A Candy Candy Fanfic


Conceived and Written by: Lady Gato

Webmistress, Candy Candy Nation

Candy Candy Nation©, 2004
Candy Candy Characters
© and Story Kyoko Mizuki and Yumiko Igarishi

Table of Contents

- Author’s Forward –

- Prologue -

- Chapter 1 -

- Chapter 2 -

- Chapter 3 -

- Chapter 4 -

- Chapter 5 -

- Chapter 6 -

- Chapter 7 -

- Chapter 8 -

- Chapter 9 -

- Chapter 10 -

Epilogue - The Roses are in Bloom on Pony’s Hill

Author’s End Notes

Author’s Acknowledgements

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Last but not Least

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About the Author

- Author’s Forward –

The following Candy Candy story is based on the Candy Candy manga (that is, no anime scene influences)…it has been six months since the event that broke Candy and Terry’s hearts, that terrible separation in New York…the time is Spring, 1915….

…For this is love and nothing else is, Love,

The which it is reserved for God above

To sanctify to what far ends He will

But which it only needs that we fulfill

A Prayer in Spring, by Robert Frost