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Srta. Pecas

Sliver Terry 5,000+

My Content
27 Nov 2006

Ok, done! Here it is thumbsup.gif

Terry in Hotel room.

Stear, Archie, Candy and George are having tea. They ask about the Uncle William’s whereabouts, and they ditch George when Archie says that he must be at the Savoy Hotel because it’s the best one in the city.

They get to the hotel, ask for the suite number, and run up the stairs to find it.

Candy knocks on the door – Great uncle William, it’s me Candy.

No response, Stear opens the door, they all walk in.

Chair is facing the window and smoke is coming from the top.

C – Great Uncle William, it’s me Candy White Andrey, I just came to say thank you great uncle. Great Uncle William?

T – What are you playing at? He says turning his chair.

C – Oh!

S – So this is our grandfather?

A – It can’t be! Who are you?

Terry gets up and walks towards them.

T – The guest from this room forgot this – he hands Candy a rolled piece of paper – Here Freckles. – He walks past them.

Bellboy – This is not your room sir. Yours is right next door.

T – I know I was just noseying around a bit.

Bellboy to the group – I’m sorry. Mr. William already left.
26 Oct 2006

*This Candy Candy fanfic deals with adult themes, situations and language. If you do not like to envision Candy Candy in this vein AND if you are under 18, this fic may not be for you…

Hi everybody,

I got done the translation of the first chapter for this awesome fic. I hope you like it! This is going to be a long one teehee.gif So I'm going to post it in sections. wink.gif

Yume means Dream, btw biggrin.gif
21 Oct 2006
=Eleonor,Oct 17 2006, 01:58 AM]
QUOTE (Srta. Pecas @ Oct 16 2006, 12:01 PM)
Knocks on door, wakes Terry up.
T – Eh?! It’s open! He says grumpy
C – Good morning Terry! She says coming into the room.
T – What are you doing here?!! (peeking his head from under the covers. I guess he’s not much of a morning person.)

Somehow I didn't think he would be a morning person! laugh2.gif laugh2.gif laugh2.gif laugh2.gif laugh2.gif laugh2.gif laugh2.gif

I finally got around to capturing these images. Hope you enjoy Terry in bed teehee.gif
16 Oct 2006

Don’t remember the episode title, but it’s #90.

C – Maid gives her Candy’s letter. They must have seen each other in Chicago, she thinks.
Knocks on door, wakes Terry up.
T – Eh?! It’s open! He says grumpy
C – Good morning Terry! She says coming into the room.
T – What are you doing here?!! (peeking his head from under the covers. I guess he’s not much of a morning person.)
C – I thought we could go to rehearsal together.
T – Susanna, please! I’m not a child anymore!
C- Terry!
T – Don’t bother to come get me! I can go by myself! I’m sorry, goodbye! Tries to go back to sleep.
C – Thinking –If it was her, the one that was here, he wouldn’t behave like this! She looks at the letter, hides it in her bag. I’ll wait for you at rehearsal, she says leaving.

*Later on at the theater when they are seeing the poster for the first time.
“This is the poster, a month before the show we must work hard.”
C – We will work a lot Terry! She says to him to find him gone.
T – Looking at poster with dreamy eyes, and smile. What would Candy say when she sees me playing Romeo?
C – He’s thinking about her! She says in her head.

*The next rehearsal will start at one pm.

Terry is in the roof, laying on his back thinking and smiling.
T – I must send Candy a ticket with no return...so she stays here...with me. He smiles and closes his eyes. Eh?! He hears steps and sits up.
C – hahahah...laughs
T – Susanna!
C – Terry, that scene we were rehearsing...I thought we could look at each other a bit more.
T – And you came just to tell me this?!
C – no...
T – Ah, it’s something else right?
C – I had made up my mind to rip it and throw it away!
T – what?
C – This letter, (she hands it to him) but I see you so lost in your thoughts that it makes me sad.
T – Eh?! It’s from Candy!
C – I’m sorry; she says weakly and runs off.
T – Susanna! He looks at her go, but looks at the letter and stays there.

Yume!!! Not end????
What's pity!!!
I'd liked you finish your fics.
28 May 2015 - 1:10

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