Born by You, Dead by Her

by Patty72 (Nuria)

Don't you love me!
Don't you think me!
'Cause there's nobody left in here
Don't you care for me!
Don't recall me!
Don't you dare to shed a tear!

My remainings
Are the shadows
Of the actor I used to be
Broken promises
Of a future
That I wasn't allowed to live

I can't love her, I don't want her
Why am I still able to breathe?
I am soulless, empty-handed
I'm deceased for you, my dear

I am not here, I am lifeless
What is left it's just a shell
A cadaver, just a carcass
Left for her to play her games

Why did she have to save me
From that stupid falling light?
I rather miss all my limbs
And to be still alive!

Don't you cry me!
Don't you miss me!
That man is forever gone
He did expire
Watching you walk in the snow.

I can't do it!
I won't do it!
I have nothing left to give
Nothing matters,
No-one matters,
Drained of every sense to feel.

Don't remember me!
Don't imagine me!
There is nothing of that kid
He is dead,
He's been murdered
Like Stear and Anthony.

This is my grave,
To be with her
She is the guardian
And custodian
Of my living death

And in my headstone
Written in blood
There are only these few words:
"Born by your love
Dead by her love
And Graham
Are no more!!