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19 Sep 2017
Hi Everyone!
Do you know if in Japan the anime episodes were more than 115, because on the internet a couple of videos are circulating about episodes never seen in Italy, so I was wondering if in Japan the Candy Candy serie was longer!

1 Jun 2017
Hi there, who drew the anime charcters? Igarishi or someone else?
I noticed they are not so pretty if compared to those in the Manga, this is why I ask!
Thanks for the answer!
4 Apr 2017
Dear friends, I've been surfing the internet lately but I couldn't find anything concerning the final decision, according to which, Nagita has been declared Candy's exclusive mother (of the story not the drawings, of course). Can any of you tell me when this was definitely decided and if there is any possibility for Igarashi to claim in any way the right to decide over the story final?
Alfans say that Nagita can't affirm Anohito's identity because she is worried about a possibile judgement infringement. Is this possible at all?
26 Mar 2017
I was told that there is a poem in the Art books, I believe it is the first of volume 1 or 2, I don't know which one, and about this poem Nagita says in the preface that it is her favorite poem. In it there are Candy and Terry on a hill , do you know what I am talking about? I was curious to know how Nagita describes Terry's voice in that poem.
Can any of you provide this information?
Thank you
12 Mar 2017
Hi Everyone
In an Italian Forum I recently read something which I hadn’t paid any attention before but it is quite poetic in my opinion, and since apparently people in Japan do pay attention to such poetic things and Nagita seems to be particularly prone to that, I want to share this thought with all of you.
I apologize if it has already been discussed.
In that forum someone noticed something about the daffodils.
They took the two different parts in FS where those flowers were described and compared them with one another, the result is very poetic and very significant at the same time.
Not significant at all for Alfans, of course!!!!

Daffodils are just buds when Candy stumbles into Terry in a spring day on second Pony's Hill, here the description:

"The bell was chiming. Candy waved her friends off and was the first to get nimbly down.
The fastest way to get to the school building was cutting across the woods and pass through the meadow. Running in the grass dotted with daffodils’ buds, Candy started to think.
Suddenly she stumbled into something and fell forward.
What a misfortune for her to bump right into that person.....

-I just stumbled! You should not lie down where nobody can see you! As if you were a stone!-
-Stones can’t smell daffodils-
Candy remained for an instant looking at Terry’s face. It didn’t show the faintest trace of the wounds and also his lip had completely healed. (VOL 1 PART 2 CHAPTER 6)

Candy is now an adult, living by the Avon river and describes how the daffodils in her garden, which are not just buds as in the episode of her youth at Saint Paul, are in full bloom, here’s the passage:

“Every time that instant would come back to my mind, it was always more vivid. In the attempt to mitigate this tension, I go out in the large terrace. The Avon river flows slowly, plunged in the afternoon light of the early spring. From the water a cool wind soothes the tension of my agitated thoughts. I fill my chest with the sweet fragrance of the daffodils, coming from the garden.
They are in full bloom, and I owe to them those golden reflexes that seemed to filter through the trees. (BEGINNING OF PART 2 VOL 1)”

Now, couldn’t those small flowers rapresent her love who was just in bud at Saint Paul and has become a full bloomed relationship with the very same man?
It is my drawing dear Lisa, thank you for your appreciation!
26 Nov 2014 - 8:39
My birthday? 10th of January!
26 Nov 2014 - 8:37
when is your birthday? No need to know your age, but your birthday...
26 Nov 2014 - 0:31
I like your "personal photo"! Did you draw it? :)
24 Nov 2014 - 16:48


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