The Genealogy of the Ardlay Family (アードレー家の系図)


Nakayoshi Manga Shinbun: Ancestry of the Ardlay Family
なかよしまんが新聞 アードレイ家の先祖

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This is the original Ardlay Family Tree published in the Appendix "Nakayoshi Manga Shinbun" in the Nakayoshi magazine, June 1977 issue.

A question mark is placed over the mystery man above Candy's picture because the true identity of Candy's adoptive father was not yet revealed at this time. In this original version, the father of William A. Ardlay (Candy's adoptive father) is William H. Ardlay. In the Candy Candy novels (1990) Vol. 3, pg. 212, Keiko Nagita changed his middle name to a "C". The reason for this change is unknown.


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