they had just came out of a special assignment which has lasted almost six months and they had no contact with the outside world, so Anthony couldn’t be the father of that baby… His wife probably had an affair… the long absences of their job, a lot of women consoled themselves elsewhere. But Anthony loved his wife so much. He had met her only once, he went to see Anthony during the summer in Lakewood and he had the pleasure of meeting the object of his best friend’s affection. He had seen pictures of her but to see her in person… He would rather not think about it… After that, he avoided all the opportunity to see her again… He had seen her once and that was enough for him for the rest of this life… and now here she was in New York, as if by magic, after his best buddy’s death… Very pregnant! She was probably already pregnant when Anthony died… Maybe he was distracted when he learned that his wife consoled herself elsewhere, because he couldn’t be the baby’s father… he approached the reception and he asked:

- Hello, excuse-me, I wanted to know if Mrs. Brown had arrived. I was supposed to meet her here…

- Brown? Said the man looking at his list, we have no one of that name on our list or on the reservations. Would you like me to call her out?

- It’s not necessary, she’s probably not here yet, I must’ve confused her with someone else…

There were a lot of people at the hotel ‘s restaurant, because there was a conference, so another reception at the same time as their little celebration. They were talking and Terry was looking at people who were at the restaurant at the same time as them. He eyes were attracted by a blond couple; Anthony’s wife and her new love! They were smiling. They went to sit at one of the tables on the other side of the restaurant. Anthony died 6 months ago, it was two days before the death of his own mother. He couldn’t go to his best friend’s funeral because of that… Anthony died knowing that his wife was unfaithful, the baby would be the fruit of betrayal… he got very angry all of a sudden… Nelly was looking at him…

- Terry? Are you all right ?

- What ? he said distracted.

- May I have this dance please ?

- Of course Nelly, he said

They stood up and they walked to the dance floor. And they started dancing.

- You know Terry, your father and I have never made love… I’ve never spent the night in your house… your father respected me…

- That’s good to know, said Terry who was happy deep down inside.

- I love your father, you know that?

- Thank you, said Terry hugging her tighter

He still didn’t know what it was but he felt the need to hug her and what she had told him, that his father respected her… He was happy. They started talking about different things…


Candy was at a table with her sister and her brother in law. She was getting ready to eat her lamb chop with she saw him. Her fork stopped half way. He wasn’t wearing the uniform but was it Terrence Grandchester?
She had met him once at Lakewood and it was a very long time ago. But she had in her closet hundreds of pictures and dozens of videos immortalizing Anthony’s career and his best friend friend was very present on them. She knew he lived in New York. He had sent her a very moving letter… Unfortunately, swamped by the letter people had sent and thank you letters to send out, Candy had sent him only a printed card for a reply. Putting her fork down, she leaned to her brother in law.

- Lowell? Can you do something for me? Take me to the dance floor, fast…

- You mean right now? Right away? He replied while eating his meat.

- The latest song, if it’s not too late.

Georgie looked at her surprised. Feeling the urgency, Lowell wiped his mouth and stood up to take her to the dance floor right away.

- Do you see the handsome dark guy other there? I think I know him. Would you take me to him without being too obvious?

He brother in law looked at her big belly with a teasing eye.

- I’m going to try…

Lowell wasn’t an exceptional dancer, but Candy didn’t need one , she just needed him to escort her to her destination. And the closer they got, the more convince she was it was Terry, Anthony’s friend whom he admired above all.
The classic suit dark blue didn’t put his solid body at its disadvantage like the pilot costume made him look so good on the pictures. The day they had met, Terry made her think of an athlete, a skier with his body on the top of its physical shape. Of course, she never told Anthony that, as he wasn’t as tall at Terry…There are some things a new bride shouldn’t tell her husband.

When she got close to him, the man had his back turned. Letting go of Lowell, she put her hand on his sleeve.

- Terry? It’s you, right?

He stopped abruptly, his arms falling like she was hit by a bullet. His dance partner made herself scarce while, Terrence Grandchester, because it was him, turned around slowly.

It had been nine years since the last time they saw each other. He looked more mature than in her memory, but his expression was cold as ice and his blue-green eyes were totally unknown to her.

Moving his elbows to avoid her contact, he held his fist tight and he didn’t say a word, but he was diffusing a negative energy so palpable that Candy lost her assurance and look for Lowell to lean on.

- You probably don’t remember me, it’s been years. I’m…

- I know who you are, he interrupted her dryly. If you’ll excuse me, I’m attending a wedding, they’re waiting for me.

While he was turning around, walking away with big steps, she would’ve swore she heard him whisper:

- And keep it up!

Fortunately, Lowell was there, holding her in his arms, stopping her from falling, Candy put her face on his shoulder just in time to get a hold of herself, ashamed.

- Sorry. Walk me to the elevator, please.

Her brother in law was red with rage and indignation.

- The lout! Who does he think he is, to treat you with so much rudeness?

- It’s ok. Just don’t tell Georgie, I’m feeling a little tired…

In the fog, she let herself taken to the door of her suite, but once she got there she pushed him away when he wanted to come in to comfort her.

- Go take advantage of the evening with your wife.

Candy stayed alone and tears started coming down her cheeks. She was very emotional as a pregnant woman, the hormones… She hadn’t cried for months.

"What did I do to Terry ? Why did he behaved like that ?" She asked herself
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25 Jul 2018


I usually have a Christmas theme on my forum for fic writing. Even if it doesn't always inspire the member. This one is based on the end of the movie "It's a wonderful life"...Enjoy!

Terrence Grandchester was down in the dumps… Life hasn’t been nice to him ever since he was a child… separated from his mother, raised by his father and a stepmonster from hell. He was a rebellious child to get his father’s attention, but all his father was going was give large sums of money to the nuns so they would keep him in their school. It had the reverse effect… But at least his father was reacting, even if it was give money to the nuns. He was the king of school and he was doing whatever he wanted… But he needed more, he needed his mother, so he went to America to see her, but her greeting was so icy that he left running away from there without a look back, despite his mother’s calling him to come back. He took the boat back to England and on the boat he had met the one his heart was waiting for, the one who made his heat beat: Candice White Andrew, his miss Freckles… School had become more pleasant all of a sudden with her there… they would argue, make up, they had spent the most beautiful time in their lives and the best summer holidays together. He sacrificed himself for her… and he left for America, they found each other again and he was now on stage and all the drama that came with it… Now Susanna had just died, while he was getting drunk in a bar, having fun with women…His head was spinning… Susanna was dead… he was free! Free? Free for what? To go where? Was he chained up all that time? It was invisible chains… Life was horrible. He had broken up with his dear Candy to live hell with Susanna and now she was no more… It was the holidays season and he didn’t feel like celebrating at all… He at his apartment. There was a knock on the door. He heard someone at the door… he went to open and group of children were singing…

- ♪♪Silent night…♪♪

He looked at the children, carefree, life hadn’t hit them yet… He looked for a few coins and gave it to him…

- Thank you sir, Merry Christmas! They said.

He closed the door.

- There’s nothing happy in this Christmas, said Terry with a weary tone.

He had a beard of a few days and dirty clothes smelling like alcohol and smoke cigarette… He looked at himself in the mirror of the bathroom.

- I look miserable! I’m a loser! I worth nothing! Oh my God! I wish I was never born!!!

There was a wind and thunder and shaking. Terry was wondering what was going on. He saw a light and a young man dressed in white…

- But what the heck…? Said Terry.

- Terrence Grandchester?

- Who wants to know?

- Anthony Brown…

- What? The flower boy?

- Yes, the flower boy…

- What the devil are you doing here?

- The devil has nothing to do with this… on the contrary

- I should’ve know you went up there…

- I left too soon, and too young…

- While I’m too old and full of sins…

- I’m not here to judge you… and it’s not up to me to judge you

- Then, what the bloody hell are you doing here?

- They told me you had a bad temper, but I’d never imagine how much.

- Stop it! You’re going to make me cry!

- I came to grant you’re last wish.

- What the bloody hell are you talking about?

- What did you say before the thunder stroke?

- “I wish I was never born?”

- It’s done…

- What’s done?

- You were never born…

- What?

- I’m going to show you how your life would be if you were never born…

- I’m sure that life followed its course normally without me… my presence on this earth hasn’t done anything for anybody…

- Well we’re going to see that… come with me…

- What would you get in return?

- My wings…

- Your wings?

- Yes, all angel have to deserve their wings… is my mission is a success, you’ll hear the bells rings…it would mean that I got my wings…

- Wonderful! Said Terry ironically, and they send you to your rival’s! Let’s go!

Anthony took his hand and they disappeared. They got to St. Paul College, in the little wood…

- What are we doing here?

- We’re going to see what your absence is going to do to this world…

They saw Candy arrive in the wood and Neil arriving with his friends to attack poor Candy. Who was defending herself well while talking, but it wasn’t enough. The three boys jumped on her and attacked her. Neil was the first proud one… He pull her underpants and abused her while his friends were holding her down. She was screaming saying “no” but the horrible Neil put his mouth on hers and kissed her passionately…

- Oh my God! The bloody bastard! I’m going to kill him!

- How? You don’t exist…, said Anthony.

- What? But…

- That’s what happened to her because you don’t exist…

- Candy is strong, she’s going to be all right…

- Well we’re going to see…

They saw Candy and Neil meeting regularly to have a quicky. And Candy negociating with her body for favours. For example when Patty got caught with her turtle… She went to beg Neil so he would rat on her to the mother superior.

- I’ll do whatever you want, said Candy, please…

- You little slut… you’re going to sleep with someone for me… I’d like to conquer his territory

- All right, said Candy.

And she was obeying Neil who didn’t rat on her to the mother superior. Terry was sick, he wanted to puke…

- Stop this, please…

- You think you didn’t make any difference in people’s lives… My poor Candy, had someone to look after her; you. That night on the boat… I led her to you…

They saw Candy on the Mauritania thinking:

“There’s someone there, he looks like Anthony…” Said Candy in her mind.

- As difficult as it was, I wasn’t there anymore to look after her and you were there… she needed you.

- I was that important to her? She became a slut?

- When she realised she could get a lot of things with her body…

- She started getting paid… Oh my God! No! Not that!!!NO!

- You're going to continue watching, to see how far she’s going to go to protect herself…

Terry put his hands before his eyes and continued seeing Candy. He closes his eyes and he still saw her prostituting herself…

- Anthony, I’m begging you! Enough! My sweet Candy became a fallen angel…!! That’s enough!

- All right, let’s go see someone else…

- Who?

- You’ll see…

Anthony took his hand and they found themselves in a dark room…

- Where are we? Asked Terry

- Look…

He saw a young man come in, with a puffy shirt…

- The dandy? He looks even more effeminate!

The man who came in, took Archie and kissed him…

- What? But… he wasn’t effeminate to that point…

- Without you to fight with for Candy, he let himself be intimidated by Neil, who knew his weakness for boys… and he corrupted him too, like he did Candy…

- And now he’s using his body like Candy… Incredible! Even the dandy didn’t deserve such a thing. How dreadful!!!

- You gave a sense to Archie, fighting with you made him tougher… giving in to Neil made him info a coward and weak…

They arrived in another place in London, a hiding place for thugs. There were young delinquents sharing money they just stole…

- What are we doing here? I don’t know these people…

- Are you sure? Said Anthony, look closely…

Terry looked closely. He saw a young boy, he seemed to know him… there were two mob boss arguing about their territories. They fought to death… one of them dies… and Terry looked horrified…

- Oh my God, Mark! My brother! NO!!! Why?!!!

- Without his big “brother” Terry, he fell into bad hands…

- NO! Poor Mark…

- You had a positive influence on Mark… without you, he ends tragically…

- You really want to convince me that I’m important, don’t you? Candy and Archie as prostitutes, Mark as a thug…and the other people in my life… My mother? Without me, she makes it big in her career right? At least a little earlier…

- Let’s go and see…

They arrived in a hotel room and they saw Eleonor Baker with a man…

- Who’s the guy? Asked Terry

- Robert Hathaway… the manager of the troupe, he’s married to another woman…

- Oh my God! Said Terry

- She’s an actress and she’s ready to make it at all cost.

- And what’s that got to do with me?

- Well, when she got pregnant with you, she decided to give you the good example, it was more important to her than her career… she started working hard and refusing couch promotions, she wanted to be chosen for her talent that way you would’ve been proud of her… but without you, she had no morals…

- Come on! It looks like everybody have lost their minds without me??!!

- It shows the importance you have in this world Terry…

- What about Susanna Marlowe, without me, she didn’t lose her leg…

- Let’s go and see…

They arrived where Susanna Marlowe was. She was happy with children, married to another great actor, she was living the good life…

- That’s not fair! Candy and my mother are sluts and Susanna is happily married without me? That’s so not fair!

- Your presence in Susanna’s life wasn’t very good, you have to admit that don’t you? She fell in love with you and you rejected her, then she saves your life, loses her leg and you still didn’t love her… Susanna Marlowe was better off without you…

- Oh bloody hell!

They got to another place…

- Where are we?

- Look closely…

- Charlie?

The Charlie in question was full of scars on his face. He was wearing a suit and he was organising crimes. He saw Candy by his side…

- What is Candy doing there with him?

- Well, she went to negotiate something for Neil and Charlie made her an offer she couldn’t refuse…

- Oh my God! This is a nightmare!!!

- With you, Charlie fell off the train, Candy took care of him and you paid his hospital bill… without you, Candy isn’t a nurse, Charlie got arrested right away and since you didn’t exist, he didn’t meet Candy to repent himself… And Candy didn’t meet him when she got to America, since she went back to America with the others when the war started… since you didn’t exist, she didn’t get caught in the barn with you, so she didn’t get kicked out of college…

He saw Candy and Charlie getting it on with a morbid passion… He was crazy about her, he spoiled her a lot too. But she was still a pawn for him though, even after she married him…

- NO! Said Terry , that’s enough! Wake me up! I don’t want this nightmare anymore!

- Are you convince now that you’re needed in this world?

- Yes… Mark, Candy and even the dandy… what about the young shy girl?

- Annie? She married another man she didn’t love and she’s unhappy she’s having one night stands from time to time…

So he saw Annie sleeping with Neil!

- No! That coward thinks he’s all that in a world without me? Even for the young girl shy, so pure and so nice, I don’t want her to be soiled in this corrupt world of Neil Reagan! My mother a slut… My Candy married to my friend Charlie, who had become a gangster… you want to finish me off, don’t you? Please, wake me up!

- It’s not enough…

- I’m not going to be down in the dumps anymore or feel sorry for myself… Life is beautiful and I’m going to take advantage of it and spread good around me…

- Very well, said Anthony

- Thank you… you’re a good guy. Even if I’m jealous because Candy loved you before me…

- She loves you as much, if not more than me… Make her happy…

- I’m going to spend the rest of my life making her happy. I will never take her for granted again… I will never take anybody for granted anymore…

They found themselves in Terry’s room and the later woke up startled all of a sudden.

- Oh God Almighty! I’ve never been so happy to wake up from a dream! Yahoo!!!!!!!

He went to get ready and he got out of his apartment. He met his landlady.

- Good morning Mrs. Jones! Happy Christmas!

- Merry Christmas Mr. Terrence! You’re in a good mood…

- Life is so beautiful! Said Terry kissing her on the cheek.

And he left there running. He ran to his mother’s house and he got in like a hurricane, when the butler opened the door.

- Mum! Mum! Where are you?

He got in and he saw his mother with Robert Hathaway…

- Robert? Said Terry, what are you doing here? Did you come to hit on my mother?

- Terry! Said Eleonor.

- What? It’s not a secret that he’s got the hots for you…

- For your information, Terrence, I came to see your mother to find a solution for you, so that you could come back to the theatre…

- How?

- Well Robert offer me the role of Gertrude in Hamlet…

- Yes, if you want to play Hamlet… Mother and son on stage…

- Well Robert, I recognise you there… the show must go on, right? Working on stage with the best actress in the world and who’s my mother on top of that! Magnificent! I accept!

He hugged his mother hard in his arms.

- I love you mum. You’re the best actress in the world, don’t ever doubt it!

- Thank you Terry… are you all right?

- Yes, I’m fine! Life is beautiful! I have to go to Chicago…

- What for?

- To go get Candy, why else!? I have to have her with me! I can’t live without her… I love her!!!

- All right. Go Terry, I want you to be happy…

- He kissed his mother on both cheeks and shook Robert’s hand.

- Thank you Robert.

- You’re welcome Terrence. Have a safe trip… the rehearsals will start after the new year…

- That gives me the time to marry Candy… good bye! Happy Christmas!

Terry went back home to pack his suitcase… Then he was on his way to Chicago.. He never found the trip so long and he didn’t want to sleep, because he didn’t want to have another nightmare…


Candy was at her apartment. She was angry. Albert and Georges were on a business trip for months now. So Mrs. Reagan took advantage of the situation to force her to marry Neil… She had already managed to get her fired from her job and she even had her blacklisted in Chicago… They had sent her a beautiful evening gown, so she could come to the engagement reception at the manor… And Dorothy had come to do her hair…

- Miss Candy, your hair is still very beautiful…

- Dorothy, this is a nightmare! I’d rather go to Mexico!

- You could run…

- No, they’re watching me…

- I’m sorry Candy…

- I don’t even need them anymore… I was working at the hospital and they ruin that for me too! Can’t they just leave me alone? Neil is a coward and a loser! I don’t want to marry him!!!

Candy burst into tears.

- Is that what rich people do? They force people to marry against their will?

- Candy, said Dorothy, as the adoptive daughter of the great Uncle Wiliam, you’re worth a lot of money…

- Of course, that’s all they care about! I don’t want to be uncle William’s adoptive daughter!

“Terry! Oh Terry, where are you? Come and save me my love! I heard that Susanna was dead, but I suppose you don’t want me anymore, otherwise, you would’ve come to get me… Maybe you’re angry with me? But I need you, please, I’m begging you, come to me my love… come and save me…”


So it was Christmas Eve and there was a reception at the Andrew manor…

Terry got off the train and he heard people talking… He was very handsome in his suit a beautiful elegant coat. His suitcase at his hand, he listened to the conversation…

- Yes, at the Andrew Manor… tonight, there’s a reception, their daughter is getting engaged to the Reagan’s son! A wedding that’s going to make a lot of money for the Reagans…

What were they talking about? Terry asked himself. He decided to ask them.

- Excuse me, he said, you’re talking about the Reagan family?

They looked at him with big eyes

- I beg your pardon, I didn’t mean to eaves drop, but I’m a friend of the Reagan’s family, well I was in school with their son and their daughter at the Royal College of St. Paul in London… I’m the son of the Duke of Grandchester…

- Oh all right, said the lady smiling, yes Neil Reagan is getting engaged to Candice Andrew, his cousin by adoption. Isn’t love beautiful? The union of the two families is going to make the Reagan even richer!!

“ Oh that I’m sure of! Said Terry, I have to stop that! Candy is not marrying that snotty nosed kid! I going to swear to that. Looks like I got her just in time… I’m coming my love. Don’t give up!”

- I’m just passing by Chicago, I’m going probably go see them to congratulate them… Thank you! Happy Christmas! Said Terry

- Merry Christmas! Greetings to your father!

Terry took a room in a luxury hotel in Chicago. He will have to go to the reception to the manor without being noticed with the guests… He had to restrain himself so he wouldn’t go get Candy… but knowing the Reagans, is Candy is forced, they were probably having her watched… So he patiently waited in his hotel room by ordering room service.

“I’m coming Freckles, hang in there!” He was repeating in his mind…


Candy was at the manor and she felt more calm. For some reason, she wasn’t worried anymore…

“Terry, come and save me, please…” She said to herself and she felt good like her wish was granted…

Archie and Annie came to see her in the room where she was “held”…

- Candy, said Annie, you want us to get you out of her?

- Don’t you think they thought about that? There are guards everywhere, we won’t go far…, said Candy.

- Oh Candy!

- Don’t worry, We’ll find a solution until the wedding, said Archie

- What about Terry? Said Annie

- What about Terry? Said Archie a little irritated

- Yes, he’s free, isn’t he? Susanna Marlowe died… he can come and save Candy…

- Annie, you’re talking nonsense! Said Archie, Susanna Marlowe has been dead for a while now, why hasn’t he come to get Candy yet?

- Maybe he thinks she’s not available anymore… we should try contacting him…

- NO!

- Archie! Said Annie shocked, you’d rather have Candy marry Neil?

Candy looked at the scene… Archie was right, where was Terry? He didn’t come to get her… Susanna has been dead for a while… Maybe he’s heart broken…?

“That would mean that I’m hoping for nothing! NO! I don’t want to believe it, that’s all I got left… Terry please, come and save me!!!” She said to herself.

- Candy? What are you thinking about? Asked Annie.

- That if Terry wanted me, he would’ve contacted me… Archie is right…

- Oh Candy! Said Annie crying, I wanted to help you...

- Thank you Annie, said Candy hugging her, thank you sweetie…

- Don’t worry Candy, I’m going to find a solution before the wedding, you will not marry that snotty nosed kid!

- Thanks Archie…

A maid arrive to get Candy…

- Miss Candy, the guests are starting to arrive, you have to go downstairs, they’re going to make the announcement soon…

- And the nightmare begins! Said Candy sulking.

- Let’s go, said Archie.

Candy went downstairs with Annie and Archie… The Andrew manor was full of people since it was Christmas Eve.There was a big Christmas tree in the ball room, decorated by professionals. Everything was beautiful and Candy would’ve appreciated it if her mind wasn’t preoccupied by someone else…

“Terry, come and save me please, I’m begging you…” She said to herself in her mind.

They found Eliza, very elegant wearing a beautiful red dress. She looked at Candy with disdain.

- I can’t believe she’s sulking! We’re honouring her! My brother is from a good family… you’re only an orphan, stable girl…

- F*ck off Eliza! Said Candy angry.

Archie and Annie burst out laughing. Eliza was sulking some more. Candy’s dress was green and gold, Christmas colours… Her hair was impeccable in a beautiful up do. Her make up wasn’t too heavy. She was very beautiful. And Neil thought he would die when he saw her…

The great aunt Elroy was sitting in her armchair, like a queen. She always looked cold and mean. Candy looked at her and she felt sorry for her , despite herself… Being reduced to take advantage of the absence of the head of the family to grant her cowardly great nephew’s wish…

“Terry, come and save me, please”, she kept repeating in her mind.

Mrs. Reagan approached the great aunt with her son and Eliza. All the guests were silent. Candy was still near Archie and Annie. Mrs. Reagan made her a hand sign to come closer. Candy obeyed, her face emotionless. She went to stand by Mrs. Reagan.

- Smile my pretty one, this engagement is happening with or without your consent…

- You go to hell! Said Candy between her teeth.

- Ladies and gentlemen, said the great aunt, your attention please. Thank you for responding to our invitation for this joyous event. As a matter of fact… my dear niece Candy that my nephew William had adopted a few years ago, is going to marry my great nephew, Neil Reagan… They fell in love and now they’re going to be united for better or worse…

- For worse! I agree with that! Said a voice

“Terry?” said Candy raising her head.

There were some whispers in the room.

- Who said that? Said the great aunt outraged

- Me! Said Terry approaching.

- How dare you interrupt me?

- Madam Elroy, with all due respect, I have to interrupt you.., said Terry looking at Candy in the eyes

- Why?

- Because this young lady here is my fiancée and I’m going to marry her…

- What? Said Neil red with rage, you get out of here Grandchester! She’s my fiancée!

- And Terrence you’re my fiancée, said Eliza, you’re in love with me!

- You’re daydreaming redhead, said Terry, I’m in love with Candy ever since our first meeting on that boat taking us both to England… That day, I swore I was going to marry her one day and I certainly won’t let a snotty nosed kid steal my wife away from me… Candy is my wife in my heart… I’m sorry for taking so long to get her my darling. Will you marry me, my love?

Candy felt like she was living a dream… Seeing Terry in front of her, asking her to marry him. He really had come to same her!!!

- Oh my God, my love, I almost lost hope! Yes, yes, a thousand times yes!!! I want to marry you!!

And she jumped to his neck laughing. Terry turned with her laughing too and he looked for her lips. In front of everybody? She wasn’t ashamed, she kissed him back fierily…

- But Candy, said Neil, what about me?

- I love Terry Neil, good luck!

- No!

- Yes! Said Terry taking Candy’s hand… we’re leaving Freckles…

- No Terry! Said Eliza, you’re mine!

- If it pleases you to believe that…, said Terry.

They both walked to the door. A car was waiting Terry with a driver. They got in the car and they disappeared in the night, Candy was in Terry’s arms kissing him.

- I can’t believe you’re here…

- Believe it my love… you were really going to marry that punk?

- I would’ve ran away before the wedding…,said Candy, thank you for coming to save me.


At the manor, the guards had remained speechless in front of what happened, the reacted too late…

- You bastards! Stop them! Said Neil

- Neil, you’re making a spectacle of yourself, said his mother

- Mom! Candy, my Candy is gone!

- She doesn’t deserve you…

- She’s the one I love! Said Neil crying

- Oh shut up ! Said Eliza sulking

- Enough you two! Said Mrs. Reagan, that Candy has humiliated us once again, in front of everybody!

- I think I’ve never been so happy to see Grandchester in my life ! Said Archie bursting out laughing! Bravo Terry!

He burst out laughing with Annie.


Back in the car…

- Where are we going my love?

- To the Pony Home, I though you’d want to say goodbye to your two mommies before you leave with me!

- Oh yes! Thank you Terry!

They arrived at the Pony Home. The light were on. Miss Pony and Sister Maria were still up…

- Candy! Said Miss Pony

- And Terry! Said Sister Maria, please come in, welcome!

- But Candy, weren’t you supposed to get engaged?

- Terry came to stop the engagement from hell, said Candy

- Yes, I had a very revealing dream, which showed me that I had to come to get her…

There was a knock at the door and a priest came in.

- Father Joseph, said Miss Pony, Candy is visiting us with her fiancé…

Terry looked at the priest…

- Good evening father, said Terry

- Good evening father, said Candy

- Good evening my children…

Terry turned to Candy…

- Freckles, I’m too afraid to lose you, will you marry me right now?

- After the scare I just had… yes my love, let’s get married right away!

They turned to the priest…

- Father Joseph, said Terry, could you marry us, right now…?

- All right my children, said the priest a little surprised

- What a wonderful idea! Said Sister Maria

Ten minutes later, Candy and Terry were pronouncing their vows in front of the priest.

- Candy, my love, living without you was hell… doing my duty was hell… I missed you to death… now that I found you again, I’m never going to let you go again, my beloved Juliet… I have dreamed of this day since the first time I saw you, my heart married you and now I’m marrying you, for better or worse, for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health, I swear to love you and to cherish you, til’ death us do par.. I love you my love.

- Terry, living far from you was torture. I was praying every night so God would find a solution to our problem. And even with the Neil matter, I was hoping you were going to come and save me and thank God you came. For better or worse, for richer or poorer in sickness and in health, I swear to love you and to cherish you, til’ death do us part…I love you my love…

- I now pronounce you, husband and wife… you can kiss the bride…

Terry leaned to kiss Candy and when they stopped, they heard tolling bells.

- You know that every time a bell rings, an angel gets his wings, said Sister Maria smiling

- An angel told me that too, said Terry smiling.

- Really? Said Candy, what angel?

- I’m going to tell you all about it on the train that’s going to take us to New York… Happy Christmas Mrs. Grandchester!

- Merry Christmas, Mr. Grandchester!


18 Jun 2018

Pretty Candy

Chapter 1
By Bridget25

In a dump room in a miserable apartment in worn down building, an alarm clock rang. It’s 10 pm and a pretty hand stops the ringing slowly. The beautiful body slipped out of the bed and walked to the bathroom under the shower, under the lukewarm water scrubbing herself with soap. She gets out of the shower dries herself get dressed and goes in front of the dresser and she put some heavy make up on. Big black trait around her big minty green eyes. The cherry colour lipstick on her thin lips and on her head an auburn wig, on top of her natural blond and wavy hair. The mini skirt was mandatory and the cleavage on her breast was putting it in evidence thanks to a black wonder bra. The last touch, those big black shiny leather boots with high heels shaping her legs well done. She took her keys and got out, putting on a little black beret.

Hollywood boulevard, the street for the big stars during the day and for the poor loser during the night, She walks towards a shady pub and said hi to the boss. She went upstairs looking for her friend Sandra who should be nearby; she found her high with two guys talking loud. She took her by the hand and they went on the side to talk away from the people who were yelling.

- I looked in our savings; you back on drugs are you?

- Listen, one rail of coke once in a while doesn’t hurt.

- I told you not to touch that crap anymore, that money was supposed to pay for our rent! Louis is going to be upset with us.

- Relax, it’s going to be fine, tonight we’re going to get the riches guys in this damn city and we can pay Louis tomorrow morning.

- Don’t forget Neil Reagan who is going to wait for us and get the three quarter of our money.

- I’m not going to tell him what you’re doing tonight, you know.

- He’s going to learn it one way or another, we’ve been watched.

- Come on, we’ve got work to do.

The two girls got out in the street and they looked at a hooker walking on their turf, Sandra goes in front of her and tells her:

- Hey sugar, this our turf, my friend and mine. You’re new here, right?

- Yeah!

- So you have to learn that from this bar to the one 200 m farther, it’s our turf, now get lost!

- Yeah ok, I’m leaving! I didn’t know!

The girl left and Candy looked at Sandra shaking her head;

- Yeah, it’s calm tonight, I don’t think our supper plan is going to work!

- Don’t worry, the night is still young and it’s always animated

- We better get a lot of money tonight or we’re going to find ourselves in the street and I don’t want Neil to come and bother me.

- He still bothers you?

- He’s annoying…

From afar a powerful car was coming very fast in their direction. It was a lotus Spirit; Candy knew that model for seeing it a lot on Hollywood Boulevard. It was a rich lawyer’s car who passed them without ever looking at them. Tonight, Candy needed money and she decided not to let him get away so fast. Sandra encouraged her:

- He’s yours! Happy hunting!

Candy went by border of the street looking at the car coming closer. She raised her skirt and she fixes her panty hose. She was wondering why she was doing it, because the car was probably not going to stop anyway. To her big surprise, the car stopped and she looked at Sandra, who gives her the thumbs up as a sign of victory, then she leaned to the window and she asked:

- Are lost pretty boy?

The man looked at leaned to look at her better. Their eyes met and Candy felt something in her chest… it wasn’t an old man who was driving, but a very handsome man, very attractive, who smiled at her giving her the map of Los Angeles:

- Yes, as a matter of fact, I’m looking for the Beverly Wilshire hotel.

- You’ve got the wrong direction; it’s on the other side of town.

- Oh… I just got here; I don’t know my way at all

- Do you want me to help you?

- Why not?

- There’s a price to pay for that.

- Really? You’re charging even for that?

- Yes, it’s going to be 50$

- That’s preposterous!

- Maybe, but you’re the one that’s lost, not me…

- Whatever, I'm in a rush to go to bed. Get in!

Candy got in the car and gave the man directions. In the car, the conversation stuck to the road indication that the young girl was giving him; the driver had trouble not looking at the young woman with the extremely short skirt shower her lower side. He was handsome, young and rich, attractive and women, he could have a dime a dozen when he wanted to, He wasn't desperate to the point he needed a hooker, but yet, he was attracted by her. Her cheap perfume filled the car and her nice breast with the cleavage he could see her breathing. Finally, the luxury hotel was in front of them and the doorman came to open the car door. He was a little shocked seeing the young woman a little vulgar getting out saying:

– Wow! That's awesome!

– Thank you said the doorman; do you have any luggage Miss?

– I'm not a customer here.

– Of course.

– Well, pretty boy, you're at your destination. I'm going to take a cab with my 50$ to get back to my office.

– Your office? Laughed the man, well thank you for your help, I would never have made here without you.

– You're welcome. Have a good night and if you want to see me again, you know where to find me.

Candy left and goes to sit on a bench at a bus shelter to wait for the bus. If she takes a cab her 50$ were going to melt like the snow under the sun and she won’t have anything left/ she arranged her beret and closed her jacket. There was a little cold breeze that made her shiver. She heard footsteps and she turned around, she smiled seeing the man walking towards her asking:

– No cab?

– No, I changed my mind; I'd rather take the bus.

– What if I ask you to keep me company for a while, how much will that be?

– It depends, it’s 100$ an hour.

– That much?

– It's the luxury of lust! So is it yes or no?

– I will give you 50$ now and the rest in my room!

– Done!

Candy approached him and she sees him putting his light coat on her shoulders. She wanted to protest, but he had the following argument:

– It's not the kind of hotel that rents room by the hour.

Candy let him put the coat on her and followed him inside.

– WOW! She said out loud, when she looked at the luxury of the hotel around her.

The man smiled, and then he went to the reception to get his key. The hotel manager, William Albert Andrew, sees the young woman and observes her with a less than enthousiastic look, as she follows the man to take the elevator. But didn't do anything... He knows Terrence Grandchester by name and knows that he's a powerful business man. In the hallway, Terrence guides the young woman in his suite and opens the door. He lets her get in and walks to the phone to order room service.

Candy looked at him and she says:

– Hey, you've paid for half an hour, let me remind you.

– Everything is going to be fine. I'll pay you for the extra hours. Are you hungry?

– Yes, I'm starving.

– Then relax.

Champagne and different plates were delivered in the suite half an hour later. Candy ate the food on her plate with appetite. A glass of Champagne in one hand, he observed her in silence, smiling.

He usually rejected the company of others, he was admitting that this young woman was intriguing him and he love to see her so natural and spontaneous, He presented her with a plate of strawberries and said;

– Take one, it bring out the flavour of the Champagne.

– Ok... mmm, they're delicious; I haven't had these in years.

– I don't know your name.

– Me neither, I don't know your name. Well in my line of work, we don't care, the only name we know and we give to everybody is dollar.

She burst out of laugh and he smiled:

– My name is Terence Graham Grandchester and you are?

– Grandchester? Like the Grandchester of London? She asked without smiling.

– As a matter of fact, I just got transferred to Los Angeles.

– Wow, I heard you're related to the English royal family, is that true?

– My father is Her Majesty's first cousin.

– Oh shit... oh... sorry.

– Well you pretty expressive, Are you going to give me your name?

– My name is Candice White... but calls me Candy.

– It's very pretty. I think it's a very sweet name.

– And I'm very sweet to eat, she said smiling. On the other side, time is still passing and if you want to hit the sheets, you have to think about starting because I have to get back to work after that.

– How much for the whole night?

– You can't afford it.

– Try me.

– 300$

– Done! Now we can relax!

Candy looked at the man stranding of from the table and walk to his desk to work a little. Disoriented, she stays there on the chair for a moment without moving. A radiant smile on her face! If Sandra could see her, she would jump to the roof! She walks to the bathroom and tells him she wants to get ready for the night. Terry who didn't hear her well follows her and he sees her turning around quickly, hiding something behind her back, His voice was cold when he asked:

– What is it that you have in your hand?

– Nothing, nothing at all.

– Very well...

He takes her by the hand and grabbed her bag with the other arm saying;

– I don't want any drugs in here, get out!

– I'm not doing drugs!

– Then show me what you're hiding!

He opens her hand, by force and he felt stupid when he saw:

– Dental floss?

– Yeah, so what? I had some strawberry seeds between my teeth; you have to take care of your gums!

– I'm sorry, forgive me. Continue.

– Thank you.

Terry leaves closing the door behind him to go back to his work.

During the evening, Candy was watching television lying on her belly on the thick carpet. The man went to sit on the sofa facing her and looked at her in silence. She had something kind of noble. She was beautiful, her face was soft and her eyes as green as the forest in his native Scotland made her more attractive. She felt observed, she looked up and she smiled at him nicely. Candy turned off the volume of the television and approached Terry. She undid the buttons of his shirt and opened it to reveal his muscled torso perfectly shaped. The belt of his pants with the sound of the zipper was heard while she kept looking at him. She took her clothes off revealing her black lace under garments. She leaned and she asked him whispering;

– What do you like?

– What do you do?

– I do everything... but i don't kiss on the mouth.

– Me neither, he replied.

She kissed his vibrant torso, going down slowly. Terry inspired deeply and let her lead the dance without saying a word...


The next morning under the shower, Terry was sincerely asking himself whatever got him to sleep with a hooker he picked up on Hollywood Boulevard, with his lawyer friend's car none the less. Archibald is going to be glad to learn something like that... he walked to the living room passing by the opened door of the bedroom and he saw the young woman, serenely sleeping on the bed. She has her long blond and wavy hair on the pillow. Her naked body, under the sheets were up to her waist, allowing him the pleasure to admire her perfect curves her white back with and some freckles on them. How could such a nice and beautiful creature do that kind of job? Whatever happened to her to end up on the streets? He put back the covers on her shoulders and he got out to go to back to work.

Candy wakes up softly in the big bed king size bed of the royal suite. She rubbed her eyes and looked around her. Did he even get some sleep? She got out of bed and put on a robe she found in the bathroom and she walked to the living room, the thick carpet was shielding the sound of her steps. She listened to him talk on the phone:

– If the crazy old MacGregor cares about his business, he better sell it to me... Ok, listen Archie, I'll let you handle the deal, and I’ll join you at work later.

He hung up with sigh and went back to reading his paper when he heard:
– Hi!

He turned around and smiled seeing Candy standing in front of him:

– Good morning.

– Blond? She said showing her hair

– I like that better, he said smiling, and did you have a good sleep?

– Yeah, too good... I forgot where I was.

– The job wants it that way?

– Probably. I'm going to go shower and I'll leave you.

– You don't want to eat anything? I took the liberty of ordering everything that was on the menu. Please have seat.
The food smelled so well so did the coffee and the croissants. Candy thanked him softly and sat at the table eating a piece of croissant, she looked at him smiling tenderly.

– Well, you’re silent all of a sudden this morning, Miss Freckles, what happened to the exuberant woman from last night?

– Without make up and my wig and barely awake, I'm myself.

– I like that better; you're more elegant that way.

– Thank you...so Terrence, what do you do in real life?

– I buy companies in difficulties and I resell them.

– Wow, you must be very smart...

– Why do you say that?

– I only made it to grade 11. What about you?

– As far as I could go.

– This business is going to cost you a piece of cake right?

– Well this business is going to cost me the piece of cake of a billion dollar.

– A billion dollar?

– Yes.

– I see... well, would you mind if I took a swim in your bathtub before I leave?

– Be my guest.

Candy stood up from her chair and went to the bathroom. She opened the water and took a quick shower and filled up the bathtub with foaming salts, she had a Walkman on with headphones on and she was singing loud, off key.

In the living room, on the phone again with Archibald Cornwell his lawyer, Terry had stopped talking to listen to the young woman sing. She was off key but he smiled and approached the bathroom. Archibald was telling him that Mr. MacGregor wanted to have dinner with him that night to talk business.

– You shouldn't be going alone Terry. Take a girlfriend with you; you want me to call Susanna? She's going to be happy.

– No thank you, I already have someone.

– Ah, you don't lose anytime do you? You barely got here in Los Angeles, and you find a girlfriend...

Terry was in the bathroom and Candy couldn't hear him, her eyes were closed and she was still singing, he sad by the bathtub. He looked at her in silence while his lawyer was asking:

– Who is that singing?

– The chamber maid.

– The chamber maid? How awful, tell her to shut up.

– Tell MacGregor to meet me at the restaurant at 8 pm. I'll be there.

– Ok. I'll see you later at the office.

Terry hung up and Candy chose that moment to open her eyes. She smiled shyly taking off the headphones and asked him:

– Have you ever learned to knock?

– I have a job proposal for you.

– What is it?

– I'm in town until Sunday; I want you to spend the week with me.

– Seriously?

– I'll pay you to be at my disposal night and day.

– I would love to be “at your disposal” night and day, but... you're young and very handsome man. You could have any woman you want.

– I want a professional, I don't like non-professionals. So?

– Listen if you want me 24/7 its' going to cost you a lot.

– Oh, there we go, let's talk money. How much for the whole week??

– Well 6 nights and days... let's say... 4000$

– 6 nights at 300$ a night , that's 1800$

– You're forgetting about the days!

– Then, 2000...

– 3000!

– Done!

– Holy cow!!! Said Candy diving inside the bath.

Terry leaned on top of her and asked:

– So, it that a “yes”, Candy?

– Yes it's yes of course!

Later, Terry gives her a pack of money telling her:

– Tonight, I have a business diner, get dressed for the occasion.

– How?

– Something less showing than what you were wearing last night, for example.

– Old fashioned?

– Classic! I'll come to pick you up at 7:30, please be ready.

– Pretty boy, I'm going to give you so much pleasure you won't want to let me go...

– It's for 6 days and I'm paying you 3000$, and I will let you go.

– I would've stayed for 2000.

– I would've paid 4000. See you tonight.

Candy looked at the man leaving smiling. Her green eyes were swimming between dream and reality. This wonderful man was lavishing her so much since last night. Her heart had melted in front of this angel of business. His blue-green eyes which have admired her all night long were making her heart beat violently. She bit her lower lip and she ran to the bedroom and threw herself on the bed. She laughed, screaming showing she was paid to the end of the week. She sat up and she took the phone to call Sandra, then she will go shopping...What will her friend think when she'll tell her the news?

To be continued...

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7 May 2018

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le roi n'etais pas la. Je vais le faire revenir! :D
7 Jun 2015 - 18:10
Merci de me lire... j'ai vu que tu t'es inscrite sur mon forum? Tu vas bientot commenter nos fics aussi? Candice et le roi est terminé, je dois arranger des scenes c'est tout et ce weekend j'etais occupee a autre chose
Mais tres bientot vous aurez le chapitre suivant et la fin. Merci pour ton interet pour mon histoire... j'avoue que le dernier chapitre m'a ennuyé car l
7 Jun 2015 - 18:10
Hi,j'ai hate de lire la suite de "Candy& le roi" Attention aux phrases trop répétitives,j'attends le moment des retrouvailles. Bises
7 Jun 2015 - 18:04
Oui je me régale sur ton site,mais n'ai pas réussi à m'enregistrer il faut que mon ami le fasse pour moi. Ravie de voir qu'il y tjs des nouveautés! Bises
24 May 2015 - 22:47
Hi! Oui je sais,j'ai découvert ce site après le tien et celui de Sophie qui semble en stand by par contre je visite très souvent ton site.Je suis toujours avide de nouvelles fics et je peux dire que je les ai quasiment toutes lues (sur les 2 sites français )Bises
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