"Of all the Candy's poetry, this is my favorite piece. I spelled it
for a beautiful drawing of Candy and Terry on a hill."
--Kyoko Mizuki
(Translation and author's quote from her old guestbook) 

"Look. That's the most ancient color of the World.
Shade of Sky and Water..."
Terry's calm whisper was brought to me on the gentle breeze
Then just passed by.

We have been looking toward the same direction for a long while
Instead of staring at each other.
Maybe he did not say a single word,
But my ears heard the dream like tone of serene note.

"Look,Candy. That's the Shade of Sky and Water,
The most ancient color of the World..."

Source: Candy Candy Nakayoshi Deluxe Album Illustration Part 1 (1976)
Kyoko Mizuki, Yumiko Igarashi