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> The Letters to Juliet, My Christmas Story 2013
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Letters to Juliet

Chapter 16
“An upsetting revelation…”

Candy was in her room and she called Anabeth when she got back to tell her about the reception.

- Candy? Did you talk to Terry?

- I talk to him Anabeth

- You know what I mean…

- Yes, I know and it’s no, not yet.

- But what are you waiting for?

- Well there was a reception last night…

- A reception? In your honour?

- No…

She didn’t want to tell her that Eleonor Baker was Terry’s mother. He would tell her himself when he wants to.

- What was the occasion? For Teresa George?

Candy had to restrain herself to not tell her that Terry was Teresa George. But it was a way out… to not talk about Eleonor Baker!

- In a way, producers are interested by one of Terry’s manuscripts…

- Terry writes manuscripts and Hollywood in interested?

- Impressing, isn’t it?

- Were there celebrities?

- Yes, I recognized a few reporters, Robert Hathaway…

- Any actors I know?

- I don’t know…, there was one who came to talk to me…

- Really? Who?

- He had the Austrialian accent…

- Mel Gibson?

- No, he’s younger… Liam something…

- Liam Neeson?

- No, he’s older and he’s british, that one had the Australian accent.

- Those accents sound aline, I wonder how you’re able to make the difference! But what am I saying? Terry has the British accent! So you know! You remember his last name?

- No…

- You’ve seen him in movies?

- Maybe…

- Candy! Describe him to me…

- He’s got dark blond hair, good looking, he’s young…

- That’s vague… it describes a lot of actors…

- Liam…

- Liam Hemsworth?

- Yes, that’s it! Liam Hemsworth!

- From the “Hunger Games” movies? And you forgot his name? You haven’t seen the movie?

- No…

- Candy! Liam Hemsworth was hitting on you and you only had eyes for Terry!

Candy burst out laughing thinking about the scene when Terry came to interrupt them and how Liam made himself scarce. She told Anabeth who was screaming and laughing.

- Oh my God! I hope Terry knows how lucky he is! And in the end, was there an orgy?

- Are you out of your mind? Terry would’ve never allowed it with me here!

- That’s true. Your Romeo respects you! So? When are you going to talk?

- We just came back from lunch. I’m going to work with Teresa George on my novel!

- You lucky girl! Good luck! You have pictures from the reception?

- Euh…

- Candy!!!

- I’m going to ask Terry if he’s got some…

- You’re incorrigible!

- I love you too, Anabeth! Say hi to Anthony and the kids for me!

- I love you too, Candy. Have fun with your Romeo! And I want to see pictures!

- Did you send my parcel?

- You should get it very soon…

- Thanks Anabeth.

- You can thank me by sending me pictures with Liam Hemsworth!!!

- I’ll make the effort for you! She said smiling.

She hung up and burst out laughing. She had a famous actor at the reception, she didn’t even remembered his last name! She looked on the bed and she saw another envelope. She opened it and got Romeo’s letter out.

“Juliet my heart,

I would like to thank you for the beautiful evening we had last night at the reception. If my script is chosen for a movie, I will have to travel a lot and go to Hollywood. Would you like to come with me ? I know you have school, but if I have to move to Hollywood, I would like you to come with me. I would like you to be my wife, Candy, I haven’t changed my mind, despite what you told me that day in my hotel room in Chicago. I wish I was your first, I would’ve been if Anthony hadn’t interrupted us that morning, but destiny got involved in our lives and separated us, against our will. Thank you for coming. You can’t know how happy I am that you’re here with me. But we have to talk and explain each other first.

I love you.

Your Romeo.”

She smiled. Terry was full of surprises and so romantic! There was a knock at the door and she went to open. It was a maid with the parcel that Anabeth had sent her. She opened it and she found her laptop she had when she was backpacking in Europe. She took the plug to plug it and recharge the battery. She saw all of her letters, but she said she will read them later. She had to join Terry in his office to work on her novel.


Terry was in his office discussing with Tyler.

- Come on! Are you going to finish my scene with Bianca Rose or no?

- I have to talk to Candy

- That doesn’t stop you from writing the rest of my story…

- I wrote your reconciliation… now it’s my turn, you have to wait!

- But…, started Tyler.

There was a knock at the office door and Candy came in. Terry looked up and saw her. God, she was so beautiful with her hair falling on her shoulders !

- I came to work on my novel, Teresa, she said to tease him.

Terry smiled looking at her.

- You do know that “Terry” is also short for “Teresa” , right?

- Yes, I know that, Teresa, she said smiling.

She had approached him. She only had one thought in her mind, to jump in his arms and kiss him. But… She went to sit by his side. They worked together for hours. The proximity was driving Terry nuts, but he managed to restrain himself. He smelt her sent and his head was spinning. Candy was telling herself that she had a good reason for pushing Terry away, and refusing his invitations, because she was melting after just one day! She couldn’t resist him! She wanted to be near him, it didn’t matter why he did what he did… But he had married another woman, he didn’t keep his promise! Wasn’t she ready to forgive him, until his wife showed up? She remembered Terry’s hurt eyes, like he would’ve given anything not to have to hurt her like that. But why did he get married? Were there extenuating circumstances? She was trying to imagine her life without Terry. She had tried with someone else, but unconsciously, she chose a pale imitation of Terry and when she realised it wasn’t Terry, that he will never be Terry, she broke off her engagement… She had a decision to make. She loved Terry, and she was going to do an act of faith and take her man back. But she had to think about a way to tell him that… Working with him so close, was torture. All she had to do was kiss Terry and curled up in his arms…

- Juliet, said Terry.

She didn’t reply.

- Juliet? Are you daydreaming? Do you hear me?

She got out of her torpor and looked at him.

- Are you with me?

- What…? She said distracted.

- Earth to Juliet…

She looked at him.

- I can’t concentrate Terry. I’m sorry.

- What if we call it a night? My mother has guests…

- Another reception?

- No, a dinner, there will be less people…

- The same as yesterday?

- Not all of them, but producers are coming to negotiate…

- Oh… the actor is going to be there?

- Liam? Why? You’d like to see him again?

- Well, it seems like he’s very famous, according to Anabeth…

- Oh, Anabeth told you ? You really didn’t know him?

- I know him since last night, but I didn’t know he was famous… he was on “The Hunger games”?

- You haven’t read the book?

- Science fiction is not really my thing, I’d rather read romance novels by Teresa George…

Terry started laughing.

- So Liam will be there for a role in your script?

- As a matter of fact…

- Interesting… by the way, Anabeth wants me to send her some pictures with Liam…

- You could take some tonight, if you want… or I’ll give you what the photographer took for my mother.

- Thanks Teresa!

- Are you going to stop calling me like that?

- You see how annoying nicknames are, Romeo?

- I’d rather you call me Romeo…

- We’re going to talk tonight, Romeo?

- I love you Juliet… yes, we’re going to talk tonight, or tomorrow, absolutely.

- You love me?

- I’ve never stopped loving you…

- If you loved me that much, why did you leave to go to London?

It was a fresh and direct question which deserved an answer just as fresh and direct. Looking in her eyes, he told her the truth:

- Because Anthony gave me the choice between leaving or getting arrested for sexual assault.

Shocked, stunned, she looked at him intensely.

- That’s ridiculous…

- You were underage.

His eyes burning with intensity, he seemed to want to make her understand, that he was telling the truth.

- If Anthony had said a word, there would’ve been an investigation, at the least. Maybe I would’ve gone immediately to jail after the trial. Everything would’ve been horrible Candy, and not only for me. You would’ve been examined by all kind of social workers and pshychologists. For heaven’s sake, if the story had been in the papers, can you imagine that? The way they would’ve looked at you?

He shut up of a minute, his eyes lost in the void.

- I didn’t care about me, but I couldn’t do that to you. So, I went to London. Believe-me it took me all the strength of the world to leave and break all the promises and all our dates.

- Anthony was bluffing!

- That’s not the impression I had.

- You could’ve at least told me something!

- It was part of the deal. I shouldn’t try to contact you or call you. I couldn’t even write you.

He thought about how Anthony’s words had come true. He hadn’t been able to write to Cand y for so long, he would writing to her in his head…

- I thought you didn’t love me, she said in almost a whisper.

She was upset. She had to get out of the office. Her brother was responsible for Terry’s disappearance?

- I left because I loved you. If I had to do it again, I think I would do exactly the same thing. I don’t see what else I could’ve done?

By looking deep into his eyes, he would see the teenage girl from back then. Did he really measure what he had done, how he made her suffer?

- You broke my heart, she said.

It wasn’t even an accusation, but it was simply a fact she was stating. Terry felt even worse.

- If I had to do it again…

- I have to get dressed for the dinner, said Candy upset.

She went to the bedroom and Terry looked at her go without a word. The moment was very intense. Their explanation will be very painful…

The rest of the past
Can’t stop haunting me
And cut my thoughts
Only your eyes are giving me the will to move forward
I wanted to write you so much
And I bend my back so ofter
And to relive those memoris
In dreams, I even almost touched your skin
You are my other me
The strength of my faith
My weakness and my law
The both of us were infinity
Far away from each other we’re doomed
I want to tell you that what my heart wants
Come, come it’s a prayer
Come, so we can start over
Because without you existence
Is just a long silence
That’s never ending
I had my heart so heavy my love
Do you still love me too forever?
You are made for me my love
And that’s all I think about all day.

Excerpt from Nostalgia by my friend lilirose

- Shouldn’t you be working? Said Tyler’s familiar voice

- I just hurt Candy

- It’s because of her brother!

- I still hurt her…

- In the meantime, can you continuer the scene you interrupted?

- No…

- You’re going to leave me like that for long?

- I have bigger fish to fry…

- You wanted art to imitate life, right?

- Exactly, it’s happening the same way

- You’re jealous because I’m about to get Bianca Rose and you…

- I’m the writer…

- Really? No kidding! Doesn’t look like it. I’ve been stuck here for days waiting for you to write the sentence that’s going to throw Bianca Rose in my arms.

- Well, you’ll stay there until I fix my problem with Candy.

- Great! I’m going to sit around for how long, until you finish that scene?

- Stop complaining, you’re getting what you want, aren’t you? Bianca Rose is going to fall into your arms… Now leave me alone!


Candy was thinking about her brother… She had to talk to him. She called his cellphone. Modern technology, you could contact the person directly now, no need to call the house phone. Her brother’s phone rang for a long time, she thought she was going to get his voice mail, when her brother finally answered.

- Terry told you! He asked as a greeting.

- Well hello to you too, big brother! Said Candy ironically.

- What exactly did he tell you?

- That you threatened to press charges against him for assault…

- You were underage!

- It was my life! My decision!

- You were too young. You were my little sister! I wanted to protect you!

- By sending the man I love to London? He had asked me for my opinion, he was going to stay in Chicago and wait my for 18th birthday!

- Candy…

- You forced him to go to London!

- I wanted to protect you, repeated Anthony

- You wanted to protect my virtue? He was going to marry me!!!

- I couldn’t have been sure…

- He would rather spend time with me than with all the bimbos Anabeth was bringing for him! Oh Anthony… How could you have asked him not to contact me? You could’ve asked for reparation… but no, you had to make him leave the country!!!

- Please…

- Is that why you became our biggest fan? You’re feeling guilty?

- I regret that he married another woman, but I don’t regret protecting you, I trusted him and he almost…

- Made love to me? I was willing…

- You were underage…

- If you had asked him to marry me… but you didn’t give him the chance, didn’t you? How could you do this to us? I thought Terry was your best friend…

- It’s not my fault if he didn’t come to your 18th birthday…

- If he were in Chicago, he wouldn’t have missed it… it’s your fault Anthony! I still can’t believe that you did that to me!

- Forgive me, Candy…

- Is that why you were against my relationship with Cole?

- He was a loser and he wasn’t made for you!

- Once again you meddled in my life! I’m not a little girl anymore!

- Candy, I love you and I couldn’t let you marry that man while you still loved Terry!

- Good bye Anthony.

She hung up her phone, but she couldn’t really be mad at her brother who was only protecting her. She was a minor after all, she wasn’t independent and she was still in high school… She understood why Anthony was now her biggest fan. Terry was gone and he came back married to another woman… he felt guilty. Because if Terry had stayed, he wouldn’t have married another woman and break Candy’s heart for a second time.

She took a deep breath. It was not the time to think about all that. She had to get ready for the dinner. She didn’t feel like being there, she almost didn’t want to go, but she said to herself that it would change her ideas and it would be better than to stay in her room down in the dumps.

She went to the bathroom to take a shower. She was trying to think about other things. She got out to get dressed and she found dresses on the bed for the reception. She chose a mauve one in muslin with transparent sleeves in veil. The top was braided and little pearls were decorating the neckline and the sleeves. She brushed her hair and she arrived downstairs just in time to greet the guests.

The dinner was fine, producers, directors and actors went to lock themselves in one of the living room to discuss business with Terry and his mother. Terry’s manuscript was going to become a movie in Hollywood. She was happy for him, but she still felt sad after Terry’s revelation on her brother. She went to Terry’s office to think. She saw his current manuscript on the desk. Should she read it, she needed a change of ideas…s eh started reading and she forgot about the world around her.


The discussion and the negotiations took a long time, but for Terry, 5 minutes would’ve been a lot, because he was away from Candy. She must’ve been bored all on he own. Should he go see her? No, she looked upset when learned that her brother had forced him to leave America because of her. He will talk to her tomorrow… When the Hollywood team was finally gone, Terry was relieved.

- Terry, said his mother, you should be jumping of joy.

- Mum…

- Candy?

- Yes, I told her about her brother…

- Oh, she must be upset.

- I know I broke her heart but to see her eyes so hurt, upset me. I hurt her.

- It wasn’t your fault.

- But I still hurt her, mum.

- She loves you, she’s going to forgive you, Terry

- I’m going to talk to her tomorrow.

- In the meantime, you can rejoice. Hollywood is going to make a movie with your script!!!

- I’m sorry mum, if I don’t look happy. I’m vey happy that my script is going to become a movie, but…

Eleonor looked at her son. As long as his story with Candy was solved, she wont be happy to rejoice about his Hollywood contract. A lot of people would’ve sold their soul to the devil to have Terry’s chance…He was in love. She smiled at him.

- Go to bed, you’ll feel better tomorrow after you talked to Candy.

- Good night mum, said Terry hugging her briefly

- Good night baby, said Eleonor going to her room.

Terry wen to the living room where there was a big white tail piano and he started playing “Romeo and Juliet” by Tchaikovsky, a piece that lasted at least 20 minutes. The notes were resonating in the silent manor where most of its habitants were dreaming. The walls were soundproof, so nobody could hear the beautiful piece he was playing. When he was done, the silence of the night was deafening filled the living room.

He stood up to go to his room but he wanted to go to his office to get his manuscript to try and write something before he goes to bed. He saw some ligts under the door and could’ve swore he had turned the lights off the last time he was there. He opened the door and he was surprised to see Candy concentrated in her reading of his manuscript. She didn’t even hear him come in. She was sitting at his desk, her head leaning forward on the manuscript…

- Juliet? He said surprised.

She was startled and she looked up.

- Romeo…

Everything that happened in the manuscript got her so excited to the point where, all the love she felt for Terry came out.

- I hope you’re not upset that I read your manuscript without your permission.

- Of course not, he said, so did you like the heroes, Tyler and Candy? Euh… I mean Bianca Rose! He corrected quickly.

- That’s what’s called a revealing Freudian slip! I thought she looked a lot like me. Well in a way of speaking. If she looks like me, it’s in a lot better, she’s even perfect. And Tyler, that’s you, we can’t miss that. Except that he’s a little browner and little more stupid.

- Me? Said Tyler outraged in Terry’s head.

- More stupid, repeated Terry, all happy. I like it a lot, that’s the perfect description.

Candy looked at him smiling.

- How was the reunion? Were you able to come to an agreement on all the points?

- Yes, he said, my mother is a good negotiator. She knows all the loopholes in contracts with her agent and her lawyer.

- So, you have an ironclad contract? Asked Candy looking at him

- Yes…

- Oh…, she said smiling.

They looked at each other. Why wasn’t he happier?

- Euh Romeo, maybe it’s just me, but shouldn’t you be more happy than that? Your script is going to become a movie in Hollywood!!!

- Yes, I know…

- So…?

- So, I’m missing something to be truly happy…

- Ah…

He was talking about the letter he had left for her earlier. He was going to propose to her again.

- Candy, will you marry me?

When she thought that ever since she had met Terry, all she had ever wanted was to be his wife. But because of the betrayal, the fact that he didn’t come to propose to her on her 18th birthday and that he had married someone else…

- No Terry, I’m not ready…, she said softly.

He looked at her sadly.

- Let’s go to bed, he said softly.

Candy looked at him. She didn’t know what to say. She wasn’t ready, because they still haven’t talked…Terry knew it and he wanted to see if she was going to blindly trust him… he knew she wasn’t ready. Learning that Anthony had forced him to leave had changed things, but she still didn’t know why he married another woman. Should she trust him? She had been burned in the past.

Candy took the script and they both left the office to go to their respective rooms. When they arrived in front of Candy’s room, he hugged her briefly.

- Congratulation for your script Romeo, she said softly.

She wanted to jump to his neck but she had just refused his wedding proposal…

- Thank you Juliet, he said softly.

She got into her room and closed the door. She leaned on it and closed her eyes and had a long sigh.

Terry told himself that he was used to Candy’s rejections of his wedding proposals, but it still hurt him a lot. He went to his room to sleep. He had just got one of the biggest deals of his career, and he was incapable of rejoicing…


"You should be kissed, and often, and by someone who knows how." Rhett Butler, Gone with the wind

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