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All New Fanfictions for 05/07/2015!
 M = Strong Language, Mature, Adult Situations

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The Candy Candy Final Final Story by Alexa (minific, complete)
The One I Love Belongs to Somebody Else by Alexa (complete)
The Rose of Anzio by Alexa (chapters 1-4, ongoing)
The Rain by Anneth White (minific, complete)
Wait For Me by Anneth White (minific, complete)
Handfasting by Celine (minific complete)
Crazy Letter From Archibald Cornwell by Chelsea_0 (minific, complete)
A Candy Terry Halloween Story by Cinzia (minific, complete)
A Candy Terry New Year's Eve Story by Cinzia (minific, complete)
The Play Cannot Wait by Eleanna (minific, ongoing)
Fall Rendezvous by Josephine Hymes  (minific, complete)
Letters to Juliet by Leia (chapters  6-7, ongoing)
Diplomatically Yours by Mallory Quinn (chapters 4-5, ongoing)
Endless Love by Mallory Quinn (chapters 27-30, ongoing)
Forbidden Love by Mallory Quinn (chapters 17-18, ongoing)
Forget Me Never by Mallory Quinn (chapters 22-32, ongoing)
Ladyhawke by Mallory Quinn (chapters 1-2)
Once Upon A Time by Mallory Quinn (chapters 6-7, ongoing)
Romance at the Olympics by Mallory Quinn (chapter 3, ongoing)
Terry Terry by Mallory Quinn (chapters 37-38, ongoing)
Noon Break by Miracolo (minific, complete)
Scary CC Halloween Story by Miracolo (minific, complete)
The Leg by Miracolo (minific, complete)
The Threesome (minific, complete)
A Hope For Christmas by Papirous (minific, complete)
Pony's Hill Will Always Be There by Papirous (chapters 1-5, ongoing)
The Lottery by Papirous  (chapters 1-4, complete)
Born by You, Dead by Her by Patty72 (poem)
Six Months to Love You by Sunnyrainbow  (chapters 1-7, ongoing)
Do Not Be Fooled by Appearances by Sunnyrainbow (minific, complete)

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