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> The winds of winter
post Mar 24 2019, 01:23 AM
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The winds of winter


The other children arrived to see what was going on and they saw everybody clapping their hands.

- Esther? Asked Amy, Allyson’s daughter, what’s going on?

- My mommy is back! Said Esther smiling

- Really? I’m happy for you! Hi Esther’s mommy!

- Hi ! Said Candy smiling

- You’re like us now! You have a mommy!

- Yes!

Terry realised how much Esther wanted a mommy and he was happy that her mommy was finally back. He still couldn’t believe how much the great aunt was cruel, because she thought Candy had taken Antonia’s place… telling her that her baby had died and that he didn’t want to see her anymore… It was in the past. He had to concentrate on their future.

- Terry…, tried Eliza

- I don’t know why you’re wasting your breath, said Terry, and even if I didn’t want my wife anymore, you’re really the last person I would think of as a replacement…

- Terry, said Eliza sorry

- Let’s let the family rejoice, said Daniel, let’s go Eliza

- Terry, said the great aunt, thank you for your forgiveness. Good luck… thank you Candice.

Candy looked at her daughter and her husband and she smiled. All the heartache she felt for the old coot went up in smoke.

They walked everybody to the door.

Jones gave her a big hug.

- Ever since you’re back, Terry is back the way he used to be.

- You also come to spy on my, didn’t you? Said Candy.

- And I confirmed it by recognizing your laugh, said Jones laughing.

- Thank you for keeping the secret. And Ashley, thank you for defending me against “Blanche?

- I was defending Terry, said Ashley, I didn’t want him to be hurt

- Of course, said Candy.

Ashley was still very hostile towards her. Terry didn’t respond to her feelings either… Terry was living in a manor full of beautiful girls and he had fallen in love with only one of them. Another boy would’ve put them all in his bed without even begging. Instead of that, he was in love with “princess Eurotrash”… he understood Ashley and Eliza’s hostilities and he appreciated Allyson’s altruism.

- Bye Allyson and thank you for getting the children out of the living room, said Candy smiling

- You’re welcome, said Allyson smiling welcome back home Candy! Esther needed you and Terry too

She gave her a big hug.

- Thank you Allyson, said Candy

- Welcome back home Candy, said Patrick

- Bye Esther’s mommy, said the children leaving, bye everybody!

- Bye! Said Terry closing the door behind them .

Terry was now alone with Candy and his daughter. They went upstairs.

- I’m going to go and change, said Candy

- I’m going to bring your stuff in my bedroom, said Terry, you want to use my bathroom?

- Ok, said Candy

They went to Terry’s room and she went to the bathroom. Terry was in Candy’s room to get her stuff. He also saw that she had brought things for Esther…

Candy was in the bathroom and she had taken off her contact lenses and the sophisticated make up, showing her freckles. She took a shower and washed out her hair so they would be blond again.

Meanwhile, Terry had finished taking Candy’s stuff to his bedroom and she was looking for a nightgown and she put put one on. She walked to Esther’s room.

- Mommy? Said Esther surprised, oh wow! You look like me!

- You’re the one who look like me, honey, said Candy smiling

- This is great! I have a mommy like everybody! She said smiling, you’re not leaving anymore are you?

- I came back to stay, said Candy

- All right.

- You don’t want to know why she wasn’t there? Asked Terry

- Well, it’s probably something grownups say and I’m a little girl. But I say thank you to God for giving me my mommy back. Thank you to you too daddy for telling me to pray God. And I have one more thing I wanted for Thanksgiving. I’m happy that mommy is back! So you were the one there when I was sick? It wasn’t a dream?

- It was me, said Candy, I couldn’t resist, you were looking for your mommy, so I told you I was there…

- Your accent… you’re going to teach me to talk like you?

- Of course honey, said Candy smiling

Candy’s cell phone rang.

- That’s my cellphone, she said, walking to Terry’s bedroom to answer.
It was on the dresser and she answered.

- Mum?

- So? Said Eleonor, is everything all right?

- Everything is for the best in the best of the worlds! Said Candy smiling

- I’m happy for your honey, here’s your father…

- Hello, daddy?

- Are you all right?

- yes

- What happened?

- The old cow admitted she was responsible. Terry thought I had abandoned him with the baby…

- That damn old coot! You want me to take care of her?

- No, she’s an old lady and she’s family, thus, yours too…

- I thought you’d be more angry than that…

- I should’ve been, but as soon as I look at Esther and my husband…

- Your heart just melt? Well. It’s your life, said the duke, we just want to see our granddaughter…

- Well…

- We could be there tomorrow morning…

- Tomorrow?

- Yes, we’re going to take the plane…

- Am I even able to stop you?

- You can always try, but it will be in vain.

- All right, see you tomorrow, said Candy laughing

She went back to Esther’s room.

- Who was it? Asked Terry.

- My parents, said Candy.

- Grandma and grandpa? Said Esther all excited

- Yes, said Candy

- What did they want? Asked Terry

- They wanted to know how the evening went.

- And… you told them?

- Of course….

- And?

- They were going to take the first plane tomorrow morning.

- Great! Said Terry

- They’re coming here? Asked Esther

- Yes, you’ll be able to meet them tomorrow… they can’t wait to meet you…

- Yay! A grandma and a grandpa! Grandma Billie is never there…

- She loves to travel, said Terry smiling

- Now, you’re going to sleep honey, said Candy

- You’re going to be there tomorrow morning when I wake up?

- I promised you that I will not leave anymore, said Candy.

- And to reassure you, said Terry

He turned to Candy and he put a knee on the floor and he said:

- Candy, would you marry me again?

Candy was surprised and she smiled.

- Yes Terry, I will marry you again!

- What does it mean marry again?

- It means daddy and I are getting married, again…

- Like in my dream?

- Like in your dream, said Terry

- Yay! Could I wear a white dress?

- You could be my matron of honour, said Candy.

Terry looked at Candy.

- This time around, our families are going to be there…

- They really never forgave us for eloping…

- We were selfish. We can make up for it this time around.

- And Esther will be present! Said Candy smiling

- It’s the most beautiful day of the words for me! Said Esther jumping on her bed.

Candy and Terry managed to calmed her down and she finally fell asleep while they were reading a story to her… Then they went to their bedroom and Terry changed his clothes and they went to bed. She hit him on the chest..

- Ouch! What was that for?

- That’s for flirting with “Blanche!”

- You’re jealous of yourself?

- You didn’t know it was me… I haven’t laughed yet…

- I knew it unconsciously…

- How?

- You’re the only woman whom I was attracted to, since Antonia…

- “Saint Antonia”… the reason of this whole fiasco…

- And I “felt” you…

- Yeah yeah right! Said Candy laughing.

- Seriously! I couldn’t get you out of my head, you were the opposite of yourself, but I was intrigued…

- I was fighting since the first day I saw you again… not kissing you back was torture… but I was angry with you… I thought you had hid my daughter from me… but as time passed… oh Terry, I love you so much! Forgive me for leaving without talking to you… You thought I had abandoned you with our little angel…

- Forgive me again for not coming to look for you…

She kissed him on the lips.

- What was that for?

- Because the rumour that you had the nanny in your bed was the only one that was true.

- You’re the only woman for me honey.

He took her lips in a fiercely kiss and they made love all night long.


the next day, the duke and Eleonor arrived at breakfast time. Candy took her daughter to introduce her to her parents who were in one of the manor’s living room.

- Mum , dad, let me introduce you to Esther, your granddaughter. Esther, this is my mummy and daddy.
Esther approached her grandparents who were both sitting down on the couch.

- Hello grandma, hello grandpa

Eleonor took the little girl and gave her a big hug and kissed her on the cheeks.

- Hello honey, said the duke kissing her on the cheek, let me show you a picture of your mummy…

He took out his wallet and showed Esther the pictures…

- Oh wow! She said, she looks like me, I mean I look like her! Whey do I look like her and not the other way around?

- Because your mummy was there before you and she gave birth to you, said Terry coming in.

- Daddy! Look, grandma and grandpa are here!

Terry approached them to greet them.

- Miss Baker, Your Grace, said Terry

- Terrence! Said Eleonor, I’m so happy for your family.

- Terrence, said the duke.

- Mommy and daddy are getting married! Said Esther all happy.

- Really? Said Eleonor, are we invited this time around?

- Of course, said Candy, we want to make it up to you, for the firs time….

- When you gave up your prince to elope? Said the duke

- Yes, daddy, said Candy, when I refused a prince for a millionaire…

- I’m going to give her a royal wedding, said Terry

- And Esther will be my matron of honour, said Candy smiling

- Great! Said Eleonor, when is it for?

- Why not at Christmas? Said Esther, it would be a great present.

At Christmas, not a log of people will be able to come, but it wasn’t important, if Esther was there and their family was complete, it was enough. Candy and Terry looked at each other.

- Christmas would be perfect, said Terry smiling…


Candy and Esther has spend their time looking for the perfect wedding dress and flower girl dress. They finally got one they both loved. Candy’s dress was in satin, not sleeves and the skirt was big with the border. Esther’s dress looked like hers, except it had fines sleeves. They had the same hairdo. Esther was her mini-her. They took pictures together.

The ceremony was suppose to happen at the manor in Chicago. There were a lot of guests. It was Christmas day, but nobody refused an invitation from the Andrew family. The manor was full. Everybody had opened their Christmas present in the morning, so they were available in the afternoon for the wedding.

The ceremony was about to start. The Canon by Pachelbel started. The groom came in at the arm of Whilemina Andrew, whom they called “Billie”, his adoptive mother who had made the ultimate effort to be there for her son’s wedding. Then, Allyson’s little girl came in slowly with a basket of rose petals… followed by Esther and Allyson and Kerry. Then the nuptial march by Wagner started, Candy arrived at her father’s arm. Once in front of the pastor, her father kissed her, after giving her arm to her husband and he went to sit down next to Eleonor Baker and Billie. The ceremony started and then came the time for the vows. Esther had come closer to her parents.
Candy and Terry had prepared their vows for this renewal of engagement.

Candy started:

- We are here for a celebration.

- We are here to celebrate love.

- We are rere to celebrate a wedding, our wedding which had had difficult moments during four years.

- Today we’re celebrating those four years. We’re rejoicing that God has put us back together and we have the chance to get married again like 5 years ago.

- We’ve had our ups and downs but especially downs. For years we were separated by circumstances beyond our control. But we never stopped loving each other.

- Today we celebrate that love, which never died, despite everything that had happened to us. We also celebrate the dreams, the hopes we have for the years to come. Beyond all that, we now celebrate, today, this special occasion that our love gave us.

- Its the day of the day, the time of the time, our dream is coming true. As all the days of our lives, we celebrate together with our daughter Esther.

Terry took Esther in his arms. And the pastor smiled and asked her:

- Esther you promise to love your mommy and daddy forever?

- Yes…

- You promise to always obey and listen to them?

- Yes, I promise to love them for my whole life!

There was a little laugh in the assembly.

- I celebrate my love for both of you and for the other children we’re going to have, continued Terry.

- I celebrate my love for both of you and for the other children…

Candy put her hand on her belly briefly. Terry had seen that and he looked at her in the eyes.

-… we’re going to have, she finished looking at him in the eyes.

- You’re going to have another baby? Asked Esther.

Candy was taken a little a back. She didn’t think about telling the news in front of everybody, but it looked like the circumstances decided otherwise…

- Oh honey… it was supposed to be a surprise, whispered Candy.

- Yay! I’m going to have a little brother or sister!!!

Everybody burst out laughing. Terry looked at Candy with love.

- You know me the way I am, said Terry

- And you know who I really am, said Candy

- Not the way we know each other

- Or how we introduce ourselves

- But deep down inside

- We see each other so well

- Or wrong

- We accept with joy

- And from now on…

- Our soul are intertwined

- In harmony

- I became you

- And I became you

- And we call love

The pastor spoke and said:

- Live together in harmony and make it so that the winds of the sky dances between you. Get stronger and make your relationship evolve to its ends. Nourish yourselves with the possibilities of mutually cheer each other up. Love each other, share your love in broad day light and let the river come between your souls. Sing and dance together and be happy. Share your life, unite your love with your maker. May your union last for long moments during your triumphs and the trials to come, may you feel happy as you are now, in love and married to one another. Now be at peace and live in peace in the present which is beautiful and stretching to the limits of the past and the future/ The Lord inspires this man and this woman to be husband and wife. Help them understand how much their love could be fragile, yet very powerful, how it could be weak and doable at the same time. Give this husband and this wife the courage of being one person, instead of a title. Having heard the promises you have made I have the pleasure to wish you a long, happy and wonderful life together. We hope that the inspiration of the moment will not be forgotten. May you continued to love each other forever… You may kiss each other.

Candy and Terry thought about everything the pastor had just said, but it still hurt them to hear them again. If only they had followed that advice four years ago…. They probably would’ve done things differently. They had walked away from each other… They were young and carefree. But now, they were more mature and they saw what living without each other was… They had Esther. They had their love this time around and they were going to protect their family by trusting each other.

Terry, who still had Esther in his arms , leaned to take his wife’s lips in a fiery kiss, not too strong, since he had Esther in his arms. He put her on the floor and he took his wife in his arm to kiss her the way he should. Everybody clapped.

When the guest and family left, Candy and Terry were alone with their daughter again. They didn’t have the time to open the presents in the morning, sine they were getting ready for the wedding. While they were in one of the living room, where there was the Christmas tree they had decorated together. There was also a chimney with the fire lit on.

Esther has opened her present and she was happy. Terry went to get Candy’s present.

- Thank you Terry, she said smiling

She opened the present, it was a box in which there were photo albums and DVDs of the family.

- Oh Terry…

- For all the moment you missed…

- Oh Terry, she said moved, you were sure I was going to come back?

- I was telling my self that you will end up coming back when you’re ready… and I didn’t need a reason to take pictures of my little angel or to get her on camera.

Candy looked at the picture with tears in her eyes.

- My present, said Candy, you already know about it…

- The baby?

She nodded with her head.

- Esther ruined the surprise.

- I’m sorry, said Esther

- No, said Terry, you were too cute! How did you know?

- Mommy will always put her hand on her tummy and say: “it’s going to be ok baby” and I didn’t understand…

- Until the ceremory…

- And it was like “tilt” in my head, like in the cartoon, said Esther laughing.

- You were way too smart for your age my pretty one! Said Candy, we have a niice souvenir of the DVD now and Junior will be able to see it…

- “junior”, said Esther smiling

- I l knew when you touched your belly during the ceremony, said Terry

- You’ve always been able to read me… that’s who you knew who I was…

- You had to know…

- I was hoping you’d recognize me, I mean…

They looked at each other with love.

- Can we look at some DVDs of when I was little?

- Yes of course, said Candy, I want to see the DVD when you celebrated your first birthday!

- All right, said Esther

- This is the one, said Terry giving her the DVD

The little one knew how to make the machines work, she put on the DVD and turned it on

- I decided to go back to medical school…, said Terr.

- Really? Said Candy

- Yes… we could go to Chicago so I could go to university, ten we could come back here when I’m done….

- No more business trips?

- No more business trips. I should’ve stopped when we got married…

- You did after I left…

- Because I wanted to be alone with Esther. I didn’t want to stay in this manor where everybody felt sorry for me, how you were not good for me, how you abandoned me with the baby… and I understood that I should’ve done it sooner… all this wouldn’t have happened…

- That’s in the past, my love, said Candy with love, thank you for the present….

- Thank you for your present, he said touching her belly

- And for medical school…

- I’m going back to my first love

- And I’m going to take care of the children, said Candy smiling.
On the big screen of the television, Ester was one. Her daddy was filming her from when she first open her eyes that morning.

- Hello my little princess! We’re one year old today and we’re going to have a big party for you and full of presents… give me a nice smile… that way mommy is going to see how much you are beautiful when she comes back…”

Esther on the screen was smiling and bursting laughing, like she understood.

Candy had tears in her eyes…

- Are you crying mommy? Asked Esther

- I’m crying of joy honey…

- We can cry of joy?

- Yes, when we’re too happy…

Esther went on the couch to hug her mommy. She was sitting in the middle of her parents.
A new life was starting for this little family which was getting bigger. Candy sometimes regretted what had happened but as they say with “what if” were could put the world in a bottle. She had to move on instead of thinking about the past, instead of thinking about the past we couldn’t change. Destiny had given them another chance they had seased it together. It’s not that they will not have any problems, but this time around they were going to solved their issues together and not go through other people.

Terry went back to medical school and he became a general practioner and he went back to work in Lakewood. Candy had a baby Terrence Junior and she was having another one. Candy was taking care of the family and in receptions during the day with her husbands and charities.

The wise men say, only fools rush in… Candy and Terry rushed, they were in love…> But the outside world had manipulated them and they were separated for 4 long years. They were together again and the past was a teaching for them and they lived happy and had lots of children.

“Rejoice with the woman you, during the days God had giving the sun during your vanity days; because that the part of life in the middle under the sun”. Ec 9:9



"You should be kissed, and often, and by someone who knows how." Rhett Butler, Gone with the wind

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