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Terry is Candy´s eternal love in her past and present. Candy Candy Final Story is the story of their reunion. THANKS KEIKO NAGITA for writing it for us, the old CC fans.
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Anneth White

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31 Dec 2017
Dear Friends a new year is Arriving!!!

I hope 2018 will bring you all what you want!! specially Health, Happiness, and lovely moments around you!!!

Be happy as this sweet couple, that we love so much, and was finally reunited.

Lets make our first toast with them tonight, so we will be together around the world!! terryrules.gif


This lovely painting was made by my dear Nuria and is with me... forever in my heart!! cupidgirl.gif

grouphug.gif wine.gif cchearthugs.gif terryhugs4you.gif ctlovemore4.gif
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18 Dec 2017
We didn´t understand at the begining why Nagita decided to include so many letters of several people we don´t care so much in her Final Story...

But a careful reading of most of them give us amazing clues about Candy´s life!!

I loved specially these two letters exchanged between Dr. Martin and Candy, they wrote to each other after knew Albert was Uncle William, so Candy returned to Pony´s home to help her mothers with the orphanage, and also she returned to work as a nurse!!!

Candy found a meaning for her life, being so useful to the people she loves. And no, she wasn´t the girlf friend or the wife of Albert... because there wasn´t a romance at Magnolia´s as alfans insist and believe...

What likes me more of those letters? that Candy talks about the children, and Dr. Martin sent them gifts for Christmas, but the most importan thing is that in the first letter Candy talks in the name of Uncle William trying to convince Dr. Martin to enhance his clinic in Chicago... and Dr. Martin gives the best gift to Candy: he accepts Uncle Wiliam´s help but for building the Clinic near Candy... near her home... so she will be able to work and live in her home: IN PONNY´S!!!!

We have a Candy with 18 years old more or less, that is living happy near her mothers, working!!!! Also Albert have almost 30 years, is working, doesn´t have time to be near Candy and has money!!!! ....

It is just the moment where all is in pseudo-equilibrium in Candy´s life (... T.G. is taking care of Susana... Candy read the news about him according to some retrospection...)

But also we know Candy, at the end of the story, is living in other continent... so far of her mothers, the children, the clinic...

What was the event that made her go away??? if Albert buildt that clinic for Dr. Martin but also for Pony´s people!!! it can´t be his idea!!! he never would let them without her candy... Also the center of his business is in Chicago...

Well you can guess that another person must arrive to make Candy change her mind, and with a very interesting proposal to make her go so far... to the other side of the ocean!!!!

Is another clue for T.G??!!! of course!!!!

...Definetively I LOVE Dr. Martin-Candy´s letters!!! toobadalfans.gif

16 Dec 2017


THANKS DEAR NILA candyhugs4you.gif terryhugs4you.gif mademyday.gif
1 Nov 2017
Hi girls,

Our dear Noa Nio has presented us THIS AMAZING JAPANESE ARTIST, A LOVELY GIRL THAT LOVES THE CORNWELL´S AND ANTHONY... but has drawings of other characters.


this is the link to her page:


Dear Aniko, i think you are going to LOVE ALL OF STEAR´S ONES!!!!! cupidgirl.gif
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18 Oct 2017
Reading the CCFS novel in order, and discussing the third part with several fans here and in wattpad, has been so interesting, specially with the readers that didn´t kow about the blank pages in the Japanese one...

In one of this conversation a good friend of wattpad that is reading for the first time CCFS in order, mentioned that for her the blank pages are there to close some cicles in Candy´s life!!! I hadn´t read that interpretation before...

so I followed her interpretation and realise that can be a possibility and I see this pattern on them:

Third part:

The period Candy returns to America and talks about her journey with her friends

Pgs. 148-149, Candy's Retrospection about the Jewel box, tells Anohito about her adventure to the States *
Pg. 150, Susy's Postcard from Calcutta *
Pgs. 151-152, Candy's Retrospection *
Pgs. 153-156, Candy's Letter to Mr. Carson *
Pgs. 157-158, Candy's (1st) Letter to Samuel, Jeffrey, and Susy Anne Carson *
Pgs. 159-163, Candy's Letter to Mr. Dan Jaskin *

Pg. 164 Blank page

Candy decides to be a nurse and talks to her friends about it, also informs about the new life of the people she knew in the trip

Pg. 165, Georges's Letter to Candy *
Pgs. 166-168, Candy's Letter to Captain Niven *
Pgs. 169-170, Cookie's Letter to Candy *
Pgs. 171-172, Candy's (2nd) Letter to Sam, Jeff, and Susy Carson *

Pg. 173 Blank page

Candy is a nurse and informs about the life of her friends and love (T.G of course) in America, also she is an Ardlay and the Lagans must apologise for the lies about her!

Pgs. 174-175, Candy's Letter to Terry (written during her nursing school days) *
Pg. 176, Archie's (1st) Letter to Candy *
Pgs. 177-178, Stear's Letter to Candy *
Pg. 179, Candy's Letter to Sister Grey *
Pgs. 180-183, Candy's Letter to Principal Mary Jane (nursing instructor) *
Pgs. 184-185, Annie's (1st) Letter to Candy *
Pgs. 186-188, Candy's Retrospection on Terry's Acting *
Pgs. 189-191, Candy's Letter to Franny *
Pgs. 192-193, Patty's (1st) Letter to Candy *
Pgs. 194-195, Candy's Letter to Dr. Frank Campbell *
Pgs. 196-199 Candy's Retrospection *
Pg. 197, Candy's Retrospection, describes Shakespeare collection, Medical books, English & French Lit. in her study *
Pg. 200, Candy's Letter to Sarah Regan *
Pgs. 201-202, Candy's Letter to Stewart *
Pgs. 203-204, Candy's Letter to Mary *
Pgs. 205-207, Candy's Letter to Mr. Whitman *
Pgs. 208-214, Candy's Letter to Georges *

Pg. 215 Blank page

The conmotion for Stear´s death

Pgs. 216-219, Candy's Retrospection *
Pgs. 220-222, Archie's (2nd) Letter to Candy *
Pgs. 223-225, Stear's Commanding officer's Letter to Candy *
Pgs. 226-228, Patty's (2nd) Letter to Candy *

Pg. 229 Blank page

The conmotion for Terry´s separation

Pgs. 230-233, Annie's (2nd) Letter to Candy *
Pgs. 234-237, Candy's Retrospection on the Separation scene *
Pgs. 237-241, Candy's Retrospection continues *

Pg. 242 Blank page

Candy living in Pony´s working as a nurse near Pony´s home

But the center is couple´s issues: and Archie-Annie fighting for their wedding. Eleanor wanting to reunite Candy and Terry... Candy is so stubborn!!!!! ranting2.gif But!!!! Susana died!:

Pg. 243, Archie's (3rd) Letter to Candy *
Pgs. 244-245, Candy's Retrospection *
Pgs. 246-248, Candy's (1st) Letter to Dr. Martin *
Pgs. 249-250, Candy's (2nd) Letter to Dr. Martin *
Pgs. 251-252, Candy's Letter Vincent Brown (Anthony's Father) *
Pgs. 253-254, Candy's Letter to Gloria, the Magnolia Apt. Caretaker *
Pg. 255, Candy's (1st) Letter to Grandmother Elroy *
Pgs. 256-259, Candy's Letter to Archie *
Pgs. 260-263, Candy's (2nd) Letter to Grandmother Elroy *
Pgs. 264-267, Candy's Letter to Stair *
Pgs. 268-270, Candy's Retrospection on Annie's Archie's wedding *
Pgs. 271-273, Candy's Letter to Eleanor Baker *
Pgs. 274-277, Candy's Letter to Terry that she never sent *
Pgs. 278-280, Candy's Reflection and Susanna's Letter to Candy *
Pg. 281, Candy recalls reading Susanna's obituary *

Pg. 282 Blank page

Terry returns to Candy´s life:

Pg. 283, 1st version: Terry's Letter to Candy * and 2nd version: Terry's Letter to Candy *

Pg. 284 Blank page

What happened with her adoptive father:

Pg. 285, Epilogue (Title only, blank page)
Pgs. 286-287, Candy's 1st Letter to Albert *
Pgs. 288-290, Albert's 1st Letter to Candy *
Pgs. 291-295, Candy's 2nd Letter to Albert *
Pgs. 296-304, Albert's 2nd Letter to Candy *
Pg. 305, Candy's 3rd (short) Letter to Albert *
Pgs. 306-309, Candy's 4th Letter to Albert *
Pg. 310, Albert's 3rd "short message" to Candy *
Pgs. 311-315, Albert's 4th/last Letter to Candy *
Pg. 316, Candy's 5th (short) Letter to Albert *
Pgs. 317-322, Candy's 6th/last Letter to Albert *

Pg. 323 Blank page

Candy informs Anthony about her feelings, she lives with the man she loves ctlovemore4.gif

Pgs. 324-328, Candy's Letter to Anthony *

Pg. 329 Blank page

Candy informs us about her life with her love in Avon terryhugs4you.gif

Pgs. 330-331, Epilogue (partial): Candy's present day with Anohito *, Full version attached to Anthony's Letter *
Pgs. 330-331, Epilogue: Alternate Complete Translation by Minnie *

Pg. 332 Blank page

Nagita´s words for her readers

Pgs. 333-338, Mizuki's Complete Afterword and Postface *
Pg. 351, Reference of Keiko Nagita's biography and other works *

What do you think? cheerleader.gif
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