This story is no ordinary Candy Candy fanfic you have read so far. This fanfic is very different, however the characters remain the same but it is a different atmosphere and environment and maybe personality so I hope you will enjoy it. ^_^

There is an ordinary, typical 16-year-old teenage girl named Candy White Andrew.
However, the one thing that makes her different from the other girls is that she is cursed; she was cursed by a witch when she was young. So Candy’s plan is to pay a visit to the witch and ask her to break the curse. However, because the witch is so powerful, she has no chance of defeating her or getting pass her strong guards. Therefore, Candy decided to attend Ninja Academy to get stronger and learn how to fight and be able to face the witch.

The first day of attending the academy was weird, because as soon as Candy stepped foot in the classroom a bunch of boys ganged up on her! Their leader was a preppy boy named Neil and he started to annoy her, because she was an inexperienced ninja. Candy on the other hand was getting very frustrated with this preppy boy and shouted,

“I bet when you came to this academy you too were inexperienced, and I bet the experienced students did not pick on you. Even if they did that does not give you the right to pick on me!”

She walked away and sat down in the first free seat she saw. A few minutes later, a bunch of girls stood in front of Candy with their hands on their hips staring furiously at her. Candy thought to herself:

“What is the matter now? Geez, can’t you give me a break? So what if I am inexperienced? Sheesh!”

Candy, after a few seconds of pondering, finally looked up and stared at the girls. A girl named Susanne asked Candy what she was doing. Candy, thinking what a ridiculous question, answered with a ridiculous answer: “I am sitting down and I am waiting for the teacher to come to start the lesson,” smiling.

Susanne, who was thrown back, gave a mocking smile at Candy and told her, “Do you have any idea who you are sitting next to?”


Candy looked to the right of her and saw a boy sitting next to her, leaning on his hands looking terribly bored. Candy then faced her rival and said, “Yes, I am sitting next to a boy, are you blind?”

Susanne threw her a dirty look and started but before she could say anything Candy butted in and said, “Oh, I get it! Iis he your boyfriend? But wait, why are all of you girls looking at me with such mean and cold eyes. Does this mean you all love him? Oh ok, so you want to sit next to him but I took your place, I am so sorry….. Do you know what, here, why don’t you girls sit next to your lover boy while I will sit somewhere else.”

So Candy moved and gave them a sweet smile, knowing very well they will not be able to decide who will sit next to him but quarrel about it. At the end, no one sat next to him! When the teacher arrived, he called out the attendants’ sheet and Candy realised the boy everyone was crazy for was. He was Terrence G. Grandchester.

At lunchtime, Candy sat on a bench in front of a forest and began to ponder about the morning and about Terry and how it felt to have girls almost die in front of you just to hear you speak!

“Hmmmm, that’s it, I should make them talk to him and see if they would!”

Opposite of Candy was Terry sitting on top of a tree staring at her with wide eyes, was too thinking about her and started to smile and laugh about the scene this morning. Suddenly Neil and his mates gathered around her and Neil told her, “Nobody assaults me and gets away with it!” Candy stood up and performed a shadow jitsu clone, which allows her to clone herself many times.


After she did this, Neil was startled and screamed, “How can you do this? I thought you were inexperienced.”

All of the Candys said together, “You are right I am inexperienced but didn’t you listen to the teacher this morning? Or are you too experienced to even bother paying attention?”

Neil and the boys were very afraid that they practically ran for their lives to the academy! Terry started to laugh to himself and said,“Very good, she is right Neil does think he is pretty good because he is experienced but this Candy she is something eh? And her freckles are irresistible!”

Half an hour later Susanne and her friends passed Candy and a preppy girl named Eliza gave her, a very dirty look this last one was very jealous because she has never sat next to Terry and hoping to get the seat this morning but failed. Candy looked in her eyes and blurted to the whole gang, “Where is your lover boy? Have you already lost him? My my, what a shame you can’t even look after him, the poor thing.”

The girls looked at her with a cruel and feisty expression carried on walking to the academy leaving Candy laughing to herself.

The couple of days in the academy were bliss. She learned many new moves and things she never knew could have affected the lives of a ninja. She learnt survival skills, how to feel a person’s presence when she was not looking and many other cool things. One day in the classroom, Terry walked in and sat next to her! The girls were shocked but because they were not his girlfriend so they decided to take it out on Candy. They walked up to Candy and yelled at her.


Candy who was beginning to get annoyed with them yelled, “Why are you taking it out on me? Why don’t any of you have the courage to ask him to sit next to you? Or are you scared of what he is going to say? On the other hand, you really don’t want him to waste his precious breath on you right! Ha Ha.”

The girls looked at Terry with love in their eyes and turned back to face Candy. Susanne was getting very serious now. She told Candy she was going to get it and better watch out and that she could not understand why he would want to sit next to a girl like her. Candy simply replied, “Oh maybe because I am so CUTE!”

Susanne now falling off the edge of calm stretched her hands towards Candy’s neck but the teacher walked in and shouted, “Places please places.”

Lunchtime came and the girls decided to get her on a full stomach. Terry and she were the last people in the classroom. When the coast was clear, Terry grabbed Candy’s hand and ran. Candy was taken by surprise screamed,“Let go, where are you taking me?”

Terry replied, “Just trust me.”

So they both ran out and stopped at a beautiful lake, Terry told her, “I wanted you to be safe from those girls. I did not want you to get hurt. I mean they looked pretty serious I have seen what they did to other girls.”

“Thank you," said Candy. “They did look serious. I was getting very afraid. I thought she might even go far as to kill me! So, have you taken all her other victims here?”

“NO, I was just kidding, I don’t know what she is capable of, but you are right. She did look like she was going to kill you and I wanted you to be safe and sound, away from her.”

They looked at each other drowning in each other’s eyes then, Candy blushed and so did Terry and she looked away, after a few minutes of silence, Candy said, “It’s very beautiful isn’t it?”

“Yes it is,” replied Terry.

When it was time to return to the classroom, Terry said, “You really are cute, freckles!”

Candy blushed and said, “Ummmm thank you and by the way my name is not freckles, it’s Candy White Andrew!”

“Ok freckles, let’s go back,” Terry smiled.

“Are you not worried about what the girls might say if they see you walking with me?” Candy asked worried.

“No, not really, I mean they don’t own me. I am a free boy. I can do whatever I want, whenever I want and lastly, I can sit with whoever I want.”

He said those last words softly while staring at her with love. Candy blushed and felt weird quickly said, “Let’s go before the teacher comes.”

They both entered the classroom and sat next too each other in the only two free seats. The girls frustrated came up to her again and before they could say anything.


“These are the only free seats so please do not bother me.”

The girls sulked back to their seats and vowed to get her if that was the last thing they will do while they are still alive!

Lunchtime has come and Candy climbs up a tree to eat her lunch, suddenly her phone begins to ring and it was Annie. She told Annie all about Neil and the girls and of course about Terry!

“The first day, I sat down in a free seat then a bunch of girls kept asking me really dumb questions. They asked me whom I was sitting next to and I said a boy and that fired them up! However, to be honest he is very cute I think he is probably the cutest boy I have ever seen in my life! He is quiet but I am sure he is a good person," Candy told Annie.

“Of course Candy, you think everyone has a good heart!”

“Well except for the girls. They are very selfish, I mean it is like they own him! He is not their private property!” blurted Candy.

Terry, who was sitting quietly on a tree next to her, heard every word she said, and was happy inside that she liked him and thought he was a good person. Everyday at lunchtime Annie would ring her and they would talk about their day and Candy would always talk about Terry, which made him feel weird and felt emotions he has never felt before but he was not ashamed, in fact, he liked the feeling. Suddenly, as Candy was climbing down the tree she accidentally missed a branch and fell onto the ground. Terry quickly leapt off the branch to check if Candy was all right.


“Are you ok Freckles? You are not hurt are you?”

“No, I am ok, thank you for asking. Where did you come from?”

“Umm... I was just passing by and I heard someone fall off a tree, so I ran to see if that person was not injured.” Terry lied.

“You are really kind Terry, thank you again,” smiled Candy while drowning in his blue eyes. “No wonder those girls are in love with you. It’s because you are such a kind person.”

Terry did not know what to say but kept on smiling at her, and then finally said, “I know a technique which may come in handy for you while climbing up trees. You can use it for practically anything because it is useful in so many different ways.”

“Ok, Terry, teach me!”

They spent the whole of lunchtime practicing the new technique. By the time they reached the classroom, they were breathless!

The next few days, Candy did not fall off the tree because she used the technique Terry taught her, and she spoke to Annie everyday. This last one was always talking about Terry,

“So, yes he taught me this new technique and I don’t even fall off the trees anymore!“ Candy said giggling.

“Well good for you!” Annie laughed.

“I really like it when he teaches me things, it really is useful, I feel as if I am getting better and stronger by the minute!”

“Plus you get to spend more time with him.”

“Yes, that too!”

Terry listening felt warm inside, decided to ring his mother to tell her about his well being, which he has not been doing since forever!

“Hello?” a voice from the receiver said.

“Hello mother, how are you?”

“Terry? What’s wrong is something wrong?”

“No mother, nothing is wrong, just wanted to check to see if you are well.” Terry laughed.

“Hmmm…did you meet someone nice? Because you have not ringed me since forever!”

Terry did not say anything since his mother knew him too well.

“You have, haven’t you!? Who is the lucky girl? Tell me everything!”

So, Terry told his mother everything and his mother on the other line was laughing and finally said;

“I guess you have found your soul mate or something, since I have never seen you so happy and eager!”

However, when Candy was sitting on top of the tree talking to Annie again she heard leaves rustling when there was no wind. She thought this was strange, so she told Annie she has to go and hanged up. After she did this, she took a closer look at the tree beside hers and saw a boy staring right at her. After a few minutes, she recognised the boy…….it was TERRY!!!

“Terry? Is that you?” Candy asked uncertain.

“Yes it is me Freckles.”

“But…how long were you there for? When did you come?" Stuttered Candy,

“I always come here, this is my playground,” Terry said giving her a mocking smile.

“That means you hear…Wait a minute, the other day you did not walk around and come to my rescue when you heard someone scream, you saw me didn’t you? DIDN’T YOU?” Candy screamed angrily.

“Yes, I saw you, I am sorry I lied to you. I thought you might be mad at me, you know, you probably thought I was listening to your conversation with your friend, so I kept it a secret.” Terry told her with sad puppy eyes.

“But you DID listen to my conversation all this time and...”

Candy just remembered that she always talked about him to Annie! She blushed and left him before he could say anything. For a couple of days after that incident, Candy has not been having lunch at the tree anymore. Terry who always went there hoping he will meet her and apologise again, became worried and started to blame himself for everything. She is right he thought, he should have told her the truth, but to be honest he quite liked the fact she was thinking about him and talking about him to her friend. This lightened him up a bit, then he decided to go look for her and he knew where she went….the Lake.

“Hmmm it really is a beautiful sight isn’t it?” thought Candy, “Maybe I should not have been so harsh on Terry, I mean if it was me I don’t think I would have plucked up the courage to tell him I was eavesdropping. Even though I had no intentions to…but if it was about me then I would but wait, Candy what are you talking about? He would not talk about me I mean it is more of a girl thing right, not a boy thing?” Candy screamed in her head. “But he really is cute, I am sure he knows that himself but I don’t think he would want me to think thoughts like that and be like those weird girls right but I am not very special I am like an ordinary girl with lots of freckles,” Candy said aloud.

“No, I would not want you to be like those weird girls, not in a million years. You are perfect the way you are and the freckles on your face makes you different form other girls, that’s what makes you very special to me, Freckles,” Terry said in a very soft voice.

Candy blushed violently while she turned around,“Terry.”

“I am really sorry Freckles, I should have told you the truth the other day, but I was scared and froze up on the spot. ” He walked near her and sat beside her.

“Terry, I forgive you. To be honest if I were in your shoes I would have probably thought of the same lie,” Candy said innocently.

“Thank you Candy it means a lot to me. And by the way, it sounds a lot better when you say I am cute!” smiled Terry.

For the next hour, they talked about themselves, family and friends.



“Now, I am going to assign you your partners. It is up to you to work together if you want to pass this exam. Also after this exam you will be rewarded greatly.” The teacher told them.

Everyone was talking excitedly about the reward and Candy knew all the girls were hoping they would be paired up with Terry and to Candy’s surprise she too was hoping to be his partner! On the other hand, Terry was hoping he would be Candy’s partner because he thought she was cute, talented and extremely irresistible with her freckles!

“Now here are the partners…Group number 1: Neil and Susanne, a few minutes later group number 8 Terrence and Candy!"

“NO!!” all of the girls’ screamed in their head!

“YES!” Candy and Terry both screamed in their heads!

“Ok the first task is you will be dropped off at a certain area and from there, you will have to make your way to mountain Chine. You will have a month to get there,” said the teacher.

“Ohhhh, but it is so hard! Mountain Chine is the tallest mountain in this village! It will take us a couple of months to successfully get up there!” The students moaned to the teacher.

“Well, I guess you will have to start early in the morning tomorrow to get a head start eh? Tomorrow at 5am we will meet here ok.”

“Huh, 5am we can’t wake up that early!” The students screamed.

“Sorry, but it is not an option, you will have to be here at 5am, oh lastly bring all your gear ok, you will need it.”

“Ohhhh, we are so tired and teacher is late!” The students shouted at each other at school.

Three minutes later the teacher arrived and they were assigned to a certain plane to be dropped off.

“I am so tried I don’t think I will be able to concentrate, I think I may be too tired to walk!” Candy moaned to Terry on the plane.

“That’s ok, I can carry you then!” replied Terry.

“HUH, NO IT’S OK I CAN WALK!” Candy shouted nervously at him.

Terry was not a bit shocked at her expression, since he knew she would answer that! The journey took them a couple of hours and the pilot had to wake the two up, but he did not want to disturb them since they looked very peaceful. (Candy’s head was on Terry’s shoulders and vice versa) but he had to against his will.

“Yawn...We are already here?” Candy yawned.

“Yes, we are here,” the pilot replied.

“Ok, let’s go then Candy,” Terry said while helping her down.

They started their way up the hill, when they finally reached the top, they stopped to eat lunch. By the time, they reached the bottom it was 3pm, and Candy was getting really tired. Soon her legs were getting tired and she was boiling hot since the sun shone like crazy! Her legs finally gave in and she fainted. Terry, who was behind her caught her just in time before she banged her head on the concrete ground, carried her to the grass and rested there until she wakes up. Candy woke up and her head was spinning, she was wondering where she was and why it was morning and the reason they were not at the place they planned to go. All of these questions were floating around her head until she heard a familiar voice.

”Hey sleepy head, you finally decided to wake up?”

“What happened yesterday? Why are we here?” Candy asked,

“You fainted yesterday and I got tired too, so I decided to rest here for the night. “ Terry explained.

Candy tried to stand up, but she immediately fell right back down,

“Are you ok Freckles? You don’t look too good,” Terry said, while feeling her forehead.

“I think I am fine I am just hungry, after I eat something I am sure I will be able to stand up.”

“Ok, let’s eat.” Terry gave her buttered bread with milk, once she finished she tried to stand up but failed.

“If you want, I can carry you until you can walk again.” Terry offered, “Are you sure about that?” Candy questioned him

“Yes it’s ok” Terry answered back.

Terry lifted Candy onto his back and trotted up the pathway; they started to talk about all and nothing and played games until they reached a village. Terry let Candy down and they stopped to eat lunch at a café, and they did that at every village they passed. A few weeks later, they saw a glimpse of the mountain and screamed with joy! They both ran up the pathway and jumped with joy when they reached the top, Terry without thinking hugged Candy and kissed her on the forehead and said, "We did it Freckles and looks like we are the first one to be here!”

Candy blushed and moved away from him and replied, “Yes you are right! Maybe we should make a sign or something to tell others we were here first so they cannot lie to the teacher.”

Candy who was feeling all sorts of new emotions from every corner of her body, had to move away from him.

“I don’t think there is any need for that Candy, because I know you arrived first, since I can see you with my own two eyes!” Teacher replied.

“Teacher? How did you get up here?” The two asked shocked.

“By plane, duh! Why do you think I walked up here too?” Teacher laughed.

“He he he, stupid question, of course by plane!” Candy and Terry laughed nervously, not too sure to be happy he was there to see them here first, or shocked to see the teacher show up out of nowhere.

Soon, everyone arrived and they all passed the first task.

The second task was a written test; however, the rules were a bit bizarre thought Candy. The test is worth 10 points, you cannot cheat, if you are caught 5 times by these jiunis’ sitting around the room who have very sharp eyesights you will fail automatically and is not worthy to be a ninja, the test is graded as a team and you have one hour to complete the test. They all began the test, but to their surprise, the test was extremely difficult, no one in the room was able to complete it. Terry on the other hand was trying to figure out what teacher was trying to say, then he realised what he meant.

“He wants us to cheat, it’s like he expects us to cheat, these questions are very complex, and I guess only 2 or even 1 person has already completed the test but whom? I hope Freckles has figured this out.”

Candy on the other hand had figured it out ages ago and started to figure out who has the answers, once she realised who it was she used her jitsu to get her soul into that person’s body to memorise their answers. Terry, saw what she did and smiled to himself,

“Looks like she has completed her test too! Looks like I have to get started then he saw someone who might have the answers, he then started to concentrate his chakara on the person’s pencil stoke and the way it moves, and while he was doing this, he wrote down the answers on his paper and was done. An hour passed and the teacher told them, there was a 10th question, if you answer the question correctly you will pass…if you do not you will fail and not only that you can never be a ninja again! He told them, if they wish to continue being a ninja, you would stay but if you do not you will fail and it is probably safer not to try. Many teams decided to give up, but Terry and Candy did not give up, a few minutes later the teacher told them they passed!

“Huh?!” said the remaining students,

“Well, you see the whole point of this test was to see whether you can get information, without being detected. In addition, if you can get the right information too, this is very hard since if you do not get the right information you are doomed; if you do not get any information, you are still in danger. Therefore, as ninjas you have to take the risk and put your life on the line in order to attain something. So, today you knew you were being watched but you were able to get the information, and there were 2 people in this room disguised as students with the correct answers.”

The two people stood up and those were the people Candy and Terry attained their answers from!
BOOM! A woman crashed through the window and looked at the remaining students for a brief moment, she then turned to teacher and told him there were more than expected and told him he was getting softer!

“Well after my exam I am sure half or more will be eliminated!”

The students started to worry and gave each other glances.

“Ok you slimy worms, in this exam your group will be given a scroll, but you need two scrolls to pass. You need a heaven and earth scroll you got that. You will be assigned a scroll but you do not know what it is or what the others have, it is your job to get those scrolls from each other. Once you have the two scrolls you need to go to the red tower hidden in the forest. Each of you will be entering the forest in different gates and from there you will make your way to the red tower but first you need both scrolls. Oh by the way there are creatures hidden in the forest to make it more interesting, and you may get killed so you will be tested on survival skills.” The women said.

“What? That sounds so dangerous and worse when she mentioned death!” Candy whispered to Terry

“Hmm I agree with you too Freckles, I guess we will have to work hard to pass this death exam.”

The teams were assigned their scrolls and waited at their gates to enter the forest of death.

“Oooh, I am so scared!” Candy whined to Terry, while clinging onto him without realising it.

Terry on the other hand was enjoying seeing Candy all scared, it makes him want to hug her tightly and never let her go! On the other side of the forest were Susanne and her partner Neil talking about their plan, they were thinking of tricking both Candy and Terry, by using a jitsu which makes them look exactly like the other. Susanne is going to look like Candy while Neil is going to look like Terry, and each of them is going to corner their victims and try to get the scrolls off them but they do not know who is carrying the scroll, so it is up to them to find out. Once the students were let into the forest, Terry and Candy sat down and thought of a secret code. Which allows them to identify who is really who, so they will not be tricked. Candy said;

“Why don’t I call you Romeo? Because the other day I heard, you recite the passage of Romeo in the play “Romeo and Juliet, up on the tree”.

“Ok, then I shall call you Juliet, because it goes with Romeo and by the way you make a fine Juliet,” Terry whispered softly in her ear.

Candy blushed and said softly, “Ok, Romeo, let’s go”. They both ran deep into the forest, until they stopped for respite.

“Huh? Do you see that?” Candy asked. What she was seeing were tornadoes of dust flying at a great speed towards the two.

“Ahhh” the two yelled, landing in a bush,

Then they saw a women standing before them, they started to talk until the two saw themselves being killed by her!

“What you saw was your very own death,” the women cackled, “and now you are paralysed with fear.”

“I cannot believe I saw a glimpse of my death flash before my eyes!”

He turned to Candy and saw her sitting on the ground and her whole body shaking with fear.

“I guess she has it worse, I have got to move, even if it is a little baby step. Move Terry, you have got to move, that’s right, there you go,” while reaching into his pocket to get a knife.

“There is no point, you still cannot move Terry, and I thought you were going to be a challenge, I guess not, how disappointing.” The women cackled.

“Now what you just saw was your death and now to make it true.” She threw her knifes at them.

“Move Terry, you have to MOVE NOW!” With his knife, he stabbed his leg and quickly grabbed Candy out of there and landed on a tree.

“Hmm, overcoming fear with pain interesting.” The women thought.

“Nggg,” Terry moaned while pulling the knife out of his leg.

“Hah, are you ok Romeo, I am sorry, I don’t know what happened to me back there. I just froze and I started to get scared after seeing my life flashing before my eyes,” Candy cried.

“It is ok, Juliet, as long as we are fine there is no need to cry over spilled milk, I will protect you with my life, and you can take that to the bank!” Terry smiled to Candy to reassure her that everything is ok now.

Suddenly they saw a big snake coming at them, with the intention to kill them! Terry and Candy were afraid since it was probably 1000,000 times their sizes put together or more! But at the end they worked together to defeat the snake.

They started to run non-stop until they stopped to rest and Terry had to go to the toilet leaving Candy by herself. When he came back from the bush, he said,

“Let’s go Candy” Terry said leading the way.

But Candy thought they were suppose to go the opposite way. Then she realised it was not Terry but someone else, she took her knife out and threw it at the look alike Terry. However, he dodged it and shouted, “What is the matter with you? You could have hit me!”

“Good, because you deserve it!” Candy threw back at him.

“What are you talking about Candy? We are supposed to be a team, not try to kill each other!” He retorted back.

“Oh give it up will you; I know you are not Terry, because he does not dodge like that, and you made a big mistake with my name too!”

The look alike Terry changed back to his original form and said mockingly, “Hmm, you are right Candy I am not him, you are pretty good for an inexperienced ninja.

“What did you do to Terry? Where is he?” Candy yelled.

“He is alright do not worry your freckled face.” After he said this he attacked Candy and they stated to fight.

Terry after finishing his business, found Candy walking near him.

“Hey Terry!” Candy shouted and looking very shy.

“Huh, why is she so shy all of a sudden? Moreover, why does she not have her scar on her face? The one the snake gave her? In addition, why is she not calling me Romeo?” Thought Terry.

“Come on Terry, this way!” Candy pointed.

“No, are we not supposed to go the other way? Huh, she is limping! I guess she twisted her ankle, but I don’t recall seeing Candy fall down, she just injured her right arm,” thought Terry. “No she couldn’t be my Freckles no way!”

After he thought this repeatedly in his head, he decided to throw his knife at her, and he was right, it was not his Freckles but Susanne!

“Hmm, so you knew I wasn’t Candy huh? So which one of you has the scrolls?” Susanne asked.

“Why do you think I would just hand it over to you? Well think again because we are going to get yours first!” After Terry said this, he threw a knife at her and she dodged it again.

“You really think I did not see that coming huh?”

“Actually look behind you”

She turned and saw that the knife transformed into another Terry and quickly grabbed her scroll and both Terry’s disappeared,

“Huh? He is so COOL!” Susanne thought dreamily!

Terry saw Candy sitting by herself on the ground and asked uncertain,

“Juliet is that you?” Candy looked behind her and replied,

“Romeo is that really you?”

“In the flesh Juliet,” he smiled.

Candy was happy to see him after that incident with Neil, ran up to him and hugged him hard,

“Don’t ever leave me again! Neil transformed into you and we had a fight, but I could not get his scroll!”

“Really, I bumped into Susanne who looked like you, and guess what? I have her scroll!” They both laughed and continued their exam.

They reached the path of the red tower, but it had disappeared! They had no choice but to go through the mountain, so that is what they did. They talked about all and nothing until they reached the mountain.


A man kicked Terry, which made him fly into the sky, and landed on the edge of a cliff, Candy stood there shocked reacted with the intention to kill, jumped on the man’s back and started to hit him, for hurting her Romeo unpleasantly. But the man flung her away and said,

“This is not your fight.”

Then he flew to Terry and they started to fight aggressively leaving Candy standing there perplexed. Suddenly she saw a cave, which she strangely recognised; it was the witch’s cave! She walked towards it and inside it looked like no one has been living in there for years! Out of nowhere a small creature jumped on her face, Candy screamed and tried to remove the creature of her face when she succeed she saw brought it towards the light and she started to question the poor thing.

“She is dead, she died 10 years ago, I am sorry,” the creature said sympathetically.

“Do you have any idea how to break my curse?” Candy pleaded.

“No, I am sorry; the witch did not confide in me. Her spells and anti-spells are of no business of mine. I am just her pet.”

Candy went outside to get some fresh air and to cry because she has worked so hard to defeat the witch, and those were times wasted, though, she did have a good time. She met Terry and those weird girls were funny too!

She saw Terry fighting the strange man and she noticed Terry was fighting with unusual fighting techniques. She was wondering where he learnt them; also, if you look closely you could see his left eye was red with black spots around it!

“This is really odd, I never knew his eye was like that, no it was not it was never like that when he is fighting. What an earth is going on?” thought Candy.

Once Terry was done fighting, he left leaving Candy all by herself! Candy ran after him and grabbed his arm asking why he left her behind.

“Huh, what are you doing? Hey you have freckles!” Terry said pointing to her face,

“What, you already know I have Freckles, you nicknamed me that remember?” Candy told him.

“Actually no, I do not!” Terry replied,

“What? But hang on, are you feeling alright Romeo?”

“Yuck don’t call me that, what are you expecting me to call you Juliet because it goes with Romeo? Ha in your dreams!” Terry retorted back at her.

“But, you were the one who named me that Terry, what is the matter with you? And your left eye, what’s wrong with it? “

”Oh this, this is the mark of power, it runs in the family of Grandchesters’, cool isn’t it?” Terry said eyeing her.

“Terry, what is wrong with you? You act like you don’t know me.”

“But it is true I don’t know you, who are you?


Candy had a flashback and remembered Terry telling her his curse. His curse was, once his evil self-gets out he has no control of his body or mind and he is then forever lost and can never come back. This is the reason he joined the ninja Academy, to control his mind and body, so that he will never come out.

“But, I don’t understand, you were doing so well.”

“Well, once you are fighting intensively, you have no time to control your mind or body but the fight and techniques, and that was my chance to get out and kill the goody Terry.” Evil Terry said with a sly smile.

“No, I will not let you, I will free Terry!” Cried Candy. She jumped on him and they started to fight aggressively, once she was able to pin him down she shouted, “Terry, if you hear me it is Candy. Please come out. I know you can do it, you have worked so hard to control him and I don’t want you to give up, not now please!” pleaded Candy.

“Ha Ha Ha you are so stupid, he can never come out, not when I am here!” laughed Evil Terry.

Suddenly the real Terry appeared and he spoke to Candy;

“Candy I am sorry, I did not want you to see me like this. I am truly sorry. Please forgive me, but he is right I am gone forever. I just wanted to thank you for everything you have done to me and I will miss you and…and…I…I…”

He was cut off by Evil Terry who said;

“Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah so boring!”

Candy was crying and she could not hide her feelings for him anymore, since he spoke to her, it meant, he was still there.

“No Terry, I want to thank you for everything, if it was not for you, Susanne would have probably killed me! If it were not for you, my life at the academy would have been dull and boring. There is also something I want you to know…..I LOVE YOU TERRY! WITH ALL MY HEART, I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU FOREVER. AND I DO NOT WANT YOU TO GIVE UP, I KNOW YOU ARE STRONG AND I KNOW FIRST HAND WHAT YOU ARE CAPABLE OF. YOU ARE VERY STRONG, BUT STRENGH IS NOT ALWAYS ABOUT THE MUSCLES IT IS IN THE HEART, IT IS LOVE WHICH GETS YOU THROUGH THE DAY, AND MY LOVE FOR YOU IS WHAT GOT ME HERE WITH YOU, I AM NOT GOING TO SIT BACK AND WATCH YOU GO LIKE THAT!” Candy sobbed.

“Ha Ha, do you really think your love is what is going to make him come back? Ha, think again! Because you are wrong!”

Candy sobbed very hard which made her body tremble, because Terry did not come back.

“Candy…Candy? Are you there?”

“Terry?” Candy asked uncertain.

“Yes it is me Freckles… I want you to know, I…I…I love you too, I loved you the first day you came to the academy, and I was happy every time you sat next to me. You also made me feel strange feelings, feelings that I have never felt before. But feelings I am not ashamed of, I love you candy with all my heart, you are the one who opened my heart and I WILL NOT LET YOU DOWN!” Terry screamed.

Candy put her face close to his and whispered;

“I love you and I want to be with you forever, whatever the situation is.”

She leaned closer and their lips were sealed. They were waiting for this moment forever, now they have kissed each other, and they did not want to let each other go, by the time they were finished, they were breathless. They both said, “I love you” to each other.

After that phrase, Terry was glowing white like an angel and was lifted into the sky. Candy saw the Evil Terry rip out of Terry’s body and now she saw two of them.

“What, but how? I don’t understand!” Evil Terry shouted at the two of them.

The real Terry returned to the ground and held Candy’s hand, they both shouted, “True Love conquers all!”

After that statement, he vanished for good. Terry then turned towards Candy, looked into her dark emerald eyes, and leaned towards her to kiss her. Candy responded passionately, looked at him with love, drowned her green eyes into his blue eyes, and they stayed like that for a few minutes before returning to the red tower to graduate.

Once everyone was at the tower, teacher said, “Well done, you have graduated from Ninja Academy.”

“Well, what about our prize?” the students shouted.

“You have already been rewarded!” he said.

“What? No we have not I don’t see anything!” they replied.

“Actually, the prize is what you have created, found out or strength within you, something you have been after is now with you” he looked at Candy and Terry while he said those last words of his sentence.

He knew what happened up on the mountain.

“What do you mean? I don’t understand” Neil said.

“Well, you see, if you were not that strong or confident before the exam, and now you feel like you have become stronger or more confident in a certain technique, that is what you have accomplished, that is your goal. That is what you have rewarded yourself.”

“Oh, now that you have mentioned it, I do feel stronger, I feel as if I am invincible!” Neil replied.

“Yes me too!” the rest of the students said together.

The two have finally graduated and they now stood in front of the same lake Terry took her to get away from Susanne.

“Terry I love you,” Candy said.

“I love you too freckles, are you sure you are ok about not being able to break your curse?”

“Yes, I am ok.”

They stood in front of the lake in each other’s arms until Terry saw two pieces of torn paper.

“Do you see that?” pointing to it.

They ran to the papers and saw it had their names on it.

“This is strange I have never seen this before,” Candy said.

“Neither have I,” Terry said looking puzzled.

They put the papers together to make it fit. Suddenly the papers glowed and flew into the sky. It was magically put together and two people appeared out from the paper, one soul came out of the paper that had Candy written on it and vice versa. They looked just like Terry and Candy!

“You have finally done it! You broke your curse Candy,” the soul, which looked like her, said.

“Yes, you have,” the soul, which looked like Terry, said.

“I don’t understand, how did I break the curse?” Candy asked.

“You found your true love and by putting these torn papers back together, you have broken a hundreds year curse. Which was placed upon me and every reincarnated of me is cursed, but none of them has ever succeed in breaking it, but you. And you are, well we are finally able to live with our soul mate,” Candy's soul said.

“Yes, you see you and Terry are meant to be with each other, but the other Candys, years ago were unable to break the curse so we were never able to rest peacefully plus without our love ones. But you have broken the curse, which means all the past reincarnated and future Candys will be able to live peacefully with their loved ones… which is you Terry,” the soul of Terry said.

“So, you mean to say Candy and I belong together, and it has been like this for thousands of years, generation after generation?” The perplexed Terry asked.

“Well, now that you have mentioned it, yes it is true. No one can ever destroy true love and you have proven that up on the mountain,” Candy’s soul said.

The alive Terry and Candy looked at each other and smiled, then faced the two souls seeing them holding hands and looking extremely happy disappear.

Candy and Terry woke up in each other’s arms on the grass by the lake.

“I had a weird dream!” Candy told Terry.

“Me too and you were in it and so were our souls of long ago and they said we are meant to be together and that True Love can never be destroyed,” Terry told her.

“Yes, me too and there was a piece of paper with our names written on it and they were glowing when we put it together and then….”

“That’s when she said you broke the curse!" Finished Terry.

“You had the same dream too.”

“Yep I guess we really are meant to be if we have the same dreams!”

“Wait, isn’t that the paper we saw in the dream?” Candy pointed to a piece of paper.

They walked over to it and she was right, but the only thing that had changed was at the bottom it said: