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Josephine Hymes

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11 Mar 2015
Recent comments on our board made me reflect on how our perceptions change with the social context and the historical moment. One of our boardies (I think it was Patty) said that we tend to associate Terry's long hair with his non-conformist attitude, but such a physical trait might not have been interpreted as such in the 1910s and 1920s. That made me observe that in most photos of the time, older men had a mustache, while younger men appeared perfectly shaved. So, my guess is that absence of facial hair was the way in which young men of the time indexed their identity as distinct from that of their parents. Then, I found the following article in Wikipedia, that I proceed to copy and paste for you here:

Mustache fashion through history

Like many other fashion trends, the mustache is subject to shifting popularity through time. Though modern culture often associates mustaches with men of the Victorian Era, Susan Walton shows that at the start of the Victorian Era facial hair was "viewed with distaste" and that the mustache was considered the mark of an artist or revolutionary, both of which remained on the social fringe at the time.[1] This is supported by the fact that only one member of parliament sported facial hair from the years 1841-1847.[1] However by the 1860s, this changes and mustaches become wildly popular even among distinguished men but by the end of the century facial hair became passť once more.[1] Though one cannot be entirely sure are to the cause of such changes, Walton speculates that the rise of the facial hair trend was due largely in part because the impending war against Russia, and the believe that mustaches and beards projected a more 'manly' image, which was brought about by the so-called 'rebranding' of the British military and the rehabilitation of military virtues.[1] Mustaches became a defining trait of the British soldier, as even late as 1908 no enlisted soldier was permitted to shave his upper lip.[2] However, the next generation of men perceived facial hair, such as mustaches, to be an outdated emblem of masculinity and therefore there was a dramatic decline in the mustache trend and a clean-shaven face became the mark of a modern man.[1]

What do you girls think?

What other traits would have made a young man "look" as someone opposing the status quo in those years?
31 Dec 2014
I was watching a movie the other night and suddenly my eyes spotted a very particular feature on the face of this young actress (Annasophia Robb). "Flat nose?" I asked myself. What do you think?

29 Nov 2014
I know this is silly . . . but when I saw this gorgeous man in the "I can't believe it's not butter" commercial I thought that if Terry would ever grow a beard . . . he would look like this.

29 Nov 2014
Dear all,

During my absence I found this beautiful picture. It looks a whole lot like my idea of poor Anthony in his coffin. One could write a mini-fic inspired on this pic. I know that this boy looks asleep, and not dead, but anyway. What do you say?

10 Jul 2014
Oh well . . . I want to start this thread because I had the most complete and technicolor dream last night, and it was all about an alternative version of CC with a rather tragic flare.

As you know, dreams are really messy and illogical at times, so I will try to arrange the facts in a way that they appear as logical as possible, but if I fail to do that, please, consider it was just a dream.

In this dream (or nightmare), Susannah does neither die nor come to her senses and let Terry be; not at all. On the contrary, she and Terry get married at some point
panicsmiley.gif panicsmiley.gif married.gif

. . . and when he parts to work in England, she goes with him. So in my dream, it is Susannah the one living on the charming cottage on the banks of the Avon river. . . . with Terry.

chipiewantanohito.gif chipiewantanohito.gif chipiewantanohito.gif

However, Terrence's heart still belongs to Candy, and he misses her every single moment of his life. . . one day, after WWI, he is invited to tour in the US again, and Susannah has to stay in England because of her health (don't know what's wrong with her, though). So, he goes off to the US on his own, and during his travels, he accidentally meets with Candy.

clappingsmilies.gif clappingsmilies.gif love_dance.gif love_dance.gif

Passion bursts like never before in this encounter, and they go from old flames, to clandestine lovers.

bedkiss.gif bedkiss.gif bedkiss.gif bedkiss.gif bedkiss.gif

The adulterous relationship goes on for a few months, bedsex2.gif bedsex2.gif bedsex2.gif

while he travels back and forth and, as you surely expect it, she gets pregnant.

And yet, even in my dream, these are the same selfless Candy and noble Terry we all know. So, ashamed of their adulterous deeds, they decide that Terry is not to abandon Susannah,

shitfan.gif shitfan.gif shitfan.gif shitfan.gif

but . . . of course, Candy is still going to have this baby . . . Terry promises that he would look after both of them (financially), and tries to pretend that he can be strong enough to go on without the woman he loves and their child, but Candy is not fooled. She knows that his heart has broken a thousand times, just to think that they will be separated again very soon. She is afraid that without her, he would go back to alcohol or even worse . . . so, she decides that she will give him a reason to live . . .yes! Her child!!!

fainting.gif fainting.gif fainting.gif fainting.gif

Even though Terrence protests a great deal, he ends up by accepting Candy's plan, which is that it is him and not her who should keep the baby (he is not strong enough to resist her, we know). So, Terry parts to England to arrange things (at some point, I think, he convinces Susannah to accept the child, but I don't know whether he tells her the truth, or if he only suggests that they should adopt a child, since they seem not to be able to have children of their own). So, by the time of the baby's birth, Terrence goes back to America, and takes the baby(girl) with him . . . just as his father did with him years before, on a ship, while Candy stays on the wharf, weaving good bye, and trying to hold her tears.

tissue.gif tissue.gif tissue.gif tissue.gif tissue.gif

The girl grows up by her father's side, then, and of course, she becomes her father's darling. The funny thing is that she seems to know that Susannah is not her mother all the time. Susannah is not the typical Cinderella stepmother, though, she's rather emotionally absent all the time, but since Terrence is always looking after his daughter, they child grows up in a loving atmosphere. At some point, when the child is a bit older, he tells her who her real mother is.

terryrules.gif terryrules.gif terryrules.gif terryrules.gif terryrules.gif

One day, when the child is in her teens, Terrence gets sick, and then, real sick. Sooooooooo, in my dream-nightmare, it is him and not Susannah who dies of a rare disease. At this point our little new heroine decides that there's nothing left for her in England, and then one day, she knocks at the door of Pony's Home to meet her real mother. The encounter, of course is bitterly-sweet, since right at the moment when Candy sees her grown-up daughter, she understands that the love of her life is dead . . . and yet, now when all hope seems lost, she has a new reasons to live, to see her daughter bloom into a woman and perhaps reach the happiness she never could achieve herself.

So, end of the dream-nightmare.

tissue.gif tissue.gif tissue.gif tissue.gif tissue.gif tissue.gif tissue.gif

Believe, after I woke up, I gave thanks for FS . . .hahahahahahahahaha.

Have you girls had dreams about CC too?
Deft hope(i wish) you'll write another fics! Your story speaks for you (tell that's you think & dream about C&T)
Magnificent world!!
27 May 2015 - 17:53
Hi,i'm Darjeelinginfus
Thanks a lot for yours fics. Always a pleasure to read you!
Have a good day,bye
23 May 2015 - 17:26
Hi,i'm Darjeelinginfus
I did read your fics and it's always a pleasure. Thanks a lot.!
Have a good day!
very beautiful and sad picture (Anthony) from 29.11.14
23 May 2015 - 17:16

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