Candy Candy Fan Music and Piano Arrangements

Takeo Watanabe is widely known for composing the moving and unforgettable background and theme songs of Candy Candy as well as other popular Japanese anime in the 70s and 80s! His beautiful and timeless music has touched the hearts of many fans who have watched the anime series broadcasted in many countries!

Following in his footsteps and paying tribute to his great work is an Italian composer, Anthony Andrew, a Candy fan who composed some "remixes" of the music of Candy Candy! You can hear his own orchestrated and midi version of the Waltz of Candy at the Candy & Terry's Jukebox!

In addition to the audio music are the musical compositions of the Waltz of Candy and Terry's Theme made available for download as music sheets (adobe .pdf files) to play on the piano or any musical instrument! GRAZIE MOLTE to Anthony Andrew, Candyworld's first CC Composer and Prince of Candy's Music for offering the fans such a musical feast! 


If you're desperately searching for piano music sheets of your favorite songs and BGMs from the anime Candy Candy, then look no further. This French fan and pianist "Classica59" is offering his own piano arrangements at his blog:

Takeo Watanabe: The Unofficial Blog Dedicated to the Japanese Musician

You can also listen and watch him play the music at his youtube channel:

Here's a video of him playing one of my favorite Candy Candy BGM -- Terry, the Lonely Man. He offers this rare and beautiful piano music arrangement at his blog!

And here's another favorite piano piece from the anime -- Terry's Melody. Very sweet and romantic, like the love between Candy and Terry!

MAHALO NUI LOA and MERCI BEAUCOUP to Classica59 for generously providing these precious and long sought-after music sheets for Candy Candy!