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Cage&Haaz forever!

Foreign languages (German, English, Japanese), city walks, manga, anime, Excel, VBA and lots of other useful and meaningless stuff
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9 Oct 2007
danse-en-ligne.gif love_dance.gifdanse-en-ligne.gif love_dance.gif danse-en-ligne.gif


HURRAH!!! I'm so happy myself to open congratulating thread for my grandpa! grinheart.gif
It's a bit early for you, but I hope you'll arrive just in time to read the wishes.

So here comes my speech

My dear friend, beloved grandpa and the great UNCLE and absolutely the best and only group.gif king! teehee.gif

I give you my sincerest wishes, my warmest gratitude and love! kissing.gif

I couldn’t have believed before that one day I would meet and make such an exceptional person and make friends with him! daydream.gif You are amazing, so kind, always find appropriate words to encourage me and make me smile, calm down. You’re also a mentor and teacher in a way, I want to do my best knowing that you’re watching me, I guess you have a good influence on me grandpa. Thank you for being my friend! heartcloud9.gif
May you be blessed with happiness, find peace and quite among your family and friends, never be overtaken by difficulties. We will be always by your side!



I'm sure you will gladly accept the congratulations from your lovely fair haired, green-eyed girl. wink.gif

Don’t think I’m done with congratulations and presents! This is only the beginning!
dance.gif dance.gif dance.gif
Have you noticed that I'm in dancing mood today? grinheart.gif
15 Sep 2007
Ladies and gentlemen!

The Fellowship of © proudly presents a new game we've developed and sponsored!

No age limit, no restrictions are imposed on the players depending on their Candy Candy preferences!
What you need is just a minimum of fantasy and Candy Candy knowledge!

Here come the rules.

The first player giver 3 statements he/she relates to one character without naming the character's name. It can be a word, word combinations, a sentence, even a picture or a sound file - whatever you associate with the character.
Obviously the task of the others is to guess who it is.

Please don't give at once more than one variant. mad.gif
More than one member can answer one and the same question, but who will be quicker?!

The one whose answer is correct continues the game giving his/her 3 phrases related to a character.
Same characters can be used more than one time.

It's possible that one doesn't guess the character at once and there's nobody who suggests more variants. Then one can either suggest their second variant or ask for a hint. There can be 3 hints, if there's no correct answer after 3 hints, another player or the same - it doesn't matter - gives new statements.

Special for this game the Fellowship of © has established a group.gif fund to reward the players! Our currency is chickpeas of course!
If you prefer to have your reward in other currency, you have to agree on the desired currency and exchange rates with the sponsors, which means with Cahaaz, Mrscage or myself, Arexu.

You get:
5 group.gif for guessing at the first try
4 group.gif for guessing at the second try, with or without a hint
3 group.gif for guessing at the third try, with or without a hint
2 group.gif for guessing at the fourth try, with or without a hint.

We ask you to be honest and not take more group.gif than you're supposed to!
Rulebreakers will be punished!
I'm ablosutely serious! Mrscage and me have a license of using fryingpan.gif and believe me we're always on the ball!

To make a game more fun we suggest you to play not only with the characters from Candy Candy, but also now and then involve the names of the board members in the game. In this case you should mention that you're playing with the boardies' names, or with the names from some other story and dimension. The name of the character source please should be announced.
Your suggestions on the storied are welcome, though it's recommended to discuss them with other players taking part.

Let's have a look at the examples... Thank you Cahaaz for providing us with your examples.

Example 1

Cahaaz (0 group.gif) says:
1. St. Paul's
2. Wears black
3 .Kind

Who is he/she?

Arexu (0 group.gif) answers:

Ooops! Wrong answer!
Mrscage (0 group.gif) answers
Sister Margaret!

Mrscage gets 5 group.gif!

Example 2
We're playing with the boardies' names.
Arexu (0 group.gif) says:
1. Fan creations
2. group.gif
3. Russia

Mrscage (5 group.gif) and Cahaaz (0 group.gif) exclaim in duet:

Wow guys you answered almost simultaneously!!! Well in case the time of your answer is indentical up to the minutes, you each of you gets 5 group.gif. The sponsors are generous! And I'm bankrupt anyway.
Wait, you and me, we are the sponsors! But we can participate anyway, it's a democratic and everyone has equal rights! By the way, Cahaaz, Mrscage, all the group.gif you gained in the example have been written off. We're a fair organazation!

I hope you'll have fun!
5 Sep 2007


You've reached 5000 posts!
How wonderful! heartcloud9.gif

Everybody admires what a true Anthony fan you've been all the time, and all your favourite characters from Candyworld have prepared for you a trip around your favourite corners of Candyworld. wink.gif

Anthony, Candy, Terry, Stear, Archie, Annie and Albert will take you to a trip around Lakewood, you'll have a walk along Candy and Anthony's favourite wood lanes...

around Anthony's rose garden...

... and at last go with everybody to a picnic on Pony's Hill.

Have a wonderful day Annie! huggy.gif
22 Aug 2007
Here I made the translation from Russian like I promised in the other thread. I wasn't difficult.
I wonder if I should have asked permission from the author of the fic. unsure.gif
Hope the most ardent Neil haters who venture to read it will pull yourself together and restrain from puke.gif till the only page of the fic is over.

If you asked What the ***? on seing the fic, let me transfer you to this topic.
Seriously speaking, I find the fic quite original and what most matters it's realistic! But don't ever think I'm a Neil defender or something close to it. I only way the author sees the situation.
22 Aug 2007
I found a very interesting thread in a Russian forum where fans gave links to their favourite fan arts. You may have seen these creations before, but I haven't.

Here are the best pictures:
Candy and ...

As of the last pic, the artist had no idea of Candy Candy and drew this just a few moments after reading the manga. The style is not Candy-Candy-ish, but the picture is beautiful!
So have you guessed who the guy on the pic is? It's Neil!!! ohmy.gif
Anneth White
Hi Arexu-chan I have just read your ffic Déjà Vu, and I like it so much, specially the conversation between Albert and Terry. Wanderful story, and the end fantastic.
23 Aug 2013 - 13:53
Thanks a lot dear *huggy*
19 Nov 2008 - 13:26
Camila O'G
You'll do fine in the English exam then! :) And world economics sounds like fun. You'll probably do just fine. :)
Only 1 week of vacation? That's not much. :(
16 Jan 2008 - 22:09
Camila O'G
Great to hear!! I hope (I'm sure) you do well in your German exam. From what I hear, that's one of the hardest languages to learn in adulthood.
Good luck with your other 2 exams!! What subjects are they?
16 Jan 2008 - 21:52
Camila O'G
I empathize!! Good luck with your exams. Though I'm sure you'll do just fine. :)
Cute photos btw!
14 Jan 2008 - 8:05


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