Candice 2001: Golden Continuation

by Cheys Cooler

Chapter 1

"The long-awaited meeting"

Candy, passing through a corridor, reflected, “The greater my experience, the heavier is the responsibility of patients which is trusted me. It can happen that one of them will die in my arms. It will be awful.”  She went into her room and took off her gown. “Glory to God, this one survived.” Candy sat on the bed and thought. The break-up with Terry badly reflected in her work. She became inattentive and dissipated. Her head was occupied in different ideas. Suddenly one of nurses rushed into the room.

“Candy! Dr. Bobson calls you urgently.”

“But my work day has finished.”

“We have a lack of hands, come on!”

“Oh, again …”

Candy entered the cabinet. The girl with a light hair was lying on the operating table.

“How's she, doctor?” Candy asked, coming closer.

“We do not know. She was without her consciousness when our doctors had found her in the street.”

Candy cautiously looked at the other side of the table to look at her face. Dr. Bobson wiped a scalpel and said, “But first she needs to come into consciousness .”

Candy stepped back. The expression of horror appeared on her face. “Suzanna?!! How did she arrive here?!!”

“What's the matter, Candice?“ The doctor looked at the patient's face. “Why are you so frightened?”

“Doctor, I beg you, reduce her unconsciousness!”

“All right, but … “


Dr. Bobson got out the vial of liquid ammonia. He gave it to Suzanna to smell. There was no response.

“I do not know. Let her come into consciousness herself. Let's lay her on the bed.”

“I shall sit by her side.”

“No, Candy, you have been busy all day. Go and rest. Someone on the night shift will take care of her.”

“I am sorry, but all the same I can not fall asleep. Please, let me do it.”

“Well all right. I will go then. Good night, Candice.”

“Good night, Doctor Bobson.”

“Suzanna Marlowe. What is the reason that she came to Chicago? Why has she lost consciousness? Maybe, something has happened to Terry? No, God forbid!” Candy became worried. “If she has come to herself.” She sat on the chair near to Suzanna's bed and began to wait.


“I see that our Candy isn't that Tarzan with freckles anymore as before.” Stear and Archie were sitting and talking in the cafe. A familiar silhouette appeared at the doors.

“Look, Archie, it is Ms. Legan herself who visits us!”

Archie sat freely at the table: “How can we serve to you?”

Elisa said, “Don't be a lout. Better listen to some fresh news! I have met Suzanna Marlowe at the station.”

The guys have quickened. “WOW! And what is she doing here? Was Terrius with her?”

“Do not hurry the event, as I don't know yet.”

“And what has she arrived to our city for?”

“I know! She has come to inform Candy of joyful news that she does not intend to marry Terry and that Candy should set off to see him in New York!”

Archie interrupted Stear. “It's nonsense, he would arrive himself. Even more, he would fly!”

Elisa, leaving, turned back: "Here are some ideas for you.“ Then she left.

Stear said, “Let's visit Candy in the hospital.”


They arrived at the checkpoint of the hospital. “Can we see Candice White?”

“No, you can't see her. She's sleeping already.”

“Ah, well ok then.”

The guys turned around and went to doors.

“Wait!“ Candy shouted as she ran downstairs.

“Ah, so you aren't sleeping! We came to inform you that Suzanna Marlowe arrived in Chicago.”

“Thanks, but I found out about that before you.”

“Has she come to you?”

“If it is possible to be named that way…”

“What do you mean?”

“She was transported to the hospital. She is in coma now.”

“Well I never! How did it happen?”

“I do not know. Ok, it is time for me to go. Bye!”


It was 7:15 am. Candy woke up and noticed that Suzanna was not asleep. “Suzanna?”

Suzanna turned to Candy. “You have woken up too! I was hurrying to see you, but I passed the road carelessly. So I was knocked down by the car.”

“But you have not suffered at all!”

“I was lucky. So the reason I have arrived is that your friend Terry is seriously ill. The doctors tried to do everything, but it was unsuccessful. He told me that he would be fine only if you will treat him.”

Candy grabbed her handbag. “Let’s go!”

“Do not hurry!“ Doctor Bobson brought the instruments. “I shall not let you off anywhere until I examine you. As I know, you have suffered an accident; and it is not a joke! Lay down and also wait a bit.” Then the doctor left.

Candy quickly ran down to her room. Immediately she changed her clothes, took some money and returned to Suzanna like a bullet. She had already risen and had put on her clothes too.

Suzanna said, “We can go now.”

“And quickly, before Doctor Bobson notices.”

They imperceptibly came out of the hospital and set off to the station by cab. It was raining this November. Candy would love to help Terry, but at the same time she was afraid to find out that his illness was incurable. They arrived at the station. The train was due to arrive in 20 minutes. Suddenly Candy remembered something. “Wait, Suzanna. I need to make a call.” She went to the telephone box and dialed the number quickly. There were long rings.

“Hello?” A voice was heard.

Candy sighed with relief. “Patty, it's so good you're at home.”

“And what's matter?”

“Patty, tell everyone I have left for New York.”

“New York?!! What for? What's happened?!!”

“Terry needs my help, ok I must go. The train is coming.” Candy hung up and returned to Suzanna. There weren't too much people at the station. The cold, piercing wind played with leaves on the asphalt. The rain monotonically knocked an umbrella. Soon the sound of a steam locomotive was heard. “The train is coming. In 6 hours I shall be close to Terry,” Candy thought with disturbance. The time passed barely noticeable. Six hours of the way behind and soon Candy would be in New York. Passing a couple of quarters, she arrived in Richmond. “Here is Terry's house. I return here again.” In the house Terry had put everything in great order.

“A female hand had worked here,“ Candy noticed.

“Come up,” Suzanna said, rising upstairs.

“Here it is, the treasured door,“ Candy thought, approaching the door of the room, where Terry was in. The door opened and she saw him. He laid in the bed absolutely pale, looking not as he used to be. His sight seemed exhausted. Seeing Candy, his eyes sparkled. He tried to rise, but Suzanna put him back.

“Candy, I'm so happy to see you!”

Candy wanted to rush to him and embrace him around his neck, but, realizing Suzanna's presence, she held herself.

“I should perhaps, leave you two together,” Suzanna told them and left the room quietly.

“Candy, you have arrived here from Chicago only to treat me?” Terry said, rising from the bed at the same.

“Ah, Terry…” Candy rushed to him, but she jumped aside, remembering that Terry was very ill.

“I feel much better now that you’re here.”

“I would like to talk to you about so many things, but we mustn't delay your treatment!”

Candy took out a small device from her pocket. “Here Stear's invention! It will help us!”

“And what is it?”

“Intel Pentium 4, 2600MHz; 64MB Asus G-Force III; 180GB Quantum Fireball SE; Creative Sound Blaster Live! AWE32; 5 " SVGA 1280x1024 I can be more detailed.”

“In English, please.”

“It's a Microcomputer. Stear soldered it in his garage. With its help, I'll be able to diagnose you more accurately.”

Two hours have passed. Suzanna and her mother waited for Terry's diagnosis downstairs.

“I hope he's all right,” the mother worried.

“Yes … “

“Listen, it looks like you're ok,” Candy told him and switched off the computer.

Terry opened the door a bit and looked round.

“Listen. Actually I am not sick. I am just pretending. Today I was suppose to have a wedding with Suzanna. But you understand, how much I do not want to marry her. The best solution was to call you here.”


“We should pretend to get married.”

“Should what?!!”

“I can not stay with her. I love you!”

“Terry … “

“Help me!“ He took her hands.


Candy came out of the room.

“Well how is he?” Suzanna's face seemed very anxious. Candy felt a pity for her, but her desire to be together with Terry was stronger.

“He… Well I cannot tell exactly. We need to put him in the hospital for further monitoring.”

Suzanna's mother interfered into conversation. “We offered that to him already hundred times, but he refused!”

“I understand him and I was able to persuade him.”

Terry came out of the room.

“Well, shall we go?“ Candy reached out her hand to Terry.

Suzanna approached him. “Terry, promise me, that you will come back to me, as soon as you recover.”

Terry did not answer her.


Candy and Terry waited at the station for the train silently. Candy began the conversation. “Terry, are you sure you made the right decision?”

Terry sighed heavily. “I feel inconvenient for Suzanna. But I could not go against my true feelings. All three of us know perfectly that my heart belongs to you, my beloved.”

Terry smiled and looked at Candy. She looked into his eyes in return. “Candy, beloved mine, let's escape. We can escape since we did not manage to do it earlier!”

His eyes shone and Candy felt that it was still possible to correct everything. The former cheerful, pensive and serene time will return. “Yes, Terry, we shall leave by this train far-far away, nobody will find us. We need noone, only the two of us together, you and I!”

They both rose from the bench.

“Neither Suzanna, nor Elisa, nor anybody else.”

Terry kissed Candy happily.

Suddenly a female voice spoke from behind. “After all you have won!”

Terry looked at her sharply. “Suznna?!! Were you watching us?”

“Yes, it's just seemed to me a little bit strange that you have not even told me what hospital you were going to.”

Terry looked as if he made some very important solution. “I am not going to pretend more. I do not love you at all. I love Candy!”

“Terry … “

“Moreover, while you attempted to force me to grow fond of you, you simply just bothered me!”

Candy became crazy. She just did not know what to say.

Suzanna wasn't too upset with Terry's confession. “Actually I hid something from you too.”

“What are you talking about?”

“I had another boyfriend, George Angenty.”

It seemed, the cat ate Terry's tongue.


“Yes, it ‘s true.”

Candy became even crazier.

“SO TELL ME!!! Why did you want to marry me then??!!”

“The day after I had lost my leg I was told that one doctor, a shaman-alchemic, can restore it back to me. It, by the way, was successful.”

Candy did not notice at once, but Suzanna was standing stable on her own legs.


“The wedding with you would help a lot in a ' financial ` way. Your father the Duke Grandchester would become quite a good father-in-law.”

Terry clenched his fists. “YOU!!! … “

“Terry, no!”

Candy stopped him, when he tried to strike a blow to Suzanna.

“My old man won’t give you anything!”

“Now, probably…yes….”


Terry was furious. Candy too was angry with her. “Now she does not want to jump off the roof apparently!”

“I shall help her to do it personally!”


Some hours have passed. Candy and Terry went by train to Chicago. The sky became lighter and the sun spilled cold autumn rays on the ground. The improving weather was accompanied by the improving of mood.

The stewardess came. “Would you like some tea?”

“Yes certainly!”

Terry handed a 10$ banknote to her.

“Ten bucks for a tip! It looks like, he has grown rich!” Candy noticed, amazed.

They had some tea. Terry winced. “What a filth! Is there some laxative poured?”

“Yes, it's too bitter.”

Terry looked round and poured the tea out the window. “You are right!”

He got a bottle from his bag.

“What is that?” Candy asked, not quite pleased. “Is it a hydromel again, drink of the gods?”

“No, this time it is Vermouth!”

“And what's that?”

Terrius filled two glasses. He took one of them. “Test it, babe.”

“Probably, it is better than tea.”

Candy unwillingly took the second glass.

“Well, what shall we drink for?”

Candy was confused. “I do not know. Let's have a drink for us and our future.”

“For our common future!”

Terry drained the glass with one drink. Candy made some cautious sips. “Yes, this is truly tasty!”

"Uhm-uhm-uhm… “

A half an hour later an empty bottle was on the floor at the door. Candy moved into Terry's arms. They had forgotten already about Suzanna and the hospital. Now they were busy with more important matters.

“How wisely… have you acted… coming to me … " Terrius spoke in pauses between the kisses.

“It's you … you who have invented … smart thing… No, Terry, what if somebody entered?”

The waiter, passing through wagon, noticed clothes flying out from the compartment.

“Terry, have you taken too much interest? Now I feel good, but some hours later I shall regret about that.”

But not at all! Terry did not intend to stop. There was an impression and he did not think at all. The impudent face of the waiter suddenly appeared at the door aperture.

“And what are you doing here? "


“Get out of here, you pervert!“ Terry threw the bra at him.

Candy lifted her head, and found out that she had a headache. She glanced in the window and saw the strange view. The train was in a dark location. There were some iron things, puncheons, rails etc. around.

“Where am I?”

She woke Terry up. He looked racked and creased a little.

“What happened here, some combat?”

“No, rather something unreasonable and hot, caused by that Vermouth!”

“Ahhh! I see…”

Terry looked out the window too. “We're in the depot!”

Candy said, “In the depot?!! How is it possible?!!”

“Euhh… We have fallen asleep …”

As the door in the wagon was closed, Terry thought to break through it. The thunder resounded through the location.

“Oh, really!” An unfamiliar voice was heard somewhere in the darkness.

The tall man with a strong body build approached the couple. “At last you came out!“

Terry was surprised. “And what's matter?”

“We needed to wash the train!”

Candy was indignant. “Did you not guess to wake us and to ask to leave, as usually things were done in these trains?”

The man made an offended face. “Ha! In vain attempts to throw you out of there 15 employees of the depot had suffered!”

“Really?!! Ahem-ahem!? I am sorry!”

Candy and Terry exchanged glances in bewilderment and with a smirk they decided to leave that place quickly.


The midday has come. Candy returned to the hospital to continue her work. She took a reprimand from Doctor Bobson for going away without permission, but after explaining the situation everything was settled. Terry went straight into the real estate agency and bought a small flat nearby to the hospital. In the evening with all of their friends together, they celebrated Candy and Terry's meeting. Candy could not believe it but her long-awaited and desired happiness finally occurred.

Chapter 2 (to be continued)