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> Terry Terry, I will never forget you, My sleeping fic awaken...Rated M for mature
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Terry Terry

Chapter 73
“Forgiving time”

Candy got out of the hospital the next day like planed. She was glad to be back home with Esther and Terry. They were living in the New York appartment with her mother. They would spend the days with Terry’s parents. The duke had gone back to England, because he had business to deal with.

Candy was discussing with her mother about the project with Hathaway for them to do Hamlet together. There were a lot of coming and going in Eleonor’s apartment and Terry didn’t care about it, except one time it was a group of men dressed in black came to see Candy and they discussed for a long time. When they left, Terry went to see her.

- Are you all right princess? He asked seeing her sitting in the living room

- I’m fine…

- You were able to make a deal with the… men in black?

- Men in black? Oh… no

- Why?

- The conditions were too hard.

- Too hard? They wanted your signature in blood or something? He joked

Candy didn’t reply. He looked at her.

- You’re kidding right?

- No… I won’t sacrifice my time far away from you and my family.

- Just because of that?

- That’s not important enough? Don’t you travel with Esther in your medical conferences?

- Yes, but she was little, and she still is

- And your conferences were for a few days. Shooting a movie takes months…

- Those conditions seemed harder than usual

He knew her too well. She looked at him smiling.

- Honey, all you need to know is that I said no to their offer. My priority for the moment is baby Billy…

- All right. You promise to talk to me before you sign a pact with the devil.

- You want Esther to have my head? Said Candy laughing

- Without us, would you have done it?

- I agreed to the deal with my father, to marry the prince and save your mother’s company and stay with Marlowe because he saved my life, I think I’ve sacrificed myself enough for a life time! I don’t need money or glory, I only need you and our children.

- You’re ready to come to Chicago with us…

- And be a domestic diva? I don’t know if I can do that…

- I have housekeeper and a maid and even a nanny for Esther, princess. My house is not a castle, that’s all. But if you want, I think that my family can give us a castle, I can talk to my mother…

- Oh Terry! Said Candy laughing, if you told me we were going to live in a cabin in the woods, with not electiricty and running water and I would follow you…

- Without protesting?

- I’ll be protesting from dusk til’ dawn of course, she admitted, but I would follow you…

They burst out laughing heartily. He liked her honesty.

The papers talked about Candy’s hospitalization and her wedding to Terry. They also talked about the fact that they were going to renew their vows after the birth of the baby. They talked about Terry’s newly found family.

Candy didn’t press charges against Marlowe’s mom. With a good lawyer, she was able no avoid prison and do community service. Marlowe was grateful. All those articles allowed Marlowe to become popular. He was first hired as a special guest star on a popular television show and another and finally he was going to be shooting a movie.


Prince Andrea had read the article on Candy, because he wanted to know what his ex-wife was up to. For the Marlowe problem, he didn’t want to meddle because he told himself she knew what she was doing. But this time around… He took the plane and went to New York to see her… He called Candy one he was in the royal suite at the Waldorf-Astoria.

Candy was resting in the afternoon when she got the phone call from the prince.

- Hello Andrea…

- Hello Candy, can I see you?

- Where are you?

- I’m in New York…

- Oh… you saw the articles on Terry and I…

- In an hour? I’m waiting for you.

The prince, used to giving orders, was expecting everybody to be at his beck and call. Candy had a sigh. She owed him that much… It was the moment of truth.

- All right, give me your room number.

- I’m in the royal suite.

- Of course, said Candy, see you later.

Terry who had just arrived in the living room, was looking at her.

- What’s going on?

- Andrea wants to see me…

- Prince euro trash?

- He saw the articles on our wedding…

- You want me to come with me?

- Yes, I’d like that. Would you be able to keep your calm?

- Don’t worry about that. What about you?

- What about me?

- You’re going to tell him the truth?

- The truth?

- That Esther is your daughter and that your mother never had an affair with me, but it was you?

- Terry? You want me to tell him the truth, really?

- Yes, really… and…

- And…? What else?

- You have to forgive him…

- Forgive him?

- Yes…

- But I’m not angry with him…

- Really? Your father forced you to marry him for his own interest…

- I know…

- You’re really not a little angry with him?

Candy thought about it for a moment.

- A little bit, but it wasn’t his fault

- I know, he was part of your father’s pawns… you have to forgive him and ask him to forgive you.

- Ask him to forgive me?

- For have been angry at him, for lying to him about Esther…

- You’re talking seriously?

She was looking at him, he wasn’t joking at all.

- I forgave you, he said softly, I’m not angry with you anymore. I know it wasn’t your fault. But on your wedding day, I didn’t sleep all night, you were my wife and you were marrying another man, a prince! And the fact that everybody felt sorry for me, aside from Daniel, was making me even more angry! Life went on, I was dating girls, whom thought I was more attractive when they learned that I dated a girl who married a prince… B ut I wasn’t happy Candy, I was bitter… Learning that your marriage was over made me crazed of joy, I said to myself that we might have a little hope…I met Esther, a real ray of sunshine that little angel… When Mommy Pony and Mommy Maria were saying that she might be my daughter… I was refusing to see it, I was refusing to believe that you had the opportunity to stop everything and you didn’t do it and you married your prince… I didn’t know that you were sacrificing yourself to save my mother’s company… You asked me to forgive you when you were still married to your prince and I couldn’t reply to you… I could’ve, maybe I should’ve, but it wasn’t appropriate… But I forgave you when we got back together for everything and I’m asking you to forgive me for being angry with you, my love…And forgive me for all the girls I’ve kissed…

- You were free my darling…

- But I was doing it because I was angry with you… You were my wife in my heart…

- Oh Terry… I forgive you and I understand better when you mean by forgiveness…

- I’m going to tell the nanny to get Esther ready. He probably would like to see her again…

- All right, I’m going to get ready too.

In the end, Eleonor went with them too, because she was part of the cover up. Esther was curiosly happy she was going to see the prince again, he liked him. They arrive at the royal suite at the Waldolf. A man opened the door to let them in. The suite was very big and luxurious. Terry was carrying Esther and he put her on the floor.

- Andrea? She said running to him.

He had stood up and crouched to greet the little one in his arms.

- Oh my little Esther! I’m so happy to see you!

- Me too! How are you?

- I’m fine. What about you?

- I’m fine too! I live with mummy and daddy and we’re going to leave for Chicago and wait for Billy to come and then, mummy and daddy are going to get married again so that I’m there!

Esther, the little talker. Candy was happy that Terry had convinced her to reveal the truth to Andrea. They arrived in the living room and they greeted the prince with his assistant.

- Please have a seat, he told them…

- Thank you, said Candy

He turned to Esther.

- You want to go with Laurence in the bedroom? She has a lot of pictures and coloring pencils for you…

- Images from the Bible?

- Yes, I know how much you like the Bible, said the prince

- Can I mummy, daddy? Asked Esther.

- Of course honey, said Candy.

Esther left the room with the said Laurence to go to the bedroom, the adults were alone. The prince was looking at Terry. Everything was clear now!

- Thank you for coming Candice. I see that you brought reinforcement…

- I’m going to start by asking you to forgive me, said Candy.

- Forgive you? For what? Oh because I made a mistake in my suppositions? The good doctor was indeed Esther’s father, but I had it wrong on the mother…

- Andrea, please, said Candy, I’m sorry.

- Andrea, can I say something? Asked Eleonor

- Of course Eleonor, he said a little dryly.

His grandmother was an actress and he had always treated Eleonor with a lot of respect. Eleonor started talking:

- Royal wedding are always arranged, you know it, don’t you? Even if they encourage you to “fall in love” with your future spouse…

- You’re not telling me anything new, said the prince

- I’ve always knew that I was destined to have an arranged marriage by my father, continued Candy, what I didn’t know was with whom, a prince, a king, a sheikh? It didn’t bother me to play the girl promised to a prince one day, I was raised for that. There was no way I was going to date anybody in my school. It wasn’t forbidden, but I preferred avoiding trouble, until I met Terry and I was with your… brother, on the boat and then at school. I didn’t want to introduce him to my father, because I knew he was going to ruin everything between us, by reminding me of my duty… In Scotland, he had promised me to leave me the castle if I go with you to that brunch at the queen’s and that’s where you were witnessed of the scene of the little dispute between me and princess Eugenie… Forgive for that too…

- I have to admit that I felt kind of ridiculous that day…

- Terry didn’t know who Eugenie was, she had told him her name was Victoria and since he had just seen me with you from afar and my father had told him that we were going to get married, he was talking his about princes, so Eugenie didn’t want to tell him she was a princess. He found out when he came to that famous brunch and when she introduced him to her grandmother, the queen… We dated in Scotland and in school… Then when we were back to school, there was that incident and my father took advantage of the situation to blackmail me… I had to break up with Terry and to what myfather wanted… My mother came to support me, only, I found myself pregnant with Terry’s baby… My mother helped me and she pretended to be pregnant to cover for me…

- Why didn’t you just cancel everything? Asked the prince.

- Because my father’s threat was still there…

- He was in the cover up?

- He never knew about it, until recently … I know that all those articled on my marriage with Terry…

- Learning that you had married the one I thought was your mother’s lover… Esther looked like him…

- I came to ask you to forgive me, said Candy, my father arranged , per my request that all the articles which would talk about my maternity don’t get published. I didn’t want you to learn the news that way…

- Would you have told me the truth if I hadn’t called you?

- Honestly, I don’t know. But I want to believe that Terry would’ve managed to convince me to do it, eventually to tell the truth…

He looked at her, he looked at her belly.

- You could’ve told me, I would’ve been happy to play along and be Esther’s father… it wouldn’t have been a problem, giving the circumstances.

- It would’ve have been fair, to you… You’re part of the royal family…

- Do you know how many king and emperors were the products of their wives lovers?

- It wouldn’t have been fair to Terry…

- Of course… You are so beautiful pregnant, he said all of a sudden.

Candy looked at him with tenderness. She smiled.

- Thank you….

- Is it a boy or a girl? Or you want to be surprised?

- According to Esther, it’s a boy, said Candy

- Just give me one world and I’ll take you back on the spot, he said

Very audacious, that prince who wasn’t ashamed to hit on his ex-wife in front of her new husband!

- Stop it please, I love my husband…

- If ever he throws you out…

- I wouldn’t hold my breath if I were you, you highness, said Terry approaching Candy.

- A one time, you would’ve provoke a fight in a duel Andrea, said Eleonor

- I know, he said. I forgive you, Candy. And I forgive you too Eleonor.

The doorbell rang and foot steps were heard. Andrea’s mother arrived.

- What’s going on here? Andrea, you have visitors? I didn’t know!

- Mum, it’s none of your concern, started the prince.

She was very elegant with her blue designer suit with her perfect hair and makeup.

- Candice, Eleonor and your new husband! What are you doing here, make fun of my son some more?

When she saw that Candy was pregnant, she seemed even more upset by her presence.

- Your royal highness, hello, said Candy.

- Hello, Your Royal Highness, said Terry.

- You Royal Highness, said Eleonor.

- Hello, she replied, what’s going on?

- I had to talk to Andrea, said Candy standing up, we have to go. Can you ask for Esther back, please?

He made a sign to one of his employees.

- Thank you for coming Candice, he said smiling.

- Thank you for having me, she said.

He hugged her, like to provoke his mother. He winked at Candy.

- I’m just waiting for one word from you…

- I’ll let you know my decision when you’re going to call me, said Candy.

- What? Said Andrea’s mother outraged, you’re kidding right? You’re not going to take her back?! And in front of her husband on top of that! You’re not even ashamed and you too Candy!

Terry was wondering what was going on. He wanted to react but he was interrupted by Esther.

- Mummy! Daddy! I made images for you!

She arrived running with some sheet of papers in her hands. She gave one to her daddy, one to her mommy and one to her grandma and one to the prince.

- Thank you my little dolly, said Candy smiling.

- Thank you sweetie, said Eleonor.

- Thank you honey, said Terry.

- Thank you sweetie, said the prince.

She looked at the prince’s mother.

- Oh hello! I didn’t know you were here, your highness, otherwise I would’ve made an image for you…

It was images with biblical characters. The princess looked at Esther and she couldn’t help melting. She smiled.

- There’s our little Esther! She said taking her in her arms to kiss her, how are you?

- Yes, I’m very well! I have a daddy now!

- Really?

- He’s married to mummy and we’re going to have a baby, Billy…

Terry approached the princess.

- Come here, honey, we’re going.

- Ok, said Esther, good bye your highness!

- Your Royal Highness, said Terry, goodbye.

He took Esther from her arms and walked to the door.

- Good bye, said Candy.

- Leave my son alone, she whispered to Candy.

- Have you seen my husband? Whispered Candy smiling and holding her belly, I’m in a very good mood, I forgive you for everything you’ve done to me.

- Good bye your Highness, said Eleonor

The princess looked at them leave without a word. Candy followed Terry and Esther to the door, and so did Eleonor.

The prince looked at his mother and walked them to the door.

- Thank you again for coming Candy, said the prince hugging her and baby Billy moved.

- Whoa! Said Candy smiling, Billy says hi!

- Hi Billy! Said the prince touching her belly with love

Terry couldn’t help being a little jealous. He could feel their connection.

- Esther, I was happy to see you again. Be good and obey, he said turning to the little one in Terry’s arms.

- I always obey. I don’t want to disappoint Jesus.

- That’s very good! Keep it up! Eleonor, good bye.

- Good bye Andrea

- Terrence…

- Good bye your highness, said Terry

- Good bye, good bye Candy.

- Good bye Andrea.

He closed the door and went back to the living room.

- Tell me you don’t want to take her back…

- She’s married mum and she has a family. Everything I couldn’t give her.

- She could’ve told you for Esther, you would’ve adopted her…

- You would’ve approved?

- Not at first, but you love Esther, don’t you? I like her too. And you would’ve been happy…

- With “what if” we would put Monaco in a bottle, said the prince.

His mother didn’t reply and the prince went to his bedroom.


Candy and her family went back to Eleonor’s apartment just in time for their nap. Esther had fallen asleep in the car. Terry who was carrying her went to put her to bed. Candy went in their room to rest. Terry joined her. She had changed for her nap.

- How are you? Asked Terry.

- Better than I expected… It’s so much better to tell the truth…

- You’re still very close…

- You were jealous when the baby moved, weren’t you?

- And when he told you that he wouldn’t hesitate taking you back…

- I had nothing against him, you were right, I was angry with him… I feel so much better. Thank you… would you have fought in a duel for me?

- Of course! And you know I would’ve fought for you, had I known what was going on back then…

- I know my love, she said tenderly.

- But I like how you provoked the princess…

- You understood that?

- Of course, other wise I would put my fist in his face…,he said smiling

Candy burst out laughing in her crystalin laugh.

- I’m going to take a nap, he said, have I told you that in Italy, everything is closed between noon and 4 pm ?

- Seriously?

- Seriously, they do their “siesta”

- Well the French say, “It’s even better in the afternoon!” said Terry smiling

He approached her and took her in his arms to kiss her and took her to bed to make love and their “siesta”.


"You should be kissed, and often, and by someone who knows how." Rhett Butler, Gone with the wind

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Terry Terry

I became a grandmother on June 13th 2016, baby Felix came to bring us much joy in our family. I had Candice Grandchester in this story also pregnant with a little boy, so I decided that she will have the baby the same day as my daughter and it’s a boy. A coincidence, I decided that Candice will have a boy years ago, way before my daughter got pregnant! So here we go, the chapter of Billy’s birth. Enjoy!

Chapter 74
“ Billy’s birth”

Terry took his little family to go back to Chicago.

- We can take the plane, said Candy

- You’re almost due, said Terry

- But you’re going to be with me…

- It’s not a reason to risk the baby’s life…

- If he’s born on a plane, he will never pay for a plane ticket again…

- Don’t tell me that you don’t have the money to pay a plane ticket for your son, Miss Trust fund baby turned princess…

- It’s faster…

- Princess, I’m going to rent a car and we’re going to go calmly by the road and we’ll get to Chicago.

- Very well doctor! Said Candy pretending to sulk.

Terry looked at her smiling. He approached her to kiss her on the lips.

- I love you princess.

- I love you, Sapphire eyes…

- You didn’t tell me how you had Esther…

- Well since we didn’t want any publicity, it happened in secret, with midwives who came to the castle…

- So that the press wouldn’t talk about it?

- Yes…

- I admit I was surprised to hear that the great Eleonor Baker had had a baby… I had a funny feeling, but I didn’t want to think too much… I chased that idea away and when I saw Esther who looked so much like you… I melted right away…

- Can I have the same thing? Asked Candy

- The same what? Asked Terry

- A home birth…

- You want to give birth at home?

- I hate hospitals… the atmosphere is creepy…

- Not always, the maternity is kind of a happy place, full of life, don’t you think so?

- Please Terrence… I liked it the first time, I was in a pool of warm water, and it relieves the pain a lot…

- You want midwives?

- No, I want my favourite doctor with me, on top of the midwives; they could play nurses or something…

- You know midwives actually went to medical school?

- Yes, I know, I read a lot about them, they’re as much as competent as you doctors… can you arrange for that?

- You have to book them in advance

- I know… but I didn’t think I would in Chicago for the birth of the baby…

- The princess in you is expecting to be served right away and get favours…

- I’m sure that the charming doctor you are will not have any trouble to find midwives ready to help your wife bring you little prince to the world…

Terry smiled/ He was as a matter of fact thinking about asking for a favour…

- We could arrange for that… you want to do it in the water again?

- The transition is less brutal for the child…

- You don’t need to tell me that, but I never would’ve imagined that you had done that with Esther…

- That’s true. We never had the occasion to talk ever since I’ve told you that Esther was our daughter…

- That was the most beautiful present you made e. Our separation was bearable because of her…

- I know what you mean, I assure you, said Candy smiling, that’s why I told you the truth, so you could keep her…

- I would’ve kept her anyway…

- But by making her your daughter, you could legally have her, without a problem

- True…

- Do you have French schools in Chicago?

- Yes… you still want Esther in French school?

- It would a pity for her to lose her French, don’t you think so?

- As a matter of fact and I’m happy she didn’t lose her British accent, in fact, it depends who she’s talking to…

- It’s really funny to hear her with the American accent when she’s talking to you…

- You’re half American, princess, and I’m the British one! Said Terry smiling

- Well yes, Mr. American, your accent is absolutely dreadful! She said smiling

- Yet, I still managed to charm you…

- With your accent?

- I caught you crying…

- And you never threw that in my face when we were arguing. You a good guy…

- You were trying to play the tough gal while you were a nice girl

- And you like nice girls, don’t you?

- I liked deciphering you, at first I couldn’t figure you out… I was completely lost me…

Candy had a beautiful smile.

- How long until we get to Chicago?

- By car? At least 11 hours if we don’t stop a lot

- You know I will need to go pee…

- We’re going to make it…

- I trust you…

The arrangements were made for the long car drive. Esther was happy to travel with her mummy and daddy. Terry had rented a trailer so that Candy could be able to lie down and sleep the way she wanted to. She had little Esther with her, Terry had also hired a driver so that he could spend time with Candy in the back.

- Your American roads are absolutely dreadful! Said Candy

- They do move a lot…

- Well, it’s going to make Billy come faster, said Candy

- Princess, what are you not telling me?

- Nothing…

- Out with it…

- Well since a little while ago, I think I lost my mucus top…

- You think? How long ago?

- Four or five hours, I don’t know anymore…

- Candy! Said Terry, you can’t say that! I rented a trailer so we wouldn’t have to stop for pee all the time…

- I didn’t pay attention; it was a little pinkish colour… I’m sorry…

- Calm down… I’m going to make arrangements in the meantime…

He took his cellphone and started making calls to a lot of people. An hour later, Jones and Ashley were on the phone to tell him that everything was ready for their arrival…

- Great…

- You’re not out of the woods yet, my princess…

- I know, you have to call the midwives at 4 1 1…

- Every four minutes that last a minute for about an hour?

- It’s great to talk to a doctor; they understand everything without having to spell it out…

- Are you ok, mummy? Said Esther, you’re going to have Billy?

- Yes, but not right away… in a few hours…

- All right, I’m going to pray everything goes well

- Thank you honey, said Candy smiling

- Now, get some rest mummy, said Esther lying down near her…

They fell asleep, all three holding each other until they got to Chicago. Terry had a mansion in the Chicago suburb. Terry took Candy in the house carrying her in his arms just to cross the threshold, but also to take her to the master bedroom…

- Sapphire eyes, this room is absolutely magnificent!

- Thank you Princess, because it’s also your room…

- Your mansion is beautiful…

- It doesn’t look like your castle…

- A mansion if fine by me, said Candy, a castle, I’ve had that already…

- You’re sure? Because I can find one for you if you want to…

- And certain! She said smiling

- Now, you sleep, Billy is going to be on his way soon

- Yes…

- I’m going to do take the stuff out of the car… get some rest.

- Where’s Esther?

- She’s in her room, I’m going to tell her to come and stay with you…

He didn’t have the time to get to the door; they heard knocking and Esther came in.

- Are you all right mummy?

- Yes, I’m fine honey

- Can I stay with you for a while?

- Until I’m ready to go to the delivery room…

- To have the baby? Asked Esther

- Yes...

- Can I see …?

- You can see the baby after sweetie, you can’t see your mummy when she’s having the baby

- Why?

- Because little girl mustn’t see that, said Terry

Jones had arranged for one of the room to be the delivery room for the water birth. A big pound was installed in one of the guest room. They had put all the material connected to the computer.

- I’m going to go see if everything is fine said Terry, can I leave you?

- Yes, honey, said Candy smiling

- I’ll take care of her daddy, said little Esther

- And I trust you completely, my little dolly!

Terry got out of the room to make sure everything is fine; He went to get Esther for her lunch.

- Good see your nanny, honey, said Terry

- All right, said Esther, are you going to be fine, mummy?

- I’m going to be fine sweetie

The little girl got out of the room to go find her nanny for her snack.

- Are you ok? Asked Terry

- Time is not going fast enough for me…

- That’s good; you don’t want it to go too fast…

- Yes, doctor

- Sleep a little, said Terry, I’ll come back later.

He got out of the room and found the whole gang in the living room.

- How is it going’ Asked Jones

- She’s asleep, said Terry

- A home birth, said Ashley, she’s capricious your sweetheart

- She did it with Esther and she liked it, said Terry

- I thought it was so the press wouldn’t learn she had a baby

- Yes, and she liked it… the house is another environment, Hospitals are different, we’re a little stressed and everybody’s stress… at home, she will be the only patient…

- That’s what I said, continued Ashley capricious…

Terry looked at her smiling. Ashley will always hate Candy because he chose her… they continued talking and they ate a light snack. Terry’s cell phone made a sound; he had just received a message.

- I’ll be right back, said Terry leaving the living room

- Capricious, said Ashley

- Ashley, stop it! Said her sister, let him spoil her, he couldn’t do it for Esther…

- And whose fault is that?

- She saved your company, said Patrick

- And she’s a saint on top of that? Said Ashley

Terry went upstairs and he found Candy standing…

- My water just broke

Terry ran to her.

- Sit down honey…

- But the bed…

- We’re going to change the bedding, but sit down…

- But…

She lost her water again.

- The carpet!

- We’re going to have it clean…

He took care of her and she changed and he took her to the delivery room they had prepared, there was a double bed and Candy when to lie down on it.

- I have to be patient, I know, she said, I know…

She was starting to have little contractions, spaced out… Terry came to stay wi3th her and was making her feel better, he was massaging her feet and her back… Candy forgot about the pain sometimes. When the contractions became closer and stronger, they called the midwives. They took everything in charge; all Terry had to do was be the daddy…

- Terry, said Candy, thanks for being there this time around…

- There is no other place I would rather be my darling… it’s going to be fine, you can do it…

Everything was fine, the baby’s heartbeat was normal and he came out easily in the warm water waiting for him. The transition was less brutal, giving that the baby was in the water in the belly, coming out in the water was something natural, He didn’t scream like another babies who are born out of the water. Terry cut the umbilical cord and he had tears in his eyes. He son was chubby and was crying quietly. He took him in his arms and kissed him on the forehead.

- You are so beautiful, he said, with tears in his eyes, hello you! Hello Billy!

Candy was tired, she looked at him smiling.

- You want to see mommy? Said Terry to the baby…

He took the baby to Candy who was still in the pound…

- Look mommy, he said

- You’re handsome like an angel, my darling

The midwives took her out of the pound and they took care of her. They took Candy back to the master bedroom and Terry followed them. She sat on the bed; the midwives had arranged pillows so that she could lean on it. Then Terry gave her the baby.

- Hello you! Hello Billy! I’m your mummy! You’re handsome like daddy!

- Yes, he took my pretty face! Said Terry laughing

He approached her and kissed her on the lips.

- Thank you my love , he said tenderly

- Thank you for being there for me, my sweetheart, said Candy smiling

- I love you

- Not more than me…

Esther arrived and she was glad to see her little brother.

- Billy! OH my God! He’s so cute! Thank you mummy, thank you daddy! Now we’re going to get married!

They all burst out laughing!


"You should be kissed, and often, and by someone who knows how." Rhett Butler, Gone with the wind

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Terry Terry

Chapter 75
“The wedding”

In the bedroom, the new baby was loved by it’s mummy and daddy, if it could talk, it would say:

“Enough for the kisses already!” The newcomer on earth was hungry, he started sucking his fingers, avidly. The mid-wives had wiped him and put a newborn diaper.

- Oh our little Billy is hungry , said Terry smiling, and it looks like the newborn diapers are already too small for you, champ!

The baby was shirtless, wrapped in a white flannel sheet. Terry took him to his mummy who was sitting in a rocking chair. Candy was breastfeeding her baby and she was happy.

- With Esther, I had to do it hiding, nobody could see me…

- And your prince didn’t notice anything?

- Well I told myself, that I will cross that bridge when I get there… and thank God, I never got so far…

- But…

- I would’ve told him the truth, had he found out…

- You could’ve cancelled everything…

- Yes, but like I told you, I didn’t want my father to get revenge on your mother’s company…

- That’s very nice of you, you could’ve been the selfish girl everybody thought you were…

- But I wasn’t selfish, wasn’t I, Sapphire eyes?

- You’re a nice girl, like I love them…

- You loved me thinking I was a “bad” girl?

- The one that had a different boy in her room evey night? Ys, I loved that girl too… I love you the way you are, Candy.

He kissed her on the lips. When she finished breastfeeding the baby, Terry dressed him up and put a onesy on him and blue jumper and he took him downstairs to meet his gang

- Are you coming honey?

- I’m coming, you go ahead!

- All right. If you need me, you call me… But you just gave birth my darling, nobodywill be upset with you if you rest…

- You’re sure Ashley is not going to kill me? Said Candy smiling

- Not in front of me, said Terry smiling

He approached her and kissed her. He got out of the room, carrying his son, all proud. Candy, stayed in the room and she closed her eyes to sleep a little, she was tired.

- Champ, we’re going to the living room to meet your aunties and your uncles!

He arrived in the living room and he found the gang with little Esther.

- Daddy! Finally! I want to see Billy!

Terry went to sit on the couch next to Jones. Esther approached them.

- He’s sleeping, she said

- Yes, babies sleep a lot when they are just born, said Terry

- Why? Asked the little one

- So that he could grow up very fast and play with you!

- Oh, said Esther laughing

Jones looked at the baby.

- He’s son handsome, he looks so much like you!

- At least you have no doubt on his paternity, said Ashley

- Ashley, said Jones frowning.

- What? It’s true. This is the second time she does this to you! First Esther, and then…

- Can you not talk in front of Esther, said Terry coldly

Ashley was a litte ashames. She shut up.

- In fact, this story is none of your business Ashley, it’s my problem, not yours. She sacrificed herself so that our family wouldn’t lose it’s fortune and when I tell you that the duke could’ve ruined us, litteraly, I’m not kidding. She could’ve said, since I’m the adoptive son, she could’ve not care… but no… sacrificed our happiness to save the Andrew family. So you’re going to stop you unpleasant remarks and your sarcasm on the woman I love and the mother of my children, otherwise you won’t be welcome in my house anymore.

Ashley had blushed and she was sulking, And she didn’t say anything. And then there was a silence…

- Can I carry him, said Allyson smiling to break the silence.

- Of course, said Terry smiling

Allyson took little William gently. Terry stood up to go see Candy upstairs. He got the to the room and found her soud asleep. He took his phone to take a picture She was so beautiful. He checked that she was fine and look to see if she was not bleeding too much.

- Honey, she said while sleeping, I love you…

- I love you too, my love… get some rest

- I can’t keep my eyes open…

- Sleep honey. I’ll come with the baby if he starts crying…

He kissed her on the cheek and left her to go back to the living room. Ashley was still there. She met up with Terry at the bottom of the stairs.

- Terry, she said sheepish.

- Ashley, what do you want?

- I’m sorry…

- You can’t help yourself when it comes to Candy, I know. But you have to make an effort, otherwise I’m not kidding, you wont be welcome here…

- You know I love you and Iove your children…

- And I love Candy and that’s not going to change

- I’ sorry. I’m going to make an effort.

- Thanks Ashley.

They went in the living room together and Jones asked:

- So cousins, did you kiss and make up?

- Yes, said Terry.

- Good said Allyson smiling.

In the evening, Eleonor Baker, Billie and the duke arrived to see their new grandson. Terry’s parent were also there. They were all carrying presents. Candy had finally got out of bed to breastfeed the baby. But she stayed in the bedroom. The grandparents went to see them in the bedroom.

- He’s so cute, said Billie, smiling and thank you for the name

- I wished it was Richard, said the duke

- Esther decided, said Candy she saw him in a dream and she said his name was Billy…

- Esther? Said the duke

- That child is very charismatic, said Sandra smiling

- I suppose that children are angels, said Eleonor smiling

- I think that William is a beautiful name, said Billie smiling.

The duke didn’t say a thing. A boy should’ve had his name, but little Esther had decided otherwise? Esther? She’s a baby herself! But oh well, h eloved his grandchildren… he gave the papers to Candy.

- Here’s his trustfund account,he said.

- Thank you daddy, said Candy smiling.

Henry, who didn’t want to be left aside, also gave papers to Terry.

- For the baby, he said

- I suppose that having too much is no harm, said Terry taking the envelope.

He looked and he saw that there was also an account for Esther. He looked at his father and didn’t say anything.

Sandra went to carry the baby…

- He looks like Terry… he’s son cute she said with so much love

- That’s wonderful Terry, said his father, and we have a surprise, Sandra and I are going to come and live here in Chicago, at least a big part of the year to be next to you and your family!

- What? But… we could come and see you in England

- And we could stay here to see you more often, We can’t make up for lost time but we can spend the maximum time with you and your family.

- All right, said Terry smiling! Thank you!

- Candy, asked her mother, would you be available for Hathaway’s project?

- For Hamlet? I have to get my waist back…

- And we have to get married for Esther, said Terry

- Oh yeah, that too…

- Robert should wait, if he want the mother and daughter team on the silver screen…

- We’ll find a solution, said Candy smiling

- You can continue to work honey, said Terry, I told already.

- I’m going to do this last movie and then I’m going to take care of the children…


A few weeks later, they were having a discussion about the wedding They were in the dining room and Candy had sheet of papers on the table…

- Did you chose you maids of honour? Asked Terry

- Well…

- You really don’t have best friends do you?

- Everybody wanted to be my friend just because of my father’s title and because I knew the princes… I have the wedding just with Esther as my flower girl…

- You don’t want to ask my cousins?

- Who have crushed on you? No!

- Candy…

- I know Ashley hates me…

- Allyson likes you…

- We’re doing this for Esther, right?

- Yes…

- Why don’t we ask her what she really wants?

- And you going to do what she wants?

- For my little angel? Yes!

- All right, I’m going to go and get her, said Terry.

Esther was in the room with Billy, playing on the carpet while he was sleeping. She was playing alone with her toys and she was talking to Billy… Terry arrived and looked at her smiling.

- Esther?

- Yes daddy?

- Can you come with me for a minute? Mommy and I want to talk to you.

- All right . I’ll be right back Billy, ok?

She was wearing some red legging with a multicolour flower shirt. She stood up to taker her daddy’s hand. They arrived in the dining room where Candy was.

- Esther! Said Candy smiling, we need your help…

- What for?

- Well, you want us to get married for you, right? So that you could be there?

- Yes…

- What kind of wedding do you want?

- I want you to wear a beautiful white dress or pink, I want you to wear a crown on your head, since you’re a princess. I want to be the flower girl… and I want all my aunties to be bridesmaids…

- All of them? Said Candy.

- Yes, auntie Allyson, auntie Ashley, auntie Eliza and auntie Kelli…

- Kelli? Said Candy looking at Terry quizzically.

- Neil’s wife…

- The one that looks like me? Said Candy

- Yes, said Terry

- All right, said Candy you’re going to help me chose the dresses too?

- Yes, said Esther sitting on her mummy’s knees

They spend the whole morning choosing dresses and accessories. When everything was ready, Terry called an agency that organizes wedding. The wedding planner arrived a few hours later and it was a young woman, very pretty with black hair.

- Hello, she said smiling, seeing Candy.

- Hello, said Candy, Esther?

The young woman was startle. The little girl arrived running.

- Yes mummy?

- The wedding planner is here.

- Nina? Said Esther.

- Esther! I thought this house looked familiar…

- Mummy and daddy are getting married, said Esther smiling, how’s Ethan?

- He’s fine! He went back to Australia!

- Ok, said Esther, say hi to him for me!

Candy was looking at them strangely. Esther was talking to Nina… what was going on?

- Nina? Said Terry’s voice?

- Hi Terry! She said approaching him to hug him.

- You’re the wedding planner? Said Terry

- Yes…

- I thought you were in Australia

- I got married and my husband is American, so I came back to live here…

- Ah…

Terry looked at Candy.

- Have you met my wife?

- The princess, yes…

- Honey, it’s Nina…

- You’re ex-girlfriend, the one they sacrificed so you could be with Antonia? Yes, I remember, said Candy dryly

- You’re already married, asked Nina?

- Yes, we’re having a religious ceremony for Esther, said Terry.

- Oh how nice of you, said Nina, you want a big wedding this time around again, princess?

- Terry could offer me a royal wedding once again,if I wanted to, but I want something small, 200 to 300 hundred people. You thank you can organized that for us? Asked Candy

- Of course,said Nina, we sometime organize weddings for 1000 guests. Can I see your fortfolio?

Terry decided to intervene.

- Honey, he said, you’re sure you want to do this? We can hire another agency…

- It’s ok. Why? Asked Candy, you don’t want your ex-girlfriend to get her generous commission for our wedding?

- Nina? Said Terry

- I can be professional, Terry.

- All right but at the slightest problem, I’m going to hire another agency

- Terry you’re a friend, said Nina, let me do this for you…

“Since I wasn't able to be with you for good, I at least can make sure you’re happy with the woman you love, even if I can’t stand her.”, said Nina in her head.

Terry looked at Nina.

- I promise I’m going to be nice, said Candy

- And I’m going to make sure of that, said Esther smiling

- For you my pretty one, said Terry kissing her on the cheek, I trust you !

So little Esther and her innocence, Terry’s ex-girlfriend and Terry’s wife were able to work together for the wedding…

The ceremony was going to be at the Andrew Mano which had a very big garden and a ballroom big enough for all the guests. The bridesmaids dresses were very pretty; Esther chose them.

- In general, the brides choses less pretty dressed so they could outshine the bridesmaids, said Nina.

- That’s not very nice, said Candy, It’s my day anyway, everybody is going to look at me…

Nina realised, while working with Candy, that she wasn’t the spoiled rotten brat she thought she was…

- You’re not at all like I expected you to be, said Nina

- I’m not the haughty princess you had in mind?

- Not at all! Said Nina smiling

- You were sacrificed so that Terry could be with Antonia…

- I wish I would’ve stayed poor and still have Terry… but that’s life… My parents became rich, I was able to go to private school.

- And all it cost you is Terry…

- But I’m happy he found you, the woman he loves. When he met Antonia, I felt his attraction toher, but he never tried anything, while we were together… he’s a good man.

- You don’t need to tell me that… I lost him and I found him again and I’m never going to let him go again…

The others arrived to get ready for the ceremony.

- Nina, said Ashley, you’re the wedding planner for Terry’s wedding?

- Hello Ashley, how are you? Said Nina smiling.

- Nina! Said Allyson, hugging her, it’s good to see you again !

- Nina, said Eliza smiling.

- This is Kelli, said Allyson,this is the bride Candy and Nina the wedding planner…

Candy looked at the young woman who looked a lot like her physically…

- It’s an honour to meet you, said Neil’s wife smiling.

- Me too, said Candy, and I wanted to thank you for all the time you spent with Esther …

- No need, she so beautiful and adorable, the pleasure was all mine! Congratulations on your wedding.

- Thank you…

Candy gave her a friendly hug. The preparations continued. The room was soon full of hairdresser, manicurist, make up artist. Little Esther was also getting her hair done.

The whole Pony Home had arrived, Terry’s two mommies and all his little brothers and sisters. Terry had sent some clothes for the children who were happy to wear such pretty clothes.


Terry was also getting ready with his friends in another room.

- So, buddy, said Jones, hiding things from us? You could’ve told is you married Candy!

- It was a secret, said Terry

- I kept the secret that she was a virgin, didn’t I?

- Sorry Jones, I didn’t want anybody to know, to avoid leaks, because you know sometimes, you talk too much…

- You’re right…

- Congratulations buddy, said Patrick.

- Yes, finally, after all we’ve been through… thanks guys for being there for me during all theses years…

- That’s normal, said Jones, you’re my brother.

- And my buddy, said Patrick

He hugged them both. There was a knock at the door, and Henry, Terry’s father came in.

- You’re very handsome my son…

- Thanks Henry…

He hadn't started to call him “dad” yet.

- Come with me, I’ll introduce you to my parents, said Henry

- All right.

Terry got out of the room with his father to go to one of the living rooms of the manor. There was an elderly couple on the couch. She was very elegant in an evening gown and she had white hair in a beautiful up do.

- Oh my God, she said, the resemblance! It’s almost incredible!

She stood up and approached Terry to hug him.

- Please forgive me darling, for everything! You lost all this time with your family.

- Don’t worry grandmother, I had a happy childhood in my orphanage, then I was adopted by Whilemina Andrew…

- So our grandson is rich? Said Henry’s father

- Yes, grandfather, said Terry smiling

- Henry, you gave him his papers too?

- Not what you’re giving him, said Henry putting his hand on his inside blazer pocket, here son, from your grandfather…

- Thank you, said Terry smiling, I have my own fortune and the Andrews’…

- You never have too much money, said his grandfather

- Indeed, said Terry smiling

He went to hug his grandfather who had stood up. He felt like he was seeing himself in several years… His father approached him to offer him a watch with a gold chain…

- This watch was my father’s he got it from his father… its getting transferred from generation to generation…

- I’m touched that you’re considering me as a member of your family, said Terry moved.

Meanwhile, the mothers went to see the bride with the tradition.

- Something new, said Eleonor, here is the tiara your father bought for you, it’s made of diamonds…

- Thank you mum.

Eleonor gave Candy the tiara, who gave it to the hairdresser so she could arrange it in the up do.

- Something old, said Sandra, here is a lace handkerchief I got from my grandmother…

- Thank you Sandra.

- Something borrowed, said Billie, here is a pearl bracelet that’s mine.

- Thank you Billie, said Candy smiling.

- Something blue, said Allyson, the garter!

Candy smiled and lift her skirt so that Allyson could slip the garter on her leg, smiling. Candy had managed to lose some weight, which was not too hard for her, because she would lose weight naturally after giving birth, without making much efforts.

- Congratulations for your waist line, said Allyson.

- Thank you! It’s natural with me, I’m never very hungry after I give birth, so this time around it was right on cue… again!

- No kidding! Said Allyson laughing.

Candy had let Esther chose the wedding dress, pink and white, like all little girls, she had chosen one with a long train and a big skirt. It looked a lot like the wedding dress in the movie “Coming to America” which was one of Esther’s favourite. It had no straps putting Candy’s breast in evidence, which was bigger after she gave birth, since she was breast feeding her baby. The dress was beautiful, in satin, in silk and organza with little shiny sprinklers. It was white with pink reflects. The veil was white but sometime you’d think it was a very light pink, almost white…

- I’m wondering how women back in the days wore this every day! Said Candy, one day is enough for me and it’s for Esther!

- Thank you mum! Said Esther smiling

The little girl was wearing a mini replica of the wedding dress her mummy was wearing.

- I look like a princess and you too mummy!

The bridesmaids dresses where also strapless, light pink a little darker than the bride’s dress.

- Our dresses are beautiful, said Allyson

- I wanted you to keep a nice memory about my wedding, said Candy smiling and Esther chose everything…

- Thank youEsther, said Eliza smiling, congratulations Candy, I wish you a lot of happiness with Terry.

- Thank you, said Candy, even if you’re not the bride?

- You saw the article? Said Eliza, that was a crazy idea from my mother…

- Crazy? Said Candy, you really didn’t wish it happened?

- It was impossible, said Eliza, Terry only loves you. Thank you fo having us as bridesmaids.

- It’s Esther you have to thank, said Candy smiling.

- Thank you Esther, said Eliza smiling

Ashley approached her.

- Congratulations Candy, she said softly, I hope you and Terry are very happy.

- Thank you Ashley, said Candy smiling

She knew what it cost Ashley to say that, but for Terry, she was going to leave his cousin alone on their wedding day.

- Congratulations, princess, said Allyson.

- Thank you Allyson…

Nina who was out, arrived to say:

- It’s time, let’s go…

Everybody got out of the room to go downstairs in the garden where the ceremony was going to take place. The duke was waiting for Candy at the door leading to the garden decorated with flowers and big tents for the occations. There were chairs arranged in front of the altar. There were tables and chairs under the tents.

The groom walked to the altar with his two mummies at both arms, under the Canon of Pachelbel. They were followed by the bridesmaids, then it was Esther who walked throwing rose petats on her way. Then the music changed and it was the wedding march by Wagner , the duke and Candy walked to the altar, where Terry was waiting for her. Nina had arrange for more space at the altar for Candy’s big skirt…

Candy was thinking about her first wedding.

Her father was waiting for her in front of the church…

- A little smile wouldn’t kill you , you know honey, had said her father

- I’m going to smile only in front of the cameras, I can hide under my veil.

- You can cry, they’re going to think you’re moved…

- I hate you daddy!

She had the impression she was a dead woman walking to her execution… She had to act…

What a difference for her second wedding! She was all smiles!

Terry was looking at her smiling standing by his faithful Jones, his best man.

- I don’t think I’ve ever seen you this happy buddy!

- I’m over the moon, said Terry smiling.

Candy arrived with her father who gave her hand to Terry who was smiling, he kissed her hand. The ceremony begun… Baby Billy was in his namesakes arms, with a mini tuxedo, black like his daddy’s.

Came the time for the vows.

- Our young couple had written their own vows… Candy, go ahead…

- Terrence, from the first time I saw you on that boat, all those years ago, you never got out of my heart. Despite the misunderstandings in our tumultuous beginnings, you had become my best friend. I have never met someone as nice as you. You put up with me, you had the patience of an angel with me. You were able to were able to figure me out more better than anybody. I thought that love was just a fairy tale, until our first meeting , the first smile, if I had to do it again, I wouldn’t hesitate for a second, because this love is forever. I love you not only for what you are but for what I am when I am with you. I love this part of me you bring out. I love you because you have transformed the wreck that was my life not into a tavern, but into a temple. I love you because you love me when I’m in a bad mood, because you cherish the little girl in me, you defy the adult in me and for teaching me the language of intimacy. I love you for all the time we’ve spent together and for the rest of the time we have to spend together. You gave me your past and I’m honoured, you gave me your point of view and I feel calm. You gave me your strong arms and I feel protected. You gave me your love and I’m happy. You gave me your future and I’m blessed. I love you and I love our two children, Esther and William and I promise you to be a good mother for our children.

Then, it was Terry’s turn:

- The night we met, something had lead me to the deck of that boat. I had no idea it was towards my destiny, to the love of my life. You were an enigma for me and I didn’t get tired until I figured you out. You became my best friend and little by little, I couldn’t live without you. All of a sudden, life had a new meaning to me,there’s beauty up there things I’ve never paid attention to…and I woke up and suddenly, I was in love with you. You’re everything that a man wants and so much more. A thousand words wouldn’t be enough to say everything I’m feeling for you. I’m so honoured that you have chosen me, to be your husband. I pray everyday for the love we have for each other, last forever. I’m marrying you with my eyes wide open. You helped me let go of the past and embrasse the future. Thank you for making me laugh again. Blessed be, because you took my hands to start a new life. God gave us a new chance at happiness, today, I give you my heart and my hope for our future together. I promise to bring you joy, to always be with you and to learn to love you a little bit more each day, if that’s even possible, during the rest of our lives together. My love for you is infinite and eternal. I love you and I love our children, Esther and William and I promise to be a good father for our children.

They came the time to exchange the rings.

- Candy, repeat after me, said the Pastor, with this ring, I take you for spouse, in the name of Jesus Christ.

- With this ring, I take you of spouse, in the name of Jesus-Christ, repeated Candy putting the ring at Terry’s finger.

- Terrence…

- With this ring, I take you for spouse, in the name of Jesus-Christ.

- By the power invested in me in front of God and men, I now declare you united by the sacred vows of marriage and a family with your children. You may not kiss the bride.

Terrence, lift the veil from Candy’s face. She had make up , and she didn’t hide her freckles and he loved that about her. She was beautiful with her freckles. He leaned and softly took her pink lips in a gentle by fierily kiss. Everybody clapped their hand and cheers of joy. Esther was the first one to congratulate them, when Terry let got of Candy to take her in her arms.

- Oh mummy, daddy, this is the most beautiful day of our lives! Thank you Jesus!

She kissed her daddy on the cheek with joy. Then everybody approached them to congratulate them.


For those who don’t know the dress from the movie “Coming to America”, here it is:


"You should be kissed, and often, and by someone who knows how." Rhett Butler, Gone with the wind

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Terry Terry

Chapter 76
“The reception”

The kissing and the hugging with everybody and the congratulations, it was the time for the newlyweds to open the dance floor. The song that was playing was “When God made you” by Newsong a duet with Nathalie Grant. The dance floor was inside the manor, even if there was also one in the garden for those who wanted to dance outside.

It's always been a mystery to me
How two hearts can come together
And love can last for ever
But now that I have found you I believe
That A miracle has come
When god sends the perfect one
Now gone are all my questions about why
And I've never been so sure of anything
In my life
Oh I wonder what God
Was thinking
When he created you
I wonder if he
Knew everything I would need
Because he made all my dreams come true
When God made You
He must have been thinking about me
I promise that wherever you may go
Where ever life may lead you
With all my heart Ill be their too
And from this moment on
I want you to know
Ill let nothing come between us
And I will even love you more
Now gone are all my questions about why
And I've never been so sure of anything
In my life
Oh I wonder what God was thinking
When he created you
I wounder if he
Knew everything I would need
Because he made all my dreams come true
When God made You
He must have been thinking about me
He made the sun
He made the moon
To harmonize a perfect tune
One cant move without the other
They just have to be together
And that is why I know its true
Your for me
And I'm for you
Because my world just cant be right
With out you in my life
Oh I wonder what God was thinking
When he created you
I wonder if he knew everything I would need
Because he made all my dreams come true
When God made you
He must have been thinking about me

While they were dancing, they were talking to each other with love…

- Did you think about your first wedding?

- Yes, of course , I was thinking about how angry I was with my father and that I had to force myself to smile…

- I’m the actress in you did just fine.

- Right, you didn’t watch the ceremony…

- No, you were my wife in my heart, I couldn’t watch you marry someone else it was beyond my strength…

- Please forgive me one more time my love, for hurting you that way.

- It was to save my mother’s company, but I didn’t know it at the time.

- My father didn’t want me to see you, he was afraid that I would’ve changed my mind…

- You would’ve agreed to stay with me if I had asked you?

She looked at him with love and she said:

- Yes… my father knew me two well. He knew that it was the first time I was in love and that you could ruin all of his plans he had for me...

- You said in your vows that I showed you the language of intimacy…

- I wanted everybody to know that you were my first…

- You don’t want to play the bad girl anymore?

- No, I’m your wife and I don’t want people to think that you married a slut…

- What other people think shouldn’t be important to you…

- I spent my whole life playing a role, I want to be myself from now on and for the rest of my life with you!

- I love you princess

- I love you too…

The lyrics of the song were saying at that exact moment:

♪♪When God made you He must have been thinking about me ♪♪

They smiled at each other.

- You had faith in God, didn’t you?

- I had nothing better to do…

- You could’ve screwed a few bimbos and you wouldn’t have had to beg them…

- Yes, but I was married to you in my heart; I was kissing girls but I couldn’t go all the way… And when I heard about your divorce with the prince, I stopped kissing girls.

- I love you, Sapphire eyes…

- I love you , my freckled princess… by the way, can you keep your title?

- I want to be Mrs. Terrence White Andrew…

- I’m fine with that!

- By the way, you said that something attracted you to me that night on the boar…

- I wanted to breathe some air and I thought I saw Antonia, you know that right?

- Yes, I even had a little jealousy scene…

They remembered the scene…

- I think Billie started her shift… How do you know Billie? By the way?

- I’ve known her since America, she was my friend… When I was discouraged after being taken in by the Reagans, she told me to hang in there, take advantage of the opportunity that was given to me… not to let problems ruin my life… and when Antonia died, she was there for me, encouraging me…

- Antonia…

- She was my former girlfriend…

Candy remembered how he was mumbling Antonia’s name in his sleep that time she went in his room…

- So I’ve heard…, she said a little bitter.

- Is something wrong? Asked Terry who felt the bitterness in her voice.

- You want the truth?

- Always…

- I was attracted to you but I didn’t want to get involve with you…

- Because you thought I was sleeping with Georgina…

- And also the fact that you were a precocious … widower

- A what?

- You heard me…

- How could you say that…? That’s not very nice…I lost the girl I love…

- You have a shrine in you room on your dearly departed.

- She died…

- Exactly, she’s dead!

- What are you saying?

- That you don’t need a constant reminder of her…she’s in your heart.

- When I saw you on the deck of the boat, I thought you were her… your hair was straight, like hers, you looked like her

- Remind me not to straighten my hair anymore!

- Candy…

- I don’t want to be a reminder of your dead girlfriend!

- Believe me, if I’m saying you look like Antonia, it’s a compliment…

- A compliment? Because I look like your dead girlfriend the saint? I don’t think so!

- You’re starting to annoy me…

- I’m starting to annoy you? You’re the one who can’t stop thinking about her, you have a shrine in your room!

- This is about the shrine? I … just wanted to honour her somehow.

- You want to keep her alive with that shrine you mean! Are you with me because I remind you of Antonia?

- Believe me, if I thought that for only a second, because when you opened your mouth, I knew you weren't Antonia!

- Thank God I’m not! According to your cousin, Ashley, you don’t do girls like me… I’d rather be the way I am, I like what I am…

- Well right now you’re a selfish b*itch! And I’m very upset with you…

- This selfish b*itch is alive and kicking! Your saintly “wife” is dead and buried! You need to get over it! I knew getting involve with a “precocious widower” was a mistake!

Candy stood up, she looked at him. Maybe he was not ready to move on yet… She turned around and left him there. Terry was fuming! Why did she have to ruin their perfect day?

They came back to reality…

- You don’t have to jealous of Antonia, my darling. For me, she lead me to you, the love of my life. She didn’t want me to be alone thinking about about her for the rest of my life…
- I suppose being jealous of a dead girl is kind of ridiculous, especially when she lead you to me…

- It was the most beautiful present she could’ve given me! Even if you drove me crazy!

They burst out laughing together and they kissed until the end of the song. Candy went to see her baby who was in her mother’s arms.

- There’s my little love! Are you all right?

- He had his bottle and he wants to sleep, said Eleonor.

- I’m probably going to pump some milk…

- Should I have waited until you could breastfeed him?

- No, it’s ok mum, I’m surprised to see him sleep with this loud music playing…

The duke approached them.

- My I have this dance my darling?

- In a minute daddy…

She gave the baby back after kissing him, to his nanny who was close by. Because Terry had taken Eleonor to the dance floor. So she went on the dance floor with her father.

- It’s good to see you happy , my darling…

- It could’ve happened earlier and Esther would’ve grown up with both of us…

- I made you into a princess…

- With a worthless prince!

- You wished something else? You’re glad, aren’t you, to have had only one lover?

- One?

- I know you were a virgin Candy… I was looking after you, despite what you wanted me to believe… And you American, who ended up being an Englishman from the upper class, succeeded where everybody else failed, including your prince of a husband…

- Daddy…

- You’re happy now, even if I wished I could’ve used us a little more…

- Daddy!

- I’m powerful enough as it is!

- Your God complex will leave you soon I hope.

Terry was dancing with Eleonor.

- To think that the prince thought I was your mistress…

- Did he think that you robbed the cradle? You could be my mother!

- It was easier for him to make you into a slut than to think of Candy that way…

- Candy was my destiny…

- I can believe that, I’ve never seen my daughter so happy! What a difference from her first wedding! She was sad when she married the prince. She’s a good actress.

- It’s a pleasure for me to know that I wasn’t the only one being miserable that day, said Terry smiling

Everybody was dancing with everybody. Everybody was having fun at the wedding, the children of the Pony home included. Ether was happy to have children from the Pony home in one of the living rooms where they were having fun, supervised by adults.

Terry’s gang was also having a lot of fun too at their table in one of the living rooms.

- I’m surprised to see you Neil, said Ashley.

- He’s here for Kelli, Esther wanted her as one of the bridesmaids, said Eliza

- It doesn’t bother you that he married you only because you look like Princess Candice?

- No, I think it’s flattering, said Kelli and spending time with Esther because I looked like her mommy, was priceless…

- I can’t believe Esther is Terry’s daughter, said Neil, that means in Scotland…

- When you were teasing him about begging Lady Candy, she actually couldn’t get enough of him, said Jones.

- With her reputation, said Ashley, nobody needed to beg her for anything… and she dared saying that Terry taught him the intimacy language in her vows… what a liar!

- The big fat slut! Said Eliza bursting out laughing

Jones looked at his wife. Never mind about the secret…

- She’s not a liar, she was a virgin Ashley, he declared

- WHAT??!! Said Ashley and Eliza at the same time.

- Lady Candy was a virgin? Said Allyson, oh my God!

- You’re lying, said Ashley.

- Terry doesn’t lie, not to me and not about that… he asked me not to say anything because Lady Candy liked her bad girl image… in fact, she was keeping herself for her prince…

- And she ruined everything for Terry? Said Allyson, she loved him a lot…

- And she saved your fortune too, said Patrick, the duke would’ve ruined you if she hadn’t obeyed…

- She’s a saint, said Ashley literally! Oh my God!

- And if the rumour about the prince is true, she only had Terry as a lover! Said Allyson, I understand why Terry loves her, she’s a nice girl like he likes them, like Antonia…

- And Neil, said Kelli, you’re pretending, you saw them in Scotland, you told me…

- Yeah, he said sulking

- I don’t know what you have against Terry, said Jones, you could’ve been his friend…

They continued talking.

Terry dances with his mother, Sandra.

- I’m so happy for you and Esther and Candy…

- I can’t believe the duke gave you a condition that wasn’t one.

- Just to bother us! Rich people are funny like that!

Terry burst out laughing… Candy danced with Terry’s father.

- I understand why my father didn’t contest my wedding, he had found out that Tery was the son of a duke…

- Yes, you’re from the same social class… But him as the adoptive son of a rich American family wasn’t enough…

- The condition he gave you, which wasn’t one, was supposed to be funny…

- I didn’t think it was funny that I worried about that…

- I understand you, said Candy smiling, I didn’t like being a pawn on his chess board…

- Thus your first marriage…

- Eaxactly! It was a real nightmare!

- I understand you, when they refused my relationship with Sandra, I revolted myself and I refused all the women they chose for me… until my mother had had enough and finally admitted to me what she did with Sandra’s baby…

- When I think that people envy us, the riches… at least they can marry who they want!

- The world has no peace; the poor want to be rich and the rich want to be poor…

They burst out laughing. Eleonor was dancing with the duke.

- Did you forgive me, Ellie?

- For using our little girl as a bargaining chip?

- Yes… I married her to a prince, that wasn’t so bad, right?

- You helped her when she had the problems with the Susans, and you allowed me to spend time with her, so yes, I forgive you.

- Good. Can I stay at your place

- Not to that point! You go back to your charming Duchess…

Billie was dancing with Terry.

- Terrence, how can I thank you?

- What for?

- For saving us…

- It was Candy…

- I’ve seen companies ruined by the duke, it wasn’t a pretty picture… we could’ve fought him at first, but in the end we would’ve lost… so, thank you very much…

- You’re welcome. Thank you for adopting me and for what you did for Nina’s family…

- You knew?

- That you got rid of Antonia’s competition? It was so obvious it wasn’t even funny…

- Nina became rich…

- She says if she had to do it again, she would chose being poor and stay with me…

- But you loved Antonia…

- Yes, that’s why I’m not too mad at you, but try not to play God with people’s lives like that...

- And you finding me with amnesia, that was really providential

- I still can’t believe that story, said Terry smiling, I gave you my name not knowing it was also yours…

He remembered that day…

Billie looked at him and she saw the affection he had for her, she felt his love for her. Terry approached her and he took her in his arms and she burst into tears. The others got out to give them some intimacy.

- Come on Billie, what’s going on?

- I don’t remember anything, it’s the black hole, I don’t know anybody.

- You know me, don’t you? My name is Terrence Andrew and like I told you, I’m your brother…

- So my name is Billie Andrew?

- Yes, since your my sister, said Terry

Terry had as a matter of fact, change the name on her chart to Billie Andrew, for all the additional test he had done on her.

- Tell me, how am I…

- You are nice, you’re generous with you time, you like animals. You worked at the Blue River Zoo in London in England. And when I was in England, I often went to see you at the zoo… But you have to rest now, you have a bad wound on your head and you got a blow that made you lose your memory and it’s going to come back to you, you’ll see and everything will be fine… I’m goin got bring you home with me. You’ll be able to rest, I have a maid who’s going to take care of the meals…

Billie was back lying down, listening to Terry, smiling. He was her little brother? And he wanted to be a doctor? He was going a good job.

- Billie, is short for what name?

- Whilemina, said Terry instinctively, Whilemina Andrew…

Dr. Leonard arrived at that moment and he said:

- So we have the great Whilemina Andre among our patients? I’m happy to make your acquaintance, Miss Andrew, your philanthropic work around the world are legendary… and your donations to this hospital are prestigious…

- I’m pleased to meet you, Dr. ….

- Leonard, Marc Leonard, at your service…

- Thank you Dr. Leonard, she said smiling, for the moment, I have a blank in my memory.

- Yes, thank God Dr. Andrew recognized you and took in charges your medical bill; you had the best of care. He’s the best intern and he’s going to be a great doctor! You should be proud about him!

- I am, said Billie, even if I don’t remember him.

- Without him, you’d be in the room 0, that’s where we put patients who can’t pay…

- You don’t have free clinic? She asked.

- Not yet, said Dr. Leonard a little ashamed, we need a lot of money…

- It was in my plans to start one as soon as I finish my internship, in whatever hospital , I would’ve ended up, said Terry.

- And I will finance that hospital of course, since apparently, I’m very rich!

Terry looked at her surprised and Dr. Leonard replied smiling:

- Whilemina Andrew, you’re very funny, you know that?

“Whilemina Andrew”? But wasn’t he pretending she was his sister? Whilemina Andrew? He heard Candy’s voice in college.

“ The all powerful Whilemina Maximilliana Andrew? She probably threatened to call the press and the SPCA…”

No! Could it be possible? He looked a Billie, she has lost her memory…

Dr. Leonard was flirting with Billie!

- Billie, I’m going to go change, I have to go back, but I’ll come and see you first, ok?

- All right Terrence, she said smiling.

- Dr. Leornard…

This last one did a head sign to Terry and he got out. He got out of the hospital and he took his cellphone and he called Georgina on her personal line.

- Is Billie my mother? He asked as soon as her picked up

Georgina was so surprise, she was speechless for a moment.

- Georgina?

- Well hello to you too, Terry, I’m fine thank you, how are you?

- Hi Georgina, I’m sorry, but I’m upset by my finding.

- What finding?

- Billie was brought in to the hospital with a wound on her head…

- Oh my God! How is she?

- She’s fine, only she had on identification on her, so the hospital didn’t want to spend money on someone with no ID and no insurance, so I decided to take her in charge…

- That’s very generous of you, Terry.

- By saying that she was my sister “Billie Andrew”…

- Oh, said Georgina.

- The chief of staff knew that I was part of the Andrew family and he arrived and the moment when Billie was asking me her full name since “Billie” was a short…

- And he recognized the name Whilemina Andre…

- Tell me that it’s just one big coincidence of names?

- You didn’t know how right you were when you gave her your family name. Did she say something?

- Oh, I forgot to tell you something, she’s got amnesia…

- WHAT??!!

- She has no memory, what’s so ever!

- Oh my God!

- So Billie is my adoptive mother?

Georgina had no choice…

- Yes, Terrence, she is your mother…

- Oh my God! Said Terry upset.

- I’m coming Terry…

- An incredible day, said Terry…

Then he dance with Georgina…

- Thank you Georgina, said Terry for being a mother to me before my adoption.

- I didn’t do anything, but I was ready to adopt you if my boss didn’t do it before me…

- And I’m sure I would’ve been happy with you… the few days I spent with you were wonderful…

- You’re welcome Terry, it wasn’t hard to do, You’re a good boy…

- You remember the day Billie arrived at my hospital with amnesia?

- Do I remember! I was relieved that I didn’t need to lie anymore…

They went back to that day…

Terry hung up and he went to sit in the hospital garden. He started to think, it was Billie, who had told him to put up with the Reagans and take advantage of the opportunity that was given to him and who had adopted him and allowed him to become a meme of the Andrew Family where Antoniam, Ashley and Allyson loved him, even the old hag had fallen for him, He thought about his high school graduation, when he was regretting that his mother didn’t show up, but she was there and she had come to see him get his diploma! But why was she hiding? He went to change and went to the room and he met Georgina in the hallway.

- Terry, I’m sorry, she’s my boss…

- I understand Georgina… let’s get in..

They found Billie sitting on the bed and smiling to Dr. Leonard who was still there.

- Billie, said Terry, this is Georgina, the family lawyer…

- Miss Andrew, said Georgina.

- What ceremonious tone, she said smiling, you sound like you’re talking to your boss…

- You are my boss, Miss Andrew.

- Oh, I don’t have a father or someone higher rated than me?

- Nope, you’re the boss…

- Oh… when you say “boss”…

- You’re the big boss…

- Oh my God! But Terry…

- You didn’t want to take the head of the family, so you were wandering around across the world, like a wanderer.

- Really? But Terry, he lied to me?

- Not exactly.

- What do you mean?

- He said you were his sister, when what he should’ve said, is that you’re his mother…

- I beg your pardon…? Said Billie opening her big eyes.

- You’re his adoptive mother…

- Adoptive? Then didn’t he recognize me as such?

- Because he only knows you as Billie the wanderer…

- Oh my God! I adopted a son and he’s never seen me?

- I’ve seen you, said Terry, you’re my best friend, you’ve encouraged me, when I was at my lowest point, you were there when I got my high school diploma… you had your reasons for staying away, but I’m glad that you’re here… MOM!

He took her in his arms and hugged her hard. Billie, a little disoriented, hugged him back. She was as moved as Terry.

- Terry, I’m glad I fell on you by pure chance, said Billie, thank you for taking such good care of me… I was lost and disoriented and you gave me my family back!

- All was well that ended well, said Georgina smiling.

Terry smiled back at her.

He was finally dancing with his real mother.

- So mom, he said, how are you?

- You’re happy and I’m happy.

- You and dad are going to get married?

- He’s courting me, she said smiling.

- You need to regularise your situation.

- Yes Pastor! She said smiling

They burst out laughing, Then Candy and Terry went to see the gang… the had a surprise…

- Brittany! Said Terry

- Terrence! Congratulations! She said jumping to his neck, ignoring Candy, whom she had pushed a little aside.

- Thank you, said Terry takinf off her hands and taking Candy’s to pull her back to him.

Brittany looked at Candy.

- Congratulations, princess, but do you have the right to keep the title of your first husband?

- Honey, this is Brittany…

- You “rebound” girl? Said Candy smiling, we’ve met before at my Sunday family reunion.

Candy had a very good memory; she had told Byron, Chloe’s son that she had big teeth… She remembered the scene when they bumped into each other on wonderful Sunday and Terry too…

Brittany was holding Terry’s arm smiling like there was no tomorrow! They were talking about the good old days in America, when they bumped into another couple…

- Oops! Said Brittany smiling, I’m so sorry!

She looked at them smiling…


Candy was talking to Byron when they bumped into another couple.

- I beg your pardon, said Byron smiling.

Candy’s smile stopped when she looked at the couple. Terry??? With another girl??? Wasn’t he supposed to be in school??? Who the hell was that girl?

Terry looked at Candy with cold eyes. The boring family reunion! She was having enough fun to hold some guy in a military suit by the arm! Who the hell was he? Is that why she didn’t want him to come? Was she two timing him?

- It’s ok, sir, said Brittany with a beautiful smile, I wasn’t looking where I was going, I couldn’t get my eyes off of Terry…we haven’t seen each other for a long time…

- Really? Why is that? Said Byron

- He’s been away for school…

- That’s funny, because Candy and I haven’t seen each other in a while too, I’ve been in the army…

- What a coincidence, said Brittany smiling

The two were talking not realising the killer eyes Candy and Terry were giving each other…

- Well I wish you all the fun, said Brittany, let’s go Terry

- Have fun, said Byron smiling

Brittany left with Terry.

- What a lovely couple, said Byron to Candy

- She had big teeth, said Candy

- What? No, she was beautiful, said Byron

- She looks like a slut too…

- Why because she’s going to take advantage and have fun with her boyfriend? What’s wrong Candy?

- Nothing! Can you stop talking about that girl?

- All right…


Terry was silent and Brittany continued talking. Terry was thinking about Candy, but he managed to continue participating to his conversation with Brittany.

After the garden party, they left and Terry was wondering how he managed to leave without looking for Candy to speak to her.

They came back to reality…

- That’s true, we weren’t introduced, that in famous Sunday, said Brittany.

That infamous Sunday… thought Terry, Candy didn’t want to bring him with him and Brittany invited him…

- You and Terry didn’t say a world, continued Brittany, I understood why a lot later…

She was very happy when she realised that Candy was Terry’s girlfriend and that she was jealous of her…

- What did you come to do in London again? Oh yeah you came for Memorial Day weekend? Said Candy

- Well yes, us rich people are funny that way… you should know right? And because you didn’t take Terrence to your family reunion, I was able to take advantage of his charming company…

- And to answer your question, said Candy to cut short, it’s no, I can keep my title but I prefere to be Mrs. Terrence Andrew, don’t you agree with me?

- Yes, of course! Said Brittany.

But Brittany continued:

- I heard your vows, Terrence taught you the language of intimacy? That’s not what I heard…

- Don’t believe everything you hear, said Candy, I was the one spreading the rumours on myself, but Terry is here, he can confirm or disconfirm…

- It’s true, said Terrence I was her first…

He looked at Candy smiling.

Ashley was sulking and Eliza was smiling, Candy was not a real slut, like her after all… Terry was attracted by the good girl in her.

- I didn’t want people to think that Terry married a slut, continued Candy

- It wasn’t important for me, said Terry, I love you the way you are, my darling…

- I love you too, Sapphire eyes, she said smiling

Terry kissed her on the lips. Esther arrived…

- Mummy, daddy, come for the pictures.

- All right my sweetie, said Terry, let’s go guys

Everybody went to the garden for the picture sessions… the nanny was also there with baby Billy. Candy was able to see all of the guests and she posed with everybody. She took Terry to see Chloe and Byron who was very handsome in his military uniform.

- So this your famous American guy who made you lose your head? Said Chloe hugging Terry, thank you dear, you got the nice girl in her out…

- Yes, said Byron, I didn’t recognize her anymore, she stopped smoking, she stopped drinking… all that so she could please you…

- We weren’t introduced that famous Sunday, said Terry.

- As a matter of fact, said Byron shaking his hand, what a pity.

- I don’t think so, said Terry, I wanted to put my fist in your face…

- Oh yeah! You were with a girl…, continued Byron.

- Brittany? She’s here …

- Really? Where? Said Byron interested

Terry turned around and called:

- Brittany?!

She was talking with the others… She turned around.

- Yes Terry?

She walked to him.

She was wearing a long dark blue dress very elegant. Her wavy brown hair were falling on her shoulders…

- You remember Byron?

- Yes, of course, she said smiling, how are you?

- I’m fine. I’m happy to see you again! Can I invite you to dance?

- Yes, of course, said Brittany smiling

Byron took her arm and they went to the dance floor… Candy was looking at them shaking her head.

- He used to bug me to get her phone number, she told Terry

- And you didn’t want to give it to her, of course…

- She was a potential rival, it was out of the question for me to ask you her number. Even for my darling cousin…and back then, I didn’t know she was back in your life lurking around you…

- Well, let’s home Byron manages to seduce her…who knows?

Then came the time to toss the bouquet, Candy threw it and Sandra caught it! Terry took the garter with his hands, Candy didn’t want him to put his head under her skirt…

- I just gave birth honey…

- All right, he sais smiling.

So instead of taking it with his teeth, he used his hands and threw it and his father caught it!

The newlyweds left the reception together, leaving the guests still dancing, eating , drinking and having fun…

Terry had booked the nuptial suite in a luxury hotel, Candy didn’t have a wedding night…

- Nothing out of the ordinary, said Candy.

- Stop it honey, stop comparing… the circumstances are different. You just gave birth…

- The first time too, said Candy

- And you were going to…? Oh, he said when he understood what she wanted to do.

- I’m not proud, but I didn’t know what to do… but God fixed the situation…

- It doesn’t bother you that we’re not going on a honeymoon?

- We can have it later, it’s ok. The important thing is that we’re married for ever! I love you Terry.

- I love you Candy.

They kissed for a long time and they fell asleep chastely in each other’s arms.


"You should be kissed, and often, and by someone who knows how." Rhett Butler, Gone with the wind

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Terry Terry

Chapter 77
“The love of my life”

Candy and Terry had a big family trip for their honeymoon. They had taken their children with them and two nannies who were going to take care of the children, while the parents were having a good time.

- On our honeymoon with out children, said Candy smiling, I never would’ve imagined having my honeymoon this way when I was a teen…

- When you were dreaming of marrying a prince? Said Terry, you had your dream, how was it?

- You know how it was…

- No, I don’t…

- Stop it! You just want to make me talk…

- Can you imagine what I felt knowing you were married to your prince…

- You don’t have to torture yourself anymore, my love, I’m yours forever!

Terry smiled and kissed her passionately. Candy adapted well to the life of a housewife, she loved taking care of the children.

- You’re not too bored?

- No, with the children, I’m fine…

- You know , you can participate to charity galas, I can ask Georgina to send you the invitations… If you’re bored of course.

- I’m not bored, with the children, you know that… And I have the shooting of hamlet very soon…

- But in the meantime…

- In the meantime, I’m going to take advantage of the two of you, because I’m going to go shoot my movie.

- Very well my darling

- I love you , you know that?

- I love you more…

One evening, when he came back from work. Terry found Candy with an apron on top of her pretty designer dress. She had a nice up do, perfect make up. She was carrying Billy and giving him his bottle. Esther was playing by her side coloring images. What a beautiful picture! His heart just melted with love.

- Good evening family, he said smiling

- Daddy! Yelled Esther standing up to run to him

- Good evening honey, said Terry

- Today, mummy did the cooking!

Terry, surprised looked at his wife.

- Really? And you helped her?

- Yes! She taught me everything!

- And I know that you’re a very smart girl and that soon you’ll be cooking for us too!

On Thursdays, it was Cook’s day off and in general, she would order out the day before so that it could be delivered the next day for her bosses. But apparently, there was a change in the plans. The baby was done drinking. Terry approached them to take the baby and make him burp. Candy stood up to kiss him on the lips.

- Good evening darling, she said

- Good evening my love, you cooked today?

- You seemed surprised

- You’re a princess, in the real sense of the term…

- Well this princess learned how to cook to surprise her husband one day…

- You learned to cook for the prince?

- Well, I just wanted to be ready, just in case I found myself with no help, so I could at least cook for Esther and for me… even if it seemed like an impossible dream for a while… I had the best cook, why not take advantage?... but I refused to cook for Marlowe… he separated me from Esther… I hired people so they could cook for him…

- So I’m privileged?

- But of course, Sapphire eyes. I love you…

- I love you too, princess

Little Billy chose that moment to do his burp. They all burst out laughing. The nanny came to get little Billy and the family went to the dinning room for the dinner. Candy served Esther who said grace before the meal. The food was delicious, porc roast with a sausage in the middle, with potatoes and vegetable with white sauce. For the dessert, it was a chocolate cake with white frosting. Terry was full and he still couldn’t believe his wife had cooked that meal.

- You’re full of surprise, my princess!

- Esther helped too, said Candy

- Thank you, my two princesses, you’re full of talent! Said Terry smiling

- You want a cup of tea or coffee?

- Princess, allow me to serve the tea tonight. You’ve done well.

Candy looked at him smiling. He stood upto go get the necessary stuff to make tea in the living room. While Candy was cleaning the table and putting the left iovers away. She put the dishes in the dishwasher. She wiped everything and went to the living room, to have tea with her husband.

- I’m going to take Esther to bed, said Terry and read her a story. Get some rest princess.

- I want to read her a story too, said Candy finishing her cup of tea, let’s go!

Since she was going to leave to shoot a movie, she was spending a lot of time with her family. It became a routine, once a week, when she was there, she would cook for her family with love. She was always with Esther and showed her what she knew.


The shooting of the movie Hamlet for mother and daughter started when Candy got her waist line back. Shooting a movie with her mother was always a lot of fun for Candy who had grown up without her…They had had the opportunity to get closer thanks to her wedding to the prince, when the duke had called her to come and keep Candy company. The cover up with Esther had made both women closer… Candy was happy to shoot with her mother, one more time. She was happy and Eleonor could feel it in her performance.

- You miss your family, don’t you?

- Of course I miss them, but I’m going to see them very soon…

- I don’t think I’ve ever seen you this happy.

- I’m with Terry, mum and I have a family! What else could I ask for?

- An Oscar?

- With or without an Oscar, I have Terry and my family, I don’t need anything else.

Marlowe had obtained the role of Hamlet with his prosthesis, nobody could see that he had lost a leg while saving Candy. He continued regretting; he wished Candy would’ve given him at least one night of love to thank him for saving her life… But Candy wouldn’t have it. He had heard the conversation between the mother and daughter, he was jealous, but happy for Candy. At least she continued talking to him and he could be with her on the big screen.

The movie Hamlet was very successful. There were talking Oscar buz…

Candy spent a lot of time with her family and the producers would give her time to spend with her children and her husband. Terry would come with him on the movie studio when he had time. It was Oscar season. During award seasons, he made sure he was free to go with Candy everywhere and Oscar night was no exception. Everybody wanted to see the famous princess-turned-actress and daughter of the great Eleonor Baker. Despite the critics, that were saying that she was nominated only because of her title, others were admitting that she was a good actress. Candy’s goal wasn’t to win an Oscar, but when it happened, she was very happy…

- And the Oscar goes to… Candice Grandchester for Hamlet…

Candy was surprised, she kissed her husband before going on stager to get her golden statue. The actor on stage gave her the little statue and kissed her on the cheeks.

- Oh my God! I didn’t expect to be on this stage! But like my adoring husband always says, I like to be the centre of attention!

(Laugh from the audience)

- I would like to thank My Lord and saviour Jesus Christ, without whom I wouldn’t be here at this moment. I would like to thank my husband, I love you so much, Sapphire Eyes… My children, especially my little Esther who always encourages me and remind me that I have to pray the Lord… My mother, shooting this movie with you was a treat… Marlowe Susann, for saving my life… it was a pleasure doing this movie with you… Robert Hathaway, for believing in me and not only on my title…

(Laughs from the audience). She thanked all her cinematographic team and in the end…

- A lot of people thought I was just having fun, but the Academy doesn’t agree with you! I would like to thank the academy for this wonderful reward!!!

Everybody clapped hard. Marlowe, had won the Oscar for best actor that evening, but the fact that Candy had thanked him that way, in front of the whole world, had made him the happiest man on earth…


Terry and his gang spent a lot of time together. Their children were growing up together and would often see each other. Ashley had made the ultimate effort to get along with Candy, in any case she had stopped badmouthing with Terry.

Candy had never been so happy, having Terry and her children with her, she couldn’t ask God for any more. And now she had an Oscar. She did less movies and she spent more time with her family. Terry took her to receptions and he would have a lot of fun because she was with him, his princess, the woman he loved more than anything in the world. They would sometimes meet the prince in some of those receptions, and he would always envy them when he saw them so happy together, like the first day. She always had a knack for fundraisers with her princess title… Esther was a good big sister for Billy, and she would tell him a lot about the Bible.

Terry’s parents stayed near him in America and they would spend a lot of time together. Terry’s mother would go to Africa to build her clinic. Their families in England would come to see them often and they would go to England to see them often too…

Marlowe’s career was fine… With an Oscar, he was well paid and life was beautiful for him, even without princess Candy… He got married and made a family.

Dorothy had done some studies and she became a social worker. She would work a lot with abandoned children and she would look for shelter for them and Terry would help her a lot by sponsoring some teen for their studies.
Byron and Brittany became inseparable… Brittany wasn’t going to let this noble Englishman pass her by and the said noble was crazy about her. It didn’t take them too long to get engaged and get married. She was grateful to Terry for allowing her to meet Byron, even if Candy was still a little distant with her, it was like she couldn’t forgive her for have being with Terry.

For Terry, who was abandoned at birth, his good star was with him. He had lost his dearest Antonia, whom he loved so much and he thought that he would never love another women like he loved her, until he met Candice Grandchester … That girl who was driving him crazy, who made him so angry, and whom he couldn’t get out of his head, had become the love of his life. He thought he would love another woman as strong as he loved Antonia… He was able to recognize the love of her life, he could’ve continued his relationship with princess Eugenie, because Candy wasn’t available anymore, but, he didn’t want to start something he might have regretted, if Candy had found herself free one day… He hadn’t lost sight of his goal; Candy. So he waited for destiny to act, for destiny to give him back the woman he loved this time around because she was still alive…He was patient and destiny had given her back to him, the love of his life with a little girl as a bonus who had become the sunshine of his life.

In life, you shouldn’t get discouraged; God’s plans are not our plans. He’s got a wonderful plan for each and every one of us, even if sometimes it doesn’t seem like it, he allows some things to happen in our lives so that we could understand that what is happening to us and take all the trials of life. And one day, you see the light and you understand what that wonderful plan God has for us and he knows better than anyone what we need to be happy. After all, he’s the Supreme Being.



"You should be kissed, and often, and by someone who knows how." Rhett Butler, Gone with the wind

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