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20 Aug 2014
Well I stumbled upon this article a few days ago


and I thought, what if.

Not much in common other than the name and the invalid state, yea.
Just sayin'... smile.gif

13 Jun 2013
Quick! Here!!!!! cheerleader.gif

Or just... here tongue.gif

It's from the old 80's greek version of Make a wish. The kid there wanted to visit the place where the voiceovers were being done, and so they took him. And it happened to be a Candy Candy episode!

The mines era sadly, no Mr Terry Pavlides on the field. But it shows Matina Karra, our so beloved and worshipped greek Candy, Dimitra Dimitriadou next to her that was the original voice of Eliza (and then she did many others too, Patty and Annie and various extras from time to time lawl), and a couple of others. All of them acclaimed actors and dubbing legends for all us fans.

I'm so excited, such a wonderful unexpected treat!!! cupidgirl.gif

edit: took silly me some time to get the tag working tongue.gif
2 May 2013
Like we say, Jate/Skate/Suliet for example.

I remember our fellow boardie Carry chose that nickname as a combination of Candy and Terry, but I don't think any of us have ever used anything of the sort.

So, is it only just CT for us?
How come didn't we take it further, say to, Coody, Candandy, Danderry, etc... toast.gif

14 Jan 2011
Hello there! I remember I had said a while back after a post from Celeste that it would be a cool subject to explore.
I am aware of the fact that Mizuki-sensei had something to say about it in the novels, but since there are so many vague and contradictory parts in/between all the existing versions of the story (manga/anime/novels) I'd like to know what you think, which one of the options is the most convincing or more appealing to you regardless of what she believes or what is considered "canon".

12 Dec 2010
Our beloved character has faced a handful of problems in his youth. Some people say that Candy made him a better person... and they might be right, after their separation he really hit rock bottom.
Well, it's a thing women have, to think that they can change every man, or try to make him reveal his emotional side, or wanting to take care of him just like his mother would have.
And after reading that specific sentence in eleanna's post I got extremely curious to find out what do the other boardies think, does it apply in Terry? Does his companion have to be a caring mother figure?
Hihihi Adi!! S'eyxaristo vre sy!! *hugs* Photo pou eixa vgalei sto festival tou Edimvourgou einai. O typos eitane mimos kai eixe varethei pia kai ton epiasa tin ora pou koimotan orthios, xixixi. Epaiza sto photoshop simera to vradaki. ^_^
21 May 2009 - 23:46
χρονια σου πολλα! σου τα ειπα απο χθες, θα στα πω κ αυριο! ποτε δεν παιρνω τηλ την σωστη μερα! λολ!
30 Nov 2008 - 22:58
ΧΡΟΝΙΑ ΠΟΛΛΑ!! φίλη μου :):):)
Εύχομαι να έχεις μια υπέροχη μέρα σήμερα με την οικογένεια σου και αγαπημένους σου φίλους :):)
Φιλάκια από Εδιμβούργο!
25 Dec 2007 - 15:02
Ehhe, don't be so harsh on yourself! :D I'm a huge Nightmare Before Christmas fan! And anything Tim Burton as you may recall. :) Going to see Sweeney Todd on Saturday, can't wait! Hugs.
19 Dec 2007 - 5:07
Ποια σε ειπε "Θειο Γουϊλλιαμ" λογω μυστηριου, που δεν εμφανιζεσαι στα μητινγκς;; Λοιπον θα σε λεω Θεια Γουϊλλιαμινα! LOLOL! Φιλακια!!
18 Sep 2007 - 7:10


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