Hidden Ties

By Valen.D.D

Chapter 1

Since I was child, the story of this sweet orphan girl captured my imagination. Most of the facts that I used to create this fiction are derived from the anime.

On this sunny day, Candy had a wonderful lunch with her friends at Pony’s home. She looked apparently happy and serene, but deep inside, she felt wounded. Sorrow had taken her heart when she saw that picture in the newspaper. He had chosen his destiny in New York.

She needed to be alone. She wanted to think. Mixed memories came to her mind. As she walked to the old oak, she thought about those blue eyes...those arms that grabbed her when she tried to run by the stairs of the hospital. Tears were rolling from her eyes, she could hardly see.

Suddenly she heard the magic words, those that were told long time before.

“You look prettier when you smile!”

Candy turned and looked at him. It was the Prince of the hill, Albert her dear friend. He hugged her strongly. They stayed a long time in each other arms. The girl felt it was time to split up but he did not let her. Finally he let her go, but he was staring at her with an unknown intensity.

“Candy I have to tell you something,” said Albert.

The young lady stepped back. She was afraid to hear compromising words.

“Albert, I don’t think...” She mumbled.

“Listen to me please,” he insisted. “There’s a solid bond between us.”

“Albert don’t…” said Candy trying to interrupt the young man.

“Candy pay attention to my words. What I have to tell is very important!” Albert replied. “You must know that…”

Candy blushed. Her cheeks were burning. “Albert, I love you with all my heart as the friend and protector that you have always been for me. I would not like our friendship to change or break. You know I couldn’t stand it,” she said.

“Candy you must hear me. First of all, I love you too. I've been looking after you and I will always do. I want you to listen to me. Maybe you will understand many things about us. I hope you will allow me to stay by your side forever and take care of you with more reason now that I have to reveal…”

“Albert don’t say...” said Candy as she stepped back further.

Albert held her gently by one arm. She had turned her face. She did not want to look into the eyes that she had always looked at with tenderness and friendship. With a smooth gesture, he took Candy’s face between his hands and looked into her eyes and said, “There is a deep bond that connects us…that bond Candy is a…a… blood bond!”

The girl opened her big green eyes. “What are you saying?” She asked with amazement.

The young man sighed. Finally, he had been able to tell her the truth. “Yes my dear I am your brother, we are siblings,” he told her.

Candy was shocked. She couldn’t believe what she had just heard. Suddenly everything seemed so confusing! A great anxiety invaded her heart. Thousands of questions came to her mind.

Albert took her hand and helped her to sit under the tree where they met for the very first time. “Dear Candy, it is not easy for me to narrate a story that I don’t know well. I ignore many important facts.”

Candy was staring at Albert thinking: “My brother! He is my brother! My own blood!” She tried to speak but she couldn’t articulate a word.

Watching the large horizon, Albert started his speech. “When we met at Pony’s hill I didn’t know that you were my sister... I saw you and I felt a special feeling. Your nice face reminded me of someone I met before, I did not know who... those freckles and that smile... When you smiled at me, I felt instantly that there was a bond between us. I loved you since I saw your delightful smile. My soul was upset in those days. My father had died and I felt so lonely! Aunt Elroy was taking care of me but she was cold as ice. Music and nature were my only companion.”

Candy was still perplexed. Since she was able to reason she had wondered if there was another being of her own blood in this world... If she would ever meet her family. Father... Mother... at last a question broke out from her mouth. “What about my parents? Our parents!” She yelled. “Why did they leave me?” said Candy looking at her brother right in the eyes.

Albert answered the question with a disconcerting truth. “You and I are half brother and sister. This means that you are my father’s daughter with another woman. When my mother got sick with tuberculosis, I was just a child. Our father had to work on the family business and my sisters were too concerned with their own lives to take care of me. My mother wanted someone special to look after me. We had many servants but no one fulfilled my mother’s expectations. That is the reason why Fiona came into our lives.”

Albert had to inhale some fresh air to continue. Meanwhile Candy felt her heart beating so fast that she thought it would burst. She was about to hear answers that she always waited for.

“Fiona was your mother Candy. She was freckled just like you. She had your smile and the same locks only that hers were red as the sun of the dusk. She came from a distant place to make of this land her home. As many others Irish immigrants like her, she had come to America to build a better future.”

Fiona and William A. Andrew's father

Albert smiled. He could still remember Fiona’s “funny” accent. She had explained to him that she had that weird accent because she came from a distant place. She told him about the long trip by ship. Candy was astonished. Her mother was an Irish woman named Fiona. She had come to take care of Albert when his mother was ill.

“That means," Candy thought. "I was born from a prohibited relationship..."

“She was sweet and joyful,” said Albert. “She taught me a lot of things. She loved to tell me Irish legends and she climbed trees just like you. You are wondering how our father and your mother fell in love, aren’t you?”

Candy nodded shyly.

“Actually I don’t know how or when it happened. I realized I had a sister some years ago while you were living at Leagan’s house. It happened when I turned the age established by my father’s will to become the head of this family. That day I received a metal box with his documents. I checked every piece of paper for days. I found a letter that Fiona has sent to him.”

Candy felt dizzy her head was elaborating conjectures at a hasty speed. She needed to understand...

“When I read that letter,” said Albert. “I understood my father’s words before his death. I never forgot what he told me. He was trying to tell me about you Candy...”

Albert looked sad. He remembered the scene... His father was lying on the bed almost motionless, sweating and mumbling unintelligible words. “Find the girl...” muttered Mr. Andrews. She’s part of us. It's not fair that everything went wrong. I should have brought her here... I did not have the guts...” Mr. Andrews repeated that sentence, two or three times and holding his son’s hands exhaled for the last time.

Candy sobbed. She was still puzzled.

“In the letter Fiona reveals the existence of a girl born as a result of their relationship. She explains the reason why she ran away from the Andrews’s house when she realized she was pregnant. She also relates why she left you at Pony’s Home. I want you to read the letter,” continued Albert. “You won’t find all the answers you may want, but I think it can help you to clear up your past. Candy I wish I could have known before, to keep you always by my side. When I found out the truth, I didn’t want to put you at risk. If Aunt Elroy had known your true identity, she would have never let me adopt you. She could have torn us apart again. My sisters wouldn’t accept you, only Rosemary (Anthony’s mother, Albert’s sister and Candy’s sister!) would have opened your heart. Unfortunately, she left us too soon.”

Rosemary! Jumping into the past, Candy thought about Anthony. He used to tell her that she reminded him of his mother, because of her greenish eyes and blond hair. Anthony had her same blood! A shade covered Candy’s face. She had loved someone whom she was kindred to.

“Candy,” said Albert guessing her fears. “I know you were in love with Anthony but I also know you did not consummate it. Sometimes I think Anthony’s death was fate’s cruel way to rive an impossible love.”

Candy was crying, bitter tears were rolling from her face. Everything seemed to be so bizarre. It seemed absurd and at the same time so tragic. There was although one thing that cheered her soul. She was not alone in this world. She had her brother. Albert had taken care of her for a long time, remaining in the anonymity. He had been always there whenever she needed him. Suddenly her thoughts flew to that special someone. She wished to tell him about the revelations she had known, but no, she could not. Another wave of pain stroke her heart. No! She had promised herself to erase him from her mind. He had chosen his destiny with someone else. Now she had something else to do. She had to read her mother’s letter.

“Oh Albert!” said Candy. “I want to read that letter I need to know all about my mother and I want you to tell me about our father. Does anyone else know about this?”

“No, only you and me,” said Albert. He hugged his sister with joy. Finally, he had talked frankly with her.

Candy opened the envelope carefully. She was sitting alone in the big luminous study room. Her hands trembled as she pulled the yellow pages out of the envelope. Trying to control her anxiety, our heroine started to read...

Chapter 2

Notes: CANDICE: Is a variant of Candace/ Candida a Latin name that means, "brilliantly white." Diminutives include Caddy and Candy.

In the Anime, Elroy was Albert´s aunt. She was William’s sister. Albert had three sisters, Stear and Archie ‘s Mother, Anthony’s mother Rosemary, and Mrs Leagan.