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> The Letters to Juliet, My Christmas Story 2013
post Apr 19 2018, 04:12 AM
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Letters to Juliet

Chapter 16
“An upsetting revelation…”

Candy was in her room and she called Anabeth when she got back to tell her about the reception.

- Candy? Did you talk to Terry?

- I talk to him Anabeth

- You know what I mean…

- Yes, I know and it’s no, not yet.

- But what are you waiting for?

- Well there was a reception last night…

- A reception? In your honour?

- No…

She didn’t want to tell her that Eleonor Baker was Terry’s mother. He would tell her himself when he wants to.

- What was the occasion? For Teresa George?

Candy had to restrain herself to not tell her that Terry was Teresa George. But it was a way out… to not talk about Eleonor Baker!

- In a way, producers are interested by one of Terry’s manuscripts…

- Terry writes manuscripts and Hollywood in interested?

- Impressing, isn’t it?

- Were there celebrities?

- Yes, I recognized a few reporters, Robert Hathaway…

- Any actors I know?

- I don’t know…, there was one who came to talk to me…

- Really? Who?

- He had the Austrialian accent…

- Mel Gibson?

- No, he’s younger… Liam something…

- Liam Neeson?

- No, he’s older and he’s british, that one had the Australian accent.

- Those accents sound aline, I wonder how you’re able to make the difference! But what am I saying? Terry has the British accent! So you know! You remember his last name?

- No…

- You’ve seen him in movies?

- Maybe…

- Candy! Describe him to me…

- He’s got dark blond hair, good looking, he’s young…

- That’s vague… it describes a lot of actors…

- Liam…

- Liam Hemsworth?

- Yes, that’s it! Liam Hemsworth!

- From the “Hunger Games” movies? And you forgot his name? You haven’t seen the movie?

- No…

- Candy! Liam Hemsworth was hitting on you and you only had eyes for Terry!

Candy burst out laughing thinking about the scene when Terry came to interrupt them and how Liam made himself scarce. She told Anabeth who was screaming and laughing.

- Oh my God! I hope Terry knows how lucky he is! And in the end, was there an orgy?

- Are you out of your mind? Terry would’ve never allowed it with me here!

- That’s true. Your Romeo respects you! So? When are you going to talk?

- We just came back from lunch. I’m going to work with Teresa George on my novel!

- You lucky girl! Good luck! You have pictures from the reception?

- Euh…

- Candy!!!

- I’m going to ask Terry if he’s got some…

- You’re incorrigible!

- I love you too, Anabeth! Say hi to Anthony and the kids for me!

- I love you too, Candy. Have fun with your Romeo! And I want to see pictures!

- Did you send my parcel?

- You should get it very soon…

- Thanks Anabeth.

- You can thank me by sending me pictures with Liam Hemsworth!!!

- I’ll make the effort for you! She said smiling.

She hung up and burst out laughing. She had a famous actor at the reception, she didn’t even remembered his last name! She looked on the bed and she saw another envelope. She opened it and got Romeo’s letter out.

“Juliet my heart,

I would like to thank you for the beautiful evening we had last night at the reception. If my script is chosen for a movie, I will have to travel a lot and go to Hollywood. Would you like to come with me ? I know you have school, but if I have to move to Hollywood, I would like you to come with me. I would like you to be my wife, Candy, I haven’t changed my mind, despite what you told me that day in my hotel room in Chicago. I wish I was your first, I would’ve been if Anthony hadn’t interrupted us that morning, but destiny got involved in our lives and separated us, against our will. Thank you for coming. You can’t know how happy I am that you’re here with me. But we have to talk and explain each other first.

I love you.

Your Romeo.”

She smiled. Terry was full of surprises and so romantic! There was a knock at the door and she went to open. It was a maid with the parcel that Anabeth had sent her. She opened it and she found her laptop she had when she was backpacking in Europe. She took the plug to plug it and recharge the battery. She saw all of her letters, but she said she will read them later. She had to join Terry in his office to work on her novel.


Terry was in his office discussing with Tyler.

- Come on! Are you going to finish my scene with Bianca Rose or no?

- I have to talk to Candy

- That doesn’t stop you from writing the rest of my story…

- I wrote your reconciliation… now it’s my turn, you have to wait!

- But…, started Tyler.

There was a knock at the office door and Candy came in. Terry looked up and saw her. God, she was so beautiful with her hair falling on her shoulders !

- I came to work on my novel, Teresa, she said to tease him.

Terry smiled looking at her.

- You do know that “Terry” is also short for “Teresa” , right?

- Yes, I know that, Teresa, she said smiling.

She had approached him. She only had one thought in her mind, to jump in his arms and kiss him. But… She went to sit by his side. They worked together for hours. The proximity was driving Terry nuts, but he managed to restrain himself. He smelt her sent and his head was spinning. Candy was telling herself that she had a good reason for pushing Terry away, and refusing his invitations, because she was melting after just one day! She couldn’t resist him! She wanted to be near him, it didn’t matter why he did what he did… But he had married another woman, he didn’t keep his promise! Wasn’t she ready to forgive him, until his wife showed up? She remembered Terry’s hurt eyes, like he would’ve given anything not to have to hurt her like that. But why did he get married? Were there extenuating circumstances? She was trying to imagine her life without Terry. She had tried with someone else, but unconsciously, she chose a pale imitation of Terry and when she realised it wasn’t Terry, that he will never be Terry, she broke off her engagement… She had a decision to make. She loved Terry, and she was going to do an act of faith and take her man back. But she had to think about a way to tell him that… Working with him so close, was torture. All she had to do was kiss Terry and curled up in his arms…

- Juliet, said Terry.

She didn’t reply.

- Juliet? Are you daydreaming? Do you hear me?

She got out of her torpor and looked at him.

- Are you with me?

- What…? She said distracted.

- Earth to Juliet…

She looked at him.

- I can’t concentrate Terry. I’m sorry.

- What if we call it a night? My mother has guests…

- Another reception?

- No, a dinner, there will be less people…

- The same as yesterday?

- Not all of them, but producers are coming to negotiate…

- Oh… the actor is going to be there?

- Liam? Why? You’d like to see him again?

- Well, it seems like he’s very famous, according to Anabeth…

- Oh, Anabeth told you ? You really didn’t know him?

- I know him since last night, but I didn’t know he was famous… he was on “The Hunger games”?

- You haven’t read the book?

- Science fiction is not really my thing, I’d rather read romance novels by Teresa George…

Terry started laughing.

- So Liam will be there for a role in your script?

- As a matter of fact…

- Interesting… by the way, Anabeth wants me to send her some pictures with Liam…

- You could take some tonight, if you want… or I’ll give you what the photographer took for my mother.

- Thanks Teresa!

- Are you going to stop calling me like that?

- You see how annoying nicknames are, Romeo?

- I’d rather you call me Romeo…

- We’re going to talk tonight, Romeo?

- I love you Juliet… yes, we’re going to talk tonight, or tomorrow, absolutely.

- You love me?

- I’ve never stopped loving you…

- If you loved me that much, why did you leave to go to London?

It was a fresh and direct question which deserved an answer just as fresh and direct. Looking in her eyes, he told her the truth:

- Because Anthony gave me the choice between leaving or getting arrested for sexual assault.

Shocked, stunned, she looked at him intensely.

- That’s ridiculous…

- You were underage.

His eyes burning with intensity, he seemed to want to make her understand, that he was telling the truth.

- If Anthony had said a word, there would’ve been an investigation, at the least. Maybe I would’ve gone immediately to jail after the trial. Everything would’ve been horrible Candy, and not only for me. You would’ve been examined by all kind of social workers and pshychologists. For heaven’s sake, if the story had been in the papers, can you imagine that? The way they would’ve looked at you?

He shut up of a minute, his eyes lost in the void.

- I didn’t care about me, but I couldn’t do that to you. So, I went to London. Believe-me it took me all the strength of the world to leave and break all the promises and all our dates.

- Anthony was bluffing!

- That’s not the impression I had.

- You could’ve at least told me something!

- It was part of the deal. I shouldn’t try to contact you or call you. I couldn’t even write you.

He thought about how Anthony’s words had come true. He hadn’t been able to write to Cand y for so long, he would writing to her in his head…

- I thought you didn’t love me, she said in almost a whisper.

She was upset. She had to get out of the office. Her brother was responsible for Terry’s disappearance?

- I left because I loved you. If I had to do it again, I think I would do exactly the same thing. I don’t see what else I could’ve done?

By looking deep into his eyes, he would see the teenage girl from back then. Did he really measure what he had done, how he made her suffer?

- You broke my heart, she said.

It wasn’t even an accusation, but it was simply a fact she was stating. Terry felt even worse.

- If I had to do it again…

- I have to get dressed for the dinner, said Candy upset.

She went to the bedroom and Terry looked at her go without a word. The moment was very intense. Their explanation will be very painful…

The rest of the past
Can’t stop haunting me
And cut my thoughts
Only your eyes are giving me the will to move forward
I wanted to write you so much
And I bend my back so ofter
And to relive those memoris
In dreams, I even almost touched your skin
You are my other me
The strength of my faith
My weakness and my law
The both of us were infinity
Far away from each other we’re doomed
I want to tell you that what my heart wants
Come, come it’s a prayer
Come, so we can start over
Because without you existence
Is just a long silence
That’s never ending
I had my heart so heavy my love
Do you still love me too forever?
You are made for me my love
And that’s all I think about all day.

Excerpt from Nostalgia by my friend lilirose

- Shouldn’t you be working? Said Tyler’s familiar voice

- I just hurt Candy

- It’s because of her brother!

- I still hurt her…

- In the meantime, can you continuer the scene you interrupted?

- No…

- You’re going to leave me like that for long?

- I have bigger fish to fry…

- You wanted art to imitate life, right?

- Exactly, it’s happening the same way

- You’re jealous because I’m about to get Bianca Rose and you…

- I’m the writer…

- Really? No kidding! Doesn’t look like it. I’ve been stuck here for days waiting for you to write the sentence that’s going to throw Bianca Rose in my arms.

- Well, you’ll stay there until I fix my problem with Candy.

- Great! I’m going to sit around for how long, until you finish that scene?

- Stop complaining, you’re getting what you want, aren’t you? Bianca Rose is going to fall into your arms… Now leave me alone!


Candy was thinking about her brother… She had to talk to him. She called his cellphone. Modern technology, you could contact the person directly now, no need to call the house phone. Her brother’s phone rang for a long time, she thought she was going to get his voice mail, when her brother finally answered.

- Terry told you! He asked as a greeting.

- Well hello to you too, big brother! Said Candy ironically.

- What exactly did he tell you?

- That you threatened to press charges against him for assault…

- You were underage!

- It was my life! My decision!

- You were too young. You were my little sister! I wanted to protect you!

- By sending the man I love to London? He had asked me for my opinion, he was going to stay in Chicago and wait my for 18th birthday!

- Candy…

- You forced him to go to London!

- I wanted to protect you, repeated Anthony

- You wanted to protect my virtue? He was going to marry me!!!

- I couldn’t have been sure…

- He would rather spend time with me than with all the bimbos Anabeth was bringing for him! Oh Anthony… How could you have asked him not to contact me? You could’ve asked for reparation… but no, you had to make him leave the country!!!

- Please…

- Is that why you became our biggest fan? You’re feeling guilty?

- I regret that he married another woman, but I don’t regret protecting you, I trusted him and he almost…

- Made love to me? I was willing…

- You were underage…

- If you had asked him to marry me… but you didn’t give him the chance, didn’t you? How could you do this to us? I thought Terry was your best friend…

- It’s not my fault if he didn’t come to your 18th birthday…

- If he were in Chicago, he wouldn’t have missed it… it’s your fault Anthony! I still can’t believe that you did that to me!

- Forgive me, Candy…

- Is that why you were against my relationship with Cole?

- He was a loser and he wasn’t made for you!

- Once again you meddled in my life! I’m not a little girl anymore!

- Candy, I love you and I couldn’t let you marry that man while you still loved Terry!

- Good bye Anthony.

She hung up her phone, but she couldn’t really be mad at her brother who was only protecting her. She was a minor after all, she wasn’t independent and she was still in high school… She understood why Anthony was now her biggest fan. Terry was gone and he came back married to another woman… he felt guilty. Because if Terry had stayed, he wouldn’t have married another woman and break Candy’s heart for a second time.

She took a deep breath. It was not the time to think about all that. She had to get ready for the dinner. She didn’t feel like being there, she almost didn’t want to go, but she said to herself that it would change her ideas and it would be better than to stay in her room down in the dumps.

She went to the bathroom to take a shower. She was trying to think about other things. She got out to get dressed and she found dresses on the bed for the reception. She chose a mauve one in muslin with transparent sleeves in veil. The top was braided and little pearls were decorating the neckline and the sleeves. She brushed her hair and she arrived downstairs just in time to greet the guests.

The dinner was fine, producers, directors and actors went to lock themselves in one of the living room to discuss business with Terry and his mother. Terry’s manuscript was going to become a movie in Hollywood. She was happy for him, but she still felt sad after Terry’s revelation on her brother. She went to Terry’s office to think. She saw his current manuscript on the desk. Should she read it, she needed a change of ideas…s eh started reading and she forgot about the world around her.


The discussion and the negotiations took a long time, but for Terry, 5 minutes would’ve been a lot, because he was away from Candy. She must’ve been bored all on he own. Should he go see her? No, she looked upset when learned that her brother had forced him to leave America because of her. He will talk to her tomorrow… When the Hollywood team was finally gone, Terry was relieved.

- Terry, said his mother, you should be jumping of joy.

- Mum…

- Candy?

- Yes, I told her about her brother…

- Oh, she must be upset.

- I know I broke her heart but to see her eyes so hurt, upset me. I hurt her.

- It wasn’t your fault.

- But I still hurt her, mum.

- She loves you, she’s going to forgive you, Terry

- I’m going to talk to her tomorrow.

- In the meantime, you can rejoice. Hollywood is going to make a movie with your script!!!

- I’m sorry mum, if I don’t look happy. I’m vey happy that my script is going to become a movie, but…

Eleonor looked at her son. As long as his story with Candy was solved, she wont be happy to rejoice about his Hollywood contract. A lot of people would’ve sold their soul to the devil to have Terry’s chance…He was in love. She smiled at him.

- Go to bed, you’ll feel better tomorrow after you talked to Candy.

- Good night mum, said Terry hugging her briefly

- Good night baby, said Eleonor going to her room.

Terry wen to the living room where there was a big white tail piano and he started playing “Romeo and Juliet” by Tchaikovsky, a piece that lasted at least 20 minutes. The notes were resonating in the silent manor where most of its habitants were dreaming. The walls were soundproof, so nobody could hear the beautiful piece he was playing. When he was done, the silence of the night was deafening filled the living room.

He stood up to go to his room but he wanted to go to his office to get his manuscript to try and write something before he goes to bed. He saw some ligts under the door and could’ve swore he had turned the lights off the last time he was there. He opened the door and he was surprised to see Candy concentrated in her reading of his manuscript. She didn’t even hear him come in. She was sitting at his desk, her head leaning forward on the manuscript…

- Juliet? He said surprised.

She was startled and she looked up.

- Romeo…

Everything that happened in the manuscript got her so excited to the point where, all the love she felt for Terry came out.

- I hope you’re not upset that I read your manuscript without your permission.

- Of course not, he said, so did you like the heroes, Tyler and Candy? Euh… I mean Bianca Rose! He corrected quickly.

- That’s what’s called a revealing Freudian slip! I thought she looked a lot like me. Well in a way of speaking. If she looks like me, it’s in a lot better, she’s even perfect. And Tyler, that’s you, we can’t miss that. Except that he’s a little browner and little more stupid.

- Me? Said Tyler outraged in Terry’s head.

- More stupid, repeated Terry, all happy. I like it a lot, that’s the perfect description.

Candy looked at him smiling.

- How was the reunion? Were you able to come to an agreement on all the points?

- Yes, he said, my mother is a good negotiator. She knows all the loopholes in contracts with her agent and her lawyer.

- So, you have an ironclad contract? Asked Candy looking at him

- Yes…

- Oh…, she said smiling.

They looked at each other. Why wasn’t he happier?

- Euh Romeo, maybe it’s just me, but shouldn’t you be more happy than that? Your script is going to become a movie in Hollywood!!!

- Yes, I know…

- So…?

- So, I’m missing something to be truly happy…

- Ah…

He was talking about the letter he had left for her earlier. He was going to propose to her again.

- Candy, will you marry me?

When she thought that ever since she had met Terry, all she had ever wanted was to be his wife. But because of the betrayal, the fact that he didn’t come to propose to her on her 18th birthday and that he had married someone else…

- No Terry, I’m not ready…, she said softly.

He looked at her sadly.

- Let’s go to bed, he said softly.

Candy looked at him. She didn’t know what to say. She wasn’t ready, because they still haven’t talked…Terry knew it and he wanted to see if she was going to blindly trust him… he knew she wasn’t ready. Learning that Anthony had forced him to leave had changed things, but she still didn’t know why he married another woman. Should she trust him? She had been burned in the past.

Candy took the script and they both left the office to go to their respective rooms. When they arrived in front of Candy’s room, he hugged her briefly.

- Congratulation for your script Romeo, she said softly.

She wanted to jump to his neck but she had just refused his wedding proposal…

- Thank you Juliet, he said softly.

She got into her room and closed the door. She leaned on it and closed her eyes and had a long sigh.

Terry told himself that he was used to Candy’s rejections of his wedding proposals, but it still hurt him a lot. He went to his room to sleep. He had just got one of the biggest deals of his career, and he was incapable of rejoicing…


"You should be kissed, and often, and by someone who knows how." Rhett Butler, Gone with the wind

There's another little love in the way...
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Letters to Juliet

Chapter 17
“The letters to Juliet”

Candy didn’t have a good night. The scene with Terry before they went to bed had disturbed her. She wasn’t ready, she didn’t have all the cards on the table. But she knew she still loved him…He had told him that Anthony had forced him to leave America for London. Terry had just signed a great contract with Hollywood and he was unable to rejoice for his hard work because she had refused to marry him, thus to go with him to Hollywood…

She woke up late. She tried to read the manuscript, but she couldn’t concentrate. So she got ready and she went downstairs with the manuscript to see if she could continue reading it, after she took her cup of coffee.


Terry had barely slept. He woke up and he went to get a cup of tea in the kitchen and he went to his office. He turned on his computer , knowing he wanted to write…

Tyler was not happy.

- I still standing around…

- Leave me alone Tyler…

- Candy refused to marry you, yet again! So what?

- Would you give up on Bianca Rose?

- Never and you know that… There’s trust for you…

- Are you suggesting to me that Candy doesn’t trust me?

- That’s exactly what I’m “suggesting to you”, replied Tyler smiling with all his teeth. Bloody hell! Where do you find those kind of expressions?

- No, you thought about that on your own? What could’ve put you in the right path?

- I don’t know… maybe the fact that she only refused to marry you for the hundredth time…

- Is it men in general or just me in particular?

- Especially you…, said Tyler, you ‘ve hurt her deeply, she expecting you to do it again

- According to you, what should I do?

Then he thought for a moment and he said:

- Good heavens, I really must’ve fallen very low to ask you for advice!

- Your initial plan was that your thoughts would come true by giving me the ending I wanted, right?

- Yes, so what?

- So, follow your plan. If you let life imitates art for once? How are you going to get Bianca Rose to marry me?

- It’s frankly not the same situation…

- It’s exactly the same…

Terry was thinking. Candy didn’t trust him. It was indeed the case. She had refused to marry him, one more time. He had to believe that the situation with her was going to get better, like it was starting to get better in his novel… “Every man becomes what he pretends to be”. He was going to continue with that thought. Optimism for the moment…

What time was it? He stood up and he went to the living room, He saw his sister with her luggage.

- Where are you going?

- On a cruse, for a week, said Dinah

- Alone?

- No, mum, with Diego!

- When is he going to marry you?

- When? That’s none of your business Terry.

- Dinah…

- I’m going to be in order with the Lord soon! Is that good for you?

- It’s a start…

- I hope that when I come back you’ll be done talking to Candy, she said hugging h im. Bye bro. Good luck.

The driver was taking her luggage to put them in the limousine.

- Say goodbye to Candy for me! She said getting out the door.

Then it was the silence for a little time. Terry was reading the paper in the living room. Then he heard his mother’s staff coming down the stairs with her luggage. A few minutes later, Eleonor Bake came down the stairs with the rest of her luggage, carried by her staff.

Terry stood up to go and meet her.

- Mum, I would never thank you enough for everything you’ve done for me.

- You don’t really need to thank me, honey. It’s normal. All I did was contact people I knew. The rest you did it with your own talent, my darling.

Terry smiled.

- And I’m waiting for you to reconcile with Candy so that I can finally see joy on your face. You just got your biggest contract ever… You must be happy.

- Looks like I have other priorities…

Eleonor hugged him in her arms, tenderly.

- Good bye Honey. I love you.

- I love you too, mum.

She left, leaving the scent of her perfume floating in the air behind her. There, he was alone with Candy in the villa. He went to the kitchen, he was hungry. He poured himself a glass of cold orange juice from the fridge. He heard footsteps. He turned around, it was Candy with the manuscript.

- Hello Candy, he said

He didn’t call her “Juliet”. Candy was hurt.

- Hello Terry, she replied

- Did you have a good sleep?

- Not very well, but it was fine.

She looked around her. The big kitchen was empty. There was nobody by the pool.

- Where are you mother and sister? Are they still asleep?

- Dinah is gone on a cruise with Diego and my mother went to Hollywood…

- We’re alone?

- If you don’t count the help, yes, we’re alone.

Candy had left the manuscript on the table and she poured herself a cup of black coffee. There were some croissants on the table, she took one.

- I’m going to continue my reading. I wasn’t able to finish earlier, I was sleepy…

She went to one of the living rooms to read. Terry looked at her go. He went to his office and he started working on Candy’s manuscripts, taking notes…He had to work so he wouldn’t think about candy.

How much time passed? He had no idea. In any case, Candy knocked on the door. She started talking. Ever since she refused his proposal the night before, the atmosphere between them was a little tense. She had the manuscript in her hands.

- This story is absolutely wonderful; it’s not much the story, but the way it was written and the pleasure we take identifying to the characters. But something bothers me…

He was looking at her and of course he was melting. She was so beautiful without her make up when she wakes up. Even if she woke up early afternoon. She had come in his office and she sat on a chair in front of his desk.

- What?

- Why didn’t Tyler tell Bianca Rose where he was during all that time? I have the impression that this question is good for me too… Terry what happened in London? I know you married another woman… But I would like to know why? I thought you loved me…

Terry looked at her. It was the moment of truth…

You were my wind, my wings
My life in more beautiful
The cards were played
And my queen went to hide
Silences, regrets are dancing
You were my life like night and day
And we lived the perfect love
But I was condemned to choose
To let you go, that was betraying us
We should’ve tried
Another future story
To want to try to forget
We didn’t even try
To talk to each other
Ever since, I’m dragging my chains and my pains

Excerpt from “Nostalgia” by lilirose

The moment had finally arrived, he had to tell her. He would rather jump out the window, but this time, he couldn’t postpone it. He remained silent for a moment. Candy hadn’t told him she loved him. She was going to fall inhis arms after the story, he was sure of it. But it was time, Candyhad asked the questions and he had to give her an answer.

- Where should I start? Everything that had happened to me… it’s not something you talk about easily you know? It’s not a subject of conversation you talk about during a dance at your brother’s wedding. I would’ve told you: “I missed your 18th birthday because I spent 20 months of my life in a rat infested prison cell in central America.” But we were interrupted. I wanted to say: “I’m sorry I married another woman, but there were extenuating circumstances.” How do you announce to the woman you love that you were locked in a tiny hole with barely enough to survive for almost two years?

Candy was looking at him, her big green eyes wide open, she was flabbergasted.

- Oh my God…

She had a sudden flashback, the way he was at Anthony’s wedding, he was so thing it was scary, like he had been sick or… starving. She was so shocked by the news of his marriage that she didn’t think about his appearance, she left, hurt. But why did he get married?

- I don’t know how to apologize for hurting you with my marriage…how do I explain? It’s not easy to talk about…

- What if I ask you? She asked whispering, would you be able to tell me?

- Yes…

- So, tell me what happened.

He closed his eyes, took a very long breath, and he started talking, looking at the bay.

- I went there to do an interview with an opposition leader…

He was looking to have his everyday voice, like he was talking about a game he watched the night before is incarceration. He told her about the questioning, his fear and his confusion, then his return to the hotel, when he thought he was safe. Then the arrest, the new dive into the nightmare. He was talking with a calm voice, sereine, but we could feel the emotion in his voice. He stopped for a while and looked at her.

- My God, I can’t even imagine the horror! How could you stay there telling me the story like it was the first course of journalism? You should’ve been crazy furious, outraged!

- In jail, I also encounter the word of God, Candy…

- You don’t need to remind me that…

- You know what Nelson Mandela said when they asked him if he was still angry with the people who had put him in prison?

- That if he was still angry with them, he would still be in prison…

They looked at each other. Candy admired Nelson Mandela a lot. He had spent 27 years in prison… And he wasn’t bitter at all. She admired his calmness and his joy of life when he got out of jail, his joy to finally be free. She thought about Terry who had done 20 months, she was outraged. She could now see the difference when it happens to someone else, to someone she loved with all her heart. She understood better what Mandela did. Her heart got tight.

- Oh my God Terry, please forgive me…

She had pity on him, he didn’t want her pity!

- I beg your pardon?

- I’m asking you to forgive me for the way I treated you in your hotel room…

- You don’t need to apologize Candy…

- Yes I do, I treated you badly when you refused to make love to me, when you respected me.

He looked at her with love.

- Apologies accepted.

- Tell me everything! Did they forced you to work? Tell me how you got the strength to survive! Show me what you felt!

She had stood up and she was pacing around the office, her fist closed. The news she had just learned earlier on what Anthony had did. Now, learning that the job in London had sent him to a suicide mission… it was way too much. His wedding that didn’t happen because Terry was in prison, unable to contact her! The emotions were suffocating her, she started crying. Warm tears, burning, angry. He approached her and held her in his arms, wiping her tears softly with a handkerchief he got out of his pocket.

It wasn’t over, he had to talk about his marriage and Susanna. He let go of her and walked to the bookshelf and he took on the very top a big blue binder in a row of notebooks and notes. Walking towards her with counted steps, he put the binder in her hands.

- Read this. You’ll know everything that I felt.

She looked at the binder, wiping mechanically the tears on her cheeks.

- A novel? She asked.

- No, it’s not romanced. If I ever have to publish it, I probably would have to include my shrink as a co-author; he forced me to put on paper all of it when I got out of prison… You will have the answers to all of your questions.

He approached her and kissed her lightly on the lips.

- I’ll be by the pool, he said.

And he walked to the door. Leaving his darling alone with the big binder.


Candy went to sit at Terry’s desk. She opened the big manuscript at the first page. She didn’t even hear him leave. It was called “The Letters to Juliet”. The heart tight, she started reading.

You alone was able to tame my part of shadow
And bring out my part of light
You’ve reconciled me with myself, taciturn and sombre
And all the bitterness shut up.
For us, I had promised myself to go to the end of my dreams
But this happiness, unfortunately, was only short lived
So for my muse, every night I’m someone else, and thrown ink in those pipe dreams
To forget on stage the time of a too brief truce
That the taste of my life is bitter
And living far from you only rimes with misery
My heart adrift is beating hoping to re-write history
And one day with you, share the chills of love before it’s too late
Because I’m only afraid of one thing
That someone else gets that priviledge
To be the first one to cut a flower
For you’re shining so much of love
For which I’m traped
From the first day

By my friend lilirose

She was deeply moved already. She turned the page, she was crying again.

“My dear Juliet,

I came to in my cell, stunned to still be alive. I was lucky, I saw the bodies of the other, those who had less luck, the last time I was in the court…they were throwing them in the back of a truck.
When I wanted to move, my whole body was screaming of pain. Now I’m wondering; “Maybe they were the lucky ones…”

Dear Juliet,
Four days since my last meal. You came and kept me company and we talked about our last Thanksgiving. You took my hand and we left together, going back in time. All of a sudden we were at your house, your parents where there, you grandmother, you aunt, you cousins, Anthony, you and I. We were all sitting the head leaned, while your father was saying grace.

I looked at the feast on the table, knowing that the rest of that meal would be enough to keep me alive for months…”

Outside the sun was throwing its hot and burning rays, but Candy was conscious of time passing. She couldn’t see anything else than those black letters on paper, Terry’s words, letters he had written from hell.

By the pool, Terry was contemplating the blue water of the pool. The breeze was playing with his hair, the rays were reflecting on his sunglasses; a bottle of water in his hand, he looked like a living commercial for a vacations spot. He turned around seeing Candy approaching him. She came to sit by his side, her eyes swollen, the tip of her nose was all red.

- Are you ok? He asked

- I should be the one asking you that question.

She needed to see his eyes. Raising her hand, she took his sunglasses off. The bright light of the end of the afternoon his eyes were magnificent, the blue-green tender and warm. She started crying again.

- Candy, stop crying, please.

- Oh Terry, I regret so much! I understand everything…

- And now you want to marry me, right?

- Terry…

- I don’t want your pity Candy. It’s after you’ve read those letters, now you’re ready…

She looked at him stunned. He seemed angry at her.

- Terry…

- I need a moment alone Candy…

He was pushing her away. She couldn’t believe it. Wasn’t everything supposed to be better now? Then she realised he didn’t trust her. He thought she was coming to him only because she had read the letters… She could understand his mistrust. She had to show him that it wasn’t the case. She looked at him sadly. She stood up and she said:

- I’m going to go and wash my face to freshen up…

And she left before Terry could say anything.

Candy went to her room to look for her laptop and took to Terry’s office. She connected the printer to her laptop and she started printing stuff from her laptop… After a while, she put all the sheets together and she punched holes little by little until she was done and she put them in a binder she had had found on the shelf. She walked to the door and Terry came in at the same moment.

- Oh, there you are! She said.

- You were looking for me? He asked.

- Yes, I was on my way to see you…

- Why?

- To give you this…

- What is it?

- Everything that I felt when you, not only missed all or our dates, but also my 18th birthday…

- You wrote everything?

- I think we were on the same wavelength, Romeo…

He took the binder, still stunned.

- I’ll be in my room…

She got out of the office, leaving him alone in the office. She went back to her room and she finally decided to opened her old mail still in the box where her laptop was. She found a letter from a certain Graham Baker… Who was that again? She opened the letter and she saw that it was a typed letter, a thank you letter… form a prisoner from Amnesty International.

“Dear friends,

It is a great pleasure for me to write you this letter and in this way, give you my fraternal salutations to you and to all those who are surrounding you over there, may God reward them by giving them good health.

With the present letter, I wanted to show you my infinite gratitude and my congratulations to you all, members, collaborators, volunteers and citizens of all countries, who unite their strength and energy, day after day, reinforcing the work of Amnesty International in London, a hard work to defend the human rights and fight against discrimination.
I’m Graham Baker, ex-prisoner of conscience in Central America, adopted by Amnesty International. I was freed, after 20 months of unfair privation of liberty and privation of my family, my fiancée. Personally, I want to thank forever the group of Amnesty International of all communities and other parts of the world, who had worked in an efficient matter to gain my liberation, all my thank yous to all those who comforted me in my pain with your cards, your voices, your prayers and your good wishes. I sincerely admire you, I love you with all of my heart and you will always be present in my thoughts despite the fact that it would be difficult for us to all know each other, but I feel that we’re all the children of the same father and that resonates in the deep of my being and I tell myself that we’re all from one family despite the distance that separates us.

May God almighty bless you and protect you and your families.”

Then there was an interminable list of the names of all those who had written for his freedom, Candy opened her eyes wide when she saw her name. She didn't understand what was happening. On the bottom of the page, she saw Graham Baker’s signature… She recognize that handwriting anywhere. It was Terry’s!!! She was so shocked she was breathless.


"You should be kissed, and often, and by someone who knows how." Rhett Butler, Gone with the wind

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Letters to Juliet

Chapter 18
“The Letters to Romeo”

Terry was in his office and he was looking at the big binder Candy had given him. It was one to the big empty one that was on the shelf, that she used. He started reading. She had started with a poem too, like him!

Letter to Romeo

Blinded by your promise of eternal love
I saw in your departure an unfaithful man
Drown in the deepness of my passion
I was the and the executioner of your betrayal sentence
Like a damned women, clung on past dreams
Lost in the maze of my bruised pride
My heart tired of wondering, got full of cries
Waiting that return which was going to come and calm my tears
Long and painful was the trip of my regrets
When finally the truth imposed itself and hit me like a ton of bricks
In your azure eyes, I saw the end of the tunnel
In your passionate gestures, I felt your call
In the drowning musk of your arms, I understood my mistake
In your tortured mind, I read the love of my soulmate
How do I make myself forgiven for doubting you?
While I had already given you everything a long time ago!
Give me the time of a lifetime to tend to your wounds
Let me stay by your side today and forever
Let finally love you for eternity
Give me eternity to finally love you
And to prove to you that my heart and my body will find salvation in your hands!
(By my friend Glynda08, she wrote this especially for this chapter. Thank you honey! I love it!)

Terry understood that she had just written that poem of introduction. What was in that big binder? He turned the page… it entries from her personal diary.

“Dear Romeo,

You told me you were going to call me and I waited in vain for your phone call that never came. I never heard from you again. I had the worst summer ever, imagining a thousand and one thing that might have happened to you.
I doing some babysitting in town, since I didn’t have a friend with whom talking. Anthony and Anabeth didn’t spend that much time at home without you.

Why did you abandon me Romeo…? I miss you to much.

I love you.

Your Juliet.”

“Dear Romeo,

Today, Tom asked me to go out with him. I think it’s so strange, you know? He was my friend at school and he saw how I was drooling for you. I had to tell him that I only felt friendship for him. He said that I was wasting my time waiting for you. That you were older and that you were probably doing something else… Is that true Romeo? Did you forget about me? I’m still thinking about you.

I love you.

Your Juliet.”

“Dear Romeo,

I just woke up in startled! I had an horrible nightmare, that youwere locked up somewhere, unable to come out and come back to me. You were calling for me, I was responding buyyou ere incapable of coming where I was.
I don’t know what it means, But I’m going to imagine that it’s a sign. I know you Romeo, you wouldn’t have abandoned me like that of your own will. There must have been something preventing you from coming back to me and for me that dream was the answer to my question. You must be stuck somewhere, unable to come and join me… I’m going to pray for you to get out of that hole.

I love you.

Your Juliet.”

“Dear Romeo,

Today in school the English teacher told us about Amnesty International. You have to know about it, an organization that helps prisoners locked up most of the time for their ideas…Like Nelson Mandela was… She told up that we could become members if we wanted to. So after the dream I had of you, I decided to start writing letters to free prisoners. So for a time now I’ve been writing for the liberation of prisoners… And they would write us to thank you, very happy and grateful. I assure you that it feels good to know that we can help people just by writing letters!
I think about you everyday.

I love you.

Your Juliet.”

He continuer reading the letter and he got to her reaction after her 18th birthday when he didn’t show up.

“Dear Romeo,

What can I say today? I imagined myself that you didn’t keep your promises of our dates because I was still a minor. But now that I’m 18 years old, I’m legal. I thought you were going to come and proposed to me like you promised. I waited 685 days for nothing. Every time I would hear a car, I would run to the window. Every time the phone rang, my heart would explode, I thought it was you wanting to reassure me…You never came, you never called. I have to say that the fact that you already missed all of our dates, I was kind of expecting that you wouldn’t show up. You promise me you’d call and you never did… but the day of my 18th birthday was our biggest date, the most important one… the one were you were supposed to proposed to me! I was finally free to be with you and you never came Romeo. You broke my heart into a thousand pieces.

I cried all the tears of my body. I was upset. I had an agitated night and had dreams about you, you were dirty and you were looking at me sadly. You asking me to forgive you for not coming. Was it a dream of a telepathic message? I don’t know, but something reassured me…

I needed a change of scenery. So I went backpacking in Europe. I needed a total change.

I love you,

Your Juliet.”

She told him about her trip to Europe and everything she had lived. The notes she had taken and how she got her notes published for a touristic brochure.

“… I wanted my work to be authentic, so I visited all the touristic sites and I made a little summary of my visits. It was rather kind of fun and I didn’t get paid.”

She told him about the rest of her adventures, how she went to visit the offices of Amnesty International in London.

“I really like the peaceful atmosphere in those off ices, I bless the person who had the idea to start the first liberation campaign.

I just got the name of my new prisoner to free; Graham Baker, a young reporter in jail unjustly because he refuse to give the whereabouts of a the chief of a rebel camp of the opposition regime… “Graham”, made me think about you; “Terrence Graham Grandchester the third”. It’s still sound as pompous to me, even writing it after all these years. I wrote a lot of letters for that prisoner, like all the other and I’m not sure if he got them all of if he even knows we’re writing letter for his freedom.”

Terry couldn’t believe his eyes! Oh my God! She was part of the people who wrote to ask for his freedom! He started looking his old letter, the thank you letter which was a collective one, but where the names of all the names of those who wrote for his freedom figured. When he has sent the letters, his assistant had given him a sample he would read, rearranged and signed that letter which was scanned and multiplied. So he had pre-signed and his assistant had completed the list of names. He looked at his model and he read all the named and he saw Candice Andrew. How could he had not paid attention for all this time! He had made sure that all those who wrote for him got his thank yous. With everything that happened with Susanna, he hadn’t paid much attention. He had signed and the letter was multiplied and was mailed… He should’ve paid more attention, but the situation with Susanna, what he had discovered and what he was force into doing… Candy was part of the people who had written to ask for his freedom, without knowing it! His heart got filled with even more love for her! He was now convinced that Candy and him were made for each other.

He took his cellphone and dialed a number…


Dinah Grandchester was having fun during her cruse with her dear Diego; they were sitting by the pool and drinking frozen fruit juice when her cellphone rang. She looked at the display.

- Yes Terry?

- Dinah! Hi! I’m not bothering you?

- Never bro. Are you all right? Is the reconciliation done?

- Well I gave her my letters to read…

- Finally! It was about time! So…?

- So… you know I didn’t want her to come back to me in those conditions.

- Terry, stop it! I’ve observe you during the reception and the dinner the other nights! You’re in harmony!

- I know but…

- But what? I bet you wanted her to accept to marry you without knowing the truth… not after reading your letters…

- She refused to marry me one more time…

- Before you gave her the letter?

- Yes…

- She didn’t have all the card on the table Terry… I’m almost afraid to ask you. What did you do?

- I… I rejected her when she wanted to console me…

- In other words, she wanted to take you in her arms and you pushed her away. Terry! You’re not possible sometimes! I thought you loved her!

- I love her… but…

- You’re not sure she loves you back? Are you kidding me? I really want to come and kick you in the butt!

Terry was laughing, because his sister was actually capable of putting her threat to execution! He calmed down and he continued:

- I love Dinah, you know that?

- I love you too, big brother! What did she do? She begged you to listen to her?

- No, she gave me my own letters…

- Your letters? She gave them back to you?

- No, I said, that she gave me my own letters!!!

- Your own letters? She also wrote you letters?

- Yes…

- Oh my God!

- I know, it’s incredible…

- You’re now convinced that she loves you more than ever…

- Yes.

- Oh happy day!

Terry burst out laughing.

- But that’s not why I’m calling you…

- Why did you call me then…?

- While I was reading her letters, I found out something.

- What?

- That Candy is part of Amnesty International.

- Really? She’s a very generous person…

- She’s part of the people who wrote for my liberation…

- Ah! It’s a small world! Said Dinah a little dryly.

Terry felt the jealousy in Dinah’s voice.

- I will never thank you enough for what you did for me, sis.

- I know Terry, but you’re happy to learn that Candy also wrote for your liberation…

- She didn’t know she was helping me!

- I’m happy for you bro. You’re going to tell her?

- No, I’m not done reading yet… Ok, I’m going to let you go. Have fun. I love you.

- I love you too.

She hung up. Diego was looking at her.

- Is everything all right?

- Yes…

- It doesn’t looke like it, by looking at you.

- Well… you know what happened to Terry right?

- Yes, you told me, briefly.

- So, I’m going to tell you everything in details…

Terry was gone on a mission for a few days. Dinah was particularly happy to have him back with them. Terry would spend all his free time in America at his friend Anthony’s. She wanted to take advantage of his presence. When days passed and Terry wasn’t coming back, she tried unsuccessfully to get answers over the phone. When she realised that she wasn’t getting anywhere on the phone, she went in person to Terry’s magazine office to speak to his boss. The latter, after a lot of hours, was finally able to see her.

- What’s going on? Where’s my brother?

- Miss Grandchester…

- How could you not take my calls? My brother didn’t come back! What’s going on?! She asked angry.

- If you let me speak, I will explain it to you.

Dinah looked at him with angry eyes and she calmed down a little.

- I’m listening…

- Ok. It seems that Terry is in trouble…

- In trouble? What kind of trouble?

- He had to interview the chief of the opposition who was in hide out in a camp… and he was arrested and interrogated. He told them he didn’t know where the camp… and it was the truth, since was blindfolded when they took him there…

- What did they do to him…?

- After they interrogated him, they let him go back to his hotel and Terry wanted to leave the country right away… he was arrested on his way to the airport and they found drugs on him…

- What?! But you do know that’s not true right? Terry is not a drug dealer…

- The Embassy’s hands are tied in this kind of case, they don’t like to get their hands dirty and according to the law, they mustn’t meddle in the justice department of foreign countries…

- What’s going to happen to my brother?

- I’m doing everything in my power, but it’s not much. It’s a foreign country where corruption is very strong, If your family has the means…

- Amnesty International… I heard that those who asked for ransom are not serious. They might just take the money and not free Terry… No, I’m going to try to do something on my side, but you have another solution…

Dinah had told her father the bad news…

- I told him to stop with that nonsense! Reporter! What an idea! Now, he’s up the creek with a paddle!

- Come on dad, we have to do something! He’s your eldest son!

- So he should’ve stayed here, said her mother with disdain.

- Well he’s independent, said Dinah, mum, please, this is not the time! It’s about Terry’s life!

- Well, said the duke, my hands are tied, I can’t do much… it’s a foreign country and I have no jurisdiction there…

- Amnesty International… it’s an organisation that powerful and it attracts those countries in silence with their letters…

That’s how she had started a campaign and writing letters for her brother’s freedom with Amnesty International, which investigated and confirmed that Terry was indeed a prisoner in horrible conditions… When Terry was freed, she was surprised she was notified. Terry ended up calling her and told her the far-fetched story about getting married to get the diplomatic immunity with the daughter of the American ambassador.

- Come on Terry! You could’ve come to see us still ! I was worried about you!

- Thank you very much Dinah, I’ll come as soon as possible…

Dinah didn’t understand. Terry was married and didn’t talk about his liberation? What the heck was going on? Terry came to London with his wife Susanna and Dinah didn’t understand a thing. She was happy to see her brother alive. He was so skinny it was scary. She managed to speak to him wthout his wife who was sticking to him like glue.

- Dinah… I wanted to thank you for everything you’ve done for me, sis! Thank you, you saved my life…

He hugged her hard…

- I don’t understand why I wasn’t notified…

Terry told her what his wife had done and what he discovered recently.

- Terry… what about Candy? You always talked about her with so much passion! She doesn’t know why you disappeared and you come back married!

Terry looked at her with sad eyes.

- Life was cruel to me.

- You’re not upset with your wife?

- No, I forgave her…

- Terry…

- You know refusing to forgive is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die…

- Hein?

- Whey you refuse to forgive, you’re getting eating up inside and it blocks our plans…

- You still want to write for your magazine?

- In prison, I wrote a lot of romance novels in my head…

- Really?

- Yes… and I’ve already talked to a publisher who told me that I needed a female pen name…

- Why don’t you use your wife’s?

- Because, I want to use my little sister who saved me by starting a campaign for my liberation with Amnesty International… do you agree?

- You want me to be you?

- On the book covers… what woud you say about the name “Teresa George”?

- T.G….

- And you’d have to appear for interviews and conferences… photo shoots…

- I really have to pretend to be a writer? How much are you going to pay me?

- Enough for you to not need dad’s pocket money…

She jumped in her arms laughing!

- I’m happy to see you alive again bro! Thank you God!

Terry had gone to America after that to see his mother and reassure her and for his best friend Anthony’s wedding, Candy Andrew’s brother…

The duke was also very happy to see his son alive again.

- Terry! He said hugging him. Don’t you ever scare us like that again!

- Father, it’s good to see you again…let me introduce you to my wife… Susanna

- Pleased to meet you… I supposed no longer need the fiancée I was keeping for you…

- Dad…

- You just came back from hell Terry, I’m giving you a break

- That’s very generous of you father…

- But I thought that you were in love with your best friend’s little sister…

- Life if full of surprises, father…

Dinah came back to reality.

- The whole family was happy to see him. Especially my father, who thought he had lost his eldest son. Then when he came back from America after seeing Candy again and broken her heart, we started working together… the book tours across the country, abroad…

- Now, it looks like you’re a little jealous.

- Candy has always been the first in Terry’s heart… he talked about her with so much passion and I was jealous… when Terry disappeared, I knew he wasn’t with Candy anymore because of her brother… so she didn’t know what was going on, I started the campaign for Terry’s liberation… and…

She stopped moved.

- Continue, said Diego.

- Well, despite what his wife did, I was the one who started the liberation campaign for Terry…Candy wouldn’t listen to Terry when he was trying to get her back… I want them to get back together, because she’s the woman Terry has been in love with forever… but to learn tnat she also wrote letter for Terry’s liberation…

- It’s like she’s stealing your scene? Come on honey… you’re Terry’s sister, Candy is the woman he loves. You both love him, that’s what ‘s important, right? You don’t need to be jealous of Candy.

- He made up with his mother, because Candy told him to… and he didn’t even tell me… I was telling him to make peace with her too.

- Sometimes, you just need the right person to talk to you for you to finally hear…

- I know I’m ridiculous. I’m happy for my brother and for Candy. I hope she doesn’t hurt him…

- According to the pas, he’s the one who hurt her, didn’t he? Don’t worry about Terry. He’s a big boy…

Dinah put on her glasses to hide the tears coming to her eyes. Diego sat on her long chair and took her in his arms and he looked for her lips to fierily kiss her.


Meanwhile, Terry continued his reading… and he got to the moment when…

“Dear Romeo,

I’m going back to America, because Anthony is getting married with Anabeth! I’m so happy for them. They’ve been together for so long and they get along so well. Do you remember when Anabeth would bring her friends and cousins so they would be your date? It made me laugh to see that you were not interested in them. Yet they were kind or pretty enough, especially on the breast size! But I liked that you’d rather spend time with me and that Anthony could believe it and would get mad…I understand why he didn’t trust you and looked for us to find us on that beach. I often thought about what would have happened if Anthony hadn’t interrupted us that morning…he transformed my perfect evening into a nightmare and I never saw you again! I’m the matron of honor at my brother’s wedding.
I don’t know if you’re going to come to Anthony’s wedding. He was your best friend after all. I don’t talk to him about you, it’s like you’re a taboo subject between us…He’s always vague when I ask him about you.
I can’t wait to see my family, I missed them a lot. I don’t know if you’re going to come, but I hopewith all my heart that I will see you at the wedding.

I love you.

Your Juliet.”

Terry was moved when he read that letter. He was starting to understand why Candy didn’t trust him at all. He was going to break he heart again…

“Dear Romeo,

I stopped crying to write down what I was feeling. You know what happened. I was so surprised and so happy to see you again. I was ready to hear it all, to forgive you everything. I was ready to hear that you were abducted by aliens, that you were rotting in a prison cell, like in my dreams unable to come to me, I was ready to hear it all, except that you married another woman! During all these years, if I wasn’t sure of anything, I was sure of one thing, that I would be the women of your life. I’ve seen you neglect all the women Anabeth was bringing you. You’d rather be with me! So I was flabbergasted when your wife came to introduce herself… I will never forget that moment. It’s one thing to expect it and it’s another thing to be surprised without knowing it. You’ve hurt me Romeo. You someone else’s husband. I don’t have the right to think about you in those terms. I’m not your wife. I will never be. Oh Romeo, my heart is bleeding. What happened Romeo? How couldyou have betrayed me like that? I’m trying with all strength , but it’s impossible for me to hate you. I still love you.

Your Juliette.”

It ended with a poem…

For you my love, I promise what have as a future
Even if it’s another onewho is going to share your days
And that from my face, you keep only a memory
My heart and my soul belong toyou forever
Today you’re far away, without hope to reach tomorrow
I say goodbye to the hopes that I had to cross your path again
But my love, believe me, destiny and time will wind
And my dreams will let me curl up in your caressing arms.
Eternelly, I will stay by your side and yet solitary
I will learn to fight my feelings, to make them shut up
I will be yours forever and across the years
Because nothing gets extinguish when you really love each other
I’m consuming myself, yes, by letting my flame grow
Yet I’ve already made the vow to remain your wife!
By my friend Glynda08


“Dear Romeo

I don’t know how long it’s been since I last wrote to you… That’s not true, I know exactly how long. After our disastrous meeting at Anthony’s wedding, I decided to write our story which will tell what you’ve done to me. I felt good and it allowed me to let go of myself.

I also decided to go back to school. So I went to an open doors at Chicago University and I met a young man named Cole Howard. He had the British accent, it’s probably what attracted me to him. I thought he was charming until I took him at Anthony’s and the latter, if you want to believe it, told me that Cole was just a pale imitation of you! I didn’t want to believe it. I felt good, that’s all that was important. I wanted to forget about you, you were married after all. There is one of the commandment that says:

“You shall not covet your neighbour’s wife?” For me it was the husband… I already couldn’t stop loving you or forget about you. I needed someone to forget about you Romeo.”

She was talking about her courses she was going to have, then she talked about the evolution of her feelings for her dear Cole.


Candy was in her room thinking about Terry who was reading. She had forgotten what she had written, until she opened her laptop once it was charged. She called Anabeth…

- Candy? So?

- Oh Anabeth! Said Candy with a broken voice.

- What’s going on Candy? Is everything all right?

- Well the “negociations” in quotations marks, continue…

- Which means?

- Which means that I finally learned why Terry didn’t come to all our dates!!!

- Oh…

- You knew didn’t you? Anthony told you?

- I had to keep the secret, do you wouldn’t get influenced. Terry had told Anthony when he came for the wedding to be his best man…

- You could’ve told me…

- Terry didn’t want you to know, he wanted to find a way to tell you himself and Anthony told him jokingly: “Why don’t you write a novel to tell her about it…it would be easier!

- That’s what he literally did! Said Candy.

- You’re not upset with us?

- I was upset with Anthony when I learned that he blackmailed Terry to leave America!

- He wanted to protect you…, You were only 16 after all…

- You knew Anthony was the man of your life very young, didn’t you?

- Yes, but…

- Why didn’t you trust me?

- Candy…

- I knew when I was 12 that Terry was the man of my life!!! You could’ve told me didn’t you think so? I almost married another man!

- Thank God you realised in time! Anthony was going crazy imagining you with Cole! What happened between you two again?

Candy remembered...

She went to the open doors at Chicago University… there were a lot of people, young like olde wanting to go back to school. She was looking at the journalism program. She saw the program for English literature and of course she thought about Terry and his British accent.

- English literature, I like it a lot, said a voice behind her with the British accent.

Candy’s heart exploded in her chest. She turned around and she saw a young British man, according toher accent, reminded her of Terry, they had a brief resemblance or was it just the British accent. Candy’s wounded heart looked at the young man like at her Moses, who came to save her from her heartbreak… she smiled at him.

- With the accent you have, you should be teaching English litterature! She told him.

- I came to take some courses…

- You crossed the Atlantic ocean to come and study English literature in the United Stated of America?

- I like that you’re précising that I’m in the United States of America, at least I know I’m in the right country.

- You’d be surprised to find out how many people travelling with no sens of orientation whatsoever!

- Really?

- Yes, I was in Brussels once at the south station. I had to call someone, so a young man came to ask me in what country we were… and I told him… euh, in Belgium?

- He didn’t know in which country he was?

- He was touring in Europe, and since some countries in Europe are not very big?

- Yes, but to travel like that with not orientation sens…

- I did it… but I have the orientation sense!

- Really?

- Yes!

- Can you show me where the admission room is?

- What? You’re not a teacher? What a pity?

- I’m going to study English lit, you want to believe that.

- Would you be my tutor?

- How do you know I’m qualified?

- With an accent like yours? You can only be a pro in the matter…

- Cole Howard…

- Candice Andrew, Candy for my friends…

They became inseparable. Candy loved spending time with him and listen to him talk all day long. Anthony had burst her bubble by telling her she’s clinging on to a dream… But Candy wouldn’t listen.

One night, after a romantic dinner, Candy was expecting for him to propose, She was dreaming about it at night, she would dream about Terry who came to make his famour proposal. She had the impression she was seeing Terry by moment, but she would wipe that image away. She told herself that Anthony had put ideas in her head with his remarks on Cole who was a pale imitation of Terry!

The dinner went on fine until dessert. It was chocolate mousse, which Candy loved more than anything! She took a spoon smiling but she staring coughing immediately.

- Candy? Said Cole standing up, are you all right?

Candy was red chocking, Cole didn’t know what to do. One of the waiter of the restaurant arrived to put his arms around Candy’s waist. He leaned her forward and he put his closed fists, the palm looking down, in the bottom of her stomach on top of her navel and under the triangle formed by her ribs. He held his fist with the other hand, he pushed it with one blow towards him and the top. After three tries, the ring, because that’s what was chocking Candy, it was Cole’s engagement ring, it came out flying into the airs to land on another surprised couple’s table.

Candy had seen ten thousand things during that awful period, all her life flashed in front of her. Cole took her in his arms to console her, The waiting brought the ring back…

- Oh my God! Said Cole, I almost killed you! I’m sorry honey.

- No, you wanted to be romantic. It’s my fault, I hate too fast. You know how much I like chocolate mousse…

- No, it’s my fault, I wanted to overdo it…and I ruined everything.

- You were very romantic Cole… You still haven’t proposed tome…

- Oh… it totally came out of my head, honey. I’m sorry… but you almost died.

- I’m alive…

He looked at her. He was hesitating to continued what he had planned after the almost disaster earlier. But Candy’s green eyes made him melt. So he put his knee down and he said smiling:

- Candy, my darling, will you marry me?

She looked at him. The moment was emotional for her. She had heard Terry’s voice for a fraction of a second…But what was she thinking? Cole had just proposed to her! She owed him an answer! She looked at him smiling.

- Yes, she replied, smiling.

He put the ring at her finger, he stood up to take her in his arms to kiss her. People around them started clapping their hands.

Candy was living in a bubble and she was happy. She had to go to London to meet Cole’s family. She went to see Anabeth before they left.

- You almost strangled her with the engagement ring?

- Yes…

- Looks like a scene of a very bad movie…

Candy burst out laughing.

- Don’t you think it’s a sign? Asked Anabeth.

- A sign of what?

- That you shouldn’t marry him?

- Why?

- You almost chocked on his ring!

- That’s ridiculous! I love Cole!

- Are you sure?

- You’re not going to jump on Anthony’s riding train…

- Candy…

- I’m going to go to London to meet Cole’s family. I’m going to marry her, continue my life and be happy! Can you just be happy for me, please…

Anabeth took her in her arms.

- I love you Candy, be happy, said Anabeth

- I’m going to announce the news to my parents…

Her parents were happy for her and they wished her all the happiness of the world. They had a little reception with their loved ones to celebrate. Anthony was looking at his sister shaking his head… he tried again…

- Candy…

- Don’t start please.

- You almost chocked on his ring…

- “Almost” being the operating word here…

- Even your chocolate mousse must have felt bitter…

- I still love chocolate… You know that some women prefer it to sex?

- Don’t change the subject. You can’t marry Cole…

- Yes I can, I want to and I’m going to do it!

It was like, the more Anthony was telling her not to do it, the more she wanted to do it! He realised that his attitude was pushing Candy into Cole’s arms. So he stopped.

- Very well. Do as you please. But I pray you wake up before you make the biggest mistake of your life.

- I love you Anthony, said Candy hugging him

- I love you too, little sister.

The reception went on well. Cole’s family was living in the English country side, very green and they had a big villa. They had greeted her very well and they were adorable with her. Everything went fine, until the night when…

The more the wedding date was getting closer, the more Candy was hearing Anthony’s voice telling her not to marry Cole. Everything was going to be fine, she was going to marry him… She had rejected his attempt to be intimate and he was happy to have a girl in the 21st century who had values. It was something rare, he told her. HE was proud to have fallen on a girl like her.

One evening, after dinner, in the villa of Cole’s parents, he had walked her to her room and he had kissed her and the kiss got longer. In general, Cole would stop the kiss, but his time around he had continued… They found themselves on the big bed in the guests room, where Candy was sleeping during their stay at the Howards. One thing led to another, they found themselves naked on the verge of making love… Cole wanted to stop, but he loved Candy so much and he was going to marry her and it was practically impossible for him to restrain himself… Candy was still in her bubble. She was seeing herself like in a dream, she was seeing herself in Terry’s arms, she was back on that beach the morning after the ball. She was going to lose her virginity to Terry, it was going to be wonderful, in the heat of the moment she screamed:

- Oh Terry! Take me now…

A frozen shower wouldn’t have had a worst effect on Cole. He got stiffed and the charm was broken immediately.

- Terry?

- What? Said Candy like she was waking up from a nightmare.

- Terry? Who is Terry?

- I called you Terry? I’m sorry Cole…

The bubble had just bust and reality came crashing down at her feet. Tears started to come down her cheeks from her big emerald eyes.

- Who is Terry? Repeated Cole.

- He was Anthony’s best friend… I… I was in love with him…

- You’re still in love with him… what happened?

- I was too young… he had promised to come on my 18th birthday to propose tome. He never came… I probably was just his best friend’s little sister. He wasn’t serious…He came to Anthony and Anabeth’s wedding, married to another woman!

Candy was crying telling that story…

- Why did you call me “Terry” ?

- He’s also British…

- Great the accent! You’re with me because I looked like our old boyfriend?

- I’m sorry Cole… I was like blinded…

- That’s why Anthony wasn’t very warm with me?

- Cole…, I’m sorry.

- There is now way we’re getting married now…

- I understand. I just realised that you’re not Terry… I’m really sorry.

And they had broken up…

Candy came back to reality. What a crazy thing she had done with Cole. Now she was getting back together with Terry…

- You called him Terry, in the heat of the moment? Oh my God! It’s like a soap opera!

- Tell me about it!

- Poor Cole… Can you imagine if you had said the wrong name at church?

- I don’t even want to think about it!

- And good luck with Terry… He’s a Christian so I suppose you won’t get your night of love… unless you marry him tonight…

- You know, I love the fact that he respected me after all…

- Well it took you long enough to appreciate it!

- He’s my Romeo and he’s become even more perfect in my eyes! Bye Anabeth…

- Bye Candy…

She hung up smiling. She was wondering if Terry was done reading…


“Dear Romeo,

Cole is wonderful and he proposed to me. I said yes and curiously, Anthony was not happy, saying that I was making a big mistake that I was looking to recreate what I had with you. But I didn’t want to listen. I’m going to England with Cole to meet his parents.

The trip to London was fun. I couldn’t help thinking about you and that famous job who took you away from me forever…

I met Cole’s family, they’re all very nice… but the more time passed the more I thought about Anthony’s words…

Something horrible happened… one evening while we were saying good night before we go to bed, I was kissing Cole and I found myself on that beach, that morning… when we were on the verge or making love and in the heat of the moment, I called him “Terry”… Oh my God, I didn’t even realised… Needless to say that Cole wasn’t happy… I had to confess… I was using him and his “resemblance” with you…

I couldn’t marry Cole. Anthony was right, I wanted an imitation of you and I realised he wasn’t you! And him too! It was a very sad and very humiliating moment.

So I broke up with Cole, before I commit the biggest mistake of my life. He was attached to me a lot, and I didn’t love him. I loved an illusion… I loved someone else and didn’t have the right to love…

Needless to say that Anthony was glad.

I tried to fool myself for a moment, but my love for you was too strong to the point it gave me illusions!”

Terry had been jealous. He was reading the hear tight, what Candy was telling about Cole… She had the right after all to move on with her life. But he couldn’t help asking himself how could she have forgotten about him? She loved him since she was 12 years old… SO this last letter filled him with joy. He thanked the Lord. It was the most beautiful letter he had ever read!

The letters stopped there.

Terry continued reading, it was the novel she wrote after their meeting at Anthony’s wedding, that was starting. The title was ; “The broken promise”. It started with a poem again…

What if…

What if the time of one night I had let myself go all the way in your bed
Forming just one in that meantime destined to be franchised
Tasting our dream in an instant of absolute peace
So this bed will be the climax of our very contained passion
And what if, after nine moons, we had created a life
A little innocent being with as shinning look
A child that would looke like us, carrying the traits of love
The proof of a feeling that will last forever
So the little angel would carry the flame on my way
The only proof, the heir son, witnessed that we were one
And I wouldn’t have enough with two hands two rock him tenderly
And I wouldn’t have enough of a lifetime to love strongly
What if… what if… If only…
Tell me, Today, will we be reunited?

By my friend Glynda08

He continued reading. The story was about two doomed lovers, because their parents didn’t get along at all, their families were enemies. She had written her own version of “Romeo and Juliet”. The heros names were Rosalba and Trey…

They had met at the fair and they got along right away, until they realised that their families were enemies, They tried not to see each other anymore, but their love was too strong…

Trey and his family had difficult moments, Trey had to go to try and make in the world to save his family. Before he left, he went to see Rosalba to tell her goodbye. They had met in a little wooden house in the woods.

- I have to go, I have to help my family

- But… I wont see you anymore…

- I’ll come back to marry you my darling…

- You promise me?

- I promise you. I’ll come back to marry you…

- Don’t go, I’m going to miss you too much, she said jumping into his arms.

They started kissing passionately. Was it the fact that it was a goodbye kiss? Any way, the kiss was the best kiss she had never had, she didn’t want him to stop…

Terry continue reading and he was surprised by Candy’s description had done about the love scene that followed. It was exactly the scene that had happened to them on the beach that morning before Anthony came to interrupt them… and he waited for the interruption that didn’t come…Candy had written her dream! He stopped reading and took a deep breath… he under stood what the poem meant at the beginning of the novel… he continue reading. Trey had left after his nigh of passion, forced to abandoned her beloved.

Rosalba was forced by her father to get engaged to a rich man: so she wont be free for the son of their ennemy’s family… Trey came back years later and he found her married with a little boy. She didn’t wait for him… Terry couldn’t help to feel deceived and angry like the hero… he now understood Candy’s reaction better.

Trey went to see Rosalba who was now a widow, There was a storm threatening outside, He didn’t want to leave her alone, in case she…

- You can leave Trey. I’ll managed…

- And you need help…

- I’ll call the neighbours…

- That’s ridiculous, I’m here…

- At least they won't abandon me…

- I didn’t abandon you. I told you that I’ll come back to marr you. You’re the one who didn’t wait.

- I couldn’t wait anymore…

- You wanted more, he told her with an accusating tone

She burst out laughing, but there was no humour inhis eyes.

- No, Trey, I couldn’t

- Why?

- I was carrying your child

It was a shock, a big shock crushing and making his mind numb. A child… his child?

- We have a child? He asked in a breath

- A son.

He stood up and he walked to the kitchen and he saw the little boy who was eating his treat. His son? In a sudden gesture, he turned to Rosalba.

- For God’s sake Rosalba, I didn’t know …

He was unlucky indeed, there were circumstances against him for years… but if he had known to what point she needed her , he would’ve crossed hell to come to her. So there was no way he would leave her alone with this storm in the air…

The novel was unfinished… since when?

“ I think, thuserefore I am…” He said to himself.

Candy was waiting the end of their story with him to finish it… Everything was going better in his novel…
Candy had made him read all that so that he would realise that she had never stopped loving him! She wanted him now, it wasn’t pity! It was because she had realised that they were on the same wave length! And she finally had the missing pieced, she knew why he had missed all their dates, why he got married…he had to go and talk to her! What a fool he was ! How could he have believed that she didn’t love him anymore?

“Read my lips Romeo: I will never forget you”, he heard in his head.


"You should be kissed, and often, and by someone who knows how." Rhett Butler, Gone with the wind

There's another little love in the way...
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The Letters to Juliet

Chapter 19
“Forgive me…”

The existential intelligence, or spiritual intelligence, according to Howard Gardner, is define by the aptitude to question the sense and the origin or things. The capacity to think about our origins and our destiny. That spiritual intelligence, existential or moral is again define as the aptitude to situate oneself according to the cosmic limits (from infinitely big to infinitely small) or to edit the rules or the behaviour according to the domains of life. Howard Gardner only define this one a eight and a half, and not a whole intelligence like the eight others.

Terry thought he had thought about his life, about his destiny after everything that had happened to him, but he had just found out about Candy, was telling him that life was full of surprises. He knew she had always loved him ever since she was a tween. He had seen how she had fallen in love with him on the heights of her 12 years old… he had also fallen in love with the kid, but of course, he didn’t know it, he just wanted to spend all his time with her, he’d rather be in her company than with Anthony and Anabeth and all the girls they were trying to fix him up with… When did he fall in love with Candy? He was thinking and he knew exactly when… it was during their first meeting… it was love at firs sight for both of them… their love had evolved and had become stronger… he was writing her letters in his head in prison and she was writing to him in her journal… it was eerie how they were on the same wavelength. When he was in prison, talking to her in his head, he was imagining she was hearing him, he was imagining she was talking back to him, her image had kept him alive. It had given him hope… After reading Candy’s secrets, he was wondering how he could’ve doubted Candy ‘s love for him! If she was refusing to marry him, it was because she didn’t know what had happened to him! For her he had broken his promise by marrying another woman… It wasn’t the time to think about all that. He had to go see Candy and talk to her!


Meanwhile Candy was reading her old main and on top of the thank you letter from Graham Baker, she had received another letter that has stunned her.

“My dear Candy,

I know you’re going to be surprised to receive my letter post-mortem. I’m not in this world anymore, but I have something to tell you. We didn’t get the occasion to talk at your brother’s wedding and to learn that Terry was my husband must have given you a terrible shock.

Maybe you’re aware of the whole story by now. I’m writing you to thank you. I “stole” your man, but he made the last days of my life very happy. He’s an honourable man, who respected his marriage vows. He made me accept Christ and I died in peace. He’s the best man ever, he didn’t have to do everything he did, after everything I did to him, he forgave me… So if you’re not together yet, don’t lose another minute. The time I spent with Terry was the happiest time of my life. You have him for the rest of your life, don’t lose another minute. He loves you and if you love him too, be happy together.

May the Lord bless you.

Susanna Marlowe Grandchester.”

Candy was shocked; the letter was resent to London, but she had already left, and Cole had took his sweet time to send her her old stuff. She couldn’t resent him for that. She used him to try to forget Terry, without any success. She was still ashamed of her behaviour.

She got out of the room to go to the kitchen and to see if Terry was done reading her secrets. She had just passed in front of the office when the door opened. She turned around. Terry was looking at her. He ran to her to take her in his arms and kiss her passionately on the mouth for a long while, she kissed him back. When they stopped, breathless…

- I love you Romeo, she said.

- You don’t need to tell me… I know. I’m sorry for earlier… Oh my love, what an idiot I was! I almost ruined everything…

- I wouldn’t have given up without fighting you know…

- I can’t believe we were on the same wave length…
They were both walking together and they went in one of the living rooms and they sat down on a leather couch, in each other’s arms.

- A letter full of discoveries, said Candy smiling

- You can say that again! And I thought I was the only one who had revelations to make.

- Please forgive me for my attitude towards you. Thank you for persevering . As a writer you know that writing is the best way to relief yourself when we have a problem, don’t you ? I’m fascinated to know that you wrote all those letters in your head in prison.

- I have a memory like an elephant…

- Tell me about it! She said smiling curling up against him with love.

- Forgive me for my marriage…

- I understood what happened and I love you even more for everything you did for your wife. Instead of being angry at her, you forgave her… They say there’s a big party in heaven when a soul gets converted…

- I didn’t love her like I loved you, but I was her friend…

- You really took “For better or worse, in sickness and in health…” to the letter…

- I read everything you wrote… your novel to let go of yourself in which you put all of our dreams… it’s very good.

- Is that a compliment from Teresa George or from Terrence Graham Grandchester the third?

- Both…

- Looks like we get inspired when we’re unhappy…

- Why didn’t you have it published?

- First of all, because it’s full of my most intimate thoughts, then, I couldn’t finish it, I didn’t want to finish it…

- You didn’t want to give up on your dream…

- In this novel, I was finding you again, like I wanted you to be…

- Trey didn’t get married… he was smarter than me…

- The circumstances were different…

- But I wished I found you with my son when I came back…

- We will have all the children you want my love…

- So are you finally accepting my proposal?

- I would’ve said yes on my 18th birthday…

- And I understood why you were saying “no”… by the way, thank you for the letter you wrote for my liberation…

She looked at him with love.

- Oh yeah!, I just found out that you’re Graham Baker… I still can’t believe it!!! You’re welcome my love. I’m happy to see that I wasn’t doing nothing while you were rotting in prison… I’m sorry for your stay in prison…

- You didn’t know…

- Unconsciously, I knew, I was having dreams of you in a dark place and you couldn’t come to me…

- If I had any doubt that you were the woman of my life, reading your secrets convinced me for good. Are you sure my marriage doesn’t bother you anymore?

- Terry… I assure you. Don’t worry about it and…

She had a little pause.

- And…

- I got a letter from Susanna…

- You what? When?!

- I came with my things from London… Cole took his sweet time to send me my stuff. I should probably just be happy he didn’t throw them away or sold them…

- What does Susanna’s letter say?

- I’ll show it to you later… I can’t resent her anymore… maybe because she’s no longer in this world…

- You forgave her?

- Yes… Oh my God Terry! A week ago, I never would’ve imagined something like that…

- You’ve open your heart again Candy…

- I was so bitter, I wasn’t thinking about what I was doing… like getting angry with you. When you respected me

- Candy, I love you and nothing is ever going to change that…

- Even when I was awful with you?

- You’re my darling Juliet and I’m you’re Romeo…

He hugged her hard against him. Candy remembered something…

- Romeo?

- Yes?

- Didn’t you sign a contract with Hollywood?

- What contract…?

- Your book…

- Oh… Oh! Yes! That’s true!

- Are you ready to rejoice now?

- Juliet, to have you in my arms again, loving me is all that I need…

- Oh Romeo…

He let go of he and he put a knee down and he asked:

- Will you marry me, Candy?

It was not the first time he was asking her, but this time around, it was music to her ears.

- Yes, yes, yes, a thousand times yes! She said laughing with tears in her eyes.
What a pleasure it was to hear her finally give an affirmative answer!

- Finally! He said laughing.

He took her in his arms and he started spinning around and they were both laughing. Then they stopped and they kissed again. They were happy.

Candy’s image had kept him alive… he had met the word of God in prison. Maybe it was the perfect place to meet the Lord, because most prisoners have no more hope. He had Candy to keep him alive… but he was thirsty to know the Bible and the message they had given him: “But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.”

He had waited for a long time for what he wanted, he wasn’t discouraged to have Candy candy and it was really worth it. All the Hollywood contracts and the success of his books wouldn’t have given him what he wanted in life. The famous psychologist Maslow with his theory and his pyramide of well being.. Love was not there sometimes but belonging was and it was in third position. Belonging and the love of others. But for Terry, love should be at the base, in first position, because he had everything on the pyramid, but he was missing love in his life. Because of that, he couldn’t appreciate his life completely like he would’ve wanted to. Without Love, the world wouldn’t exist… For Terry the pyramid of needs should start with love because it’s the base and the foundation of everything in the universe. He loved his family, his family loved him, his surrounding loved him he was missing the love of a the woman of his life for his belonging to be complete. And now, he had it and he was very happy!

They went together in Candy’s room and she showed him Susanna’s letter.

- I can’t believe she wrote you!

- She probably wanted to make sure I was going to take you back…

- She was telling me to go to you…

- You couldn’t abandon her in her state… I understand and I wouldn’t have want you to if you had done it… You’re a good man Terry. You put your wife’s happiness before yours.

- Would you ever forgive me?

- I already forgave you my love…

- I promise to put our happiness first from now on… We’re going to get married before we go to Hollywood…

- I could go to the university of Los Angeles… I have to call my parents! I have to call Anabeth! She wanted pictures with Liam Hemsworth!

- Don’t worry, she will have all the picture she wants… we can invite him to the wedding…

- Oh…why not? It will be even better if she can take the pictures herself!

- And Anthony…

- I’m…still angry with him

- Candy, he only was doing his duty as a big brother and protect his little sister…

- You’re going to tell me to forgive him, aren’t you?

- You know when you don’t forgive, you’re not blocking the other person, but yourself?

- How?

- A man once said: “Refusing to forgive is like drinking poison and hoping the other person will die…”

- You forgave your jailers, didn’t you?

- I discovered the word of God in prison, it’s the firs thing we have to do after we repent…

- Nelson Mandela also said that if he continued being angry with those who put him in prison…

- That he would still be in prison? I understood that when I received the word of God, before that, maybe I wouldn’t have agreed with that . Forgiveness is a power that sets you free… A lot of people think that when you’re refusing to forgive, you’re punishing the other person, but that’s not true, in fact you’re punishing yourself and you’re blocking a lot of things in our life…

- The good karma…

- If you want to see it like that, yes, the good karma…

Candy smiled.

- You’re going to preach my so I can become a born again Christian like you?

- I wouldn’t be a good Christian, if I didn’t do it… I just don’t want to force you…

- Force me? You went through hell, you were lied to by a woman and you stay with her and broke my heart, because you took your vows seriously, in sickness and in health… and I know what it cost you to do that to me! I want what you have, you could’ve come out of this bitter after everything that happened to you… but you’re serene and you took all my snubbing and rebuffing without getting tired… you had the patience of an angel…

- My priority was to get you back, my Juliet.

- Thank you for your patience, my Romeo… you could’ve sent me to hell…

- You? Never. You kept me alive in jail… and Susanna and her comedy, I was able to go along with it because I thought it was you I was seeing… You saved my life Candy. A part of me couldn’t abandon Susanna… especially after receiving the word of God.

- I understand…

- Forgive me for everything , my darling.

- I forgave you my love. I don’t ever want to leave you.

He hugged her hard and looked for her lips and kissed her passionately. Everything was fine for them, everything was for the best in the best of all possible worlds.



"You should be kissed, and often, and by someone who knows how." Rhett Butler, Gone with the wind

There's another little love in the way...
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Letters to Juliet

Chapter 20
“With this ring…”

A big thank you to my friends Glynda and lilirose, whose poems inspired me to write the wedding vows of our heroes.

Candy and Terry were on their way to her parents for the wedding. They had packed their bags. Candy’s parents had insisted for the wedding to take place in their garden. Candy was talking on the phone with her mother in one of the living rooms.

- Mom, we can have it here…

- Candy, said her mother, the whole town knows your story and they witnessed the beginning of your story… it would be cruel to deprive them of the pleasure of finally see you marry the man of your dreams!

Candy looked at Terry.

- We can get married at your parents, he said, it’s also a little my home too, I’ve spent so much time there… I also know everybody…

- All right mom…

- Your father put some money aside for your wedding…

- Terry can pay, mom…

- Out of the questions! Said her father who took the phone, I’m going to pay for my little girl’s wedding!

- Very well, daddy…, said Candy

- And it’s about time you get married, we’ve been waiting for this day since you turned 18 years old…

Candy burst out laughing.

- I’m going to tell you everything, daddy, said Candy

- All right. The local paper would like to write a story on the two of you…

- Really? Said Candy looking at Terry

- What? Said Terry seeing her quizzical eyes

- One moment daddy…

She looked at Terry and she told him:

- The local paper would like to write an article on our story… would you agree to that?

- The Letters to Juliet, are going to get published…

- Well, that would be free advertising for you Teresa George…

- In fact, I’m going to publish them under Terrence Graham Grandchester, the third…

- It still sounds so pompous! Said Candy laughing, well, you know how to play with words and you’ll know how to answer questions without revealing the book too much…

- All right…

- Daddy, it’s ok for the article. We’ll call the paper once we get there…

- Very well, said her father, see you later my darling…

Her mother took the phone back.

- Anabeth told me you’ve met celebrities? Are they going to come to the wedding?

- I don’t know, mom, you ‘ll see for yourself, with them, you can never guaranty…

- What colour do you want for your wedding?

- White of course and…

She looked at Terry and she thought about Bianca Rose and Rosalba…

- And pink…

- Which pink? Pale or fuschia…?

- Pale…

- Have you chosen your dress yet?

- I have it in my mind, since I was 12 years years old, mom…

- You’ll show me the model, if we can’t find it, we will have to make it…

- Are we going to have the time, mom?

- Your wedding is an event we’ve been waiting for for years… we will find the time…

- All right…

When she hung up, Candy thought about Anthony…

- Did you talk to our brother?

- No…

- Candy…

- I’ll see him later…

Terry looked at her. Their luggage was ready.

- You have to forgive your brother…

- I know Terry… but… I’m so angry! I wished he had asked for “reparation” for instance…
erry looked at her with love.

- You would’ve married me at 16? He asked

- You can bet your life, that I would’ve married you my love! I was crazy about you… and I still am!

Terry took her in his arms and kissed her tenderly. She was wearing a beige suit for the trip to Chicago. Terry was wearing a brown blazer, with a tie with pants of the same colour as the blazer. The driver had come to take their luggage to take them to the airport.

- You don’t want to drive? Said Candy in Terry’s arms sitting in the car.

- I want to savour your presence, my Juliet darling… we’re taking the plane…

They took the plane together, a couple in love. They were talking about how they invented the heroes fo their stories…

- It’s our story, at least what I felt during our separation…

Candy had a dreamy smile.

- What are you thinking about, asked Terry

- My cousin Eliza…

- The insufferable redhead?

- Who was always chasing after you, it wasn’t even funny…

- I couldn’t stand her…

- She thought you were gay…

- What? Said Terry stunned, what the…? Are you joking?

Eliza was young and pretty and Candy’s unsufferable cousin, she had spent the summer with them and Terry was also there.

- She was wondering why you didn’t have a girlfriend. I told her that I didn’t know anything about your sexual orientation…

- Candy…

- She didn’t understand why you were not interested in her, who was so beautiful and full. She was asking herself what you ever saw in me… because we talked a lot… but don’t worry, I told her were straight, she said smiling

- All that because I wasn’t interested in her?

- You were interested in me, a kid…

- I guess I should be glad she didn’t call me a pedophile…

- Yes indeed! It was better for them to think you’re gay than a pedophile!

They both burst out laughing.

- Did you know she was hitting on Anthony too?

- The fact that she was your cousin didn’t discourage her at all…

- She already didn’t like me much, but when she saw that you’d rather talk with me, it became worse… needless to say she was glad when you didn’t show up on my 18th birthday…

- Did you invite her to the wedding?

- Even if I didn’t want to, she’s family, my parents are going to invite her…

The rest of the trip went on very well. They arrived at Chicago O’Hare airport. Then, Terry had hired a driver with a limousine to drive them to Lakewood at Candy’s parents.

- This a dream ride you’re offering me, my darling, said Candy smiling

- Nothing is too good for you, said Terry smiling, you want to drink something?

- Cold water, said Candy

- No lemonade? It’s ice cold…

- All right, said Candy

He served her some lemonade. During the whole trip, she was curled up in his arms and telling him stories. They arrived in front of the Andrea house. Candy got out of the car and she saw her mother coming out of the family house to greet them. Candy ran into her mother’s arms.

- Hello, my darling, said her mom

- Hello mom!

They hugged for a while getting warm and fuzzy, while Terry was getting their luggage from the limousine with the driver. He approached Candy’s mom and she hugged him hard.

- Terrence! I’m so happy to see you again!

- Me too, Mrs. Andrew!

- You can call me “mom” now! You’ve spent so much time here and now you’re going to marry my little girl! It’s about time! She’s been in love with you since she was little!

- I know, mum! Said Terry smiling

- I like the way you say “mum” with your British accent…

- Are you falling under Terry’s charm took my darling? Said Candy’s father arriving

- Daddy! Said Candy smiling

Her father came closer and she hugged him with love.

- My little girl! Are you all right?

- I’m over the moon! Said Candy laughing.

Candy felt good at her parents. They always had encouraged her , even when she was little, they thought her crush on Terry was cute and innocent at first. But when they saw that Candy was growing up and continued loving Terry, the didn’t try to discourage her… and they had consoled her when Terry came back married at Anthony’s wedding… They had always loved Terry and yes, they were disappointed to see him married to another woman, but since it was Terry; their “second” son… they had supported him and consoled him, because they knew he was sorry for hurting their daughter, the woman he loved. Terry was very grateful to them for their reaction…

M. Andrew let go of his daughter and hugged Terry.

- Terrence! Finally! You’re going to make an honest woman out of my little girl?

- Yes sir! Said Terry

- You’re already my son, Terence! You can call me dad now!

- Thank you dad! Said Terry, thanks mum!

Everybody was smiling.

- Why don’t we get in the house, said Candy’s mom, the ladies from the neighbourhood came to greet you, they’re in the kitchen.

- Ok, said Candy, let’s go!

They got inside the house. The women of the neighbourhood came to the door to greet them with joy. The house was full, there were laughs and joy. They had came with food, sandwiches, salads. They had put the food on a table in the garden and everybody went outside to eat and talk by the pool.

Terry approached Candy.

- Anthony and Anabeth are on their way…

- Good for them…

- Candy…

- I’m going to eventually forgive him…

- All right, when you’re ready…

- I’m going to go discuss my dress with mom…

Terry kissed her on the forehead and he went to sit with his future father in law. Towards the end of the afternoon, the neighbours left and the reporters from the local newspaper arrived.

- I’m Patricia O’Brien, from the Lakewood paper.

- I remember you, said Candy, you were writing for the school paper already back in the days, I really like your style.

- Thank you, Candy, said Patrici smiling, call me Patty

- This is Terry who is also a reporter…

- I used to write under Grahm Baker…

- Graham Baker? That’s sounds familiar… Oh yeah! A few years back, you were jailed in Central America!

- How do you know that? Asked Candy

- Well, as a reporter, we have to know about the big causes, like the countries at risks, and when reporters are imprisoned and need letters from Amnesty International.

- And you often write for Amnesty International…?

- Yes, since school,like you know, said Patricia

Patricia and Candy were in the same school, but not in the same class…

- I remember Graham Baker’s case very well! That’s your boyfriend Candy That’s absolutely fantastic!

Patricia was, of course, thinking about her story…

- Patricia, said Terry, can I call you Patricia?

- Of course…,said Patricia.

- Well my story in prison was sold, it’s going to be published in few weeks…

- Oh… that means I can’t tell it?

- Well, you can write your article… without revealing what happened in details.

- All right, and I will do the publicity of your book at the same time…This article is going to be a treat to write, I can concentrate on what happened to Candy in town…

- That’s perfect then, said Terry smiling…

They spent the rest of the time until dinner time, telling their story and Patricia was writing her article…

Anthony and Anabeth arrived just in time for diner with their children. The reunion was moving for everybody. Anabeth with her big belly, hugged Terry.

- How are you godfather?

- I’m fine, said Terry smiling.

- What about you, godmother, she said hugging Candy.

- I’m doing great! Said Candy.

- I can see it! It’s good to see you two together again!

- I agree! Said Anthony hugging Candy, how ere you little sister?

- I’m fine, she said without any enthousiasm.

- Please forgive me, but I don’t regret wanting to protect you…

- Against Terry? Said Candy.

- You were under age…

- I loved him…

- All right you two… it’s dinner time, said Terry, we can talk about this later…

- All right, said Candy with a weary tone.

They went to the dining room together. Terry told them about how Candy blew him off so many times, with a lot of humour. Which gave Patricia lots of material for her article.

Candy was still angry with Anthony,but she knew she had to calm down and forgive him. After dinner, she found herself in the garden with Anthony. The others had left them alone on purpose.

- Candy… forgive me. I wanted to protect you…

- The idea of asking for reparation didn’t even cross your mind? Only blackmailing him?

- You really wanted him to marry you at that time because he was forced?

- He wanted to marry me, he was waiting for my 18th birthday…

- Honestly, I didn’t take him seriously…

- Anthony….

- And I regret it today… it broke my heart to see you suffering and when he didn’t come, I said to myself, that I was right, that he didn’t take your relationship seriously… but I was wrong…

Candy started thinking. Her brother wanted to protect her. With everything that had happened, she also had thought the worse, even if she was sure deep down inside that Terry loved her… The appearances were against them… He had tried to make him see that Cole was not good for her, she was putting him what she felt for Terry…Had she listened to her brother… She turned to him.

- I forgive you Anthony…

Anthony smiled and she approached him and hugged him.

- I love you Candy, you know that right?

- I know, said Candy smiling

- Usually you take your time to forgive me… Terry has converted you didn’t he?

- How did you guess? Said Candy smiling, anger made me lose time with Terry…

- Thank you God! Said Anthony smiling.

Terry arrived.

- Is everything all right?

- Everything is fine! Said Anthony.

- Yayy! Said Terry laughing!


The wedding preparations were going fine. The whole town was waiting for Candy and Terry’s wedding. Terry’s family arrived in the small town for the ceremony. Anthony’s children were going to be the flower girls and the ring bearer. Anabeth’s dress was modified for her big belly. But the style was still very elegant. Candy didn’t go with the tradition that says that the bridemaids dresses had to be ugly to look prettier on her wedding day.

Eleonor Baker had also arrived she took a room in the town’s hotel. The duke of Grandchester was also there with his daughter Dinah, who didn’t want to miss her brother’s wedding anything in the world.

Terry went to stay with his family at the hotel. Candy went with him to meet his family. They were in his mother’s suite. After the greetings, he took Candy’s hand and he said:

- Mum, I’m happy you were able to come…

Eleonor Baker, always very elegant, with perfect hair and make up done by a professional and dress with the latest fashion clothes. The shoes she was wearing matched her purse which was on the table of the suite. She looked at Candy and she approached her to hug her . The scent of her perfume got into Candy’s nose.

- I wouldn’t have missed this trip for anything in the world. How are you too? Not too nervous?

- No, said Candy, I’m just eager to become Terry’s wife…

- I’ve been waiting for 2589 days, said Terry smiling.

- I’m not surprised you counted, said his mother smiling

- Well, in my prison cell, I really didn’t have much things to od… when I wasn’t talking to Candy who was visiting me every day…

- You were able to write all those letters that were in your head? You have a very good memory my darling, said his mother, you would’ve been a great actor!

- Yes, said Candy, you would’ve been a perfect Romeo, you were reciting the role so well, did you read it in school?

- I have the memory of an elephant, said Terry smiling

- You can say that again! Said Candy laughing, you also started writing your novels in your mind in jail?

- Yes, said Terry.

- I was kidding! Said Candy , oh my God!

- You are my muse, my inspiration, Candy, said Terry with love and hugging her, I love you…

- I love you too, Terry!

Eleonor looked at them with love. Terry was finally happy. The future bride and groom when to see the duke in his suite, which he shared with his daughter Dinah.

- Dad! Said Terry, it’s nice of you to have co me here for my wedding.

- I wasn’t going to miss this one, said the duke.

- Dinah! Said Terry hugging her, thanks for coming!

- I wasn’t going to it after what happened the last time!

- Hi, said Candy

- Dad, let me introduce you to Candy…

- This is the object of your affection? Said the duke shaking her hand warmly, I’m pleased to meet you.

- Likewise, Your Grace, said Candy.

- No need for formalities from the woman who kept my son alive in that horrible prison. Call me “dad”…, said the duke smiling.

- All right, dad, said Candy, thank you so much for coming here…

- I could’ve ordered Terry to get married in England, but giving that he spent the three quarter of his time here… He knew more people here than in England.

- Thank you dad…

- Has your mother arrived yet?

- Yes, said Terry, what do you want from her?

- Nothing at all, said the duke, she’s the mother of my son.

- All right, stay far away from her, he said in serious tone.

His father looked at him.

- Why are you so protective of your mother?

- Because you didn’t marry her the first time…

- Ah…

- I’m serious, leave her alone…

Dinah decided to intervene.

- Daddy, ever since Terry got out of prison, he has become a born again Christian… He doesn’t want you to lurk around his mother while you’re still married to mum

The duke didn’t reply. Terry was defending his mother and he was right, bu the knew Eleonor wasn’t going to give in , especially if he was still married. So he replied after a while.

- I’m sure your m other is capable of defending herself…

- Dad, you chose duty! Respect that!

- Yes, dad, you wouldn’t dare doing anything in front of me, would you, daddykins?

The duke had a little laugh and there was knock on the door.

- Room service! They heard.

Candy went to open the door and a bell boy came in with a rolling table for the English treat they have ordered, sandwiches, cookies and Earl Gray tea.

They had tea and talked about other things, like their story that came out in the local paper, making headline news. There was going to be another one on the wedding later on…

Later they had diner at the town’s restaurant with Eleonor and Candy’s parents, Dinah, Anthony and Anabeth.

For the bachelor and bachelotette party, everything happened in order… what could happen in the small town of Lakewood? Well the usual things…

Anthony tried to persuade Terry to go to Chicago to a stripclub…

- Don’t hold your breath buddy! Said Terry.

- Come on! You’re getting married tomorrow…

- So what?

- The first time, you didn’t have one, right?

- And I didn’t miss it, believe me, in my horrible prison cell, I wasn’t craving sex…

- Tomorrow you’ll be married for good…

- We get married for good right?

- You know what I mean…

- No, I don’t know what you mean…

- My God! Your faith, you really taking it seriously…

- I shouldn’t be taking it seriously?

- Oh Terry!

- Sorry buddy, there is no way I’m sinning the night before my wedding…

- You’re not fun at all, you know that?

- Let’s go spend a night among guys…

- But we can have fun in your place?

The men got out to have fun, wisely, because the future groom didn’t want to have fun. He was only dreaming about his future bride

The ladies on their side were at Anabeth…

- No stripper? Said Anabeth

- No, unless it’s Terry of course…

- You are not fun at all! Said Anabeth taking her cellphone…

The ladies were talking and dancing and screaming of joy. The doorbell rang and Anabeth went to answer with her big belly…

Police officers came inside the house and all the girls started screaming of joy.

- Anabeth! I said no stripper! Said Candy

- I think you’re going to love this one, said Anabeth smiling

The police officer took off his hat and his sunglasses and Candy recognized… Terry! And the other police officers were Anthony and his friends… they spent a nice evening together playing games among them, poker stripper… a nice innocent evening in Lakewood…

When Candy went to her room to sleep, she heard a knock on her door.

- Come in! She yelled

Terry came in.

- Honey?

- Do you need something? Asked Candy smiling

- Well, I wanted to ask you if you were serious when you said you wanted to follow me in my faith…

- Of course… you want me to assure it to you before we get married?

- In fact, if you’re serious, you have to confess your sins…

- Go to church? At the priest or pastor’s

- In fact no, you confess them directly to God…

- Not at the priest’s or pastor’s?

- If you think about it, the priest and the pastor, are men like you and me, they don’t have the authorithy to forgive sins, unless if the sin is against them… only God has the power to forgive sins, if you confess them to him…

Candy looked at him.

- You want me to do it now…?

- There’s not time like the present…

- The moment given by chance is better than the chosen moment…

- I’m going to leave you for a few moment and I’ll come back later… , he said getting out of the room

Candy looked at him go and she smiled. She was going to unite herself with this man for the rest of her life, she wanted to follow him in his faith, be cause she had seen how serene he was despite everything that had happened to him; prison, a marriage with a woman he didn’t choose, how he took all her blowing offs without discouraging… the word of God was really doing wonders for Terry. She had forgiven her brother and she already felt better… She put her knees down and she started confessing all of her sins… Terry came back a few minutes later.

- Are you ready?

- Yes…

- Repeat after me: Lord Jesus Christ, I’m asking you to forgive all of my sins.

- Lord Jesus Christ, I’m asking you to forgive all of my sins.

- I believe that you are the son of God and that you died on the cross and you resurrected. I accept you in my life, as my Lord and personal saviour.

- I believe that you are the son of God and that you died on the cross and you resurrected. I accept you in my life, as my Lord and personal saviour.

- May your holy spirit fill me and come and stay inside me.

- May your holy spirit fill me and come and stay inside me.

- Amen.

- Amen.

They looked at each other. Terry smiled.

- That’s it? Asked Candy.

- You can pray , read the bible and sleep… I’ll see you tomorrow…

- All right…

- You look disappointed…

- They say there’s a great party when someone converts…

- As a matter of fact… you wanted to be there?

- Well…

- You’re alive Candy… you have to be dead to participate…

- All right, she said smiling, thank you Terry… you’re going to look after me?

- We’re going to be together…

- I’m happy, she said, I love you Terry.

- I love you too…see you tomorrow.

- See you tomorrow…

Terry kissed her on the forehead and got out of the room. Candy prayed, read her bible and went to bed. Did she make the right decision? She was going to unite herself to Terry and the Bible does say : “That is why a man leaves his father and mother and is united to his wife, and they become one flesh. “… She wanted to be with Terry in prayers, she didn’t want to feel while he was praying… She was going to marry the man of her dreams… Everything was fine for them, everything was for the best in the best of all possible worlds. She slept to dream about her wedding with Terry…


The wedding had to take place in the garden at Candy’s parents. They had put a wooden platform for the dance floor. There were garden tents, big white ones. The tables were rond and white tablecloth in cotton with pink border of roses flowers. The chairs were also white. On the tables, there were bouquet of roses as centerpiece. It was white roses. There were cutlery and different glasses on the tables. On the ceiling of the big tents, there were lamps like mobile chandeliers.

And arch decorated with white roses was on the other side of the tents for the reception and the banquet. It was the altar where the ceremony was going to take place with the pastor.

Candy was in her room getting ready for her big day. It was the day she had been dreaming about since she was 12 years old. It was her impossible dream that was finally became reality.

She got ready for the ceremony. She was able to order the dress she wanted. It was in organza shape like a mermaid. The top was long and draped, crossed low cut heart shaped under her breast with embroideries of flower roses, diamante and pearl. The skirt was gathered under the waist, with long flounce in organza, with embroideries pink pale of flowers and sequins. The border of the skirt was embroidered shaped like roses, and the train was semi-long. The veil was fine and transparent. The borer of the veil was in lace embroidered with white roses. The crown that was supposed to hold the veil was a headdress with white roses that was going to be on the bride’s up do. The shoes were in white satin stilettos with a white rose decoration in the middle.

Candy was ready to marry Terry, since her 18th birthday. Her mother came to her room.

- Are you ready my darling?

- Yes mom…

- Then the tradition… Something old… here is an old handkerchief in lace that was given to me by my great grandmother.

- It’s shaped like a rose! It’s perfect! Thank you mom!

- Something borrowed, said Anabeth, here is a pearl bracelet that goes well with your dress…

- Thanks you Anabeth, said Candy.

- Something blue… here it a garter, said Dinah, Terry’s sister.

- A blue rose! Said Candy, how beautiful! Thanks to all of you! She said with tears in her eyes.

- Something new, said her mother, Terry’s mother gave me this tiara in diamond and emerald for you…

- That’s too beautiful! Said Candy smiling

- You’re finally going to marry Terry, said Anabeth, you were tenacious and you finally having your dream come true…

- I forgive you for all the bimbos you were bringing to him, said Candy smiling

- And it was all for nothing! He only had eyes for you! Said Anabeth laughing.

- No kidding! Said Anthony coming in, he was driving me crazy, by wanting to spend all his time for you…

Candy looked at him smiling.

- You’re very beautiful Candy, he said smiling, I have a surprise for you…

- Really?

- Yes, he said showing her what he had behind his back.

It was a bouquet of white roses, but the petals were particular, the lining was green, the same green as Candy’s eyes. They were wonderful. Candy had tears in her eyes

- Oh Anthony, they ‘re wonderful.

- It’s to make you forgive me… I called this white rose “Sweet Candy”…

- I already forgave you, Anthony, said Candy thank you very much!

- I’m jealous, said Anabeth, a rose name after Candy, what about me?

- You have all my love, my darling, said Anthony kissing her. This is Candy’s day and it’s kind of my fault if she’s getting married later than expected…

- You didn’t believe in them, said Anabeth you’re making up for it…

- Exactly, said Anthony smiling.

Candy hugged her brother smiling and he hugged her back. He also had a rose on the buttonhole of his black jacket of his suit. There was a knock on the door. It was Candy’s father. He was wearing a black suit with a white shirt impeccable, and he had a white rose on his buttonhole.

- So? He said smiling.

- Let’s go daddy, said Candy smiling.

She put the veil in front of her face and she followed her father down the stairs and walked towards the back of the house to go to the garden.

The music started and the groom walked to the altar with his mother. The groom was wearing a tuxedo for wedding with a white shirt, with a bow tie. He also had a white rose on his buttonhole. His mother was there, he took her arm and they walked to the altar under the “Canon” by Pachelbel. Then the flower girls dresses in white with light pink lining, the little boy who was the ring bearer and the bridesmaids… when the wedding march by Wagner started, Candy took her father’s arm, thanked God and she walked to the altar to finally unite her life with Terry’s, like in a dream. The ceremony started and then came the moment for the vows. Candy started, looking at Terry with her emerald eyes full of love across the veil.

- Terry, I’ve loved you since I was 12 years old, I knew you were the man of my life. Our age difference was not important to me, because on the top of my 12 years old, I knew you were the one I was going to love for the rest of days, because I’ve been waiting for you since the night of times, I knew you would come. Since always, since I was 12, I knew that I loved you. In my innocent dreams, you would come and take me away, we would walk on big beaches, it was always summer. You’re my best friend, my mentor, game companion, my confident and my biggest challenge. But the most important, you’re the love of my life, you make me more happy than I ever thought possible… you have made me a new person, and our love for one another is a blessing. I’m blessed because I’m part of your life, and we’re starting officially our lives together in front of God. You are the bone of my bones the flesh of my flesh. I’ve loved you, I love you and I will love you forever.

She was crying while she was saying those vows, she was crying of joy, she was crying of love, she was crying of emotion. Terry looked at her. He thanked God in his heart and he said with a voice full of love and emotion:

- Candy, you were only a kid when we first met and your maturity surprised me. As time passed, what I thought was affection for my best friend’s little sister, transformed into love. A love so big that it kept me alive while I was going through hell. Your love my darling was my reason to live, your image kept me alive. I thank the Lord, because he was able to forgive me and we were able to get back together and today, I’m finally fulfilling the promise I made to you, what I would’ve done when you had turned 18, I’m making you my wife. All the sweet words I wanted to whisper in your neck… you angel face was driving me crazy, my dream by your side to the altar, my life, my treasure, my beloved. You are the bone of my bones, the flesh of my flesh. I loved you, I love you, and I will love you forever.

Candy was crying of joy again. Then came the time for the rings. The little ring bearer approached them with his little pillow in satin shaped like a heart. Terry took the ring and slipped it to Candy’s finger saying:

- You are the love of my life, you are my best friend. With this ring, I take you as a spouse and I honor you in Jesus-Christ name.

Candy took the ring and put it on the finger of the man of her dreams saying:

- You are the love of my life, you are my best friend. With this ring, I take you as a spouse and I honor you in Jesus-Christ name.

- By the power invested in me by men and by our Lord and Savior Jesus-Christ, I now declare you man and wife. You may kiss the bride…

Terry raised the fine veil that was covering the delicate face of his beloved, with her freckles. He looked into her big emerald green eyes full of love. He closed his eyes and leaned to take her pink lips which were inviting him and waiting for him.

Candy closed her eyes and got the first kiss as Terry’s official wife. It was a soft kiss, calm and very good. Was it because she was not his wife, or that kiss was taking them in seventh heaven? Everything was spinning around her, she was dizzy, vertigo of love. She wasn’t afraid, because she was in the arms of the man of her life, the man she had been waiting for forever, she was in her husband’s arms. Romeo had finally married his Juliet darling. Thank you Lord.
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"You should be kissed, and often, and by someone who knows how." Rhett Butler, Gone with the wind

There's another little love in the way...
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Letters to Juliet

Chapter 21
“The reception”

It was a beautiful day, the day of Candy and Terry’s wedding. A lot of people took pictures after the ceremony. Together, with the family, with their friends… it was also the time for the cocktail party, eating hors-d’oeuvre and drinking.

Then the newlyweds walked together to the big tent where their seats were arranged behind a big long table. The bridesmaids were on their right of the bride and the groomsmen on the left of the groom. And the wedding dinner started… Everybody was eating and talking with joy. Photographs were taking pictures without forgetting the menu and the food.

Candy couldn’t help thinking about Anthony’s wedding and her painful reunion with Terry… and his wife.

- Are you all right my darling? Asked Terry with love.

- I’m fine, she said smiling.

He knew she was thinking about Anthony’s wedding…

- I like everything that’s on the menu, he said to change the subject.

- Well mom knows what we both like, she said smiling.

For dessert, it was an Ice cream shaped like a peach, it was orange, a peach flavoured ice cream. It was delicious. It was the time for speeches. Anthony stood up at his place and he started hitting his glass with is knife to get people’s attention. He was going to make the first speech.

- Like you all know, Terry is my best friend. We’ve known each other since school and he spent three quarter of his time here at our place. Which means that he is better know here than in own town in England. Candy is my little sister, like you all know… She was only 12 years old when she fell in love with Terry. You all know how little sister are, they follow you everywhere… But Candy, she followed Terry (Laughs from the guests). And it didn’t bother him at all, he would never send her away, when I wanted to yell at her to leave us alone. He was in fact the perfect big brother to her… He would rather have big and long talks with Candy, instead of staying with all the girls Anabeth would bring for him, for our double dates… When we would finally convince him to come with us, he would be bored to death! I couldn’t believe it! He was having more fun with his conversation with Candy than with us! When his feelings for Candy turned into love, he made her the promise to come back on her 18th birthday to propose to her… But destiny decided to meddle in their lives and after a thousand and one twists and turns, they are finally husband and wife! I’m very happy for the both of you and I hope you’re going to persevere, when you get the trials of life, you will remember how much you love each other! As a wedding present, I name my new white rose with green lining “Sweet Candy”. All my wish for happiness little sister, Terry my buddy, you were already my brother, now you are officially my brother in front of God and men! Congratulations to the both of you! Be blessed! I love you!

Everybody clapped their hands, laughing. Then it was Anabeth’s turn.

- I know the Andrew family forever. I was already friends with Anthony when his mother had Candy. I remember how happy he was to have a little sister so cute and me too. I’ve considered her like my little sister, ever since she was born. I saw her grow up and I was there when she was 12 and she met Terry… She was completely under his charm. I was telling myself that it would pass and Terry wasn’t helping matter by talking to her…years passed… I was there the day of her 18th birthday when she waited for him to come. He hadn’t shown any sign of life, but she was so sure he was going to come to propose to her… but you all know what happened… Today, I’m very happy that my little sister and Terry… All my friends and my cousins were mad at me, because they will see how Terry was romantic with Candy, but he wouldn’t behave like that with them! I was telling them the truth, that he was in love with Candy, but they didn’t seem to want to believe me… how could a boy like him be attracted to a kid like her… but it was the case. He was the perfect big brother with her. He was already in love with her and he didn’t know it yet… Those two have loved each other since day one and I bless the Lord for their wedding… They’re the godparents of my baby in the belly. And I’m also so happy to might push destiny to put them back together for the birth, officially in front of God and men. I’m wishing you all the happiness in the world , Romeo and Juliet. Be blessed. Congratulations to the newlyweds!!! I love you both!

Dinah, Terry’s sister also said a few words.

- I was jealous to see my brother liking America so much! He would practically never come home! The rare time he would come, he would only talk about Candy, he was so passionate. I watched him fight to get her back, without tiring and I’m happy because my darling brother is happy to finally have married the women he loves. I wish you all the happiness in the world. Blessed be. Congratulations bro! I love you!

Then it was a succession of people who had speeches for the newlyweds… Then came the moment to cut the cake. It was an ice cream cake shaped like the balcony scene of Romeo and Juliet. The little figurines; Juliette was wearing a wedding dress on the balcony and Romeo was looking at Juliet, wearing a black suit. The newlyweds stood up together to cut the cake together. Terry was surprised, he didn't expect to see the cake shaped like the balcony scene of Romeo and Juliet.

- It’s wonderful, he said

- And it’s made of Ice cream…

- Even better! Everybody loves ice cream.

Pictures were taken of the young couple cutting the cake together. The servers took over and the newlyweds went back to their place. A waiter brought them their piece of cake with the little figurines on their little plates. Candy and Terry took the little spoon and they took some ice cream and they fed each other smiling and looking at each other with love… They were surprised to hear the guess clapping their hands and whistling of joy. The photographs were taking pictures and the cameramen were filming… They didn’t realised they were observed… Really? It was their wedding reception, wasn’t it?

Every body was eating the cake. Then came the time for the couple to open the dance floor. The song Candy and Terry had chosen started paying.

We've seen the brokenhearted
New loves started and then fade away
Where love ran out of energy
Somewhere along the way
Oh but lady the lessons we have learned
Have helped us make it
The mountains we have climbed
Are far behind

It's been a life long love song
With every lyric saying that
We're still number one
And now composed our love has grown
And we have turned a prayer into
The greatest love affair of them all

And now we both should cherish
The treasures at the rainbow's end
The game is finally over
I knew that we would win
Oh and lady the lessons we have learned
Have helped us make it
The mountains we have climbed
Are far behind


From now on it will be easy
So easy for you and I
We've found the purpose and the
The need lives on inside


Candy and Terry went together on the dance floor. Terry took his wife in his arms and they started dancing. Candy thought about the school dance, when they had danced. She also thought about what happened after the party and she smiled, because this time around, she will have her night of love, she wanted to much. Terry saw that she was smiling and he told her:

- You're smiling…you're thinking about the school dance aren't you?

- And about our little trip to the beach…

- And how this time around, we're in all our rights?

- What are you thinking Romeo? That it's all I'm thinking about?

- You, my Juliet darling? Not at all! He said smiling

- I'm still feeling like I'm in a dream.

- You're not dreaming my darling.

- If this is a dream, I don't ever want to wake up!

He kissed her until the end of the dance. Everybody clapped their hands. Then they danced with their parents; Candy danced with her father and Terry with Candy's mother.

- It's good to see you so happy, said her father smiling.

- I never thought I could be this happy after everything that happened to us…

- You've got y our reward, my darling, said her father.

Terry was dancing with his mother-in-law.

- Terry, my son. You've been my son for a long time, you know that right?

- I know mum, said Terry, and thank you, because you've always welcomed me with open arms.

- You're part of the family Terry…

- I'm sorry for what I did to Candy.

- You know, if Anthony had told us about the beach incident, we could've found another solution, instead of separating you and Candy.

- I wouldn't have been a distraction for her?

- She lived only to please you Terry… you wouldn't have allowed her to be distracted.

- Thanks mum.

Candy was dancing with her father in law.

- Your grace, you're not too disappointed?

- I told you to call me "dad". By what? Asked the duke

- I'm not the one you chose for your son.

- You know, when my son would rather spend his free time with you instead of coming home, I was telling myself that he probably had a girlfriend he didn't want to leave… But it was mostly his best friend that he didn't want to leave… I even asked myself questions about his sexuality at one point…

- Really? Said Candy laughing, you're not the only one!

- Really? You too?

- No, but one of my cousins was convinced because Terry wasn't interested in her…

- He would rather spend his time talking with you

- And I was so young…

- Of course, he was robbing the cradle, said the duke.

- He was a perfect gentleman with me… he was my big brother.

- To answer your question , after what happened to him in Central America and what the Ambassador's daughter had done to him… I told myself that it was enough… first prison, then a forced marriage with a sick woman… I told myself that I might as well let him marry the one he wanted from the start. Without his arrest, I would've given him the daughter of another duke to marry or a princess…

- Let me get this strait if he hadn't lived through hell, you would've been the big bad wolf?

- Yes! Now I'm the nice daddy who lets him marry the woman he wants… and I let him have the wedding here since he spent a lot of time here with you, everybody knows him…

- But don't they know him in England too?

- In England, he's the son of the duke of Grandchester, people would've come to your wedding just for that reason and to gossip on the fact that he's marrying an American woman like his mother…while here, people know him and like him and they're coming to his wedding because they're happy for both of you…

- You're right. Thank you Your Grace, said Candy smiling.

- Dad…

- Dad, she repeated.

She danced with Anthony.

- Well little sister, you're happy?

- Yes Anthony

- That's what's important

- Thanks for the flower and the name… but you could've given it your wife's name.

- Only, she doesn't have green eyes… and I owed you that, I was thinking about you while I was creating it. It's in high demand in flower shops…

- I supposed you did your paten on your invention

- Of course, said Anthony and I would like to thank you, you were my inspiration Candy! I wanted to console you for my part in your story… when I learned that Terry was in prison, I regretted forcing him to leave.

- It's all in the past Anthony, everything happens for a reason… Terry was able to bring his wife to Christ… a soul was saved, so I say all this fiasco, was worth it for the Lord…

- God moves in mysterious ways, say Anthony

- Indeed! Praise The Lord! Said Candy smiling

Terry was dancing with his mother.

- I'm so happy for you Terry… I've always loved Candy, especially since she convinced you to forgive me…

- You know mum, Dinah was telling me the same thing for years…

- And you were not listening to her?

- It wasn't sinking into my thick skull…

- Until Candy told you…

- It's nuts how everything makes sense with the right person…

- You're telling me! And you know she was part of the people who wrote for my freedom?

- Who Candy?

- Yes…

- She knew.

- She didn't know it was me, since I was Graham Baker…

- Graham Baker? Thank you darling, I'm flattered to see you used my name…

- Thanks to you for giving birth to me! Said Terry smiling

- The pleasure was all mine, said Eleonor smiling.

They both burst out laughing, Terry was dancing with Anabeth after that.

- How are you? He asked

- The baby is dancing with all this music.

- I can feel him move, said Terry smiling

- You seem like you're in seventh heaven…

- I'm higher, if that's possible, said Terry

- You know that my friends were all angry at me because you were the worst date, always nice and romantic with Candy but you were not with them?

- I was telling Anthony stop trying to find me a girl friend…

- He was stubborn as a mule, in his mind, it was impossible that you were in love with his kid little sister…

- That's normal, for him it was his little sister, not a potential friend… but Candy was so mature for her age. We would talk about everything and nothing and our conversations were very interesting…

- I was seeing the way she was looking at you, she was crazy in love with you… and I was praying, as a big romantic, that it continue until she was older. I was very happy for you two and you respected her; you went higher in my esteem… Candy is lucky to have you…

Terry felt a lot of affection in Anabeth's voice… He had always liked her.

- And Anthony is lucky to have you, he said tenderly.

- Thank you for the all the celebrities by the way, I'm ecstatic, Teresa George!

- Candy told you…

- Don't worry, your secret is safe with me.

- I'm not worried…

- I have to admit to you, that I was a little jealous of Candy ! You were so romantic! All those stories you wrote… oh my God, I still can't believe it! Can you write a story on Anthony and me?

- Well my last novel was mine and Candy's story, you're in there with Anthony…

- Really? But I was talking about a story just about us…

- You were our biggest fan, I can make a novel about you, with Anthony

- Why not with you?

- With me?

- Yes, with Anthony, I'm already living this life… I want adventure…

- With me?

- On paper… it would be like we're shooting a moving together…

Terry smiling and looked at her. On paper? Why not give her that pleasure?

- Very well, Anabeth, I'm going to write us a romantic adventurous story…

- You're the best bro-in-law!

They both started laughing. He looked around and he saw his parents dancing together… and he smiled. For his wedding, his parents had put their differences aside.

- You're very pretty Eleonor, said the duke.

- You're not telling me anything that I don't already know, she said, I know I'm beautiful.

- And not modest at all!

- Well, it's the truth, isn't it?

- I was an idiot for letting you go.

- You're telling me!

- You don't miss one, don't you?

They burst out laughing.

Then Terry danced wit Dinah…

- I don't think I've ever seen you this happy, she said

- Candy is the one I was waiting for, you know that…

- No kidding! I was jealous of the love you had for her…

- You're my sister, and I will always love you, you know that right?

- Learning that she also wrote for your freedom… I should've been happy, but…

- It's like she stole your thunder?

- It's ridiculous, I know, but…

- You thought you were leading the show, but she stole it from you? I love you both and I will never thank you enough for what you've done for me, both of you… but you have to understand that I'm happy to learn that Candy, while not knowing what had happened to me, contributed to my freedom too.

- Yes, I understand and I'm happy for you.

- Dinah, Candy is good person…

- I like her. She's the woman you love, the one who kept you alive…so I'm very grateful to her for that! Be happy big brother!

- Thanks Dinah…

- Are you going to finish your novel with Tyler soon?

- Yes, like you see,lately with the wedding preparations and I was finishing my "Letters to Juliet" for publication…

- And later you'll have your honeymoon… poor Tyler, he will have to be a little bit patient to get his happy ending...

- He will get his happy ending… " And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God…" Roman 8:28

- You're quoting the Bible?

- Tyler will get his happy ending…even if haven't managed to convince Candy…

- You wouldn't have abandon the fight, I know that. What does the Bible say again? "First seek the Kingdom of God above all else, and live righteously, and he will give you everything you need."Matthew 6:33

- Can you imaging hearing that in my horrible prison cell? When you think everything is going wrong for you? The world of God gave me back hoe…

- I love your charisma and you trust in God… I suppose that it's a good thing when we're in prison…

- You thought I would've stopped after getting out? Well, that would have been kind of vain, don't you think so? I couldn't abandon what gave me hope, aside from the ghost of Candy… and I feel good in my faith…

- You forgave your wife… I wanted to strangler her…

- You have to forgive her as well, she's not longer in this world…

- Continue preaching me big brother!

- I intend to…

They both burst out laughing

Everybody was dancing and celebrating Candy and Terry's wedding, everybody was happy. There were celebrities. Robert Hathaway was present and so was actor Liam Hemsworth and other celebrities as guests. People were impressed. Anabeth was able to take all the pictures she wanted. Candy and Terry danced a lot, among them and with everybody.

Came the time to throw the bouquet of Sweet Candy by the groom. All the single women went together to catch the bouquet. Candy walked away in front of them. The song was Beyoncé's "Single ladies"…

She started dancing, doing a little belly dance, moving her arms throwing the bouquet from one hand to another, her white rose bouquet. Everybody was screaming and calling Candy's name. She pretended throwing the bouquet once or twice and finally, she turned her back and threw her bouquet over her head. The bouquet took a little ride, touching the hands of lots of women, bouncing to land on a stunned Eleonor Baker's table, almost hitting her ice cream bowl, she was eating. She hadn't joined the single young ladie, since she was no longer "young"… The duke was next to her and started laughing.

- You should've joined them…

- I'm not young…

- You're a lady and your single, said the duke smiling.

- I have no intention of getting married.

- Well the bride's bouquet is saying that you're the next bride…

Eleonor didn't reply. She wished the duke had married her when she got pregnant with Terry… She barely restrain herself from giving an harsh answer that came to her mouth, and she made a good face and gave her most beautiful smile. She stood up and bowed. Richard looked at her smiling and clapping his hands.
Then it was the men turn to regroup to catch the garter… Anthony approached Terry.

- It's your turn buddy…, said Anthony, can you do it at least?

- She's my wife Anthony…, said Terry smiling

Anthony was talking about the fact that Terry wouldn't go and have fun for his bacherlor party…

- All right buddy, you go ahead!

The music started, it was from the television show "Mission Impossible", it was instrumental.

Candy was sitting on the other side of the dance floor on a chair waiting for her man to come. Terry was looking at her with love. She was finally his wife, she was so beautiful… The music that was playing for him was perfect for him, because for a very long time, Candy was for him an impossible mission and he had to fight without getting tired to get her back… O he was going to dance in front of everybody to take that garter with his teeth, like the tradition wanted to… So he started to dance, he improvised a choreography he had done when he was in school during a show… he did a little steps following the rhythm of the music, he was now in front of Candy who was smiling looking at him with her big emerald eyes, full of love. He went on the right side of the chair and approached his face to her cheek, without touching her, he did the same thing on the left cheek… Then he overlapped the chair were his wife was sitting without stepping on the dress on both sides. He did a little belly dance for a few seconds then he continued moving sensually going down little by little until he was kneeling in front of his wife's skirt. The music continued, he put his head under his wife's skis to find the garter, he kissed her thigh getting there… he felt his wife shudder and he heard her crystalline laugh. He felt the desire growing inside him, but he refrained it, he found the garter with his mouth and took it with his teeth and slipped it slowly, Candy pulled her skirt up and her leg making it paralleled to the floor. Terry continued his way and ended up taking it off, passing her knew, her calf, her barefoot, because she had taken off her white satin shoe. Everybody was clapping his achievement! He took the garter and since it was elastic, he threw it in the air and it fell in the hands of a handsome young man. Everybody was clapping and screaming of joy! He went to get his wife and he put her shoe back on her foot and took her to the dance floor…

- Romeo, said Candy, you've aroused me…

- You thigh was a torture of Tantalus, Juliet…

- Why don't we get out of here?

- Your wish is my command, my love…

He took her lips and kissed her softly. As soon as the dance was over, Terry made a little sign to Anthony to come and they told him they were ready to leave. Anthony went to make the arrangements for the car, while Candy and Terry were waiting at their table. Anthony arrived a few moments later and they stood up to leave. The guests and family applaud as they passed. They threw confettis at them, they were smiling, until they got to the white limousine which was waiting for them in front of the house. They got in and they went to the hotel , to the bridal suite. During the trip, they were kissing. They went upstairs… Terry took her in his arms to cross the threshold of the suite. Terry put her down. They closed the door and they fell into each other's arms.

The room was big with rose petals around the bed and on the white bed cover which was white cream. There was a table with two chairs which served at a dining room.

A knock on the door interrupted their kiss. Terry went to open the door. It was the chamber maid with cart with hors d'oeuvres; they put on the table of the dining room. There was also a bucket of ice with a bottle of Champagne with two crystal flutes.

- Would you want me to prepare a bath for you Madam? Asked one

- Yes, thank you , said Candy smiling

Two chamber maids approached her to help her take her wedding dress of and the veil on her head.

- We want to help you take your dress off, Madam…

- Thank you, said Candy smiling.

The two women undid the wedding dress and the veil and they put it away on hangers and they put them inside a slipcover. They brought a robe for Candy.

- I'm going to go take a bath, Romeo…

- See you later my darling, said Terry smiling

He took of his tuxedo jacket ad the maids took it to put in in a hanger. He undid his white shirt. His luggage had been transferred to the bridal suite. His laptop was already plugged in. The chamber maids finished what theywere doing and they left after Terry gave them a generous tip, each.
He went to sit at his desk and opened his word processor.

- Are you finally going to give me my night of love? Asked Tyler

- After the wedding…

- You're really not nice with me…

- I make the decisions, it's my story.

- The God complex? You're taking your revenge on me… on what the creator made you live.

- Are you going to finally change your record? You're going to get your wedding and your wedding night.

- Now.

- No way, it's my wedding night.

- You're not her first, it doesn't bother you?

- A little, but it's my Juliet, the woman I've been waiting for forever… everything is going to be wonderful. I'm sure of it.

- I sure hope so, or I'm the one who is going to pay for it

- Shut up!

Candy was in the bathroom, she had found the bathtub, shaped like a heart with rose petals everywhere around it. The bath with white foam smelled good, like the perfumed bath salts they had put inside. She got insiede, she washed herself and she didn't want to rush, because Terry was waiting for her for their wedding night.
She got out of the bathroom and she heard Terry talk. She was wearing a white robe and her hair was falling on her shoulders. She had undid her beautiful up do.

- Romeo? You're talking to yourself… or your talking to Tyler! She said laughing, he wants his love scene too?

- Well he will have to wait until I get mine first, said Terry going to the bathroom

Candy went to sit in front of the dressing table and she brushed her hair vigorously. With all the hair spray they had put on her up do, she felt like her hair wasn't breathing the way it should've been. She had washed her face, she looked even younger, like at the time when she was a teen, but she was a woman now, Terry's wife and she was finally going to finish the scene Anthony interrupted that infamous morning on that beach and the one Terry interrupted in his hotel room…

- Oh Romeo, how eager I am…

She looked at the beautiful bed and the rose petals. She took her robe off, to put on a green night gown in silk and she got ready for her wedding night…

Terry got out of the bathroom after what seemed like an eternity for Candy. He was wearing a robe too,it was white and his hair was still wed. He was breathtaking!

- Are you all right my darling? Asked Terry approaching her

- Well… it's the long awaited moment…

Terry took of his robe, he was shirtless. She was sitting on the bed ans she stood up. He wanted to lean to kiss her but she pulled away.

- You don't want to drink something first?

- No…

- It's not Champagne, it's sparkling apple cider…

- All right, we could drink some later…

He felt she was kind of uneasy and nervous.

- Candy, what's going on? You seem nervous? Are you afraid? But it's not your first time, isn't it?

Candy didn't reply. She looked down…

- Candy?

She was not very comfortable…

- Terry, I want to ask for your forgiveness

- Ask for my forgiveness for what?

- I lied to you…

- You lied to me? About what?

- I confessed my sins, like you know I did…

- So it's fine. I forgive you…

- But I have to let you know, because it's important…

- All right my love, what is it about?

- You remember our interrupted scene in your hotel room?

- I'm never going to forget it, especially your reaction….

- You remember what I told you?

- That you had given yourself to the captain of the football team, James Cartwright…

Candy looked at him surprised. He remembered ! After all, he was the man who wrote her letters in his head in prison and also his novels… He had a very good memory…

- I'm not upset with you my darling, for seeking comfort elsewhere… and you almost got married too, right? Life went on for you, Candy…

- You read my diary, you know why I wasn't able to marry Cole?

- You called him by my name when you were on the verge of making love… as painful as it was to read that you wanted to make love to another man, it was a delight to read that you were thinking about me to the point of saying my name!

- I'm sure you liked that… but … if I wasn't able to do it with Cole…

- But you had done it before, right? Or was it because he looked like me?

- If I wasn't able to do it with Cole, she repeated, you really think I was able to do it before when you didn't show up for my 18th birthday?

Terry looked at her strangely. What was she saying?

- I was so worried when you didn't come, I was sure something bad had happened to you with all the bad dreams I was having in which you were locked up unable to come to see me…

Terry was waiting for her to tell him what he was hoping she would tell him…

- I was frustrated when you rejected me after our interruption. I was finally giving you what we were not able to finish that infamous morning after the school dance…

- I wanted to respect you…

- Oh Romeo… now I understand… and especially as a good Christian, you wanted to marry me first and I know you wanted to marry me since I was a teen… but you have to understand that at that moment, I didn't see things that way…

- Candy, what are you saying?

- That I wanted to hurt you, like you had hurt me… so I lied…

- About what?

- I didn't date anyone when you stood me up, Terry, I wasn't in any state to date anyone… ever since I was 12, I only wanted you… Cole came years later and he looked a little like you and especially, he had the British accent…

- Oh my God! Said Terry, you're still a virgin?

- You forgive me for lying…?

- I forgive you my darling, said Terry taking her in his arms, this is the most beautiful gift you could've given me! My Juliet darling, my love, you're mine forever. I love you… Thank you Lord!

He took her lips with hunger, passion and all the fierily he was capable of. They went on the bed without stopping kissing, on the rose petals on the bed spread. He became softer, more tender, even if he wanted to go fast, he was going to be patient and savour every second with the woman he loved more than anything in the world.

Candy had turned her mind blank, she didn't want to relive the past with Terry, she wanted to start the rest of their lives together. She had thought about giving herself to someone else, for a nano second, but she couldn't… She wanted Terry… With Cole, his resemblance with Terry blinded her until she realised he wasn't Terry… The world around her had ceased to exist… It was only her and Terry, savouring their interminable kiss, he was caressing her and she was caressing him. They took off the barriers that were the night gown and Terry's boxers. They took off the bed cover and they lay on the bed to make love, slowly and softly. Terry was very soft when he crossed the frontier of her virginity and very happy too. Candy felt the pain, which she took, it was her Terry, her Romeo who had married her and finally made a woman out of her, a sensual and passionate one. He showed her the art of love, it was something he had in mind for a long time, that he almost did that morning on the beach… he was mad at himself because it was the incident that separated them for all those years… But now, after a thousand and one twists and turns, he was living his dream with the woman he loved, his dear Juliet, who had kept him alive in prison… Making love with Candy, was also the first time for him, in a way, because it was the first time he was doing ti with the only woman he had ever loved… Him, the writer who loved playing with words, was making love for the first time of his live and it was absolutely wonderful, fantastique, "formidouble."


"You should be kissed, and often, and by someone who knows how." Rhett Butler, Gone with the wind

There's another little love in the way...
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Letters to Juliet

Chapter 22
“The Honeymoon”

Candy felt good. She moved and she felt another body against hers. A hot body. She opened her eyes and it took her a few seconds for her to remember where she was… In Terry’s arms! In her husband’s armas! Finally! She held him tight and he opened his eyes.

- Good morning my love, said Terry.

- Good morning sweetheart, said Candy, sorry I woke you up, but I’m so happy to wake up in your arms.

- You can wake me up whenever you want, my beautiful one, said Terry smiling.

Candy got out of bed to go to the bathroom. She brushed her teeth. Terry arrived and relieved himself and he waited until she was done brushing her teeth to do the same thing. Candy went to open the shower tap and waited until it was the right temperature. She waited for Terry to finish. He stopped the tap of the washstand and he took her inhis arms to kiss her on the lips. He took her inside the shower, without stopping kissing her. The water from the shower didn’t seem to bother them the least in the world, they kissed for a while. They had fun under the shower for a while and they had a lot of pleasure. They both screamed their happiness. They washed each other and scrubbed themselves mutually, but all that scrubbing had excited them some more and they made love again under the shower… they got out of the bathroom, trying to walk together in the giant towel and they managed to do it and they both fell on the bed bursting out laughing. They kissed again…

They got dresses and they had to get ready for their honeymoon trip. They prayed together and then they started talking, while getting ready.

- Can I ask you a question? Asked Candy.

- Of course, my darling

- When I was in London, I read in an old magazine, in the waiting room of the doctor I was going to see… There was a story that came out shortly after the death of Princess Diana, in which a teacher told his students, that she went to hell and not in paradise…

- Ah….

Candy stopped and looked at him.

- You’re not going to contradict?

- I’m not God, and I’m not the one who judges…

- But you think that she’s in hell too?

Terry didn’t reply.

- But she did good deeds, with sick children, children with AIDS in Africa, said Candy

- I know…, said Terry.

- That was not good?

- The Bible says : “Damned is the one who does the Lord’s work with negligence…”

- What does that mean exactly?

- It means, If you want to do good deeds in the name of God, you better be right with him…

- Ok…I supposed cheating on her husband the prince, and admitting it on television was not the thing to do…

- She could’ve asked for forgiveness and continue her charity work…

- But she had a relationship out of wedlock…

- She also disrespected the royal family with her behaviour… anyway, I’m not saying you shouldn’t do good deeds, it’s very good, doing good deeds. Only if you want to do it for God… The Bible also says: “So, because you are lukewarm—neither hot nor cold—I am about to spit you out of my mouth.”

- That means, all the good deeds that are not done in God’s name are useless?

- If those who don’t believe in God do it, then it’s not important for them to go to hell or paradise, right? The bible also says, “Obedience is better than sacrifice”… God would rather have us obey his laws first and foremost…

- Princess Diana should’ve obeyed the commandement “Thou shalt not commit adultery” instead of sacrificing herself for good deeds… Our Lord is severe and strict, said Candy.

- That’s why there are evangelists and preachers… he’s fair, he’s got his laws, if you follow them everything is fine. Only men like to make their own laws… which unfortunately doesn’t cancel God’s law… whether you’re a Christian or not… One of the inmate in prison who converted himself with me, was saying that the fact that he was injail had made him think, where would he go after his death… believer or not, he didn’t want to get there and find out that he should’ve believed in God…

- I’m thinking about the parabole of Lazarus, how the rich man was told that there were preachers and that his family could convert themselves… when he asked them to send someone who was dead… About pastors, you heard that there were at least 400, on that famous Ashley Madison list?

- The site that helps married people to have an affair?

- Yes, their moto was: “ Life is short, have an affair!” 400 pastors had to resign… what do you think about that?

- That they shouldn’t have had an affair to begin with being “men of God”?

- The flesh is weak…

- Maybe so. But when you have the grace of God, you can resist all temptations, you won’t even be tempted… and hiding from people is ridiculous, because God sees you…we can’t hide anything from him.

- You have to remind them of that…

- Why do you think the sermon is always the samething they’re repeating? I was lucky to hear the word of God when I was discouraged in that prison and it wasn't like I’ve never heard it before… Maybe I wouldn’t have the same reaction if I had heard it when everything was fine in my life…But I believe that God has a wonderful plan for each and everyone of us and when we’re ready to follow him, we do it, just like that… Ok, enough with all that my love. Why don’t we talk about more happy things?

- I’m calling the reception so they can come and get our luggage…

They finished getting ready and they were on their way for the airport. They took the plane to go to Hawai. On the plane, Candy was listening to Terry’s stories, she couldn't get enough of them. When they arrived, they put a flower necklace around their neck by smiling hula girls.

They spent fun time together under the beautiful sun, on the beach, swimming in the water. Candy took some surf lessons and also the hula belly dancing. The surf, she was able to learn pretty quick, to her big surprise, the hula belly dancing was more difficult for her to learn. It looked simple, but it wasn't; she had to learn how to move her hips without moving the rest of her body. Terry was looking at her smiling.

- It’s not that easy, you know, said Candy to Terry who was smiling.

There were other customers, among which and African woman who wanted to please her husband. She started talking to Candy.

- We have our own belly dancing, she said.

- So what are you doing here? Asked Candy.

- Well I want to please my husband, he wants to pay for lessons to teach me, an African to do the belly dance, well that’s on him!

- You want to please him…

- It’s always useful to learn new things…

- You also have a belly dance in Africa? Asked Candy.

- Yes, in my area we call it “mutuashi”… we move the belly without moving the rest of the body…

- You must be a pro in hula dancing, said Candy.

She gave her a little demonstration of the “mutuashi”. Candy was smiling impressed.

- You really don’t need lessons…, said Candy smiling.

- Maybe, I could learn the steps and move my arms at the same time, she said, my name is Kola, by the way.

- And I’m Candy… pleased to meet you.

- Likewise.

Terry was had gone to get something to drink for Candy and her new friend. Candy was still talking to her knew friend.

- You want me to give you the secret of the African women in my area?

- I’m all ears, said Candy smiling

- We dance in bed…

Candy looked at her strangely.

- What do you mean, you dance in bed?

- Dance, the belly dance…

- When?

- During…

- During what…? Oh … oh my God!

Kola burst out laughing.

- They train us from a very young age…

- And how is it?

- You can ask my husband…

Candy became bright as red.

- Looks like he’s talking to the guy over there.

- That’s my husband, said Candy smiling.

The two men were talking.

- Hi, said Kola’s husband to Terry

- Hi, said Terry

- My wife is taking lessons, he said, she’s the beautiful African.

- She is beautiful indeed, but she doesn’t need lessons to what I can se…, said Terry

- I just wanted her to learn the movement of the arms, to have fun.

- My wife, said Terry all proud to finally pronouncing that word while talking about Candy, is trying to learn but it looks like she’s having a hard time…

- You’re on your honeymoon? Aked his new friend

- Yes…

- So are we… and I’m discovering a whole knew world!

- What do you mean?

- My wife wanted to wait, it’s the tradition in her family, so I was patient and when I finally was able to consummate my marriage, it was the nirvana!

Terry smiled. He didn’t really feel like talking about his wedding night to a man he had just met.

- The wait was worth it, then

- And the dance…

- The dance…

- African women dance in bed, literally and… they are different from white women. So when you say you taste one woman you’ve tasted them all, that’s not true at all!

Terry burst out laughing with his new friend. He also had cold beverages for his wife and her friend. When the lesson was over, the two women joined their husbands.

- Romeo! Said Candy smiling

- My Juliet, I got you a lemonade.

- Thank you Romeo, said Candy

- And I also have a drink for your new friend.

- Let me introduce you to Kola, Romeo. Kola, this is my husband, Terry.

- Pleased to meet you, Terry-Romeo… and Candy, let me introduce you to my husband, Dylan.

- Pleased to meet you Dylan, said Candy smiling

- Pleased to meet you Kola, said Terry

- Pleased to meet you Candy, said Dylan

Terry turned to his companion.

- Pleased to meet you Dylan.

- Pleased to meet you Romeo, said Dylan smiling

He gave his wife the drink he got for her when Terry wanted to giver her the drink he got for her…

- You brouhg a drink for my friend? Said Candy smiling, you’re too much Romeo!

- I got a drink for your friend too, said Dylan.

- You’re perfect, said his wife smiling.

They spent the rest of the day together. While they were having dinner at the restaurant, Terry met one of the junior pastor, he knew. He was wearling a light bleu shirt and black pants.

- Terrence! My God! What are you doing in Hawaii?

- I’m on my honeymoon…

- You finally managed to get your beloved back! Praise the Lord!

- Let met introduce you. This is my Juliette, Candy and our friends; Kola and Dylan. Let me introduce you to Charlie Sanders a junior pastor…

- Pleased to meet you , said the group.

- Pleased to meet you, said Charlie smiling, all on your honeymoon?

- Yes…

- That’s very good. A lot of young people should be getting married to be in order with God.

He gave them a leaflet; it was about a prayer meeting.

- Terry, can you come tomorrow night and tell your story, if it doesn’t bother you. I know you’re on your honeymoon, but…

- It will be a pleasure,said Terry, without the Lord, I would’ve been lost for good! If it doesn’t bother you , right honey?

- Of course not, said Candy smiling, Kola, Dylan, would you like to come too?

- Why not? Said Kola, I would like to hear Terry’s story.

- And I want to know what has made you to happy and enthousiastic, said Dylan smiling

- Very well, said Charlie, I’m going to let the pastor responsible for the campaign know.

- I don’t want to move anybody.

- Don’t worry, instead of having the same person from last night again, we’re going to put you on the program. Ok lovebirds, may the Lord be with your. I’m going to let you enjoy your evening.

- Good bye, said the group, see you tomorrow!

The couples were now alone.

- It doesn’t bother you? Askde Terry

- Of course not, said Dylan, I also want to hear your story…

- If a pastor wants you to tell it, it must be a very edifying story, said Kola smiling.

The next evening, Terry was wearing an hawaiin flower shirt and Candy too. They were in their hotel room.

- I don’t have to ask you if your nervous, Teresa George.

- I’m not nervous, but I don’t know how many people are going to be there…

- Tell yourself you’re doing it for the Lord, said Candy.

- You’re wonderful, you know that? He said hugging her.

- Let’s go get our friends… You’re going to try to convert them?

- Well I’m sure at the conference they’re going ta ask in the end if they want to give their lives to Christ, said Terry, they would decide at that moment… It’s not important. When their time come, he’s going to be there…

They met their friend in the lobby and they took a taxi together to go to the religious conference. It was a very big room. Ushers were there to give them places. Then the service started, it was praises and singing to God. Then they came to take Terry to go back stage. He hadn’t prepared anything. He prayed before he went on stage. He also prayed with everybody before he started to tell his story… Candy and her friends were listening. Candy heard the story like it was the first time, like she was a stranger. It as fascinating to hear Terry tell his story and transform little things into divine intervention. There’s really a lot of different ways to tell a story! It was fascinating! Terry really know how use his words, he wasn’t a successful author for nothing! He told his story in details, it didn’t take too much time, but he told the essential of the story and everybody was interested. At the end, the pastor thank Terry and took the mike and finished the service with songs and prayers. When he asked who wanted to give their lives to Christ, a lot of people came forward. But Candy and Terry’s new friends didn’t go. Then Terry who was next to them heard them pray and he understood that they were already Christians.

They went back to the hotel together and they went to eat.

- Your story was fascinating, said Kola, you’ve know each other for a long time?

- I was 12, said Candy smiling.

- And I was 18, said Terry.

- He was an angel with me, said Candy, he would never send me away which made my brother crazy!

- I would spen my whole summer at their place. She had older cousins who didn’t understand what I found interesting in Candy…

- I remember one of my cousins told him: “but she’s only a kid! Tell her to go play with dolls…” and I told her : “I’m young, it’s true, but to those fortunate souls, the value doesn’t wait for the number of years.”

- How could I resist such wisdom?

They all burst out laughing. The evening was very beautiful and Terry was hoping his testimony would edify people.

- I’m glad to see that you’re also Christians, said Candy smiling.

- Well, said Kola, I always ask the Lord to guide us toward other Christians. Usually, if they’re not Christians, they’re on the verge of become it…

- You prayed for that? Said Candy and it worked?

- Well, I met you, didn’t I ?Said Koka smiling.

- I’m still a spiritual baby, said Candy smiling, I’m still having milk…

- You’re going to grow really fast with a husband like yours, said Kola smiling.

When our couple found themselves in their bedroom, Candy was on her laptop and Terry too. They were sitting at the table in the dining room in their suite.

- By th way, Romeo, I finish my novel…

- You’re going to publish it?

- I don’t know yet,it’s our story, but my dream version, because we make love before we got married…

- It’s your version “ What if we were not interrupted by Anthony that morning?”, said Terry smiling.

- As a matter of fact…

- It’s well written. But you do what you want, of course.

- I had put all my broken heart into this story… it’s my baby.

- I did the same thing with the novel with Bianca Rose, which I’m finally finishing!

- Well, it took you long enough! Said Tyler smiling, You had to have your happy ending to stop torturing me!

- Shup up, Tyler! Said Terry.

- He’s here? Said Candy smiling, you’re hearing voices my love?

He stood up and she stood up. He took her in his arms and kissed her. That voice had kept him alive… Candy went to get her bath ready and she put bath salts and bubble bath and she went to sit inside with Terry… They got out an hour later and they made love before they went to bed…

- Kola told you abou the bed dancing? Asked Terry

- Yes, apparently they learn it as a child…

- You understood something?

- Dancing while the man is on top of you? Not really…

- Accord to her husband, it’s fantastique.

- Well too bad we’re don’t have an open marriage or en exchange couple, we could’ve tried it…

- Too bad, indeed, said Terry smiling

- Terry! Said Candy outraged!

He burst out laughing. Heprayed with his wife before going to bed.


Candy and Terry became best friends with Kola and Dylan and they stayed in touch and they went together in prisons to preach to prisoinner and distribute Bibles. They went to live in Los Angeles, while Terry’s movie was getting made.

Anabeth had a little baby boy and Candy and Terry were its godparents.

The book “The Letters to Juliet” was published and it was an immediate success. Tyler’s book was also published under the penname “Teresa George” with the title “The trials of life”. Candy thought about it for a long time, but she ended up publishing her fils novel under the penname “Bianca Rose Smith”. All the emotions she had put into her story were able to attract young romantic readers. She continued her studies in Los Angeles and she spent the maximum of time with her husband, After she published her “baby”, it didn’t take her long to be expecting a baby. Terry was crazed of joy with her.

She grew up spiritually and she had a group of women who would come regularly to discuss the Bible and every day life with her.

The Bible says that he who finds a wife, finds happiness... He had find that happiness that had came under the form of a 12 year old kid… Fortunately, he was able to recognize it in time and he was perseverant and tenacious against life that has thrown him all kind of impossible obstacles. But in the end, he was rejoissing with the woman of young years, like the Bible said and he was very happy.



"You should be kissed, and often, and by someone who knows how." Rhett Butler, Gone with the wind

There's another little love in the way...
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