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7 May 2018

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20 Dec 2017


A few Christmases ago, one of my internet babies asked me to write a story based on the movie “Serendipity”. Better late than never. This is for you baby. Enjoy!

Chapter 1
“A happy meeting”

Terrence Grandchester was young British business man living in New York. It was the holiday season, in fact, five days before Christmas. It was snowing on New York City; the stores were open late and shopping malls were full of people. He was alone without his driver who had dropped him off earlier. He was waiting for him to call him so he could come and pick him up. He found himself in front of Bloomingdale’s the big and famous department store, which was packed. People were doing their last minutes Christmas shopping. He went to where they were selling gloves and scarves…

A young blond woman with freckles on her nose and big green eyes. She was in New York for a few days, she wanted to buy a pair of gloves in cashmere as a souvenir from her visit to New York… She had to leave for Chicago the next morning to get back to her perfectly planned life. For her everything happened for a reason in life: everything was predestined… So she got into the famous Bloomingdale’s big department store and she went to the gloves and scarves sections for winter accessories. She looked around and she saw gloves of different colors , she wanted some black ones and there was none. She saw an employee arrive with a pair of black gloves in cashmere. She ran so she wouldn’t. She got in front of the counter and she reached out to take the pair of black cashmere gloves… She took it and she turned around to leave…

Terrence wanted a pair of black gloves for his girlfriend, he was disappointed at first because there wasn’t any black one, but he saw the employee arriving with a pair of black glove. He rushed so he wouldn’t miss it, he got to the counter, reached out with his hand to take the last pair of gloves, he turned around to what to the till…

They both did two steps and something pulled them back. They turned around at the same time. They looked at each other… and there was a thunderbolt that our protagonists didn’t hear.

- I’m sorry, said Terrence.

- I’m sorry, said the young woman.

- You can have it, said Terrence.

- No, you go ahead, said the young woman.

- Let’s go ask if they have another one, said Terrence looking.

There was an employee behind the counter. He talked to her.

- Excuse-me, Miss, excuse-me, do you have another pair of black gloves?

The employee, very busy during the holidays, answered without even raising her head:

- Everything we have is on the counter…

- You don’t have anymore in stock? Asked the young woman.

- No…

- Or in the basement? Asked Terrence

- No, said the employee turning around to look at him and we don’t have any in the attic either, she added while leaving.

Terrence and the young woman looked at each other.

- You can have them, he said, I don’t really need them

- O, you saw them before me, said the young woman, take them

- I insist, said Terrence, wait, I’m going to put them back, there.

He put the pair of gloves back on the hook…

- Take them now, he told the young girl

But an older man arrived to take them…

- No, excuse-me sir, this pair of gloves is ours, said Terrence showing the young woman

- These are your gloves? Really? But they were on the hook, sleeping with the other, with their price tag on…

- We were discussing who was going to buy them…

- Well, I’ve got news for you, said the old man, you can go discuss it outside while I go and pay for them!

- Calm down, sir, said Terrence, calm down…

- You want me to calm down? It’s 5 days before Christmas and I’m in a big department store in New York and he’s asking me to calm down! Said the old man to the young woman.

- You see, said Terrence, these gloves are destined to be a very beautiful present for someone very special.

- Yes, very important, said the young woman, we thought about it a lot…

- Really? Said the old man, who are they for?

- My boyfriend, said the young woman.

- My girlfriend, said Terrence.

They had both talked at the same time. The old man looked at them one at the both of them, one at the time…

- His girlfriend, said the young girl pointing at Terrence.

- Her boyfriend, said Terrence showing her.

- A pair of gloves for two people? Said the old man

- It’s difficult to explain, said Terrence…

- Go ahead, said the old man, I’m listening…

- Oh, said the young woman, at this moment, he’s my boyfriend…

- But in 18 months…, continued Terrence.

- After the surgery, said the young woman without conviction

- He will be…, said Terrence.

- She will be…, said the young woman.

- My girlfriend! Did you get it? It doesn’t make much sense, doesn’t it?

- No, said the old man giving him the pair of gloves. Merry Christmas anyway!

- Thank you very much, said Terry.

He left.

- Now you take them, you deserve them, said Terrence giving her the gloves.

- It was a team worlk, said the young woman smiling

- Yes, indeed…

- I don’t know how to thank you.

She went to pay for thegloves and they both got out of the store together.

- You want to have a cup of coffee with me? Asked Terrence

- All right, she said smiling

They went together to a small pub not too far named “Serendipity”. They sat down at a table and they order iced coffee together. They were talking.

- I don’t know if what you said to that man made sense.

- Well, it scared him and he left… I’m going to pay the bill and I insist, said the young woman, that’s the least I could do.

- Thank you, said Terrence, but now, I have to buy another present for my girlfriend.

- Oh, it was for your girlfriend, said the young woman faking a bad mood, then I can’t accept them…

- Yes, you’re going to accept them, otherwise, you’re not going to pay for the bill!

She burst out laughing.

- This is a very good iced coffee! How did you know about this place? Asked Terrence.

- It’s because of the name “Serendipity”, I like that world…

- Why?

- I don’t know, I like the meaning, like our meeting… except I don’t believe in chance, everything is planned, predestined, it’s destiny.

- You think so?

- Yes…

- Everything is predestined, we don’t have any choice at all?

- I think we make our own decisions and that destiny gives us little signs which allow us to make choices that determined if we’re happy or not.

- Little signs? Said Terrence smiling.

- Yes, said the young woman smiling back at him.

- Happy accidents, happy discoveries, like Christopher Columbus and America

- I don’t think native Americans would agree with you…

- I suppose not… true.

- Fleming who discovers…

- … penicillin…, the said at the same time.

- Fleming was his name? Asked Terrence

- Yes, she said laughing.

- Or Terrence and the gloves…

- I don’t know that story,said the young woman

- You don’t know that story? It’s a classic story, a popular folkloric legend. Our hero Terrence go to look for a pair of black gloves and by a perfect and unexpected act, serendipidy, he meets a very beautiful and attractive woman who has a boyfriend… you have a boyfriend, don’t you?

- Yes…

- I thought so…

- What about you? The gloves for the lady?

- Yes…

- It was the right moment…

They finished their iced coffee and got out of the pub.

- I hope you’re going to enjoy the gloves you’ve bought.

- Yes, in general, I enjoy what I buy for myself… What do you want for Christmas?

- Golf clubs.

- Oh…

- So, you’re going to go back to your boyfriend now or what?

- No, I think he’s doing what you’re doing…

- Really? He’s having the hots for someone else’s girlfriend?

The young woman had a little laugh.

- No, I’m sorry. I really spent a nice time with you…

She wanted to stop a cab, but she stopped.

- Maybe you should give me your phone number, just in case…

- Just in case of what? Asked the young woman.

- You know, don’t you? In case life… I just spent a great time and I won’t be able to see you again. It’s just not the right moment right now.

They continued walking while talking and they got in front of a yellow cab from New York, that was parked. The young woman wanted to take it. She turned to Terrence.

- Well, if we’re destined to meet again, then we’re going to meet again. It’s simply not the right moment, now.

- Maybe we should meet on GMT time, we’re 5 hours too soon.

The young woman laughed.

- Come on, I don’t even know your name. My name is Terrence. Does that makes you want to say something to me? He said looking at her with eyes full of hope.

The young woman looked at him.

- Yes, she said smiling.

She pulled herself on the tips of her toes and kissed him on the cheek.

- Merry Christmas, she said lasting longer than she planned.

She turned around to open the cab door to get in and she told him:

- And thank you again.

She closed the door and the cab left. He stayed there looking at her go.

“That’s it? “ He asked himself.

He really had lost his touch! How could he not get her phone number of this young woman? Instead of crying on himself, he biped his driver and he walked to the front of the store to wait for him. When he got to his car, he realised that the forgot his scarf at the pub…

- You go ahead Milton, he told his driver, I’ll come back on my own.

- Are you sure, sir?

- Yes, I need some fresh air.

- All right. Good night sir.

- Good night Milton.

So he went back to the pub, “Serendipity” and he went to ask if the hadn’t find a scarf.

- They didn’t bring me anything, said the employee.

- I’m going to go see upstairs, that’s where we were sitting.

- All right…

Terrence went up the stairs and he got to the place where he was sitting earlier with the young woman.


The young woman was in the cab going back home when…

- Darn! I forgot the gloves! Can you stop please, I have to get off, I’m sorry.

The cab stopped, she paid and got out of the car. She went back to pub “Serendipity”. She went to the counter at the til to ask the question.

- Did you find a little back with a pair of black cashmere gloves?

- No…

- Can I go look upstairs? That’s where I was sitting…

- Yes, of course…

So the young woman went upstairs and she found the little brown bag from Bloomingdale’s. She also saw a black scarf…

“Terrence forgot his scarf… Is it a sign? If it’s a sign, he will also come and look for h is scarf…” She said to herself.

She took the scarf smiling at what she was thinking.

She heard footsteps and she turned around…. He was there… He was so handsome! He looked at her surprised and she smiled showing him the scarf. He approached her and smiling he said:

- Hi, he said.

- Hi, she said.

She put the scarf around his neck, he had leaned, since he was taller than her.

- Thank you, he said.

- You’re welcome…

- Let’s go do something…

- All right, what do you want to do?

- I don’t care…

- All right, she said, come with me.

She took him by the hand and took her to the ice rink, which was not too far. They rented skates and they went on the ice. They started ice skating while talking.

- So, what are you doing in America? She asked.

- My mother is American…

- Are you visiting your mother?

- No, I live here, but yes,it was to be closer to my mother…

- It’s good to have a family and to stay near it…

- You still won’t tell me your name… Can you answer a few questions?

- Of course…

- Your favourite colour?

- Red…

- Your favourite flower?

- The white rose…

- Of course, a flower with horns…

- Life is tough buddy! She said smiling

- Your favourite movie?

- “Love affair”

- Your turn…

- What’s your favourite movie?

- “The Hustler”…

- Your favourite moment in New York?

- The present moment is rising really high…

- I’m flattered. “The moment chosen by chance is better than the chosen moment” she said

- An Asian citation on chance?

- This whole evening is due to chance, isn’t it?

- As a matter of fact. Do you have other questions for me? I’m ready to answer all the questions…

- Really? All the questions?

- Yes, I’m not like you! Go ahead! Ask your questions…

They were still skaing; there was not a lot of people. She was skating backwards on the side when she said:

- All right, what’s your favourite sexual position? She dared

He looked at her like he wanted her to be serious. The young woman tripped on something and she fell on the ice falling and lying down. She screamed. He approached her to help her get up.

- All right, it’s also my favourite position too, he said smiling, are you all right? Did you hurt yourself?

- My arm is hurting a little.

- Let me see…

She pulled up her sweater, to her elbow.

- Everything is fine, nothing broken, he said

He looked at her face. The light from the lamp wasn’t very bright…

- Why are you looking at me like that? She asked.

- You have freckles on your nose; he said softly, it’s beautiful.

- They say English girls have lots of freckles… is that why you like mine?

They got out of the ice rank to sit on the bench.

- You’re not English… you have a few freckles on your arm too…

- You like it? Yet they say it’s not a sign of beauty…

- They’re not just freckles. If you look closer, you’ll see Cassiopeia.

- What?

- You don’t know? I’m going to tell you about it…

He started tracing lines with his finger on the skin of her arm.

- A very long time ago, there was an Ethiopan queen name Cassiopeia. She was the most beautiful woman in the world and she was very conceited. Everybody had had enough of her vainness. One day she offended the Gods by doing I don’t know what, I don’t remember, but she went too far…

The young woman had a little laugh.

- So she was punished by the gods to be hanging in the sky sitting on her throne, upside down for eternity. She was stuck for eternity upside down, incapable of swallowing without her throat hurting… Now she’s just a constellation in the sky. So your freckles make the shape of her throne are Cassiopeia’s constellation who had made a grave error.

- And she paid for eternity…

- Exactly, he said softly.

They looked at each other tenderly. It was snowing… he looked at her and kissed her arm where she had hurt herself. They gave the skates back and left the ice rink.

- You’re going to give me your name and phone number now?

- All right, she finally said.

She looked in her purse and she found a piece of paper and a pen. He turned around so she could use him as a support. She wrote her name and her phone number.

- I can’t believe what I’m doing, she said.

- Write clearly, please, said Terrence and let destiny follow its course…

He turned around when she was done. She smiled with her little piece of paper. He was waiting impatiently. She was about to give him the piece of paper when a big truck passed really fast making the piece of paper fly and all the papers that were on the ground flying with it, from where they were standing.

- No! Said Terrence.

There was a little tornado and the little piece of paper got mixed with all the other papers.

- That was an accident! Write it again!

- I can’t! It’s a sign! Said the young woman, destiny is telling us back off.

They started walking while talking.

- If destiny didn’t want us to be together, so why did we meet tonight? I got you there, right?

- Well, I don’t know, but it’s not an exact science, it’s a feeling.

- What if you’re wrong? What if we separate without anything, not address or phone number, you think that destiny is going to show up at my door one morning and give me your information?

She looked at him and thought.

- You know what? That’s the best idea you’ve had all evening…

- What? What’s the good idea?

She looked in her purse and she got a 5 dollar note. She gave him a pen.

- Take this and write your name and phone number…

- On the 5 $ note?

- Yes, do it please…

There was Santa Claus statue where they standing and he used it to write his name and phone number.

- You’re a very strange and interesting young woman, he said while he was writing.

He gave her the 5$ note. She took it and ran on the other side of the street to buy some mint candies at a stand. She used the 5$ note with Terrence’s phone number. The latter as looking at her surprised. He followed her on the other side of the street.

- Hey! What are you doing?

- If this 5$ bill comes back in my hands and I see your phone number and I call you, you’ll believe destiny at that moment right?

- What about me?

- What do you mean?

- If we’re sending something in the universe with my name and phone number, we have to do the same thing with you too, right?

- You’re right, it has to be fair. Wait… what do I have in my bag?

She took a book out, “Romeo and Juliet by Shakespeare”.

- Romeo and Juliette? Said Terrence.

- I’m going to put my name and number inside of this book and tomorrow morning, I’m going to drop it at store that sells used books.

- Which one?

- …

- You’re not going to tell me?

- That way, every time you’ll see a store that sells used books, you’ll go in and look for my book…

- All of this makes no sense. I’m not spending an excellent evening with a stranger to let chance manipulate us…

The young woman stopped and looked at him. They were in front of the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel. She had to try something else.

- Come with me, she said taking his hand.

She took him inside the hotel.

- We’re going to get a room? Let’s do it!... I’m kidding! But I want to get to know you…

She took him running to the elevators of the hotel. There were some on both sided of the hallway.

- Where are we going? Asked Terrence.

She called the elevator on the right side, Then she went on the other side and called the elevator… he followed her.

- No, stay over there! Don’t make me come on your side…

- All right…

- When the elevator arrived, we’re going to take it. If we chose the same floor, it would mean that we’re destined to be together now.

- You’re crazy…, he said discouraged.

The elevators arrived. She got in and she said:

- Get in…

He complied.

- Take a deep breath and when the doors close, press on a floor number.

- I don’t understand all this…

- You don’t need to understand, you have to have faith…

- Faith in what?

- Destiny…

Then she took the little bag with the black gloves and threw it at him. He caught it.

- Hey, she said looking at him

He looked at her.

- It’s Candy… My name is Candy.

And the door closed on both sides. Candy pressed on the number 23. And she prayed he would chose the same floor number.

Terrence in the elevator, looked at the numbers… what should he choose? He didn’t have all night… he approached his hand to the numbers, backed off and finally pressed on the number 23. He looked in the little bab and he saw that there was only one glove…

Candy in her elevator, took the other glove out of her pocket…she looked at the number going up.

Terry in his elevator saw the elevator stop at number 14… the doors opened and a man and little boy dressed as the devil came in.

- Here’s the elevator, said his father, get in.

Terry looked at them stunned, the devil had just ruined his plans.

- I’m going up, said Terry.

- It’s ok, John likes to ride in elevators.

The little devil in the elevator started screaming and he pressed on at least a dozen elevator floor numbers…

- Don’t do that! Yelled Terrence.

- Hey stop screaming at him, he’s just a child…

Terrence shook his head and the little devil screaming moving his fork. He didn’t say anything else…

Candy on her side had arrived to the 23rd floor and she got out, full of hope… She walked to the other side to wait for Terrence.

Terry’s elevator broke down and it was stuck for a few moments between the 15 and 16th floor.

- Looks like we’re stopped, said the father

- SSSSS, said the little devil.

Terrence wanted to die! The elevator wasn’t moving…

- I have to meet a girl, he finally said, if we choose the same floor…

- Oh, said the father.

- But since your son pressed on all those buttons… I have to check every floor because he elevator is going to stop and open its doors anyway…

- We’re not in a hurry, said the father, we have all our time…

The elevator finally got to the 16th floor. The doors opene and Terrence got out to check…

- Is she there? Asked the little boy.

- No, said Terrence, let’s go!

The went back inside the elevator.

- Let’s go John, said the father to the little boy.

The latter put his fork between the doors which opened again, slowing the rising more…

Candy on the 23rd floor was sitting on the floor still waiting, in vain.

Terrence, in the meantime, with all the stops had other people coming inside the elevator who would get out on every floor with him to check if Candy was there. There was a lady with a dog and two other couples…

Candy discouraged and tired of waiting, call the elevator and she went back downstairs to leave.

Terrence arrived when Candy’s elevator doors had just closed. He was alone… he didn’t see her. He took the elevator back down to follow her. He got there but he didn’t see her.

Candy got out of the hotel and she stopped a cab and went back home.

Terry got out too late to see her, he thought he saw her, he stopped several walking blond women who had the same coat colour as Candy’s but it wasn’t her… He thought he was going to go crazy! He couldn’t have just lost her just like that! He was discouraged and he want back home, very very sad…

And time passed…
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16 Nov 2017

The Letters to Juliet

Chapter 1
"A ghost from the past"

Candice Blanche Andrew was a student at the University of Chicago. She took a sabbatical and she had gone backpacking through Europe after finishing high school, but she had stayed longer, because of her heartbreak… Her parents had let her, knowing she needed time to get over her heartbreak… Now she was back home and she had to finish school and eventually get a job and provide for herself and live alone. She was outside the university sitting on a bench, when one of her friend arrived breathless.

- Candy! Oh here you are! Finally!

- What’s going on Annie? Asked Candy

Annie Jones was her roommate in an apartment downtown. She was blond like her, but her hair was strait and Candy’s were wavy.

- You have to come quickly! There’s a guy looking for you!

- A guy?

- Yes, he’s very handsome!!!!

- Annie… he asked for me? It’s not one of my cousins?

- I know your cousins for seeing them in pictures, no, it’s not one of your cousins!!! He like like those guys in romance novels you read…

- Really? Said Candy , you’re sure he was real? You’re not hallucinating?

- Candy, stop it! He insisted a lot to see you...I did tell him that I didn’t know where you were exactly. But he said he was going to wait for you. That he waited 7 years for you, so a few moments more…

- A guy you said?

- Yes, I should say a man, very tall, very handsome with bleu-green eyes. The most spectacular male specimen that had ever crossed the door step of this building…

Candy burst out laughing. Annie had the habit of exaggerating things.

- Are you done saying nonsense?

- I’m serious Candy… I swear to you, it’s a sure heart attack, very tall, very blond and blue-green eyes, I’ve never seen a guy so hot!!! He looks like those guy on the big billboards posters…

- Stop it! Why would a guy like that want to see me?

- I don’t know, but you go and see him, quickly

- You think he’s a student?

- He looks more like a teacher… he looks serious, older than a student, he looks more like a “man”…

- Maybe he’s a new teacher… did he say what he wanted?

- He wants you! That’s what he wants! Come on, go! He said he waited 7 years…

- 7 years ago, I was 16…

Candy took her stuff and she started walking to go see who was looking for her. She got to the office and she looked through the little window on the door. Her heart skipped beat. Sitting on an armchair, was Terrence Grandchester III, in the flesh. What was he doing there? He seemed at his ease and very relaxed, like he was sitting in his own living room, as handsome as ever. He was wearing a jean and blue-green polo the same colour has her eyes... His head was leaning forward, reading a magazine. Candy remembered how much she like drowning in his ocean coloured eyes… she remembered like it was yesterday, those beautiful eyes looking at her full of love and his lips making a beautiful smile just before he kissed her… She tried chasing those memories form her head, but it was practically impossible. She looked at him with a little more attention. His hair was still a little long like back in the days and still very thick and a little wavy. He was still so handsome!

He had always been that handsome… she remembered their first meeting like it was yesterday. He had came back from a party with her brother Anthony where they had drank more then they should’ve had. She was 12 years old and she wanted to see her big brother’s famous boyfriend he talked about so much. She had slipped in the guest room in silence which was in the dark. The curtains were closed preventing the sun from coming through the windows. She wanted to see the famous boy, who shared her brother’s room and who had a very long name with a number. He was lying on the bed with his arms on the top of his head. His long legs were going over the cover and she could see he was shirtless.

His name was Terrence G, Grandchester III. She remembered her brother Anthony had told them about his back to school and his friend with a very long name that ended with a number. He has even said, the had royal blood somewhere… According to Anthony, Terrence was from the British nobility and he had a red sport car… Her favourite colour… Candy looked at him and she saw he had lots of muscles. Anthony has muscles too, but she had never looked at him like that! And he had more muscles than Anthony, well at least it seemed like that to her. She looked at his hair, all over the place around his beautiful sleeping face. She had never seen such a handsome man aside from television or in the movies. She was out of breath. His face was perfect shape, his eyebrows were beautiful curved chestnut brown and his eyelashes were straight on his beautiful golden cheeks, his were not too thin nor too thick with a charming form. If only she could’ve seen the colour of his eyes. And why not the color of his underwear, while she was at it! She almost burst out laughing and she put her hand on her mouth and took some steps back, before she gave in to temptation and look under the cover. What if he’s naked? No, she was crazy! She had to stop that nonsense. So she took some steps backwards.
She had gone to the guestroom, not only to look at her brother’s handsome friend, but to take something from the closet. She opened the closet in silence so she wouldn’t wake up the handsome guy. She realised that her mother had put her geology material on the top of the closet. So she took an armchair to climb and reach the top of the closet. She got on the armchair, only she lost her balance and fell, making a loud noise which woke up the handsome guest.

- Are you all right? He asked

Terrence G Grandchester was dominating her with his height. He boxer was red and aside from that, her chest was naked with muscles. Candy was melting, he talked to her!

- Did you hurt your self? He asked with his beautiful voice with the British accent.

He gave her his hand to help her get back on her feet.

- I’ll survive, she said standing up

He went to sit on the bed and drank a glass of water which was on the night table.

- That can’t be very good, she said

- I’m thirsty, he said, what time is it?

- 9 o’clock.

She looked at him with fascinating eyes.

- I’m Candice Blanche Andrew. They call me Candy.

- Please to meet you, he said giving her his hand, I’m Terry, Anthony’s friend.

And she said:

- Terrence G.Grandchester III, I know.

“Blue-green, his eyes are blue-green” She noticed.

- It’s Christmas in October, she said smiling

He understood she was talking about his weird face.

- Is it that horrible?

- Dreadful! She said smiling

He burst out laughing and she was able to see his white teeth.

- I’m sorry for waking you up, she said, I was trying to get my bag on the upper shelf.

- Don’t tell me I’m in your room…

- No, but I use this closet, because mine is full… what does the “G” stands for? She asked

He was a little lost…

- The what?

- The “G” in your name…

- Oh… Graham…

- It’s not all that…

- That’s why I use “G”, it makes the name less long…

- Terrence G, Grandchester the third is les long than Terrence Graham Grandchester the third? She said stunned, you really have to use “the third”? Sound pompous…

- If you ask me, “Grandchester” sounds too pompous

- You father is the second?

- Yes…

- Shouldn’t that make you a “Junior” or something?

- I’d rather be called “Terry”…

- Then I will call you Terry…

- All right, he said showing his white teeth

Then he said:

- If I give you your bag, you promise you’ll let me go back to sleep?

She looked at him mischievously.

- If you take me for a ride in your sport car, it’s a deal.

He looked at her smiling. She had two pigtails, green eyes and freckles on her nose. She was so beautiful… but what was he thinking? She was a kid…

Candy was wondering if she had something on her nose, she rubbed it.

- What are you looking at?

- Your freckles… you’ve got a lot of them.

- In fact, I collect them, she said smiling.

He had stood up to take the bag she had come for.

- This bag is heavy, what do you got in there? Rocks?

- As a matter of fact, I collect pebbles too.

He gave her the bag.

- Pebbles, freckles, you’re a real collector! Here you go…

- Thank you …

- I shouldn’t be talking to you with my boxes like that…

- I’ve seen Anthony with boxers hundreds of time…

- Anthony is your brother… I’m not.

[i]“Oh yes, thank God you’re not my brother. It would’ve been a pity, you’re way too hot!!!!” She said to herself.

- And I doubt your father would approve, even ifyou have a very pretty nose with your freckles, Miss Freckles…

- My name is Candy…

- That’s what I said, Miss Freckles!

- You’re impossible!! She said taking her bag to leave…

- You’re going to show me your rock collection?

- If you wish, after the ride in your car… Terrence Graham Grandchester the third, I think you’re very cool. You’re not a looser and I’m happy you’re my brother’s friend, And Ilike you a lot.

She opened the door and left with her bag. She heard behind the door:

- I like you took, Miss Freckles. And I’m lucky to be crashing a my friends who has a sister as cool as you. We’re going to for a ride in my car later![/i]

Candy came back to reality. She was still looking at Terry

- So, said Annie, who had come near her, do you know him?

- Yes…

- Who is it?

Good question. The man of her dreams? The love of her life? The man who broke her heart into a million pieces?

- He’s my brother’s university friend, she finally said

She turned around and told Annie:

- Tell him I’m not available…

- Come on Candy, since you’re here!

- Please Annie…

- Candy, listen to me. I talked to her earlier. Only for five minutes, but it was enough for me to know that he’s not a looser. If I tell him tattle tales, he’s going to know that you found out he wa here and you left running.

Candy listened to her speechless and Annie continued:

- A man like him always s has the same reaction when his pray runs, he follows! So if for a reason I can’t explain you want to get rid of him, if you don’t want him to follow you everywhere… and frankly, I can tell you that would adore that… You better take a deep breath and open the door and go talk to him!

Annie was absolutely right. Candy took a deep breath and she opened the door and got in the room.
20 Aug 2017
A Providential Accident

What if the spotlight had really fallen on Terry?

Chapter 1
“I will come if you call”

Terrence Grandchester was realizing his dream. He had gotten the role of Romeo in “Romeo and Juliet” by William Shakespeare. He had just sent the invitation for candy with a one way ticket. He will be able to spend some time with her. He was wondering why he didn’t go to see her earlier… he could’ve done it, but he had said to himself, making her come to see him for the premiere of Romeo and Juliet and the sure success he was going to get, he’ll be able to take good care of her. Candy, that’s all he had in his mind, he was only thinking about her. But there was a dark cloud on his happiness… Susanna Marlowe… She had declared her flame to him and he was feeling uneasy in her presence… and he has also learned that she had sent Candy away when she came to look for him at the hotel in Chicago, when they went there on tour… What right did she have to do something like that? He should’ve gotten angry with her, but he was honest with her and she had run away saying she wouldn’t let anybody else have him… But who did she think she was? He loved Candy and he was going to be with Candy and Susanna Marlowe had nothing to do with his destiny… To each their destiny is his destiny was to be with Susanna Marlowe, he wouldn’t have been in love with her and not with Candy…

It was with great joy that he went to the rehearsal that day. He went to change and arrived on stage. There were technicians working on spotlights… Terry met Susanna’s eyes and he saw all the love she had for him. He looked away.

The rehearsal started and the ball scene when Romeo was looking at Juliet from afar… Terry was looking at Susanna but he was seeing Candy, his Juliet from the May festival. He started reciting the role, he was happy, he was passionate, imagining Candy instead of Susanna, had just made him ten times more talented. Candy was his muse, she was his inspiration, she was the reason he living, without her, life would be nothing to him… He had left college so she could stay in school, wishing her good luck and praying for her happiness. But after seeing her again in Chicago, she was running in the field and she was so beautiful in white, it was the most beautiful image he had ever seen… He understood that he had been living for her, so that she’s proud of him, so that he could take care of her, so they can spend the rest of their lives together…

He was so absorbed, that he didn’t pay attention when a noise was heard, a rope got loose and a big spotlight fell on stage when Terry was standing… Susanna saw it too late what was going to happen and she wasn’t fast enough… and she screamed:


But it was too late… Terry was on the floor, bleeding; he was hurt at the head and he was bleeding abundantly.

- Quick! We have to take him to the hospital! Call an ambulance! Yelled Susanna

She ran to Terry and took his head and started caressing it.

- Everything is going to be fine, my love, you’re going to be all right, oh Terry, please, don’t leave me, I’m here, my darling… Where’s that ambulance!????


At the same moment, Candy, who was having tea with Karen Kleis in Florida, felt bad, all of a sudden…

“Candy!” She heard

“Terry!” she said to herself, what’s going on?”

She felt that something was wrong with the man she loved… On top of the insinuations Karen said on Terry and Susanna, she hated it.

- Karen, I don’t feel very, said Candy, I’m going to go to my room, is that’s ok with you…

- Of course! But you’ll see that I’m right! Terrence and Susanna are going to end up together

Candy pretended like she didn’t hear and she went to her room. She went to sit on her bed.

- Oh Terry, what’s going on and why am I feeling so bad? Just like that night I woke up calling your name, like I had heard your voice calling me… just like earlier… I have to go to New York to see you…

She kneeled to pray God.

- Please Lord; please protect Terry in everything he’s going at this moment. Forgive his sins, Lord Jesus and deliver him from evil…

She prayed for Terry for a long time, crying. She had a sleepless night thinking about Terry, praying and crying. At dawn, she got out of the villa and she went walking by the beach, looking at the sun rise.

“How beautiful! The sun rises on the good and the evil without discrimination… a new day arises that God had done, a new day; I have to go see Terry… I have a bad feeling, I feel like he’s in trouble.”

She looked at the sun change colours, rising in the sky illuminating the world like a big lamp.

“It’s a beautiful here, not like in Chicago or New York… I hope you’re fine, I have to talk to Professor Kleis… to tell him that I have to go back to Chicago today…”

Candy went back to the villa and she met Professor Kleis who was going to have breakfast.

- Good morning Candy

- Good morning, Professor Kleis, how are you this morning?

- I’m fine, thank you what about yourself?

- I’m fine. I would like, if it’s possible leave for Chicago today…

- You don’t want to stay longer and keep Karen company?

- No, unfortunately, I have other engagements. I’m leaving and I have to go see a very dear friend…

- Very well, I’m not going to hold you any longer…

- I’m going to take the first train for Chicago…

- So, hurry up and eat so you can leave, otherwise you’re going to miss your train…

Candy who wanted to leave right away to avoid Karen and her conversation about Susanna, she hate quickly to get to the train station as fast as possible.

Fortunately for her Karen was sleeping in and didn’t get out of her room until noon…

Candy was ready to go.

- Good bye Professor Kleis

- Good bye Candy, give this to Professor Leonard for me.

- All right. Good bye…

- Have a safe trip!

- Thank you!

Professor Kleis had ordered his driver to take Candy to the train station. Candy was eager to get to Chicago, so she could go to New York as soon as possible… Her dream kept haunting her…


Meanwhile in New York, at St. Jacob hospital, Terry was in a critical condition. He had spent the night, which was a very good sign. Susanna had spent the night by his side and the doctor were talking to Susanna and consulting her for the best treatment to give Terry.

- Miss Marlowe, according to the x-ray there’s no fracture of the skull, but the blow he got on his head was very severe and he still hasn’t regained consciousness… and if he remains unconscious longer….

- He’s going to be all right! Don’t be pessimistic! He’s going to be all right, you hear me?

- Yes, miss Marlowe

The doctor left, he didn’t want to hear the tantrum of this crazed woman who had been bullying them since she had arrived in the hospital. Didn’t Terrence Grandchester have a direct family member, than this fiancée who was pushing them around?


Robert Hathaway has left a message for Eleonor Baker to tell her that her son had had an accident. She had just come back from a long day of rehearsal, and she didn’t read the messages that night, feeling very tired, she ate a light meal and she went directly to bed.

She spent an agitated night full of diverse nightmares … She woke up with a sudden need to see her son…

“Terry! Oh my God! I have to see my son…! She said jumping out of bed; I have a very bad feeling after those horrible nightmares

She went to take a shower, she got dressed and she went to see Terry. When she arrived downstairs she saw the mail on a little table and all the messages she had received the night before. She saw Robert Hathaway’s message who was asking her to go to St. Jacob’s Hospital as fast as possible… Colours were drained from her face!

“Terry!” Said holding putting her hand on her heart.

She didn’t even thought about having breakfast, she put her beautiful white coat and she ordered her driver to take her to St. Jacob’s Hospital right away…


During her trip to Chicago, Candy was on hot coals. When she closed her eyes…

When she arrived in Chicago, she was still not feeling better… The feeling that Terry needed her was still there. She went directly to the hospital to see Professor Leonard to give him the papers Professor Kleis had given her for him.

- You did a good job, Miss Andrew; you’re now officially on vacations…

- Thank you very much Professor Leonard. Good bye.

- Good bye Miss Andrew, enjoy your vacations

- Thankyou

Candy stood up and left Professor Leonard’s office. She went to her apartment and she found Albert. He turned around to see who had just come in.

- Hello Mr. Albert, said Candy

- Candy! You’re back… you have a sad face

- I have a bad feeling about Terry…

- Well look at the table, there’s a surprise for you.

Candy approached the table, she found the mail and she saw a letter from Terry. She took it with shaking h and, her heart was jumping of joy.

- I’m going to go read it in my room, thank you Mr. Albert!

Candy went in her bedroom and she opened Terry’s letter, there was also an invitation for the premiere of “Romeo and Juliet” in Broadway, a one way train ticket for New York.

Dear Candy,

Maybe it’s a lot to ask, but if Albert is feeling better, would you be able to leave him alone for a little while? I really would like to see little Juliet from St. Paul Royal college…

Candy should’ve been happy, but something was wrong, she was sure of it. She had a bad feeling and she had to see Terry right away. She decided to go to New York right away. She came out of the room and she announced it to Albert.

- Mr. Albert, I’m leaving for New York…

- What? Now?

- Yes… Terry sent me a one way ticket…so I’m going to go right away, my suite case is packed and…

- Candy, what’s going on? Did Terry have bad news?

- No, but I have a bad feeling… that something is going on…

- You’re not still worried about his colleague Susanna Marlowe are you?

When she heard the name of the girl she considered as her rival at one point, Candy’s heart sank and she was more eager to see Terry…

- No, said Candy, but I’ll feel better when I get to New York and make sure Terry is alright.

- Candy? What if I come with you?

- What? But…

- You’re troubled; I can’t let you go to New York alone in that state. I’m going to look after you…

Candy looked at him and she thought about it for a minute. Having Albert’s support during the trip would be a good thing.

- All right Mr. Albert, I’ll need your support if need be… Thank you.

- You’re welcome. I’m going to go pack my stuff…

- I’m going to go say goodbye to my friends

- All right…

Candy put her coat on and she left the apartment to go see her friends. She was in town when she saw her gang in Alistair’s car.

- Candy! Said Annie

- Hi gang! Said Candy smiling

- Where are you going like that? Asked Archie

- In fact, I was looking for you…

- Well, here we are! Said Alistair smiling

- Why were you looking for us Candy? Asked Patricia

- Because I’m going to New York later on and I wanted to say good bye…

- Oh, said Annie, what about Mr. Albert?

- He’s coming with me…

- Ah, that’s good, the change is going to be good for the both of you, said Archie

- Yes, indeed, said Candy

- Good luck Candy, said Annie

- Come back to us fast, said Archie

- No, said Alistair, take advantage of your time with Terry

- Yes, said Patricia, have fun…

- Thank you, said Candy smiling

And she hugged them one by one and she went back to her place to get Albert to go to the train station.

The gang met Neil, Eliza and their mother.

- Hello cousins, said Eliza, where is that little orphan going like that?

- That’s none of your business, said Archie

- Well, next time you see her, tell her that we’re going to New York to see Terrence at Broadway for the premiere of “Romeo as Juliet”!

- Candy doesn’t care, said Alistair

- Yes, she does! Said Eliza, Terrence is going to be mine after the show! You’ll see!

She put her nose up and she left with her mother and her brother.

Alistair looked at her go. He was thinking about Candy, he has read the sadness in her eyes. He even had plans in his mind, he wanted to go to war, but something in Candy’s eyes had made him sad and he wanted to try to help her. Archibald looked at his brother.

- You’re thinking about something…what is it?

- Did you notice that Candy was sad?

- Yes, so what? Asked Archie

- Candy is going to see Terry, she should’ve been jumping of joy but she was sad as hell…

- That’s true, said Patricia, Candy should’ve singing of joy, because she’s finally going to see Terry… but she was king of gloomy…

- That’s true, said Archie, what do you want to do?

- I have an idea, said Alistair, what if we all go to New York for the premiere?

- We don’t have tickets…

- With our name, we’ll manage to get tickets without a problem, said Alistair

- Oh yes! Said Annie, let’s go see Terry on stage for the premiere of his big break; he’s our friend, isn’t he? And we could be with Candy too!

- Yes, that would be good! Said Patricia

- All right , said Archie, we’re going to make the arrangements for the trip

- I’m going to inform my parents, said Annie

- And we’re going to inform the great aunt! She’s not going to be happy! Said Alistair

So Candy’s friends were also going to New York…

Candy and Albert were at the train station waiting for the train for New York. Candy had sent a telegram to Terry to let him know she was on her way.


Eleonor Baker went to send a telegram to Terry’s father to tell him that his son had had a terrible accident. Then she went to the hospital to find Susanna Marlowe had taken charge of everything, like Terry was alone in the world, without any family. In fact, aside from Robert Hathaway, nobody knew that Terry was her son… She didn’t like Susanna much, since the first time she saw her. Eleonor walked to the doctor to ask him news about Terry. Susanna was not happy.

- Who are you? She asked

- I’m Eleonor Baker…

- Oh… you want news of your little protégé? Said Susanna dryly

- Terry is my son, Miss Marlowe!

- What?

- Yes! And how dare you take every decision concerning him?

- Because I’m his fiancée, said Susanna, Terrence and I are going to get married, ma’am

- Really? He hasn’t told me anything about that…

- He was probably waiting for the night of the premiere to tell you, said Susanna who has answers to every questions

Eleonor looked at Susanna and she turned to the doctor.

- Doctor, can we talk in your office?

- Of course Miss Baker, said the doctor, follow me

Eleonor walked away with the doctor. Susanna was upset; Eleonor Baker didn’t congratulate her on her “engagement” with Terry. She made a vow that nobody was going to come between her and the opportunity to be with Terry … No, nobody was going to come and ruin that.
le roi n'etais pas la. Je vais le faire revenir! :D
7 Jun 2015 - 18:10
Merci de me lire... j'ai vu que tu t'es inscrite sur mon forum? Tu vas bientot commenter nos fics aussi? Candice et le roi est terminé, je dois arranger des scenes c'est tout et ce weekend j'etais occupee a autre chose
Mais tres bientot vous aurez le chapitre suivant et la fin. Merci pour ton interet pour mon histoire... j'avoue que le dernier chapitre m'a ennuyé car l
7 Jun 2015 - 18:10
Hi,j'ai hate de lire la suite de "Candy& le roi" Attention aux phrases trop répétitives,j'attends le moment des retrouvailles. Bises
7 Jun 2015 - 18:04
Oui je me régale sur ton site,mais n'ai pas réussi à m'enregistrer il faut que mon ami le fasse pour moi. Ravie de voir qu'il y tjs des nouveautés! Bises
24 May 2015 - 22:47
Hi! Oui je sais,j'ai découvert ce site après le tien et celui de Sophie qui semble en stand by par contre je visite très souvent ton site.Je suis toujours avide de nouvelles fics et je peux dire que je les ai quasiment toutes lues (sur les 2 sites français )Bises
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