by Burcu

Setting: An hour had passed after Candy had left. Terry had already come and told Susannah that he had chosen her. At the moment, Susannah was alone in her bedroom, ready to fall asleep. But she was so happy that she felt like laying in her bed with her eyes closed, and dreaming.

"Oh, my dear Terry! At last you are with me. You sent that girl, Candy, away and chose to be with me. Only me. I can't dream of any more happiness than that.

I’ve always dreamt you in my life. I could give everything to obtain the same glance that you send Juliet as Romeo, or for the kisses, touches, everything, towards me. But you were so unconscious towards me that I even hoped that the curtains would never come down. And I will lay in your arms, yes even dead, but close to you.

All those plays and practices, you didn't even notice me. I looked deep in your eyes, everytime, everywhere…And couldn't find you, in Romeo's eyes. What a disappointment to meet that blond girl. I can't stand to think that you were dreaming of her. She was your Juliet and not me, who was always beside you. She was your only hope for love but …

Now. No need to get upset Susannah! She was everything, but she is past now. He had chosen me.

It is not that I pity her. Her heart must have broken so much. She must have a really good heart….or she is just purely stupid. Haahaahaahaa! Oops. I mustn't laugh so loud…But can't stop myself when I think of her. She even thinks that she had rescued me.

But I was really good, just fortunate that there is noone to criticize. Aah!"

Ding Dang Dong!…..Clock shows 11.30 PM…

"I must prepare for HIM."

She got up, and went to her drawers, by jumping over her one leg, to get some candles, matches, a little bottle, and a chalk. Then she limped to the door and locked it. She continued to the bathroom, and when she reached there, she let her body fall on the floor. She carefully drew a figure on the floor. A figure she was used to for a long time. Then she settled the candles on the five corners of the figure. After she burn them, she closed her eyes, and slowly muttered while she was pouring an oily liquid from the little bottle on the center of the figure:

"Akla ifleke hedfesde nabdam novic reiqsat…." Her voice died under the voice of the steps on the door. The doors handle silently turned and opened. A dark shadow fell over the carpet of the bedroom. A tall black figure entered the room and closed the door.

Susannah didn't heard the steps, she didn't see the opening door either. But she knew her visitor. She had invited him. She opened the door for him and when he had started to talk, she just opened her eyes and smiled.

"I can see that you are in a good mood, Susannah, my dear. It has been a really long time that you had met me smiling. It is obvious that you got Terry, huh?" said the black coated, black haired, black-eyed tall man with an extremely hoarse voice, hiding every kind of feeling. He was vocalizing each word separately, making one wonder if his meaning was intended as good or bad.

"Yeah, M' Lord!" cried Susannah cheerfully. "After the accident, they took me to the hospital. And at the time you had told me, I went out to the roof where I would meet Candy. And she had come and saw me nearly committing suicide, and quickly rescued me from falling. Ahahahahh! She really believed that, and she had also learned about my lost leg. But then Terry came. He came to find me! He was looking for me! And he carried me back to home in his arms. Oh, what happiness…Anyway…Candy came with us too. She came to talk with me, and I made her pity me. I wish that you were there M'Lord and saw that scene. I was wonderful. And Candy, what a stupid girl! She cried for me. She couldn't even realize that Terry had carried me in his arms.

But the best is last. Terry came a few minutes later Candy's left. And, listen carefully, he said that he chose me. He will stay with me!!!"

"What the hell idea made you think that I didn't know all the story. I hope you didn't forget my help, that all the events were made by me!!!" shouted the man so loudly that Susannah thought her ears would go deaf. But she knew that his voice could have power just over her, and nobody but herself could hear him.

"Of course M'Lord, I could never forget your all your help. I was just so happy that I wanted to tell this to you, M'Lord." She begged, her hand over the cut part of her leg. "You know M'Lord, I'm one of your biggest servants. Why are you getting angry with me? I am doing everything that you order."

The man's eyes slid over her leg. "You weren't sad, were you? You knew that you couldn't get something without giving!" asked the man with a more softened voice.

"Oh, no M'Lord. I know. And it is not important. That event made him forget that purely stupid Candy immediately. At last, he understood how much he loves me, when I was nearly losing my life. And so he had chosen me. Rest is not important…"

"Ahahahhhaaa…You are really a poor person Susannah. Are you really think that he had chosen you because he had understood that he loves you. Please, don't be so silly. I don't like such stupid prayers. He had chosen you because he thought it was an honor problem, because you had lost your leg while saving his life. But you were right about Candy. She is very stupid, because if she had begged your Terry to choose her instead of you, he would go with her in any case…"

"Nooooo… I don't believe you. You are lying…" shouted Susannah, but then softened her voice for a more begging mode, "Please don't…I gave you everything…my dreams with Terry, by giving you my leg, but please don't damage the rest of my dreams. I want to be happy with Terry without thinking that he is pitying me…I gave you myself, what do you want more…"

"You really thought that you were the person I wanted! Poor Susannah… It was Candy that I wanted so much. It was her. What a wonderful victory it would be if I gained her in my arms." And he extended his arms. Susannah thought that the shadow was like a burning paw, blood dripping from it. But the scene left behind when she heard the words. "Yeah, she is a stupid girl, but she is also one of the pure-believing-hearted persons in the world. If I gain her…I could show that I am more powerful than GOD!!! Ahahhaha…" Suddenly a loud cracking voice killed his laughter. The lightening brightened the bedroom and reached them from the open door of the bathroom. He hid like a little boy afraid of his father’s shouts, but continued with a slow voice after few seconds:

"Now, Susannah. You learned my true target. You were just my weapon. But you…" he elevated his voice, "you dared to destroy my plans!!!"

"No, M'Lord. I had done everything as you ordered," quickly answered Susannah.

"No, you should have thrown yourself from that bridge. And Terry and Candy must meet near your corpse. And each would…"

"But, I couldn't be with Terry the…YOU…YOU HAD LIED TO ME! YOU DIDN'T HELP ME TO GET TERRY! YOU JUST USED ME TO GAIN CANDY!" concluded Susannah hardly, with giving out a deep breath.

"My clever baby! Maybe I have belittled you…Yes, I had used you and Terry. My plan was to load the guilt of your suicide over her, and then her belief of love and God would all damaged!!

I had tried hard this night to obtain her, but she was rescued once more. I had decided to hurt his cousin deeply and longingly, but God saved him!!!" Again a lightning. "But now I know how to get her. I will get her with one sharp shot. I'll get Terry and she would have to come too…Hahahahah…" and looked at Susannah with burning eyes, "And I will punish you,too, with this, my dear love."

"Noooo…." screamed Susannah so loudly that her mother heard her voice in the next room. "PLEASE… DON'T TAKE HIM…NOO, I WON'T LET YOU TAKE HIM…I CAN'T STAND TO SEE HIM DEAD…NOOOOOOO….."Her mother was trying to open the door now, but it was locked. Terry, who was sleeping in the visitors room, came too after hearing her screams, and he tried to break the door and go inside. But suddenly the bed and carpet was in fire! They couldn’t see Susannah in bed because of the flames. They tried to save her and when Terry reached her bed, he noticed that she was nearly dead from the smoke. But luckily he and her mother carried her out to the fresh air.

A few minutes later, the fire ended slowly but abnormally, without damaging the other parts of the house, just Susannah's bathroom and bed, leaving behind a burning figure of a pentagram.

On the road before the house a dark figure could be seen, but nobody noticed him because of the fire.

"Stupid girl…Who said that I will kill him? Hmmm…I can't trust Susannah anymore, that is obvious! But I have more weapons…more and better…And I should think about that boy too. He was very brave when he was trying to save Susannah…Hmmm…And I remember that he had some nice habits…eheheheheheh…Wonderful…"

He directed to the left.

"This city is too cold. I shouldn't come in the winter…I like New York in June, how 'bout you?…"


Suddenly, a voice tore the silence of the room.

Ding Dang Dong!…..Clock shows 11.30 PM…

Susannah jumped up from her sleep, her face full of sweatdrops. She was hardly breathing, and her eyes were open wide, as if the wider she opened them, the easier it was to awake her brain from sleep. Then she turned over the pillows, and raised her leg over from the bed, while murmuring…

"I must prepare for HIM."

The End

©(2000) Burcu