The Daffodil in the Storm by Alexa Chang

Could Susanna Marlowe fall in love again? Find out in this passionately written story about a young artist's secret love for a woman he thinks he can never have. This can only ring hope and sheer delight among Candylovers who long for a Candy and Terry reunion! A sure-fire pleaser!

Who Killed Suzanna? by Baghera

A humorous and intriguing Candy Mystery! Who killed Suzanna? Follow Candy as she becomes a personal sleuth in solving this delightful mystery!

Two Loves, One Destiny by Bulma-chan

Albert and Candy become closer as Candy tries to heal from her seperation from Terry. With his warm support and financial help, she continues her work as a nurse near Pony's Home hoping to start anew. As Albert tries to fight against his growing feelings, will Candy respond to him and open her heart again? Or will Terry have her heart forever? Engross yourself in Candy's dilemma in this captivating new story!

Albert's Sessions with Dr. Tracy by Bulma-chan

Dr. Tracy's back in town and this time she's counseling Albert and his many "problems". Read this hilarious dialogue fic and find out how Candyworld's wacky psychiatrist's analyzes Albert's psyche!

Susanna's Session with Dr. Tracy by Bulma-chan

Nobody needs more psychoanalyzing than Susanna and who better to do it than Dr. Tracy! But has Dr. Tracy finally met a patient she couldn't cure? Susanna's kooky session with Dr. Tracy will have you popping laughing pills!

An Unforgettable Lesson by Bulma-chan

Read this charming episode that could have been plucked from the pages of the MANGA or the ANIME TV series! If there would be an episode to add, THIS one would be a delight to watch and read. Enjoy this enchanting story of Candy's desire to perform in a school play and Terry's irresistible coaching skills. Simply heart-melting!

Eternal Love by Bulma-chan

A Candy and Terry lover's delight! This pleasurable sequel reunites our broken lovers (now adults) to discuss their hidden feelings and more... A definite MUST-READ for Terry lovers! The last chapters (3, 4 and 5) are finally available to readers, thanks to the wonderful translations from Zigui and Lady Gato!

The Spell by Bulma-chan

Get ready to be captivated under the spell of this mesmerizing new fanfiction! Susannah and her friend Claire visit a witch to and make a pact with her to win Terry's love. Read and find out if the magic spell worked or not!

A Fifth Sunday On Wheels by Bulma-chan

This light and romantic comedy fic will have you in stitches! Return back to the St. Paul Academy schooldays and find out what happens when Candy tries to rollerskate in the zoo? Only sweet, hilarious surprises will follow!

Blackwood by Burcu

Written with a humorous angle by one of our devoted Turkish Candyfans, this irresistible vignette about Susannah's "true motives" behind the tragic break-up of our beloved couple Candy and Terry finally comes to light!

A Whisper in the Night by Candylyna

A more romantic "dreamwish episode" that rewrites episode 80 of the CC anime... What if... Terry recognized Candy's voice among the hoard of screaming fans at the Chicago theater? This is the way it should have happened!

Destiny is a Fragile Flower by Candylyna

What if... Terry did not go back to New York when he saw Candy at the Happy Clinic in Chicago (anime version)? Bask in their rekindled love in this author's first fanfic, another CTlovers treat!

The Prince of the Hill by Candy's Capers

A sweet "filler" scene that describes young Albert's experience and sentiments when he first met Candy atop Pony's Hill! A charming "between-the-lines" read!

Fragile Heart by Cassandra

Having moved on with her life by accepting an old friend, Dr. Michael's engagement, Candy tries to resist looking back and mourning her lost love. But when Terry decides he wants her back, would Candy have the will to refuse? Follow the challenges her heart needs to face in this passionate story that will keep you yearning for more!

The Gift by Cassandra

For two years in a row since his break-up with Susanna, Terry has been receiving mysterious gifts from someone claiming to be 'forever your choice'! Find out if his suspicions are true in this wonderful story written specially for Terry's birthday!

End of Summer by Céline

Return to summer in Scotland... in the middle of Terry and Archie's brawl as they fight over Candy's love! Find out how the fight ends in this sizzling three-way-match!

Broadway Thoughts: A Candy Poem by Céline

Candy's deepest thoughts and feelings are poetically told in this heartbreaking and eloquent poem. One can truly feel her pain and loneliness...

January 28th by Céline

It's Terry's birthday... and he receives an unexpected gift! Do birthday wishes come true? This moving story describes his heart's yearnings...

All the Missed Kisses
by Céline

Indulge yourselves in these delightful snippets of all the little "missed" kisses between Candy and Terry during their days at St. Paul's Academy! Too sweet and adoreable to miss!

A Very Good Reason by Choby

A sweet and endearing sequel that takes place immediately after Candy finds out that Albert is her "Prince on the Hill"! Candy and Albert lovers will enjoy this tremendously!

Candice 2001: Golden Continuation by Cheys Cooler

An unexpected visit from Suzanna has Candy worried about Terry! What does the future bring for Candy, Terry and Suzanna as she returns to New York again in this witty and charming 'golden continuation'!

A Candy Kingdom by Deny

This charming fairy tale about Princess Candy will bring a smile to your face!

Ever After by Dora

Find out what happens next in this intriguing and appealing sequel that sets the stage for new adventures and mysteries for Candy and and the other characters.

I Love Another by Eleonor

Finally getting a break from the grueling hours of rehearsals for "Romeo and Juliet", Terry decides to spend his few vacation days to surprise Candy in Chicago! But will Susanna Marlowe get in the way again? Terry's persistent rejection of her is an immense delight to read!

The Tower Scene (Episode 48) by Eleonor

A minific that rewrites the bittersweet scene where Candy is locked in the detention tower at St. Paul's Academy after having been trapped by Eliza! Terry plays his harmonica outside the tower to comfort her... but is that all he'll do? With the help of the Cornwell brothers, discover what else the author had in mind!

Meeting at the Hospital (Episode 80) by Eleonor

A minific that rewrites the episode where Terry is at the train station in Chicago waiting for Candy to arrive! When she doesn't appear, Terry makes a last-minute decision and gets off! A hilarious scene follows as he tries to disguise himself as a doctor to get close to Candy at the hospita!

The Train Scene (Episode 80) by Eleonor

A minific that rewrites the scene where Terry is already on the train headed to New York from Chicago and he suddenly witnesses Candy running towards him from afar. Will he try and jump off to join his true love? An unexpected and happy end can only follow!

Reflections by Eleonor

Candy is forced to return to New York to help the hospitals receiving wounded soldiers from the war! Despite her torn feelings, she realises that she must see him again... to know once and for all, whether her sacrifice had been in vain or not. A humorous and enjoyable read!

Candice and the Beast : Group Fanfic

by Lady Gato, Gentillfille, Candylyna, and CandyTerry (group fanfic)

For fans of the fairy tale "Beauty and the Beast", this group fanfiction (initially written in the CandyTerry Forum) is definitely for you! Tailor-written to incorporate the popular and not-so-popular characters of Candy Candy, enchant yourselves with this newly woven tale of Candice and her Terry (Beast)!

Game, Set, Match...Love? : Group Fanfic

by Lady Gato, Gentillfille, Candylyna, CandyTerry, Babygirl, & Stevester (group fanfic)

Return to St. Paul's College with Candy and Terry at the tennis courts!

A Candy Candy Christmas Carol: a group fanfiction

by Lady Gato, Gentillefille, Candylyna, Liberty, Eleanor, Annie Brighton

A new and ongoing group fanfiction written as an adaptation of Charles Dickens classic Christmas story: "A Christmas Carol"! Suzanne Marlowe takes on the role of the miserable and greedy "Ebenezer Scrooge"! Can her soul be saved by the visiting spirits of Christmas past, present and future? Read and enjoy this wonderful Christmas treat for all Candyfans!

Version of a Lifelong Fan by Hélène (Annie Brighton)

What if Anthony had not died but was left in America, unable to walk, while Candy was forced to leave for England with his cousins? Their heartfelt letters reveal their longing for each other and their frustration as Candy writes about her encounters with Terry. Fans will be deeply touched by this sensitively written fanfic by a true Anthony fan!

Before We Say Goodbye by Ivonne Rivera

A fanfic "Terrylover" gem! This sensual "What if..." fanfic by this talented writer is sure to have Terrylovers swooning. What if something more happened before Candy and Terry said their goodbyes?

In Dreams He Came
by Ivonne Rivera

A delicious treat for Anthony lovers!! This sweetly written tale of Candy's first love returning in her dreams (or was it a dream?) is sure to please all Candyfans.

A New Beginning by Lady Amalthea

Candy returns back to Lakewood...and the Andrey mansion where she attends Annie's wedding and is haunted by her past loves. The story will not only stir your emotions, there's a shocking surprise waiting at the end of the chapter!

True Love Conquers All by Kimberley

Here's a different sort of Candy fanfic that's a mixture of fantasy and adventure! What happens when Candy and Terry join a ninja academy and have to fight to break a longstanding curse placed on their love? Find out if true love really does conquer all! A truly FUN read!

Time After Time
by Lady Gato

Relive Candy's entire story and sequel filled with great, new adventures in this updated version set in modern times! A sure fire hit for Candy & Terry fans that's a definite masterpiece and a must read!

Circles and Triangles
by Lady Gato

Now in her twenties, Candy has moved on and rebuilt a new life with Archie Cornwell, her new husband. Terry has done the same with Susanna, but could they find their love again as the Andrew family is threatened by Neil's involvement with the notorious gangsters, the Chicago Outfit? A very intriguing story that will thrill CT lovers!

Eglantine by Lady Gato

Set in the Golden Age of England.... this historical fanfic retells the story of "Candice Whyte" after she is taken in as a ward under the Marquess of Cumberland, William Andrew. A highly captivating CT fanfic that you don't want to miss!

The Second Summer by Lady Gato

Fastforward 21 years later to discover the new lives of Candy and Terry! Both widowed and in their thirties, the couple reunite unexpectedly in Scotland during the summer... just like the old days! This time, Terry is confronted with a disillusioned Candy, who is now a woman, a mother, but still as feisty as ever! Can they regain their past love and start anew? Engross yourself in this sumptuous fanfiction to find out!

You can also download her fanfiction!

Rock Bottom
by Lady Gato

The break-up with Candy was too much to bear for Terrence Grandchester. Finally hitting "rock bottom", a battered Terry ends up at a clinic where only one woman can heal his wounds and his heart. This captivating fanfiction will strike a deep chord in your heart!

You can also download her fanfiction!

A Date With Destiny by Lady Gato

A delightful Valentine story about the author's chance encounter with Terry Grandchestor!  What would you do if you were in her place? ^_~

You can also download her fanfiction!

A Christmas Story by Lady Gato

It's Christmas day and Suzanne is reflecting on her life with her fiancee, Terry Grandchestor. Will she offer him the only true gift he's ever wanted? Find out if Suzanne is capable of selfless giving in this charming christmas story!

You can also download her fanfiction!

The Memory by Lady Gato

Candy recalls her cherished memories of Anthony in this poignant and touching dedication! A definite "must read" for Anthony lovers and Candyfans who have a special place in their hearts for Candy's first young love!

You can also download her fanfiction!

Love is Blindness (Songfic/Minific) by Lady Gato

Hot Valentine Special! Terry and Candy's crushing separation only served to fuel their burning desire in this sizzling minific-- for adult eyes only! ^_~

Download (.doc)

Love is the Icon (Songfic) by Lady Gato

The sultry song titles of Barry White create the passionate dialogue between Candy and Terry as they unexpectedly meet on a luxury cruise ship on Valentine's day!

Circles and Triangles
by Lady Gato

Now in her twenties, Candy has moved on and rebuilt a new life with Archie Cornwell, her new husband. Terry has done the same with Susanna, but could they find their love again as the Andrew family is threatened by Neil's involvement with the notorious gangsters, the Chicago Outfit? A very intriguing story that will thrill CT lovers!

Destiny by Lady Kazue

What if... Candy had amnesia after she broke up with Terry? This interesting twist follows Candy's life as she cares for Terry's father in England! When Terry is urged to visit his ailing father... he is stunned to meet Candy... without her memory!

Winds of Change by Lady M. Harris

This sensually-written sequel by a published author is a dream come true for every Candy and Albert lover! Her writing ignites  with unbridled passion, taking the characters into new heights and depths... never explored! Sunblock and shades required! This sequel is HOT!

Dreams Never Fade by Laura Castillo

Charmingly written, this amusing "What if..." episode has Terry paralyzed from the fallen stage light and NOT Susannah! Find out what happens as Candy and Susannah battle over Terry!

A Past Too Present by Leia

A few years have passed and Candy is not only married, but has an adorable son! Follow this beautiful and moving sequel of Candy's life as she struggles between her contented life with Albert and the past love she could not forget.

Intimate Confessions
by Leia

Oh, the author knows how to please Candy & Terry lovers! This sensual vignette satisfies the longing of all C&T lovers! Bring your coolers and shades! It sizzles with passion!

One-Way ticket to New York by Leia

A modern-day romance centered around a young artist, "Justine" who arrived in New York and fell head over heels in love with her boss, "William A. Andrey". Discover why she's finally leaving the city and heading back to Paris as we trace her tumultuous romance with Candy's brother! But will she find love again? Engross yourselves in this charming and appealing love story!

Never Apart...Always Together by Liberty

Candy continues her career as a nurse after her break-up with Terry, but somehow, she can never escape the past! Now in charge of taking caring of her new patient, a young precocious rascal named "Terry", will she choose to move on with her life with his handsome brother, Matt or renew her love again with Terry? A very humorous and enjoyable read for CT lovers! 

Kiss Me... by Liberty

A romantic modern day story of Candy and Terry in High School! Terry is the captain of the soccer team and Candy works for the school paper! When she tries to get an interview from the most popular guy in school, sparks fly as their romantic adventure begins!

One Night Stand
by Liberty & Gentillefille (Mallory Quinn)

After the tragic death of her fiancé Anthony, Candy leaves America and sails to England to attend the Oxford university. On board the ship, she eases her grief in a passionate night with a young stranger, Terry Grandchester! Their next encounter is less than friendly and Candy discovers with shock, the consequence of her one night stand with the Duke's son, who is engaged to Eliza! A duet fic that sizzles and entertains!

Terry's Torch Song by Lisa Arnett

Reminisce with Terry in this moving new songbook created with the heartfelt lyrics: "She's out of my Life" and dedicated to his lost love... Candy.

Terry and Candy Songfic by Lisa Arnett

Terry and Candy's love is beautifully expressed in this new songbook created with Midnight Sons' poignant lyrics: "If Tears Could Bring You Back"! Pass the tissues!

Echoes of the Past by Lisa Arnett

Follow the secret yearnings of Candy and Terry a few years after their break-up as they attempt to rebuild their personal lives. Will they succeed in finding love again? In the meantime, Albert struggles to find the woman of his dreams, someone who strangely resembles Candy...while Susanna finds hope again! Read and discover other surprises in this intriguing story!

For You and Only You by Lulu

Will Terry ever be free of Susanna? Read this very satisfying story of the author's own sweet version of Terry's "New Year" reunion with Candy!

Be Mine
by Lulu

Another Albert lover's delight! Will Albert finally capture Candy's heart? The answer will surely please all Albert fans!

My Dream is Yours... by Klgina &  Mallory Quinn (Gentillefille)

A joint romantic fanfic that rewrites episode 45 of the anime series... What if Candy had remained at the Scotland villa after Eliza had slapped her with the bouquet of roses meant for Terry? Terry gently nursing Candy is a sweet treat!

And My Eyes For Crying by Mallory Quinn (Gentillefille)

Candy finds Terry drunk and miserable as he performs on stage in a sordid theater. Instead of leaving, Candy decides to stay and they passionately reunite in this touching minific!

Autumn Crocus in the Meadows by Mallory Quinn (Gentillefille)

Terry and Candy are still at odds with each other after their "kiss" in Scotland. Acting on the advice of the old foreman Hanson, Terry decides to win Candy's heart using a more romantic approach!

Endless Love... by Mallory Quinn (Gentillefille)

What happens when Candy and Terry meet on the Titanic instead of the Mauritania? Read this engrossing fanfiction that will melt your heart and transport you back to the "Ship of Dreams"!

I Will Never Forget You by Mallory Quinn (Gentillefille)

Set in modern day times, what happens if Candy and Terry's life were reversed... and Terry was the orphan instead? A definite, titilating read! ^_^

Juliet of My Heart by Mallory Quinn (Gentillefille)

Terry arrives in America after leaving St. Paul's Academy and decides to pursue his acting career. What he didn't expect was to fall in love with a new actress in the troupe: Candice! Find out what happens in this tantalizing 'twist' of a Candy tale!

Today In Your Life by Mallory Quinn (Gentillefille)

A delightfully romantic fanfic for Halloween based on the author's other fanfiction: "Tomorrow in your Life"! Terry continues to work as a successful actor but his work takes him away from his family. In the meantime, Candy has some surprising news for him!

Endless Love... by Mallory Quinn (Gentillefille)

What happens when Candy and Terry meet on the Titanic instead of the Mauritania? Read this engrossing fanfiction that will melt your heart and transport you back to the "Ship of Dreams"!

Mommy Dearest by Mallory Quinn (Gentillefille)

Terry befriends an older woman Lynda, after his painful break-up with Candy. Little did they know that Lynda's past would bring about a family reunion! Will Candy be able to accept the fact that her mother had abandoned her? An enjoyable read for CT lovers!

Princess Candy by Mallory Quinn (Gentillefille)

What if Terry was the captain of the english football team? Could he be the "man of her dreams" that Candy was longing for, despite his reputation? Inspired by the World Cup games, this is an exciting CT fic that will have you cheering for the couple until the end!

Seven Days by Mallory Quinn (Gentillefille)

A wonderful cross-over mini fanfic with the sci-fi T.V. series "Seven Days"! Could Frank B. Parker save the world from a terroristic attack and Terry and Candy's relationship at the same time? If you watch the series, then you know that anything is possible after seven days!

Only You by Mallory Quinn (Gentillefille)

Stranded at an airport in Belgium, Candy and Terry reminisce the past and ponder on their future! This time, will they follow their heart? Enjoy this sweet and candid Valentine's day story!

One Moment in Time by Mallory Quinn (Gentillefille)

Soon after her painful break-up with Terry, Candy returns to England once again as a personal nurse to Lady Brydon. However, she's not leaving alone... thanks to the result of those last passionate nights with Terry. ^_~ Follow Candy's new life abroad in this enticing new story!

The Call of Love by Mallory Quinn (Gentillefille)

What happens when a much older Georgie (from the anime/manga Lady Georgie) hires Candy to work for her business? Candy decides to leave St. Paul's college and accept her business proposition after Terry left England for America. Will she ever meet Terry again? Follow the exciting, new intrigues in her life with Georgie at her side!

It's Over by Mallory Quinn (Gentillefille)

Still heartbroken after her seperation from Terry, Candy joins the Red Cross during the war and encounters an old friend, Dr. Michael! Will she find new love with him and forget the old one she left behind? Discover Candy's personal struggles and triumphs in this captivating new saga!

My Heart is Yours by Mallory Quinn (Gentillefille)

Candy is the daughter of a noble family and is ordered by the Queen herself to marry this Prince! On her way to fulfill her royal obligation, she is nearly kidnapped but is saved by a mysterious man in black... Escape with Candy and Terry in this enchanting, regal adventure!

Tomorrow In Your Life... by Mallory Quinn (Gentillefille)

Return to St. Paul's Academy with Candy and Terry in today's time. Will they feel the same way and fall in love, even while the death of Anthony is still fresh in her mind? Read the new and romantic adventures to find out!

Songbook to accompany the story.

 Unforgettable Love by Mallory Quinn (Gentillefille)

A delightful "What If..." fanfiction set in the 1930's. As adults, Candy and Terry meet for the FIRST TIME on a ship heading to America. The only catch is that they're already involved with other people. Will they be able to resist their attraction to one another?

He's My Heart's Desire
... by Mallory Quinn (Gentillefille)

What if Anthony didn't die and he attended St. Paul's College with Candy? After an unforgettable encounter with Terry aboard the Mauritania, Candy is torn between her childhood love and the rebellious son of the duke! Will Candy be able to decide who is the true object of her heart's desire? Read this fascinating new twist and find out!

Remember Me... by Mallory Quinn (Gentillefille)

After her crushing break-up with Terry, Candy loses her memory from a train accident on her way back to Chicago. Will she ever remember her past and the love that was lost? Neil's scheming attempts to convince her that he is her fiancee proves to be an obstacle. But Terry refuses to give up until she regains her memory and the love that they shared. 

So We Could Be Together
... by Mallory Quinn (Gentillefille)

What if Candy found Terry in time before he left Southampton port for America? Follow the new, engrossing adventures of Candy and Terry as they begin their new life together.

It's A Wonderful Candy Candy Life by Mallory Quinn (Gentillefille)

The author's "Candy" version of the classic film "It's a Wonderful Life". It's Christmas eve and the spirit of Rosemary visits Candy to lift her own broken spirits... A truly heartwarming story.

Tomorrow is Another Day
by Mallory Quinn (Gentillefille)

Here is a delightful and sizzling New Year's fanfic treat for CandyTerry lovers set in modern times! Candy is a nurse at an American embassy while Terry is filming on location in Romania... watch the fireworks as our favorite couple meet after their long break-up!

 The Christmas Wish by Mallory Quinn (Gentillefille)

Forced to marry Neil under horrible circumstances, Candy throws away her cares and her morals. Can Terry's love change her? This surprising Christmas story will grab you through the end!

The Last Time I Felt Like This by Mallory Quinn (Gentillefille)

Have you ever felt a sense of "déjà vu" with someone? Meet Candy and Terry in our own modern times and follow their personal journey as they find their way back to each other from their past lives. Full of intrigue and yearning!

 The Lovebirds by Mallory Quinn (Gentillefille)

Here's a special cross-over sci-fi fanfic written for Candy's birthday! It's now 40 years later, and both Candy and Terry are still apart, but ironically suffer a tragic fate together! Luckily, Candy's protégée Diana encounters Doc, Marty, and their famous car that's also a time machine! What follows is an exciting journey back to 1914, where Diana attempts to correct the mistakes of the past in order to ensure a happier future for her mentor-- Candy with the love of her life, Terry!

A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes by Mallory Quinn (Gentillefille)

Written for "Annie Brighton's" birthday, this fanfic takes us to the Academy Awards and you can guess who's nominated for Best Actor! Will Terrence Grandchester win more than a golden Oscar this night? Find out in this enjoyable mini-fic for CT fans! 

The Surprises of Life by Mallory Quinn (Gentillefille)

A unique and romantic Valentine fanfic that takes you back to the Love Boat with Candy and Terry!

 The Parent Trap by Mallory Quinn (Gentillefille)

A special fanfic for Terry's birthday! Candy and Terry are both adults with grown children from previous marriages. She's now a successful surgeon and he's the new Duke. Find out what happens when their children try to play matchmaker despite their resistance!

The Love Letter by Mallory Quinn (Gentillefille)

In an antique desk, Terry discovers love letters from Candice White-Andrew who lived over a hundred years ago. Mysteriously, they begin exchanging letters and discover a connection between them as their love grows! Can their love break the time barrier between them? A very romantic and intriguing love story that will surely please CT lovers! A special "Terry" treat from the author!

A Candy Candy Miracle on 34th St. by Mallory Quinn (Gentillefille)

Still in the holiday spirit, read this warm and endearing Christmas "Candy Candy" tale based on the popular and heartwarming film classic "Miracle on 34th St."!

Twists of Fate by Mary Jonch

A delightful new story involving a fresh new twist in Candy's history! What if Anthony were alive and Candy didn't know until much later? Find out the truth and consequences by reading this lovely installment from one of our newest Candyfan writers!

Reencounter in the Vortex by Mercurio

World War I is the the backdrop of this compelling and extraordinary sequel to Candy's life after she returns back to Pony's Home. Join Candy, Terry and your favorite characters as the author paints a dramatic and unforgettable tale of undying love amidst the turmoil of war and remembrance. Bonus images drawn from the author herself are included in some chapters!

New York Story by Mercurio

Faith Sherman wondered why she felt a strange connection to the antique belongings of a certain T.G.G, the mysterious young man who had lived and worked in their New York apartment in the early 1900's! Set in modern times, this tale of "déjà vu" and reincarnation will captivate you as the appealing new characters discover their past lives and its meaning for their future! A huge "gracias" to Srta. Pecas for translating from spanish, this intriguing new story from Mercurio (author of Reencounter of the Vortex)! A definite CT pleasure to read!

Another Place, Another Time by Miaka and Nilsy (CandyTerry)

What happens when Candy finds the Kama Sutra at Terry's request? This sizzling, erotic fantasy tale written by the "Candytwins" will draw you into Candy's magical initiation into womanhood! But with who? Bring your sunglasses and a cooler and find out! ^_~

 To Be Able to Struggle by Millie

Four years later after her break-up with Terry, Candy faces another tragedy, losing several loved ones all at once from a car accident! However, her dear friend Annie survived but is lost somewhere with amnesia. Follow Candy as she searches for her childhood friend... but will she also find her lost love, Terry?

Sadly Sweet by Misanagi Amakusa

This What if... dreamwish episode written is with such poetic care and charm that you wish the anime episodes themselves had paid more detail to these scenes where Candy stumbles upon Eleanor Baker's picture in Terry's room and later falls down the stairs after hearing what she thought was the galloping of Anthony's horse.

 Never Recover by MissNostalgia

Tormented by their recent break-up in New York, Candy and Terry attempt to deal with their heartbreaking separation in their own way. Find out if this star-crossed couple will they find their way back together again in the author's first CC fanfic! A definite C&T lovers delight with a thoroughly satisfying end!

Wasted Time
by MissNostalgia

Forced to marry Susanna, Terry spirals hopelessly downward in a state of abject misery and self-destruction. Will Candy be his saving grace? Adult themes and situations are explored in this captivating and provocative story!

The Past Never Dies by Monica Gonzalez

As the heiress to Albert's fortune and the new Director of the hospital, Candy faces many challenges as a new widow with an uncertain, but intriguing future. This wonderfully written sequel tells how Candy attempts to rebuild her life again around the people she loved and lost.

Build Our Destiny by Mr. Pops

What would it take to bring Candy and Terry back together again? Is it destiny or the work of an engineer? Find out as a handsome new man comes to town and stirs up the lives of our beloved characters in this fresh and appealing new sequel!

Never Letting Go by MsCandyEmma (CandyTerry)

The webmistress's very first CC Fanfiction... a "What if..." episode that rewrites the scene in Terry's apartment the night before the premiere of "Romeo and Juliet" in New York.

Originally written in 1999 as a "One chapter mini-fic", Candy's story continues forward, starting with her new relationship with Terry and her growing friendship with Karen, whose personal life unexpectantly involves them in a new mystery that will affect their lives forever.

I dedicate the following new chapters to my fellow DSD members and CandyTerry forum moderators (Gentillefille, Lady Gato, and Candylyna) who inspired and motivated me to continue writing again! Attention: This fanfiction is NOT SUITABLE for reading for Susanna Marlowe Lovers!

Love United by MsCandyEmma

Okay, Terry lovers... this is my special Valentine's Day treat for you! Written in August of 1999, this "What If..." fanfic is my ultimate DREAM episode. What if...Candy and Terry had met at Pony's Orphanage the day she returned from America... hmmm?? This story is a bit "peppery" ...sizzle...

Susannah's Diary
by MsCandyEmma (CandyTerry)

Peek into Susannah's diary as she writes about her secret yearning for Terry.

A Duel Performance
by MsCandyEmma (CandyTerry)

Another "What if..." episode that begins the night that Terry plays Romeo and Susannah plays Juliet! This time, she's got both her legs!

Farewell Again
by MsCandyEmma (CandyTerry)

The title sums it up... sigh!!! What if...Candy and Terry had met in Chicago after their break-up? This scene follows the anime series.

Terry's Letter by Odyssea (translated by Kiara)

Read this moving and passionate letter written by Terry to Candy! The depth of his personal torment is remarkably written and brings tears to the CandyTerry lovers' eyes! Bring a box of tissues! Included are the author's and translator's personal insights on Terry.

Second Thoughts by Patty Morales

ALAS!! Another Dreamwish episode that is sure to please all Terrylovers! Remember the last manga scene where Candy sees Terry for the last time in the theater and he believed she was only an illusion? This heart-wrenching scene comes to a beautiful and satisfying close thanks to the eloquent writing of Patty! A definite MUST-READ for Terrylovers!

Chronics of a King by Priss

Set in the Middle Ages, the author brings a new tale of Camelot, where the King of the round table is Terius and his queen is Candice! With Archie as the knight who steals Candice's heart  and Terius's evil sister is Susana, unexpected plots and surprising twists await the readers!

In College by Priss

Return to St. Paul's Academy with our favorite characters: Candy, Terry, Annie, Archie, Stear, Patty...and yes, ANTHONY! Read this charming and interesting story and find out what happens if Anthony was alive and attending college with Candy and Terry!

Albert's Trips by Priss

Join Albert's new adventures on his return trip to Africa where discovers what's really in his heart and mind! A definite treat for Albert lovers!

Crossroad by Rosa Carmona

This thoughtfully written, deeply evocative and romantic Candy sequel will surely please all Albert and Candy lovers! Follow the lives of Albert and Candy as they journey together into a new future and a new relationship!

Wish Upon A Star by Seraphine

Still seperated from one another, Candy and Terry fall suddenly and unexpectedly into a "deep slumber" on New Year's eve! Unable to be awakened, the couple remain asleep until they could be reunited again! This sweet and charming minific will take CT lovers to the stars!

Friendly Game by Seraphine

There's an important rubgy game between the boys of St. Paul's Academy and Royal College Edward! Will Terry's team win the match with one of their players out of the game? Find out who arrives to bring their team to victory in this exciting story!

The Turnabout by Sweetcandy & Candy's Capers

The first-ever joint fanfic written by a married couple in Candyworld! Terry tries to win back Candy's heart after Susanna chooses her former love. With Albert's memory returned, will he stand in their way, now that he remembers he had fallen in love with Candy? A satisfyingly sweet and gratifying CT fic!

The Kiss by Sweetcandy & Candy's Capers

The honeymoon sequel to "The Turnabout" that will have you laughing merrily with the newly married couple! But who is that mysterious stranger lurking about and spying on them in their hotel? Read on as this delicous mystery unfolds!

Lights! Camera! Candy! by Sweetcandy & Candy's Capers

The honeymoon is now over and Candy finds herself the executive owner of a movie company bought by Albert! Find out how Terry deals with the fact that his new wife is now his new boss! A hilariously entertaining read for CT lovers with lots sweet romance!

CandyBlazers by Sweet Candy & Candy's Capers

Follow the new adventures of Terry Wyldstar, Candy Nova Cain and the rest of the spacey Candy crew in a crossover storyline from the anime "Star Blazers"! Under the command of Captain William Albertar, a new space odyssey begins as the crew begin their riotous journey through the cosmos!

A Very Important Reconciliation by Sweetcandy

Terry's housekeeper Sharon had become a great source of motherly comfort for him after his break-up with Candy. But what connection could she have to Pony's Home? A very delightful minific with a surprising twist!

True Happiness by Susanna

What if... Terry had received Candy's letter to him that she never intended to send? (Remember Mizuki's CC Novels?) Read this ingenius story that follow's the CandyCandy sequel through the imaginitive writing of the fanfic author.

The Return of Candy by Tuba (Mrscage)

Candy decides to leave Pony's Home and works at the infirmary back in Scotland. There she meets Nicolas, Terry's brother and their father, the Duke Grandchester. Will Terry drop everything and follow his heart across the ocean? Read this enjoyable fic to find out!

Terry's Story by Tuba (Mrscage)

Terry is happily married to Susanna, but Candy returns to New York with revenge on her agenda! Will she be able to convince the man she loves that they were tricked into breaking up? An intriguing fic that will keep you surprised until the end!

My Meeting with Mizuki by Tuba (Mrscage)

The author recounts her secret and revealing meeting with the author of "Candy Candy" who reveals the true facts behind Candy's story! Fact or fanfiction? You decide!

Telling Stories by Tuba (Mrscage)

Terry Grandchester died in the war and Candy never returns from Europe after receiving his last, dying letter sent by his nurse. Did they die together in the war? Discover the truth of their existence or not through the stories told by their loved ones left behind. A surprising and captivating story that is beautifully told!

My Dear Candy by Tuba (Mrscage)

Terry is arrested for the attempted murder of Susanna and she insists that he tried to kill her! Will Candy believe him and help prove his innocence? An intriguing story with a surprising end!

Dear God by Tuba & Gentillefille (Mallory Quinn)

Read through the private entries of Terry Grandchester's diary as he writes to God about his experience with his estranged mother, his personal encounters and secret feelings for Candy during his school days at St. Paul's Academy. A poignant journal of his life written with depth and insight into the character's soul.

Family Man by Tuba & Gentillefille (Mallory Quinn)

Based on the heartwarming holiday film "The Family Man", life makes an inexplicable turn on Terry Grandchester, a single rich jerk, when he suddenly wakes up married to Candy with two kids! Will Terry finally make the right choice and follow his heart? A fun and hilarious read!


Hidden Ties by Valen D.D.

Just after Candy's break-up with Terry, an incredible truth about her past is revealed to her by Albert! Find out what this astonishing 'revelation' is in this intriguing and thought-provoking story!


Love Me Always by Vania

What if Terry ran after Candy when they broke up in New York? Find out in this sweet and charming "What If..." fanfic that is sure to please Terrylovers.

The New Candy Candy Script by Vostokstok

There's a new Candy Candy script in Candyworld and the author needs the characters to play their respective roles! This time Neil is the main character and not our beloved Candy! Find out what happens when the cast of Candy Candy act "out of character" as they review the new script! Hehehe!! A fun and hilarious read!!

For the Best and the Worst by Zigui

What if Terry had met Candy after his miserable theater performance at Rockstown? It's a reunion that Candy-Terry fans have longed for and the author knows how to please! An endearing and charming read!

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