Ardlay Family Tree #5

Genealogy based on the fan book : "Candy Candy Box -- なつかしいポニーの丘から"
"Candy Candy Box
-- From the Nostalgic Pony Hill"

Authors: Megumi Kondo ( 近藤恵) & Chieko Kawakami (川上千恵子)
October 14, 1996
Information Center Publishing Bureau (情報センター出版局)
182 pgs, hardcover with dustjacket
Initial price : 1300 yen

  • This Ardlay family tree had been significantly altered from the original/official version in the Appendix "Nakayoshi Manga Shinbun"(June, 1977). According to this CC Box chart, Albert has 3 sisters: Rosemary Brown (Anthony's mother), Janice Cornwell (Archie and Stair's mother), and Sarah Lagan (Eliza and Neal's mother). Mizuki stated in her old website that she had approved of the publishing of this "fan book", but the content was not authorized. Despite the existence of the "official" Ardlay family tree, it's unclear as to why the authors of the book had decided to change it.
  • If we follow this family tree, Candy is made first cousins with Anthony, Archie, Stair, Eliza, and Neal, by adoption.
  • The chart also reveals the ages of Albert, Candy, Archie, Eliza and Neal at the end of the manga and upon their death for Anthony and Stair. Albert's age was never revealed in the manga or the original novels, so his age in this book is hypothetical and not official. The same applies to Eliza and Neal. The ages for Archie and Stair are also different from the birthdates published in Appendix of the "Nakayoshi Manga Shinbun" (June, 1977). To make things more confusing, the August, 1975 issue of the Nakayoshi magazine had previously published ages for Candy, Anthony, Stair, Archie, Elizad that were different from the June, 1977 issue.
  • The book gives a comprehensive review and summary of the story and characters in the CC manga, their profiles, the locations and sites, Stair's inventions, etc. At the end is a lengthy interview of Yumiko Igarashi, the manga's illustrator.


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