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diehard Anthony fan + p.r.for the greek candy forum!ha!
44 years old
Born Sep-22-1974
Mountaineering,reading,co ncerts,adoring Anthony!!
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20 Apr 2009
I'm here to point out that T4E should be ashamed of her self and that she should change her name to MENELAOS 4 EVER now that she got married!

i strongly believe that she wasn't that devoted to the king after all, it was all big words, and she should apologise for betraying the king. as a act of regret she should AT LEAST do the name change i suggested!

i rest my case here and i ask all of you to join me to this fair fight!!!


26 Nov 2008
well, i've been thinking of a new thread like this for a while.
here we can share photos of "our own" merchandise, things that we ordered and bought to please our greedy appetite for candy goodies.

here's my super t-shirt cool.gif mariadelmar and akasa had ordered it and they gave it to me when they visited at the island i was working all summer. it's really cool and i love wearing it, no wonder why.. wub.gif

i apologise for the craziness around the t-shirt, i was begging my friends to take some decent photos of it, but we were out partying so they just couldn't behave! mad.gif


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17 Nov 2008
i just ran into this. the upload was a few days ago. user name is candydamente. it's weird to see a tv spot for candy merchandise, isn't it?

21 Oct 2008
hello hello everyone! cool.gif

first of all i want to apologise for being away so long, but you all knew that i would return eventually, right?

i'll try to make the long story short.
i had moved away from athens for almost half a year and lived on an island called Ios. it's located in Cyclades (yes, near mykonos, you all know this island right?).
Ios is a party place, really wild during high season, and it's a popular destination for ppl from abroad who want to party with less money (not like the expensive mykonos i mean, i hate that place!).

i got a job as the bartender of the pool bar in a 4 stars hotel (i guess they weren't looking for some hot chick for the position laugh.gif ) and i was working the night shift almost all this time. the agreement was "no days off" so it was exchausting in some points since my shift was 9 hours and sometimes more. anyway, i got 7 days off in total during those 6 months, so i guess i should be grateful.. let's look at the bright side, i managed to lose some extra pounds at least!

i refused the staff room i was offered for free (in the hotel) so i found a normal house near the village and that was a wise move even if it costed me some extra money. i did rent the place with a girl i was working with though, we had separate bedrooms, and it was great, because if i was to stay at the hotel, i would have to share a tiny room with someone else and sleep next to each other for all this time.. NO WAY!! ohmy.gif

having the house, we had the privilege to have many many friends as guests, and it was fun, at some point we were 8 ppl living all together! many of my internet friends came to visit, mariadelmar, terry4ever, akasa, domniki, arwen, candy + turrican + kabamaru from greek retro maniax forum. everybody brought so many gifts for me (again!!) like a new anthony cup, candy t-shirts , japanese pockies, and the necessary ingredients to make a delicious japanese lunch with sushi and terriyiaki!! food_sml.gif
i had been given many gifts from before i left athens too. niksep + dimitris made those huge amazing stickers-posters with anthony and oscar which i hanged on my ios room next to my pc and i have an oscar sticker attached to my car (i had it with me on the island) so now it is an oscar mobile!! thumbsup.gif (they gave me an mp3 player too!) the girls filled me up with so many presents too, i'm so very grateful, i'll never be able to repay all of you for the things you've done for me, thank you soooo much!! group.gif

so, now i'm back in athens and i finally found some time to make this post!

i'm happy to see you all here, i'm glad to be back, so see ya around on the board, i hope you'll enjoy the pics! smile.gif

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23 Apr 2008
i just saw this one, where the youtube user becalo77 is casting the leading parts and it's quite interesting.. (the anthony selection is the ugliest.. furious.gif ) candy is good i think!

Kαλά κάνεις και τρομάζεις *evil smirk*.
Θα έβαζα (αφού σου ζητήσω την άδεια εννοείται) το screenshot σου με την Tsukushi να κάνει τη γνωστή χειρονομία, αλλά δεν μου φταίνε σε τίποτα οι ανυποψίαστοι ξένοι boardies. lol
12 Dec 2008 - 11:02
www 8a mou kanoume festival dhladh?! axx sygkinhshhh! xDxDxD thankiez!
1 Dec 2008 - 0:38
Happy New Year my sweet miss Flanny! LOL
P.S. Stop whining about the darn dress. If Oscar wore one, you can do it too, right?
8 Jan 2008 - 14:37
ΧΡΟΝΙΑ ΠΟΛΛΑ φίλη μου!! :):):)
Εύχομαι να περάσεις μια ευτυχισμένη μέρα σήμερα στην γιορτή σου με την οικογένεια σου και αγαπημένους φίλους :):)
Φιλάκια από Εδιμβούργο!
25 Dec 2007 - 14:59
haha, nice to see your picture as well!!!
you were really cute!! (now you're beautiful)
hope you're not too busy these days.
Merry Christmas!!
24 Dec 2007 - 11:47


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