The Reason Why You Can't See the Anime "Candy Candy"
by Kyoko Mizuki

Published in her old guestbook on July 12, 2001


The reason why can't you see the anime "Candy Candy" is because Ms. Igarashi and I (Mizuki Kyoko) dissolved the contract with TOEI in 1995.


To be exact, the contract with TOEI expired automatically once we dissolved the contract with Kodansha Inc. that allowed them the right to redistribute the manga.


(Kodansha Inc. was the publisher and the company to contact about commercializing Candy Candy.)


The decision to dissolve the contract was led by Ms. Igarashi, however I took sides with her. Therefore, I never say the fault lies only with her.


I assented to dissolve the contract with TOEI because the president of NIPPON ANIMATION who is the friend of Ms. Igarashi told me "We want to remake Candy, whatever happens."


Because I wanted to see that the new anime of Candy was made with the latest techniques and closely followed the original manga, I was moved by the offer from NIPPON ANIMATION when I knew that TOEI had no plans to remake it.


I thought it would be no problem if both the old anime and new anime would be on the market, but I was too optimistic in thinking this.


If two shows of the same title are on TV, they will be confused. And the merchandising rights of Candy are still held by TOEI. It is not realistic to make only the anime show without the rights to the character merchandise. I understood the plan is unlikely to be translated into reality.


I accepted negotiations with NIPPON ANIMATION and made the decision to dissolve the contract with TOEI, because it was the offer of a remake.


However, I was suddenly required by NIPPON ANIMATION to write the sequel of CANDY CANDY.


I have no intention of writing either the side story or the sequel of Candy. I shouldn't spoil the aftertaste of the story, and the Candy story shouldn't be written anymore. --- That was my cherished opinion.


The chief editor understood how I felt, and he said, "I think so too". I thought that Ms. Igarashi's opinion was the same as mine but she may have an opinion of her own.


I asserted my opinion to them, "I have no intention of writing the sequel!" Since then, NIPPON ANIMATION cut off communications with me.


So, TOEI's anime CANDY is still in the air.


I hope TOEI rebroadcasts the show, since NIPPON ANIMATION's plan hit a setback. "I will approve the rebroadcast at any time," was my thought, but I didn't approach them because I had decided to act in concert with her.


I hear Ms. Igarashi made the offer to TOEI suddenly after this happened, "I will approve the rebroadcast at any time."


If both Ms. Igarashi and I approved it, it would be carried out immediately, but it became an impossibility because, suddenly Ms. Igarashi insisted that "Candy Candy" was written and drawn by her and that Mizuki is not the copyright holder. She produced Candy goods without leave of TOEI and I. Those goods are infringements of TOEI's trademark rights.


In order to rebroadcast Candy Candy, we must sweep away illegal goods and clear up the Candy business, and Ms. Igarashi and I must make the contract with TOEI anew. There is no other way.


Please pray for Candy---


(Translated by V. Isono a.k.a. ITOMARU)