A Candy Candy Fanfic



Conceived and Written by: Lady Gato

Webmistress, Candy Candy Nation

Candy Candy Nation©, 2004-2005
Candy Candy Characters
© and Story Kyoko Mizuki and Yumiko Igarishi

Table of Contents

What Once Was and What Now Is…  

Terry’s Story

Candy’s Story

A Moment in Time

Lakewood, Spring of 1934:

Bundling and Unbundling

A Weekend Amongst Family


Scotland, Summer of 1934:

Scottish Lochs and Hidden Locks

The Master

The Muse’s Home

A Hearth from the Past

By Royal Command

Two Princesses and a Play

Le Bal d’Eté

The Shooting Star

The Second Afternoon

Return to Innocence

The End of the Second Summer