by Lady Kazue Hara


When World War I was over, Patty returned to England, her home country, and Candy decided to follow her. The two leave for a sea trip back to England.  As they arrived close to the port of Southampton, they were suddenly caught in a storm and the ship began to sink.

Just as Candy and Patty were about to be rescued from a rescue boat, Candy discovers a man lying unconscious on the deck. She thought she had met him before and she is suddenly reminded of who he was. He was Duke Granchester, that is, Terri's father.

Candy returned to the ship to try and help him regain consciousness.. He finally came to, but meanwhile, the ship was rapidly sinking. 

Candy and Mr. Granchester were suddenly missing.

In actuality, they were not missing. They were fortunately flown ashore and survived, but Candy lost her whole memory due to this accident. She does not know her age, where she is from, and even her name. So Mr. Granchester took her to his home and decided to look after Candy until she remembered everything. He knew he owed his life to Candy.

Meanwhile, Patty was trying hard to find Candy, but of course she cannot, because Candy is behind with Mr. Granchester. Candy was alright except her for amnesia, but Mr. Granchester developed a high fever due to the water exposure in the storm. He kept calling Terri's name repeatedly in a delirium due to the high fever. Of course, Candy didn't know who Terri was, but on behalf of Mr. Granchester, she wrote to Terri explaining that his father was facing a heavy illness. Terri read it (of course he does not know who wrote him), and he contemplated heavily on whether or not he should see his father. He finally decided to go and leave the States for England.

And......when Terri arrived at his England home, Candy and Terri met again by DESTINY!

(1999)Kazue Hara

Chapter 1