CandyCandy II: Build Our Destiny

by Mr. Pops

Chapter 1: What A Shock

A continuation of Candy’s story?Like other fans, I was frustrated with the actual ending and that is why I conceived my own continuation…

For some time I’ve been imagining this and I’ve written it the way I wanted it to be. It is derived from both the manga and anime, but I referred especially to the manga because I can still read it (thanks to the dear World Wide Web!), whereas I don’t remember all of the anime.

At the very base, there is love… an eternal love story, which was a principal fact within this story, this beautiful endless romance that was suddenly broken. Now, there is a new love, a new story, and a new fight to be resolved between two old enemies… for the heart of a new boy. But the past will come back and try to take its revenge…

Also, there is power and domination. Business is business and time is money. Men and women always want to take control and be rich. Since we are in a capitalist society and Earth is like a "a big stock exchange", more than ever before money is power. It doesn’t matter if it is a dollar, franc, peso, pound sterling, or yen, most of us want to obtain it, no matter how…

In other ways, power is like intellect, faculty, and ability; sometimes it's good, sometimes it's bad...

But across this sad reality, some people try to keep some worthy values: happiness, friendship, support, and justice. They try to survive in a society that is corrupt by cash. They search for happiness for everyone and sometimes they can be ready to lose their own to help others. Just think about our dear Candy, she broke up to make Susannah happy despite her love for Terry, who suffered too…

That's all! Before you readers fall sleep, go now to the story! And your comments are always welcome. Just send me a note.

Ladies and Gentlemen, now enjoy the story…

* * *

"As you can see, this is the most ambitious project ever planned by our company."

"Yes sir, it's really big and important!"

"And I’m convinced it's going to help increase our efficiency and competitiveness. The economy is running at full speed, our businesses are more important than ever and the competition is increasingly wild. We must react now or it will be too late."

"You have a good point! But do we have all of the needed investments?"

"Of course, dear friend! During the last few months we’ve been carefully planning this with great attention. This affects a special fund’s amount that exceeds all of our needs. Also, the World War brings a lot of new military contracts."

"May I start the project now?"

"You'll be able to start this when we solve the last point. By the way, what's your progress? Did you find some candidates?"

"I'm sorry, but the last announcement didn't get any results. I don’t know why. It was distributed across the city…"

"My God! I can't believe that nobody on this earth can help us."

"Don't worry! Trust me, I will continue to do what needs to be done. By the way, I'm planning a new research during my travel to Detroit. If I'm lucky I will have some success."

"I believe in you. You never disappoint me. Why should it be different this time?"

"Thanks, Sir! I must leave now. The next train departs in half an hour…"

* * *

A few months had passed since there were a lot of activities in old Pony’s Home. People were doing their last minute chores in order to get ready for the Great Day. In the hall, Archibald was placing chairs around the table that he had set up and Annie was setting the dishes.

"It will be great for all of us to be around this table for the clinic’s inauguration,"  Annie said.

"Of course," Archie answered, "Mostly because Uncle William promised to be here today. He seemed so proud of this idea from his adoptive daughter…"

Archibald shut up suddenly and drew up, surprised. "Hiiii! What’s this?"

"What happened, honey?" Annie asked.

"Nothing!" he said. "A drop of water fell on my neck! From storm last night, I think. It’s a water drop from this leak on the roof."

Seeing this scene, Candy entered the hall and said, "Now you're taking your morning shower?"

"I think the last storm was very huge," Archie answered. "The roof leaked again."

"That's nothing," Candy said. "When I went in the examination room, the table and the floor was full of water and another leak had started. I think that the roof is worn."

"Really? It is older than you! Ha ha ha ha ha…"

Listening to that, Annie kicked Archie's leg and Candy frowned.


"Shut up, please! You're not a gentleman with us," Annie told him, discontented

"But I didn't want to hurt you," said Archie, holding his painful leg. "I was talking about Candy."

"You forgot that we are the same age," Candy answered. And why must you be more catty with me than with Annie?"

"Hey! Don't be angry! It's just a joke. If you don't have your sense of humor today, I will shut up!"

"Please, honey! Let's forgive this now," Annie ended. "It's a day of celebration, isn't it?"

"Annie is right," Candy added, "We must be happy when Albert arrives to our clinic inauguration."

It was a dream that Candy had since returning to Pony's Home after her forced wedding to Neil. Now her dream was coming true: Pony's Home will have its own little medical clinic. An unused room was converted into an examination room and Great Uncle William offered to pay for all the materials, medicines and bandages.

Many things had happened in old Pony's Home since the day that Ms. Pony and Sister Lane found Candy and Annie in the snow. The number of children increased and Candy returned at the right time to help her two mothers.

Annie and Archibald were married last spring and they chose to live in a small house near the orphanage. Sometimes they would come and help and Patricia would also join them. And as for that dear raccoon Krin, he never stopped being playful and continued to make the children laugh.

To take care of these dear orphans, Candy had come up with the idea to build a clinic in Pony's Home. The clinic would also be available for the people around them, and would be a potential source of income.

Patty ran through the hall.

"He’s coming! I saw his car on the roadway."

Everyone left the house to welcome Uncle William Albert Ardlay. For this occasion, the children wore their most beautiful clothes. A great gray Cadillac appeared on the mountain top and made so much dirt. The car slowed down and entered the garden. At this moment, Krin jumped out of a tree and stood opposite the car…which barely stopped before him!

"Hey, Krin! What are you doing?" Candy asked. "You could have been hurt by the car."

"No! Don't worry!" Archie said. "You know Albert. He's the last man on this Earth who'd hurt him."

The car door opened and Albert got out. "Hi everybody! So I see that you're ready for something special!"

Candy went to him and jumped into his arms, embracing his neck.

"Welcome among us! I'm so happy that you agreed to meet us for this so special event."

"I'm happy too that I can find a free moment," Albert answered, while giving her an affectionate hug.

After that, he looked under the car to say hello to Krin, who was afraid.

"Hi, old friend! So you’re living now? You should be more careful, I hope nothing bad happens to you…"

Krin flew out from under the car and jumped into Albert's arms.

After all the welcomes, everyone returned to the main entrance. Albert walked in first, then…


A floorboard broke under Albert's feet… and he found half his leg in the basement! The children began to laugh.

"My God! Are you OK?" Candy asked, moving to help him.

"Ouch! I think that I'll be OK," Albert answered, withdrawing his leg.

"Well… I think you're our first patient!" Archie added.

"I think I can explain that," Patty said, grabbing a piece of the broken floorboard. "Look this! termites gnawed the wood."

"Uh-oh! That may be very hazardous for the kids," Annie said. "We must repair the floor quickly."

"But I'm worried that we would need to inspect the entire convent," Ms. Pony added.

"Please don’t worry," Archie said. "It's just a broken floorboard. This doesn’t mean that the entire convent is gnawed."

"Ms. Pony, is it serious?" Albert asked.

"You know," Ms. Pony answered. "This house must be over a hundred years old. It was already built when Sister Lane and I moved here. There have been a few times when we’ve had problems: a leaking roof, termites gnawing the floor, eroding stone foundation, broken windows…"

"This house needs so much repairs," Sister Lane added. "But the work is too expensive and we have just enough money to eat."

"We hope that our clinic will become a income source for us, Candy said. And we shall be able to repair the most urgent problems."

"And if we make much money, we shall enlarge the convent," Archie added. "With everyone of us and this clinic, we are out of space here."

"I prayed our Lord and asked for his help," Sister Lane said. "They need so much affection."

"Fortunately, you have help from Candy, Annie, Archie and Patty," Albert ended. "I believe that our Lord is going to help you…"

Albert smiled. Everyone shut up and went to the hall where a great feast awaited our friends.

* * *

"How did you find his guy?"

"I was very lucky. Casually, during my business travels, I passed an important contract with the Ford Motor Company. Its founder, Mr. Henry Ford, asked me to a view in the Highland Park's Plant where they build Models T. During the tour, he told me about the new assembling chain that was more efficient than the older. And he also told me that he engaged his nephew as one of the principal directors of those changes. According to Mr. Ford, he's a wonderful, talented man and has a good foundation in electricity, mechanics, and architecture. At this time I asked Mr. Ford if I could meet him and he agreed with me."

"Hmmm… It's not that I don't trust you, but I think that you should be more careful with what Mr. Ford tells you. He is probably not insincere, but it often happens that an uncle talks too well of his favorite nephew…"

"I know that, Sir. I see that you do the same when you talk about your adoptive daughter."

"You bet!"

"Of course, my first reaction was ‘preventive’. But my research remained neutral. I decided to take a chance and meet with Mr. Ford's nephew. It was great! He was goodlooking, courteous and very cool. He had an extraordinary ‘know-how’. Just listening to him describe the machines in the plant, I could see that he was a good engineer. Though he graduated recently, I believe that he can easily convert the principal plant."

"Perhaps, but can he renovate our main office?"

"Sure! He is an engineer and also an architect."

"So! Anyway we don't have a choice. We are already late in starting the job. If we wait any longer, the principal plant could lose a great part of its contracts. Can you plan a meeting between him and I?"

"He's in Chicago right now. Since he looked interested in it, I offered him to come here. He is at the hotel near the station…"


"My God!"

"What's happened?"

Eliza gave the newspaper to Neil while pointing to an article.

"Look at that: For a few months now, a little clinic has been open in the country. Located in an old convent that is also an orphanage, this medical clinic provides some medical attention, especially for children, for a small fee.

"Pfff!" Neil answered. Some people seem to have nothing to do in their life. Trust me. You lose your time by reading these trinkets."

"Perhaps but don’t you know? Look at the convent's picture!"

"Humm… It looks like ‘Pony's Home’." Suddenly, Neil marveled. "This girl! She is…"

"…that stable girl, yes!" Eliza proclaimed. "He name is written below."

Neil said nothing and looked at the picture with wonder. "She's prettier now since she had left…"

"I can’t believe that those stupid journalists wrote a report about that poor orphan girl," Eliza added.

"They had a good reason to do that…"

Eliza and Neil looked back. The great Aunt Elroy joined in their discussion.

"If you look here, you can see Uncle William," she said, pointing at Albert in the picture. "His company sponsored the clinic and paid for the medical furnitures and medicines. This is why the journalists reported the story, and your uncle is a prestigious man."

"But why is he always helping her?" Eliza asked, shocked. "He acts as if he could be in love with her."

Neil's face clouded when he listened to these words.

"He must have his personal reasons," Aunt Elroy answered. "Even if as far as I'm concerned it's not my business, he is still the chief of the family and he is free to spend a part of his money the way he wants."

"But he's absolutely silly!" Eliza said. "If he continues, he will spend all our inheritance."

"Please, don't worry," Aunt Elroy answered. "He is still reasonable enough to avoid making a big mistake like that. Anyway our fortune's value is a thousand times bigger than that clinic's value. By the way, I have great news: our house is going to be enlarged…"

Eliza and Neil looked Aunt Elroy with astonishment.

"Uncle William agreed to finance the project?" Neil asked.

"Now you see that he is not a silly man, don't you?" Aunt Elroy said. "Also he told me that he found an excellent architect for the job. That should be good for us: the manor has been in need of some repairs for awhile now. And it could prevent us from lacking space when you'll get married."

Neil made a sad smile; Elisa looked shocked.

"You must act upon it," Aunt Elroy obliged. "You can't avoid this! It's impossible for the two of you to stay alone all your life. Single people are not good people. You two are almost adults. And you shall accept the rules of the society and stop acting like young children…"

With the last words, Aunt Elroy exited the room and closed the door.

"This is a such a foolish idea," Eliza said. "By the way, I don't need a man to live…" She saw the sad face of her brother. "Neil… What's wrong?" she asked.

Neil was still looking at the picture.

"Don't tell me that you’re still in love with this stable girl!" she said. "Forget her! You deserve a better girl. She will break your heart again like she did with all her boyfriends. Like poor Terry! She left him because of Susannah while thinking that it was a good deal. And the result: he's an alcoholic now! That was very good work! As far I'm concerned I'd have left her to fall down the hospital roof because she wanted to die. Oh no! These foolish orphans care too much for these people. Her heart is bigger than her brain…"

At these words, Neil responded angrily.

"Shut up! It's disgraceful for you to talk this way. You were never nice. This is why all the guys that you loved preferred to love her."

"Good God!" she said. "This orphan girl really turned you nutty! Fortunately, I'm here to help you…"

But Neil didn't answer.

"OK! I'll come back… when you’re feeling ‘better’. You really need to get some care…"

Neil's face clouded more.

"…but not from THAT nurse, idiot!" And Eliza left the room.

Neil continued to look at the picture. She could not leave his mind since the day that the Great Uncle William appeared for the first time on their wedding day. He never agreed with him when she refused to give her hand.

He walked to the window, looking towards the far mountains that held back this pretty little princess with her golden curly hair, her sea-colored eyes and her magic smile.

"Whatever I do, nothing can erase you from my thoughts. You took my heart forever, dear stab… no! Dearest… What a stupid man I am!"

He put his hand on his face. A tear fell down his cheek.

"All those years that I lost! So much disgrace! Now I see the big mistake that I did with you…Why didn't I act right! Why was I so naughty, bad and hard with her? Will she still talk to me? Will she forgive me? Could I change? Could she love me…"

"Candy… I really love you…"

* * *

"So, what's your opinion, Mr. Thompson?"

"I promise you that you'll never regret this, Mr. Ardlay. With all the changes in the principal plant, we are now so far away our competitors. A lot of companies came to work with us."

"With you as the director, it will be so easy!"

They walked through the halls of the 10th floor, looking at the new design and careful not to mark their shirts on the fresh paint. The whole main office of the Ardlay's empire was almost complete. Only some rooms were occupied by some carpenters, plasterers and painters.

"I see that all the work was done successfuly."

"Of course," Albert answered. "All that I wanted, I got. It's better than I've planned."

"But you knew how to find the good allies," Mr. Thompson added.

"I must thank George, my secretary, who fortunately found ‘the good deal’ when he came to Detroit."

"Tell me please. Who is he?"

"He is one of Henry Ford's nephew, you know, the chairman of the Ford Motor Company. By the way, we are at the front of his office."

They opened a windowed wooden door that gave access to a huge office. The white walls sent back the sunlight that came through the window, providing a wonderful look on the city. The wood sculpted furnitures were very luxurious and displayed all the fortune and the power of the Ardlay family that increased since Albert took full control. Behind the desk with a stone top was a young man of twenty-five years. He read a large book. His blond hair was well-groomed. He lifted his head, his blue eyes questioning: "What may I do for you?"

So Albert said: "Mr. Thompson, please meet Mr. Steve James Ford, our new project director… and the author of this success. Steve, please meet Mr. Larry Thompson, the plant's director."

Steve sat up from the leather chair; his silhouette marked a long shade on the varnished maple floor.

"I'm so glad to meet you, Mr. Thompson," he said while shaking hands.

"Same to me, Mr. Ford," Mr.Thompson answered. "Because of that, our principal plant will leave all the competitors behind!"

"But you know, I just did what I needed to do in the best way that I could."

"Indeed, but you worked so great. I'm so proud of you."

"Thank you very much. You're too nice to me."

"I'm happy to hear you say that…"

Mr. Thompson looked his watch.

"Time for me to leave. I must take the next train if I want to arrive on time at the New York Conference."

"So, thank you again for your tour. See you again," Steve said.

"Good luck with the conference, Mr. Thompson," Albert added.


He left the office. Albert closed the door and sat down in a chair facing the desk. Both he and Steve became good friends since their first meeting.

"So, dear friend, I think that everybody seems to appreciate your work!"

"I'm so happy for that," he answered. "The entire job was done successfully. Even with some of the minor problems, the entire project was so easy. I think that my contract will end soon and…"

"One moment, please," Albert stopped. "I came to ask you something."


"Will you agree to sign for a new project again? I'll increase your pay and give you an extra on your actual contract."

Steve looked interested. "So, what's the new project?"

* * *

It was a small sunny morning, the winter was going to end soon. Candy went out to pick up the mail from the mailbox. No more letters than usual, only five letters.

Candy entered Ms. Pony's office. Like each time, she missed and fell on the floor because of the broken floorboard.

"This damned floorboard… We must repair the floor soon. It's too dangerous."

"But you know, we can't do it," Ms. Pony said. "And the debts still increase. This clinic costs more than we thought."

"We must still keep hoping," Candy said. "We’ve already had some income within the last few days."

"But it's not enough," Ms. Pony answered. "You must stop crediting so much patients."

"But," Candy disagreed, all those poor people that have almost nothing to pay, do we have the right to bankrupt them for just a few dollars? They need to keep something to eat."

"I agree with you but soon it will be us that we will have nothing to eat. Some creditors even threatened to seize all the medical furniture if we don't pay them soon. I received another letter from an usher last week… I could receive another in the next few days…"

"Don't worry! I'm sure that they will not do it. By the way, I brought you today's mail. Perhaps you'll find some good news…"

"I hope…"

Ms. Pony sat up and took all the letters from Candy's hands. She grabbed the first without looking at the sender's name. With a small knife, she opened the envelope and took the letter inside. A small sheet of paper fell on the floor. She took it back…

"What could it be… Good God! Is it possible? I… I…"

Ms. Pony paled when she looked at the small sheet.

"But… are you okay, Ms. Pony?"

"It… I… It is…"

Candy caught her back in time to prevent her from falling on the floor.

"Ms. Pony, please! Ms. Pony? TELL ME NOW PLEASE!"

But she didn't say anything.


Chapter 2 (to be continued)

© (2000) Mr. Pops