Little Love Poems

by Eleanna


From Terry to Candy

Fingers touching fingers
Lips touching lips
Your breath becomes mine
My soul becomes yours

On the lush hills of Caledonia
Your eyes transport me
Your bodyís tremble
Brings me to your galaxy

Your voice graces my heart with a beat
The golden strands of hair touching your face
Million lights particles stuck on my eyelashes
Your name on my lips beginning of life

Each of your freckles a little planet
Iíd love to be living on it
Sliding next to the creases of your lips
Becoming alive by the smile you hide
....just for me

The break-up

I look at the clock
Seems like it stopped at seven
Life as it was is in pause
Would there be for me a heaven?

My sun has set
Dreams have already seized
The smile is stolen
Hopes; flowers dead flying with the breeze

Tears suspend
Halfway down my face frozen
Stare is straight ahead
Arms still keep remaining open

Feet move on the stairs
Donít forget inhale exhale
Thoughts are deadly numb
And the embrace has been failed

Glance through the curtains
Love been raped by fate
A red coat in the distance
Ainít nothing you can do mate...

There she lies on the bed
For she is my prison and my guard
You know Iíll stay with you
But damn it, itís already too hard...