In College

By Priss

Chapter I

Sweet meeting again

Candy woke up. It was Monday and she had not seen anyone that she knew in the ship she was traveling in with George. After she left the ship called Carpathia, she and George had entered a carriage, which brought them to Saint Paul´s College. When she arrived that afternoon, she was interviewed by Sister Grey, the principal of the college and was assigned to a room. Candy sat down on her bed, turned her head and saw the large window. She went to her wardrobe and opened it and the first thing that she saw were her uniforms: one white and the other black. She took the white one in her hands and began to dress.  She thought at that moment: “I´m so happy because today I´m going to see Stear and Archie...” she paused in her thoughts and breathed out, “Anthony”, and in her face was a beautiful smile. Meanwhile she finished dressing, made a bow in her back, tied two pony tails and then she ran and opened the large window. She went out into the balcony and looked at the building before her green eyes.

"I wonder where the boys' dorm is?" she said in a loud voice. When she heard someone knocking softly at her door, she turned her face and wondered who it was.

Candy went to the door and turned the door-handle to open it. She was surprised when she saw in front of her a young lady with glasses and brown hair.

"Hello! I am your dorm neighbor.  My name is Patty O’Brien, but you can call me Patty," the young lady said with a smile in her face.

"Hi! I’m Candice White Andley, but you can call me Candy," she answered smiling too. She told her to come inside then she decided to ask her new friend, "Do you know where boys' dorm is?"

"What?!" Patty said taking one hand to her face and blushed in it at little bit. "Candy?"

When Candy saw her reaction she told her. "The thing is that in this college there are three members of my family and they are good guys. If you want, I can introduce them to you," Candy said and Patty blushed even more.

"No thanks," Patty told her, feeling a little bit unwilling. In that moment the bells began to sound, then Patty spoke, "We have to go to mass."


Then they walked through the corridor until they arrived at the church. There in the church hall were her three friends. When they got close to the door, Candy didn´t contain and went where they were.

"Stear, Archie, Anthony!" She said so gladly, running to them. Patty separated from Candy and quietly entered the church.

'It’s Candy!" Stear said with joy.  He couldn´t believe that Candy was with them in the same college.

"Candy?" It was the only thing that Anthony pronounced and his blue eyes were opened and sparkling in Candy’s presence.

"How is it possible that you are here in college?" the young man with dark hair until the shoulders asked to her.

"Well..." Candy began to speak. "It seems like uncle William change his mind, because when I was in Pony´s home I received a letter from him. He told me that he wanted me to study here in London and become a Lady..."

Candy remained a couple of months in Pony´s home because of Aunt Elroy. She didn’t want her nephews related with that orphan. Instead she knew that Anthony felt something more for Candy and that was a good excuse to get away from her that they went to London, but she didn’t count on the impositions of uncle William, so aunt Elroy had to accept Uncle William orders.

In the distance was a young brunette girl with dark eyes who was looking at the sweet scene and making faces. In that moment a young dark boy got closer to her, with dark hair.

"Could you believe it?" the young woman said with a noisy tone, looking at the young man. "What is this orphan doing here?"

"What? Candy is here?" answered the young Legan, amazed, while looking at his sister. His sister smiled.

"When you smile in that way I know that you are planning something," Neal said.

'Hey Neal, don´t you want this orphan to have bad moments..."


At that moment they saw Sister Grey near Sister Margaret and the priest. They began to walk through the door of the church. Everyone were inside in their places. In the right side were men and in the left side were women. The mass started. Candy looked everywhere and she felt strange in that school because it had strict rules. During the middle of the mass a young man with dark long hair and dark blue eyes arrived. Candy never saw him him arrive and so she was surprised. She thought, “Who is that guy?”

"Mr. Grandchester! Why did you come to interrupt the Mass! Don´t you know the rules of this college?" Sister Grey spoke.

"Ummm.... I ‘m just taking a look around Sister Grey," he said sarcastically. "Do you think that I´m interested in taking mass?" Terry looked at all the girls sitting on the benches. They were all commenting his arrival. But there was one girl that kept his attention. She was the blonde girl that was looking at him without commenting the incident with anyone.

Candy felt the penetrating look of the young man and in that moment she looked down.

"Quiet!' Sister Grey spoke and the young women became silence. She looked at Terry and she told him in an energetic tone, "Mr. Grandchester retire please..."

'Yes, yes Sister Grey I´ll go! I know that I´m not welcome in here," Terry finished, he turned around and began to exit through the door.

Sister Grey was mad with him because of his attitude. At the boys’ side, they were commenting Terry´s behavior.

"What a guy? He is so rude," Archie said to Stear.

"Maybe he had a lot of problems," Stear answered.

"Maybe," Anthony said frowning his forehead. He didn´t feel anything like that before. He looked the same way that Candy looked at this guy.

Mass was over and everybody was in the garden. Some girls still commented on the incident of Terry´s arrival. In that moment Patty and Candy were together.

"Patty, Why did you leave? I just wanted to introduce my friends," Candy was astonished because of Patty´s attitude.

"Candy, it is not correct, rules of this college said..." said Patty, but Candy interrupt her.

"Come on! Patty there´s nothing wrong with that," Candy told her smiling, Patty blushed a little bit and her heart was pounding, but she made another question- "Patty, Who was that guy?"

"That guy is Terrence Grandchester. I hear from another students that he is son of a Duke," Patty answered. In that moment two girls commented on that incident. Candy also knew that he didn´t attend class and he had good grades.

The three young men saw Candy in the distance they saw that she was speaking with a young woman.

"Look she arrive here and she had now a new friend," Stear said crossing his arms and smiling.

"Who didn´t want to be Candy´s friend?" Archie commented. In that moment he looked at Anthony, who was a little bit serious. "Is something wrong?"

"No, Why?" Anthony answered and he said something to his cousins so that the didn´t notice that the young aristocrat man worried his soul. "Why don't we go to were Candy is?"

They walked to where Candy was.

"Guys! I´m glad that I see you. I want to introduce to you to my friend Patty," Candy said.

"Nice to meet you," Patty said to the three guys that were in front of her. In that moment a young brunette girl joined them with some friends.

"Anthony!" She said with a noisy voice. Anthony looked at her.

Candy was surprised when she saw her... Eliza Legan.

"Eliza,” Candy thought while her eyes opened and she raised her hand to her mouth.

"I see that this orphan is here," Eliza commented looking to her friends.

"Eliza!"Anthony said in a angry tone when he heard her words, but the angry tone of Anthony didn´t stop Eliza’s comments.

"It’s the truth Anthony. You don’t remember that she worked for our family in the stable? I don´t know what she is doing here," she said to her friends and continued speaking, "You didn’t tell them that she slept there and..."

"Shut up Eliza!" Archie said closing his hand. In the meanwhile, Candy look at Eliza with an astonished look.

"Don´t you dare Archie?" Eliza said with an accusing look. "If you do something to me, I´ll tell on you to Aunt Elroy." She turned around and she looked Patty and said, "It's for your own good that you step aside of this girl."

Patty only turn down her head, but Stear put his hand in Patty´s shoulder. She looked at him and blushed.

"Don´t pay attention to Eliza. She is envious," Stear said when the heard the bells to go to class.

But before attending class in the corresponding building, Patty went first with Candy, but Anthony wanted to speak to her.

"Candy!" Anthony said coming close to her and looking directly to her eyes. "Don´t pay attention to Eliza´s comments."

"Anthony!" Was the only thing that Candy pronounced when she noticed that Anthony was worried. In that moment, the last bell rant out, indicating that everybody had to be in the classroom.

They all left separately.

Candy was running by the corridor to go the her classroom when she met Sister Margaret.

"Miss Candice White Andley," she said in a strong manner.

"Yes, Sister Margaret," Candy answered softly.

"You don´t have to run in the corridor. It´s prohibited," she said while they arrived to her classroom.

"I´m sorry," Candy said turning down her face.

"Go to class and I wish that you won´t do it again," Sister Margaret finally told her. She entered her classroom with Sister Margaret. Candy noticed that all the girls were looking at her. She could sense that Eliza told them about her past.

“Eliza!” Candy thought in an angry way.

When Candy went to take a seat, she could feel all the eyes of the young ladies following at her. Behind her was Patty with her head down. Candy didn´t expect that her to speak to her. The class started and Candy only looked at the blackboard without speaking to anyone.

It was in the afternoon and the Andley boys were taking tea, a new habit that they were beginning. They were sitting around the table in the room.

"What is happening to you Anthony?" Stear asked him, because all the morning he was in that way.

"Nothing," Anthony answered taking his cup of tea.

"Don´t lie Anthony. We have known you since we were children and I know it," Archie said while he served another cup of tea. "It can be that you are like this because of the incident this morning with that spoiled boy."

"No, but he is a spoiled boy,"Anthony answered, while he stood up.

At that moment someone knocked at the door.

"Who can it be?"Archie asked astonished.

"Let´s see," Stear answered going to the door. He put his hand on the door-handle. He opened the door and standing in front of him was a boy with black hair and brown eyes.

"Is Anthony here?" the young boy asked.

When Anthony heard that a young man asked for him he stood up and went to the door.

"Yes, I am here," he said in a strange way.

"Look a girl gave me this envelope and she asked me if I could deliver this to you," the young man said.

Anthony could smell the sweetness of roses then he understood that the letter was from Candy.

"Thank you," Anthony said and he closed the door. Stear and Archie were waiting for Anthony to speak, but Archie began.

"What is it?" Archie commented.

"It´s a letter from Candy,"Anthony smiled.

"Come on read it," Stear said looking at Anthony. He opened the envelope and began to read.

"Dear Stear, Archie and Anthony,

I was happy when I saw you today at church. It´s a pity that we couldn´t speak more. I would like that everything were the same as in Lakewood.

But don´t worry if it isn´t like that I promise you that now that I´m here, I´m going to do my best to become a lady.


Anthony finished reading the letter and put the letter in the envelope and breathed, "Candy?" he smiled and thought. “I don´t want to change. I want that you be like you are!”

In the meantime in Candy´s room, she was sitting in her bed thinking of all the things that happened that day. She laid down in her bed crossing her arms and thought: "Eliza you are so bad that you are never going to change!” But in that moment she only repeated in her mind one name: “Anthony! What would I do if you weren´t here. As soon as you are here I can put up with Eliza´s behavior." At that moment someone knocked at her door. She went back to the reality. She sat down in her bed and walked to the door and in the mean time she thought, "Can it be Sister Margaret?” But when she opened the door and saw Patty, she was surprised. "Patty"! And she opened her green eyes.

"I am sorry," Patty said and she rose her head. "I didn´t speak to you all day. I got influenced by Eliza´s comments."

"No, Patty it´s nothing to worry about," Candy answered, smiling and she took Patty´s hand to let her enter her room."

"Candy!" Patty said. In the meanwhile she opened her eyes and smiled too. In that moment Patty asked Candy, "Do you know what you are going to do? Because the fifth Sunday is coming."

"What is that about the fifth Sunday?" Candy asked without knowing what Patty was talking about.

"Well, that day we can go out with our families and you can go whereever you want," Patty smiled.

"Really?" Candy opened her eyes surprised and she got absent for a little moment and thought, “I will meet London at least and with the boys Stear Archie and Anthony... walking arm in arm with Anthony in London center.” Unconsciously she blushed and her hands began to shake.

"Candy are you all right?" Patty asked her because of the way that she reacted.

Candy returned to the reality.

"I´m all right Patty!"

She stood up to open the large window.

In that moment in the boys’ room....

"Do you know what Stear is doing?" Anthony commented. He was sitting in the couch.

"I don´t know. You know that he is like that!" Archie responded shrugging his shoulders.

"It´s finished!" Stear came out he was smiling. "This can serve us to keep contact with Candy!"

"What it this?" Archie asked looking surprised because of Stear´s invention. Anthony just smiled when he saw Stear.

"With this invention we can send light signals," he continued as he got close to the large window.

"And how it supposed to work," Anthony commented doubting Stear’s invention.

"It's simple! Let me show you... "Stear took out of his pocket a sheet of paper and showed it to them.

"What it is this?" Archie asked without understanding anything. He took the sheet of paper in his hands.

"Its simple is morse code. You still remember it, don’t you?" Stear commented.

"I don’t understand how you think that it can work?" Archie said.

"It's simple! We send this sheet of paper to Candy and she will know our message..."

Meanwhile in Candy’s room were Candy and Patty. Patty was sitting in front of the large window, but something called her attention.

"Candy?" Patty suddenly stood up and she went to the balcony. Candy stood up the bed.

"Is something wrong?" Candy asked astonished when she went to the balcony and saw that lights. "What is that?" she asked, looking at Patty's face.

"It seems that a light is flickering," Patty said moving her glasses with her right hand. "No wait is a message."


"Yes... It is a message, but it’s in morse code." When Patty paid more attention, she said, "I cannot read it. It is for you, Candy."

"But ... But I don’t understand," she said, looking at Patty.

"Don’t you know..." Patty answered and when Candy moved her head side to side, she told her. "It is a special set of signals that are given and with that you can know what is the message about." Quickly the young woman with glasses took a book from Candy’s bookcase and showed it to Candy. "See..."

"Can you tell me what it says?" Candy asked with a sweet tone in her voice.

"But Candy!" said Patty.

"Please! With you I don´t think I have any kind of secrets," she winked.

"Let’s see," Patty said with the book in her hands. Patty began to translate the message. "Don’t worry we are going to keep in touch with you..." Patty didn’t finish pronouncing her words when suddenly Candy went to her bed and under her mattress she took out a rope with a stick of wood. She threw it so that it got stuck in a tree in front of her. "What are you doing?" Patty opened her eyes in surprise.

"There is light coming from their room...Patty don´t go, I´m going to see them I have something important to tell them," Candy finished and disappeared through the trees.

"Candy!" Patty said in a low voice.

And in the next room of the boys, was a young man with dark blue eyes and long brown straight hair sitting in the darkness. In a desk in front of the large window, his hands were trembling as held a photograph in his hands. In the picture was a blond woman about 37 years old with big blue eyes. In that moment the young man thought, “Why did I have to see you?" In that moment he threw the picture in the trash can that was next to the table. Then he stood up and walked direct to the large window. He was surprised when he saw a young girl flying between trees. Terry followed with his eyes and he remembered that girl with the big green eyes that he saw in the Mass. He smiled making him forgot his problems.

"Well, well, that is the girl that was in mass. She looks like Tarzan."

In that moment in Andley´s room, Stear was distracted a few minutes while looking at his cousin and brother.

"What do you think about my new invention?" Stear said. He was smiling and the invention was still working.

"And you think that it can work," Archie said doubting about it. Anthony only smiled.

"I think that...." Stear said when he felt that something was beating him.

Anthony and Archie got worried when they saw Candy.

"Candy!" Anthony and Archie said at the same time, but Anthony rose to meet Candy.

"Are you all right?" he took Candy in his arms.

"Yes," Candy answered, embarrassed. She looked up when Archie and Stear rose. "Stear!" she said. "Are you all right?"

"Yes, I´m fine," Stear answered, grabbing his waist.

"Candy, why are you risky like that?" Anthony commented, worried.

"Anthony," Candy said in a low voice, "I wanted to know where you were and I want to speak with you. I will do it tomorrow but when I saw the light I thought that it was from you. Patty also helped me to understand the message."

"Ah, the girl with glasses," Archie said.

"Yes, that´s right," Candy said and she asked, "You three sleep here-because the room was a little big."

"No, Candy," Archie smiled. "In this room only Stear and I sleep. They gave us this room because we are brothers..." And in that moment Anthony interrupt.

"I sleep in the next room," Anthony said smiling. In that moment they heard some steps.

"Candy hide!" Archie said suddenly and opened his dorm door.

"What happened?" Candy said, opening her green eyes.

"It´s time that the Sisters make a route and if they saw you, they could expell you," Stear said scared. Anthony took Candy´s arm and made her enter the room.

They heard when they knocked the door. Stear opened it and they confirmed that it was Sister Grey. Candy could hear Sister Grey's voice. She was behind the door.

"Are you still awake?!" Sister Grey said with an energic tone to the boys.

"Mr. Andley! You´re supposed to be in your room!"

"Excuse us," Stear said. "We got late because we were debating Physics and we didn´t realize the time."

"I forgive you, just for this time. Mr. Andley go to your room right now," Sister Grey ordered.

"O.K," Anthony said and he left the room without saying a word, but he got worried waiting, hoping that Candy would not be discovered.

"Okay. It´s time to turn off the lights," Sister Grey ordered.

"Yes," Stear and Archie answered. Sister Grey closed the door.

"That was close," Candy said going to the balcony and she said. "It´s better that I´ll go. I don´t want to cause you any more problems. I will see you tomorrow."

"But candy?" They said.

"Bye," she said, disappearing between the trees.


Notes by the author:

This fic was made because I think that I´m not the only one that did not agree with Anthony’s death. I appreciate that this chapter was also the idea of my friend, Tomoyo Kinomoto. I hope that you enjoyed reading it.

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